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Dr. Giovanni Perilli

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Giovanni Perilli married Lina Frazzini the oldest daughter of Prospero Frazzini. According to Franklin Smith, they had a son and a daughter. Giovanni was the 2nd cousin of my grandfather Emiliano Frazzini.

Doing the math, Lina would have been born about 1896 in Denver and Dr Perilli about 1883  in San Pietro Avellana.

You can read more about the Perilli's in chapter 6 of the Historical News and Anecdotes from San Pietro Avellana.

Here is a photo sent to me by Franklin Smith and which is © Copyright by him. Probably World War I time frame.

During the summer of 2012, Daniela Badiali and I began a conversation. Daniela is the granddaughter of Giovanni and Lina. She lives in Roma. It was with the help of cousin, Concetta diCianno, that I was able to get in touch with Daniela. I am hoping that over the next few months and years, we can document the life of Dr. Perilli and his wife Lina Frazzini. I will be adding photos and text to this page as I receive them from Daniela.

Curriculum Vitae

I've had this web page up for many years. It attracts emails from all over the world. In Nov of 2009, I received an email from Concetta diCianno, a cousin who lives in Italy. She wrote

From:    "c.dicianno" <>
Subject:    notizie
Date:    Fri, 27 Nov 2009 14:59:56 +0100

gentile Mark
non so se possono interessarti queste notizie.
queste pagine sono il curriculum del Dottor Giovanni Perilli  pubblicato sul libro : Per una Vita più sana, più efficiente più gaia.... possibilmente più lunga, Edizioni Difesa Sociale Roma anno 1942.

un saluto Concetta diCianno
Rough computer translation:

I don't know if you have an interest in this: 
these pages are the resume of Doctor Giovanni Perilli published on the book:
"For a healthier Life, more efficient, more cheerful.... maybe longer"
"Edizioni Difesa Sociale Roma" year 1942.

Here are links to the CV. They are photographs of five pages of the book:

Notice on the last page, the book was published in 1942 but someone typed in entries up to 1948.

1883 - Birth in San Pietro Avellana

I checked the LDS Microfilm records and found:

       Nati 7 Nov 1883       Giovanni Alessandro Luigi Perilli
                                        f: Dottor Eugenio Perilli  42y
                                        m: Agatina d'Alena .

Giovanni's Brother:

       Nati 28 Jan 1873      Ferdinando Perilli
                                        f: Eugenio Perilli, Dottore in medicina  32y
                                                 f: Ferdinando
                                       m: Agata dei Baroni d'Alena  20y
                                                 f: Eugenio

Giovanni's Parents:

       Nati 6 Jul 1840        Eugenio Gaudenzio Perilli
                                       f: Ferdinando
                                       m: Maria Giovanna Salvatore

       Nati 25 Jun 1853     Agata Teresa d'Alena
                                       f: Eugenio 32y
                                       m: Aurora Mariani   28y

Giovanni's Aunts and Uncles:

       Nati 24 Apr 1829         Maria Lucia Perilli (Goivanni's Aunt)
                                            f: Ferdinando
                                            m:  Maria Giovanna Salvatore

       Nati 28 Dec 1830         Errico Innocenzo Perilli   (Giovanni's Uncle)
                                            f: Ferdinando
                                            m:  Maria Giovanna Salvatore

       Nati 31 Mar 1845        Raffaela Diomira Perilli (Giovanni's Aunt who married Pasquale Frazzini, the brother of my great-grandfather Ippolito)
                                           f: Ferdinando
                                           m: Maria Giovanna Salvatore

       Nati 11 Sep 1842         Pasquale Giacinto Perilli
                                           f: Ferdinando
                                           m: Maria Giovanna Salvatore

My cousin, Alfonso, sent me this additional information about Agata d'Alena, Giovanni's mother:

Date sent:         Sat, 13 Dec 2003 19:33:16 +0100
From:               alfonso di sanza  <>
Subject:            Mariani

On your family tree on the Internet I've found Agata d'Alena and her mother Aurora Mariani. This summer I found in the ecclesiastical records in S.Pietro:  Aurora Mariani (b. S. Pietro Avellana 1827) to be the daughter of D. Giuseppe and D. Concetta di Cianno. She had three brothers and two sisters: Giovanni Battista (b. 1825), Clorinda Eugenia (b. 1830), Berardino Antonio (b. 1832), Gennaro Antonio (b. 1834), Sofia Antonia (b. 1837).
I hope this information will be helpful to you.

