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Teridano Emidio diTella Genealogy

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The third time that my grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini, came to the US in 1912, he went to the home of his uncle Teridano diTella in Dawson, NM. Teridano first arrived in the US about 1901, living in Trinidad, CO. He moved to Dawson, New Mexico about 1906 where he lived until his death in 1944. He is buried at the Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Raton, NM.

Here is a simple map showing how close together are Dawson NM, Raton, NM and Trinidad, CO.

5 Sep 2004 - I added photos that I scanned at the home of Teridano's grandson, Giuliano Colajanni on my trip to Italy in 2004.
7 Sep 2006 - I added some newspaper clippings from the Dawson News

Teridano diTella is Emiliano's wife, Lucrezia Carlini's, uncle (her mother, Doristella diTella's brother). No one in my family even remembered him, let alone knew he had come to the US. On this page, I will document what I can find out about Teridano and his time in in the US.

I've tried to arrange this page in cronological order.

1877 Birth in San Pietro Avellana

From San Pietro Avellana birth records (as microfilmed by the LDS Church):
Film 1448675 Nati 1877 #8
Teridano Emidio diTella
5 March 1877
father: Eliseo
mother: Lucrezia Frazzini

1897-1900 Italian Military Service

Teridano's grandson, Giuliano, received documentation from Campobasso about Teridano's time in the military. He sent me a copy. From that record, he entered service in the Italian Army on 3 Dec 1897 and served until 16 Sep 1900. The record covers the period up until 31 Dec 1918. He was a "caporale maggiore" in the 5th Artillery Regiment (5o Reggto Artiglieria). Possibly stationed in Torino (Turin) since that is where the photo was taken.

He was not present for military instruction because he was not in Italy :  10 Oct 1902, 15 Jun 1906, 15 Jun 1910
He received permission to leave the country on: 14 Nov 1900,  1 Mar 1906.
His first World War service was from 11 May 1915 up to 31 December 1918.

Photo from his military service in the Italian army - About 1899.

There was some discussion on the Italian Miliary board. I got an email from Steve who pointed me to this message which contained a photo that someone thought looked like Teridano.

The discussion is here :

1900 Arrival

Teridano, 23y, first arrived in the US, via Ellis Island, on 20 Dec 1900 on the Furst Bismark sailing from Naples. Occupation: carpenter. He was going to the home of his brother Cipriano in East Glastonbury, CT. Wilberta Illig found this manifest for me in Nov 2006. On Ellis Island, he was indexed as "Feredaus DiCella". On, he was indexed as "Leredans Di Cella".

In his Italian military record, it shows that he was given permission to leave Italy for the United States on 14 Nov 1900.

1904 Returned to SPA

In 1904, Teridano returned to SPA to marry Esterina Angelica diSanza. They were married on 15 Jan 1905. Their first child, Renato, was born 22 Mar 1906.

Shipping Trunk used by Teridano
Photo by great grandson, Fabrizio Colajanni
As determined by grandson, Giuliano Colajanni, the printing on the trunk (3 initials) was originally "T D T" for Teridano di Tella.
After Teridano's death, the trunk was most likely used by his son Renato when he went to school. Thus the initials were changed to "R D T".
You can still see that the first initial was a "T".
Its likely that after Teridano's death, his belongings were returned to SPA in this trunk.

1906 Ellis Island

From Ellis Island: 25 May 1906, 29  yrs (his year of  birth would be 1877 which matches the SPA Nati records), married, occupation - Carpenter, going to cousin - Rainero diGiacomo, Brooklyn NY, previously in US from 1901-1904 in Hartford, CT. Place of residence was listed as "Campobasso". The ship was the Republic.
Traveled with:
    Raffaele Colaizzi, 35y
    Carlo diIullo, 40y (but name was crossed out)
There was another record of arrival on the same date which was crossed out. First name was spelled "Terivano". It was 25 May 1906.  Previously in US from 1901 to 1904 in Hartford, CT, married, going to cousin Rainero diGiacomo, Brooklyn, NY. Traveled with:
    Antonio diSanza (going to uncle, Pietro Frazzini in New Cumberland, WV) (name was NOT crossed out)
    Raffaele Colaizzi (going to firend, Rainero diGiacomo, Brooklyn, NY as well) (but name was crossed out)
    Carlo diIullo (going to cousin, Filippo Carlini, Dawson NM) (but name was crossed out).

Raffaele Colaizzi, Carlo diIullo as well as Teridano were crossed out. Where they just listed twice in the manifest?

In his Italian military record, it shows that he was given permission to leave Italy for New York on 1 Mar 1906.

Teridano - about 1905 - Maybe a passport photo?

