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Colorado and the Italians in Colorado by Dr. Giovanni Perilli

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I just got a copy of the book Colorado, and the Italians in Colorado by my grandfather's second cousin, Dr. Giovanni Perilli. The book is written in both English and Italian, often both texts in adjacent columns on the same page. This book is not specific about people from SPA but is about all Italians in Colorado.
Google Books has now digitized the very rare book "Coloradoand the Italians in Colorado" by D. Giovanni Perilli. If you recall, Perilli married Lena Frazzini, the daughter of Prospero Frazzini. Perilli spent time in the US in the 1920's. Click here for the Google link.

This page has not gotten very far. Look at the Google link now for the complete book.
Franklin Smith first told me about his book:

Major and Doctor Giovanni Perilli, who married Prospero's daughter Lena Frazzini (date and place unknown), wrote a book called Colorado, and the Italians in Colorado dated 1922 with the publishers name missing. In the back of this book are many pages of advertisements from Denver including one full page ad for the Italian American Bank. This was supposed to be my Christmas present to everyone. It's extremely rare and costs a bundle, and yes I just received one recently. It is printed in both Italian and English. Giovanni says he took a three year leave from the Army and had intended to go to California, but ended up staying in Denver, and writing this book. Giovanni and Lena were not everyday travelers. They were global traveling celebrities, and he had a CAV in front of his name which means he may have been knighted as well. So if you were Prospero sitting in jail waiting to die in 1926, would you have sent a letter to your oldest child in Italy saying goodbye and maybe explaining things. The Perilli's loved to take pictures, I know because I have a bunch of them. So their personal photo Album is sure to have------who knows? I am hot on the trail!


Here are some ads from the back of the book. The advertisements tell a story in themselves.

Purchased from :



Brian Levine

P.O. Box 3048, Crested Butte, Colorado 81224-3048  USA            (970) 349-7079


Colorado & The Italians.jpg (26420 bytes)

Dr. Giovanni Perilli

  No publisher; no printer: 1922, first edition.  Original green cloth binding; gold print on front cover; 208 pages with two fold-out maps; numerous illustrations.

A book published to encourage Italian immigration to Colorado, extolling the similarities of Colorado with Italy.  Endorsed by Governor Oliver H. Shoup and President Harding.

English and Italian text.

Very fine condition.

Price: $175.00

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