1880 ca Dr. Perilli's father - Dr. Eugenio Perillli

Dott. Eugenio Perilli (1840-1895)
father of Dott. Giovanni Perilli
Frontspiece from the book Vita più Sana
Scans of part of the book sent to me in Aug 2012 by great-granddaughter, Daniela Badiali.

1915 - Prisoner of War in Slovenia during WWI

Date:            Wed, 10 Jan 2007 15:55:08 +0100
From:            Blaz Vurnik <>
Subject:         dr. Giovanni Perilli

Dear Mark,
I found your interesting page about Dr. Giovanni Perilli and I have some information you might find interesting and of course I also have some questions. I am a curator at the City Museum of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Perilli appeared in my research of Italian POW's in Ljubljana (Italian name Lubiana) during the First World War. He was a military medical doctor on the Isonzo front and when he was captured by Austrian forces, he was sent to Ljubljana, where he spent most of the war taking care for wounded and sick Italian POW's. After the war he wrote an article about his experience in Ljubljana and published it in the newspaper Il Giornale dei Ragazzi. Unfortunately I do not have information when it was published. I only have the Slovenian translation of this article which was published in 1941 when Italian forces occupied Ljubljana (1941-1943). At that time Perilli was a lieutenant colonel and health inspector in Rome. In his article he mentions unpublished memoirs of Maria Bonnini Rossi. My question is if you have any contact with Perilli's descendants who might have an archive with date of his original mentioned article, copy of M.B. Rossi's memoirs and possible any photographs of Perilli in Ljubljana during the great war. Or maybe you have any photos of him?

Attached is a photo of a part of an article because there is a photo in it. Article is bad photographed; I took it in a library just to have it for a reference.
Kind regards
Bla  Vurnik M.A.
Senior curator
City Museum of Ljubljana
Gosposka 15
1000 Ljubljana

Blaz  sent me, in his email, a photo of one page of the article. It is written in Slovenian. I can read Giovanni's name as "Ivan Perilli".

After we found the CV of Dr. Perilli, shown above, I wrote to Blaz about it:


You wrote me the email below two years ago asking about Dr. Giovanni Perilli.

Our family group has continued our research and we have found some additional information about Dr. Perilli. This is the only new information that we found since our earlier emails.

A cousin in Rome, Concetta diCianno, found a book that Perilli wrote in 1942. In that book, there is a Curriculum Vitae of Perilli. We have just started to study the information to see if it helps us locate any descendants of Perilli.

Mark DiVecchio
Subject:         RE: dr. Giovanni Perilli
Date:            Mon, 30 Nov 2009 09:28:16 +0100
From:            Blaž Vurnik <>

Dear Mark,
Thank you a lot for this information. The CV says that Perilli was in Ljubljana (Lubiana) only in 1915. Next record for 1916 sets him to Mauthausen, which makes logic, because most POW's were sent from Ljubljana's quarantine to bigger camp in Mauthausen. I am not sure because the second part of the word in the last row of the first page is blurred, but I think it says that he treated >dei colerosi< - those who fell sick with cholera. Cholera was a common thing at Ljubljana's castle at that time because there was not enough fresh water for all the prisioners. Actually the year after he left Ljubljana, Italian POW's built the entire infrastructure for pipelines from the city to the castle hill which is (part of it and modernized) still in use today at the castle.

Kind regards

1919 - Arrival

I found an Ellis Island entry for "Giovanni M.D., Perilli" on the Danti Alighieri, arriving 9 Aug 1919, age 36. On this entry, he was listed as a member of the ship's crew  - "Royal Commiss". He sailed from Genoa 24 Jul 1919. There was no indication if he was single or married.

1919 - Marriage to Lina Frazzini

Lina Frazzini, the daughter of Prospero Frazzini, applied for a passport in March of 1919 for the purpose "To become married to Giovanni Perilli". She said that she was about to go abroad, "possibily permanently". Here is her photo from that passport application.

1919 - Arrival

30 Dec 1919 arrival via New York on the Pesaro, travelling with his wife Lina Frazzini. Both lines are stamped "DIPLOMAT". He was 36y, she was 23y. Destination was the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

1922 July

An article about Dr. Perilli in "Il Carrocio" (The Italian Review) :

1922 Aug

From the book Colorado Medicine, Volume 19 by the Colorado State Medical Society: from

        Dr. Giovanni Perilli of Denver is leaving September 1 for Italy, where he will remain at least three months and may possibly resume his residence there permanently.


