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Frazzini Genealogy
Alfonso diSanza d'Alena sent me this Coat of Arms. He wrote: "I've some news about Frazzini's family. Do you remember what wrote archpriest Giovanni Frazzini in 1852? He told about Frazzini's coat of arms composed by an eagle and the Anjou's chief. I've found out this coat of arms about the Collegio Araldico di Roma in the book that Earl Edgardo Mattei wrote in 1875."
Alfonso had originally sent me a hand drawn version of the Coat of Arms. Subsequently, Franklin Smith sent me a photo of a coat of arms that he photographed. This coat of arms was in the possession of Mary E. Frazzini, the daughter of Cesare Frazzini and Degna Cioffi. Mary, the niece of Prospero Frazzini, was a banker in Denver, CO.
More on this Frazzini Coat-of-Arms web page.

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This site documents the ancestry of the Frazzini family from San Pietro Avellana, Italy.

If you go back to the early 1800's our family name was spelled Frazzino, by 1900, it was spelled Frazzini. At Ellis Island, virtually every Frazzini was from San Pietro Avellana (SPA). For my GEDCOM Family Tree Data Base with name index - click here.

Site Map

Other family names you will find here include (only a partial list):

    Carlini/Carlino      Iasella
    diTella                 Salvatore               Colaianni/Colajanni     Colaianni in Chicago
    Buzzelli                More Buzzelli        Ramascciotti                diSanza d'Alena          diSanza  
    diLorenzo            Perilli                     Albi                             diMartino                   Mariani               
    Gatti/Frazzini       Acquafondata        diCianno                      Gentile      
    Carlini / Palumbo / diLorenzo / Frazzini / Capone from Dawson, NM      diMartino
    Iannacchione from Dawson, NM      d'Achille                       Fraini
    Tonti                   Gentile                  Piscitani                        Acquafondata
    Casciato             Mastroianni

Other SPA Families    Part1    Part2    Part3


   Aliquippa, PA      Chicago, IL         Dawson, NM     Ely, NV                  Odgen, UT         Raton, NM  
   Aurora, MN        Pocatello, ID       Price, UT           Rock Spring, WY   Hoytdale, PA
   Trinidad, CO      Pittsburgh, PA  

Important Recent Updates:

(Older updates, click here)

25 Jun 2010 - My grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini, was naturalized in Trinidad, CO on 17 Oct 1904. This new web page about Trinidad will collect the information that I found starting at the Colorado State Archives in Denver, CO.
25 Jun 2010 - I visited Crown Hill and Mt. Olivet Cemeteries in Denver,CO today and started a new web page with my photos.
5 Oct 2010 -   Lisa Hinojosa sent me a set of photos taken in Dawson of the Fraini, Frazzini and Carlini families. Look on the Fraini web page.
21 Oct 2010 -  I've collected emails and other information about the Frazzini Coat-of-Arms.
30 Dec 2010 - I've added some photos from the album of Dorothy diIullo Carrick to my Unknowns web page.
20 Jan 2011 - Our cousin, Giuliano Colajanni, found the 1749 SPA Status Animarum. Giuliano found it in the archives in Napoli.  Now we have four SA - 1749, 1769, 1852 and 1869.
15 Mar 2011 - I've added photos and other information about the Colaianni family who lived in Wooster, OH.
25 May 2012 - A really interesting story about the murder of Dorintina Labate in Denver, CO.
1 Jul 2012 - I added a new page about the Acquafondata family and the manslaughter trial of Alessandro Acquafondata in Pittsburgh.
13 Aug 2012 -  With the help of Concetta diCianno, I am now in touch with Daniela Badiali, the granddaughter of Dott. Giovanni Perilli.
30 Jul 2013 - Still here and still updating the site. Join the San Pietro Yahoo! group for more interaction. Most of the additions are to the GED tree data base - click here.
3 Mar 2014 - I've collected up what I learned about the Gatti and Frazzini familes in Rock Springs, WY.
7 Jul 2016 - Just to say that I'm still here. Not a lot of changes to these web pages but I keep helping cousins find their ancestors when I get emails.

