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Ferdinand de Lesseps arriving at the Port of New York, 14 Feb 1882

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This analysis is based on work orginally done by Cris Swetye. In Mar of 2005, she wrote:

"I take a look at your website from time to time to see what's new.  I do love the History of S Pietro Avellana.  Hope the project is going well.  I got to the part where the author speaks of the large group who first emigrated in 1881 and it reminded me of what I found.  I am attaching the spreadsheet of passengers on the Ferdinand de Lesseps that arrived in New York in Feb of 1882.  It isn't quite 60 men, but the list reads like a San Pietro phone book.  I haven't had time to check the names against the microfilm, yet.  I thought you might like to see this."

The History describes the second group of San Pietro Avellana emmigrants, composed of 63 people, departing on 15 January 1881, to New York for a 27 day voyage:

La seconda spedizione di emigranti si ebbe il 15 gennaio 1881, ed essa fu formata da ben 63 sampietresi, i quali dopo aver assistito alle funzioni religiose, in corteo ed al suono del tamburo, si allontanarono dalle case per raggiungere a piedi Cajanello, donde prosero il treno per Napoli.

Di qui s'imbarcarono per New York che raggiunsero dopo 27 giorni di penosa navigazione.

I've searched all the web sites trying to find the earliest immigrant ship on record from Naples to New York with SPA surnames. (I looked on Ancestry.Com, Ellis Island, Castle Garden, The Ship Transcriber's Giuld, and The Data Banks). The Feb 1882 data as sent to me by Cris seems to be the first with a large number of surnames from SPA. The month is correct but the year is off by one from the History book..

I've been able to identify many of the people on the Jan-Feb 1882 saling. They certainly are among the earliest families from SPA to come to the US.

In the manifest, all of these people, as well as many others (a total of 143) are identifed as from "Campobasso". These are the names we recognize as being from SPA. There are 56 people on this list. (I've added a few to and removed a few from Cris' original list.). With the data I have right now, I'm convinced that this is the sailing referred to in the SPA History book. Eugene Jannone had the month right but the year was off by one.

The manifest (found on  for the 15 Feb 1882 arrival shows the ports visited as Marseilles (France), Palermo, Napoli, Malaga (Spain), and Cadiz (Spain).

I tried to find each of these people in the SPA birth records. I found most of them. Note that many of these men, possibily 50%, eventually returned to SPA.

My cousin, Giuliano Colajanni, wrote that he checked these names in the STATUS ANIMARUM 1869 from SPA (sort of a census) and he found them all.

From the Ship's Manifest From the SPA Birth Records
Name Age Occupation Est Birth Year Name Date of Birth Father Mother Notes
Frazzini, Vincenzo 42y 3m Ploughman 1839 Vincenzo Antonio Frazzini 18 Apr
Pompeo Concetta Marracino Uncle of Carmine Frazzini who married Maria Antonia Carlini (Shenay Moschetti)
Quaranta, Domenico 23y 1m Ploughman 1858 Domenic Antonio Quaranta
4 Mar 1858
Marta Ciotoli

Morelli, Mattia 35y 6m Ploughman 1846 Mattia Morelli 24 Feb 1846 Sabatino Giusta Carlino Brother of  Paolo who arrived on this voyage.
Info from Acker Family web site, Apr 2005.
Musilli, Domenico 33y 1m Ploughman 1848/9 not found

Musilli, Domenico 32y 4m Ploughman 1850 Domenicantonio Musilli
9 Jun 1849
Concetta diPierro

Di Cianno, Antonio 44y 1m Ploughman 1838 Amico Antonio diCianno
2 Nov 1837
Angiola Dea Tonti

Di Sanza, Francesco 25y 7m Ploughman 1857 Francesco Paolo diSanza
24 Jan 1856
Maria Gatti
Brother of Pasquale who arrived on this voyage.
Mariani, Francesco 22y 9m Ploughman 1860 not found

