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Price City Cemetery, Price, Carbon, UT

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This page started on 29 Jun 2010.

Price City Cemetery is in Price, UT. This cemetery holds the remains of my Palmieri cousins from Sant'Eufemia a Maiella.

You can read more about the Palmieri cousins on their own web page.

Unless otherwise noted, all of these photos were taken by me in Jun of 2010.

Entrance Sign

The cemetery has a very nice directory kiosk with a listing of names and a map.

Eufemia Palmieri
Born in Sant'Eufemia a Maiella.
Daughter of Carmine Palmieri and Filomena Carapellotto.
(1 F 017 01)

Pasquale Palmieri
Born in Sant'Eufemia a Maiella.
Parents not known.
Angela Giobbi reports that her Aunt Julia said that Pasquale and Eufemia were second cousins.
(1 F 017 52)

Eufemia is one of four siblings to leave Italy. Her brother, Camillo, also came to the US.
Her other brothers, Amato and Rocco, moved to Australia.
More on this Palmieri web page.
Pasquale and Eufemia were cousins of some kind but we have not yet found out who the parents are Pasquale are.

Julia Scalese Fratto Palmieri
2nd wife of Pasquale Palmieri.
(1 F 017 02)
No children with Pasquale but a son, Charles, with first husband, surname Fratto.
There were 11 Fratto buried here (no Charles), one may be her first husband but I don't know his name.

John Palmieri
Son of Pasquale Palmieri and Eufemia Palmieri.
Died of complications from measles.
(1 F 017 05)

Annie Palmieri
Daughter of Pasquale Palmieri and Eufemia Palmieri.
Never married.
(1 F 017 06)

Emily Frances Barton (1863-1943) and Seren Olsen (1860-1951)
Mother of Eva Olsen (1899-1980), first wife of Camillo Palmieri. (Eva is buried in San Diego, CA.).
Camillo Palmieri is one of four siblings to leave Italy. More on this Palmieri web page.
1900 census shows Emily, Seren and Eva in Price, Carbon, UT.
Grandmother of Frances Ruth Palmieri.
(1 A 011 02 and 1 A 011 03)

There were about 100 people named Olsen buried at the cemetery.

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