Even though, this arrival manifest says that he was going to Hartford, CT, the 1910 census (see below) and his 1911 arrival (see below) says he lived in Dawson from 1906 to 1910.

1907 Arrival of Teridano's brother, Cipriano diTella

Another great-granduncle of mine, Tommaso Cipriano diTella, Teridano's brother, went to Teridano's home in Dawson, NM when he arrived in the US (From Ellis Island: 7 May 1907, 34y, married, mason, going to brother Teridano diTella, previously in the US from 1897 to 1906. Cipriano did not stay in the US but at some time moved back to live in SPA. Read more on his web page, click on the link.

1910 Census - Dawson

Teridano Ditella found in Census Microfilm Records: Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, 1910. Census taken 25 Apr.
I went to the FHC and found the 1910 census info (LDS microfilm # 1374926, Vol 3, Colfax 1-189):

1910  13th Census, New Mexico, Colfax County
Precinct #13 Dawson, Enumeration District 46, Supervisor District 181, Sheet #10A
Index #143 for Colfax County
di Tella, Teridano
Head of Household, Male, White, 33 years, Married 5 years, Italy Southern, Immigrated 1900, Speaks English, Carpenter in the town
Teridano and 4 others shared the house they lived in:
  1. Antonio Morgano, 29 years, married 8 years, immigrated 1901, speaks English, Section Laborer, works for the Railroad
  2. Emico di Croce, 30 years, married 8 years, immigrated 1908, speaks only Italian, Mason helper, works for Coke Ovens
  3. Tarquinio Colarosa, 22 years, single, immigrated 1907, speaks only Italian, Motorman, works for Coke Ovens
  4. Domenico Palumbo, 27 years, single, immigrated 1903, speaks English, Miner, works for Coal Mine

1910 Returned to SPA

In 1910, Teridano returned to SPA. Their second child, Vinicio, was born on 17 May 1911.

1911 Ellis Island Arrival

Wilberta diVincenzo Illig found this record. It is amazing that she found it since it was poorly indexed.

Name    De Bella, Teridano       
Ethnicity    Italy, Italian S.       
Place of Residence    S. Pietro Avel, Italy       
Date of Arrival    March 29, 1911      
 Age on Arrival    33y       
Gender    M       
Marital Status    M       
Ship of Travel    Cedric       
Port of Departure    Naples, Campania, Italy

This record is hard to find. The manifest does not come up when you search for De Bella. The ship record is:

        Series     Roll     Volume     Year     Month     Day     Frame     Boat
3     T715     1648     3633     1911     March     29     76     Cedric     Genoa/Naples

You have to search for the missing manifest. I found it at frames 379 and 378. He was 33 years old, occupation - Carpenter, wife in SPA - Esterina. Going to Dawson, New Mexico. Going to friend - Antonio Morgano, previously in Dawson from 1906 to 1910.

Travelled with:
    Luigi Frazzini, 37y, wife in SPA - Flora, going to Dawson, NM, to brother-in-law - Amico Gatti
    Antonio diSanza, 35y, wife in SPA - Laura, going to Oswood (?), PA, to brother Carlantonio
    Felice Carlini, 26y, Tailor, wife in SPA - Elisabetta, going to Youngstown, OH, to brother-in-law - Giovanni Rossi
    Pietro Paolo Musilli, 18y, Farm Laborer, father in SPA - Giovanni. going to Dawson, NM, to friend - Giuliano d'Achille

This may be when Teridano first moved to Dawson.

1912 Arrival of my granduncle Felice Carlini

My granduncle Felice Amato Carlini (my grandmother's brother who settled in Ely, NV) also went to Teridano's home in Dawson, NM when he arrived in the US  (From Ellis Island: 15 Feb 1912, 17 yrs, single, to: Uncle Teridano diTella, Dawson NM, father Giuseppe).

1914 Returned to SPA

In 1914, Teridano returned to SPA, apparently for 6 years. Their daughter, Licia, was born 14 Dec 1914 and their fourth child, Goffredo, was born on 21 Aug 1916. According to his grandson, Giuliano, Teridano was in SPA during the first World War.

1914 Italian Army Mobilization

From Teridano's military records, he registered for WWI Italian military service on 11 Mar 1914.

1918 Release from Italian Army

From Teridano's military record, he was released from WWI military service on 31 Dec 1918. From the record, it does not appear that he actually served in the military. This does confirm that he spent the time of WWI in Italy.

1920 Census - January 1920

Teridano is not listed in the index for the 1920 census. The Census was taken in January and from the following Boston arrival info, he returned to the US in March. I checked New Mexico, California and Nevada for both him and his brother, Cipriano - could not find either one.

