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This site will document the ancestry of the DiVecchio (diVecchia) family from Sant'Eufemia a Maiella, Pescara, Italy.

My Grandfather, Camillo, changed the family name from diVecchia to DiVecchio when he came to the US. This seemed fairly common as I've found a lot of families that also changed their name the same way. Alternative spellings might be di Vecchia or diVecchia.  For my GEDCOM Family Tree Data Base with name index - click here.

If you look through the Ellis Island data base, every diVecchia who arrived is from Sant'Eufemia. For the DiVecchio name, about 50% were from Sant'Eufemia. Many of the other DiVecchio's were from San Ginese di Compito, Italy. I think that in Sant'Eufemia the name was always diVecchia. Although some diVecchia's changed their names in the US to DelVecchio, the DelVecchio name was a totally separate family in Italy and they were not from Sant'Eufemia.

Up until 1844, Villa Sant'Eufemia was a frazioni (hamlet or village) of the nearby town of Caramanico.

I received this Brief History of Sant'Eufemia a Maiella from Enzo Pantalone which he translated from Italian. Map of area around Sant'Eufemia a Maiella.

Sant'Eufemia a Maiella (sometimes Majella) was in the Province of Chieti until 1927 when the Province of Pescara was formed. Towns from the surrounding three Provinces (Chieti, Aquila and Teramo) were combined to form Pescara.

Site Map

Other family names you will find here include:

    diGiovine (Giovanni, Jovan, DeJovin)               Pantalone         Carapellotti  
    Mancini          Politano            diPietrantonio (Petro)
    diNardo         Palmieri             more diPietrantonio

    Mckees Rocks, PA         Old Forge, PA    Webster Ave, Pittsburgh, PA    Aliquippa, PA  

 The Aruba connection:


The Australia connection:

    Pantalone      diGiovine       diPietrantonio        Palmieri      diNardo       diVecchia
    del Tondo and Carapellotti    

Important Recent Updates:

(Older updates, click here)

9 Apr 2009 - My father died today at the age of 91 years. Read about his life on his web page.
22 Oct 2009 - I've added Palmieri and diPietrantonio pages after contacting more cousins in Australia.
22 Oct 2009 - I just started reorganzing the web site to put information about other diVecchia familes on their own web page. It may take a few months to complete this.
4 Dec 2009 - I started a new web page which will have Stories about People from Sant'Eufemia.
21 Dec 2009 - I have many postcards of the Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation plant in Aliquippa. My father worked there all his working life.
2 Jul 2010 - I visited the Price City Cemetery where members of the Palmieri family are buried.
7 Oct 2010 -  Here is a story of an English POW in Sulmona and Sant'Eufemia during the Second World War.
15 Dec 2010 - I've rebuilt my web pages for ships arriving with People from Sant'Eufemia a Maiella. This page will cover the period 1891 and earlier (before Ellis Island opened).
30 Jul 2013 - Still here and still updating the site. Join the Sant'Eufemia Yahoo! group for more interaction. Most of the additions are to the GED tree data base - click here.
8 Apr 2014 - I've recently spent some time working on the diNardo family. If you look in my family tree data base, you will find a lot more diNardo's now.
7 Jul 2016 - Just to say that I'm still here. Not a lot of changes to these web pages but I keep helping cousins find their ancestors when I get emails.

Here is a graphical representation of the diVecchia family tree as I know it. These are LARGE files meant to be viewed on screen or printed. When printed, the printing is small but still readable. Check the Graphical Trees page for hints about printing these files.

Graphical Family Tree (Part 1) My direct Ancestors (1.4+Mb JPG File)

Graphical Family Tree (Part 2) Other diVecchia Branches some not related (yet!) (1.0+Mb JPG File)

Graphical Family Tree (Part 3) Other diVecchia Branches some not related (yet!) (1.0+Mb JPG File)

For Graphical Family Tree (Part 4 - Pantalone Family Branches, look on the Pantalone Page.

