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Silogic Systems designs Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC's) and circuit boards using modern high performance workstations. With our experience, these workstations, and our design methodology, we complete complex designs accurately and on time.
Our successful projects include :

With today's emphasis on getting to the market fast, we can help you get your products out the door. We augment your engineering staff and can supply the workstations you need to complete your project.

Silogic Systems takes pride in delivering one of the most difficult assets in the ASIC business - expert design engineers - and one of the most expensive assets -- fully equipped and supported ASIC development platforms.

If you are considering an ASIC for your next product or as a cost reduction on your current product, Silogic Systems can do the job fast. We save you the expense and delay of acquiring the necessary, expensive equipment. Your design will be done on Mentor/Apollo workstations so it is an industry standard format -- not a proprietary one.

Why should you call Silogic Systems?

Why hire a Silogic Systems' specialist?

What services does Silogic Systems offer?

Silogic Systems provides engineering services ranging from programming to hardware design to system architectures. We specialize in the integration of hardware and software to solve problems.

Custom Software - We can develop Windows and Unix based systems. We have extensive experience in communications software for both operating systems. We can develop standalone microcontroller based designs.

PC Designs - We can develop turnkey PCB designs on our workstation and deliver you working, well documented prototypes.

ASIC Designs - ASIC's can reduce the size of your boards and the cost of your product. ASIC are a cost effective alternative to standard integrated circuits.

Design Reviews - Our senior level engineers can review both the hardware and software aspects of your product to catch subtle design errors before production.

Training - We understand that your goal could be to build a staff which can support its own designs. To this end, we offer training, either classroom or one- on-one in all aspects of hardware and software design.

Extra Hands - By remaining flexible at all times, we can usually supply programming and engineering help within a few days to help you through tight spots in your schedule.

Our Design Methodology for ASIC's is an integrated Hardware/Software approach :

We use techniques developed by both programmers and hardware designers to verify your specification functionally before we start the low level design.

Mark's Photo With the greater complexity of each ASIC, more front-end effort must be put into the design phase to verify that the specification itself is correct.

We model the design using an HDL modeling language. We simulate the model to verify the operation of the logic.

After the simulation is complete, we extend the model to automatically generate test vectors. The test vectors embody the entire operation of the design including not only inputs but also all expected outputs.

Mark DiVecchio, principal of Silogic Systems, has over 28 years of design experience with 10 years of Mentor based design experience. Mr. DiVecchio designed his first gate array design in 1979. Prior to that, he designed floating point processors for large mainframe and special purpose computers. He has been working as an independent consultant in computer design since 1984. He has a BSEE from Carnegie-Mellon University, a MS in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania and a MBA from the University of San Diego. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of California.

Our engineering associates cover all levels of experience. Junior engineers can lighten the workload on your team members. Senior engineers can take a project from a conceptual level through to the final system test. In this way, our designers can handle any design and we always bring in the right engineer for the job.

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