1920 Boston Arrival

2 Mar 1920
Teridano diTella
Ship Canopic, saling from Napoli 17 Feb 1920
42 years
occupation: Joiner
stamped with "Entry for Permanent" verifed 16 Jun 1928
wife in S. Pietro: Ester
previously in the US: 1906-1914
going to brother Cipriano, 414 S Street, Sacramento, CA
(Mark's note: Cipriano diTella filled out a WWI Draft Registration card in Sacramento in 1917)
travelled with:
  Ernesto diFlorio
  Letizia diSanza
  Rosa Rossi
  Giudo diIullo
  Santa Acquafondata
  Lesina Settifrati
  Assunta Vizzosa
  Maddalena Colaianni
All of these other people were going to Ely, NV.

This entry was to start his application for citizenship. The requirement was that you had to live in the US for 5 years before you could become a citizen.

1920 Ely, NV

I found that Teridano lived in East Ely, NV for a short time later in 1920.

In Aug 2007, I spent 5 days in Ely, NV doing genealogy research at the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum . That museum has the records from the Nevada Northern Railway Company. Many sampietresi worked on that railroad. They have records of workers from 1906 until 1983.

My search went to a box of records which contained job applications from 1915-1920. In those records I found the job application of Teridano. The application has the date 1 Apr 1920. Then I looked at the payroll records for 1920. I found that Teridano worked during this time for the NNRY in the "Motive Power & Car Department":

April 15 1920   Laborer - worked 14 days - pay $3.96 per day
April 30 1920   Laborer - worked 15 days - pay $4.21 per day
May   15 1920   Laborer - worked 15 days - pay $4.21 per day
May   31 1920   Laborer - worked 16 days - pay $4.21 per day
June  15 1920   Laborer - worked 15 days - pay $4.21 per day
June  30 1920   Laborer - worked 3 days and 5 hours - pay $4.21 per day

That is the last entry. Teridano must have quit the job. Maybe he did not like the work on the railroad. His last pay was for $15.25. The records do not show a paycheck number so I assume that payment was never made to Teridano.

I found this Ellis Island Record which indicates that Teridano did not leave Ely when left the NNRY job:

This is Rinaldo deAmicis, son of Severina diTella and Antonio deAmicis. He married Gina Maria Carmina Carlino. My cousin, Alfonso diSanza, helped me get the spelling of the last name correct, he confirmed the identity with his mother Laura diTella. Gina was my mother's baptism Godmother.

Rinaldo came to US at least twice. I found this Ellis Island record:

De Amicis, Rinaldo
Italian Italy South
S. Pietro, Avellana
October 04, 1920 
Naples, Campania, Italy

Previously in the US from 1912 to 1914, in NV. Occupation: carpenter.Going to the home of his uncle, Teridano diTella, Box 199, East Ely, NV. Wife in SPA, Gina Carlini. Travelled with Luigi diIullo.

So here in October 1920, Teridano must have still been in East Ely.

1920's Moved to Dawson

Sometime in the early 1920's, Teridano moved to back to Dawson.

1926 US Citizenship Papers

Teridano's Naturalization papers are dated 4 Sep 1926. Taken at District Court of Colfax County, Raton, New Mexico. Teridano is listed as living in Dawson and was 49 years old. Lists 4 children all living in San Pietro Avellana:
  1. Renato, age 20 (would have been born about 1906)
  2. Vinicio, age 15 (would have been born about 1911)
  3. Licia, age 10 (would have been born about 1916, this is Giuliano's mother)
  4. Goffredo, age 9 (would have been born about 1917)
The name of Teridano's wife is not listed on the document. According to a note: "Under act of September 22, 1922, husband's naturalization does not make wife a citizen".

In "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", by Toby Smith, Toby tells the story of school teacher George Louis Fenlon. Fenlon not only reformed the school system in Dawson but also setup night classes for adults. There is a good chance that Teridano took one of these classes:

Next, he [Fenlon] set up night classes in English and American citizenship for adults. By 1924, sixty had graduated from the "Naturalization" course.
From "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", pg 77, ©Toby Smith.

The citizenship ceremony took place on 4 Sep 1926 in Raton. Here is the article from the Dawson News


A notation on the 1920 arrival manifest shows this date stamped with "Entry for Permanent" verifed 16 Jun 1928. He was already a citizen by now so this might have something to do with getting a Passport.

1929 - Trip to Italy

Here is the Dawson News 16 May 1929

I believe John Moruzzi was from Udine so the reporter got the information almost correct - Teridano was from San Pietro Avellana. Teridano expected to return with his wife, Esterina, and four children. But that did not happen.

