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Grand Uncle Nicola "Nick" diGiovine - my grandmother's brother

My grandmother Lucia's brother, Nicola diGiovine settled in Boston. When my grandfather came over in 1905, his first stop per the Ellis Island manifest was "brother-in-law, Nichola diGiovine, Boston, Mass.". I've been told that most of Nick's children have changed the family name to Giovanni. In the GED file with the family tree, I  refer to them as Giovanni. Here I will use diGiovine for now. Many of  the people in the photos were identified by my cousin, Lucy (diGiovanni) Chinn.
Three children of Nick DiGiovine (he had 8: Chris, Ann, Joe, Tony, Mattew (Matteo), John, Lucy and Mary) Matteo is the father of Mack Giovanni, see the email below.
1945 Bernard Zarella, Lucy (diGiovine) Chinn, William Chinn, and Ann (diGiovine) Zarella. See email below from Nicole Zarella.

1945 Lucy (diGiovine) Chinn, husband, William Chinn and family
1946 Chris diGiovine (left) with my father, Patsy DiVecchio, and Chris' sister Ann's son Anthony Zarella. Chris was named after his grandfather (my great-grandfather) Crescenzio diGiovine. This and the next six  photos were taken in Boston probably just before my father got out of the Army after the Second World War.
1946 My grandmother's brother Nick diGiovine, my father, and Nick's son John.
1946 Lucy diGiovine, Mrs. Joe diGiovine, my father, Mrs John diGiovine
1946 Barbra diGiovine, Lucy diGiovine, James (Skippy) diGiovine (son of Chris), Patsy DiVecchio,  John diGiovine and Ralph Pantalone (brother of Pasquale Pantalone). Front: Anthony and Bobby  Zarella (sons of Ann Giovanni Zarella).
1946 Thomasina Beatrice diGiovine (Mrs Nick diGiovine), my father (Patsy DiVecchio), Joseph diGiovine (son of Nick diGiovine). Front: Bobby Zarella.
1946, Barbara diGiovine, Lucy diGiovine, Patsy DiVecchio,  Ralph Pantalone (brother of Pasquale Pantalone), James (Skippy) diGiovine (son of Chris).
1946 Lucy diGiovine and my father, Patsy DiVecchio.
Maria diGiovine Timperio, mother of John Timperio, see email below.
Mary diGiovine

I received this email from Mack Giovanni, son of Matteo:

On 2 Mar 2004 at 12:59, Giovanni, Mack C wrote:

Date sent:          Tue, 02 Mar 2004 12:59:41 -0800
From:               "Giovanni, Mack C" <mack.c.giovannilmco.com>
Copies to:        "Giovanni, Patricia A" <PatGiovaol.com>

My name is Mack Giovanni and I am a relative of yours.  My grandfather, Nicole DiGiovine (Nick DiGiovanni) was your grandmothers (Lucia DiGiovine DiVecchio) brother.
My wife (Patricia) found your web site and is fascinated.  She has been researching the family and has information she would like to share with you.  Thank you for the pictures of my grandfather and other relatives.  Of  Nick's 8 children, only John (third son), Ann (2nd daughter) and Lucy (youngest child) are still living.  My father (Matteo DiGiovine-Martin Giovanni) died in 1984.  We would love to hear from you.

Thanks again for all the information!!!
PS: my father, Matteo DiGiovine somehow got the name Mack, so that is how I became Mack.  He eventually was called Martin Giovanni.  Where the change from DiGiovine to Giovanni came from I don't know, but 3 of the five brothers changed their names from DiGiovanni to Giovanni!

I received this email from John Timperio, son of Mary:

On 26 Mar 2004 at 19:21, Timperio, John (GEAE) wrote:

Date sent:          Fri, 26 Mar 2004 19:21:11 -0500
From:               "Timperio, John (GEAE)" <John.Timperioae.ge.com>

In searching the web site, I noted the name diGiovine,  which changed to Giovanni those picture on the web site are my relatives. The Mary diGiovine is my mother, Married to Matteo Timperio.  Those pictures are of my aunts and cousins.   SMALL WORLD

I received this email from the great-granddaughter of Ann DiGiovine:

Date:            Wed, 04 Jun 2008 19:41:13 -0500 (CDT)
From:            <nicolez1verizon.net>
Subject:         Zarella Family

I was looking for my family's crest and I came across your site.  Bernard (Moe) Zarella and Ann diGiovine (Zarella) are my great grand parents.  Bobby Zarella that is shown in one of your pictures is my Grandfather.  I can't believe I stumbled across your page.  I had to call my father right away (who's name is also Bob) and tell him what I found.  I started reading him all the names and he remembers just about everyone's nickname's!!  Thank you so much for making my night.  If you would like to know about any of the Zarella's that sill live in and around the Boston are let me know, I will be glad to help.

