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Pantalone Family

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The Pantalone's are connected into my family tree in many different ways. Here is a graphical representation of the Pantalone family tree as I know it. These are LARGE files meant to be viewed on screen or printed. When printed, the printing is small but still readable. Check the Graphical Trees page for hints about printing these files.

Graphical Family Tree (Part 4) Pantalone Family Branches (800+Kb JPG File)

Pantalone Family Tree

I received this very informative email from Kristi. In it she describes the Pantalone line based on information she received from a cousin in Canada. This email is actually an edited version of the original email with a few corrections and extensions:

Date sent:         Tue, 22 Jul 2003 20:43:24 -0500
From:               Kristi Niedzwiecki <pietra17@hotmail.com>
Subject:            Fwd: Hello From Another Cousin

Ciao Tutti.

I live in Geneva, Illinois but grew up in Joliet - where there are many paesani and cugini from Sant' Eufemia, Caramanico, and Pacentro to name a few. Some of the names in Joliet are: DiPietrantonio, DiNardo, DiVecchio, Brandolino, Liberatore, D'Amico,
Alberico, Corsetti, DiGiovine, Egizio (all related in some way)

My grandfather was a DiPietrantonio (Carmine) he married Nunziata Pantalone your father's cousin.

Recently I received documents from Italy containing my great-grandfather's birth records. The other records included his father and his grandfather's information. Thanks to a cousin in Canada - Monika Battistone - I have the family tree going all the way back to the 1600's.
I am going to give you a rough outline of the tree in e-mail text - It's easier to send that way - The tree I have is on many sheets of paper taped together which when opened is the width of an average size room. So without any further delay here goes:

1) Francesco Pantalone b. 1665
    son: Beradino b. 1693
    daughter: Geremia b. 1695

2) Beradino & (wife: Anna Maria Manchino)
    son: Martino b. 1737
    son: Angelantonio b. 1740

3) Martino & (wife: Anna DiVentura)
    son: Pietro b. 1763
    son: Matteo b. 1778

4) Pietro & (wife: Giovanna Finadamo)  [Mark's note: this is my 4G-grandfather]
    son: Angelo Nicola b. 1794
    daughter: Angela b. 1796
    daughter: Felicia Nicola b. 1800 (this could be a son - not sure) [Mark's note: its a daughter, she is my 3G-grandmother]
    son: Carlo b. 1803

5) Angelo Nicola & (wife: Felicia M. Timperio)
    son: Raffaelle
    son: Not sure of name but I know there was another son and this would be
             Frank Pantalone's grandfather

6) Raffaelle & (wife: Clarice DiPietrantonio)
    son: Michele
    son: Vitantonio
    son: Alfonso
    son: Fiorindo

7) Alfonso & (wife: Maddelena DiGiovine)
    daughter: Nunziata b. 1893
    daughter: Colarice
    daughter: Marietta
    son: Antonio b. 1901

8) Nunziata & (husband: Carmine DiPietrantonio)
    daughter: Lucy b. 1922
    daughter: Dorothy b. 1923
    daughter: Mary b. 1925
    son: Teodoro b. 1927
    son: Alfosno (Elmo) my dad, b. 1929

Raffaelle's brother - the man without a name had a son named Angelo Nicola. [Mark's note: I think I identified the "Raffaele's brother - the man without a name" as Francesco Paolo Pantalone, born about 1823.] This is Angelo Nicola's Family:

Angelo Nicola & (wife: Francesca Paloma-Barona-Baroni, not sure of the correct spelling.)
    son: Mario
    son: Concezio
    son: Frank - "The Strongman"
    son: John
    daughter: Justina
    daughter: Rose - lived in Joliet


Pantalones in Australia

I got this email from a Pantalone in Melbourne, Australia. His great-grandfather was the brother of Alfonso and Vitantonio Pantalone. Since 2003, Enzo and I have traded dozens of emails.

Date sent:          Tue, 09 Dec 2003 14:55:23 +1000
From:               "Pantalone, Enzo" <enzopant@gmail.com>
Subject:            Pantalone from Sant'Eufemia a Maiella (Melbourne)
To:                   markd@silogic.com


This is the best site that I have found that provides enough information for me to follow up my own family tree.