Dawson News 30 May 1929

1929 Photo taken in Fiuggi, Italy. Teridano is third from left. His wife Esterina is next to him.
His grandson, Giuliano believes this is the last trip that Teridano made to Italy.
The first person at left is Teridano's son Vinicio (Air Force colonel).
We don't know who any of the other people are.

Here is another photo identified by Giuliano as taken in Fiuggi in 1929.

Third from left, is Vinicio diTella, Teridano's son.
Giuliano does not know any of the other people in this photo.

1929 Arrival via New York

John ("Gio Batta" on the manifest) Moruzzi, Santa Rugo Moruzzi and Teridano returned from Italy, leaving Naples on the Roma on 24 Aug 1929 and arrived at New York on 2 Sep 1929. Teridano was 52y, a US Citizen, going to Box 1112, Dawson, NM. Passport number 950 issued at Washington, DC 10 Apr 1929. John and Santa were going to the same address and their passports were issued on the same date.

12 Sep 1929 Dawson news.  Teridano was back in Dawson but without his family.

19 Sep 1929 Dawson News - Dawson Celebrates 7th Annual Community Day.  You had to weigh at least 190 pounds to enter this race.

1930 Census - Dawson

I was sent this info from the 1930 census (Series: T626  Roll: 1393   Page: 142) 13th Precinct, East Part:
1930 census, Dawson, Colfax Co., NM
(boarding in the home of John Mouizzi, 1910 Number Five Hill)
Di Tella, Terry, 54y, married, married first at 27y, born in Italy, parents born in Italy; immigrated in 1900, naturalized; laborer in the coal mine

Moruzzi, John, 52y, laborer-coal mine, emigrated in 1902, naturalized, married at age 23y
Santa, wife, 48y, emigrated in 1911, naturalized, married at age 20y
Margaret, daughter, 24y, born in Italy, emigrated in 1911, naturalized
Martin, son, 20y, born in Italy, emigrated in 1911, naturalized
Delfus, son, 17y, born in CO
Eligio, son, 15y, born in CO
 Terry's age of 54, would match with the birth date of 1877 for our Teridano. He lived next door to Oreste and Florence diCianno.

I was able to contact the daughter of Mary diLorenzo Arcangeli, the sister of  Florence. Elaine Arcangeli Wade wrote to me:

September 24 2007
Dear Mark
My mother, Mary, and I can't find any pictures of Terry. I found one of Oreste and myself in Dawson. We believe my Aunt Florence had pictures, but since she passed away many years ago, we have no idea where they would be. Her second husband, Joe Sepich, also passed away. Therefore, what pictures she had are gone.

Terry made Florence and Mary a cedar chest. Florence gave her cedar chest to me and Mary has the one Terry made her. They are beautiful and have no nails. They are put together with pegs and joints.

This is all the information that I have. Hope this will be a little helpful.
Sincerely,  Elaine.
One of two Cedar Chests made by Teridano diTella. They were given to sisters, Florence and Mary diLorenzo.
This one was the one given to Florence - now owned by neice, Elaine Arcangeli Wade.

John and Santa Moruzzi - Friends of Teridano

John Moruzzi - In searching the microfilmed records from St John the Baptist Church in Dawson, I found both John and Santa listed as godparents and confirmation sponsors (twice for children of Domenico Palumbo) from 1928 to 1932. The name in those records appears to be spelled Muruzzi or Moruzzi. I checked Ellis Island and Moruzzi appears to be a good name. The family name is not from San Pietro Avellana. I found two records for Giovanni but neither are this John. Santa's last name was shown one time as Rugo. There are lots of Rugo's from Tramonti di Sotto, Udine, Italy.

I did find a Santa Moruzzi and two children who came over on 15 May 1911. This was a "detained aliens" list, reason "husband". From the 1930 census, we know our Santa had two children in Italy and all three of them immigrated in 1911. Does not list a Dawson destination. Then I found the actual manifest which lists Santa (30y), Margherita (6y) and Erminio (2y). Ages match pretty well. From Tramonti, Italy. Going to husband, "Gio. Battista Moruzzi" in Brooklyn NY.

I found a Giov. Batt. Moruzzi, 27y,  who entered on May 6, 1905. Going to New York, previously in US from 1902 to 1905. Married. Travelled with Vittorio Moruzzi., 24y (I would guess a brother).

Another Giov Batt who entered on March 2, 1910. A sculptor, 32y, naturalized. Lists wife "Santi" living in Tramonti. Going to Stockbridge, Mass.

The 1920 Census shows the parents and five children living in Pueblo Colorado. Name spelled as Moruzzi. Series: T625  Roll: 169   Page: 279. (oldest son Pasquale 17y, came over 25 Oct 1919 via Ellis Island).

