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Palmieri Family

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This page started on 22 Oct 2009. 

I was recently contacted by a Palmieri cousin in Australia which resulted in a flood of information about her family. I needed to start this web page to document what we found.

My family tree data contains more details about these families.

Palmieri in Australia and the USA

I got this email:
From:    "Angela Giobbi" <jgiobbibigpond.com>
Cc:    "Diana Archer" <nidranebigpond.com>
Subject:    re palmieri family
Date:    Tue, 15 Sep 2009 10:33:58 +1000

Hi Diana.  contact these people, they may go back to the will in our great great  grandfather, looks like a connection, leave it with you,    for Palmieri tree etc Angela
Angela and Diana,

Hi, This is Mark DiVecchio. My father was from Sant'Eufemia a Maiella.

I've got a bunch of relatives in Australia.

This started several months of email between myself, Diana Palmieri Archer and Angela Palmieri Giobbi. They both live in Australia and found each other last year (they are 2rd cousins - they share the same great-grandparents).

I learned the story of four Palmieri siblings - three brothers, Camillo, Amato and Rocco, and one sister, Eufemia.

Amato and Rocco went to Australia. Rocco is Diana's grandfather and Amato is Angela's grandfather.

Camillo and Eufemia immigrated to the US. Diana and Angela are trying to find their descendants - their cousins in the US. All the photos you see here were sent to me by Angela and Diana, unless noted.

Hi Mark,  Great to receive your email.  Where are you?  I am in Tatura a  small town in Victoria Australia which is 2 hrs north of Melbourne, (in case you're not in Australia.)  I have visitors here at the moment and am away tomorrow so I will be in touch again on Thursday.  My grandfather immigrated to Australia from Santa Eufemia in 1925 his name was Rocco Palmieri.  I'll email you the full details on Thursday.  look forward to further contact.
Diana Archer (Palmieri)
My name is Diana Archer (Palmieri) and I am from Australia.  My Grandfather Rocco immigrated here in 1925 as did his brother Amato from Santa Eufemia A Maiella.  They had another brother Camillo who immigrated to the US and a sister Eufemia who married a Pasquale Palmieri who also immigrated to the US.  We are trying to find their descendants. There was also another sister Antionetta who died 15/09/1947 in Italy, she was single. Their father was Carmine Palmieri who died 10/02/1932. He married a Filomena Carapellotti who died 1918/1919. She had one brother, Amadeo Carapellotti.  Carmine's parents where Germano Palmieri who died 1925. He married a Concetta.  Their other children were Nicola, Anna Giuseppe and Antionetta. Hope you may have a connection.

Mark, do you have relatives in Shepparton in Victoria, Australia?  I know people with the surname.
Regards Diana Archer
Diana and others,

Good to hear from you.

Last year, I found a Giobbi Family Tree on ancestry.com with some information about your family. I assume that Angela put this up there. I think, at the time, I was trying to trace the Carapellotti family and I had found Filomena Carapellotti in the tree. I have not, though, connected her to my family - yet.

I can do some checking for the part of your family that came to the US. Do you know when Camillo and Eufemia were born? Do you know where in the US they lived? Do you know who Camillo married? Do you know anything about their families?

Give me a day or two and I'll let you know what I find.


PS: I'm in touch with a branch of the Pantalone family that lives in Melbourne. I'd be interested to hear about any DiVecchio/DiVecchia  who live in Australia.

With regard to the Palmieri's this is what I know.

Camillo must have been born in 1890 he and his 2 brothers, Rocco and Amato, came to America on the 'Dante Alighieri' on 22 March 1920 arriving in Ellis Island.  They were all born in Sant' Eufemia A Maiella, Pescara, Abruzzo. We think that their sister Euphemia and her husband Pasquale where also on the same boat but that is unconfirmed.  Rocco and Amato eventually settled here in Australia but Camillo and Eufemia stayed in the US.  We know that Camillo settled in Colorado, Utah.  He was married? twice and had one daughter 'Filomena' who lives/lived in Los Angeles?  Apparently they were estranged and reunited after 38 years?  39 years ago Angela's brother stayed with Camillo in a place called McKees Rocks.  Following this email I will email you what Angela has told me.  (I don't know if you realise but Angela and I are third cousins, Rocco is my grandfather and Amato is her grandfather.  We didn't know about each other until about October last year.  After my cousin arrived home from a trip to Italy she came back with some family history. I got online and googled some names and came across Angela.) I will also email you and interpretation of our Great Grandfather's will that John, Angela's husband has made.  Their are some names their that you may be familiar with.  I can't think of anything further that may be useful. Also you website is awesome.  If you would like the details of all of Rocco and Amato's descendants to add to it I can provide you with that information.  I am currently in the process of adding our details on Ancestry.com.
Hope this is helpful.