As you can see I am also a Pantalone and I was born in Sant'Eufemia a Maiella.
I have printed out your web pages so I can show my Uncle (who is around 80 years old now) to find out if he knows any of your ancestors.

I know there are people living around in Melbourne (Australia) who migrated out from Sant'Eufemia a Maiella (ie. Pantalone, Crivelli, DiVecchio, Timperio etc). I still have relatives who live in Sant'Eufemia.

Enzo Pantalone
I just rang my uncle and here's what I deciphered over the telephone:

Enzo Pantalone    (Me)

   Father           Luca Pantalone     (dec)   
   Brothers        Mario (My Uncle)
                        Donato (dec)
                        Palmino (Still lives in Sant'Eufemia)   

            Grandparents        Domenico Pantalone        Anna Di Pietrantonio

                              Great Grandparents    Michele Pantalone        Giaconda Di Giovine
                              Brothers                     Vitantonio Pantalone (1)
                                                                Alfonso Pantalone (2)
                                                                Fiorindo Pantalone
                              Sister                         Anna


1.    Vitantonio had at least 2 sons (Raphaele & Pasquale). You already know about Pasquale as he appears in your photos.
2.    Alphonso had at least 1 son (Antonio)

My uncle believes that all of Michele's brothers migrated to the US/Brasil at some stage but actually moved back to Sant'Eufemia where they eventually passed away.

My spelling of some of the first names might not be 100% as although I was born in Sant'Eufemia I migrated to Australia in 1962 when I was 4.


In Aug of 2008, Enzo came for a visit.

Sally and I had the pleasure of hosting four cousins from Melbourne for a few days.

In the photo, that's me at the back. In front on the left are Antonio "Tony" Pantalone and his wife Francesca diPietrantonio (diPietro). On the right are Enzo Pantalone and his wife Antonietta "Nina" Salerno.

Tony and Enzo are first cousins, grandchildren of Domenico Pantalone and Anna diPietrantonio. The gorillas in the front of us are VERY distant relatives.

In Sep of 2008, Enzo sent me this listing of Pantalone. Enzo wrote "Just compared the data on the Pantalone's from Sant'Eufemia with what you  have on your web site. Here's what I was able to compile so far from the photo's I took when I  visited the Sant'Eufemia cemetery:"

Born Died

Husband Pantalone Vitantonio 27/10/1864 4/29/1955
Wife Di Pietrantonio Camilla M 1872 5/14/1952

Di Pietrantonio Annina 7/20/1902 8/6/1988 Grandma

Pantalone Agnese 10/21/1911 12/5/2000

Pantalone Angela 10/21/1910 12/2/199?

Pantalone Angiolina 5/12/1920 7/28/1997

Pantalone Annina Apr-26 15-May

Pantalone Antoniella 2/13/1913 11/23/1991

Pantalone Antonio 5/21/1913 2/21/2001

Pantalone Antonio 10/9/1941 7/10/1982

Pantalone Domenico 2/6/1902 7/1/1976

Pantalone Filippo 1/11/1867 1/9/1954

Pantalone Gino 5/13/1938 1/12/1965

Pantalone Gioacchino 28/3/1882 11/30/1957

Pantalone Giocondo 3/28/1905

Pantalone Luca Jan-30 3/22/1976 Not buried in Sant'Eufemia

Pantalone Luigi 18/9/1893 4/3/1979

Pantalone Raffaele 2/24/1911 1/29/2001

Pantalone Teodoro 1/11/1917 1/6/1995

2011 Photo from Monika Battistone

From:    Monika Battistone <mbattistonesympatico.ca>
Subject:    Meeting with Enzo and Tony
Date:    Tue, 12 Apr 2011 16:28:45 +0000

Hi Mark
Peter and I are back in Toronto after 6 great vacation weeks in Australia. We had the good fortune to meet with Enzo and his cousin Tony and we had a delightful visit. We chatted about the family tree, their visit with you and your wife and their future trip plans. I have enclosed a happy snap of our visit together (from the left is John Battistone his wife Arlene, Enzo then me Tony and Peter) behind us on the wall are many photo of St. Eufemia and ancestors.

All the best,

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