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Carmine diLorenzo in Aurora and Mesaba, MN

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On 1905 Nov 24 my grandfather, Emiliano, arrived in the US for second time at age 19. Went to the home of his cousin, Carmine diLorenzo, Aurora, MN. Aurora is in St. Louis County. Here is a portion of the Ellis Island record:

I don't have any idea who Carmine is or how he would be a cousin. My mother was not yet born and she does not remember anything about this. In my searching of microfilmed records from San Pietro Avellana, I’ve found:
Carmine Antonio diLorenzo; born 16 Jul 1886 (same year as my grandfather)
    f: Silvestro, 29y       m: Sabina Carlino
Carmine Gabriele diLorenzo, born 1889
    f: Christinziano        m: Mariangiola Iannacchione

Carmine Antonio diLorenzo; born 1 Aug 1878 (this Carmine diLorenzo is buried in Raton, New Mexico. He died in 1951)
    f: Giuseppe            m: Maria Domenica Carlino
On other trips to the US, Emiliano went to Trinidad, CO and Dawson, NM until finally settling with his family in Beaver Falls, PA in 1928. I think in all cases, he worked in the mines.

Many of the people listed on this page had connections to or actually lived in Dawson, NM. Look at my Dawson web page for more.

In the 1910 census, I found these people in the Village of Mesaba, county of St. Louis, state of Minnesota. These were three families right in a row living on Broadway Street. No street numbers in the record. The Village of Aurora and Village of Mesaba are about 5 miles apart, about 50 miles from Duluth which is on the western most tip of Lake Superior. I think in the census they were all lumped into St. Louis County. There is a map below.
Carmine diLorenzo,  24y, married 6m,  emigrated in 1900, Saloon Keeper (would have been born in 1886)
1920 Census (Series: T625  Roll: 171   Page: 182/3)
Bean River Coal Camp, Mt Harris, Routt County, CO

Lorenzo, Carmino, 33y, miner, born in Italy, immigrated 1902
    Elizabetha, wife,  27y, born in Italy, immigrated 1910
    Antonetta, daughter, 9y, born in MN
    Elisabetta, wife, 17y, married 6m, emigrated in1909

Silvestro diLorenzo, 55y, married 38y, emigrated in 1900 (would have been born in 1855)
    Sabina, wife,  55y,  married 38y, emigrated in 1900, had 6 children (one of them was Carmine Antonio - the children were not listed)
    Luigi Morelli, boarder, 53y, emigrated in 1905, Laborer

Tony Frazzini, 39y, married 17y, emigrated in 1889, Retail grocery merchant (he would have been born about 1870-1)
1920 Census (Series: T625  Roll: 159   Page: 94  )
2340 10th Street, Denver

Frazzini, Tony, 49y, worked for gas company
    Angelina, wife, 46y
    Frank, son, 17y, born in Colorado, printer
    Clara, daughter, 16y, born in Colorado, mattress factory
    Sabina, daughter, 13y, born in Colorado
    Cable, son, 11y, born in Colorado  <--- is this Cassio?
    Maggie, daughter, 10y, born in Colorado
    Earl, son, 9y, born in Colorado
    Eoader, son, 7y, born in Colorado (name spelling?)
    Louis, son, 5y, born in Colorado

Earl and Alfred must be the same person.
    Angela, wife, 36y, married 17y, emigrated in 1900, 8 children, 6 living (she would have been born about 1874-5, this is the sister of Carmine diLorenzo and daughter of Silvestro and Sabina - see the SPA birth records, below)
    Frenddia, son, 7y born in Minnesota
    Clara, daughter, 6y, born in Colorado
    Sabbina, daughter, 4y, born in Colorado
    Cassia, daughter, 3y, born in Colorado (1920 census and other information leads me to believe this is Cassio, a son)
    Maggie, daughter, 2y, born in Colorado
    Alfred, son, 9m, born in Minnesota

From the above pieces of information, we can see that the first Carmine in the 1910 census was Carmine Antonio diLorenzo born 16 Jul 1886. The Silvestro diLorenzo, was is father and his mother was Sabina - the second family in the 1910 census.