Quaranta, Amadeo 36y 1m Ploughman 1846 Amadeo Quaranta
18 Jul 1845
della Croce

Rossi, Pietro 26y 7m Ploughman 1856 Pietro Abele (?) Rossi
23 Oct 1855
Aleana Tonti
From Cris Swetye - Pietro Rossi married Maria Nicola Labate in 1894 in SPA
Capone, Sabatino 27y 3m Ploughman 1855 Sabatino Giuseppe
18 Nov 1854
Flora Labate
Info from Cris Swetye, May 2006: His sister Maria Grazia Capone married Pietro Celestino Frazzini who arrived on this voyage.
In my Family Tree data base.

Possible? : New York City Deaths, 1892-1902
Sabato Capone
40 y
31 Jan 1895
Certificate:  4188
Palumbo, Fiorente 37y 2m Ploughman 1845 Giuseppe Fioravante Palumbo
18 Jun 1844
Annantonia Carlino
Brother of Florindo who arrived on this voyage.
Carlino, Giuseppe 39y 4m Ploughman 1843 not found

Colarosa, Amico 45y 1m Ploughman 1837 not found

Mariani, Antonio 24y 6m Ploughman 1858 not found

Colaianni, Carlo 59y 1m Ploughman 1823 Carlo Assenzo
15 May 1822
della Croce
Info from Cris Swetye, May 2006. In my Family Tree data base.
Also from Cris: Carlo Colaianni returned to SPA and remarried to Maria Domenica Palumbo in 1888.
Palumbo, Florinto 40y 2m Ploughman 1842 Florindo Pasquale Palumbo
7 Oct 1841
Annantonia Carlino
Brother of Fioravente who arrived on this voyage.
DiCianno, Valentino 49y 7m Ploughman 1833 Stefano Valentino diCianno
9 Apr 1833
Anna Maria
della Croce

DiLorenzo, Giocondo 24y 1m Ploughman 1858 Giocondo Silvestro diLorenzo
1 Jan 1857
Angela Labate
Married Sabina Carlino. Lived in Aurora, MN. Descendents in Dawson, NM.
Colavecchio, Nicola 18y 9m Ploughman 1864 Nicolantonio Colavecchio
12 Oct 1863
Teresa Rossi
See 1904 US Passport Application. References arrival "on or about 20 Jan 1881" on the "Ferdinando Lepses"
Ludovico, Ottoviano 26y 3m Ploughman 1856 Ottaviano Antonio diLudovico
19 Feb 1855
Maria Maddalena Palumbo

DiLorenzo, Francesco 31y 2m Ploughman 1851 Sabatino
13 Apr 1850
Giovanna Colajanni
1900 Pitkin, CO
EI 1899
Colaianni, Francesco 30y 1m Ploughman 1852 Possible: Francesco Colaianni
24 Jan 1848 Felice Rosa Antonia Fantone Closest match
diFlorio, Emmanuele 44y 6m Ploughman 1838 Emmanuele Federico diFlorio
28 May 1831
Lucia Colajanni
Possible ??
Settefrati, Luciano 36y 4m Ploughman 1846 Luciano Settefrati
10 Jan 1845
Letizia Ricci
First cousin to Antonio Settefrati who also arrived on this voyage.
Morelli, Paolo 38y 2m Ploughman 1844 Paolantonio
14 May 1843
Giusta Carlino
Info from Acker Family web site, Apr 2005.
Brother of  Mattia
who arrived on this voyage. Father of Donata Domenica Morelli who married Sabatino Morelli.
Quaranta, Tomaso 57y 1m Ploughman 1825 Sabatino Tommaso Quaranta
7 May 1824
Domenica diTella

Frazzini, Pietro 12y 2m can't read it 1870 Pietro Celestino
29 Jun 1869 Ermengildo
Michela Quaranta
Father of Nancy V. Frazzini. Married Maria Grazia Capone sister of Sabatino Capone who arrived on this voyage.
1900 Census, WV
1910 Census, OH
In my Family Tree data base.