Nicole Zarella

Great Aunt Pasqua Maddalena diGiovine Pantalone - my grandmother's sister

My grandmother Lucia's sister, Maddalena diGiovine had four children, two of which settled in Joliet, IL. She married Alphonso Pantalone and had four children, Nunziata, Colarice, Marietta and Alphonso. (Colarice and  Marietta settled in Argentina.)
I don't have a photo of  Maddalena.

Marietta Pantalone - Daughter of Maddelena. Moved to Argentena about 1948, married Antonio Pantalone. Picture identified by Kristi Niedzwiecki, her grandniece. Written on back "tua nipota Marietta" (Your niece Marietta). Domenico diGiovine thought this photo was taken about 1935.
A later picture (taken about 1950) of Marietta with her two sons, Gino (born 1937) and Domenico (born 1940). This photo was probably taken in Argentina. Picture from Kristi Niedzwiecki, her grandniece. Written on the back:

Picardo della vostra Sorella Marietta & il vostro
nipoto Gino & Domenico

Probably written to Marietta's sister, Nunziata who is Kristi's grandmother.

Antonio Pantalone. About 1941. Photo taken in Sant'Eufemia a Maiella. Born about 1914. Husband of Marietta Pantalone. Went to Argentina in 1948. Died about 1990. I got the photo from Domenico diGiovine. Antonio was a cousin to the mother (Agnese Pantalone) of Domenico diGiovine. (Father of Agnese - Filippo Pantalone - was brother to Gioacchino Pantalone who was father of Antonio.)
Nancy (Nunziata Pantalone) and Carmen (Donato Carmine) diPietrantonio (shortened to Petro), Joliet, IL. Nunziata was Marietta's sister and daughter of Maddelena. Picture from http://www.strongestofall.com , a web site dedicated to strongman Frank Pantalone, by Kristi Niedzwiecki, Nunziata and Carmen's  granddaughter.

Lucy and Elmo diPietrantonio (Petro), Joliet, IL. Children of Nunziata Pantalone and Carmine dePietrantonio. Picture identified by Kristi Niedzwiecki, Elmo's daughter. Anotation in photo album reads: "Joliet, Ill daughter of one of 3 sisters".
Photos continue to be unearthed. After my father died in Apr 2009, I went through some drawers and I found this photo. On the back: "Cousins from Joliet, Ill.". Photo has the developer's stamp. It says "Ray's, La Crosse, Wis. -
Nationally Known - Guaranteed Prints". I sent it to Kristi and she replied:

From:    Kristi Niedzwiecki 
Date:    Mon, 13 Apr 2009 11:49:56 -0500

Thank you so much for the photo!! This is my Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Lucy.
Aunt Lucy was the one in the photo holding my dad as a baby. If you have
any other photos where you don't know the people send them my way -- maybe I'll recognize them
More modern picture of  the Petros. Kristi Niedzwiecki's dad and his sisters. Picture sent to me by Kristi.
L-R: Lucy, Mary, Elmo, and Dorothy.

Kristi says she loves this photo because of the hairdoos. (taken in the early 70's - possibly late 60's)

Elmo A. Petro. Age 76 at rest Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2006 at Provena St. Joseph Medical Center.

Survived by his beloved wife of 52 years Mary Frances (nee Gleason) Petro, Loving father of Janet (Robert) Hewlett, Nick (Leah) Petro, Meg (Paul) Studer, Alan (Sarah) Petro, Kristi (Scott) Niedzwiecki. Dearest Grandfather of Kevin and Mark Gornik, Max and Mallory Hewlett, Tony, Dan, Nicholas Petro, Brett and Aaron Studer, Nicole Ragusa, and Elizabeth Petro, William Niedzwiecki, Sister-in-law Rita Gleason. Also survived by numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, and close friends.