I still can't be sure this is the Carmine that my grandfather went to live with but odds are that it is especially since we have the connection back to San Pietro Avellana. Maybe Tony (Antonio) Frazzini was also a relative?

The 1920 Census (8 Jan 1920) for Routt, CO, shows Carmine, 33y, emmigrated in 1902, in Routt, CO. He worked in the mines. Wife Elisabetta, 27y, emmigrated in 1910,  and daughter Antonetta, 9y, born in Minnesota.

I have not been able to find him in the 1930 Census.

From the SSAN death index, Carmine died in Denver:
DILORENZO, CARMINE     523-72-2330     CO      16 Jul 1886       Sep 1973      CO       Denver, Colorado 80219
This is the same Carmine by the birth date.

About  Antonetta (Mariani) DiLorenzo          

DiLorenzo, (Mariani), Antonetta, 97. Survived by her son, Nicola (Mary) Mariani, 3 grandchildren, Antonetta (Kimball) Duncan, Tina (Mark) Krekeler, Rocco (Sandy) Mariani, and four great grandchildren. Mass of the Resurrection at Shrine of St. Anne in Arvada, 7555 Grant Pl., on Thursday, Dec. 20th at 11:00 AM. Burial and reception following."

Published in the Denver Newspaper Agency on 12/19/2007.

Additional Data

I've found the birth registrations for Silvestro diLorenzo and Sabina Carlino but this still does not show any relationship to my grandfather.
Film 1338776 Nati 19 Apr 1857 #40
Sabiana Immaculata Carlino
    f: Pietro, 25y
    m: Narcisa Colajanni, 22y
    notation: married Giocondo diLorenzo, 8 May 1874

Film 1338776 Nati 1 Jan 1857 #2
Giacondo Silvestro diLorenzo
    f: Domenico, 39y
    m: Angela Labate, 35y
    notation: married Sabina Carlino, 8 May 1874

Film 1448676 Matri 9 May 1874  
Giocondo Silvestro diLorenzo  18y
    f: Domenico
    m: Angela Labate
Sabina Immaculata Carlino  17y
    f: Pietro
    m: Narcisa Colaianni
Several possible siblings of Silvestro diLorenzo
Nati 1849 #66
Ariceto diLorenzo (brother)
    f: Domenico
    m: Angiola Labate

Matri 1866 #29
Giacinto Frazzini  31y
    f: Caramule
    m: Luisa diCianno
Giulia diLorenzo  22y  (sister)
    f: Domenico
    m: Angela Labate

Nati 1844 #13
Giulia diLorenzo
    f: Domenico  30y
    m: Angela Labate 28y

Morti 1867 #13
Giulia diLorenzo  22y
    f: Domenico
    m: Angela Labate
    husband: Angelantonio diIullo
Several possible siblings of Carmine diLorenzo
Film 1448675 Nati 14 Dec 1875 #84
Angela Bambina diLorenzo
    f: Silvestro
    m: Bambino Carlino - but this must really be Sabina
    notation: married Antonio Frazzini, 17 Nov 1894
Mark's note: This must be the Angela that is the wife of Tony Frazzini. Family was found in the Mesabe, MN  1910 census - see above.
See the Antonio Frazzini web page for details of what more I know about Antonio and Angela and their ancestry. Now has Angela's obituary in Denver.
Film 1448675 Nati 1 Oct 1883 #69
Giuseppe Antonio diLorenzo
    f: Silvestro
    m: Sabina Carlino
Mark's note: I believe that this is the Joe Lorenzo (married to Loretta della Croce) who lived in Dawson, NM. At least Giuseppe's oldest daughter, Florena (?), was born in Minnesota. Florence diLorenzo married Oreste diCianno in 1926 in Dawson.