I got this photo when I visited the Museum in SPA.

Giovanni Alessandro Luigi Perilli

Dottor Perilli, fratello del Giudice.
Faceva il Medico di bordo sulle navi.
Foto spedita da lui al Barone D'Alena.

Doctor Perilli, brother of the judge.
He was a ship's Doctor.
Photo sent by him to the Baroness D'Alena.

A comment on the d'Alena family : they were a very wealthy family in San Pietro. Before the destruction of 1943, they had a very big house near the church. Giovanni's brother was a judge.. The reference to the Baroness D'Alena may be to their mother. Their father, Eugenio, was a medical doctor.

1922 - Denver, CO

Giovanni wrote a book titled Colorado, and the Italians in Colorado.

Prospero Frazzini, Dr. Giovanni Perilli, Noce diGiacomo
Original photo ©Franklin Smith, used with permission

Date:            Fri, 14 Jan 2005 19:22:47 -0800
From:            Franklin Smith <>
Subject:         Lost and found

Hello everyone
I was going through some pictures an hour ago, and came across some shots I knew I had but had misplaced. Here is one of my favorites, but I need to work on it when I have time. It should be alot more clear. Here we have Prospero with the usual cigar on the left, Major and Doctor Perilli in the middle, and I think its Cesare on the right. Notice Prospero's medal, and Cesare's has a similar type ribbon. You can't see it very well in the shot, but Prospero has some serious heels on his shoes. The house behind could be Prospero's, but not the front.  There is brickwork along the bottom that should help identify it. My guess is that this shot is around 1922. If I could find Lina's descendents you can imagine the pictures she would have. Maybe some that include the King. Who knows. As with all the pictures I send out they are for family private use only, and anybody looking for a commercial application should contact me. Happy New Year .


Date:            Sat, 15 Jan 2005 07:43:24 -0800
From:            Franklin Smith <>
Subject:         Fw: Lost and found

Just woke-up, and have come to the startling conclusion that the third man in the picture I just sent was not Cesare, but Noce DiGiacomo. The Italian historian, and publisher of La Stella, a Italian paper he started in Denver around 1885 before the Frazzini Brothers arrived. He also started Columbus day in the US, was active in Denver politics, and a friend of Dr Perilli who wrote about him in his book. The medal cross Prospero is wearing could possibly be a symbol of his knighthood which as you can see Dr Perilli has possibly the same one (he was also knighted) in the huge display he is wearing. Many of those medals were probably acquired during WW1 when it is rumored he attended to Mussolini who spent a lot of time in the hospital. I hope you are all enjoying this. I do some of my best detective work when I sleep.  Ciao   Franklin

1924 - Daughter Ines Perilli

With the help of Concetta diCianno,we have learned that Dr. Perilli and Lina had a daughter, Ines, born 2 Apr 1924. . Read about it below where I talk about the quest to find Giovanni's grave.

1930's - Son Eugenio Perilli

Eugenio Perilli
Original photo ©Franklin Smith, used with permission

From Franklin Smith

The following picture is of Eugene Perilli, the son of Lina and Giovanni. I would guess that it was taken just before his death at the hands of the Nazi's while trying to escape German occupied Italy during WW2. This story comes from my aunt Julia.

Eugene appears to be in his middle twenties which would coincide with when his parents where married. Eugene had at least one other sibling, a sister, but it's possible there were more children.  It is unknown if Eugene was married, or had any children of his own. He looks a lot like his father.
We have learned a little bit more about Eugenio Perilli with the help of Concetta diCianno. Read about it below where I talk about the quest to find Giovanni's grave.

1930's - Denver

I don't have a date or newspaper  for this clipping. Notice that it mentions his time as a POW.
At this point, he was a Major in the Italian Army.

1930's - Photo of Lina Frazzini Perilli

Photo of Lina Frazzini sent to me by Franklin Smith.

Lina Frazzini
1903 ca
Photo © Copyright by Franklin Smith. Used with permission.

1938 - Ship's Doctor

New York manifest shows Dr. Perilli arriving at the port of  New York on 10 Feb 1938. He was the 2nd ship's doctor aboard the Saturnia. He was 54 years old. Length of service at sea - 2 years.