Graphical Family Tree (Part 5) Timperio Family Branches (700+Kb JPG File) A lot of diVecchia's on this one.

For DiVecchio and Carapellotti Trees from Old Forge, PA, look on the Old Forge, PA page.

For diNardo Trees, look on the diNardo page.

Here is a page with links to all the Graphical Trees.

While the site is being created you can email me :  markd@silogic.com , sign the guestbook, or join our Yahoo! Group:

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Would you like to be in closer contact with the town of Sant'Eufemia a Maiella?

Patrizia Boccaccio works in the municipio in SEaM and is responsible for tourism. She is creating a mailing list to keep us up to date on the events in the town. You will receive occasional updates on events occurring in St Eufemia through Facebook - Sant Eufemia Nel Mondo. This initiative will hopefully generate a greater interest in our families' place of origin.

Send your email address to Patrizia at:
My Grandfather, Camillo diVecchia That's my father on the left, Pasquale (Patsy) DiVecchio. On the right is his brother, Anthony DiVecchio. In the center is Pasquale Pantalone who married their older sister. Picture taken in Naples, Italy as my father, his brother and their mother were coming to the US in 1930.
The DiVecchio Family in the 1930's. Most likely taken in West Aliquippa, PA. From left to right:
Anthony DiVecchio - Nick diGiovine - Lucia (diGiovine) DiVecchio - Camillo DiVecchio - Patsy DiVecchio

1942 West Aliquippa, PA

           Anthony DiVecchio           Patsy DiVecchio
Camillo DiVecchio      Lucia DiVecchio
          Rita Politano                        Guido Politano
1949 Taken on the front porch of the house of Camillo and Lucia DiVecchio at 109½ Main Street in (West) Aliquippa, PA.
This was during the St. Anthony's Day Parade which went up Main Street.

Rear: Unknown - Anine (DiVecchio) Politano
Along railing : Tony DiVecchio - Lucia (diGiovine) DiVecchio - Lucrezia (Carlini) Frazzini - Rita Politano - Mark DiVecchio (baby) - Betty (Frazzini) DiVecchio
On steps:    Guido Politano - Rose Politano

My father, Pasquale (Patsy), took the photo.

1955 Many families represented here. (L to R):
Domenic Politano (my father's brother-in-law)
Patsy DiVecchio (my father)
Joe Domitrovitch (married my cousin Rita Politano)
Lucia (diGiovine) DiVecchio (my grandmother)
Betty (Frazzini) DiVecchio (my mother)
Diane DiVecchio (my sister)
Patricia DiVecchio (my sister)
Mark DiVecchio (me)
1956 Patricia and Diane DiVecchio, Aliquippa.
1958 Patsy DiVecchio with his three children, Mark, Patricia and Diana. This was taken during the 1958 Golden Jubilee of the city of Aliquippa, PA. All the men in the town were required to wear a mustache. That is the only time I remember my dad having a beard or mustache.

In 2008, Aliquippa celebrated its 100th anniversary.
1960 - a little bit of many related families,  L to R:
Lucy Pantalone (my cousin)
Domenic Politano (my father's brother-in-law)
Pasquale Pantalone (my father's brother-in-law)
Anthony DiVecchio (my father's brother)
Lucia (diGiovine) DiVecchio (my grandmother)
Agnesa (DiVecchio) Politano (my father's sister)
Eufemia (DiVecchio) Pantalone (my father's sister)
Rose Politano (my cousin)

The other Pantalone sister, Maria, came to the US in 1966.
1963 That's me, Mark Camillo DiVecchio.
The DiVecchio's in 1977. I'm standing, then from left to right, my father, Patsy, my mother, Betty (Frazzini), and my two sisters Diane and Patricia. Taken at my parents home in Aliquippa, PA. 2002 My wife, Sally Clarno DiVecchio, taken just before our hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Who am I?

