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San Pietro Avellana

San Pietro Avellana Cemetery

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When Sally and I were in SPA during August of 2004, I spent several hours visiting the cimitero. Here are some photos of the cemetery and of the relatives that I found buried there.

Over the centuries, cemeteries were reused. Every so many years (25?, 50?), sections of the cemeteries were dug up and the bones were moved to the Ossario. The tombstones just disappeared.

More recently, in-ground burials have been replaced with crypt or above ground burials. Now, areas of the cemetery which are being dug up are replaced with crypts. In some cases today, bones dug up are placed in crypts if relatives of the dead person are around to request that.

That means very few in-ground burials remain in the SPA cemetery. When I was there, I found my great-grandmother's tombstone - she died in 1942. I also found the tombstone of the wife of Teridano diTella (Esterina diSanza) who died in 1937. There are others weathered so as to be unreadable. These were probably the two oldest in-ground burial sites remaining there.

This means that if a person died before 1900, there is no trace of that person's burial. If a person died after 1900 and that person's relatives were in SPA, that person's bones might be in a crypt. For people whose families left SPA for the USA, there is probably no trace.
The SPA cimitero is about a kilometer north of town on the road toward Castel diSangro.
Here is the turn off from the road between SPA and Sangro River (North from SPA).
The road goes up a short hill. This is a one lane road which, in Italy, means 2 cars can fit across it.
There is a small parking lot at the cemetery.
The entrance is the gate between the buildings.
The building on the right is the chapel.
As you enter the grounds, these crypts are on the left.
As you enter the grounds, these crypts are on the right.
The upper center is the grave of my grand aunt Elvira Carlini.
At the lower left is my grand uncle Modestino Frazzini.
Two of the crypts which line the cemetery.
There are rows of crypts along the left, right and rear walls of the cemetery.
These are along the rear wall.
The cemetery is a terraced going up a hill. Each level has a crypt.
Another view.
My great grandmother Doristella diTella. She died in 1942.
This is one of  the oldest and one of the few remaining in ground burials in the cemetery.
My grand aunt, Elvira Carlini. She married Luigi Iasella. She and two of her daughters never came to the US.
My grand uncle Modestino Frazzini and his son Corrado.
Giovanni Benedetto Carlino and Maria Angelica ENRICHETTA "Enrica" diTella
Giovanni was my grandmother's (Lucrezia Carlini) first cousin.
Enrichetta was my great grand aunt, sister of my great grandmother Doristella diTella.
1879-1937 Esterina diSanza, wife of Teridano diTella.
Esterina and her children never came to the US. Teridano died in Dawson, NM and is buried in Raton, NM.
Goffredo diTella, son of Teridano diTella and Esterina diSanza.
The family of Aminta Frazzini.
My great grand uncle, Aminta Anselmo Frazini.
Vincenza diSanza, wife of Aminta Frazzini.
Giovanni Frazzini, son of Aminta Frazzini and Vincenza diSanza.
Giuseppe Anselmo Frazzini, , son of Aminta Frazzini and Vincenza diSanza.
This is the main staircase from the entrance all the way up the hill to the rear wall of the cemetery.
The statue at the top of the staircase is the tomb of Francesco Carlini and his family.
Several of Francesco's sons immigrated to Pittsburgh and owed the Carlini Brothers Monument Company
which made tombstones.
Agata Teresa dei Baroni d'Alena, wife of Dr.Eugenio Perilli and the mother of Dr. Giovanni Perilli.
From Alfonso diSanza d'Alena, Mar 2012: "Last year we made a project in the funeral chapel in SPA. Now Agata Teresa d'Alena (Perilli's wife) has her own place. First time I go to SPA, I'll take and send you a photo."

"Today I went in SPA, so I took a photo of the tombstone of Agata Teresa d'Alena, in our chapel in SPA cemetery.
Unfortunately I haven't Agata's photo, this is why the tombstone has only her name and date of birth. The other two
tombstones near that of Agata, are of my grandparents Lida Carugno and Gaetano Alfonso di Sanza."
Luigi Lembo is in the SPA "militia" photo. I have received emails from his son and nephew.
Compagno Nuovo Emangipato Perfetto "Novino" Carlini and Maria Mariani.
Novino is the first cousin to my grandmother Lucrezia Carlini.
Luigi is not related to me - that I know of.
Actual date of birth per the SPA microfilms is 29 Aug 1873. He married Raffaela Flora Carlino who was born on 10 Jun 1873.
Amico Gatti is my grandmother's (Lucrezia Carlini's) second cousin.
He is the son of Gaetano Emiddio Gatti. That family appears on my Gatti Family Graphical Tree.

Amico and Elisabetta both came to the US in 1909. They lived in Trinidad, CO in 1909.
They were in Dawson, NM for the 1910 census (Filomeno diMartini was boarding with them).
I could not find them in the 1920 census. Amico's brothers, Odorino and Ermino are in the 1920 census for Dawson.

I have received new information from Amico Colaizzi who lives in Youngstown. Elisabetta Carlini died in 1961 - the tombstone is wrong. Amico Colaizzi's father, Antonio, was raised by  Amico Gatti and Elisabetta Carlini. Amico Colaizzi's biological grandfather, Sabatino, appears to have lived in Ely, NV for a time and may be the "S. Colaizzi" listed on the NNRY payroll Sabatino's wife  was Carmina Carlini (Elisabetta's sister).
Eliseo diTella and Venusta diMuzio.
Eliseo is my grandmother's (Carlini) first cousin. They are the grandparents of Alfonso d'Alena diSanza.
Venusta is the sister of Amico "Jim" diMuzio who I knew as a child and who lived in Beaver Falls, PA.
Brother and Sister - Anselmo and Elornora Carlini
Anselmo and his wife Emma sent my mother a postcard from SPA sometime in the 1930's.
Look on the this page for details.
I received this photo from Bob Ricci in Jan of 2016. He wrote: "I am certain that you have them charted, however, I was reviewing my files and came across them. Giuseppe was my dad's "Uncle Joe", one of my grandfather's brothers.  He returned to Italy to marry and remained in SPA due to Mussolini's restrictions during that time.  The family remained in contact throughout all of the years but my dad never had the opportunity to meet him.  Fortunately, I had the privilege of sharing this with my dad upon my return which brought a bigsmile to his face! Best regards for 2016!"

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