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Dawson, New Mexico

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On this page, I will put all the miscellaneous information I have about people from San Pietro Avellana who lived or worked in Dawson. My grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini, went to Dawson, to the home of  his uncle, Teridano diTella, when he came to the US in 1912. I don't know anything about my grandfather's time in Dawson.

Uncle Teridano lived in Dawson from about 1900 until his death in 1944. Teridano is buried at the Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Raton, NM.

My granduncle Felice Amato Carlini (my grandmother's brother who settled in Ely, NV) also went to Teridano diTella's home in Dawson, NM when he arrived in the US  (From Ellis Island: 15 Feb 1912, 17 yrs, single, to: uncle Teridano diTella, Dawson NM, father Giuseppe).

At right - The Miner's Pick from the Dawson News published in Dawson from 1921 to 1929.

The people on this page, most of them from San Pietro Avellana,  made up part of the Italian community there so these are the people who Teridano probably knew and interacted with. Maybe someday, I will find the descendants of these folks and they might know more about his time in Dawson. Dawson is, of course, gone, with the last mine closing in 1950. The town was torn down almost completely and salvaged. The town site is now private property (owned by the Colfax Land and Cattle Company, LLC, I think) and gated. The cemetery, though, is outside the gate and open to the public.

The family names you will find on this web page include Carlini, diLorenzo (Lorenzo), Frazzini, Palumbo, Ricci, Iannacchione, Fraini, Capone and della Croce. I'm pretty sure that all of these people came from San Pietro Avellana. My grandmother was a Carlini and someday I may be related to these Carlini's. Some other nearby towns, also in Colfax County, where some of these people lived are Gardiner, Van Houten and Sugarite, NM. Those are Ghost Towns just like Dawson. Springer, in the southern part of the county is still a real town.
Here is a simple map showing how close together are Dawson, NM, Raton, NM and Trinidad, CO (where my grandfather was naturalized in 1904).  Raton and Trinidad are along the AT&SF Railroad. Dawson was served by a branch of the Southern Pacific. See below for link with more information.

Dawson is at Latitude 36.663069, Longitude -104.774999, UTM Zone 13, Easting 520108, Northing 4057520 , Elevation 1931 meters (6382 feet ±50 feet)

My 28 Apr 2004 visit to Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Raton.

My 28 Apr 2004 visit to Dawson Cemetery.

Sep 2006 Dawson Reunion - Trip Report

Aug 2008 Dawson Reunion - Trip Report

Sep 2010 Dawson Reunion - I didn't make it this year but here are some photos at the Dawson Association web site. 663 people attended.

To read more about the El Paso & SW railroad line through Dawson, here is an article by Gary O. Ostlund. Used with Permission. I met Gary at the 2006 reunion. The article was originally published in the Trainline, the official publication of the Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society.

 2024 Dawson Reunion  

Sunday September 1st    8 AM to 6 PM

Click here to go to the Dawson New Mexico Association web site and read the offical announcment. Contact email addresses and phone numbers are also there.

Dawson New Mexico Association
528 N. First Street
Raton, NM  87740

Dawson Family Trees

Here is a graphical representation of the various Dawson family trees as I know them. These are LARGE files meant to be viewed on screen or printed. When printed, the printing is small but still readable.

Graphical Family Tree (Dawson Part 1- diLorenzo and Frazzini) (3.0+Mb JPG File)

Graphical Family Tree (Dawson Part 2 - Carlini, Palumbo, Capone and diTella) (3.0+Mb JPG File)

Graphical Family Tree (Dawson Part 3 - Fraini and Iannacchione) (3.0+Mb JPG File)

Gatti Graphical Family Tree (1.8+Mb JPG File) Gatti's and Frazzini's with a connection to Dawson.

Here are some Dawson links:
ColfaxCounty NMGenweb Page

Find-a-grave listings for Dawson Cemetery

Jim Malecki of Pompano Beach FL whose grandparents lived in nearby Koehler NM,  told me about the book "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", author Toby Smith, ISBN 0-941270-82-3. He said it was an excellent history of Dawson and the names diLorenzo & Carlini are in the interview list. I now own my own copy of this book.

I've contacted Toby Smith ( ) and he graciously gave me permission to use a few photos and quotes from his book. They are all ©Toby Smith. I'll put the photos and quotes in boxes so you can identify them.

Over 100 people were interviewed by Toby  between Feb 1992 and April 1993 for his book. Names that I've come across and are on this web page include:
Ernest Carlini (son of Carmine Carlini and Maria Carmina diTella, born 1916, died 1999)
Arthur diLorenzo (son of Domenico and Maria Colaianni, born 1912, Aguilar, Colorado, died 1997)
Sabina diLorenzo Cericola Faba (daughter of Domenico and Maria Colaianni, born 1906, Duluth, Minnesota, died 2003, Albuquerque, NM)
Emily Palumbo McIntyre (daughter of Domenico Palumbo and Maria Capone, born 1922, died 2009)
Laura Palumbo Stratton (daughter of Domenico Palumbo and Maria Capone, born 1916, died 2012)
Sara Palumbo Wilson (daughter of Domenico Palumbo and Maria Capone, born 1918, celebrated her 100th birthday in 2018)
Alice diLorenzo Howard (daughter of Domenico and Maria Colaianni, born 1930, Dawson, New Mexicom died 1994)
This is a very good book that gives a feeling for what it was like to live and work in Dawson. It forgoes facts and figures to concentrate on stories from the residents of Dawson.

Note on the census and St John the Baptist RC Church records - I tried to transcribe the names here just as they were spelled on the census sheets and church records. This means that many of the names are not spelled correctly.


A very useful microfilm, LDS #16763, St John the Baptist RC Church, Dawson, NM, includes Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths from about 1917 to about 1945.

St John the Baptist RC Church, Dawson, NM.
From "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", ©Toby Smith.
St. John the Baptist -- a sturdy, stone building with simple crosses atop its three facades, and an imposing and steep flight of steps out front and concrete-hard pews within -- was one of the few buildings in Dawson not built by Phelps Dodge. Mass at St. John the Baptist was held daily, at 6:00 A.M., though most worshipers didn't go to church until the 8:30 service on Sunday mornings. At 10:30 A.M. on Sundays another service was held there, known as the Mexican Mass. Both the sermon and the music at the second second service were in Spanish.

Another pair of useful films are FHL #16882 and FHL #16883 which contain the records from St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Raton, NM. These include baptisms, marriages and deaths from about 1890 to 1956. I went through these films and added info to this page on 12 Mar 2005.

St Patrick's Catholic Church in Raton, NM.
This church is closed and St. Joseph's is now the only Catholic church in Raton.

Another film is FHL #16881 which contains the records from St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Raton, NM. I went through this film but I could not find any family names of interest.

The next films I need are from Springer, NM, FHL #16984-16987 from St Joseph Catholic Church in Springer, MN. I received an email in April 2005 from Mary Ann. She told me about one Frazzini record there and that there may be others. I've examined #16984 which has birth records - see the section below on Springer for what I found.

St Joseph Catholic Church, Springer, NM

There are a set of  29 microfilms titled "Certificate and Record of Death 1889-1942". They don't show up in the index when searching for Dawson on the LDS web site. They do show up if you search for Colfax County. They cover Colfax County for most of  that period, here are the films which have records from Colfax County:

1907-1913 2032741
1913-1914 (1913 mine explosion) 2032876
1915-1917 2032878
1918-1919 2032879
1920 2032881
1921 2032883
1922 2032885
1923 (1923 mine explosion) 2032887
1924 2032889
1925 2032891
1926 3032893

I've gone through the 1913 film. The film does contain all the death certificates from the mine explosion but the DC do not contain any other useful information. It appears that the certificates were all filled out by either a Phelps Dodge employee or a government employee. They don't have any family or ancestrial data.

Dawson, New Mexico

15 May 2004 - Sally and I just got back from a long road trip to Dawson and Raton. Here are views of the Dawson Cemetery and the Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Raton.