The parents of these four siblings who emigrated from Italy were Carmine Palmieri and Filomena Carapellotti.

Diana and Angela,

Your new information helped me to connect Filomena Carapellotti to my family. The two of you and me are 5th cousins. Our common ancestors are Domenico Carapellotto and Maria Egiziana del Tondo.

Hi Mark,
You are AMAZING!  I can't believe we are 5th cousins.  I am very excited. I am still having a look at the information you attached for me.  I just rang and spoke to my Uncle Adrian Palmieri who is 1 of 2 of Rocco Palmieri's children still living.  He doesn't know if Euphemia was the oldest child or very much at all as he was the youngest of the family.  I tried to ring his sister, who is only a couple of years older but she wasn't home.  I'll get onto her later.  If their dad, Rocco was born in 1892 and he was the second son some of  these Filomena's and Pasquale's would have been to old maybe???????  I'll have a good look later.
Thanks for everything.

Family of Eufemia Palmieri

Grandaunt of Diana Palmieri Archer and Angela Palmieri Giobbi. Family settled in the United States.

Eufemia married a Pasquale Palmieri - same last name but we don't know how he is related (according to Diana and Angela, they were 1st cousins). We found that she died in 1917 (DC Price, Carbon, UT). Pasquale remarried to Julia Scalese (1920 census). Julia died in 1922 (DC Price, Carbon, UT). Pasquale died in 1955 (Magna, Salt Lake, UT).

About Eufemia:

Name: Eufemia Palmieri
Birth Date: 1879
Death Date: 1917
Death Place: UT, Carbon,
Cemetery: Price City Cemetery
Source: Sexton / Grant
Grave Location: 1-F-017-01

About Pasquale:

Name: Pasquale Palmieri
Birth Date: 1876
Death Date: 1955
Death Place: UT, Carbon,
Cemetery:Price City Cemetery
Source: Sexton / Grant
Grave Location: 1-F-017-52

Hi all,

I had a lovely time today telephoning random Palmieri's in Utah and Colorado they were the most loveliest people and very interested in our family quest.  The 3rd person I tried was James (Jim) Palmieri and I nearly screamed when he said that Carl was his father.  He is very interested in hearing all about us and says his sister is very interested in family history and will make contact.  With regard to Camillo he wasn't sure of the exact circumstances but said Camillo got himself into trouble and had to leave Utah and change his name.  Apparently the Mayor was involved with the mob in Chicago and while away he returned to find his wife and Camillo had been up to no good!!!!  He remembers that Pasquale eventually tracked him down in Los Angeles but says his sister will know more. I asked him about the mysterious John Palmieri.  He says John did in fact die young.  I asked about the John on the 1930 census and he says the data must be wrong.  I'll email and attach the information that Mark has collected.

Carl did die in 1976 so the grave photo must be the correct one.  I'll email this also and have it confirmed. Well done everyone!!!!!!  This is fantastic news and I am very excited.  I can't wait to find out more. I'll email Jim now and tell him all about us.
Take care Cousins
From: Jim & Deena Palmieri
To: Diana Archer
Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2009 12:08 AM
Subject: Re: Palmieri's in Australia

Hi Diana,

It was really exciting to get the call from you the other day.  I knew we had some relatives in Austrailia, but didn't think we would ever make contact.  I have forwarded the mail you have sent to my two sisters (Vickie Peterson who lives nearby us in Murray, Utah; and Renia Rapp who lives in Fairborn, Ohio).

We'll start sending you some of the information that we have soon, like my Dad's (Carl Palmieri's) sister, Essie, who was given up for adoption as a baby and my Dad finally found her in California years later.

Talk to you soon,  jim

We are hoping that Jim Palmieri can fill in a lot of the unknowns about Eufemia and Pasquale.

