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Carlini Family

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There are several Carlini families on this page.

Lucrezia Carlini Frazzini daughter of Giuseppe Carlino and Dorestella diTella

My mother's mother was Lucrezia Carlini. My mother remembered that her mother had two brothers, Felice and Armando, and a sister Elvira. Felice and his family ended up in the Ely, NV area. Elvira's family ended up half in Italy and half in Pittsburgh (she married Luigi Iasella). Armando never married, he died in 1940 in Ely, NV. I have since identified two more brothers Ersenio Giacinto Carlini who died at the age of 2 years (nato 1897 dec. 1899) and Felice Amato Carlini who died at about the age of 7 months.

My great-grandmother, Dorastella (diTella) Carlini (my grandmother's mother).

Felice Carlini son of Giuseppe Carlino and Dorestella diTella

Felice Carlini, US Army WWI, about 1917.
Felice was the son of Dorastella diTella and Giuseppe Carlino.
Photo from Clara Carlini, Felice's daughter.

Throughout the records from SPA, I see the name mostly written Carlino. Generally, Carlino was used before about 1900 and Carlini afterward. I don't know why it changed but many names had their final vowel changed during that time period.

Felice was also known as Felix. He served in the US Armed Forces during WWI.

WWI Civilian Draft Registrations
      Name             Birth Date       Ethnicity  Birth Place                       City/County    State
      Felice Carlini   26 Feb 1895  W           S. Pietro Avellana Italy     White Pine     NV

Ellis Island record: 28 Feb 1912, 17yr, ship: Cedric, destination: uncle Teridano diTella, Dawson, NM, Father: Giuseppe.

Edmondo diSanza (brother of  Letizia)     Felice Carlini
Letizia diSanza (wife of Felice)

   The 1930 Census shows Felice at age 35, married at age 23. That would date this photo to about 1918. Reference, shown below, the obituary of Felice, says he was married in 1920 - which I think is correct.. The 1920 census lists an Edward diSanza, 21 years old. This may be the brother of Letizia.
   California Death Record of son Joe:
CARLINI JOE CLAUDIO 01/06/1925  DISANSEA     Male   NEVADA     PLACER 11/15/1997     530-10-3399     72 yrs
   So this shows his mother's maiden name as DiSansea which is most likely diSanza.
   I've since found her birth record:. Her fullname was Letizia Blandina diSanza. She was born in SPA 28 Apr 1896 to Radamisto diSanza and Adele diLorenzo.
   My mother remembered that she had a brother. I found this person in the microfilms from SPA:  Edmondo Domenico diSanza (born 21 Oct 1898).
about 1929
The children of Felix Carlini and Letzia diSanza.
(at back, left to right) Dora, Norma, and Joseph, with Todino in the front. Clara the youngest, was not born when this photo was taken.
(photo sent to me by Dennis Diullo)
1933 Back of photo :  ** means I can't read the word (the photo had been glued into an album and parts of the album page are still glued to the back of the photo). East Ely, NV. My comments in parenthesis.

** (first) Gruppo
1. Felice Carlini
2. Letizia Carlini (wife of Felice)
3. Cesare Colaizzi
4. Dora Carlini (daughter of Felice and Letizia)
5. Grace Carratelli - no paesana (wife of Federico)
6. Amelia DiFlorio (sister of Letizia and Edmundo. a diSanza)
Norma Carlini (daughter of Felice and Letizia)
1933 Back of photo :  ** means I can't read the word (the photo had been glued into an album and parts of the album page are still glued to the back of the photo). East Ely, NV. My comments in parenthesis.