 From the:  The NMDI (New Mexico Death Index) Project  (Dawson is in Colfax county) (** indicates that I have a copy of their death certificate)
Last First MI Date (MM DD YY) County Age (YYM)
CARLINI CARMINE 05 29 35 COLFAX 546 (**)
GATTI DOMENICA 06 10 22 COLFAX 386 (**)
GATTI DOMINICK 01 17 23 COLFAX 074 (**)
GATTI GENNARO 02 08 23 COLFAX 296 (1923 mine explosion)
GATTI KILLO 10 22 13 COLFAX 006 (1913 mine explosion) (**) (Mark's note: I am fairly certain that Killo Gatti was not from SPA. See 2011 email below.)
GATTI ODORINO 02 08 23 COLFAX 346 (1923 mine explosion)
GATTO MARIE A 11 02 29 COLFAX 052 (** 5 hours old, born in Raton, father, Larry, born in Arpeno, Italy, mother Mary Alice Forte, lived in Van Houten, NM)
LODORICO TONY 09 10 24 COLFAX 586 (** - diLudovico)
LORENZO JIM 02 08 23 COLFAX 416 (1923 mine explosion)
LORENZI MAGGIE 12 18 14 COLFAX 193 (** 19 days old)
DELORENZO EMMA 07 16 22 COLFAX 056 (**)
FRAZZINI ANGELO 12 12 27 COLFAX 256 (**)
PALUMBO ELISABETH 08 20 11 COLFAX 276 (Elisabetta Ricci daughter of Pietro, first wife of Angelo Palumbo)
MORELLI JOE 12 10 16 COLFAX 366 (**)
MORUZZI JOHN B 03 13 36 COLFAX 586 (**)
FARINO ROSA 07 04 24 COLFAX 386 (**)
From "Fatalities at Dawson Mine" courtesy of Phelps-Dodge published by The Friends of Raton Anthropology found in the Raton Library ( **  indicates that I have a copy of their death certificate):
Pasquale Capone 17 Oct 1918
Carmine Carlini 23 May 1935 (**)
The Dawson cemetery listing listed 704 people buried in the Dawson Cemetery. Here are a few family names that I recognized, there were many, many more Italian names (my notes in Italics, click on the link above to see the entire list):
Dawson Cemetery
Colfax County, New Mexico
Compiled by: Vivien A. Andrews©2002
Donated to 5 April 2002
Buried in this cemetery are men and women who worked for Phelps Dodge Corporation and their families. The Coal Mines opened as early as 1899 by J. B. Dawson. J. B. sold to the Phelps Dodge Corp. in July of 1905. Dawson was closed in 1950.
* All miners who died in the mine explosions of October 22, 1913 or Feb. 8, 1923 are marked with a white metal miners cross. Nationalities are noted when known as per the New Mexico Mine Inspectors 2nd Annual Report of Mines. Information about Mine Disasters in the US.
** Not buried in Cemetery, name came from list of New Mexico Mine Inspectors 2nd Annual Report of Miners that died in the October 22, 1913 explosion. 263 men died that day. There are about 70 Miners Cross' with no dates or names marking graves in the Cemetery.
Arcanceli, Lucia Dec. 16, 1882-April 3, 1935
Arcanceli, Giuseppe April 11, 1885-April 30, 1929
Carapello, Guiseppi** Killed in explosion of Mine No. 2 Italian Oct. 22, 1913
Capone Di Michele, Maria July 8, 1887-March 20, 1936 Born in Saint Peter Avellana Italy (wife of Domenico Palumbo, daughter of Michele Capone)
Capone, Pasquale A. Feb. 21, 1890-Oct. 18, 1918
Cericola, John** Killed in explosion of Mine No. 2 Italian Oct. 22, 1913
Di Lorenzo, Vincenzo * Miners Cross (Vincenzo is listed twice here, see a few lines below. Matched up by looking at birth dates.)
Iannachione, Rosa,   June 11, 1885-July 4, 1924 b. Saint Peter Avellana Italy (wife of Florindo Fraini)
Frazzini, Carmine, July 20, 1881-Feb. 19, 1912  (b: 20 Jul 1881 (per and Carmine's tombstone), husband of Maria Antonia Carlini)
Frazzini, Angelo, 1903-1927 (son of Carmine and Maria Antonia Carlini. Per, Angelo married Pearl DuPont)
Gatti, Killo**, Killed in explosion of Mine No. 2 Italian Oct. 22, 1913 (Death Certificate #608, LDS film 2032876, native of Italy, no other information, I am fairly certain that he was not from SPA. He appears in the 1900 census from Clay, Lafayette, MO. See 2011 email below.)
Gatti, Odorino*, Nov. 1, 1897-Feb. 8, 1923 Miners Cross + Tombstone (Odorino and Gennaro were brothers)
Gatti, Gennaro*, Miners Cross (Odorino and Gennaro were brothers)
Lodovicho, Antonio, died: Sept 10, 1924, Age 46 years  (Domenico Antonio diLudovico, see more below)
Lorenzo, Gim*, Mar. 3, 1881-Feb. 8, 1923 Miners Cross + Tombstone (Possibily "Jim". This is Vincenzo diLorenzo - already listed a few lines up, son of Luigi diLorenzo and Angela Colarosa. Matched up by looking at birth dates.)
Lorenzo, Emma, Dec. 18, 1916-July 16, 1922 Italian translated to English
    "Emma Figlia D Domenico E Maria D Lorenzo" (Domenico and Maria (Colaianni) diLorenzo also parents of Sabina)
    Emma Daughter of Domenico and Maria D Lorenzo (This is Emma diLorenzo - see the New Mexico Death Index - above)
Morilli, Alfredo Dec. 13, 1886-Feb. 13, 1913
Palumbo, Angelo*, Aug. 30, 1881-Feb. 8, 1923 Miners Cross + Tombstone (first wife was Elisabetta Ricci, daughter of Pietro)
Palombo, Domenico, 1884-1946 (husband of Maria Capone)
Palumbo, Joseph, 1913-1936 (son of Domenico)
Ricci Di Pietro, Elisabetta,  March 20, 1885-Aug. 20, 1911 (Ricci Di Pietro means her last name was Ricci and her father's name was Pietro Ricci, she was the wife of Angelo Palumbo. She came to the US via Ellis Island on 5 May 1911.)

Here is a PDF file which lists the plot location for everyone known to be buried in the Dawson Cemetery. This list was compiled by Vivien Andrews and matches what is available at the cemetery. Vivian warns that the list may not be complete and may contain errors.
Ellis Island Note on Carmine Frazzini and Angelo Frazzini in the previous cemetery listing : There is an Ellis Island entry for Angelo Frassini, arrived 20 Nov 1907 age 5. With mother Maria Antonia Carlini 28 yrs. Lived with mother-in-law, Giuseppa Morelli in SPA. Going to her husband / his father Carmine Frazzini 2136 15th St Denver CO (that's Prospero Frazzini's address). So Carmine is the father of Angelo. Carmine's mother is Giuseppa Morelli. From a database, Carmine was born 20 Jul 1881 - no SPA records are available for that year. But I think I found his parents and siblings, look below on this page.
The 263 men killed in the 1913 Stag Cañon Mine #2 explosion is only exceeded by the 362 men killed in Monongah, WV explosion of 6 Dec 1907Information about Mine Disasters in the US.

120 men were killed in the 8 Feb 1923 Mine #1 explosion. Here is the front page from The Dawson News of 15 Feb (large 600+ Kb file). Here is a short letter from that same issue:

Ambassador Gelasio Caetani

Read about Filomeno diMartino, from San Pietro Avellana, one of the two survivors of the 1923 mine explosion.

1910 Census - Dawson

(Note: in all the census data, I did not correct any spelling errors that I found. I showed the spelling as is from the census, with the correction following it in parenthesis)

I went to the FHC and found the 1910 census info (LDS microfilm # 1374926, Vol 3, Colfax 1-189, sheet 143):

1910  13th Census, New Mexico, Colfax County
Precinct #13 Dawson, Enumeration District 46, Supervisor District 181, Sheet #10A
Index #143 for Colfax County
di Tella, Teridano
Head of Household, Male, White, 33 years, Married 5 years, Italy Southern, Immigrated 1900, Speaks English, Carpenter in the town.
Teridano and 4 others shared the house they lived in:
Antonio Morgano, 29 years, married 8 years, immigrated 1901, speaks English, Section Laborer, works for the Railroad.
Emico di Croce, 30 years, married 8 years, immigrated 1908, speaks only Italian, Mason helper, works for Coke Ovens.
Tarquinio Colarosa, 22 years, single, immigrated 1907, speaks only Italian, Motorman, works for Coke Ovens.
Domenico Palumbo, 27 years, single, immigrated 1903, speaks English, Miner, works for Coal Mine.

So I tried to find out a little about these four men to see if there might have been some hints about my great uncle Teridano. Domenico Palumbo is the only person that shows up again in Dawson.  Domenico and his wife, Maria Capone, are buried in the Dawson Cemetery.

Antonio Morgano:
Ellis Island search for  Antonio Morgano, age 29 years in 1910. 6 hits but none seem like him. There is a Nicola Antonio Morgano born in 1882 who appears in the SPA birth records. I don't have anymore information about him.
Emico di Croce:

Ellis Island search for Emico di Croce, age 30 years in 1910 did not result in any hits.. This must really be Amico diCroce. Probably Francesco Amico diCroce, born 24 Mar 1880 in SPA, he arrived at EI on 31 Mar 1909.
Tarquinio Colarosa:

Ellis Island arrival  30 Aug 1906

First Name: Tarzininio
Last Name: Colarosa
Ethnicity: Italy, South
Last Place of Residence: S. Pietro Avellana
Date of Arrival: Aug 30, 1906
Age at Arrival:  16y    Gender:  M    Marital Status:  S  
Ship of Travel: Prinzess Irene
Port of Departure: Naples
Going to Ogden, UT
To uncle Antonio De Stelauis ??
Not previously in the US

Boston Passenger Lists, 1820-1943 Record:

Name: Carquinio Colarosa
Arrival Date: 11 Nov 1909
Age: 20 years
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1889
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Italian (South)
Port of Departure: Naples, Italy
Ship Name: Lazio
Port of Arrival: Boston, Massachusetts
Friend's Name: Frazzini Prospero, Denver, Col
Last Residence: Campobasso
Father in SPA: Domenico

Ellis Island search for Tarquinio Colarosa, age 22 years in 1910 (age from 1910 census)

Colarosa, Tarquinio
Italy, Italian S.
S. Pietro, Italy
June 09, 1920
Duca Degli Abruzzi
Naples, Campania, Italy
Going to cousin, Cristina Colarosa, 1536 Met St., Pittsburgh, PA.
Previously in the US from 1909 to 1914. Wife Ersilia
                            (Mark's note: Ersilia Borelli and son Domenico came over in 1921 via Boston - this record references her father-in-law in SPA: Domenico.).
From the SPA birth records:
    24 Dec 1889
    Tarquinio Salvatore Colarosa
    f: Domenico
    m: Beata diStephanis

I don't have anymore information about him.
Domenico Palumbo:

Ellis Island search for Domenico Palumbo, age 27 years in 1910

Palumbo, Domenico
Italy, Italian South
S. Pietro Avellano
June 08, 1905
Naples, Campania, Italy

Going to brother, Angelo Palumbo, Wampum, PA (there is a death record for Angelo Palumbo in Dawson Cemetery listing - see above). Previously in the US from 1900 to 1905 in Wampum, PA. I could not find any other arrival manifests for Domenico. I did find a 1907 arrival manifest for Angelo, going to brother Domenico in Wampum, PA.

Our Dominico's father, per his death record, is Giuseppe, mother Josephine Inarianio (really Giuseppa Mariani).

WWI Draft Registration give DOB as 3 Oct 1884 in Italy. Wife Maria Capone.

Naturalized in Raton, NM about 10 Sep 1925 per article in the Dawson News.

Domenico and his wife, Maria Capone, are buried in the Dawson Cemetery. You will see a lot more about them on this web page.

Some other entries from the 1910 Census (my notes in Italics are from other sources as noted)
Sheet 151-2
Domenico Frazzini, 27y, immigrated 1902 (slightly confusing here - I expected wife of Maria and father of Angelo to be Carmine - must be transribed incorrectly.)
    Maria, wife, 31y, immigrated 1907, 4 children, 2 living (see Ellis Island note above)
    Angelo, son, 9y, immigrated 1907 (see Ellis Island note above)
    Ladoino, daughter, 6m(?), born in NM (this would be Ledonia)

Sheet 153
Damiano Frazzini, 28y, immigrated 1909, married 5y
    Raffaela, wife, 24y, immigrated 1910, married 5y
    Lucandrea, son, 4y
    Albino, son, 1y 9mo
    Loreta Frazzini, sister-in-law, 19y, immigrated 1909, single. Ellis Island: 1909, 18y, going to brother Pasquale Frazzini, Mesaba, MN.