Mark's note: I also believe that Domenico diLorenzo (or Dominic Lorenzo) is another brother of the family that later on lived in Dawson, NM. Domenico would have been born around 1881 but there are no microfilmed records from that year. At least Domenico's oldest daughter, Sabina, was born in Minnesota.
Film 1448676 Nati 26 Mar 1889  #19
Cristina Maria diLorenzo
    f: Silvestro
    m: Sabina Carlino

Film 1448676 Matri 21 Dec 1898 #25
Giovanni Giuseppe della Croce  21y
    f: Domenico  54y
    m: Giuseppa Iannacchione
Loreta Giulia diLorenzo  21y
    f: Silvestro  41y, lives in North America
    m: Sabina Carlino, lives in SPA

Film 1448675 Nati 7 Sep 1877
Loreta Giulia diLorenzo
    f: Silvestro
    m: Sabina Carlino

Several possible siblings of Sabina Carlino
Film 1448675 Nati 6 Jul 1879 #45
Pasquale Carlino
    f: Pietro, 50y
    m: Narcisa Colaianni

Film 13387766 Nati 1863 #83
Errnenilda Carlino
    f: Pietro
    m: Narcisa Colaianni

Film 1338776 Nati 1861 #55
Giuseppe Camillo Carlino
    f: Pietro
    m: Narcisa Colaianni

Film 1448676 Morti 20 Mar 1873
Carolina Carlini  10m
    f: Pietro
    m: Narcisa Colaianni

Film 1448676 Matri 22 Dec 1892 #28
Donato Gentile  23y, from Civitavecchia
    f: Giovanni
    m: could not read
Carolina Vincenza Carlino  18y (Also Ellis Island record of arrival 1898, going to husband Agostino diGiacomo, Brooklyn, NY.)
    f: Pietro, lives in North America
    m: Narcisa Colaianni, lives in SPA
From, Family Group Record (note that the mother must really be Angela diLorenzo):


11 JUN 1906   Louisville, Boulder, Colorado

28 AUG 1981  
11 AUG 1934   Denver, Denver, Colorado

From The Data Banks, these records of Giocondo Silvestro diLorenzo. The ages work out to his birth in 1857.

  • Surname
  • Name
  • Age
  • 24
  • Sex
  • M
  • Occupation
  • Literacy
  • U
  • Place of last residence
  • Destination
  • NY
  • Transit
  • U
  • Travel compartment
  • Ponte
  • Port of embarkment
  • Name of the ship
  • Date of arrival
  • 2/15/1882

  • Surname
  • Name
  • Age
  • 25
  • Sex
  • M
  • Occupation
  • Literacy
  • U
  • Place of last residence
  • Destination
  • USA
  • Transit
  • Emigrante
  • Travel compartment
  • Ponte
  • Port of embarkment
  • Name of the ship
  •    ARCHIMEDE                     
  • Date of arrival
  • 5/3/1883

  • Ellis Island

    Arriving 24 Apr 1902 on the Cuxhaven - quite a group of people (I wonder if they were all going to Aurora, MN?):

    0015.  Di Lorenzo, Silvestro M 43y M Italian
    0016.  Di Lorenzo, Cristine F 12y S Italian
    0017.  Di Lorenzo, Sabina F 44y M Italian
    0018.  Di Lorenzo, Carmine F 15y S Italian
    0019.  Musilli, Antonio M 15y S Italian
    0020.  Gatti, Frank M 30y M Italian
    0021.  Colaianni, Narcisa M 59y M Italian
    0022.  Di Martino, Luigi M 17y S Italian
    0023.  Frazzini, Antonio M 31y M Italian
    0024.  Lorenzo, Angela F 27y M Italian

    The diLorenzo's and Frazzini's were all going to his brother-in-law, Pasquale Carlini at 473 E 151 St., New York City. Silvestro had been in the US for 12 years. Antonio had previously been in the US, 2 years and Angela (diLorenzo), 3 years. Sabina, Cristina and Carmine had never been to the US before. (You, of course, remember that Angela, Carmine and Cristina were the children of Silvestro diLorenzo and Sabina Carlino, along with Domenico who does not appear here). Antonio Frazzini was Angela diLorenzo's husband. Missing was daughter, Loreta Giulia diLorenzo who was married to Giovanni diCroce (John Crow).