Carlo Palmieri, Jim's father and son of Pasquale and Eufemia Palmieri.
Valley View Memorial Park, West Valley City, Salt Lake, UT
Photo from http://www.findagrave.com.
Pasquale Palmieri and Eufemia Palmieri
Valley View Memorial Park, West Valley City, Salt Lake, UT
Photo sent by grandson, Jim Palmieri

For more photos of the cemetery, look at my Price City Cemetery web page.

Eufemia and Pasquale's Children:

Rose 1908-1990, married Joe Mirabella, had four children - Viola, Virginia, Mary and Stella.

Annie  1910-1989, never married.

Carl   1912-1976, married Antoniette Piccirelli, had three children - Jim (mentioned above), Renita and Vicki.

John (1914-1920), died in 1920 of complications from measles

Mary "Essie Jensen", born 1917, email from niece, Vicky Peterson, Oct 2009: Speaking from the death of Eufemia in 1917: "Since Essie was only a few weeks old at the time, Pasquale didn't feel able to properly care for her.  So he allowed her to be adopted to some people he knew.  Essie's given name was Mary.  She grew up in Mt. Pleasant, Utah and later moved to southern California.  She married Henry Bethel; they had 4 children:  Darlene (Leffler), Diana (Hayek) now deceased, John, and Denny.  Essie is still alive and has many grand and great-grand children. She lives in Hemet, California, near Palm Springs & Los Angeles."

From:    "Diana Archer"
Subject:    Fw: From a cousin
Date:    Sun, 22 Nov 2009 16:47:17 +1100

Hi guys I have just received this email from Darlene who is Essie's daughter.  Essie is the child of Eufemia and Pasquale who was adopted. This just keeps getting better and better.  Thank you Mark for making this possible. Sincerely,

Hi Diana

My name is Darlene Leffler.  Our cousin, Renita, sent me your email.  My Mother is a sister to Carl Palmieri, Renita, Vickie and Jim's dad.  My Mother is 93 now and doing great.  I would love to hear from you.  My Mother was adopted after her Mother died.  She did not meet her father or brother or sisters until she was about 34.  We also met her father at that time.  My father was a foster child so it was wonderful to met 'real' family.  I am 66 and live in Calistoga, California with my husband, Dennis.  We have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.  I have 2 brothers.  Our sister died 7 & 1/2 years ago. 

Do hope to hear from you,
Diana and Angela,

The birth index that I found for Darlene shows her mother's maiden name as Jensen. This confirms some census records that I found for the Jensen family. The Jensen family was the family that adopted Essie.

I will get the details together and send them to you but in the 1930 census, I found John and Venness Jensen with daughter Essie M. I also found them in the 1910 and 1920 census - they had no biological children that showed up in the census.

Venness died in 1938:
Utah Cemetery Inventory
Name:     Venness Sarah Wilcox Jensen
Birth Date:     14 Oct 1886
Birth Place:     MT. Pleasant, UT
Death Date:     7 Nov 1938
Death Place:     MT. Pleasant, UT
Cemetery:     Mt. Pleasant City Cemetery
Source:     Sexton Records / Grant
Grave Location:     A_ms_62_3
Relatives:     Father Wilcox, Asa
and John died in 1958:
Utah Cemetery Inventory
Name:     John H. Jensen
Birth Date:     28 Apr 1884
Birth Place:     MT. Pleasant, UT
Death Date:     17 Feb 1958
Death Place:     MT. Pleasant, UT
Cemetery:     Mt. Pleasant City Cemetery
Source:     Sexton Records / Grant
Grave Location:     A_ms_62_4
Relatives:     Father Jensen, Jence

Essie does not appear with them in the 1920 census. Essie also does not appear in the 1920 census with Pasquale Palmieri and his second wife Julia Scalese.

Diana and Angela,

Here are census scans that I found for Essie Jenen and her adoptive parents John Jensen and Venness Sarah Wilcox.