New York manifest shows Dr. Perilli arriving at the port of New York on 13 Oct 1938. He was the ship's surgeon aboard the Vulcania. He was 54 years old.

New York manifest shows Dr. Perilli "not" arriving at the port of New York on 24 Nov 1938. He was the ship's 2nd surgeon aboard the Vulcania. He was 54 years old with 2 years service at sea. Giovanni was 5 foot 5 inches tall and weighed 159 pounds. The line on the manifest was crossed out and stamped "Discharged at Trieste".

1940-44 - Italy

Did Dr. Perilli serve during the second world war?

1946 Dr. Perilli and his daughter, Ines, Roma, Italia

Dr. Giovanni Perilli and daughter Ines
Photo sent to me in Jul 2012 by granddaughter, Daniela Badiali.

1950 Dr. Giovanni Perilli

Dott. Giovanni Perilli
Photo sent to me in Aug 2012 by granddaughter, Daniela Badiali

Dr. Giovanni Perilli and wife, Lina Frazzini, Roma, Italia
Photo sent to me in Jul 2012 by granddaughter, Daniela Badiali.

1951 - Newspaper Article

Article from the 1951 Oct 31 Galveston Daily News mentioning Dr. Perilli.

Until I found this article, we had not known if Dr. Perilli had even survived WWII. More about the Andrea Gritti.

Frankin Smith wrote in Oct of 2006:

Giovanni would have been 69 years old in 51, and his home was in Rome where Lina still lived with their daughter. He may have been in the Army medical corps in WW2? But certainly a doctor with a Rome residence. I would guess he is burried in Rome where Lina later died.

1952-53 - Andrea Gritti

On 3 Nov 1952, Dr. Perilli arrived in Brownsville, TX, He was the surgeon on board the Andrea Gritti, He was 69 years old and his length of service at sea was 3 years.
On 15 Jan 1953, Dr. Perilli arrived in Brownsville, TX. He was the surgeon on board the Andrea Gritti. He was 70 years old and his length of service at sea was 4 years.

1956 - Death of Dr. Perilli

We don't know when Dr. Perilli died or where he is buried. We know a little more now. below you will see some emails from Concetta diCianno where she found the tombstone of Giovanni and Lina. Dr. Giovanni Perilli died on 24 May 1956 in Roma.

Frankin Smith wrote in Oct of 2006:

My grandfather's sister told me Lina died in Rome around 1970 or thereabouts. Thats why I have been looking for her death certificate to find out the name of her daughter who might be still living. If she had children, they are the ones who will have the pictures, and maybe even movies.

1978 - Death of Lina Frazzini

Lina Frazzini died on 12 Dec 1978 in Roma and is buried next to her husband. See the emails below from Concetta diCianno and the tombstone photo.

2009 Research help from Concetta diCianno

For the past couple of years, I've been emailing a cousin, Concetta diCianno. Concetta lives in Roma but her family is from SPA. She has sent me a lot of family tree information. She writes in Italian and I use a computer program to translate her emails into English and mine into Italian. She asked me if I had any specific questions that she might be able to help with. Please excuse the computer translations.

Cara Concetta, 

Mio cugino, Franklin Smith, che è il grande-nipote di Prospero Frazzini  sta tentando di trovare sua grande-zia, Lina Frazzini. 

Lina Frazzini, la figlia di Prospero Frazzini, sposato Dott. Giovanni Perilli e si trasferì ad Italia. Loro vissero a Roma. 

Franklin sta tentando di trovare i bambini di Lina e Giovanni. Lui è cercando il suo luogo di sepoltura. 

Lei sa di alcun modo di scoprire informazioni su Lina Frazzini e Giovanni Perilli?

ciao. Marco
To:    "c.dicianno" <>
Subject:    Dott Giovanni Perilli e Lina Frazzini
Date:    Tue, 15 Dec 2009 18:54:01 -0800

Dear Concetta,

My cousin, Franklin Smith, who is the great-grandson of Prospero Frazzini,  is trying to find his grand-aunt, Lina Frazzini. 

Lina Frazzini, the daughter of Prospero Frazzini, married Dr. Giovanni
Perilli and moved to Italy. They lived in Rome. 

Franklin has been trying to find the children of Lina and Giovanni. He is looking for her place of burial. 

