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Lucrezia (Carlini) Frazzini

My grandmother, Lucrezia Carlini. Lucrezia was the daughter of  Giuseppe Carlini and Doristella di Tella. Born 23 May, 1889 in San Pietro Avellana, Campobasso, Italy. She had a sister, Elvera, and two brothers, Felice and Armando. A third brother, Ersenio, died at the age of two. She died in May 1973 in Aliquippa, PA.

Benilda Frazzini and her mother Lucrezia Carlini Frazzini.
My mother tells me this photo was taken to use for a passport to come to the US. That didn't happen, though, until 1926. This photo was sent to me by Dennis Diullo. It was in the photo album owned by his grandparents Filiberto diIullo and Rosina Rossi.
1918, My mother and grandmother. Taken in Italy. Benilda (Betty) and Lucrezia Carlini Frazzini.

Lucrezia Carlini
about 1935

I scanned this photo on a May 2005 visit to Dorothy diIullo Carrick. Dorothy's parents were Filiberto diIullo and Rosina Rossi. They lived in Ely, NV. Filiberto and Rosina had several photos of my grandmother and grandfather, Emiliano. The year of the photo is my guess.
Lucrezia with her daughter, Betty and son, Paul. Looks like this was taken at Paul's First Communion. This photo is dated from a similar photo dated on the back to July 4, 1937 which was a Sunday.
In an email dated Jan 2009, Bob Ricci, wrote about memories of his father, Louis Nello Ricci, himself the son of Michele Ricci. Michele Ricci died in Beaver Falls in 1975.

My father remembers your folks very well and I asked him about your Uncle Paul & Westinghouse.  As well, he recalled your Grandparent's neighborhood in Beaver Falls and numerous names from memory.  My mother is currently looking through photos from the "early" years....1920 thru 1950's.  Specifically, the picnics at Wise's Grove, Idora Park & family gatherings in Youngstown, SOI outings and anything that she can locate.  I won't be returning back there until spring but I'll collect whatever she does find and scan them.  If there is anything that I think you and the group might enjoy, I'll pass them on.
1947 Lucia DiVecchio and Lucrezia Frazzini. The mothers of the bride and groom at my parents wedding. On the right is Angelina Buzzelli, a cousin from Cleveland. For more about Angelina, look at my Giuseppe Buzzelli page. 1949 Lucrezia with her grandson, me, Mark DiVecchio. Taken on the street right outside her home at 121 11th Street, Beaver Falls, PA. The house has since been torn down.
Lucrezia with her son Paul. Looks to be about 1946 when Paul was in the Army.
1959 Lucrezia with her son, Paul, and his wife Maxine Schmidley.
Emiliano and Lucrezia Frazzini, Saint Mary's Cemetery, Beaver Falls, PA.

My grandmother, Lucrezia Carlini's birth certificate. 23 May 1889, San Pietro Avellana, Campobasso, Italy. (This is only a certification dated 1952)
Marriage certificate for my grandfather, Emiliano and grandmother, Lucrezia. 24 April 1911 in San Pietro Avellana. (This is only a certification, dated 1964)

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