1900 John Jensen, with parents, Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, UT.jpg
1900 Venness Sarah Wilcox (Jensen), Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, UT pg1.jpg
1900 Venness Sarah Wilcox (Jensen), Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, UT pg2.jpg

1910 John and Vennie Jensen, no children, Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, UT.jpg

1917 John H Jensen, WWI Draft Registration, Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, UT.jpg

1920 John and Venessa Jensen, no children, Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, UT.jpg

1930 Essie M. Jensen, with adoptive parents, Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, UT.jpg

Some other info:
Utah Death Index, 1905-1951
Name:     Venness Darah Wilcox Jensen
Death Date:     7 Nov 1938
State File Number:     1938004224
Gender:     Female
Age:     52
County of Death:     Sanpete
From Western States Marriage Record Index:
Details For Marriage ID#262088
Groom Last Name:     JENSEN
Groom First Name:     John
Bride Last Name:     WILCOX
Bride First Name:     Venness   
Place:     Manti
Date:     10 Jul 1907
County of Record:     Sanpete
State:     Utah
Volume:     5
Page:     343

I had already sent you the Utah Cemetery burial records that I found. What is most interesting about all of this is that in the 1920 census, Essie does not appear with either her biological father or her adoptive parents.


Family Photo

In Feb of 2021, Tom Gargaro emailed me this photo of Pasquale, Eufemia, Rose, Ann and Carl. Since Carl was born in 1912, this photo was most likely taken in 1913. Tom's grandmother was Maria Palmieri (1900-1987) and she would be the niece of Pasquale Palmieri and 1st cousin twice remobed to Eufemia Palmieri.

Family of Amato Palmieri

Grandfather of Angela Palmieri Giobbi. Family settled in Australia.


Back,  Vince Gargaro, wife Julia Vera Palmieri,
Front Antoinette (Antoniella) Palmieri (died in Italy 1947), Angelo Palmieri, Anna Sonsini Palmieri, and Tony Palmieri.

From Angela Palmieri Giobbi
This would have been taken it Italy before Angelo died in 1935.
Rocco Palmieri (left) and Amato Palmieri (right)
Sent to me by Angela Palmieri

Taken about 1945.
Hi Mark and Angela,
Angela posted some paperwork, photo's etc today.  In amongst them was a photo of a "Frank Di Vecchio, Vince Gargaro, Tony Palmieri (Angela's cousin) , Roma and Mary (Vera Nardelli) kids".  I know that Vince is the man with the piano accordion, I assume Tony is the man with his arm around the child, which leaves Frank to be the one standing at left.  Thought you might be interested in that.
Take care Cousins
Juliette Palmieri (daughter of Amato Palmieri and Annina Sonsini and husband Vincenzo Gargaro

From:  Jim and Deena Palmieri
To: Diana Archer
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 9:01 AM
Subject: Letter from Austrailia

Hi Diana,

My wife, Deena, mentioned that you called a while back and left a message.   Sorry we weren't home, it would have been nice to talk to you again!  I'm pretty slow in responding, but that's just me and computers!  I wanted to tell you that my sister, Vickie, found the letter that we had saved from our Mom's stuff after she passed away, that had been sent from Austrailia to my Dad, Carl Palmieri, in January, 1962.  I had saved the letter because I thought maybe one day we might actually find out who our relatives in Austrailia were (and then you contacted us!). 

I've attached a copy of the letter (and it's envelope) so you could view it.  It's from Amato Palmieri and he describes his family and mentions his brother, Camillo Palmieri, in California and gives his address.  I assume that is how my Dad found his uncle, Camillo Palmieri.  When we were young, our Dad took us on a trip out to the Los Angeles area and met Camillo at his home.  All I remember was his garden and the fig trees he had and eating some of the figs.  My Dad and our cousin, Dennis Bethel told us a story about Camillo Palmieri and why he had changed his name to Palmer.  (Dennis Bethel is our aunt Essie's son.  Essie was Pasquale and Eufemia's daughter that Pasquale gave up for adoption after she was born).  The story goes that when Camillo Palmieri was living in Price, Utah (that's where my Dad was raised and where Pasquale & Eufemia are buried), he had an affair with the mayor's wife.  Price, Utah was (and still is) known as 'Little Italy' due to all the Italians that settled there to work the underground coal mines.  The mayor was tied to the Italian Mafia in Chicago and he had to make several trips there to do business with the Mafia bosses.  Apparently, the mayor found out about the affair and was heading back to Price and Camillo found out he was coming, so he left everything he owned in Price (including his car, belongings,everything) and disappeared.  Somehow he ended up in California and changed his name and, we guess, was never found by the mayor.  We're not sure how correct this account is, but it's how it was told to us. 