Domenico Frazzini, 31y, married 12y
    Domenica Frazzini, 31y, married 12y (Mark's note: Maiden name Colarosa, they were married 22 Jan 1899 in SPA)

Sheet 152-2
Giacinto Frazzini, 20y, single immigrated 1909, miner (Mark's note: there is a Giacinto who married Rosina Colarosa, she came over in 1913, might be him). Rooming with:
    Gaetano (?) Mariani, 33y, married once for 11y (SPA microfilm - Sabatino Gaetano born 1877)
    Mariani (brother), 26y, married once for 2y
    Ersenio Settefrati, 18y, single
    Amico Quaranta, 29y, married once for 2y (mark's note : brother of Esterina and Modestina Quaranta)
    Ludovico Ricci, 30y, married once for 2y (SPA microfilm - Ludovico Antonio born 1880)
    Berardino (?) Musilli 32y, married once for 3y (SPA microfilem - Berardino Antonio born 1877 or Berardino Sabatino born 19 Jan 1879 to Amico and Clorinta Settifratti, EI 25 Mar 1899 - lists father Amico)
    Luigino Quaranta, 19y, single, immigrated 1910

Coke Ovens.
From "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", ©Toby Smith.

1910 Census - Las Animas County, Colorado, Majestic, 23rd Precinct

Not Dawson, but the Carmine Carlini, shown in 1920 Census, was here in Colorado in 1910
Carmine Carlini, 26y, married 5y, immigrated 1905, alien, laborer in RR section gang
    Carmina 24y, immigrated 1907
    Adelina, 4y, born in Italy, immigrated 1907
    Elisabetta, 3y, born in CO
    <daughter>, 3m, born in CO

Next door:
Enrico Colaizzi, 39y, married 18y, immigrated 1898, alien, laborer in RR section gang

1910 Census - Las Animas County, Colorado, Seguendo, 14th Precinct

Again, not Dawson, but Domenico and Giuseppe diLorenzo were here in 1910. They all lived in the same house.
Series: T624  Roll: 121   Page: 134
Domenic Lorenzo, 29y, worked in coal mines
    Mary, 23y, wife
    Sebina, 3y, daughter
    Bendia, 1y, daughter

Joe Lorenzo, 26y, worked in coal mines
    Laura, 23y, wife
    Flora, 2y, daughter
    Sylvester, 2m, son

1920 Census - Dawson

I found these interesting entries (my notes in Italics are from other sources as noted):
Sheet 165-2
Florindo  Fraini, 42y, US citizen (This census entry shows the last name as Frazzini - but the name is Fraini everywhere else.)
    Rosa Fraini, wife, 32y, US citizen (Maiden name Iannacchione from film #16763, buried in Dawson Cemetery)
    Elizabeth, 13y, born in CO
    Eduardo, 10y, born in NM
    Alberto, 9y, born in NM
    Joseph, 7y, born in NM
    Stella, 6y, born in NM
    Violet, 3y 2m, born in NM (29 Sep 2005 - I just received an email from the wife of the son of Violet, Nick Gonzales. Violet passed away on 28 Sep 2005)
    Alfredo, 2y, 2m, born in NM (known as Fred - Mar 2008 - I received an email from Genia Fraini, the daughter of Fred.)
    Vira, 1m, born in NM (Elvira, from film #16763; b: 8 Dec 1919, Baptism 15 Aug 1920, godmother - Maria Ricci Carlini)

Sheet 167-1  
Domenico Palumbo, 35y (I believe this is the man that roomed with Teridano listed in the 1910 census)
    Maria, wife, 32y (from film #16763; last name Capone, father: Michele, mother: Anita Angelona, died 20 Mar 1936. from Dawson Cemetery site; born 8 Jul 1887, "Bronchial pneumonia, post influenza")
Joseph, 6y, born in NM
    Arturo, 5y, born in NM
    Laivia (Laura?), 3y 6m, born in NM
    Sara, 1y 6m, born in NM

[talking about Father Joseph Anthime Couturier, paster of St. John the Baptist Church]
Joseph "Jiggy" Palumbo never served as an alter boy. but he attended St. John the Baptist from almost the day he was born in 1913. When Palumbo died in 1936, at age twenty-three, cut down one Sunday afternoon in July by a lightning bolt on a baseball diamond in Raton, it would cause a deep religious rift in Dawson.

Palumbo was an enormously friendly young man who came from a large and well-liked family. He had wanted to be a coach after high school, but, with no jobs available, he went into the mines and soon became a union organizer. An athlete, Palumbo had wavy-haired good looks and a laugh that never seemed to cease. Indeed, he was laughing as he ran across the infield to his spot at second base on the afternoon lightning shredded his ball cap. Palumbo's death shocked the town, not just because he died so young, but because his died doing what Dawsonites believed to be sacrosanct: playing sports. And yet the real shock occurred afterward. Because Jiggy Palumbo had married Leola Meikle, a Protestant, and had gone off to Taos to tie the knot in front of a justice of the peace, and because Palumbo had not received the last sacraments when he died, Couturier refused to hold the young man's Mass. Nor did the priest permit Palumbo to be buried in the Catholic section of the Dawson cemetery, along side his mother, who only four months before at the age of forty-eight had died of pneumonia. Palumbo had been extremely close to his mother; on the morning that he died, he had told his family to be sure to put flowers on her grave.

Eventually, a funeral was held for Palumbo at the Community Church, and the service drew one of the biggest crowds that Dawson had ever seen. Everyone came, it seemed, except Father Joseph.
The senior Palumbo had been so grief-stricken by his son's death and the subsequent furor it caused, happening to soon after his wife's passing, that he had refused to let the family hold a wake. On top of that, Domenico Palumbo had stayed away from church for a good long time and had only returned when a new priest took over.
From "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", pg 85, ©Toby Smith.
Sheet 173-2
Carmine Carlini, 37y (from film #16763; died age 54, 19 May 1935, son of Raffaele Carlini and Elisabetta Settifrati, brother of Amico Carlini)
    Carmela, wife, 36 (from film #16763 and Ellis Island; her full name was Maria Carmina diTella)
    Adelina, 15y, born in Italy (from film #16763; married Pasquale Marchiando 1 Apr 1923)
    Erminia, 10y, born in CO (from film #15763; married Alfonso Carlini 19 Sept 1931)
    Renaldi, 8y, born in NM
    Samuel, 6y, born in NM (from film #16763; married Pearl Lorenzo 2 Dec 1935; son Eugene b:11 Dec 1936, Baptized:2 Jul 1938, godmother - Erminia Carlini)
    Ernesto, 4y, born in NM
    Migual, 6m, born in NM
Ellis Island
June 21, 1907, The Regina d'Italia

Maria Carmina diTella 21y
daughter Adelina Carlini 2y
never before in US.

going to husband/father
    Carmine Carlini
    Box 169
    Pueblo, CO

Sheet 175-1
Amico Carlini, 30y
    Maria, wife, 30y (Mark's Note: maiden name Ricci)
    Emidio, 8y, born in Italy
    Enola, 5y, born in NM (from film #16763; married Anthony Massaroni, 12 Aug 1933)
    Elisabeth, 3y 10m, born in NM (Raton Film #16882/3 born 15 Mar 1916)
    Rosa, 2y 6m, born in NM

Ellis Island
15 Jul 1913,  The Saxonia

Maria Carlini 21y (Mark's Note: maiden name Ricci)
son Egidio Carlini  1y 11m
never before in the US

Father in SPA - Gaetano Carlini

going to husband
   Amico Carlini
   Box 816
   Dawson, NM

1924 Antonio diLudovico

From the 18 Sep 1924 issue of the Dawson News

The cemetery records show that he died on 10 Sep 1924 at the age of 46y. I didn't know about this man until I received this question from my cousin, Giuliano:

Date:            Sun, 07 Oct 2007 19:17:39 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:         dawson news

Ciao Marco
Can you check if is possible on DAWSON NEWS if there are info about an miner INCIDENT on 10/september /1924. The name of SPA'S men is DI LUDOVICO ANTONIO or as write by VIVIEN on buried list of Dawson cemetery, LODOVICHO ANTONIO. This person made  two trips in 1901 and 1909 and his correct name is Domenico Antonio Di Ludovico.

After I sent Giuliano the newspaper clipping, he said:

Molte grazie Marco
Antonio Di Ludovico was grandfather of actually SPA's mayor Antonio Di Ludovico, yes the same name.
I found at first n° two trips from SPA, and the mayor told me that his grandfather died around 1927 near Albuquerque for a steel bar in a mine.
At this point I verified cimiteries in bernadillo and colfax county.

Here is another manifest for a man named Antonio DiLudovico. Is this the same man? He was a US Citizen in 1921 (Naturalized at Las Animas, CO on 28 Sep 1909 No. 1733).  He was 45 years old.
Probably because Antonio Di Ludovico was born in 1876, but the family doesn't know about naturalization. His first trip on 1901 second 1909; and 1920 after war.

I have received the death certificate for Tony Ludovico, it gives his age as 58y 10m 4d and birth date as 6 Nov 1865. This date does not match the birth year of 1876 as sent to me by Giuliano. On the Dawson cemetery records, it lists his age as 46 years. Details from the death certificate:

Date of death:  10 Sep 1924
Age at death:  58 years, 10 months, 4 days
Date of birth: 6 Nov 1865
Lived in Dawson for 1 year, 9 months
wife: Maria
father: Valentino Ludovico
mother: Maria (? surname)
occupation: Miner for Phelps-Dodge Corporation.
cause of death: Fall of rock in mine accident.
Buried at Dawson on 11 Sep 1924

The death certificate was reported by Emiddio diTella.

I wrote to Giuliano about this information and he replied:

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Subject:    R: Re: R: Re: dawson news
Date:    Sun, 9 Dec 2007 19:18:18 +0100 (CET)
Caro Marco
The SPA's mayor Antonio Di Ludovico confirms that his granfather was born in 1876, father Valentino and mother Maria Musilli and wife Maria Carlini.On 1927 the info of death of Tony Lodovivo arrived in SPA with birth data wrong.
Ciao Giuliano   

So this man is from SPA and is the grandfather of the current (2008) mayor of SPA, Antonio diLudovico. He is another sampietresi who died and is buried in Dawson.
You can see a photo of his gravemarker on the Dawson Cemetery Web Page.

There are two men known as Antonio diLudovico :

1. Grandfather of mayor of SPA, born in 1876
  1901 Ellis Island, 24y, stonecutter, married, name on record: "Domenicantonio".
  1909 Ellis Island, 33y, Denver CO. wife Maria Carlini in SPA. Name on record: "Domenico".
  1921 Ellis Island maniest, 45y, naturalized 28 Sep 1909, Las Animas, CO. Lives in Concert, CO.
  "Tony Ludovico". Death certificate says he was born 6 Nov 1865, died at Dawson 10 Sep 1924.

2. Domenico Antonio - born 17 Nov 1892, WWI draft, Denver CO., Naturalized, born in SPA, tailor.
  1913 Ellis Island, 21y, single, tailor, mother Bambina Morelli in SPA, Youngstown, OH.