Frazzini Graphical Family Trees

Here is a graphical representation of the Frazzini family tree as I know it. These are LARGE files meant to be viewed on screen or printed. When printed, the printing is small but still readable. Check the Graphical Trees page for hints about printing these files.

Graphical Family Tree (Part 1) My direct Ancestors (3.4+Mb JPG File)

Graphical Family Tree (Part 2) Other Frazzini Branches (some related) (1.8+Mb JPG File)

Graphical Family Tree (Part 3) Other Frazzini Branches (some related) (1.0+Mb JPG File)  

Graphical Family Tree (Part 4) Other Frazzini Branches (some related) (1.0+Mb JPG File)

Graphical Family Tree (Part 5) Other Frazzini Branches (some related) (2.0+Mb JPG File)

Labate Graphical Family Tree (3.2+Mb JPG File) Lorry Labate is from another large family from San Pietro Avellana. Here is his family tree. Robin Labate Fassbinder is part of another Labate branch of the tree.

Here is a page with links to all the Graphical Trees.

The Prospero (Denver) branch of the Frazzini tree has been moved to his own web page. You can get the Graphical Family Tree of that branch there.

I received this Historical News and Anecdotes from San Pietro Avellana from Lorry Labate. We are attempting to translate it.

Map of area around San Pietro Avellana.

While the site is being created you can email me :, or , sign the guestbook, or join our Yahoo! Group:

Sign our Guestbook 

Visit the group by clicking here: SanPietroAvellana.
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My grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini
 My mother, Benilda (Betty) Frazzini
1963 That's me, Mark Camillo DiVecchio
The DiVecchio's in 1977. I'm standing, then from left to right, my father, Patsy, my mother, Betty, and my two sisters Diane and Patricia. Taken at my parents home in Aliquippa, PA 2002 My wife, Sally Clarno DiVecchio, taken just before our hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Who am I?

My name is Mark Camillo DiVecchio. My mother's maiden name is Frazzini. I was born in Providence Hospital in Beaver Falls, PA in 1948. Grew up and attended school in Aliquippa, PA, graduating in 1966. Attended Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, graduating from there in 1970. Worked as a computer design engineer for Burroughs, National Semiconductor, my own company (Silogic Systems) and AMCC until sort of retiring in January 2003. I am wed to Sally Ann (Clarno) DiVecchio.

I started this web site to gather all the family information I have and that I can collect. The site, is "me" centric, that is, I refer to uncles, grandparents, etc with respect to me. My apologies in advance for doing that.

I've been doing genealogy research since 2002 and its been great fun. When I started, I told people that I was "finding dead ancestors." Now I tell them that what really happened was that I was "finding live cousins."

I started out focusing on the families of my parents. In the case of SPA, that was Frazzini and Carlini. Over the years that research as spread out to the entire town - that is because I realized that in a small town like SPA, everyone is related one way or another (often in many ways!).

As a retired engineer, I find the research itself is like putting together a puzzle. I've spent hundreds of hours at the local Family History Center pouring over the rolls of microfilmed birth/marriage/death records from Italy. They are a treasure trove of information. The US census and immigration information on is great as is the Ellis Island web site.

Why do I do this? Well, I think it is best summed up by another SPA researcher, Cris Swetye. When asked about it, Cris said: "I do this because I love it. I love connecting the families, I love the hunt and I love the mystery. I know it may sound hokey, but whenever I find a new document for another relative it's like saying a little prayer for them."

General Information

I entered all the genealogical information in the Personal Ancestral File v 5.0 (PAF5) downloaded from the LDS site

The photos you will see on the main pages are thumbnails. They have been reduced in size and resolution so that they can be quickly downloaded. I actually scanned the photos at 1200 dpi, the best my scanner can do.