The attached letter talks alot about your relatives in Austrailia, so you probably understand it alot better than we do.  Hope you like reading it.  It was typed, but he added some handwritten stuff at the end. 

Talk to you soon,   jim
From:    "Angela Giobbi" <jgiobbibigpond.com>
To:    "Diana Archer" <nidranebigpond.com>
Subject:    Re: Letter from Austrailia
Date:    Mon, 16 Nov 2009 18:36:38 +1000

I wrote this letter,  I remember doing it. I had just starting to learn to type, so it brings back lots of  memories.

Family of Rocco Palmieri

Grandfather of Diana Palmieri Archer. Family settled in Australia. Rocco immigrated in 1925.
Rocco Palmieri (left) and Amato Palmieri (right)
Sent to me by Angela Palmieri
Rocco's Family
Wife Antonietta Piccolli and 5 of 6 children

From:    "Diana Archer" <nidranebigpond.com>
Subject:    Passport photo
Date:    Fri, 30 Oct 2009 16:51:03 +1100

Hi Mark,
In the Passport photo you have (listed left to right) : Antionella Palmieri (Piccolli), Maria Crivelli (Palmieri) Adrian Palmieri, Gino Palmieri, Flavio Palmieri and Adolfo Palmieri.  They arrived in Australia on the 24th September, 1937 to meet Rocco Palmieri their husband and father.  Filomena Tattarelli (Palmieri) is not in this photo, she is on the passenger list but must have had her own photo. 
More later.
 In Jan of 2014, Diana sent me this photo:

Diana wrote:

My cousin Rocky Palmieri lived in Wandin Yallock.  He passed away from Bowel Cancer only in August last year, he was 52.  Rocky was with us when we visited the States to meet Mark and family he had tracked down for us.  I
wish he was still alive as I'm sure he would know more and would have recognised the names.  I had a photo of all the 'paesane's' taken in Silvan which I have attached.  Before Rocky's death he spent a great deal of
time trying to identify who the people in this photo were.  His wife tells me it was good therapy for him and he also told me he had identified most of  the group. It's a great photo it captures an era.

If Diana can gather up the names, I will add them here. Click here for a index photo which numbers each of the 50 individuals in the photo.

In August of 2020, I got this from Rob DiPietro (diPietrantonio) from Australia:

I'm not sure if you already knew this, but in the big group photo in Silvan, Victoria, one of the men in that photo is Frank Di Vecchio. He's front centre, holding a jug of beer with a young boy in front of him. My grandfather Orlando remembered him and passed on the name to my Father. My grandfather and his brothers, as well as his father Filippo, are also in that photo. It's quite an amazing shot.

Family of Camillo Palmieri

Granduncle of Diana Palmieri Archer and Angela Palmieri Giobbi. Family settled in the United States.
Name: Rocco Palmer
SSN: 551-01-8196
Last Residence: 92041  La Mesa, San Diego, California, United States of America
Born: 13 Jul 1886
Died: Jun 1977
State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951)

Wow, now this is too much of a coincidence. Its Camillo's birth date. Jon is certain he died in La Mesa. It was 1977 which is after Jon visited him. Rocco is his brother's name.
Name: Rocco E Palmer
Social Security #: 551018196
Birth Date: 13 Jul 1884
Birthplace: Other Country
Death Date: 5 Jun 1977
Death Place: San Diego

This record shows his birth date as two years earlier than the SSDI.

 From: Ruth Thomason
 To: Diana Archer
 Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 4:48 PM

                Dear Diana;

                Good news. Nan had a birthday party for Joyce today and she presented me with a disk of pictures from my 90th birthday party which you can put in your computer. There are several pictures of me, two when I was  little, a couple when I was around 30 (which I think look very Italian. There is one of me when I was 70. It does lack a present-day one, which I will come up with later. I will get this into the mail as soon as I can. These are not pictures of the party, but rather pictures she collected from me of me to display at the party.