1930 Census - Dawson

(NOTE: on, the 1930 census does not contain records for Dawson, for some reason, they are indexed under "Precinct 13, Colfax")

I found these interesting entries (my notes in Italics are from other sources as noted):
Sheet 142
Lorenzo, Joe, 47y  (would have been born 1883)
    Laura, wife, 43y (this is Loretta della Croce)
    Sylver, son, 20y
    Milly, son, 18y
    Dominic, son, 15y
    Josephine, daughter, 12y
    Pete, son, 10y
    Mary, daughter, 8y
    Louie, son, 7y
    Annie, daughter, 5y
    Joe, son, 1y 2m

Sheet 150
Fraini, Florando, 47y (his wife Rosa Iannacchione died in 1924)
    Eduardo, son, 20y (from daughter, Thalia Parker, he died in the 1940's and is buried in Carlsbad, NM)
    Joe, son, 17y
    Violet, daughter, 12y (from son, Nick Gonzales, Violet passed away on September 28, 2005)
    Alfredo, son 11y (from daughter, Genia, Fred died in 1988 and is buried in Seneca Falls, NY)
    Elvira, daughter, 9y
    (1930 census has daughter Elizabeth - married to Santo Martino living in van Houten, NM - living with them are Elizabeth's siblings  Albert (SSDI 1988, Spring Valley, San Diego, CA) & Stella (CA Death Index 1986, Los Angeles, CA). 1930 was after Rosa died in 1924).

Lorenzo, Dominico, 48y (would have been born in 1881 or 1882)
    Mary, wife, 38y (this is Maria Colaianni)
    Arth, son, 18y
    Pearl, daughter, 16y
    Jennie, daughter, 10y
    Tony, son, 7y
    Dorthy, daughter, 5y
    Luciel, daughter, 2y 10m

Sheet 148
Carlina, Carmel, 42y
    Carmel, wife, 40y
    Erma, daughter, 20y
    Sam, son, 17y
    Ernesto, son, 15y
    Mike, son, 10y
    Mildred, daughter, 8y

Sheet 137
Carlini, Amico, 39y
    Mary, wife, 39y
    Egidio, son, 18y
    Enola, daughter, 16y
    Elizabeth, daughter 14y (Raton Film #16882/3 born 15 Mar 1916 in Dawson)
    Rosie, daughter, 12y (Raton Film #16882/3 born 14 Sep 1918 in Dawson)
    Mary, daughter, 10y (Raton Film #16882/3 born 18 Jan 1920 in Dawson)
    Danny, son, 8y (Raton Film #16882/3 born Daniel Regis Carlini, 8 Apr 1921 in Dawson)
    Dorothy, daughter, 6y (Raton Film #16882/3 born 2 Oct 1923 in Dawson)

Sheet 136
Carlini, Alfonso, 22y, boarding at the home of Carlo Nizzi (b: 1907, d: 1977, married Erminia Carlini)

1916 Main Street Dawson
From "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", ©Toby Smith.

diLorenzo Information in Dawson (from film #16763)

On Film #16763, St John the Baptist RC Church, Dawson, NM, I found marriages of these two women, born in MN.

Sabina diLorenzo, born 12 Dec 1906 in Farner, MN, married 18 Jun 1924 to Vincenzo "Jay" Cericola
    f: Dominic diLorenzo
    m: Mary Colaianni

[Talking about the the 8 Feb 1923 mine explosion] Sabina DiLorenzo was baby-sitting her infant brother, Toby (Tony). "All of a sudden I heard a big sound: I thought it was thunder."
From "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", pg 67, ©Toby Smith.

1923 On the right is Rose Maracchini Panichi. On the left might be Sabina diLorenzo.
The photo was sent to me by Rose's daughter Roseann Panichi Rutar.
Roseann remembered that the other girl's name was Sabina.
Photo taken in Dawson.

Rose's father Giuseppe Maracchini was killed in the 1923 mine explosion.

From Ellis Island: July 13, 1905, sailing from Napes, Going to father, Silvestro diLorenzo, in Aurora, MN. The first person must be Domenico Antonio diLorenzo, who was born in 1881, and his wife Maria Colaianni, who would have been born in 1887.

0015.  Di Lorenzo, Domenannetto M 24y M Italy Italian South S. Pietro Avellana, Italy

0016.  Colaianni, Maria F 18y M Italy Italian South S. Pietro Avellana, Italy

[Mark's Note: found on, obituaries -
FABA, Sabina DiLorenzo; 96; MN>Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 2003-1-20; clh
From the Albuquerque Journal
-- Sabina DiLorenzo Faba, 96, died Saturday, January 18, 2003. She was born in Minnesota in 1906, a resident of Albuquerque since 1968. She is survived by her children, John Cericola (Jennie), Fred Cericola (Sara), daughter-in-law Betty, son-in-law, John, Pearl, Mary, daughter-in-law Marilyn, Robert (Joan), Gloria, Pauline (John), Carmen, Michael (Alta), Paul (Antoinette), James, Elaine (Ronald), Kenneth (Gayle); 59 grandchildren; 91 great-grandchildren; 7 great-great-grandchildren; sisters, Betty Hurta, Pearl Carlini, Dorothy Tome and Lucille Fisher. She was preceded in death by her husband, Mike Faba; sons, James Cericola and Eugene Faba; daughter, Mary Alice Brozovich; mother, Antonia Maria Colaianni DiLorenzo; father, Domenico DiLorenzo; sisters, Emma DiLorenzo, Jenny Glenn and Alice Howard; brothers, Arthur DiLorenzo and Tony DiLorenzo; sons-in-law, Ralph, Richard and Robert. Rosary took place Sunday, January 19, 2003, 6:00 p.m. at French Mortuary, Lomas Blvd. Chapel. A Mass will be celebrated Monday, January 20, 2003 at 11:30 a.m. at Church of the Risen Savior, 7701 Wyoming Blvd. NE with Father Richard Olona, Celebrant. Entombment will take place at Gate of Heaven Cemetery on Wednesday, January 22, 2003 at 10:00 a.m. French Mortuary 10500 Lomas Blvd. NE 275-3500

Florena (Florence ?) diLorenzo, born in Mesaba, MN, married 7 Aug 1926 to Oreste diCianno
    f: Joseph diLorenzo
    m: Loretta della Croce

Sabina was the Maid of Honor at Florena's wedding.

On the same film, I found this baptism:

Luiggi diLorenzo, born 14 Aug 1923, baptized 5 Apr 1924
    f: Giuseppe diLorenzo
    m: Loreta della Croce
    godfather: Orlando Pisclani
    godmother: Verina Colovecchia

Lorenzo Families (Americanized from diLorenzo)

Arthur Lorenzo
    Lucile A. Franich, wife
    David Arthur, son, b: 28 Jun 1936

Working alongside your father was sometimes an eye opening experience. Arthur "Stach" DiLorenzo quit school his senior year to join his father, Dominic, in Mine Number Six. "At first I couldn't stand him. He wouldn't let you stop. These were the hand drill days, before electric drills, and it was hard. I finally could load more than him, and that's when we got along."
From "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", pg 45, ©Toby Smith.

Joseph Lorenzo
    Laura D. Crowe, wife
    Mary, daughter, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 10y
    Anna May, daughter, b: 5 May 1926, 1st Communion 11 Jul 1937
    Joseph, son, b: 31 Jan 1929

Joe (Giuseppe) Lorenzo
    Loretta della Croce, wife
    Sylvester, son, b: 23 Feb 1910, d: 27 Jan 1988 (SSDI)
    Mary, daughter, b: 21 Dec 1921 in Brilliant, NM, Married Everni Arcangli on 10 Oct 1939
    Josephine, daughter,  Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 15y,  died: 5 Feb 1944, 27y, buried in Calvary Cemetery, Raton, NM, next to Teridano diTella.
    Ana Mae, daughter, Confirmation 26 Sep 1936, 10y
    Luiggi (Lui), son, b: 14 Aug 1923, baptized 5 Apr 1924, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 9y
    Peter, son, Confirmation, 14 Aug 1932, 14y (married Margret Lucille Brozovich, 5 Oct 1946)
    Joseph, son, Confirmation 26 Sep 1936, 6y

NOTE: after looking at the two entries above, they must be the same family. Laura D. Crowe must be the same person as Loretta della Croce.

Domenic Lorenzo, b: 1881, d:1964, buried in Calvary Cemetery, Raton, NM, next to Teridano diTella.
    Maria Colaianni, wife
    Emma, daughter, died 5y 5m, 16 Jul 1922, buried in Dawson Cemetery, baptized St Patrick's, Raton, NM, 10 Mar 1917, born 18 Dec 1916 in Gardiner, NM)
    Dorothy, daughter, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 8y
    Anthony (Antonio), son, b: 13 Jun 1922, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 10y, godfather: Sylver Lorenzo

Food and drink play prominent roles in almost every Dawson childhood memory. Often there was homemade wine on those tables as well. Alice DiLorenzo used to watch her father, Domenic, brew what everyone called "Dago red" in the family cellar, and then keep small glasses filled with it at mealtime.
From "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", pg 35, ©Toby Smith.

circa 1921 Photo sent to me by granddaughter Norma Hurta Engman
Sep 2008

Martha Thayer  sent me these First World War Registrations for Domenico and Giuseppe diLorenzo in Jul 2005:

Domenico diLorenzo 15 Jun 1881  White, Colfax County, NM 
Roll:    1711858 

Draft Card D
Serial #1935 Order #508
Name: Domenico di Lorenzo
Permanent Home Address: Koehler, Colfax, New Mexico
Age: 37 Born: June 15, 1881
Alien: Non-declared
If not a citizen of the United States which country are you a citizen or subject: Italy
Occupation: Miner
Employer's name: St. Louis R M & Pac Co., Koehler, Colfax, New Mexico
Nearest relative: Mary di Lorenzo (wife)
Address:  Koehler, Colfax, New Mexico
I affirm that I have verified above answers and they are correct.
Signed: Domenico Di Lorenzo

Page 2
Height: tall
Build: slender
Eyes: Brown
Hair: dark Brown
Registrar: J. E. Slanlon
Dated: September 12, 1918
Local Board:
State of New Mexico
Raton, New Mexico
Joseph diLorenzo 1 Oct 1883  White, Colfax County, NM
Name:    Joseph diLorenzo
City:    Not Stated 
County:    Colfax 
State:    New Mexico 
Birth Date:    1 Oct 1883 
Race:    White 
Roll:    1711858 

Transcription of card:
Serial #1985 Order #A1562
Draft Card D
Name: Joseph Di Lorenzo
Permanent Address: Koehler, Colfax, New Mexico
Age 34 Born: October 1, 1883
White  US Citizen: naturalized
Occupation: Miner
Employer's name: St. L R M & P Co., Koehler, Colfax, New Mexico
Nearest relative: Loreta Di Lorenzo
Address:  Koehler, Colfax, New Mexico
Signed: Joeseppe Di Lorenzo