My name is Mark Camillo DiVecchio. As you may have noticed, My middle name is from my father's father. I was born in Providence Hospital in Beaver Falls, PA in 1948 - my parents lived in Aliquippa. Grew up and attended grade school and high school in Aliquippa, graduating in 1966. Attended Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, graduating from there in 1970. Worked as a computer design engineer for Burroughs, National Semiconductor, my own company (Silogic Systems) and AMCC until sort of retiring in January 2003. I am wed to Sally Ann (Clarno) DiVecchio.

I started this web site to gather all the family information I have and that I can collect. The site, is "me" centric, that is, I refer to uncles, grandparents, etc with respect to me. My apologies in advance for doing that.

I've been doing research for about 8 years and its been great fun. When I started, I told people that I was "finding dead ancestors." Now I tell them that what really happened was that I was "finding live cousins."

I started out focusing on the families of my parents. In the case of SEaM, that was diVecchia and diGiovine. Over the years that research as spread out to the entire town - that is because I realized that in a small town like SEaM, everyone is related one way or another.

As a retired engineer, I find the research itself is like putting together a puzzle. I've spent hundreds of hours at the local Family History Center pouring over the rolls of microfilmed birth/marriage/death records from Italy. They are a treasure trove of information. The US census and immigration information on ancestry.com is great as is the Ellis Island web site.

General Information

I entered all the genealogical information in the Personal Ancestral File v 5.0 (PAF5) downloaded from the LDS site http://www.familysearch.com.

The photos you will see on the main pages are thumbnails. They have been reduced in size and resolution so that they can be quickly downloaded. I actually scanned the photos at 1200 dpi, the best my scanner can do.

My original goal was to put all the high resolution scans of the photos up on this web site for anyone to download but I quickly exceeded my Disk Quota at my ISP. BUT if you are relative of me or anyone I mention here or in the GED file, I will be happy to send you this web site as well as scans of all the photos on a CD. Send me your relationship and name/address. Send it to

Mark DiVecchio
1949 Via Ladera
Fallbrook, CA  92028-8055

or email :  markd@silogic.com

My Sources

The main source of information for this web site are my late parents Pasquale "Patsy" DiVecchio and Benilda "Betty" Frazzini DiVecchio and other relatives. Long lost cousin, Kristi (Petro, diPietrantonio) Niedzwiecki, supplied info on my grandmother's sister Maddelena and her descendants. Lucy (Pantalone) Ricchio supplied a lot of information about her mother and father, my aunt and uncle, Eufemia DiVecchio and Pasquale Pantalone. She also had information about my great uncle Nick diGiovine.

Dozens of newly found cousins around the world supplied names and dates and places.

I found a little information on the web, at the LDS web site, genealogy.com and ancestry.com.

The most valuable source of information about the 1800's was microfilm ordered through the LDS Church and their Family History Centers for Sant'Eufemia and for Caramanico. I've referenced the film number, year and index in the notes attached to the family tree. Napoleon Bonaparte mandated that civilian vital records be kept in Italy beginning in 1809 (Thanks!).

I tried to mark each piece of information with the source, but I was probably not 100% successful.

Family Tree

Here is a small portion of the diVecchia family tree. Just to give you an idea of where the main characters fit in. All the details are in the GED file and in the GED4WEB Family Tree.

Giustino diVecchia
Michelangelo diVecchia
Camillo DiVecchio
Patsy DiVecchio Mark Camillo DiVecchio
Maria Vincenza Timperio
Filippo Mancini
Agnesa Mancini
Maria Raffaela diNardo
Vincenzo Nicola diGiovine
Crescenzo diGiovine
Lucia diGiovine
Pasqua Maddalena Gargano
Nicola Carapellotto
Maria Nicola Carapellotti
Sabia Felicia Zaccagnini

Benilda Frazzini

Above is a portion of an older version of the graphical family tree. Click  Graphical Family Tree  or  Graphical Family Tree (Part 2) for the full versions. It is small type to fit on a 8.5"x11" piece of paper when printed. When viewed with a graphics viewer, you can zoom in to read it. Here is a page with links to all the Graphical Trees.

