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Unknown Frazzini and DiVecchia Family Photo and other Items

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I don't know exactly who these people are. My parents had some of these photos, cards or other items. Some photos I've received from other SPA descendents. I've indicated any writing (in Italics) found on them. Some of them are completely unknown. For others, we know their names.
For more photos of unidentified people, look at the San Pietro Photo web page.

Old postcard, Greetings from S. Pietro Avellana. I can't read the postmark. On the right, you can see its addressed to my mother in Beaver Falls. My mother's family moved there about 1930. The postcard is certainly pre-WWII so that dates it to the 1930's. Reverse of post card. Addressed to
<unreadable> Frazzini Benilda and Family
1316  2nd Ave
Beaver Falls, PA
North America

Appears to be signed: Emma & Anselmo. My mother remembers them as her Confirmation Godparents. They had a store in San Pietro Avellana. She still has part of the bracelet that they gave her for her Confirmation. She remembers that Emma did not come from SPA.

Anselmo Carlini was the first cousin of my grandmother, Lucrezia Carlini. In the Ellis Island records: Anselmo Carlini entered the US in 1903, age 17 years, going to cousin Felicito Frazzini in Denver, Colorado. His occupation was stonemason. He travelled with Desiderio Colaianni, Oreste Gatti and Carmine Carlini. He did not stay in the US. He died in 1941 and is buried in the SPA cimitero. You can find him in my GED file.

I got this email from William Colaianni:

Caro Mark,
After re-perusing trough your Web Site, I noticed the attached paragraph. Zio Anselmo Carlini and my Grandfather Desiderio Colianni I believe they were cousins. I was told to call them aunt and uncle. Desiderio Colaianni was his second trip to the U.S. The first one,  if I remember my mother saying, it was in 1897.
Zio Anselmo's wife was zia Emma, she was born in Pescolanciano. His sister zia Loreta was married to zio Igino Silvesti he was from Roccaraso. They were the parents of Claudio Silvestri the co-author of "Il mio paese racconta".
Is this type of information annoying or useful? 
Con Affetto, Bill C.

Of course, I told him the the information was VERY useful.

1937 Picnic at Youngstown, Ohio
See emails below - we may have identified all of the people in this photo.
From:    "Glorine  Carozza" <>
Date:    Thu, 15 Nov 2007 14:49:57 -0500

Dear Mark, In one part of one of your web you call a picture unknown. One of the pictures had a little boy and two little girls and several woman in it.  If nobody has identified them for you, the little boy is my cousin Joey DiMuzio and next to him is Daya and then Mary.  I showed the picture to Daya and she said the bigger boy is your Uncle Pauly.  I don't know who the two women on each end are.  Daya said that was a picture taken at a picnic in Youngstown, Ohio, so they may be from there.  The woman holding the little boy is Rosie D'Achille and that's her son Larry.  Next to her is my Aunt Lena DiMuzio.  Hope I have helped.  Glorine

Glorine's father is Ferdinando "Ferd" diMuzio, the brother of Jim DiMuzio who was a close friend of my grandparents. Lena was Jim diMuzio's wife. The D'Achille's lived next door to my grandparents in Beaver Falls, PA.

Since this email was written, both Daya and Mary have died.
Date:            Fri, 31 Jul 2015 22:49:47 -0400
Subject:         SPA picnic picture
From:            denisezangara <>

Hi Mark.

I talked to you on line in 2009. My name is Denise Colian Zangara from Salem Ohio. Just browsing internet tonight and came across this picture from Youngstown Ohio dated 1937. I was surprised to see the ladies in the picture. The one on left is Lena Colian Ricci. She was the daughter of Anthony and Assunta Colian of Salem Ohio. The lady on right is my aunt, my father's sister. She is Elisa Colian Waggoner daughter of John and Mary Colian of Salem. The two are first cousins. They were both born in 1922. So I guess they were only 15. I question the date. Lena married Howard Ricci of Youngstown but not till later. Howard is my mother's brother. I don't know if they had a connection to Youngstown before that since it was a picnic.My aunt Elisa is still living in Palm Beach. I will have to call and ask her.

Denise Zangara Simpsonville SC

1936 Aurora Lodge Picnic
Wise's Grove

My mother, Benilda Frazzini is on the right. I believe this is the Beaver Falls lodge of the Sons of Italy. I need help identifying the other people in this photo. My mother lived in Beaver Falls at the time so many of these people may be from there. Wise's Grove is a picnic area off Wise Grove Road in New Brighton, PA (which is near Beaver Falls).

Dec 2004: I just returned from PA after a visit with my parents. My mother and I worked on the photo we had discussed. Here is what she remembered.

She said it was definitely the Beaver Falls lodge of the SOI. And it was the Aurora Lodge. Maybe the Aurora Lodge moved to Butler some time after the photo was take in 1936. Wise's Grove was a picnic area off Wise Grove Road in New Brighton, PA. That town is right next to Beaver Falls.

My mother could only identify a few of the people in the photo. Here is what she remembered; from left to right:

1.  male - ?
2.  female - Amelia (Millie) Romano
3.  female - (just head visible) Florence Lonnet
4.  male - ?
5.  female - Mary diMaria
6.  male - ?
7.  female - ?
8.  female - ?
9.  female - ?
10. female - my mother Benilda Frazzini

These three woman lived near my mother in Beaver Falls.