Page 2
Height: Tall
Build: Medium
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Registrar: W. D. Pierson
September 12, 1918
Local Board:
State of New Mexico
Raton, New Mexico

Arthur Lorenzo
    Lucille Franich, wife
    Arthur David, son, Confirmation 23 Jul 1944, 8y
    Frederick Louis, son, Confirmation 23 Jul 1944, 4y

[Mark's Note: found on, obituaries - (brother of Sabina, son of Domenico DiLorenzo and Maria Antonia Colaianni)
DiLORENZO, Tony; 78; Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 2000-12-1] 

From the Albuquerque Journal
DILORENZO -- Tony DiLorenzo, 78, a resident of Albuquerque since 1957, died on Wednesday, November 29, 2000 after a short illness. He is survived by his wife of 53 years, Margaret Mary DiLorenzo; son, Jeffrey A. DiLorenzo and wife, Conda L. of Rio Rancho; granddaughters, TyAnna L. Martin of Albuquerque and Miya E. Martin of Rio Rancho; grandsons, PFC Charles B. DiLorenzo of Ft. Hood, TX, Michael T. Martin of Rio Rancho and Sean E. Martin also of Rio Rancho; sisters, Sabina Faba of Albuquerque, Pearl Carlini and husband, Sam of Raton, NM, Lucille Fisher of Dearborn, MI and Dorothy Tome and husband, Frank of Pasadena, CA and numerous nieces and nephews. Tony graduated from Dawson High School in 1941 and enlisted in the US Army in 1942 where he served in the Pacific Theater including beachheads in the Philippines, New Guinea, Luzon and Aleutian Islands. He was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star among numerous other decorations. After leaving the Army as Tech Sergeant in 1945 he returned to Dawson, NM where he worked for Phelps Dodge Corp. until 1949. He and Margaret then moved to Ft. Worth, TX where he began his career with the U.S. Postal Service. Tony was transferred to Albuquerque where he retired in 1980 after 31 years of service. He was an avid golfer and horse racing fan. Tony was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and brother who will be deeply missed by his family and friends. We look forward to the day when we will all be reunited with him in the presence of the LORD. Services will be held on Monday, December 4, 2000, 12:30p.m. at French Mortuary, Wyoming Chapel, 7121 Wyoming Blvd. NE, with Father Clarence Galli, officiating.

There are sad stories, however, and surely one of the most heartbreaking occurred when Margaret Mary Beall married Tony DiLorenzo in 1947 and Margaret Mary's mother, so incensed, refused to speak to her daughter, an only child, for almost forty years.
From "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", pg 26, ©Toby Smith.

circa 1930 Betty diLorenzo and husband Tony Hurta.
Photo taken in Dawson.
Photo sent to me by granddaughter Norma Hurta Engman
Sep 2008

2001 Photo taken San Pietro Avellana
Lucille diLorenzo Fisher, Maria Teresa diLorenzo, Antonietta diLorenzo
(Maria Teresa is the curator of the Museum in SPA)
Photo sent to me by Lucille's niece Norma Hurta Engman

Palumbo Information in Dawson (from film #16763)

 Dominico Palumbo, died 17 Jul 1946, 62y, buried in Dawson Cemetery
    Maria Capone, wife, born 8 Jul 1887, father: Michele, mother: Anita Angelona, died 20 Mar 1936. from Dawson Cemetery site, "Bronchial pneumonia, post influenza"
    Joseph, son, Confirmation 6 May 1928, 16y
    Arthur (Arturo), son, Confirmation 6 May 1928, 14y
    Laura, daughter, Confirmation 6 May 1928, 9y (I think this should be 11y)
    Sara, daughter, b: 16 Jul 1918, 1st Communion 19 Aug 1937, Confirmation 6 May 1928, 10y (married Frank Wilson, 11 Jan 1947)
    Josephine, daughter, b: 25 Jul 1920, 1st Communion 19 Aug 1937, Confirmation 6 May 1928, 8y
    Emelia, daughter, b: 5 Jun 1922, Confirmation 6 May 1928, 6y
    Michele (Miguel, Mike), son, b: 28 Jul 1924, Confirmation 6 May 1928, 4y
    Luisa (Lisa), daughter b: 9 Jan 1929 (Godparents: Joe Brandolino and Carmela Sanelli)

Here is an email I received from Monty Stratton, husband of Laura Palumbo:

From:    "Monty Stratton" <>
Subject:    San Pietro  Avellano
Date:    Fri, 4 Jul 2008 14:07:40 -0700

I am writing this for my wife because she is "allergic" to the computer!  My wife's name is Laura Palumbo Stratton.  She was born in Dawson in 1916 to Domenico and Maria Palumbo. Her parents both came from San Pietro Avellana and were married there in New Mexico. There were eight children in the family, three boys and five girls.  There are now only three of the girls left , my wife, Laura , and two of her sisters, Emily and Sara. We have been to San Pietro Avellana several times; our first time was in 1969 when Laura was able to locate many of her relatives.  Although Laura does not speak Italian, she is able to understand it fairly well. We have Italian friends in Rome who usually accompanied us to San Pietro and served as interpreters.
Our daughter in Boise, ID , found your web site when she was researching her relatives and passed the reference site number to me.

Monty Stratton
Dear Monty and Laura,

Thanks so much for your email.

I've read a lot about the Palumbo family from Dawson. In the book by Toby Smith, "Coal Town - The Life and Times of Dawson, New Mexico", I saw that Toby interviewed you, Laura, when he wrote the book.

Toby had wonderful stories about Dawson which I enjoyed very much.

I have visited the cemetery in Dawson where I saw the graves of Laura's parents and brother, Joseph. And I've visited the cemetery in Raton where many more people from San Pietro Avellana are buried.

My great granduncle Teridano diTella lived in Dawson. I believe that around 1910, your father, Domenico, and my great granduncle Teridano shared a house in Dawson with several other men. Most likely, uncle Teridano was a friend of both Domenico and Maria. Uncle Teridano never brought his family to the US. He died in 1944 and is buried in Raton. You may even remember him from Dawson. He was a carpenter and made furniture.

Uncle Teridano's grandson, Giuliano Colajanni, is coming to the US from Italy this summer to attend the Dawson reunion. Giuliano never met his grandfather. I will be going to Dawson for the reunion.

Can you send this email also to your daughter, I would like to email her.

I have been in touch with Shari Burns who is the granddaugher of Laura's brother, Art. I've sent Shari Burns a copy of this email.

I hope we can keep in touch.

Mark DiVecchio
From:    "Monty Stratton" <>
Subject:    Fourth of July  Note
Date:    Fri, 4 Jul 2008 22:57:25 -0700

Hi  Mark,   I read your answer to my e-mail to Laura and she was quite interested in your coments.   Thank you for the info.

With reference to San Pietro Avellano, have you ever looked at the town on GOOGLE EARTH ?  It  comes out quite well; a lot better than a lot of other places.

Catch you again soon,     Monty

I received several photos from Gene Cinea in July of 2009. He wrote: "I have a photo, taken in 1934, which I believe are the Palumbo sisters (Emily, Laura, and Sara) in Dawson NM.  Their mother, Maria Capone Palumbo, was my grandmother's (Teresa Capone Cinea) sister.". You can see those photos on this web page.

Colaizzi Information in Dawson (from film #16763)

Nicolas Colaizzi
    Carolina Donatella, wife
    Emma, daughter, b 30 Jan 1909
    Joe, b: 15 Feb 1911, married Edith Sbara on 6 Aug 1938
    Amy, daughter, married Julius Liui, 10 Apr 1927
    Isa, daughter, married Boston Bartlo on 18 Nov 1926
    Lena, daughter, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 12y
    Ernesto, son, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 19y

della Croce Information in Dawson (from Raton films #16882/3)

Giovanni della Croce
    Julia Laurenza, wife (Loreta Giulia diLorenzo)
    Rosina della Croce, born 9 Jan 1914, Baptized 29 Sep 1918 at St. Patrick's Church in Raton, NM, godfather: Antonio Colangelo, godmother: Serafina Colangelo
    Giovanni della Croce, born 20 Dec 1916, Baptized 29 Sep 1918 at St. Patrick's Church in Raton, NM, godfather: Antonio Colangelo, godmother: Joanna Palizzi.

Note: Rosina and Giovanni were both born in Gardiner, NM.
Note: Giovanni and Giulia had two additional children born in Aurora, MN and both died in Aurora, MN. Look at this page.
Note: I did some searching and the Colangelo's are from Pacentro. They appear in the 1910 census from  Koehler, NM, the 1920 census from Gardiner, NM and the 1930 & 1940 census from Hartford, CT.

Carlini Information in Dawson (from Raton films #16882/3)

Amico Carlini (brother-in-law of Carmine Frazzini)
    Mary Ricci, wife
    Elizabeth M., born 15 Mar 1916 in Dawson, Baptized 7 Aug 1932 at St. Patrick's Church in Raton, NM
    Rosa M., born 14 Sep 1918 in Dawson, Baptized 7 Aug 1932 at St. Patrick's Church in Raton, NM
    Maria M., born 18 Jan 1920 in Dawson, Baptised 7 Aug 1932 at St. Patrick's Church in Raton, NM
    Daniel Regis, born 8 Apr 1921 in Dawson, Baptized 7 Aug 1932 at St. Patrick's Church in Raton, NM
    Dorothy M., born 2 Oct 1923 in Dawson, Baptized 7 Aug 1932 at St. Patrick's Church in Raton, NM, godfather: Oreste diCianno, godmother Florence diCianno.

Colaianni Information in Dawson (from Raton films #16882/3)

Antonia Maria Colaianni, 57y, died 25 Sep 1944, buried 28 Sep 1944 at Mt Calvary Cemetery, Raton, NM. Services at St. Patrick's Church, Raton, NM. Born in Italy, lived in Dawson, NM. "Died in Pueblo Hospital".

