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Sant'Eufemia a Maiella

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Official Sant'Eufemia a Maiella web site

Official Sant'Eufemia a Maiella web site in English

A Brief History of Sant'Eufemia.

Before 1844, Sant'Eufemia was a frazione of Caramanico. Its was called Villa Sant'Eufemia. In 1845, the town became a separate entity called Sant'Eufemia.

Sant'Eufemia a Maiella (sometimes Majella) was in the Province of Chieti until 1927 when the Province of Pescara was formed. Towns from the surrounding three Provinces (Chieti, Aquila and Teramo) were combined to form Pescara.

Province of Pescara.

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Would you like to be in closer contact with the town of Sant'Eufemia a Maiella?

Patrizia Boccaccio works in the municipio in SEaM and is responsible for tourism.
She is creating a mailing list to keep us up to date on the events in the town.
You will receive occasional updates on events occurring in St Eufemia through Facebook - Sant Eufemia Nel Mondo.
This initiative will hopefully generate a greater interest in our families' place of origin.

Send your email address to Patrizia at:

Americanization of Names

I don't believe the old story that the officials at Ellis Island changed the names. I don't think I've ever seen that in the records. The names might be spelled wrong on the ship's manifests but that's all. I've also come to realize that when the Ellis Island records were two pages, the first page (with the name) was filled out as they were boarding (most likely written by an Italian) and second page was done when they landed at Ellis Island. Take a look at They Changed Our Name at Ellis Island by Donna Przecha.

Here are some of the variations of names from Sant'Eufemia a Maiella that I've seen in my searches. Sometimes the immigrant changed to the Americanized version. Other times, that is just how English speakers spelled the name after hearing it.

Sant'Eufemia Name
Americanzied Name
diVecchia DiVecchio
diPietrantonio Pietro
diGiovine Giovanni
Palmieri Palmer

The only rule about "di" and "de" in the family name is there was no rule I've found in the oldest microfilms (1809), family names were written this way:
    Vecchia (d')
And it was indexed under "V". Later on it became:
    (di) Vecchia
And it was still indexed under "V". Then later:
And it was indexed under "D". Then later:
was used in the 20th century. In all cases, though, it was "di" and not "de". I think the "de" came from Americanization. In Italian, "di" is pronounced DEE where in English, "di" is pronounced DIE. To get the same sound in English, it was written "de" which is pronounced DEE

My dad told me that spelling was never taught in the schools in Italy. In Italian almost every letter is pronounced so words are written as they are spoken and spoken as they are written. The way it was actually spelled did not seem to be very important.

Here are some first names:

Name in Italian
Americanzied Name
Giuseppa Josephine
Julia, Joan
Domenic, Thomas
Eufamia Fannie, Frances
Camillo Charles, Camille
Gennaro James
Giosuè Joshua
Vincenzo Vincent, James
Vincenza Virginia, Jennifer, Jenny
Margherita Daisy
Pasquale Patsy, Patrick, Charles
Guillermo William, Bill
Luigi Louis, Louie
Aloisio Aloysius, Luigi
Nunzio Joseph
Nunziata Nancy
Gaetano Guy
Assunta Susan

More about Italian Names and their English Equivalents - click here or click here.

Civil Records

The Italian Archives for Genealogical Research web site, Home | Antenati


has been hard at work digitizing the civil records from towns in Italy including Sant'Eufemia a Maiella.
We discovered the records from Sant'Eufemia were available last year and now they have added many more records so that it appears that every available civil birth/marriage/death record from 1809 to about 1920 is on-line.

Here are the records that are available:


The Napoleonic Era - most of Italy was under French rule and we can thank Napoleon for forcing the Italians to start civil record keeping. Of course before 1809, the Catholic Church was very diligent in keeping baptism/marriage/death records but, so far, none of the Church records have been digitized that I know of.

Before 1844, Sant'Eufemia was not a separate town and its records were kept in the nearby town, Caramanico. So for 1809-1815 records, we need to look at Caramanico where our town is listed in the records as Villa Sant'Eufemia.



The Restoration Era - Napoleon was kicked out of Italy but Italy was still a group of small regions with no central government. During 1816-1843, record keeping continued and Villa Sant'Eufemia records were still kept in Caramanico



The Restoration Era - Record keeping continued but in 1844, Sant'Eufemia became a separate town.



The Reunification Era - the country of Italy came into being with the reunification. Record keeping continued.
The records from 1860-1865 are listed under the town name "Sant'Eufemia" while the records from 1866-1920 are listed under the town name "Sant'Eufemia a Maiella".


These birth/marriage/death records are not complete (in particular, missing almost all of the records from the 1870's). Maybe those missing years will be added in the future or else the records have been lost.

Church Records

Our cousin, Dave diNardo,  visited Sant'Eufemia in Oct of 2014. One of his stops was the Church to look at the records. He sent me this photo of one of the record books.

Saint Bartolomeo Church Baptisim Records 1662-1877

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