My original goal was to put all the high resolution scans of the photos up on this web site for anyone to download but I quickly exceeded my Disk Quota at my ISP. BUT if you are relative of mine or anyone I mention here or in the GED file, I will be happy to send you this web site as well as scans of all the photos on a CD. Send me your relationship and name/address. Send it to

Mark DiVecchio
1949 Via Ladera
Fallbrook, CA  92028-8055

or email :

My Sources

The main source of information for this web site are my parents Pasquale "Patsy" DiVecchio and Benilda "Betty" Frazzini DiVecchio and other relatives.

Dozens of newly found cousins around the world supplied names and dates and places.

I found a little information on the web, at the LDS web site, and

The most valuable source of information about the 1800's was microfilm ordered through the LDS Church and their Family History Centers for San Pietro Avellana. I've referenced the film number, year and index number in the notes attached to the family tree. Napoleon Bonaparte mandated that civilian vital records be kept in Italy beginning in 1809 (Thanks!).

I tried to mark each piece of information with the source, but I was probably not 100% successful.

Family Tree

Here is a small portion of my Frazzini family tree. Just to give you an idea of where the main characters fit in. All the details are in the GED file and in the GED4WEB Family Tree.

Felice Amato Frazzini
Ippolito Frazzini
Emiliano Frazzini
Benilda Frazzini
Mark Camillo DiVecchio
Liberata diSanza
Domenico Salvatore
Albina Salvatore
Maddalena Frazzini
Felice Carlino
Giuseppe Carlini
Lucrezia Carlini

Luisa Colaianni
Eliseo diTella
Dorastella diTella
Lucrezia Frazzini

Pasquale DiVecchio

Above is a portion of the graphic version of the family tree. Click Graphical Family Tree for the full size version. It is small type to fit on a 8.5"x11" piece of paper when printed. When viewed with a graphics viewer, you can zoom in to read it.

Family History

My grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini, first came to the US in 1902, going initially to New Castle, PA and then possibly going to Denver, CO (to the home of Prospero Frazzini). He was naturalized at the District Court of the County of Las Animas in Trinidad CO on 17 Oct 1904. I know very little about his life in Colorado. My mother, born in Italy in 1912 always remembers that he worked in the mines though she does not know where. He married Lucrezia Carlini in 1911. Between 1901 and 1926, he made several trips to Italy. I've found two records at Ellis Island, in 1905 and 1912. On the 1905 return, he went to the home of  a cousin, Carmine diLorenzo, in Aurora, MN. On the 1912 return, he went to the home of his wife's uncle Teridano diTella in Dawson, NM. He brought his wife and their daughter, my mother, to the US in 1926 and then settled in Western Pennsylvania.

Their first stop was at the home of Luigi Iasella in Pittsburgh. Luigi had married Lucrezia's sister, Elvira. After that, Emiliano and his family moved to New Galilee, PA and then to their long term home in Beaver Falls. Emiliano's son, Paul, was born in the US in 1928. Paul's wife still lives in Beaver Falls and their children all live near Washington, DC.

My mother married my father, Patsy DiVecchio, in 1947. They moved to Aliquippa, PA, living with his parents for 2 years while building their home (to this day), also in Aliquippa.

I  was born at Providence Hospital in Beaver Falls, PA (where my mother's family lived), grew up in Aliquippa and now live near San Diego, CA.

My mother, Betty, died on 18 Oct 2007, my father, Patsy, died on 9 April 2009.

Future Tasks

My next task will be the DiVecchio family tree. You can link to it here -  DiVecchio Family Tree.

Unanswered Questions

I've found Carlini and Carlino interchanged a lot. Carlino tends to be used earlier but there is no distinct break point.
  1. I've also seen Frazzino, Frassini and Frasini. Frazzino seems to be used a lot before about 1850.
  2. I've located many other branches of the Frazzini family in the United States and one in Argentina. You know who you are. There are probably more.
  3. I've seen diTella and just plain Tella. Tella seems to be used in the 1830's and 1840's.
The family name was Frazzino up until about 1850 when it slowly changed to Frazzini over the next 50 years. I searched the Ellis Island web site for Frazzino and found 11 people from the towns of Locana and Bagheria. My guess is that a branch of Frazzino's moved from SPA before 1850 to these towns and kept the 'o' at the end of their names. At some point, I want to see if I can verify this. It might require getting the microfilmed records from those two towns.