     I've found this group of people departing Hamburg, Germany. These seem to be new records available on The ship name does not match the above Ellis Island record.
    Name Departure Date Estimated birth year Gender Port of Arrival Residence Ship Name
    Narciso Colaiani 11 Apr 1902 abt 1843 männlich (Male) Boulogne; Plymouth; New York Avellana Pretoria
    Antonio Frazzini 11 Apr 1902 abt 1871 männlich (Male) Boulogne; Plymouth; New York Avellana Pretoria
    Francesco Gatti 11 Apr 1902 abt 1872 männlich (Male) Boulogne; Plymouth; New York Avellana Pretoria
    Angela Lorenzo Di 11 Apr 1902 abt 1875 weiblich (Female) Boulogne; Plymouth; New York Avellana Pretoria
    Carmine Lorenzo Di 11 Apr 1902 abt 1887 weiblich (Female) Boulogne; Plymouth; New York Avellana Pretoria
    Christina Lorenzo Di 11 Apr 1902 abt 1890 weiblich (Female) Boulogne; Plymouth; New York Avellana Pretoria
    Sabine Lorenzo Di 11 Apr 1902 abt 1858 weiblich (Female) Boulogne; Plymouth; New York Avellana Pretoria
    Silvester Lorenzo Di 11 Apr 1902 abt 1859 männlich (Male) Boulogne; Plymouth; New York Avellana Pretoria
    Luigi Martini Di 11 Apr 1902 abt 1885 männlich (Male) Boulogne; Plymouth; New York Avellana Pretoria
    Antonio Musilli 11 Apr 1902 abt 1887 männlich (Male) Boulogne; Plymouth; New York Avellana Pretoria

    Here is Pasquale Carlini, who had arrived only a few weeks earlier on 17 May 1902 (born about 1873). No destination name or address. Was in the US before but no years given.
    Carlini, Pasquale
    S. Pietro Au.
    May 17, 1902
    Departed from
    Naples, Campania, Italy

    I had previously found his birth record:
    Film 1448675  Nati 17 Jan 1872
    Pasquale Sabatino Carlino
        f: Domenico  36y
           gf: Marco
        m: Concetta Carlino   26y
           gf: Giacomo
    This Pasquale is not related to me (that I know of).

    To be Silvestro's brother in law, he must be the brother of Sabina Carlino, wife of Silvester diLorenzo - she did have a brother named Pasquale except that Pasquale was born in 1879.
    Film 1448675 Nati 6 Jul 1879 #45
    Pasquale Carlino
        f: Pietro, 50y
        m: Nariesa Colaianni

    Other Frazzini's in the Area

    1910 Census from the Village of Mesaba

    Alfonso Frazzini, 23y
        Domenica, wife, 16y
        no children

    Pasquale Frazzini, 33y (would have been born in 1877)
        Castrina (?), wife, 21y, immigrated 1907 (Mark's note: I believe this is Cristina diLorenzo, sister of Domenic and Joseph who lived in Dawson. See above entry from the SPA birth records for Cristina Maria. Based on information provided by Pat Lauderbach. See the Tony Frazzini web page. Cristina was Denver in 1941, listed as widow of Pasquale.)
        Antonio, son, 5y, born in Colorado
        Elisabetta, daughter, 1y, born in Minnesota

    NOTE: I've also found Pasquale and nine of their 10 children in the 1930 Denver census.
    NOTE: I've also found Pasquale's WWI Draft Registration from Aurora, MN. Wife Cristina. Worked as a steam shovel foreman for the Mohawk Mining Co. Says he was born 29 May 1876 but SPA records show 1 Jun 1877.