His father, Ermingildo Cristinziano Frazzino (known as James, appeared in the
1900 and  1910 with Pietro. James immigrated in 1882 also, but I can't find him.
Carlino, Donato 42y 1m Ploughman 1840 Donato Alesandro Carlino 21 Jul 1839 Ippolito/Leopoldo Costanza Carlino Brother of Carmine who arrived on this voyage.
Carlino, Romualdo 22y 6m Ploughman 1860 Pasquale Romualdo Carlino  11 Sep 1959 Carlo
Concetta diGiacomo
In my Family Tree data base.
DiGiacomo, Giuseppe 31y 7m Ploughman 1851 Giuseppe Antonio diGiacomo
22 Jun 1850
Clarice Orsini

DiSanza, Pasquale (may not be Pasquale) 38y 2m Ploughman 1844 Ferdinando Pasquale Antonio diSanza
23 Apr 1843
Maria Gatti
Brother of Francesco who arrived on this voyage.
Gatti, Gaetano 27y 6m Ploughman 1855 Gaetano Emiddio Gatti  ??
21 Oct 1954
Amico Antonio
Pacifica Frazzini
On the Gatti Graphical tree.
Brother of Ferdinando who arrived on this voyage. In my Family Tree data base.
Carlino, Carmine 35y 7m Ploughman 1847 Carmine Domenico Carlino 30 Jan 1847 Leopoldo
Costanza Carlino
Brother of Donato who arrived on this voyage.
DiGiacomo, Lorenzo 45y 7m Ploughman 1837 Lorenzo Onorato diGiacomo
29 Mar 1836
Fioralba Ricci

Gatti, Ferdinandino 25y 2m Ploughman 1857 Ferdinando
14 Nov 1856
Amico Antonio
Pacifica Frazzini
On the Gatti Graphical tree.
Brother of Gaetano who arrived on this voyage. In my Family Tree data base.
Settefrati, Sabastiano 60y Ploughman 1822 Sabastiano Antonio Settefrati
18 Jun 1820
Maria diMartino
Father of Antonio who arrived on this voyage.
Mariani, Emiddio 50y 1m Ploughman 1832 Emiddio Sebastiano Mariani
27 Aug 1831
Giuseppe Angelo
Maria Elisabetta Frazzini
Info from cousin, Wilberta Illig. In my Family Tree data base.
Morelli, David 34y 7m Ploughman 1848 Davide Raffaele Morelli
25 Mar 1847
Mariantonia Frazzini

Carlino, Gaudenzio 26y 8m Ploughman 1856 Gaudenzio Stefano Carlino 10 Jul 1855 Gervasio
Letizia diSettori
Beaver County, PA
Brother of Giovanni who arrived on this voyage.
Buried at St. Teresa Cemetery in Hoytdale, PA.
See 1903 US Passport Application - shows arrival on 16 Jan 1882 on the "Incestante".
In my Family Tree data base.
Settefrati, Antonio 22y 1m Ploughman 1860 Giacomo Antonio Settefrati
25 Jul 1960
Rosa Cinea
Son of Sabastiano  who arrived on this voyage.

First cousin to Luciano Settefrati who also arrived on this voyage
Carlino, Giovanni 23y 9m Ploughman 1859 Giovanni Giuseppe Carlino 24 Nov 1858 Gervasio
Letizia diSettori
Pitkin, CO.
Brother of Gaudenzio who arrived on this voyage.
Boston 1902, destination Pittsburgh.
In my Family Tree data base.
Iannacchione, Vincenzo 25y 11m Ploughman 1856 Vincenzo Berardino Iannacchione
28 Aug 1856
Maria Santa Mariani
father of Oliveta who married Filomeno diMartino.
RIN: 8903 family settled in Pittsburgh. 9 children.
Frazzini, Domenico 18y 6m Ploughman 1864 Domenico Antonio Frazzini 12 Apr 1863 Francesco
Genrosa Morelli
Brother of Pietro. Ancestor of Wendy Frazzini MacFarland.
Morelli, Sabatino 18y 3m Ploughman 1864 Sabatino Mariano
30 Apr 1864
Giusto Natale
Genova Diletta Frazzini
Info from Acker Family web site, Apr 2005.
More on my Ogden, UT page. Father of Amico Giusto Morelli.
Morelli, Guglielino
17y 6m Ploughman 1865 Guglielmo Nunzio Morelli
25 Mar 1864
Maria Musillo