Carlini Information in Dawson (from film #16763)

Amico Carlini (brother-in-law of Carmine Frazzini)
    Mary Ricci, wife
    Enola, daughter, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 18y, married Anthony Inassarone, 12 Aug 1933, had daughter Gladys-Mae on 17 Dec 1937.
    Elizabeth, daughter, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 16y
    Mary Rose, daughter, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 14y
    Mary, daughter, born ~1920, died 25 Dec 1942 age 22y, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 12y
    Dany, son, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 11y
    Dorothy, daughter, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 10y

Carmine Carlini
    Carmela diTella, wife
    Ernesto, son, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 16y
    Mike, son, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 13y
    Mildred, daughter, born 10 Oct 1921, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 10y
    Ernesto, son b: 10 Apr 1918, d: 28 Jun 1918, age 4m, buried in Dawson Cemetery


Name Birth/Christening Death/Burial Database
Date Place Date Place

Carlini, Amico 8 OCT 1890  San Pietro Avellana, Province of Campobasso, Italy  10 DEC 1962  Albuquerque, NM  ddorcy 

Father: Raffaele Carlini  Mother: Elizabetta Settefrate  Spouse: Maria Ricci 

 /Angelo Fioro Carlini
/Raffaele Carlini b: 1870 (Mark's note: I believe the parents of Raffaele are wrong, see below)
| \ Maddalana
Amico Carlini b: 8 OCT 1890 d: 10 DEC 1962
\Elizabetta Settefrati (Mark's note: see below for parents)
Note: Maurizio Domenico, Amico and Carmine Carlini are brothers.
 /Michele Ricci
/Gaetano Francesco Ricci
| \Maria Morelli
Maria Ricci b: 24 AUG 1890 d: 11 JUL 1971
| /Sabatino Colaizzi
\Rosanna Colaizzi
\ Antonia Colarosa
(For more details see: Family tree of Bob Ricci, Dec 2008, filename: Michele Ricci 6GPC.pdf)

From the SPA microfilms:

Film 1338776
Nati 5 Jun 1849 #31
Raffaele Carlino
    m: Sabatino, 32y
    f: Cesaria diLorenzo 30y

Film 1448676
Pubbs 19 May 1878 #7
Raffaele Carlino 29y
    f: Sabatino
    m: Cesaria diLorenzo
Maria Elisabetta Settefrati
    f: Berardino
    m: Maddalena diFlorio

Film 1338775
Nati 21 Mar 1816
Benedetto Sabatino Antonio Carlino (Is this Sabatino Carlino, father of Raffaele Carlino?)
    f: Civilio
    m: Vincenza Ricci  31y

From SSAN Death Records:
ERNESTO CARLINI     15 Feb 1916    26 Mar 1999 (V)    87740 (Raton, Colfax, NM)    87740 (Raton, Colfax, NM)    525-03-2150    New Mexico
AMICO CARLINI       08 Oct 1890    Dec 1962    (New Mexico)    525-03-2545    New Mexico
ALFONSO CARLINI     31 Aug 1907    Jun 1977    87740 (Raton, Colfax, NM)    525-03-3101    New Mexico
DANNY CARLINI       08 Apr 1921    May 1983    525-30-4804    New Mexico
ERMINIA CARLINI     08 Jan 1910    20 Mar 1998 (V)    87740 (Raton, Colfax, NM)    525-40-2899    New Mexico
DONA CARLINI        27 Sep 1916    Jan 1976    525-60-0289    New Mexico

DOMENICO DILORENZO 26 Jun 1881 Mar 1964 (New Mexico) 525-03-2552 New Mexico

Carlini Information from SPA Microfilms

From Film 1448676, I found this birth record:

8 Oct 1890
Amico Carlino
    f: Raffaele 41y
    m: Elisabetta Settefrati

Film 1448676
Nati 1884
14 Dec
Maurizio Domenico Carlino
    f: Raffaele 33y
    m: Elisabetta Settefrati
Maurizio Domenico is Amico's brother. He came over on the same ship as my grandfather Emiliano Frazzini in 1905. He was listed as going to the home of Prospero Frazzini in Denver, CO. I also found him coming over in 1903, arriving 5 Jun 1903, 18y, going to home of cousin, Prospero Frazzini in Denver, CO.

Film 1448675
26 Apr 1882
Carmine Sabatino Carlino
    f: Raffaele   34y
    m: Elisabetta Settifrati
    married 9 Dec 1904 to Maria Carmina diTella

Carmine is another of Amico's brothers.

Film 1448675
Nati 1879 11 Jul
Maria Antonia Carlino
    f: Raffaele 30y
    m: Elisabetta Settifrati

This is the birth record for the wife of Carmine Frazzini and sister of  Amico, Maurizio Domenico, and Carmine Sabatino.

diLorenzo Information from SPA Microfilms

From Film 1448676:

Film 1448675
Nati 1883 1 Oct
Giuseppe Antonio diLorenzo
    f: Silvestro
    m: Sabina Carlino

This birth record is for a brother of Carmine diLorenzo. I believe that this is the "Joe Lorenzo" that lived in Dawson. In the 1930 census, this Joe Lorenzo's age is 47. That would have him being born in 1883. Giuseppe's oldest daughter, Florence (?), was born in Minnesota.

I also believe that Domenico diLorenzo (or Dominic Lorenzo) is another brother of the family that previously lived in Minnesota. Domenico would have been born around 1881 but there are no microfilmed records from that year. Domenico's oldest daughter, Sabina, was born in Minnesota. See the newly added note above from Ellis Island records showing Domenico and Maria going his father Silvestro in Aurora, MN in 1905.

Domenico diLorenzo was born 26 Jun 1881 and Maria Colaianni was born 18 Jul 1887. Both of these years are missing from the SPA microfilm.

Palumbo Information from SPA Microfilms

Film 1448676 #68
Nati 3 Oct 1884
Domencantonio Palumbo
    f: Giuseppe  46y
    m: Giuseppa Mariani

I believe this is our Domenico Palumbo.

Carmine Frazzini and wife Maria Antonia Carlini in Dawson

Another prominent family from SPA was Carmine Frazzini and his wife Maria Antonia Carlini. I found their son, Angelo and then both Angelo's and Carmine's deaths as listed earlier on this page. I am pretty sure that Maria Antonia Carlini is the sister of Amico Carlini (see email below from Shirley). You can read more about them and see their photos on this web page.

Entries: 8526    Updated: Tue Oct 28 14:49:06 2003   Contact: Daryl Dorcy

  • ID: I2569
  • Name: Carmine Frazzini 1
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 20 JUL 1881 in San Pietro Avellana, Campobasso, Italy
  • Death: 12 FEB 1912 in Dawson, NM
  • Burial: 1912 Dawson Cemetery, NM

    Marriage 1 Maria Carlini Children
    1.  Le Dora Frazzini
    2.  Ernestina Frazzini
    3.  Angelo Frazzini
    4.  Stella Frazzini

  • St. Joseph Catholic Church in Springer, NM (from film #16984)

    Mary Ann Trent, who is researching in Springer, NM, alerted me to this entry on the film from St. Joseph's Catholic Church. She wrote:

    "I looked closely at the Frazzini record, and the father was Carmine and mother was Maria Carlini.  The child was born in Dawson on December 26, 1909 and baptized at St. Joseph in Springer on January 2, 1910.  It looks like the child was Ledovia Stella Giuseppa, and the godparents were Domenico Sandocci and Maria (?) Sandocci."

    So this is Ledonia "LeDora" Stella Giuseppa Frazzini, the daughter of Carmine and Maria Frazzini.  I previously had her birth year as 1910. This entry corrects that.

    May 2005: I received the FHL film and found quite a few people with SPA names. Apparently, this church was the church attended by people from Dawson before St. John the Baptist Catholic Church was built there. These records start in 1882 and go to 1921. The Dawson entries started about 1902. I could see that Italian names started showing up about 1907. All of the people listed below were marked to have lived in Dawson. By 1918, there were no more Dawson entries since the church in Dawson opened about 1917.

    These are all Baptism entries. My comments about spelling, etc are in parenthesis.

    Birth Baptism Name Father Mother  Godfather Godmother
    17 Aug 1908 1 Nov 1908 Amedio Amico diLorenzo Silvino Modestina Valutina Quaranta
    (Ellis Island 1906, 16y with sister Esterina, 18y)
    Domenico Frazzini Domenica Colarosa
    8 Mar 1909 2 May 1909 Eduardo Fraino Florindo Rosa Johana Pireli
    (Rosa Iannacchione)
    Carmele Frazzini
    Maria Carlini
    27 Mar 1909 6 Jun 1909 Milton Brandolino Silvino Maria diLorenzo
    ( I've found that Maria was from SPA. You can find out more about her family in my family tree data base. She is not related to me.)

    6 Sep 1909 3 Oct 1909 Bicetta Elisabetta Colaizzi Amico Maria Colarosa Silvino diLorenzo Modesta Quaranta
    26 Dec 1909 2 Jan 1910 Ledonia Stella Giuseppa Frazzini Carmine Maria Carlini Domenico Sanducci
    (Santucci ?)
    Maria Annuziata Sanducci
    3 Sep 1910 3 Oct 1910 Leonardo Alberto Fraino Florindo Rosa Iannacchione Carmine Frazzini Maria Carlino
    18 Sep 1910 5 Nov 1911 Ernestina Bina Vittoria Frazzini Carmine Maria Carlini Domenico Sanducci (Santucci ?)
    Maria Annuziata Sanducci
    8 May 1911 1 Mar 1914 Rosa Michelina Frazzini Amico Nicoletta Piccolo Domenico Palumbo Maria Caponi
    19 Mar 1910 1 Mar 1914 Giuseppe Frazzini Amico Nicoletta Piccolo Domenico Palumbo Maria Caponi
    11 Feb 1914 28 Feb 1914 Stella Fraino Florindo Rosa Iannacchione Augustino Frazzini Maria Carlini
    27 Sep 1914 4 Oct 1914 Michelina Capone Urbino Augstina Cicnna (Cicini from Acciano, L'Aquila?) Silvino diLorenzo (Modestina) Valutina Quaranta
    24 Apr 1914 6 Feb 1915 Enora (?) Carlini Amico Maria Ricci Amico Frazzini Nicoletta Frazzini
    28 Jun 1915 1 Aug 1915 Alberto Filippo Frazzini Amico Maria Nicola Piccoli Domenico Palumbo Maria Capponi
    15 Jan 1916 5 Mar 1916 Viola Maria Fraino
    (29 Sep 2005 - I just received an email from the wife of the son of Violet, Nick Gonzales. Violet passed away on 28 Sep 2005)
    Florino Rosa Ana Chi...
    (Rosa Iannacchione)
    Gennaro Cinea Maria Cinea
    (Maria Antonia Carlini)
    22 Feb 1916 6 Mar 1916 Elena diGiani (diCianno?) Carmulo Paicun... diTellis (?) Domenico Palumbo Maria Palumbo
    25 Oct 1915 7 May 1916 Gaetano Gatti Erminio Concetta Frazzini (Erminio and Concetta buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Rock Springs, WY) Amico Carlini Maria (Ricci) Carlini

    notation on record of Gaetano Gatti: Married Rose M. Dorrance 17 Aug 1941, Rock Springs, WY, Confirmed 11 Apr 1954
    10 Nov 1915 6 Aug 1916 Vincenzo Cinea Vincenzo Nicolina Frazzini Giuseppe Rea Oida Carlini
    2 Aug 1916 3 Sep 1916 Laura Palumbo Domenico Maria Caponi Giuseppe Brandolino Carmula Brandolino
    (maiden name: Carmela Sanelli)
    19 Dec 1917 (?) 1 Jun 1917 Domenico Cinea Gennaro Maria Carlini
    (Maria Antonia Carlini)
    Domenico Sautucci Maria Nunziata Giotti

    Fraini Information in Dawson (from film #16763)

    Florindo Fraini
        Rosa Iannacchione, wife
        Alfredo, son, born 4 Aug 1917, Confirmation 14 Aug 1932, 14y (father's name shown as Florindo Frazini)
        Elvira (Vira), daughter, b: 8 Dec 1919, Baptism 15 Aug 1920, godmother - Maria Antonia Carlini, Confirmation 4 Jul 1926, 6y
        NOTE: see the census entry above for more children

    More about the Fraini family on their own web page.