                This whole thing of your finding me is very exciting.
                Much love,  Ruth

Aside: In my searching on ancestry.com, on the LDS webste, and on Ellis Island, I've only found four men who called themselves Camillo Palmieri (three of whom are from Sant'Eufemia):

1. Diana and Angela's granduncle, Camillo "Rocco E." Palmieri, born 1884/86 (Camillo #1)
2. Rosemarie Andrew's grandfather who was Angelo Camillo Palmieri, born 1875 (Camillo #2)
3. A Camillo Palmieri who arrived at EI in 1912 at the age of 33y born 7 Mar 1878. He was going to nephew Camillo Palmieri (probably our Camillo #1) in Trinidad, CO and travelled with Rocco Palmieri. He appears in the 1920 census from Tercio and the 1930 census from Primero (with wife Julia and 5 children). He died (SSDI) in Jun 1973 in Trinidad, CO.  I'm still confused about who this person is. (Camillo #3)
4. A Camillo Palmieri born 20 Dec 1883 who lived in Philadelpha, PA. Wife Domenica. He was born in Chieti, Italy (WWII Draft Registration) not Sant'Eufemia.

Based on my experience, the fact that I could not find anyone else with that name in any records, tells me that if we find a Camillo, it is one of these four men.

Camillo Palmieri
Sent to me by Angela Giobbi
Camillo Palmieri
Probably with his second wife, Olga. Probably taken in Los Angeles.

Palmieri Reunion - 3 Jun 2010 - San Diego, CA

After much searching, the descendants of Amato and Rocco Palmieri who live in Australia finally met up with the descendants of Eufemia and Camillo Palmieri who live in the US. The reunion took place on 3 Jun 2010 in San Diego, CA at the home of Nan Dingwall McGraw, Ruth's adopted daughter and daughter of Ruth's second husband, Stewart Dingwall.

Essie Palmieri Jensen and son, Denny Bethel

Ruth Palmieri and husband, Chet Thomason

First Cousins - Ruth Palmieri and Essie Palmieri Jensen

All of the cousins, from left to right:

Amanda Fahey (daughter of Ninette)
Cara Fahey (daughter of Ninette)
Diana Palmieri Archer (daughter of Adolfo)
Rocco "Rocky" Palmieri (son of Gino)
Essie Palmieri Jensen Leuenberger
Ninette Palmieri Fahey (daughter of Adolfo)
Dennis Bethel (son of Ruth)
Ruth Palmieri Thomason

and that's me in the back, Mark DiVecchio

On 4 Jun 2010, Nan and I took the Aussie group on a tour of San Diego. Here we are at the top of  Mt. Soledad overlooking La Jolla Shores.
Cara, Amanda, Ninette, Rocky and Diana.
From:    "Diana Archer" <nidranebigpond.com>
Subject:    Re: Squirrels
Date:    Thu, 10 Jun 2010 07:33:57 +1000

You've gotta love those squirrells!!!!!!!  (Mark's note: I had sent Diana a photo of her taking a photo of squirrels in La Jolla.)

We had a good flight home. The plane from San Diego to LA was a very small one and had us a little worried.  When we touched down it felt like it was about to go into a 360 but thankfully didn't.  The jet lag is finally under control, so it's back into it. Thanks Mark for everything we didn't expect you to go to all the trouble you went to and really appreciated it!!!!!!!!  San Diego is a beautiful city.

We caught up with Chet and Ruth for lunch on Saturday and Chet was saying that he was an entertainer who up until 1996 would do a show that involved hypnotisym.

I had a telephone call from our local newspaper reporter who would like to do an article in our paper about the trip.  I thought that was a laugh!!! I'll see if I do it and will scan the article and forward it to you.

Thanks again for everything.
Love Diana


The story of the Palmieri quest was printed in a Tatura newspaper (click on the image for the full article):


Epilogue 2

From:    "Diana Archer" <nidranebigpond.com>
Date:    Sun, 2 Jan 2011 13:04:27 +1100


Hope you are all well.  I do have some bad news I telephoned Ruth today and Chet said that she was on her way back home from hospital via ambulance where she has been since Christmas.  Ruth has leukemia and pneumonia and she is coming home as she wants to die there.  Chet says that she may have a month or two left to live which is dreadful, he was so matter of fact about it.  I will give her a couple of days to settle into home and try to telephone again, hopefully she is strong enough to talk.

Love to everyone
Subject:    Re: Palmieri Genealogy
From:    nmcsan <nmcsanaol.com>
Date:    Mon, 17 Jan 2011 19:21:45 -0500 (EST)

Hi Mark and all the Palmeri's,

Nan McGraw here to tell you of Ruth's passing last night (Sunday, 16th).  She died peacefully at home with her family surrounding her.  Funeral arrangements are pending.  She enjoyed meeting you all so very much.