2nd Gruppo
1. ** Norma (daughter of Felice and Letizia)
2. Cesare Colaizzi (brother of Vincenzo)
3. Felice Carlini (AKA Felix)
4. Armando Carlini (brother of Felice, AKA Herman)
5. Giovanni DiFlorio (husband of Amelia, AKA John)
6. Alfredo Carratelli (Federico or Fred, husband of Grace)
7. **enzo Colaizzi (might be Vincenzo, brother of Cesare)
Armando Carlini, brother of Felice.
Photo from Clara Carlini, Armando's niece. For more photos of Armando, see the Ely, NV web page. Also look at the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum page.
1936 Luigi Iasella (Elvira's husband), Emiliano Frazzini and Felice Carlini (Lucrezia's brother)
1936 Beaver Falls, PA
Norma Carlini     Benilda Frazzini     Emiliano Frazzini      Luigi Iasella    Felice Carlini
     Todino Carlini     Paul Frazzini     Lucrezia (Carlini) Frazzini     Joseph Carlini

I visited with Clara Carlini, sister of Dora, Norma, Tod and Joe, in Carson City, NV in June 2005.
Some new photos on this web page are from her album.
(Clara died on 3 Jul 2008 in Carson City)

Other photos from this day show Dora and Clara.
Dennis' grandfather Filiberto Diullo and my grand uncle Felix Carlini.
(photo sent to me by Dennis Diullo)
Also look at the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum page.
In Jan of 2015, Felix Carlini's grandson, Tod, related to me that this photo must have been taken before the RIP (Repair in Place) building was built. The RIP building meant that the men did not have work outside all year long while repairing rolling stock.
Letizia diSanza, son Joe Carlini and husband Felice Carlini.
Photo taken in Ely, NV.
Todino V. Carlini, son of Felice Carlini and Letizia diSanza. Sent to me in Jun 2011 by his son, Tod F. Tod V., the elder, was a fullback at Utah State.

From his son, Tod Carlini, Jul 2011:

My father worked for the NNRY for a short time, most likely in the summer  months. He became a very respected educator in Nevada and a school district superintendent. He also was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 1951 to play professional football, but declined. My father went to WWII in the Navy and was four years older than most of his team mates in college. In the Navy, he was on the USS Marathon. It was a troop transport.  He drove the landing craft to the beach. His ship was torpedoed in Tokyo Bay. I remember him telling me about it.
1954 Wedding Photo of Clara Carlini and Albert Barredo in Ely, NV
L to R, back row
Alfred "Gabby" Barredo (Albert's brother), Albert Barredo, Clara Carlini, Norma Carlini Macari (Clara's sister)
L to R, front row
Vicky Macari, Norma's daughter, Keith Slight, Dora Carlini Slight's son
(Clara died on 3 Jul 2008 in Carson City)
(Albert died on 13 Aug 2009 in Carson City)

You can see Felice and Letizia's tombstones on the Ely Cemetery web page.
S-3-15 Carlini Letizia   Mrs. Felix
N-17-1 Carlini Felix   26 Feb 1895 - 21 Aug 1944, Veteran

From the 30 Aug 1944 issue of the Reno Evening Gazette (minor spelling errors shown corrected in Italics):
Funeral services were held here Saturday for Felix Carlini, who died at the veterans' hospital in Salt Lake City last week. Carlini was a pioneer resident of this district and had been in ill health for the past three months.
Born February 25, 1895, in San Pietro Avellano (Avellana), Italy, he came to the United States 31 years ago. He came directly to White Pine county and had made his home here for the past 30 years. He had been employed as a car inspector for the Nevada Northern railway company.
Surviving is his widow, Mrs. Letizia Carlini, who he married in 1920; two sons, Joseph and Todd Carlini, and three daughters, Mrs. Dora Slight, Mrs. Norma Schmidt and Miss Clarra (Clara) Carlini, all of Ely. His mother in Italy and two sisters, Mrs. Lucrezia Frazzini of Beverly (Beaver) Falls, Pa., and Mrs. Elvira Isalla (Iasella) of Italy, also survive.
Pallbearers were Amadeo DiCianno, Mike Innachione, Peter DeRicco, Fred Ricci, Domnic DiSanza and Joe Coliazzi. Burial was in the Ely cemetery, where the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars fired a salute.

From the Utah  History Research Center,  Archives and Library (Click on Series Number for an image):
Series: 81448
Person Who Died
Death Date: 21 August 1944
Age: 049

1920 Census
had an entry for Felix Carlini, Ogden, Weber County, UT. Showed him as 25 years old, single, not employed. A lodger at the home of  Tony Poco (this would really be Tony Pace and wife Anna) and his family. Also lodging there was Donatello Posey. The age (25 years) works out correctly but my other sources show him married at 20 and living in Ely for the entire time he was in the US. See the 1930 Census entry below which shows Felice was married about 1918 (might be wrong) and was raising a family in NV in the 1920's. So this is not my granduncle Felice.