From:  Roselawn Cemetery, Pueblo, CO :

Moruzzi, Giovanni B.  58y, buried 16 Mar 1936
Moruzzi, Santa  97y, died 8 Jan 1978,  buried 11 Jan 1978

From:  The NMDI (New Mexico Death Index) Project
Last First MI Date(MM DD YY) County Age (YYM)
I have received a copy of his death certificate. It indicates that he died in Dawson of a cerebral hemorrage. It says he was born in Campone, Italy but I can't seem to find such a town. He lived in house #1910 in Dawson at the time of his death and was buried in Pueblo, CO. He had been in the US for 34 years and in Colfax County for 13 years. Informant was Mrs Clyde Green (daughter) from Pueblo, CO.

So this is them. I am starting a search for living Moruzzi in Pueblo, CO. They may know something about Teridano's life in Dawson or about the 1929 trip to Italy. I wrote some letters and received this email:

Date:            Sun, 12 Nov 2006 19:06:38 -0700
From:            Della Skul <>
Subject:         Moruzzi

Hello Mark, my name is Della Santa Moruzzi Skul. I am the granddaughter of John B. Moruzzi. My brother John gave me a copy of the info that he received and I don't know if he has contacted you or not. We don't have a lot of information about our grandfather, unfortunately my dad's side of the family were very tight lipped. I found some info about him on the internet at Ellis Island, so armed with that when I went to Europe last year I tried to find out something but had little success due to the fact that I had very little time in Italy. We do plan to make another trip next year and hopefully I can find something. We know that they came from the area around Udina, also they were in Cromanto di Lotto and Tramonti. I have had no luck in finding anything in those areas. I did find a mention of his name in Austria.  I also knew that they spoke Friulian. That country was taken over by Italy. In any case if you can get me something to look for when I go next year I will try to find some info for you.
Again, I am sorry that we know so little about our grandparents or your uncle Terry. As far as I know none of the people in this picture (Mark's note: the Fiuggi photo) are my grandparents. We have lost almost all of our older generation so there it is.
Take care and good luck with your search.

Della added a little later:

Mrs. Clyde Green was the only daughter of Santa and John. My aunt of course. She lived here before my parents came to Pueblo. Her name was Margarite and she passed away when she was 90. My family moved here when I was 14 months old but I don't know how long they were here before us. I know that the 10 acres of land that they had was bought right after my grandfather came to America, or at least that is what we have assumed all these years. John (grandpa) is buried in Roselawn Cemetery here in Pueblo.

Della sent me this photo of John and Santa.

Date:            Sun, 06 May 2007 20:37:02 -0400
From:           Robert Rugo <>
Subject:        Moruzzi


Re. John Moruzzi, you wrote on your website:

"I have received a copy of his death certificate. It indicates that he died in Dawson of a cerebral hemorrage. It says he was born in Campone, Italy but I can't seem to find such a town."

Campone is a frazione (village/hamlet) in the Comune (town/smallest unit of government) of Tramonti di Sotto. This is now in the Provincia di Pordenone, but that province was only created in the 1960s I believe. During the period of immigration it was the Provincia di Udine. There is also a city of Udine, but when the people from Tramonti di Sotto referred to Udine, they were usually referring to the provincia. Google Earth knows how to find Campone, it is along a road running east from the main river valley.

Rugo is a common name in Tramonti di Sotto dating back into the 1400s. Moruzzi is also found there back to about 1600. In the late 1700s, Rugo was the second most common name and Moruzzi the third most common name in Tramonti di Sotto. There was a custom of using modifying names, sopranome, to identify branches of a family, often referring to a prominent member of a particular branch of the family or a geographic location where that branch lived. One of the modifying names for Moruzzi refers to Campone.

Just below that you have a note from Della: "We know that they came from the area around Udina, also they were in Cromanto di Lotto and Tramonti". I believe that those are all referring to the same place. At Ellis Island I was able to catalogue about 30 ways of misspelling Tramonti, one of which was the Cromanto di Lotto that Della mentioned, so not a separate place. What with translating the Friulan language into regular Italian or French at the point of embarkation and then people with no great knowledge trying to read the handwriting from 100 years ago to produce the text version of the Ellis Island manifests, there are a lot of errors. There is also a Comune di Tramonti in a different part of Italy, which is different from the two comuni in the Meduna River valley, Tramonti di Sotto and Tramonti di Sopra, were often referred to as "Tramonti" for convenience.

The new website for Tramonti di Sotto is unfortunately the new site does not list all the frazione as the old one did.