Thank you for your love to her,

Nan McGraw

A follow up email:

From:            Mark DiVecchio
To:              "Diana Archer", "Angela Giobbi"
Subject:         Ruth
Date:            Fri, 11 Feb 2011 15:46:59 -0800

Diana and Angela,

It turns out that I could have found Ruth by asking the guy on the bicycle next to me.......

I was looking at some emails that Chet sent out last year and I noticed an email address that I recognized. It was the address of a guy who I've known for 30 years. A fellow bicycle rider who I've ridden with almost every Tuesday for years.

It turns out that he's known Ruth for years and they were friends and she was his mentor since he is also in the therapy business.

Small world.

Epilogue 4

In 2011, I received word from Diana that Rocky Palmieri had contracted cancer. He underwent treatment and was in remission for a time. Rocky passed away on 12 Aug 2013.

Epilogue 5

In Dec of 2013, I received word from Dennis Bethel, Essie's son that she passed away on 30 Nov.

Palmieri in Aliquippa, PA (Camillo #2)

This section will be under construction for a while.

Diana and Angela from Australia put me in touch with Rosemarie Andrews. Rosemarie's grandfather was Angelo Camillo Palmieri and was known as Camillo. He was born in 1875. I call him Camillo #2.

His family lived mostly in and around Aliquippa and McKees Rocks, PA (near Pittsburgh). Rosemarie's father is Diamante, one of Camillo's three sons. Since this family is also from Sant'Eufemia, I'm certain that they are related to the other Palmieri on this web page.

In December of 2010, we received word that Rosemarie died.
December 11, 2010

Rosemarie "Teardrop" Andrews

LOCKPORT — Rosemarie "Teardrop" Andrews passed away Thursday, December 9, 2010 in Eastern Niagara Hospital, Lockport. Born February 24, 1937 in Ralston, PA, she was the daughter of the late Diamond and Hilda Jones Palmer.

Rosemarie worked as a legal secretary for Albert Barone in Lockport. She was a member of Niagara County React, the Red Hat Society, 7 Clan Archery, the American Rifle Association and a former Girl Scout Leader, and enjoyed traveling, camping, crafts and her c/b radio.

Rosemarie was the mother of Pamela Kim (late John) DeSio of Lexington, NC, Nicole (John) Fair and Lori (Jay) Skinner, both of Sanborn, Kristina Harris of Lockport and Jessica (David) Klock of Pendleton; also survived by nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. Rosemarie was the sister of Louis Palmer, Carol (Gary) Werth and Gregory (Rosemary) Palmer, all of Lockport, and the late Diamond Palmer, Jr., Lucy Leonello and Helen Bailey.

There will be no prior visitation. A Memorial Service will be on Tuesday afternoon at 4 PM in the Pendleton United Methodist Church, 6864 Campbell Blvd., Pendleton, NY. Memorials to the American Heart Association or to the American Cancer Society would be appreciated by the family.

Please visit www.pruddenandkandt.com to send an online condolence to the family.

Palmieri in Colorado (Camillo #3)

This will be under construction for a while.

In my searching for Camillo #1, I found another Camillo Palmieri that seemed to be connected. He was born abt 1879. I call him Camillo #3.

A Camillo Palmieri who arrived at EI in 1912 at the age of 33y born 7 Mar 1878. He was going to nephew Camillo Palmieri (probably our Camillo #1) in Trinidad, CO and travelled with Rocco Palmieri (who ended up in Australia). He appears in the 1920 census from Tercio and the 1930 census from Primero (with wife Julia and 5 children). He died (SSDI) in Jun 1973 in Trinidad, CO.

 I'm still confused about who this person is.

Palmieri in Utah

Date:    Thu, 5 Nov 2009 10:16:48 +1100

When I rang the Utah Palmieri's my first call was to a Fred Palmieri, his family originated from Naples.  His daughter Christine lives in Colorado and researches family history also.  He gave me her telephone number so I called her and she was a wealth of information about the history of the Palmieri name etc.  she firmly believes that all Palmieri's are related somewhere along the line.  Her family site is
http://www.dunfee-family.com If you go to the gough-dunfee line there are Palmieri's listed there.  Her email address is cgcolohotmail.com I thought you might be interested.
Thanks again for everything
Cheers Diana

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