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DiVecchio Residences in West Aliquippa

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My dad, Patsy DiVecchio along with his mother, Lucia diGiovine and brother, Tony, arrived in West Aliquippa, PA in June of 1930. My grandfather, Camillo, was already living there.

Here are the houses that he remembers living in (and some houses where my grandfather lived when I could find them). All of these photos were taken in Aug 2005.
328 Erie Ave
This is the address on the 1925 Declaration of Intention of my grandfather, Camillo.
On my grandfather's 1928 Naturalization papers, he just used a PO Box not a street address.
613 Neil Street - This street does not exist anymore.
This is the address on the 1930 census for my grandfather. He was rooming at the home of Nick diGiovine. This census was taken just before my grandmother, father and uncle came to the US.
206½ Beaver Ave
My dad's family had the 2nd floor.
Those are are newer stairs. When he lived there, the stairs were on the left where the added wing is now.
222 Beaver Ave
The house is gone.
4th Street and Erie Ave

337½ Beaver Ave
The house there is 339 Beaver Ave. 337 was just to the right of it. 337½ was a house in the rear of the lot. Its gone.
My dad's family lived here when he left for Army service in 1943.
109½ Main Street
My grandfather and grandmother bought one unit of this row house about 1945. When my dad returned from military service in 1946, this is where he returned to. Their house was the third one from the right (with the double window and no awning). He remembers that his parents paid Jones & Laughlin Steel Company $1500. My dad lived here up until he married my mother then for about another year or so until our home was built (on Sheffield Terrace). That means that I lived here for a time, myself. My grandmother, Lucia diGiovine, lived in that house until she died in 1968 and then my uncle Tony lived there until his death in 1993. Now the house is owned by a cousin and it is rented out.

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