Preceded in death by parents Carmen and Nancy (nee Pantalone) Petro, three sisters Lucille (Don) Trainor, Dorothy (George ''Smokey'') Hazer, Mary (Vernon) Pilz, one brother Ted Petro and brother-in-law, James "Babe" (Nancy) Gleason.

Elmo was born in Joliet and a resident of Crest Hill his entire life. Retired in 1990 as a Supervisor from Illinois Bell Telephone and most recently employed by Romar Cabinet and Top Company. Elmo was a veteran of the Korean Conflict and served as a Crest Hill Civil Service Commissioner. He was a graduate of Lockport Township High School (1949) and attended Lewis University. He was very active in youth sports: he coached and managed at Ingalls Park as well as St. Joseph boys baseball where he was also past-president. He also refereed CYO basketball for many years. Elmo was a member of the Telephone Pioneers, Club #66, Old Timers Baseball Association, American Legion Post 1080 and South Side Civic Club. The family would like to express a special thank you to Dr. Ramesh Patel and his staff for their years of care and support.

In lieu of flowers contributions to Joliet Area Community Hospice or the charity of your choice would be appreciated. Tezak Funeral Home From where services will be held Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 9:30am to St. Mary Nativity Church for a Mass of Christian Burial at 10am. Entombment Woodlawn Mausoleum. Visitation will be Friday from 2-8pm.

Look at this from Kristi:  http://blogcritics.org/archives/2007/05/20/045643.php

diGiovine in Australia

I received this email from Antonella diGiovine Boyd:

Antonella Boyd posted this in my Guestbook in Feb 2004:

This is great!! Although I am unsure at this stage as to whether we are related (I am sure there will be a connection....everyone in S. Eufemia is related somehow) I am very eager to see if there is a connection and hopefully add to this great database you have established.

My parents migrated to Australia after the 2nd World War. Surnames such as Di Giovine, Di Vecchia, Di Pietroantonio, Di Nardo, Crivelli etc etc etc heavily line our telephone directory in Melbourne. Sadly however, a great number of our "heroic" migrants have passed away and with them go so many beautiful stories of the "old" town and their experiences in starting a new life for themselves and their families in Australia.

My aim is to start documenting my family tree and some of these wonderful stories passed down to me from my extended family so that I can in turn pass them to my son Thomas.

I have quickly scanned your database but have not yet found any reference to people like Valerio Di Giovine and Antoniella Di Nardo,(my paternal grandparents)or Francesco Di Vecchia and Clementina Di Giovine, my maternal great grandparents.

I think my next step will be show this great site to my mother Maria Di Giovine (nee Di Vecchia) and I am sure she will recognise a few names.

Keep up the good work.

Antonella Boyd 

Another cousin! (most likely)

Great to hear from you. I know that I have a lot  of cousins in Australia and I'm starting to find them.

The first was Enzo Pantalone (enzopantgmail.com), also in Melbourne. I've copied  him on this email.

Its been a bit of a struggle for me to trace the families back because the records that I have available for Sant'Eufemia go from 1809 to 1865. I got the records via the Morman Church Family History Library who microfilmed them all (at least all they could find) around 1990.

So that means, the only way I get people into the family tree who were born after 1865 is when I contact a cousin and find out about them.

So its easy for me to find people who were born, died, or married during 1809-1865 but much harder to find people who where born after 1865. In my case, my grandparents were born in the 1880's so I don't have their microfilm available. But my great-grandparents were born in the 1840-50 time frame, I found their records. and then even their parents. (I could estimate their birth year by looking at the birth dates - that I knew - of my grandparents).

I can also show you how to email the Archivo in Italy to find out more.

I know that I have close cousins in Australia. My great-aunt (my grandfather's sister) Maria DiVecchia married Angelo diNardo. Their daughter, Anine diNardo married Andrea Crivelli. Their daughter Angela, her sister Lucia and brother Romeo live in Australia. (Angela in Melbourne).
I've written her a letter but she has not responded.

I've traced the DiVecchia's back to the early 1700's and another cousin traced the Pantalone's back to about 1650.

My wife and I are headed to Sant'Eufemia for a week this coming August. 

If you find some dates of birth, death, or marriage before 1865, I can go in to the microfilms and see what I can find.

Would you list again your grandparents and great-grandparents (and if you know, your great-great-grandparents) with the best guess as to to their birth dates?