I was able to date this photo to 1936 from a note written on another photo where my mother is wearing the same dress.
For more photos of some of these people, look at my mother's web page.
Completely unknown.
Pietro diGiovine

This we know is Pete diGiovine in a photo taken in 1949 on the porch of 111½ Main Street in West Aliquippa, PA. He lived in West Aliquippa and was a friend of the DiVecchio family.  I believe this is the Pietro diGiovine who came over to the US with my grandfather Camillo in 1910 when he was 17 years old (from Ellis Island manifest). He would have been born in 1893. There is another record of him in 1924 at 31 yrs old, being in the US previouly from 1919-23, father: Giovanni diGiovine, wife Eufemia deAngelis diGiovine, 26 yrs old.

My father remembers him as a friend of the family not as a relative.
(Pietro diGiovine and Camillo diVecchio were 2nd cousins)

His tombstone from the Mt Olivet Catholic Cemetery in Aliquippa, PA. confirms the year of birth and name of wife.

I spoke with Nancy DiVecchia, daughter of Antonio DiVecchia. Nancy is a cousin to me (our connection is via a common great-great-grandfather Giustino DiVecchia). The brother of her grandmother, Mariannina diGiovine, was Pietro (along with Matteo and Raffaele). This is most likely him. I am sending Nancy a copy of this page to see if she can confirm that.

Nancy DiVecchia Sapariti tells me that this is her uncle (brother of her grandmother Mariannina diGiovine).  They lived at 111½ Main Street in Aliquippa, next door to my grandfather and grandmother. Also on the porch are his wife, Eufemia diAngelis and their daughter whose name I don't know.
(Her name is Dora, one of three children, the others were Americo and Daniel).
I used to have a photo of "Chris diSanza" on this page but now I've found out a lot more about him. I moved that photo along with the new information to his own web page.

SPA Militia

This photo was sent to me by Franklin Smith, is of an Army or Militia unit in San Pietro Avellana. The photo is ©Franklin Smith. You can click on the image for a larger version. During my trip to SPA in 2004, I got an index to the "gang" or SPA Militia photo that identifies most of the men in the photo. Look on this page.

Some Knowns and Some Unknowns

These (mostly) unknown photos were sent to me by Dave DeSanzo (for more about his family, look a the diSanza web page).

From Dave DeSanzo, May 2006

"My cousin Karen Bishop e-mailed me this wedding picture today.  Karen was the same person that was able to identify everyone in my grandparents wedding picture.  On the back of the picture were the names Modesto and Lucy Frazzini.  The name of the other couple in the picture were not listed.  I am not sure if Modesto and Lucy are the couple on the right or left?  Also wondering if you recognize the other couple in the picture?  I researched Modesto and Lucy on your Internet site and discovered that they were married in abt. 1925.  Please let me know if you can provide further detail."
Mark's note: Modesto and Lucy are the parents of Cathy Frazzini McKinney. They are in my family tree and in Frazzini Graphical Tree Part 3.
From JT McKinney, May 2006:
"My wife Cathy identified her mother and father in the wedding picture as the ones on the left. The other couple with them were friends of theirs but no names available. The other man was his best man in the wedding and committed suicide at later time while young. On a happier note my wife said their wedding was around thanksgiving time and always celebrated their anniversary on Thanksgiving Day. We have this picture in our album as well and there is another picture that no one has of my wife's grandparents and I will be sending it. The marriage of Cathy's parents was on November 26, 1925 at St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Struthers, Ohio."
From Dave DeSanzo, May 2006
"Wedding pictue of Dom & Maggie Frazzini sent by my cousin Karen.  Do you recognize anyone else in the photo?"
Mark's note: Are these the Domenic and Mary Frazzini that are on Frazzini Graphical Tree Part 2 ?

Cinea - Frazzini Photos

This photo was sent to me by Gene Cinea in Dec of 2008.

From Gene Cinea:
My mother thought the people in the attached photo were Sam Cinea's parents (Domenicantonio Cinea and Angiola Mariana Frazzino).
So, the lady would be Angela Frazzini. What do you think?

World War I medals found with my Dad's and Uncle's WWII medals

My father had these medals. He does not know where they came from. They are World War I medals.

On the left is the World War I Victory Medal
On the right is the World War I Army of Occupation of Germany Medal

Photos from the album of Dorothy diIullo Carrick who lives in Ely, NV.

The following photos were from the photo album of Dorothy diIullo Carrick. I scanned them on a visit to her nephew, Dennis Diullo. I don't have dates or any other information. I had scanned them in 2005 but never put them on my web site before now. I've put all the photos here even though I know who some of the people are. I wanted to keep them in context. (I visited Dorothy also in that year, look at this web page for photos)

I believe the person on the left is Rosina Rossi diIullo.
From Rayna Valentine: "The woman on the right of Aunt Rosie (standing by the white-sided house) is
her sister, my grandmother Dorantina Rossi Colaianni."

From Dennis Diullo: This was "Filiberto's sister according to my Dad."

These look like they are from Italy.

Dennis Diullo commented: "Most of the youth pictures were school pictures of
youngsters in  Ely grade school. There are a number of pictures of Dorothy at different ages."

My mother, Benilda Frazzini DiVecchio.

My uncle, Paul Frazzini.

From Rayne Valentine: "The woman with long
dark hair in the photo montage page on the right-hand side from your
mother's photo (marked Vi) is my mother Viola Colaianni Valentine."

The "me" must be Dorothy diIulllo since it was her album.

From Dennis Diullo: "The blonde kid is Marion (diIullo)"

Filiberto diIullo

Rosina Rossi diIullo

I believe this is Marion diIullo.

On the right is Rosina Rossi diIullo. On the left is her daughter, Dorothy.
Confirmed by Dennis Diullo.
From Rayna Valentine: "The other photo you've tentatively identified as Aunt Rosie is indeed her, and
the girl to her left might be her daughter Dorothy, but the face is a bit blurred for me to tell."
There is a similar photo on my Ely, NV web page.

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