Bob Rugo

Rugo, Bidoli, Ferroli and Varnerin families from
Tramonti di Sotto, Pordenone,  Friuli, Italia ca. 1400 - 2007 to
Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1885 - 2007

Thanks for your email. It sure clears up a lot about the town name and location.
Are you related to Della or Santa Rugo? I couldn't tell from the web site - I didn't see a Santa listed.
I'm sure that even if you haven't found a relationship yet, you most likely are related somehow.
Your web site is very nice. About the generation of John Moruzzi and Santa Rugo, I've seen that when Italians married, it was usually to someone from their hometown.
May I use your email on the web page? I will include hotlinks to your web site and to the Tramonti site.

Date:            Mon, 07 May 2007 09:18:02 -0400
From:            Robert Rugo
Subject:         Re: Moruzzi


Feel free to use the links or email.

I don't know of a connection to Santa Rugo. The Val Tramontina was a very small and somewhat isolated location and young people often sought permission from the church to marry cousins since there were so few people available for marriage. I would expect that everyone was related if you could push the family ties back far enough. I realize now that there are no Moruzzi in my family information which is a little odd given the small size and interconnectedness of the population.

Your comment about marriages seems very correct. The fact that people spoke local dialects may have had something to do with it. I have not yet updated the public part of my website, but recently I tied together my family and what I showed as unrelated families from Tramonti through marriages in Boston between people from the village around 1915.

Bob Rugo
From:    ROBERT RUGO <>
Subject:    Dawson, New Mexico - Tramonti di Sotto, Italy
Date:    Sun, 17 Nov 2013 20:55:14 -0500


We corresponded back in 2007 about John Moruzzi and his wife Santa Rugo of Tramonti di Sotto, Italy and Dawson, New Mexico. You included some of the correspondence on your site.

I went back to your site today because I have been working with someone in Italy who has undertaken an ambitious project to chronicle most of the families from Tramonti; his mother-in-law will be 100 years old in December and still owns her house there although they now live in Milan. He is at about 8,000 people. I was hoping to add your information about the Dawson people to his files, but have not yet found a connection to his information.

If you would like to update, some pictures of Tramonti can now be found at:

And genealogy for about 1,500 people from Tramonti can be found at:




An Older Teridano

Teridano - possibly around 1935
Teridano - possibly around 1940

1940 census, Dawson, NM

1940 census, 63y, boarding at the home of  Orazio Primivieri. Married (but really widowed), Naturalized, 5th grade education, born in Italy, Carpenter at the coal mine.

1944 Dawson, New Mexico

I ordered film 0016763, St. John the Baptist RC Church, Dawson, NM. The film is cataloged to only cover up to 1943 but, in fact, it covered up to 1950. I found this out by going page by page through the deaths. I found Teridano in the deaths from 1944, page 34, line 4.  His name was spelled wrong. Here are the details:

Terentiano diTella   67 years old at death, mother and father not listed.
Died 14 Feb 1944, widower of Esterina
Buried 17 Feb 1944, Calvary Cemetery, Raton, NM
note:  "Found in a coma. Never regained consciousness. Received Extreme Unction".
Signed by Rev. Paul E. Hally

I have managed to get a copy of Teridano's Death Certificate. He died in Dawson after being in the hospital for 11 hours. He died on 14 Feb 1944 at 9 PM. His SSAN was 525-03-1655. He was 66 years, 11 months, 11 days old. Occupation was carpenter for the coal company. Cause of death was apoplexy due to arterio solerosis. The death was reported by Oreste diCianno. He was buried on 17 Feb 1944 in Raton. The certificate does not list the names of his parents most likely because no one in Dawson knew who they were. Note: John Moruzzi, who Teridano rented a room from in 1930, died in 1936. John and Teridano must have been close friends. I suspect that, at some point, John and Santa moved to Pueblo and Teridano became closer friends with Oreste diCianno.

1944 Raton, New Mexico

Here is photo given to me by Giuliano. It apears to be dated 1968 and shows Teridano's original tombstone and grave site. Giuliano thought that Teridano might have been originally buried in Dawson and then moved to Raton. He thought this photo might really be Dawson. But on Teridano's death certificate, it shows the disposition of his body after his death in Dawson in 1944 as "Removal" to Raton.

Here is Teridano's tombstone as it appears today. We don't know how or why it was changed.

 Di Tella , Teridano  1877-1944.
I got this photo from Giuliano : Raton, NM,  Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery. From the microfilm records from Dawson, we now know that he died on 14 Feb 1944 in Dawson, NM.

For more photos of the Mt. Calvary Cemetery, here is a report of a trip I took to Raton in 2004.