As for stoires - they are hard to come by. As you noted, most of the original emmigrees have died. My mother and father are still alive but they were just children when they came to the US and remember only a small amount about living in Italy.

So get back to me when you can. I would love to add your information to the web site. I'm finding that more and more people are seeing the site and I know we will found out how we are related.

Date:    Wed, 25 Feb 2004 10:08:28 +1100
From:    Ann Boyd <annboydbigpond.com>
Subject:    Re: Sant'Eufemia a Maiella Families


Just a quick note to let you know that I am compiling a family tree with my mother who is a wealth of infomation.  Even though she left Italy when she was 13 she has better recall of those years than her years in Australia!!

As soon as I get it into a more reasonable format I will send it off to you.  Thank you for your offer of conducting the research for me.

By the way, we are surely related.  Apparently your grandfather and my great grandfather were first cousins!!  I will forward off the exact details in my next email.

Lucky you regarding your trip to the "home" town......it is one of my favorite places in the whole world!!  We (David, my husband, and Thomas, my son) were there a couple of years ago and it was magical.

I am so glad I typed in "Di Giovine" into the search engine and found your website.....it has reawakened a long held passion and given me the motivation to get this family tree going, not to mention connecting with another relative!!

PS.  Where do you live in the US?  I have an Aunt (Elvira Timperio) and first cousins in Boston, Mass.

Speak soon


From my family tree data base: "Antonella diGiovine and Mark Camillo DiVecchio are 5th cousins.  Their common ancestors are Giustino DiVecchia and Anna Agnese del Tondo."

Other diGiovine Families

There were other diGiovine families who lived in Aliquippa. I found a few searching on ancestry.com, on Ellis Island and in the SSDI.

On Ellis Island, I found a record of Camillo diGiovine coming to the US:
First Name:     Camillo
Last Name:     Di Giovano
Ethnicity:      Italian
Last Place of Residence:     S. Eufemia, Italy
Date of Arrival:     September 05, 1923
Age at Arrival:  23        Gender:  M    Marital Status:  M 
Ship of Travel:     Tuscania
Port of Departure:     Naples
Wife in Sant'Eufemia:   Caterina
Going to: brother Felice diGiovine, 103 Pleasant Street, Watertown, MA.
Brown hair, brown eyes, 5' tall
Never before in the US.
Then here is (probably) Camillo's brother, Felice diGiovine:
First Name:      Felice
Last Name:     Di Giovine
Ethnicity:     Italy Italian So.
Last Place of Residence:     S. Eufemia, Italy
Date of Arrival:     March 28, 1920
Age at Arrival:  26y    Gender:  M    Marital Status:  S 
Ship of Travel:     America
Port of Departure:     Napoli
Father in Sant'Eufemia:  Salvatore
Going to: Cousin  Tornato Ricci, 105 Pleasant Street, Watertown, MA
Previously in the US 1910-1913 in MA.
So if Salvatore is Felice's father, then, of course, he is also Camillo's father. Salvatore would have been married about 1893 (if Felice was their oldest child).

These records are from the Social Security Death Index (SSDI)(click on link for obituary):