Della Croce, Samuele 17y 3m Ploughman 1865 Sabatino Samuele della Croce
10 Mar 1865
Grandizia Carlino

Brother of Giovanni who arrived on this voyage. In my Family Tree data base.
Della Croce, Giovanni 32y 1m Ploughman 1850 Giovanni Andrea
della Croce
30 Nov 1849
Grandizia Carlino
Father of Aurora who married Carmine diSanza of Lovelock and Ely, NV.
In my Family Tree data base.
Brother of Samuele who arrived on this voyage.
Colaianni, Giuseppe 45y 2m Ploughman 1837 not found

Colaianni, Filiberto 21y 8m Stonecutter 1860 Pasquale Filiberto Colajanni
31 Jul 1860
Maria Colajanni
Denver, CO. See GED File. RIN 9779. 1910/1920/1930 census show age as 50y/60y/70y.
Carlino, Domenico 41y 1m Ploughman 1841 Domenicantonio
30 Jan 1842
2C3R. Uncle of Anselmo Carlino. In my Family Tree data base.
Mastroianno, Michele 37y 2m Ploughman 1845 not found

Gentile, Ostillio (Ostillio may not be right) 41y 6m Ploughman 1840 not found

diTella, Giuseppe 30y 2m Ploughman 1852 Giuseppe Delfino diTella 23 Dec 1852 Luigi Mariantonia Colajanni  
Ricci, Angelo Antonio 44y 2m Ploughman 1838          
Sammacioni, Martino

or could this be
Iannacchione, Martino?
53y 3m Ploughman 1829 Martino Iannacchione 9 Nov 1829 Sabatino Rosata Morelli  From Cris Swetye: Martino Sammacioni could be Martino Iannacchione.  There was a Martino Iannacchione born 9 Nov 1829 to Sabatino Iannacchione and Rosata Morelli.

From Giuliano Colajanni, he found an entry for Martino Iannacchione in the 1869 Status Animarum.
Conti, Pasquale

or could it be
Tonti, Pasquale?
17y 6m Ploughman 1865 Pasquale Tonti (middle name might be Sabatino or Amico) 10 Jun 1865 Giuseppe Filomena Frazzini From Cris Swetye: Pasquale Conti could be Pasquale Tonti.  There was a Pasquale Sabatino Tonti born 10 Jun 1865 to Giuseppe Tonti and
Filomena Frazzini.

From Giuliano Colajanni, he found an entry for Pasquale Tonti in the 1869 Status Animarum.
Donatelli, Domenico 29y 8m Ploughman 1853   1854     From Guiliano Colajanni: Donatelli Domenico, trip in 1893 (Ellis Island), birth in 1854
Iannone, Giuseppe  37y 4m   1845 Giuseppe Iannone 1847 Gennaro Concetta diCianno  From Guiliano Colajanni: Iannone Giuseppe probably Ref. 432 in 1869 Status Animarum.
Iannone, Domenico 32y 3m   1850         From Guiliano Colajanni: A good SPA name
Lombardi, Gabriele 40y 1m   1842 Gabriele Lombardi 1841 Domenico Maria Iannacchione East Ely, NV
Lombardi, Domenico 12y 6m   1869 Domenico Lombardi 9 Oct 1869 Gabriele Angela Mastroianni East Ely, NV
Father of Enrico "Henry" Lombardi, a locomotive engineer for the NNRY.
Lombardi, Michele 1838 not found No birth record in SPA. Listed in 1869 SPA Status Animarum as born in 1827 but 1837 fits better with birth year of wife (1838)
Lombardi, Giuseppe 1860 not found