Family History

My grandfather, Camillo DiVecchio came to the US first in 1903. He worked on the railroads in the Pittsburgh, PA area. He brought his wife and two sons, Pasquale (my father) and Antonio, to the US in 1930. They settled in the Western Pennsylvania town of Aliquippa.

My father married my mother, Benilda (Betty) Frazzini,  in 1947. They stayed with my father's parents for 2 years while building their home (to this day), also in Aliquippa.

I  was born at Providence Hospital in Beaver Falls, PA (where my mother's family lived), grew up in Aliquippa and now live in San Diego, CA.

My mother died on 18 Oct 2007 and my dad died on 9 April 2009.

Future Tasks

My next task will be the Frazzini family tree. You can link to it here -  Frazzini Family Tree.

Unanswered Questions

  1. I don't have any pictures of Maddalena diGiovine.
  2. I don't have any good pictures of Eufemia DiVecchio
  3. So far I've located five branches of the DiVecchio family in the United States. You know who you are. There are probably more.

Family Names - Italian Spellings verses Americanized Spellings

I get conflicted when I try to keep names straight on my web site.

The conflict is between the Italian spelling and the Americanized spellings of names.

There are sometimes many different Americanized spellings of names. Sometimes when I find a record, the name is spelled differently just because of the way it was transcribed from a written record. When people visit my web site to search, I try to keep things as canonical as possible to make the searching easier.

This is especially necessary when the same person can be found with the older Italian spelling in older records and then a newer Americanized spelling in newer records.

Also, if someone from Italy is searching for the family, they would use the Italian spelling.

diGiovine was one of cases where this occurred a lot. The Italian spelling is diGiovine, sometimes even "Giovine (d')" was used in the records from the early 1800's. Here in
the US, it became DiGiovine, DeJovin, Giovane and even Giovanni. (Read this:  They Changed Our Name at Ellis Island, by Donna Przecha)

So what I try to do is use mostly the Italian spelling, this this case : diGiovine. Of course, rules are meant to be broken - I usually spell my family name in its Americanized version - DiVecchio -- its just habit.

I will try to a add a note to each page so people know the Americanized spelling and how that person was known in the US.

The Locations

Sant'Eufemia a Maiella, Italy

Another Sant'Eufemia site

Abruzzo Home Page

Sant'Eufemia Surnames

Lettopalena Project

Aliquippa, PA

Site Map

So here are the sub-pages. They don't contain many dates or places of birth/death, etc. Look in the Family Tree for that.

Michelangelo diVecchia and his father Giustino  - My Great-Grandfather and Great-Great-Grandfather

Camillo diVecchia  - My Grandfather

Lucia (diGiovine) diVecchia - My Grandmother

Great-Grandparents - Many generations of great-grandparents. and what I know about them.

Pasquale (Patsy) DiVecchio - My father

    DiVecchio Residences in West Aliquippa.

Patsy DiVecchio and Betty (Frazzini) DiVecchio  - My  father and mother.

Mark Camillo DiVecchio - That's me.

diGiovine - My Grandmother's brother and sister.

Pantalone - My father's sister's family and my grandmother's sister's family and more

Palmieri - Cousins in the US and in Australia

diPietrantonio - Cousins in the US and in Austrailia

Other diVecchia Families - Photos and information about diVecchia families other than mine.

Frank "The Strongman" Pantalone - A most famous Pantalone cousin.

Aunts and Uncles - Many of my parents brothers and sisters.

Great and Great-Great Aunts and Uncles -  Many of my great and great-great (and great-great-great) diVecchia uncles and aunts.

diNardo - Cousins in the US and in Australia

Unknown - These people must have some connection to our family but I haven't found it yet.

Sons of Italy - Here are some photos of the Aliquippa Chapter.