Last Residence
Last Benefit
03 Sep 1951 18 Oct 1997 (P) (72) (none specified) 159-42-0155 Pennsylvania
CATERINA DIGIOVINE 11 Mar 1903 26 Feb 1994 15001 (Aliquippa, Beaver, PA) (none specified) 165-50-4705 Pennsylvania
ANTHONY DIGIOVINE 07 Sep 1917 20 Jun 2003 (V) 08701 (Lakewood, Ocean, NJ) (none specified) 166-18-5456 Pennsylvania
JOHN DIGIOVINE 16 Aug 1915 Mar 1986 21666 (Stevensville, Queen Annes, MD) 21666 (Stevensville, Queen Annes, MD) 168-10-5823 Pennsylvania
PAUL DIGIOVINE 27 May 1913 21 May 1992 (not specified) (none specified) 169-09-3384 Pennsylvania
CARMEN DIGIOVINE 27 Jan 1922 19 Jan 1997 (V) 15136 (Mc Kees Rocks, Allegheny, PA) (none specified) 173-16-6536 Pennsylvania
ROSE DIGIOVINE 22 Apr 1891 Sep 1971 18518 (Old Forge, Lackawanna, PA) (none specified) 173-38-0637 Pennsylvania
AMELIA DIGIOVINE 10 Sep 1919 Nov 1987 15136 (Mc Kees Rocks, Allegheny, PA) 15136 (Mc Kees Rocks, Allegheny, PA) 175-16-0137 Pennsylvania
GILDA L DIGIOVINE 01 Sep 1927 30 Jun 1997 (V) 15001 (Aliquippa, Beaver, PA)
(none specified) 175-20-9805 Pennsylvania
ESTHER A DIGIOVINE 13 Apr 1941 18 Feb 2000 (V) 15001 (Aliquippa, Beaver, PA) (none specified) 184-32-0806 Pennsylvania
ANGELO C DIGIOVINE 10 Jan 1923 05 Aug 1997 (V) 15001 (Aliquippa, Beaver, PA) (none specified) 185-14-1337 Pennsylvania
GRACE DIGIOVINE 14 May 1910 Sep 1973 15458 (Mc Clellandtown, Fayette, PA) 
(none specified) 190-48-5087 Pennsylvania
VINCENT R DIGIOVINE 03 Jan 1920 09 Dec 2001 (V) 18518 (Old Forge, Lackawanna, PA) (none specified) 193-12-2610 Pennsylvania
EILEEN M DIGIOVINE 25 Oct 1936 13 Jul 2002 (V) 15237 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA) (none specified) 196-28-8338 Pennsylvania
ARMANDO M DIGIOVINE 27 Nov 1929 11 Jan 1995 15212 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA) (none specified) 199-22-8806 Pennsylvania
MARIA DIGIOVINE 12 Dec 1894 04 May 1994 (not specified) (none specified) 201-58-1343 Pennsylvania
RICHARD L DIGIOVINE 04 Oct 1931 23 Apr 1998 (V) 44123 (Euclid, Cuyahoga, OH) 44123 (Euclid, Cuyahoga, OH)             
205-26-8068 Pennsylvania
JOSEPH DIGIOVINE 16 Apr 1910 Jul 1978 21237 (Rosedale, Baltimore, MD) (none specified) 206-10-0735 Pennsylvania
Last Residence
Last Benefit
ANGELO DIGIOVINE 19 May 1904 May 1982 15458 (Mc Clellandtown, Fayette, PA) (none specified) 208-05-2386 Pennsylvania
JAMES DIGIOVINE 23 Jan 1964 Feb 1987 (not specified) 15001 (Aliquippa, Beaver, PA) 208-48-2278 Pennsylvania
LUKE T DIGIOVINE 17 Mar 1983 26 May 1998 (P) (72) (none specified) 208-68-4520 Pennsylvania
EUFEMIA DIGIOVINE 13 Feb 1897 Mar 1987 15009 (Beaver, Beaver, PA) (none specified) 209-36-6948 Pennsylvania
MARY CATHERNINE (OROS) DIGIOVINE 15 Jan 1925 13 Dec 2003 (V) 15001 (Aliquippa, Beaver, PA) (none specified) 210-16-7776 Pennsylvania
CAMILLO DIGIOVINE 16 Mar 1900 Jun 1982 15001 (Aliquippa, Beaver, PA) (none specified) 715-12-1868 Long-time or retired railroad workers
NICK DIGIOVINE 29 Apr 1913 01 Jan 2004 (V) 07202 (Elizabeth, Union, NJ) (none specified) 211-09-3793 Pennsylvania
PHILOMENA AGNES DIGIOVINE 8 Apr 1925 10 Oct 2004 15212  Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States of America (none specified) 191-20-3457 Pennsylvania (Before 1951 )

The SSDI record for Camillo diGiovine shows that he worked for the railroad (as did my grandfather, Camillo DiVecchio). In Aliquippa, this meant the Aliquippa & Southern Railroad. The A&S was wholy owned by the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company to run the railroad that hauled steel around the steel mill. The links are to their obituaries in the Beaver County Times (subscription required).

I then checked with my parents to see if they remembered the diGiovine's. Both my father and mother knew Camillo (he lived nearby to my father in West Aliquippa) but they don't know anything about their family in Sant'Eufemia. Camillo's son Angelo was married about the same time as my parents and then rented the house next door. Camillo was in the house on the south end of the row.

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