Do you know of any way to find out information about Lina Frazzini and Giovanni  Perilli?

ciao. Mark
From:    "c.dicianno" <>
Subject:    Re: Dott Giovanni Perilli e Lina Frazzini
Date:    Wed, 16 Dec 2009 19:08:16 +0100

gentile mark

a Natale vado  a San Pietro spero di poter contattare qualcuno che ne può sapere qualcosa di Frazzini Lina e figli , anch'io mi sono incuriosita a cercare un pò di storia su di loro, ti farò sapere. un saluto e auguri per le feste natalizie

Dear Mark,

Over Christmas I will go to San Pietro. I hope to be able to contact someone that might know something of  Frazzini Lina and children, also I am curious to look for a little of history on them, I will let you know.

Regards and wishes for the Christmas holidays

From:    "c.dicianno" <>
Subject:    perilli g. e lina frazzini
Date:    Thu, 14 Jan 2010 18:48:09 +0100

gentile mark.

ti invio risposta  dal cimitero verano di Roma  circa i perilli e G. e Frazzini Lina
---- Sig.ra Di Cianno,
da ricerche effettuate nei Registri Cimiteriali le salme del Sig.Perilli Giovanni e della Sig.ra Frazzini Nicolina sono tumulate presso il Cimitero Verano: - Loculo adulti interno, Riquadro 69, piano primo, passaggio 2, fila 05, n°16. Mentre per quello che concerne la salma della Sig.ra Perilli non disponendo di riferimenti, è più difficoltoso individuarla. Comunque una Salma che potrebbe corrispondere (nata il 02/04/'24- dec. il 18/07/'94) si trova tumulata nel medesimo Cimitero, in Tomba intestata BADIALI - Zona Vecchio Reparto a Sinistra dell'ingresso Repositorio, n° 6.
Dear Mark,

I send you the answer from the Cimitero Monumentale del Verano in Roma about Perilli Giovanni and Frazzini Lina
Dear Mrs. DiCianno,
From searches done in the Cemetery Registers, the bodies of  Sig. Perilli Giovanni and of Mrs. Frazzini Nicolina are buried in the Cemetery Verano: - Loculo Adulti Interno, Riquadro 69, first area,  passage 2, row 05, number 16. While for what pertains to the grave of Mrs. Perilli not having references, it is more difficult to locate her. However a body that could correspond (born 02/04 / 1924 - Dec. 18/07 / 1994) to it is found buried in the same Cemetery,  in a grave labeled BADIALI - Zona Vecchio Reparto to the left of the entry Repositorio, number 6.
cara Concetta,

Grazie. Chi è Nicolina Frazzini? Anche Lina Frazzini nacque giugno 1897.
ciao. Mark
To:    "c.dicianno" <>
Subject:    Re: perilli g. e lina frazzini
Date:    Thu, 14 Jan 2010 20:44:40 -0800

dear Concetta,

Thanks. Who is Nicolina Frazzii? Also, Lina Frazzini was born in 1897.
ciao. Mark
cara Concetta.

È possibile quel Nicolina Frazzini = Lina Frazzini (moglie di
Giovanni Perilli)?

ciao. Marco
To:    "c.dicianno" <>
Subject:    Re: Fw: perilli g. e lina frazzini
Date:    Fri, 15 Jan 2010 09:18:10 -0800

Dear Concetta,

It is possible that Nicolina Frazzini is the same person as Lina Frazzini (wife of Giovanni Perilli)?

ciao. Mark

francamenete non lo so se sono la stessa persona , proverò a chiedere

ciao conci

Frankly, I don't know if it is the same person, I will try to ask

ciao. Conci.
È possibile che la tomba di BIDIALI  è un figlio / figlia di Giovanni e Lina? To:    "c.dicianno" <>
Subject:    Re: perilli g. e lina frazzini
Date:    Fri, 15 Jan 2010 09:23:59 -0800

Is is possible that the grave of BIDIALE is a son/daughter of Giovanni and Lina?
From:    "c.dicianno" <>
Subject:    Re: perilli g. e lina frazzini
Date:    Fri, 15 Jan 2010 22:41:39 +0100

secondo me dovrebbe essere la tomba di Ines frazzini  figlia di Lina per la quale avevo chiesto informazioni , ma non sapevo la data di nascita, forse sposata con un Badiali ?
Concetta wrote:

I believe it should be the grave of Ines Frazzini, daughter of Lina, for whom I had asked information, but I didn't know the date of birth, perhaps she married a Badiali?
From:    "c.dicianno" <>
Subject:    Re: perilli ines
Date:    Sat, 16 Jan 2010 11:55:33 +0100

da ulteriori informazioni ho saputo che lina era conosciuta solo con il
nome di Lina, che la Figlia Ines Perilli avrebbe sposato forse un Badiali
che corrisponderebbe  quindi alla tomba di cui si parla precedentemente e
che la signora Ines ha avuo una figlia di cui non si ricordano il nome e
che forse potrebbe essere vivente.

un saluto ciao
Concetta wrote:

from further information I have known that Lina was known only by the name of Lina, that her daughter Ines Perilli would perhaps have married a Badiali that it would correspond therefore to the grave of which we previously spoke and that Mrs Ines has had a daughter of whom the name is not remembered and that might be still alive.

Regards, bye.
cara Concetta,

Lei chiede del Cimitero la data di morte e data di sepoltura per Giovanni Perilli e Lina Frazzini?

È esso possibile che le informazioni su Ines Perilli Badiali contiene il nome di un figlio o figlia di Badiali?

ciao. Mark
To: "c.dicianno" <>
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 12:16 AM
Subject: Re: Dott Giovanni Perilli e Lina Frazzini

Can you ask of the Cemetery for the date of death and date of burial for Giovanni Perilli and Lina Frazzini?

Is it possible that the information about Ines Perilli Badiali contains the name of a son or daughter of Badiali?
From:    "c.dicianno" <>
Subject:    Re: Dott Giovanni Perilli e Lina Frazzini
Date:    Fri, 12 Feb 2010 11:40:00 +0100

gentile mark

ho fatto richiesta al cimitero verano di roma ma  ancora non mi rispondono,
comunque sono riuscita a contattare una signora che ha conosciuto  Ines
Perilli e mi ha detto che aveva una figlia che si chiama BADIALI DANIELA però non sa se questa è ancora viva , dovrebbe avere tra i 50 o 60 anni, ora questa signora ha perso i contatti.

un saluto concetta
Dear Mark,

I have made application to the cimitero Verano in Roma but they have not yet answered me.

However I have succeeded in contacting a lady that knew Ines Perilli and she has told me that she had a daughter named BADIALI DANIELA, however she doesn't know if DANIELA is still living, she would be between 50 or 60 years old. 
This lady has now lost contact with DANIELA.

Regards, Concetta

So this is the closest that we have come so far in finding out about he family of Giovanni Perilli and Lina Frazzini and now known daughter, Ines Perilli and granddaughter, Daniela Badiali..

Concetta visited the cemetery and sent me these photos.

From:    "c.dicianno" <>
Subject:    Re: Dott Giovanni Perilli e Lina Frazzini
Date:    Mon, 8 Mar 2010 15:15:22 +0100

gentile mark
ti allego foto delle tombe di Perilli -Frazzini e Ines Badiali,
un saluto

More about the children and grandchildren of Giovanni and Lina.


Può trovare informazioni su Eugenio Perilli, il figlio di Giovanni e Lina?

Ho sentito la storia che lui è stato ucciso durante la Seconda Guerra mondiale dai tedeschi.
Can you find information about Eugenio Perilli, the son of Giovanni and Lina?

I have heard the story that he was killed during the Second World War by the Germans.

ciao. Mark
intanto vorrei sapere la data di nascita di Eugenio perilli e il luogo di nascita se lo sai, a me hanno detto che  è fuggito per non fare il militare, poi vedrò se riuscirò a trovare  qualcosa

ciao. Concetta
meanwhile I would like to know the date of birth of Eugene perilli and the place of birth if you know it, then I will see if I will succeed in finding something.

bye, Concetta.
cara Concetta

Può aiutarci trovare Daniela Badiali?

Lei probabilmente vive a Roma.

Ho percorso usando l'Internet ma io non avevo il successo.

È possibile percorrere le informazioni telefoniche? È esso possibile percorrere gli altri documenti?
Can you help us find Daniela Badiali?

She probably lives in Rome.

I have searched using the Internet but I did not have success.

It is possible to search the telephone information? Is it possible to search other documents?

grazie e ciao.