Family Names - Italian Spellings verses Americanized Spellings

I get conflicted when I try to keep names straight on my web site.

The conflict is between the Italian spelling (sometimes several spellings) and the Americanized spellings of names.

There are sometimes many different Americanized spellings of names. Sometimes when I find a record, the name is spelled differently just because of the way it was transcribed from a written record. When people visit my web site to search, I try to keep things as canonical as possible to make the searching easier.

This is especially necessary when the same person can be found with the older Italian spelling in older records and then a newer Americanized spelling in newer records.

Also, if someone from Italy is searching for the family, they would use the Italian spelling.

diSanza was one of cases where this occurred a lot. The Italian spelling is diSanza, sometimes even "Sanza (d')" was used in the records from the early 1800's. Here in the US, it became DiSanza, DeSanza, DeSanzo and even DeSano. (Read this:  They Changed Our Name at Ellis Island, by Donna Przecha)

So what I try to do is use mostly the Italian spelling.

I will make sure that I add a note to each page so people know the Americanized spelling and how that person was known in the US.

The Locations

San Pietro Avellana, Campobosso, Italy (SPA)

San Pietro Avellana (SPA)

Province of Isernia, Molise, Italia

San Pietro Avellana Surnames

Beaver Falls, PA

San Pietro Avellana, Province of Isernia, Molise

Picture of Chiesa di Sant'Amico (patron saint) in San Pietro Avellana

Site Map

So here are the sub-pages. They don't contain many dates or places of birth/death, etc. Look in the Family Tree for that detail.

Emiliano Frazzini - my Grandfather

Lucrezia (Carlini) Frazzini - my Grandmother

Dorastella diTella - my great-grandmother

Great-Grandparents - This page lists my known great grandparents and what I know about them.

Benilda (Betty) DiVecchio - my mother

Patsy DiVecchio and Betty (Frazzini) DiVecchio - My  father and mother.

Mark Camillo DiVecchio - That's me.

Prospero Pio Frazzini  -  The most interesting Frazzini that I've found in my research. Prospero helped out many compare from San Pietro Avellana who first went to his home in Denver, CO. 25 Mar 2004 - Added information from Denver City Directories. 23 Apr 2004 - Finally - I discovered my relationship to Prospero.

Carlini - My Grandmother's brothers and Sisters

Iasella - My Grandmother's sister, Elvira Carlini, married into the Iasella family.

Aunts and Uncles - My parent's brothers and sisters.

Great and Great-Great Aunts and Uncles -  My great and great-great (and great-great-great) Frazzini zii.

Ferdinando Frazzini - My grandfather's cousin, killed during the running of the Mille Miglia automobile race in 1930. Also information about his brother, Tommaso Mario Frazzini.

Teridano diTella -    My grandfather's uncle. My grandfather went to his home in Dawson, NM in 1912.

Tommaso Cipriano diTella -  My great-grandmother's brother, he was known as Cipriano. 29 Mar 2004 - Alfonso diSanza sent me some photos of his grandfather.

Watermill - photos and information about a Watermill owned by my great granduncle, Tommaso Cipriano diTella .

Dorastella diTella -  Teridano's and Tommaso's sister and my great grandmother.

Unknown - These people might have some connection to our family. Some of these people are now identified.

Pasquale Carlini - Pasquale Carlini was close friend of the family and a cousin. I visited his daughter in 2005.

Frazzini Italy Photos - Photos from San Pietro Avellana that my grandmother Lucrezia Carlini had in her photo album. Some people are identified and some are not identified.

Frazzini Coat-of-Arms -  I've collected emails and other information about the Frazzini Coat-of-Arms.

Other Photos from SPA - Here are some other photos from SPA. I scaned these when I visited the Museum.

Other SPA Familes - On this page, I'll collect some of the other old photos that I've received from sampietresi - Part 1.

Other SPA Families (Part 2) - On this page, I'll collect some of the other old photos that I've received from sampietresi - Part 2.

