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Maria Nicola Carapellotti

My father remembered that his grandfather, Crescenzio diGiovine, married Maria Carapellotti.

In searching the microfilm records and I found several Maria's:
19 Oct 1844 Maria Saloma
Domenica Francesca Mancini (or Francesca Domenica)
21 Sep 1845
Maria Nicola
Nicola (38y)
Sabina Filomina Zaccagnini (34y)
18 Nov 1846
Chiara Maria
Felicia Rosa Mantenuto - note: they had another daughter Chiara who died at the age of 2 years on 26 Sep 1844.
15 Nov 1849
Maria Rosaria
Domenico (23y)
Giovanna Pantalone (21y)

All of this information is from the LDS microfilms 1353698, 1353699, 1353700 and 1353702 from Sant'Eufemia a Maiella and Caramaninco dated 1844 to 1865.

Information direct from the Archivio di Stato di Pescara identifies her as Maria Nicola Carapellotti, born 21 Sep 1845 to Nicola Filippo Carapellotti and Sabina Filomina Zaccagnini.

Sabina was born on 20 Oct 1810 and Nicola Filippo was born on 29 Jan 1808.

Maria's husband, Crescenzo diGiovine was born on 27 April 1843. Lucy Pantalone Ricchio remembed from her Mother that he was very smart.  Wrote riddles, rhymes and poems. He imitated a rooster perfectly. Probably a farmer. Midwife at birth: Gemma Felicia DiVecchia.

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