Gentile Mark

Finalmente posso darti buone notizie:

<removed for privacy reasons. See comment at right.>

Un saluto e tanti auguri per le feste di Pasqua

Concetta di cianno

Campobasso 18 marzo 2010

Dear Mark,

I can finally give you good news:

<Concetta has asked that I not put Daniela's email or postal address on the web. I will respect that wish until I talk with Daniela and ask her permission. I have written a letter to Daniela. See below.>

Regards and best wishes for Easter

Concetta di cianno

Campobasso 18 March 2010

In June of 2010, Concetta found the grave site of Dr. Perilli's son, Eugenio Perilli.

gentile mark

ti do le ultime notizie riferite a Eugenio perilli

Notizie PERILLI Eugenio : nato 1920  dec.1953 . Si trova sepolto nel Cimitero Verano di Roma,  Ubicato al  Riquadro 60 - Primo Piano Balconata 1 n. 28 Fila 02

saluti concetta di cianno
Dear Mark,

I give you the last reported news about Eugenio Perilli 
PERILLI Eugenio: born 1920 died.1953. He is found buried in the Cimitero Verano di Roma,  Ubicato al  Riquadro 60 - Primo Piano Balconata 1 n. 28 Fila 02

Regards, Concetta

Information from Granddaughter, Daniela Badiali

With the postal address supplied by Concetta diCianno, I wrote to Daniela Badiali in 2010. I wrote in English and then used a computer program to translate - the translation is not very good.

Badiali, Daniela
00199 Roma

Dear Daniela;

I received your name and address from my cousin Concetta diCianno. She called you on the telephone in March.

First, I must apologize for this poor translation into Italian. I do not speak Italian and I use a computer program to perform the translation.

About me - my mother, Benilda Frazzini, is from the town of San Pietro Avellana. She was born in 1912 and came to the United States in 1926. She died in 2007. I started my genealogy research about 9 years ago. I learned about my family and then I learned more about other families from San Pietro Avellana.

Here in the United States, in the state of Colorado, Prospero Frazzini was a famous banker. He owned the Italian-American Bank. He was married three times, to Julia Rollins, to Eugenia Milano, and to Emma Nestor.

With Julia Rollins, he had three daughters - Lina, Antonia, and Teresa. Antonia died as a baby.

Teresa married Amedo Jacovetta and they had three daughters - Julia, Marie and Antonetta. Antonetta married Franklin E. Smith II.

The son of Franklin E. Smith and Antonetta, also has the name Franklin E. Smith III.

I met Franklin about 8 years ago. He was searching for information about Lina, the daughter of Prospero. He was told by his aunt Julia that Lina married Giovanni Perilli and moved to Italy. They lived in Roma. That is all that Franklin knew about Lina.

Perilli was famous. He was a doctor and he wrote a book about the Italians in Colorado.

Franklin knew that Giovanni and Lina had one son, Eugenio. Franklin also knew that they had one daughter but he did not know her name.

My cousin, Concetta diCianno, helped me search in Roma for Perilli and found their grave in the Cimitero del Verano di Roma. At the same location, Concetta found the grave of Ines Perilli and Valerio Badiali.

Franklin and I know nothing about the life of Giovanni and Lina after the time that they moved to Italy. We would like to learn about them, their children and see photographs.