1930 Census had an entry for Felice and his family:
Felix Carlini, 35y, married at age 23, emigrated 1912, blacksmith for the railroad, born in Italy (note: marriage had to be in 1920 as that is when Letizia came to the US.)
Letizia, 34y, married at age 22, emigrated in 1920, born in Italy
Dora, 9y, born in Neveda
Norma, 6y, born in Neveda
Joe, 5y, born in Neveda
Todino, 3y, born in Neveda
Clara, 2m, born in Neveda

Armando "Herman" Carlini son of Giuseppe Carlino and Dorestella diTella

Armando Carlini was the brother of Felice. He was my grand uncle. Armando was born on 22 Apr 1900 in San Pietro Avellana and died in 1940. He never married. He became a US Citizen About 7 Oct 1935 per an article in the Reno Evening Gazette of 7 Oct 1935. For a portrait photo of Armando, look above on this web page. In Ely, he was known as Herman.

Armando, like almost everyone in Ely, worked for the railroad - in this case the Nevada Northern Railway.

From the Reno Evening Gazette, Monday, June 24, 1940, page 9:
Funeral services were held Saturday at the Sacred Heart Catholic church for Herman Carlini, forty years old, of Ely, who died suddenly in a local hospital Wednesday night at 11:45 o'clock, following an operation. He had been ill several days prior to his death and was taken to the hospital for an operation Wednesday.
Born in Italy in 1900, he came to this country as a young man and for fifteen years was employed by the Nevada Northern Railway Company. Interment was in the Ely cemetery.
He is survived by a brother, Felix Carlini, and his family, of Ely; a sister, Mrs Lucrezia Frazzini of Pennsylvania, and his mother and a sister, residing in Italy.
Lucrezia (Carlini) Frazzini was my grandmother. Here is a letter found at the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum report his death to the railroad management.

Armando Carlini Car 605 - Armando Carlini is on the left
Armando is kneeling second from right.

You can see Armando's tombstone on the Ely Cemetery web page.

Elvira Carlini and Luigi Iasella daughter of Giuseppe Carlino and Dorestella diTella

1912 Elvira Carlini, Emiliano's sister-in-law. She never immigrated to the US. 1936 Luigi Iasella (Elvira's husband), Emiliano Frazzini and Felice Carlini (Lucrezia's brother)

More about this family on the Iasella page.

Enrichetta diTella Carlini daughter of Emidio diTella and Maria Angelica D'Achille

22 June 03 - My mother remembered Enrichetta diTella, sister of her grandmother Doristella diTella. She remembered her husband as Giovanni Carlini and their daughters, Gina, Ebolina, Vera (the youngest child born about 1912) and Carina, and four brothers, Novino, Eliseo and 2 more. Enrichetta's father's name was Eliseo. From the LDS microfilms (Film 1448676 Pubblicazioni 1891 #14), I found a sister of Doristella named Maria Angelica Enrichetta who married a Giovanni Benedetto Carlini on 16 Apr 1891. Having 8 children after being married in 1891 would put the youngest child around 1912.

From their tombstone in SPA cimitero, Giovanni Carlini and Enrica (Enrichetta) diTella

Their 8 children:

Gina Maria Carmina Carlini. Born 10 July 1895. Gina died in 1978. She was my mother, Benilda Frazzini's, baptism Godmother. Full name: Hygina Maria Carmina Carlini. For more photos of Gina and her family, look at the Frazzini Italy Photos page.
Ebolina Carlini. Born 19 Jan 1900. She died in 1984. Full name: Ebola Sabba Antonia Carlini. My cousin Nino Carlini showed me a 4th grade report card for his aunt. It is from the school year 1910-11. Her father's occupation on it is "muratore" - brick layer or mason. For more comments about this report card, look at my SPA page.