Other SPA Families (Part 3) - On this page, I'll collect some of the other old photos that I've received from sampietresi - Part 3.

Carmine diLorenzo  -  When my grandfather came to the US in 1905 he went to the home of his cousin, Carmine diLorenzo in Aurora, MN.

Dawson, New Mexico - Dawson, New Mexico where my grandfather spent some time about 1912 and where my great-granduncle Teridano diTella lived for most of his adult life.

San Pietro Avellana. - Ron Frazzini sent me some photos which are on this page along with other information about SPA.

Sabatino Frazzini - My great granduncle and head priest in SPA from 1903 to 1921. He baptized my mother, Benilda Frazzini in 1912.

Giovanni Frazzini - My great-great granduncle and head priest in SPA from 1862 to 1903.

1943 Destruction of San Pietro Avellana -  Here are photos of San Pietro during and after its destructions by retreating German forces in 1943.

1943 Photos Before/After the Destruction of San Pietro Avellana - Here are 1943 photos published in the newspapers which show SPA before and after the German destruction.

San Pietro Avellana Stories -  This page will have stories about the people from SPA

US Passport Applications - Photos of people from SPA that were in their passport applications.

1869 Status Animarum - A census like enumeration of the residents of SPA in 1869. Taken by my great-great granduncle, the priest, Don Giovanni Frazzini.

1852 Status Animarum - A census like enumeration of the residents of SPA in 1852.

1769 Status Animarum - A census like enumeration of the residents of SPA in 1769.

1749 Status Animarum - A census like enumeration of the residents of SPA in 1749.

St. Amico - Saint Amico, the patron saint of SPA

San Pietro Avellana cimitero - Photos from the cemetery in SPA. Taken in Aug 2004.

1926 San Pietro Avellana Picnic in Koppel PA - Here is a photograph taken at Second Annual SPA Picnic in 1926 (still looking for a photo from 1925).

Other SPA Picnics - Besides the two big picnics in 1925 and 1926, there were smaller versions.
Ely, Nevada -  Some of my mother's cousins (mostly Carlini's) ended up in Ely, NV.

East Ely Depot Railroad Museum - This museum houses all the paper records of the Nevada Northern Railway from its inception in 1906 until it closed in 1893.

Beaver County, PA - Where I grew up.

Cristofaro diSanza - "Chris" diSanza came to the US and tried to make it in Hollywood.

Ogden City Cemetery in Ogden, UT - Yet more relatives who lived and died in Ogden, UT.

Pocatello, ID - I'm just starting to learn about Pocatello and the Italians there. Prospero had a branch of the Italian-American Bank there.
Antonio (Tony) Frazzini - A possible cousin who lived in Mesabe, MN and then Denver, CO.

Mirando (Lee) Frazzini - My grandmother had a photo of Mirando in her album. We didn't know who he was. He was identified by Ron Frazzini but we still don't know why my grandmother had the photo.

Felicito Frazzini and Nicholas Frazzini. - 8 Jul 2004 Jerri Frazzini Bottomly sent me some photos of her grandfather (Prospero's brother) and her father.

Other Frazzini Families - Photos and information about Frazzini families other than mine.

Giovanni Perilli - A cousin who was a Doctor in San Pietro Avellana.

Colorado and Italians in Colorado - a book by D. Giovanni Perilli.

d'Alena Family History -  29 Mar 2004 - My cousin Alfonso diSanza d'Alena sent me a history of his family. Jan 2005 - Alfonso now has his own family web site : Italian : English by Google.

Colaianni Family - Some photos sent to me by Shirley Sinclare.

diTella-Colaianni - Some photos sent to me by Cris Swetye.

Carlino-Mariani Family - Some photos sent to me by Cathy Madonna Youngblood.

Fraini Family  - The Fraini Family lived in Dawson and there was a branch in Boston, MA.

Historical News and Anecdotes from San Pietro Avellana - A history written in Italian, which I received from Lorry Labate. We are attempting to translate it.