grazie e ciao.  Mark 25 May 2010
Mark DiVecchio

Badiali, Daniela
00199 Roma

Cara Daniela. 
Io ricevetti il Suo nome ed indirizzo dal mio cugino Concetta diCianno. Lei La chiamò sul telefono a marzo. 
Prima, io devo scusarmi per questa traduzione povera nell'italiano. Io non parlo italiano ed io uso un programma di computer per compiere la traduzione. 
Circa me - mia madre, Benilda Frazzini è dalla città di San Pietro Avellana. Lei nacque nel 1912 e venne agli Stati Uniti nel 1926. Lei morì nel 2007. Io avviai approssimativamente 9 anni fa la mia ricerca di genealogia. Io imparai su famiglia mia e poi io imparai più sulle altre famiglie da San Pietro Avellana.
Qui negli Stati Uniti, nello stato di Colorado, Prospero Frazzini era banchiere famoso. Lui possedette la Banca Italiano-Americana. Lui si sposò tre volte, a Julia Rollins, ad Eugenia Milano ed ad Emma Nestor. 
Con Julia Rollins, lui aveva tre figlie - Lina, Antonia, e Teresa. Antonia morì come un bambino. 
Teresa si sposò Amedo Jacovetta e loro avevano tre figlie - Julia, Marie ed Antonetta. Antonetta si sposò Franklin E. Smith II. 
Il figlio di Franklin E. Smith ed Antonetta, anche ha il nome Franklin E. Smith III.  
Io incontrai approssimativamente 8 anni fa Franklin. Lui stava cercando informazioni su Lina, la figlia di Prospero. Lui fu detto dalla sua zia Julia che Lina si sposò Giovanni Perilli e si trasferì ad Italia. Loro vissero in Roma. Quello è tutto quello Franklin conobbe Lina. 
Perilli era famoso. Lui era un dottore e lui scrisse un libro sugli italiani in Colorado. 
Franklin seppe che Giovanni e Lina avevano un figlio, Eugenio. Franklin seppe anche che loro avevano una figlia ma lui non conobbe il suo nome. 
Mio cugino, Concetta il diCianno, mi aiutò a percorrere in Roma per Perilli e trovò la loro tomba nel Cimitero del Verano di Roma. Alla stessa ubicazione, Concetta trovò la tomba di Ines Perilli e Valerio Badiali. 
Lei può leggere le lettere che Concetta mi ha spedito sulla mia pagina web su Perilli. 
Franklin ed io non sappiamo niente la vita di Giovanni e Lina dopo la durata che loro si trasferirono ad Italia. Gradiremmo imparare circa loro, i loro bambini e vede fotografie. 
grazie e ciao.  Mark
 In Jun of 2012, I got a reply from Daniela:

21 Jun 2012

Dear Mark,

I'm sorry but last year I was very, very ill. Now I feel a little better. I'm ready for you. Please write to me


In the letter, she sent me several photos. A 1946 and 1950 photos of Dr. Perilli are earlier on this page. Right below is another photo.
Badiali Family in 1968

Lina Frazzini Perilli
Ines Perilli Badiali
Valerio Badiali
Daniela Badiali
Photo sent to me in Jul 2012 by Dr. Perilli's granddaughter, Daniela Badiali.
Badiali Daniela
00139 ROMA

cara Daniela,

I received your letters with the photos of your grandfather Giovanni Perilli. I have scanned them into my computer and am returning them to you. I will add the photos to my web page.

I hope that your health is very much improved since last year. I am very happy that we can write to each other. I have a special place in my heart for San Pietro Avellana and the history of the town.

Giovanni Perilli and Prospero Frazzini were two of the most important Italians in Denver in the early 1900's. When I started my genealogy research, I did not know of them. I first learned about Prospero Frazzini and then I learned about Giovanni Perilli.

Franklin Smith, is the grandson of Teresa Frazzini, the sister of Lina. Franklin did not know anything about what happened to Lina and Giovanni. With the help that I received from Concetta diCianno, she sent me photos of the tombstone of Giovanni and Lina Perilli and of your mother and father.

I am interested in learning about the life of Giovanni Perilli and Lina Frazzini in Italy.  With information that you can send to me, we can make my Internet web page a special monument to Giovanni Perilli.

Do you have email?  My email is

I am happy that you know English. My mother and father came to USA when they were children. They learned English but they only spoke Italian to their parents - to the children (me and my two sisters) they spoke English. Where did you learn English?

Date:    Fri, 10 Aug 2012 20:28:36 +0200

Dear Mark,

I’d like very much that you write in your internet website about my Doctor Surgeon (specialized in general pathology) Claudio Gabrielli to do a comparison and a parallelism with my Grandfather Giovanni Perilli. I’d like you write how my doctor is a stakhanovite as Giovanni Perilli was. Please tell how the doctor Gabrielli save my life for three times. He is DOCTOR of 4° and 5° floor of “Casa di Cura” of “Policlinico Italia”. This is my “THANKYOU” to the Doctor who saved my life. He is, as my loved Grand Father, of whom I’m sending to you some pages of his curriculum vitae and a picture. I hope you understand that I am proud that my Grandfather was in love with his mission of Doctor as I’m proud of my doctor Claudio Gabrielli that gave me and he is giving right now the most precious gift: MY LIFE.

Thank you Mark, bye bye, in september with other news

Donna Daniela Badiali

She included two more photos and scans of part a book by Dr. Perilli titled "Vita più Sana", in English "A Healthier Life".

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