    Another Fraini note: Innocente Fraini, 16y (Fiorangelo Innocente, born 4 Jan 1888), arrived in 1903 going to brother Florindo Fraini in Segundo, CO. (Segundo is one mile south of Primero, CO). The 1930 census, places Innocente in Newton, Middlesex, MA,

    Yet another Fraini note: I now have Rosa's death certificate. It was filed under the name "Farino". She died of a multitude of diseases on 4 Jul 1924 at the age of 38y. The DC lists her parents, Giuseppe and Cristina Colavecchia. At the time of her death, she lived in house #1576 in Dawson.

    Frazzini Information from Ellis Island

    I found this record of a family going to Dawson, to husband Girolamo Frazzini, Nov 4, 1911:
        Esterina Quaranta, 23y, mother in SPA - Serafina diCianno
        Rosa Frazzini, 4y
        Solvino, 2y
        Giovanni,  9m

    Frazzini Information from SPA microfilms

    Per Ellis Island, "Angelo Frassini", arrived 20 Nov 1907 age 5. With mother Maria Antonia Carlini 28 yrs. Lived with mother-in-law, Giuseppa Morelli in SPA. Going to her husband / his father Carmine Frazzini 2136 15th St Denver CO (that's Prospero Frazzini's address). So Carmine is the father of Angelo. Carmine's mother is Giuseppa Morelli. From a database, Carmine was born 20 Jul 1881 - no SPA records are available for that year.

    From this, I don't have Carmine's birth record or his father's name. But I looked in the records for births with Giuseppa Morelli as the mother. And I found these brothers and sisters:

    Film 1448675
    Nati 6 Sep 1866
    Maria Concetta Frazzini
        f: Angelofiore
           gf: Pompeo
        m: Giuseppa Morelli
           gf: Emanuele

    Film 1448675
    Nati 11 Mar 1868
    Drusiana Concetta Frazzini
        f: Angelofiore  32y
           gf: Pompeo
        m: Giuseppa Morelli  2?y
           gf: Emmanuele

    Film 1448675
    Nati 13 Dec 1869
    Lucia Filomena Frazzini
        f: Angelofiore
           gf: Pompeo
        m: Giuseppa Morelli
           gf: Emanuele

    Film 1448675
    Nati 16 May 1872
    Emmanuele Pasquale Frazzini
        f: Angelofiore 36y
           gf: Pompeo
        m: Giuseppa Morelli 30y
           gf: Emanuele

    Film 1448675
    Nati 10 Jun 1875
    Maria Flora Frazzini
        f: Angelofiore
        m: Giuseppa Morelli

    Film 1448675
    Nati 8 Feb 1877
    Raffaela Addolorata Frazzini
        f: Angelofiore 40y
        m: Giuseppa Morelli

    Going back a generation:

    Film 1338776
    Nati 6 Mar 1836
    Angiolo Fiore Frazzini
        f: Pompeo, 31y
        m: Concetta Marracino, 28y

    Film 1338775
    Nati 25 Aug 1833
    Pacifica Raffaela Frazzini
        f: Pompeo
        m: Concetta Marracino, 25y

    Dawson News

    In Sep of 2006, I got a set of scans for the Dawson News from 1921 to 1929. It is really a treasure of information.

    Here is an article which appears regularly. A great list of names. This article appeared on 2 Dec 1926.

    Some of the names from SPA in this list:

    E. Gatti (Erminio Gatti)
    Joe Lorenzo (Giuseppe diLorenzo)
    Dominick Lorenzo (Domenico diLorenzo)
    Flim Di Martini (Filomeno diMartino - he was one of the two survivors of the 1913 mine explosion)
    Jim Cinea (Gennaro Cinea)
    Amico Carlini
    Carmen Carlini (Carmine Carlini)
    Florindo Fraini (incorrectly listed as Frazzini)

    Some others:

    John B. Moruzzi - My great grand uncle, Teridano diTella's landlord and friend.

    Remegio Yob - I met two of his daughters, Erma and Mary, at the 2006 Dawson Reunion - They remebered my great granduncle Teridano diTella.

    Jim Brandolini - probably Giuseppe Brandolino. Search below for more about him and his wife.
    Erminio Gatti and Amico Gatti

    More from Microfilm #16763, St John the Baptist RC Church, Dawson, NM

    This film contains a lot of information about the family of Amico Carlini and his wife Maria Ricci. I'm pretty sure that Maria Ricci is the sister of Michele Ricci (see email below from Shirley). I found that Amico Carlini and Maria Ricci were god-parents in the baptism of Fernando Gatti (b 5 Nov 1917) and Carmina & Cristina Musilli (twins) (b 19 Nov 1919, daughters of Luigi and Iola (Ida) Carlini).

    This film contains a lot of information about these families, only part of which I have on this page:

    Date:            Tue, 27 Mar 2007 16:43:55 -0700
    From:            Ellen <>
    Subject:         Brandolino Geneology

    Hello Mark,

    My Aunt Sharon forwarded your e-mail to me.  I was very excited to see your web-site and learn about Dawson, NM. 

    Giuseppe Brandolino and Carmela Sanelli are my great-grandparents.  I would love to get the photos of their gravesites. 

    I have a few photos you may be interested in.  One is a family photo taken of them taken around 1913 with their three oldest children.  Another is of them in the 1940's and the last is my grandfather, John's, graduating class of 1940 from DHS. Let me know if you would like copies of any of these photos. 

    I'm afraid I don't have any information about Silvino Brandolino, but I have e-mailed another aunt who is working on that line and will pass on any findings.

    Thanks,  Ellen

    Great to hear from you.

    In the next two emails, I will send the photos from Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Raton - tombstones of Giuseppe Brandolino, his wife Carmela Sanelli and daughter Mary.

    Your great-grandparents were very popular in the Italian community in Dawson. I've found them listed many, many times as god-parents at baptisms of children. I found these records in the microfilmed records from St. John the Baptist Church in Dawson.

    The closest association seems to be with family of  Domenico Palumbo and Maria Capone. That family was from San Pietro Avellana (my mother's hometown). Your great-grandparents were god-parents to:
      Laura Palumbo   baptised 3 Sep 1916
      Sara Palumbo    baptised 15 Sep 1918
      Josefina Palumbo baptised 12 Sep 1920
      Emelia Palumbo  baptised 18 Jun 1922
      Michele Palumbo baptised 12 Apr 1925
      Luisa Palumbo   baptised 21 Apr 1929

    They were also god-parents to:
      Imelda Graciella del Tonto   baptised 17 Jun 1923
      daughter of Antonio del Tonto and Eugenia Massarotti (I believe del Tonto is a name from Caramanico or the nearby town of Sant'Eufemia a Maiella - my father's hometown.)

    I found the death records of your great-grandparents in the records from St. Patrick's Church in Raton:

    1 Dec 1944 Giuseppe Brandolino, 66 years
      buried 4 Dec 1944 Mt Calvary Cemetery, Raton.
      born Italy, lived Dawson.
      "Pulmonary Fibrosis Myochadetis"
      "Died early this morning in Miner's Hospital"

    19 Jul 1954 Carmela Brandolino,  68 years
      Lived in Ventura, CA, born Italy
      buried in Mt Calvary Cemetery
      "Heart Attack"

    This is by no means a complete list. When I was searching the microfilmed records, I was, of course, looking for names related to my family. There may be many more records concerning Giuseppe and Carmela that I didn't write down.

    I would really like to see the photos that you describe. May I ask if I can use them on the  Dawson web page?


    Date:            Thu, 22 Mar 2007 19:58:13 -0700 (PDT)
    From:            Gail Brandolino <>
    Subject:         brandolino

    Hello Mark
    My name is Gail Brandolino married to Ron Brandolino grandson of Giuseppe and Carmela Brandolino. I received a copy of your e-mail to Sharon from Ellen Brandolino, our neice. You had offered to send pictures of the grave sites of Giuseppe and Carmella to Sharon and I wondered if you might send me copies too.
    I don't have much to offer on that line of the family but if I can answer any questions please let me know. Thank you,

    Date:            Thu, 08 Mar 2007 00:45:08 -0500 (EST)
    Subject:         Genealogy

    Dear Mark,
    I was reading about Dawson and some of the corresondences you had with those tracing roots in Italy. My great  grandfather Silvino Brandolino worked in the coal mines in Dawson and I went to the cemetery in Caramanico and saw the grave stones of Silvino, Donato (his father) and other Brandolino names.
    I hope this finds you well and I really enjoyed reading about the families and history. You even had listed my grandfather's baptism. His name was Milton Brandolino.
    Thank You,
    Gary Brandolino
    Date:            Sat, 10 Mar 2007 20:47:58 -0500 (EST)
    Subject:         Re: Genealogy

    I'm working on getting some names for you. My father and I are going to talk tomorrow and I'll write to you as soon as he gives me some information.
    All the best,
    Gary  Eldest of Milton G. Brandolino
    Date:            Mon, 12 Mar 2007 19:19:09 -0400 (EDT)
    Subject:         Re: Genealogy

    Hi Mark,
    Giuseppe and Silvino were not brothers and yes Silvino's wife was a diLorenzo.
    Here is what I have: Silvino was my great grandfather.
    Silvino Brandolino; first of our family to come to America.
    Silvino's wife; Maria diLorenzo.
    Silvino's father; Donato Brandolino.  (Silvino's sister was  Antonetta) 
    Silvino's mother; Maria Domenica Colonna.
    Silvino's kids; Egidio(still alive in Burlingame, Calif.)
                          Guido, died at 2 years, grave in Caramanico.
                          Liberata, died recently in Southern California.
                          Milton, died in 1978  (my grandfather)
                          Donato, I believe died in Bologna, Italy
                          Enola, died young somewhere in New Mexico.
    Maria diLorenzo Brandolino's (Silvino's wife) father; Damico diLorenzo, Mother;  Liberata Labote. (Mark's note: Amico diLorenzo and Liberata Labate)
    Milton Brandolino (Silvino's son, my grandfather died in 1978)
    Milton's wife; Alberina Marchiando, died last year.
    Alberina's father; Tony Marchiando. Mother;  Anna Silvestri.
    Tony Marchiando's brother was Pasquale, who married Lyndsie.
    Milton G. Brandolino; my father. His wife ( my mother) is Angela Arena. Children in order; Gary, Robert, Michael, Catherine, David.
    Thanks for all those emails. I hope this clears up a few things for you. I think I need to go to Italy and trace after Donato Brandolino, Silvino's father.
    Stay well,

    Other emails

    On 2 Feb 2004 at 19:57, SHIRLEY SINCLAIRE wrote:

    Date sent:         Mon, 02 Feb 2004 19:57:33 -0600
    From:               SHIRLEY SINCLAIRE <>

    I put this info into my family tree off the ship's manifest from my grandfather, don't know if you already have it, or if any of this is related to you.  Check it out anyway...I liked the new pictures in your album.  Had some questions, but can't remember them off-hand it was earlier today.  When  I check it out again, I am sure I will remember the question, duh!