Philadelphia, New York (pre Ellis Island) and Boston Passenger Lists - Gene Frazzini first pointed me to these records for possible relatives who arrived in Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

Giuseppe Buzzelli - Giuseppe was my grandfather's 1st cousin. He married my mother's aunt Rosa Frazzini. They lived in Castel di Sangro and Cleveland.

Buzzelli from Castel di Sangro - I'm going to gather much of the Buzzelli family info that I received and put it on this page.

Pete and Sam Carlino - When we first found these Carlini brothers, we thought they might have been from SPA. Turns out that they are probably not, but their story makes interesting reading anyway.

Descendents of Ambrozio diSanza (1822) and Maria Gatti (1819) - I'm related to this family only by marriage. Many of them ended up in Western Pennsylvania, mostly Homewood, PA. Most of the info on this page is from Dave DeSanzo.

The Saint Teresa Cemetery in Hoytdale, PA - An old cemetery near Koppel and Homewood. Several early SPA immigrants who lived in this area are buried here.

Angelo Frazzini - Angelo lived in Dawson and is buried there.

2006 Dawson Reunion - Some photos and other items from our trip to the 2006 reunion.

Oreste diCianno and other diCianno Families  - Oreste diCianno was the executor of the Last Will of my great granduncle Teridano diTella when he died in Dawson in 1944. This page tells about him and other diCianno families.

Filomeno diMartino - One of the two survivors of the 1923 Dawson mine explosion.

Ships with People from SPA -  I've put about a dozen ships that arrived from Italy between 1860 and 1891 here. This is the time before Ellis Island opened.

15 Feb 1882 - Ferdinand de Lesseps.  -  This may be first large scale arrival of immigrants from SPA to the USA.

18 Apr 1882 Chateau Lafite. - Another large scale arrival of early immigrants from SPA.

Italian Emmigration  - My cousin Giuliano Colajanni presented this talk in SPA during August 2006. He sent it to me and I tried to translate it into English. I've not done a very good job and it's not complete.

Family Tree as created by GED4WEB (GED File)

Hints - If you want to search for your ancestors, here are a few hints.


My Links - Links to Italian and other genealogy web sites.

Older updates to this site:

