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Sant'Eufemia a Maiella Stories

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I've started this web page to highlight stories that I've received about Sant'Efuemia.

Antonio Timperio

The ultimate in stories about Sant'Eufemia is A Brief History of Sant'Eufemia a Maiella, written by Antonio Timperio. Click on the link.

Patsy DiVecchio (My Father)

My father's stories on his web page.

Mario Crivelli

Mario was born about 1932. He spent the WWI years in Sant'Eufemia. He now lives in Australia. His recollections were sent to me by Diana Palmieri Archer.
*A German  soldier was taking feed out of someone's barn??  Uncle questioned him with something like "Why are you taking that?  It's not yours." The soldier ignored him and being a very brave 10 years of age he repeated his question a couple of times.  The soldier grabbed a pitch fork and chased him with it, but being younger and faster he got away.

*His father and others would sneek out in the cover of darkness to steal animals, take them back home and slaughter them to feed their families as the Germans took all the food.  If caught they risked being shot.  He remembers a group of children from a family who had no food eating grass!!

*Another family didn't answer a knock at the door so while they where crouched looking through the keyhole they where shot and some where killed.

*His father had relations that lived in a town nearby and they had 2 houses so the family along with several other families all left S'Eufemia and moved in there.  After the war when they all returned they found that their house was emptied of all their belongings.

More stories in the future as I receive them:

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