    Domenic Frazzini, 36y
        not married

    Giovanni Frazzini, 36y
        not married

    1920 Census from the Village of Aurora

    Alphonso Frazzini, 32y (Alfonso)
        Domenica, wife 24y (diLudovico - see below)
        Carmine, son, 9y
        Eleanor, daughter, 4y
        Sandra (?), daughter, 2m

    Next door to them is:

    William Fritz, 43y  (I believe this is Alfonso's brother Pasquale Frazzini)
       Christina, wife  30y
       Christino, son  14y  (probably Antonio)
       Elizabeth, daughter 10y
       Yolanda, daughter 8y
       Reynold, son 7y
       Ambrozio, son 3y
       Christina, daughter 9m

       (Pasquale and Cristina appear in the 1930 Census, Denver CO with 9 children.)

    Some other - possibility related - information

    From the St. Louis County Recorder's office at: there are a couple of interesting death records:

    Last Name First Name Middle Date of Death Cert. # Comments/Location
    FRAZZENE MALE NA 11/29/1910 6951 MESABA
    DELORENGO INFANT NA 12/3/1920 1049 
    Of course, the first must be Frazzini and the second might be diLorenzo.

    Apr 2005: I received the death certificates for these 5 people from the Minnesota Historical Society (my comments in italics).

    Name Birth Place Death Place Cause Father Mother Note
    Domenica Sabina
    della Croce
    10 Oct 1908 Aurora, MN Nov 1908 Aurora, MN
    John Croce (Giovanni della Croce) Julia Lorenzo (Giulia diLorenzo)
    Amico della Croce
    23 Nov 1907 Aurora, MN 21 Sep 1908 Aurora, MN
    John Croce (Giovanni della Croce) Julia Larenzo (Giulia diLorenzo)
    Infant DeLorenzo 5 Dec 1920 Duluth, MN 6 Dec 1920 Duluth, MN
    Angelo DeLorenzo Anulia Pafoeogna
    John Frazzini
    27 Jul 1875 Italy 27 Apr 1913 Mesaba, MN
    Domenico Frazzini Camille Martin (probably diMartino) 3,4,5
    Mary Anna Frazzini 21 Mar 1913 MN 
    7 Jul 1914 Mesaba, MN
    Alfonso Frazzini
    Domenica Ludovica (probably diLudovico)
    1,2, 2A

    May 2005: I received the death certificate for this person from the Division of Vital Statistics, State of Minnesota (my comments in italics).

    Name Birth Place Death Place Cause Father Mother Note
    Babe (male) Frazzini  29 Nov 1909 Mesaba, MN 29 Nov 1909 Aurora, MN stillborn Alphonso Frazzini (Alfonso) Marguerite Lodovic (probably Domenica Marguerite diLudovico)

    1. diLudovico was a common name in MN and SPA.
    2. Alfonso Frazzini, 32y, and Domenica, 24y, in 1920 census, Aurora, MN with three children : Carmine, 9y, Elenor, 4y, and Sandra, 2y. Alfonso and Domenica in 1910 census, Mesaba, MN, married 1 year, no children. 1930 census in Detroit, MI. He is not in 1888 SPA births. 1887 births are missing. WWI Draft Reg shows Alfonso's birth as 28 Apr 1887, supports mother, wife and 2 children. tree and SSDI shows birth as 19 Mar 1887, death 12 Nov 1987. Alfonso arrived via Ellis Island in May 1903. Going to brother, Giovanni, Stephen's Mine, Mesaba, MN. Possible SPA microfilm entry for Domenica:
    Film 1448676 Nati 1894 #76
    7 Nov 1894
    Domenica Giovanna diLudovico
    f: Norberto   32y
    m: Costanza della Croce

    2A. Mary Anna Frazzini drowned in a creek at the age of one. Reported in 10 Jul 1914 issue of the Duluth News-Tribune "Child Drowned in Creek". Dateline : Aurora, MN.
    3. In the SPA records, I found other children of Domenicantonio Frazzini and Carmina diMartino. Must be the same family. His grandfather was Aurelio. Domenicantonio was born about 1844
    4. I could not find a Giovanni Frazzini born in 1875 (or any other year) to Domenicantonio Frazzini and Carmina diMartino but there is a gap in the other children where Giovanni could have been born in 1875. Look at my family tree data base for details.
    5. See Dawson Graphical Family Tree (diLorenzo and Frazzini) for more about these families.


    Here is map of the area:

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