25 Dec 2003 - Buon Natale - Here are a set of photos that I recently found, all most likely from San Pietro Avellana. Many unidentified. Frazzini Italy Photos.
15 May 2004 - Sally and I just got back from a long road trip to Dawson and Raton. Here are views of the Dawson Cemetery and the Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Raton.
2 Aug 2004 - Sally and I were married on 20 July 2004 in a family ceremony in our home. Click here for a few photos.
28 Aug 2004 - Sally and I just got back from three weeks in Italy including a week in San Pietro Avellana. I'll be updating web pages with new information. Here is the trip report. Click here.
29 Aug 2004 - Here are a set of postcards that I got on my 2004 trip to San Pietro.
29 Aug 2004-  Here are photos of San Pietro during and after its destructions by retreating German forces in 1943.
29 Aug 2004 - Here are some other photos that I scanned at the Museum in San Pietro.
15 Oct 2004 - When I was in Aliquippa in July, I got some additional photos of my relatives. You can see them on the updated Carlini and Ely, NV web pages.
21 Nov 2004 - My cousin Giuliano Colaianni and Attilio diSanza have made a new web site for the Museo delle Civiltà e del Costume d'epoca.  Here is also the Comune di San PietroAvellana web site.
17 Jan 2005 - After a trip to the Ogden City Cemetery in Ogden, UT, here is a report on what I found.
20 Jan 2005 - Added a new photo to the page about my great grand-uncle, Priest Sabatino Frazzini.
5 Apr 2005 - Dennis Diullo sent me a photograph of my grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini, that I had NEVER seen before.
27 May 2005 - Sally and I spent a few days in Ely, NV. The trip report is on my Ely, NV page. A report from the Ely Cemetery is on its own new page and there is a new page for Carmine Acquafondata.
12 Jun 2005 - Sally and I just returned from a few days in Reno and Carson City, NV where we met cousins Gene Diullo and Clara Carlini. Details are on my Ely, NV page.
2 Sep 2005 - Philadelphia, New York (pre Ellis Island) and Boston Passenger Lists - Relatives who arrived in Philadelphia, New York and Boston.
14 Sep 2005 - I added a page for Giuseppe Buzzelli and his family who lived in Cleveland.
22 Sep 2005 - I realized that I never put up very many photos of the cemetery in SPA. Here are some of my ancestors who are buried there.
20 Jan 2006 - I visited with Louise Carlini Brian. Louise is the daughter of Pasquale "Pat" Carlini. Pasquale was with my mother's family when they came over to the US in 1926. Louise let me scan some old photos and I've put them on Pasquale Carlini's web page.
30 Jan 2006 - I just discovered that St. Amico, the patron saint of SPA, appeared in Louisiana to Antonio Mosca and Maria Michelina diTella. There is a Chapel built there as well.
1 Feb 2006 - A new page, with photos from Dave DeSanzo, which tells about the descendents of Ambrozio diSanza (1822) and Maria Gatti (1819)
13 Feb 2006 - I'm learning more about the Italians in the Pocatello, ID.
10 Apr 2006 - Cathy Youngblood sent some photos and family history of her branch of the SPA tree. I've taken those photos and some history and made a web page. Carlino-Mariani Web Page. A tree for her family can be found on the Frazzini Tree Part 3.
23 Apr 2006 - Rayna Valentine sent me some photos of the Italians in Pocatello, ID. I added them to my Pocatello Web Page.
7 May 2006 - I just received some photos from Barbara Ricci Roberts of her family who lived in Ogden, UT.
14 May 2006 - Rayna Valentine sent me some photos of the Colaianni's in Chicago.
22 May 2006 - Dave DeSanzo received some photos from his cousin. They might be Frazzini's but most are unidentified. Click here.
2 Jun 2006 - Cris Swetye sent me some info and photos about her family. Cris has both diTella and Colaianni in her ancestry.
10 Jun 2006 - I'm starting to receive photos of other Frazzini families. As I do, I'll be posting them here: Other Frazzini Families.
25 Jul 2006 -  The daughter of Tom and Marilou Moschette sent me some photos of her great-grandparents, Carmine Frazzini and Maria Antonia Carlini, who lived in Dawson.
6 Sep 2006 - Sally and I just returned from the 2006 Dawson Reunion. Here are the pages that I've updated with new information:
        Dawson Cemetery - new tombstone photos - Angelo Frazzini and Emma diLorenzo
        Mt. Calvary Cemetery - new information about Carmine Carlini
7 Sep 2006 - I gathered much of the information I had about Angelo Frazzini and put it on one web page. Angelo is the son of Carmine Frazzini and Maria Antonia Carlini.
7 Sep 2006 - Added newspaper clippings from the Dawson News to the Teridano diTella web page.
9 Sep 2006 - Sally and I just returned from the 2006 Dawson Reunion. Photos and other info on this new web page.
26 Sep 2006 - A man from SPA, Filomeno diMartino, was one of the two survivors of the 1923 mine explosion in Dawson. Here is some information about him.