Teridano had a Last Will and Testament which was probated in the Probate Court of Colfax County in Raton. Oreste DiCianno was the Executor of his estate (In the 1930 census, Oreste lived next door to Teridano.). Here is the newspaper notice from the 28 Mar 1944 issue of The Raton Range:

1944 Last Will and Testament

After finding the Probate number of Teridano's Will, I got a copy of it from the County Court House in Raton. There are no great surprises in it but there are a few pieces of information that show a little more about his life in Dawson.

1. The Will lists the four children of Treidano in Italy - Rinato, Vinicio, Licia and Goffredo. His property was to be split equally among the four of them. His wife Esterina had died in 1937.

2. The Will was orginally written in August of 1943. It was signed on 25 Jan 1944 (Teridano died on 14 Feb 1944).

3. His personal effects at the time of his death:

8 pairs of shoes
2 pair of slippers
1 wool jacket
9 suits of underwear
3 suits of clothes
5 pair of pants
1 bath robe
8 work shirts
1 cap
1 hat
6 suits pajamas
7 dress shirts
9 pair hose
2 towels
2 leather jackets
1 overcoat
1 light sweater
2 wood nut bowles
1 pipe rack
1 trunk
2 suit cases
1 gold watch
1 miscellaneous lot toilet articles, pens, pencils, neckties, pictures, letters, etc
1 miscellaneous lot carpenter tools
1 miscellaneous lot food supplies
1 framed picture of man in uniform

4. At the time of his death, he was renting a room from Orazio Primaveri. I've found that family in the 1930 census with the wife running a boarding house. The house, in 1930, was located on Number 4 Hill so that is probably were Teridano died. Orazio billed the estate $12.50, for room and board for the partial month of Feburary.

I learned at the 2008 Dawson Reunion from Erma Yob Schulte that the boarding house run by the Primaveri's was call "The V".

5. The priest who performed the funeral mass was Rev. Paul E. Hally from St. John the Baptist Church in Dawson.

6. The Phelps Dodge Mercantile Company was paid $304.47 for funeral expenses.

7. The Final Decree was signed on 4 Mar 1946 at which time his estate was distributed to his beneficiaries. (It surprises me that it took 2 years to complete the Probate.)

8. Witnesses to the signing of the Will were Joe diLisio and Joe Falletti. diLisio was the owner of a restaurant in Raton. Falletti worked at that restaurant.

2006 Dawson Reunion

At the 2006 Dawson Reunion, I found three people who remembered Teridano. Look for their pictures in the reunion trip report. Here are their stories.

Erma Yob Schulte and Mary Yob Dahl

These sisters knew Teridano in the 1940's. Their family was Yob and that family was from Austria. They said that their parents and Teridano were close friends. Erma recognized the photo of the older Teridano. She said that he had a beautiful Italian accent. They were fairly sure that Teridano lived nearby to them in the town (that is, not in one of the camps near the mines). They also knew the Moruzzi family.

Ed Dahl

Ed lived in Dawson from 1923 until 1950. Ed remembered that Teridano was a carpenter and worked in the Carpentry shop. Ed also thought that Teridano was the boss at the carpentry shop at one time. Teridano made furniture including beautiful cedar chests. He thought that Teridano lived near the carpentry shop at  the bottom of Number 4 Hill. Teridano also worked building frames of houses.

I also met two descendents of Florindo Fraini and Rosa Iannacchione. They are Toni Muñoz Lenhart and Lita Muñoz Hinojosa. Toni and Lita both live in California. You can find out more about that family on the Dawson web page.

Teridano's wife Esterina

He married Esterina Angelica diSanza on 15 Feb 1905. They had four children, Renato, Vinicio, Licia, and Goffredo.

Esterina diSanza - unknown year
Esterina diSanza - unknown year

My Cousin Giuliano Colajanni

Early in my genealogical research, I was sent an email received by another researcher from a man in Italy who is descendant from Teridano. Here is the first email I was sent:

Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 14:42:18 +0200

My name is Colajanni Giuliano and I live in Rome, Italy.
By GenForum I know that you have  information about persons lived in DAWSON,COLFAX county, New Mexico.
I am interested in finding information about my grandfather DI TELLA TERIDANO, probably died at DAWSON at first months of 1944.
If you can help me? please E-Mail me at
Thanking you in advance

That email was orginally sent in 2000. I got the copy from Wilberta Illig in Oct 2003. I quickly sent an email to Giuliano, hoping that his email address was still good:

Subject:           diTella Genealogy
Copies to:        <>
Date sent:         Thu, 30 Oct 2003 22:21:02 -0800

I got your email address from a lady who you sent an email several years ago. There were two email addresses so I am sending to both.
Teridano diTella was the brother of my great-grandmother Doristella. Please look at my web site that describes my grandfather Emiliano Frazzini who went to Teridano's home in Dawson, New Mexico in the year 1912.