No photo available - yet!
Eliseo Carlini immigrated to Akron OH with his wife and children. His family then moved to California about 1961. Our family never heard from him again. My mother remembered that he had a large family. Full name: Eliseo Michele Carlini.
From the California Death Index:
CARLINI     ELISO          05/09/1902        M     REST (OTHER)     LOS ANGELES(19)          07/03/1975     297-34-7717     73 yrs
SSAN Death Record:
ELISO CARLINI     09 May 1902    Jul 1975    90045 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA)    (none specified)    297-34-7717    Ohio (Issued in Ohio)
Zip 90045 : Ladera Heights, Los Angeles, California

I am now in contact with the son of Eliseo, Nino Carlini.

In 2004, I sent out one of my "Am I your cousin?" letters to as many Carlini in southern California as I could find. A few weeks later I got a phone call and an email from Nino and his wife Rosalie, who live in Mission Viejo, CA. He wrote:

Carissimo cugino Marco;
We are extremely happy that you found us.
We are looking forward to meeting you and your wife, soon as possible.
In San Pietro mi chiamano: "GIU-UANNIN RU MULNAR" and I'm very proud of it.
Un abbraccio, your cousin Nino.

Nino's father, Eliseo, was born in SPA, his mother was born in Carovilli.

Nino and I visited many times. He shared photos and stories of growing up in Italy. In his house, one room had its walls covered with photos, maps and everything Italian.

Every visit, of course, was centered around food as is the Italian tradition. Although, with Nino, talking came in a close second and Nino had hundreds of stories to tell. His yearly visits to Carovilli and SPA always made for more stories.

His daughter, Marisa, told me that he passed away on the 9th of May 2011 from kidney failure. His wife, Rosalia, had died in 2010. Here is his obituary.

Natale Giuseppe Carlini born about December 1893 and died at the age of 3 months on 21 Mar 1894.
No photo available - yet! No photo available - yet!
Vera Carlini. She was the youngest child born about 1912. Died about 1930. Full name: Vera Fraternita Carla Carlini.
Carina Carlino born 15 Jul 1909 and died 3 Aug 1990. She married Verino diCianno. Full name: Carina Riscossa Carlini. I have a photo of their daughter Enrichetta that my grandmother had. More about the diCianno family on this web page.
No photo available - yet!
Novino Carlini.  Novino married Maria Mariani. Novino was born 17 Jun 1907 and died 13 May 1966. Full name: Compagno Nuovo Emangipato Perfetto Carlini. They had two daughters, Pia, Vera, and a son Franco. Photo from his tombsome in SPA cimitero. There are photos of their daughters, Pia and Vera, on the page below .
Splendente Redenzio Carlini born in 1904. Married Maria Baglioni in 1941. He is desceased but I don't have a date.

Novino Carlini and Maria Mariani

I'm pretty sure that I know the people in the following photos. I've identified them the best I could - mostly with my mother's help. In cases where a note in Italian was written on the back of the photo, I have tried to type in that note as accurately as I could. Updated with help from Alfonso diSanza and his mother Laura diTella. Updated with nelp from Nino Carlini.

SPA 22/11/52
"Della cora zia con tante affettuorita, Pia"

Signed "Pia" and appears to be taken the same time as the next photo of Vera. Probably  Pia Carlini, daughter of Novino Carlini, son of (Maria Angelica) Enrichetta diTella and Giovanni Carlini. Alfonso diSanza and his mother confirmed that this is Pia Carlini. Nino Carlini confirmed that this is Pia Carlini.

Stamp on the back read "Trieste Mariani - Sant'Angelo del Pesco".
"Alla core zia Lucrezia con affetto, Vera"
Appears to be taken same time as the photo of Pia just above. Probably Vera Carlini, daughter of Novino Carlini, son of (Maria Angelica) Enrichetta diTella and Giovanni Carlini. Alfonso diSanza and his mother confirmed that this is Vera Carlini, sister of Pia Carlini. Nino Carlini confirmed that this is Vera Carlini.

Taken at the same time as the photo of  Pia. 23 Nov 1952. Stamp on the back read "Trieste Mariani - Sant'Angelo del Pesco".

Pasquale Carlini and Filomena LaBella

Pasquale was a cousin. I've put his information on a separate web page.

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