6 Oct 2006 - 1926 San Pietro Avellana Picnic in Koppel PA - I just started work on this page and it under construction.
7 Oct 2006 - The Saint Teresa Cemetery in Hoytdale, PA (Near Koppel and Homewood)
24 Oct 2006 - Cris Swetye originally sent me a spreadsheet showing the sampietriesi on the 15 Feb 1882 arrival of the Ferdinand de Lesseps. On this new page, I've taken what she sent and did a little more research.
24 Oct 2006 - My cousin Giuliano Colajanni presented a talk on Italian Emmigration in SPA last August. He sent it to me and I tried to translate it into English.
3 Nov 2006 - Here is information about the 18 Apr 1882 arrival of the Chateau Lafite. Many SPA names here.
11 Nov 2006 - My cousin, Giuliano, has sent me information from the 1869 Status Animarum from SPA.
13 Nov 2006 - Bob Morrison sent me more information about S. Amico. I created a new page.
15 Jan 2007 - I started a new web page which will have Stories about People from SPA.
18 Jan 2007 - I moved Cristofaro diSanza's photo from the unknown photos page to his own page since I found out a lot more about him.
6 Feb 2007 - Alfonso diSanza d'Alena sent some photos and information about a Watermill owned by his great grandfather, Tommaso Cipriano diTella (my great granduncle).
15 Feb 2007 - I received a couple of photos from descendants of Giuseppe Buzzelli and Florina Mariani.
12 May 2007 - I've created a Yahoo! Group for San Pietro Avellana researchers. It is free to join. Visit the group by clicking here: SPA Group.
13 May 2007 - I've rebuilt my web pages for ships arriving with People from San Pietro Avellana. This page will cover the period 1891 and earlier (before Ellis Island opened)
7 Jun 2007 - Oreste diCianno was the executor of the Last Will of my great granduncle Teridano diTella when he died in Dawson in 1944. He is buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Raton. This page shows what I've been able to find out about Oreste.
9 Sep 2007 - My cousin Giuliano Colajanni was able to find two photos that I've been looking for. They are 1943 photos published in the newspapers which show SPA before and after the German destruction.
11 Sep 2007 - I just returned from a week in Ely, NV doing research at the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum. Here is a link to a new web page with the data that I found.
27 Sep 2007 - Mike Hamilton sent me some photos of the diCianno family. I've added them to my diCianno web page.
27 Sep 2007 - Elaine Arcangeli Wade sent me a photo of Oreste diCianno and she sent me a photo of a wooden cedar chest made by my great granduncle Teridano diTella.
18 Oct 2007 - My mother died today at the age of 95 years. Read about her life on her web page.
7 Feb 2008 - I've started a new page of Other SPA Families.
8 Feb 2008 - My cousin has sent me complete information from the 1869 Status Animarum from SPA and I've added it to my web page. Grazie, Giuliano!
16 May 2008 - I've gathered information about the Fraini family on this page. They lived in Dawson. They had closely related cousins in Boston, MA and East Glastonbury, CT.
22 Aug 2008 - 1926 San Pietro Avellana Picnic in Koppel PA - Newly restored version of the photo!. Thanks to Susan Morelli Wolf and Barbara Eason Himes.
3 Sep 2008 - The 2008 Dawson Reunion is now history and I will be updating my Dawson and Dawson Cemetery web pages. Here is a trip report.
21 Sep 2008 -  I found another early ship from Italy to the US carrying sampietresi - it's the Archimede which arrived on 3 May 1883.
8 Oct 2008 - More informatin from Giuliano, here is the 1852 Status Animarum from SPA.
17 Oct 2008 - From the US Passport Applications, I've found a bunch of photos of people from San Pietro Avellana (SPA).
4 Nov 2008 -  Robert Morrison has completed the translation of a book containing the "Vita di Santo Amico". Click here.
19 Mar 2009 - I've collected my information specific to Prospero Frazzini's Italian-American Bank and its predecessor the "Banca Popolare Italiana" into one web page. Much of the information and photos are from Franklin Smith.
9 Apr 2009 - My father died today at the age of 91 years. Read about his life on his web page.
8 Nov 2009 - I just found evidence that my great-great granduncle Don Giovanni arciprete Frazzini may have come to the US in 1848. I've started a new page for him.
4 Feb 2010 - With the help of our cousin, Concetta diCianno, we know a little more Dr. Giovanni Perilli. Includes now a photo of his tombstone in Roma.
5 Mar 2010 - Karen Morelli sent me scans of two photos from SPA which were used in postcards. They date from the early 1900's. Click here.
19 Apr 2010 - Our cousin, Giuliano Colajanni, found the 1769 SPA Status Animarum. Giuliano found it in the archives in Napoli. It will add one hundred years to what we know about our ancestral lines.
22 Jun 2010 - I vistied the Mountain View Cemetery in Rock Springs, WY today.  More photos of tombstones.

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