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The microfilmed records from Sant'Eufemia a Maiella and Caramanico have been a gold mine of information about the four families that were my grandfather's mother (Mancini) and father (diVecchia) and my grandmother's mother (Carapellotti) and father (diGiovine). The microfilmed records cover the years from 1809 to 1865.  There certainly were big families back in the 1800's.  Here is what I have so far, I will continue to update this as I go through the records. Look at the family tree for complete details like births, deaths and marriages.

In Oct of 2014, records from 1871 to 1911 were made available at Antenati . I was able to find deceased siblings of my grandfather and grandmother. These siblings died as children.

Lucia diGiovine's Brother and Sister (my great aunt and uncle) are on the diGiovine page.
Pasqua Maddelana
born 6 Apr 1872, died 2 Aug 1857 in SEaM. She married Alfonso Pantalone.
Nicolantonia born 6 Jul 1875, died probably before 1881.
Nicolantonio born 31 May 1879, died probably before 1881.
Nicolantonio "Uncle Nick" born 21 Jun 1885, died in May 1968, Lived in Watertown and Revere, MA.

Camillo DiVecchio's Brothers & Sister (my great aunt)

Maria born 25 Nov 1878, died probably before 1881.
Salvatore born about 10 Dec 1881, died 21 Dec 1881 at the age of 11 days.
Salvatore born 7 May 1884, died 14 Apr 1886 at the age of 2 years.
Maria Born 27 Mar 1887. She married Angelo diNardo. Angelo's niece Ada and her husband own the Hotel diNardo-Vitali in Sant'Eufemia a Maiella. Ada's father is Luigi diNardo. Lucy Pantalone Ricchio remembers that Maria died during the summer when Lucy was about 8 years old. Some of Maria's descendents live in Australia. I have written them a letter. Other descendants ended up in Joliet, IL, Watertown, MA and Argentina.

Agnese Mancini's Brothers and Sisters (my great-great aunts and uncles). Agnese's grandmother was Felicia Nicola Pantalone the daughter of Pietro Pantalone. This is a major connection from the early 1800's. Her parents were Filippo Mancini and Maria Raffaela diNardo. Apparently they only had two children. Maria Raffaele died 27 Apr 1849 and Filippo remarried.

Pasquarosa born 1 Jul 1844

Michelangelo diVecchia's Brothers and Sisters (my great-great aunts and uncles) with his mother, Maria Vencenza Timperio.

Domenicantonio born 22 Aug 1821, died 11 Aug 1822.
Michelangelo born 29 Feb 1824. This Michelangelo must have died in childhood since he had two older brothers who also had the name Michelangelo.
Domenicantonio born 21 Sep 1826, married Maria Elisabetta Crivelli
Donato Antonio
born 21 Apr 1829, married Anna Brigida d'Antonio
born 29 Nov 1832, died 12 Mar 1836
Nicola born 4 Sep 1835, died 8 Jul 1838
born 3 Jun 1838, married Alba Celeste Mancini
Maria Nunziata
born 10 May 1841, died 20 Feb 1845
born 23 Mar 1844, died 10 apr 1844
born 4 Sep 1848, married Maria Felicia Mancini

Michelangelo diVecchia's step-brothers and Step-sisters (my great-great aunts and uncles) with his step mother, Rosa Maria Pallone. Notice that every one of their five children died and Rosa Maria died on 14 Apr 1862, just four days after giving  birth to Felice. She was 40 years old.

Nunzio born 28 Nov 1852, died 24 Aug 1853
born 2 Sep 1855, died 17 Sep 1855
born 14 Sep 1856, died 31 Jan 1864
Carmine Antonio
born 20 Nov 1860, died 8 Dec 1860
born 10 Apr 1862, died 20 Apr 1862

Maria Nicola Carapellotti's Brothers and Sisters (my great-great aunts and uncles). Her parents were Nicola Capapellotto and Sabia  Felicia Zaccagnini.
Angela Dea born 11 Jul 1834
Pietro born 11 Jul 1836, died 23 Aug 1860
Anna Giaconda born 6 Oct 1838, possibilty died before 27 Mar 1843 when a sister with the same name was born.
Antonio born 30 Aug 1840
Anna Giaconda born 27 Mar 1843
Giovanni born 27 Apr 1848, married but I've not been able to determine the name of his wife. Family ended up in Canada.
Vincenzo born 15 Jul 1850
Matteo Antonio born 17 Jan 1853
born 11 Jul 1856, died 28 Apr 1857

Crescenzio diGiovine's Brothers and Sisters (my great-great aunts and uncles). His parents were Vincenzo Nicola diGiovine and Pasqua Maddalena Gargaro.

Dorotea born 20 Jun 1839, died 29 Jun 1839
Anna Dorotea
born 8 Aug 1840, married Cesidio Timperio
Maria Crescenza
born 21 May 1846
Giovannantonio born 24 Jun 1850, died 25 Feb 1851.
Marco born 11 Feb 1852, died 26 Feb 1852

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