I'm not sure if these people are from SPA. They were listed among the people above. They don't have familar SPA surnames:

From the Ship's Manifest From the SPA Birth Records
Name Age Occupation Est Birth Year Name Date of Birth Father Mother Notes
Mendotti, Luigi 32y 9m Ploughman 1850  
From Guiliano Colajanni: not a SPA name.
Pitta, Leonardo 29y 1m Ploughman 1852  
From Guiliano Colajanni: not a SPA name.
Marzelli, Giovanni 25y 3m Ploughman 1857  
From Guiliano Colajanni: not a SPA name.
diBello, Francesco 32y 8m   1850         From Guiliano Colajanni: not a SPA name.
Suillio, Gaetano  32y 1m   1850         From Guiliano Colajanni: not a SPA name.
Casciano, Sabatino (might be Casciato) 26y 7m   1856          


From The Ships List :

The STAD HAARLEM, as a result of a proposal by the New Zealand authorities who had been investigating the possibility of direct steam communication with the United Kingdom, the New Zealand Shipping Co, in association with Shaw Savill & Co chartered the ship from the Royal Netherlands Steamship Co. She left London on 5th Feb.1879 and sailed via St Vincent and the Cape to Port Chalmers and Wellington. Despite a full cargo and a full complement of passengers, including some 600 emigrants, the voyage wasn't a financial success. She left Lyttelton in May 1879 for the return passage but once again the charter resulted in a considerable financial loss and the ship only made the one NZ voyage. The STAD HAARLEM was a 2,729 gross ton ship, length 106,67m x beam 11,98m (350ft x 38.3ft), one funnel, three masts (rigged for sail), iron construction, single screw and a speed of 12 knots. Built by A.& J. Inglis, Glasgow, she was launched on 23rd Jan.1875 for the Royal Netherlands Steamship Co. and was intended for the Amsterdam - New York service. Due to a severe slump in the North Atlantic trade, she was used on the Holland - Mediterranean service. After being chartered for the NZ voyage, she was sold to the French Line in 1879 and renamed FERDINAND DE LESSEPS. Her first voyage for this company started on 14th Sep.1879 when she left Marseilles for Panama. On 30th Oct.1880 she started the first of three Havre - New York sailings and on 28th Apr.1881 commenced Marseilles - New York voyages. Her seventh and last voyage on this service started on 10th Jun.1882. Then used on various other routes and scrapped at Dunkirk in 1911.[North Star to Southern Cross by John M.Maber] [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.2,p.654; vol.3,p.1066]

The Havre (on the Atlantic Ocean) to New York sailings would NOT stop at Naples (on the Mediterranian). Since the History book says they went to Naples to get the boat, they must have left SPA after the Ferdinand de Lesseps switched from the Havre - New York route to the Marseilles - Palermo - Naples - Magala - Cadiz - New York route. So the ship with first large group of SPA emmigrants had to have sailed after 28 Apr 1881 (the last Havre to NY sailing). That convinces me more that the Feb 1881 arrival date is wrong and its really Feb 1882.

There is a sailing of the Ferdinand de Lesseps leaving Havre on 22 Jan 1881 and arriving in New York on 8 Feb 1881. There are five pages of manifests. I looked through all the names and of the Italian surnames, I could not find any recognizable names from SPA.

About Ferdinand de Lesseps (the man)

From wikipedia:  Ferdinand Marie, Vicomte de Lesseps, GCSI (19 November 1805 – 7 December 1894) was the French developer of the Suez Canal, which joined the Mediterranean and Red Seas for the first time in 1869, and substantially reduced sailing distances and times between the West and the East.

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