Old Forge, PA - DiVecchio and Carapellotti families who lived in Old Forge, PA. Some are related to me.

US Passport Applications  - Photos of people from Sant'Eufemia a Maiella.

A Brief History of Sant'Eufemia a Maiella - A history written in Italian, which I received from Enzo Pantalone. He translated most of it into English.

Ships with People from SEaM -  I've put the ships that arrived from Italy between 1860 and 1891 here. This is the time before Ellis Island opened.

Sant'Eufemia a Maiella cimitero - Photos from the cemetery in SEaM. Taken in Aug 2004.

Philadelphia, New York (pre Ellis Island) and Boston Passenger Lists - Gene Frazzini first pointed me to these records for possible relatives who arrived in Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

Aliquippa, PA - A few postcards and old photos along with some historical information about Aliquippa - Where I grew up.

Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation plant in Aliquippa. - My father worked there for all his working life.

Family Tree  - As created by GED4WEB (GED File)

Hints - If you want to search for your ancestors, here are a few hints.


Here are links to Italian and other technical genealogical sites.

Older updates to this site:

19 Dec 2003 - Major family connection found between the Pantalone tree and my diVecchia tree (this turns a lot of people into cousins) - goes back to the 1600's.
15 Jan 2004 - I just connected my immediate family to cousins that we always knew about but never understood the relationship. Look at the bottom of the Michelangelo diVecchia  page.
30 Jan 2004 - I just received a lot of information from the Archivo di Stato di Pescara about my grandmother Lucia diGiovine and her ancestors - goes back to the 1600's on one branch. Check it out on the Family Tree as created by GED4WEB or on the graphical family tree.
18 Feb 2004 - I've started ordering the films from Caramanico starting in 1843 and working my way back. I'm back to 1827. Look for updates to the Family Tree.
2 March 2004 - I gathered most of the information I have on the Pantalone family and put it on a separate page.
28 March 2004 - Kristi just emailed me and said she updated the Frank "The Strongman" Pantalone web site.
2 Aug 2004 - Sally and I were married on 20 July 2004 in a family ceremony in our home. Click here for a few photos.
28 Aug 2004 - Sally and I just got back from three weeks in Italy including a week in Sant'Eufemia a Maiella. I'll be updating web pages with new information. Here is the trip report. Click here.
15 Oct 2004 - When I was in Aliquippa in July, I got my grandmother's passport and other photos that my Uncle Tony had saved. You can see them on the newly updated Camillo diVecchiaLucia diVecchia, and Pasquale DiVecchio pages.
26 Jul 2005 - I added a diNardo page to showcase a family history written by Tony diNardo.
3 Sep 2005 - Added more recollections of my father about his trip to the US in 1930 and living in West Aliquippa, PA. Look at the  Pasquale DiVecchio page and the Homes in West Aliquippa page.
3 Sep 2005 - Added a Sons of Italy Page.
3 Sep 2005 - Philadelphia and Boston Passenger Lists - Relatives who arrived in Philadelphia and Boston.
22 Sep 2005 - I realized that I never put up very many photos of the cemetery in Sant'Eufemia. Here are some of my ancestors who are buried there.
9 Dec 2006 - On this web page, I'll be putting what I know about the DiVecchio and Carapellotti familes who lived in Old Forge, PA. Some of these families are related to me.
18 Oct 2007 - My mother died today at the age of 95 years. Read about her life on her web page.
14 Oct 2008 - I've added alot more detail about the DiVecchio and Carapellotti families who lived in Old Forge. PA.
17 Oct 2008 - From the US Passport Applications, I've found a bunch of photos of people from Sant'Eufemia a Maiella.
23 Dec 2008 - Sally and I were on a crusie through the Panama Canal and we got to stop in Aruba were we met diVecchia cousins.
14 Jan 2009 -  Enzo Pantalone has completed his translation of the Brief History of Sant'Eufemia.

This site prepared and maintained by Mark DiVecchio

email :  markd@silogic.com
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