I am hoping that your email address is still good and that you will reply to your cousin.
I am sending a copy of this to Alfonso diSanza who is descended from Tommaso Cipriano diTella, Teridano's brother.
Mark DiVecchio
Date sent:         Tue, 25 Nov 2003 13:41:34 +0100
Subject:            Re: Teridano diTella

Dear cousin Mark
I am excite your E-mail.
My mother Licia Di Tella 89 age living, is the Teridano's daughter.
Later, after office, i will write you for a long time .
Giuliano ( 54 age)
PS come te la cavi con la lingua italiana ?
Date sent:          Wed, 26 Nov 2003 15:24:45 +0100
Subject:            Re: Teridano diTella

Compliments, your work is eccezionally. Yesterday evening up to 02 in the night I looked with attention your web pages.
Surely you are our reference point. I am doing a search about my grandfather's live Teridano in USA for many years,
At moment I know as follows:

a) A trip by ship Republic with date of arrival 25 May 1906 ( Ellis Island archives )

b) American Naturalization Certificate n° 2148097 - volume 5 - number 387 issued at Dawson city Colfax County NM  at 04 September 1926

c) By  the assistance of Carol Watkins Campbell living in Raton NM, I found Teridano's grave .We have located the following listed at Raton NM library for the Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery :  Di Tella , Teridano  1877-1944 JE6

d) I have now the pictures of Cemetery entrance, Grandfather's head stone, Di Lorenzo family headstones ( four : two on each side of grandfather's stone). Just a thought. The headstones appears relatively new. Could he have been first buried at Dawson, then moved to Raton?

e) I writed to the N. M. Vital Records and Heath Statistics asking a copy of death certificate of Teridano, but on  the NM Record Files there are not searching through 1940 to 1949. I think that the correct name to search is Terry not Teridano

Other preliminary  info.
Teridano married Di Sanza Esterina Angelica on 15/FEB/1905. She lived in San Pietro Avellana Via Largo della Chiesa

To be descendant from: Renato, Vinicio, Goffredo, and my mother Licia. Esterina Angelica and sons never went in the USA. Grandfather Teridano only one time came in Italy during 1929. Goffredo is the last son and was born in 1917.

Now, I don't know nothing through 1906 to 1929 and after to 1944.

Mark I know Alfonso Di Sanza , in San Pietro Avellana our home are near.
About my life I am a Technical engineer and work in a petrochemical engineering company  in Rome.
My wife Rosalba works  at Unilever Company; we have two children Fabrizio(29) and Adriano (22)

I will send pictures


Giuliano ( now it's raining in Rome Caput Mundi)
Photo sent to me by Giuliano. His grandmother, Ester Angelica diSanza, wife of Teridano.
Born 29 Jul 1879, Died 14 Sep 1937.
My wife and I visited with Giuliano, his wife, Rosalba, and mother, Licia, during a 2004 trip to Italy and they visted us during their trip to the US for the 2008 Dawson Reunion.

Now over the years Giuliano and I have communicated very often. My wife and I visited them in Roma and San Pietro in 2004.

Teridano's Children

Vinicio diTella

I received a photo of Vinicio diTella from Alfonso diSanza.
Vinicio diTella
Colonel in the Italian Air Force.
17 May 1911- 8 Apr 1969

Vinicio was shot down in Libya during WWII and was a prisoner for some years,

Licia diTella

I met Licia in the summer of 2004 in San Pietro. She was about 90 years old and still alert. She was born about 1914-1915.

1924, age 10
1931, age 17

Goffredo diTella

This photo is from his tombstone in the San Pietro Avellana cemetery.

Other possibly related information:  search  "diTella"

Polk's Pueblo (Colorado) city directory, 1930 : containing an alphabetical directory of business concerns and private citizens, a directory of householders, occupants of office buildings and business places, including a complete street and avenue guide, and much information of a miscellaneous character, also a buyers' guide and a complete classified business directory.
Colorado Springs, Colo.: R.L. Polk Directory Co., c1930, 610  pgs.

DiTella  Jas (Marie) steelwkr  h2328 E Evans av  search "di Tella"

The R.L. Polk Directory Co.'s Pueblo city directory, 1923 : containing a complete alphabetical list of business firms, corporations and private citizens, a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, churches, clubs, colleges and schools, labor organizations and secret and benevolent societies, etc. : also a complete classified business directory, "The buyer's guide."
Colorado Springs, Colo.: R.L. Polk Directory Co., c1923, 541  pgs.

DiTella  Jas (Dimila) steelwkr  h 2328 E Evans av

1930 Census, Pueblo, CO
James DiTella, 66y (b 1864), steelworker, married at 24y
Mary,  61y, married at 18y

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