    Pietro Berardino Colajanni emigrated to USA at age of 17 and single, farm laborer, nearest relative in country came from - father, Domenico: arrived  Ellis Island, New York, NY on Feb 9, 1911 from Naples, Italy on the vessel Berlin.  Passage was paid by his cousin Giuseppe Colaianni, traveled to meet him in Livingston, Montana with $25 and ticket to destination  (5 or S also in this column).  Pietro traveled with:

    Amico Carlini (M-20 yrs married, farm laborer-passage paid by self, nearest relative in country came from, wife Maria in SPA) traveling to Dawson, New  Mexico to meet brother-in-law, Carmine Frazzini with $20 in possession and a ticket to destination;

    Michele Ricci (M-18 yrs single, farm laborer-passage paid by self, nearest relative in country came from, father Gaetano in SPA) traveling to Dawson,  New Mexico to meet cousin, Carmine Frazzini with $20 in possession and a ticket to destination;

    Nicolantonio Colavecchio (M-37 yrs married, farm laborer-passage paid by nephew, nearest relative in country came from, wife Er--- or Cr--- (can't it read well) traveling to meet nephew, Giuseppe Colaianni (son of Gennaro) in Livingston, Montana with $20 and ticket to destination.

    Michele Colavecchio (M-14 yrs single, farm laborer-passage paid by uncle, nearest relative in country came from, mother) traveling with his father Nicolantonio, to meet uncle, Giuseppe Colaianni (son of Gennaro) with ticket to destination.

    Gennaro Colajanni (M-60 yrs married, blacksmith-passage paid by son), nearest relative in country came from, wife, Fr---alina?) traveling to meet son, Giuseppe Colaianni in Livingston, Montana with $25 and ticket to destination (5 or S also in this column).

    Note by Mark : Ellis Island Series T715, Roll 1627, Frame 978, Michele Ricci is the brother of Maria Ricci, the wife of Amico Carlini.

    Coal miners from Toby Smith's Book.
    What is interesting to me is that my great grand uncle, Teridano diTella, or my grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini, may be one of these men.
    From "Coal Town - The Life and Times of  Dawson, New Mexico", ©Toby Smith.


    Maria Ricci                                            Date: 26 Jun 2000 12:00 PM GMT
    Author: Daryl B. Dorcy

    My wife's grandmother, Maria Ricci (b. Aug 24 1890 in San Pietro Avellana, Campobasso, Italy. Married Amico Carlini from same place, both immigrated to New York (1913) then to Dawson, NM. Amico Carlini, son of Raffaele Carlini (no dates) and Elizabetta Settefrate (no dates). Maria Ricci has daughter, Maria Carlini who marries a Carmen Frazzini (again no dates, but all families from San Pietro Avellana. Parents of Maria Ricci, Gaetano Ricci and wife Rosanna Colaizzi (no dates). My wife's mother was the source and she was uncertain of Colaizzi spelling. Would be happy to share full descendants report. Am anxious to see if these families connect. Daryl Dorcy.
    I received this file from Marjorie DiLorenzo, wife of Fred DiLorenzo (son of Art and Lucille DiLorenzo and brother to David Arthur DiLorenzo). Fred was born in Dawson in 1940. Pearl was the daughter of Domenico diLorenzo and Maria Antonia Colaianni.

    July, 2001

    Arrived in New York, not sure if they worked in the mine - went to Duluth Minnesota to work in the mine. Had to be on knees with short pik and decided to leave.

    Story of women not getting off the train - when Aunt Laura and grama (Maria) came with Joe and Domenic to America they were on their way to Minnesota on the train.  When the train stopped, the men got off but the women didn’t.  The train left the station and the men realized the women hadn’t followed them.  The men spoke some English, but the women knew no English.  The men contacted the station master and he wired ahead to let the people at the next stop know so they could get the women off the train and return them to the waiting husbands.  Imagine how scared they must have been.

    Born in Duluth to Dominic and Maria

    Born in Duluth to Joe and Laura (Crow)

    Born in Aguilar, Colorado
        Arthur November 1911

    Born in Ludlow
        Pearl January 1913

    Born in  Dawson
        Emma 1915

    Jenny?  6/8/19

    Pearl said that she was one day old when they hurried to leave Ludlow.  It was January and snowing and her dad came home and said they had to get out of there.  The people were against the union and felt they were in danger.  They went to Aunt Christina’s in Denver and that day 14 women and children were killed in Ludlow. (Mark's note: for some photos of a new monument to the slain, look at this web site: .)

    They also lived in Sugarete, Yankee, Koehler and Dawson

    Grama died in 1944 and Jenny in 1948

    Pearl was 7 when Emma died at age 5
        Pearl tells the story of seeing Emma about a week after she died at the window.
        She also saw her mother with an apron on after she died.  Pearl was grieving for her mother uncontrollably, and one night she saw her mother and her mother said, “you won’t let me rest”.

    Pearl said Papa’s sisters were Julia who lived in Swastika, Christina and Angelina who lived in Denver.

    Sam’s dad (Carmini Carlini) was 12 years old when he came to the USA and worked with mules.  Sam left home at 14 and went to Texas.  When he lived in Aguilar he lived in a boxcar and bought groceries in Trinidad.  Sam worked in the store from the time he was 14-18 and then in the old fields of Texas.  He quit school in the 5th grade.  Pearl and Sam owned a grocery store in Jal and then in Raton, New Mexico.

    Jenny and Toby worked for Pearl and Sam in the store in Jal

    Mr Felan was the Superintendent at the Dawson school.  Special to Pearl.

    Grampa Franich came to see the DiLorenzo’s.  Wanted to meet the family of the man  his daughter was going to marry.

    Mary diLorenzo Arcangeli’s parents are Joseph and Laura de la Croce (Crow) DiLorenzo
        Husband - Evern
            Sons - Evern, Jr and David (1 daughter)
            Daughter - Elaine (2 children)

    Pat (Pete) DiLorenzo
    Louie (last to die) DiLorenzo
    Dominic DiLorenzo
    Silver DiLorenzo
    Millie DiLorenzo

    Carmen (Dominic’s brother)
        Bought a saloon and store (sold dresses, clothes) in Duluth and the store caught fire.  His wife kept all the money in the lining of her coat.  They were on their way back to Italy when the fire happened.  She still lives in Denver.  They had a son, Carmen a daughter and another son.

    Grama learned to read and write.  Grampa taught her.

    All the Crow’s were firemen or policemen.  Dominic Crow quit because other policemen were stealing.

    Dominic DiLorenzo born June 26, 1881
    Maria Colaianni born July 18, 1887


    I received these emails from Lucy Ann Wines in Mar 2005.


    I was looking for the date she came to New Mexico to complete some  papers to finish closing up my mother's estate and stumbled on your site with the grave markers.  My uncle was Everni Arcangeli, married to Mary Di Lorenzo, a favorite aunt of mine who still lives in Raton.  He died of cancer, the primary site being breast, as did 4 of his sisters.

    I was born in Dawson and lived there until they closed the mine in 1950.  My father, Joseph Catallo was born there and my mother, Mary Arcangeli  the oldest of the Arcangeli family, immigrated there when she was 5.  I have put her name on the marker Iaccoca has on Ellis Island and was able to get a copy of the manifest and photo of the ship she and my grandmother came on.

    I recognize many of the names you have on your site from the Carlini family, like Mary and the son who died in the war, Jay Cericola I remember from school.  I didn't realize he died so young.  My grandparents on both sides are buried in the Dawson cemetery, as are my cousins from the Cincornelli and Arcangeli families.  Many of the relatives live in Raton.  I am sure you are aware there is a book on Dawson that had anecdotes from many of the residents and photos of the school, churches,etc.

    I really enjoyed your photos, all of them, having been in Santa Fe, Taos and just about anywhere else.  My family lives in Albuquerque, a sister, brother in law, niece and great niece.  My mother just died last year at 94 and my father died, as a result of medical negligence at 88, 5 years before her.

    Any questions I can answer, I would be pleased to do so.  I am 69 so I  don't have too many senior moments.

    Thanks again for sharing the photos.
    Lucy Ann (formerly Lucia before my parents changed it when I started school) Howard (widowed at 52) Wines (remarried at 60) who lives in Beverly Hills Florida
    Hello Mark,

    I don't know much about my family's background.  I never thought to ask until it was too late.  This is what I know about my mother who is the sister of Everni Arcangeli whose tombstone you had a photo of because he was married to Mary Di Lorenzo who is connected to your family tree.   She is still  living and went to Italy with her son, David, to visit the Arcangeli's who are still in Italy. 

    When we went through my mother's effects after she died, I found a sheet of paper with the following information:
    My grandparents were Lucia Ceccotti and Guiseppe Arcangeli married September 27th 1908 Regista No2 P. 27 of the Parish of Colliponi.  St. Gregory's is the parish and it is in Genga District of Ancona.  Maternal grandmother's name was Susanna Petroni and maternal grandfather's name was Sebastiano Ceccotti.  Paternal Grandmother's name was Marie Domencia Sebbatini  and paternal grandfather was Antonio Arcangeli.  The children in the Ceccotti family were Liva, Barbara, Mauela, Fiore, Sebastiano and Forido or Forida.  Everni Arcangeli's parents Gusippe Arcangeli was born April 1885 and died April 30, 1929 at the age of 44.  Lucia, his mother,  was born on December 10, 1882 and died April 1935 at the age of 53.  I was born August 25th, 1935 and my grandmother was living with my parents when she died so you can see how I came about my name.  When I started school they "Americanized" my name and added my father's mother's name Ann, hence Lucy Ann.

    This is probably more information than you could ever want but I am not certain of the connection to Everni Arcangeli nor the detail of your family tree tracing but since it was available, I shared it.

    Of my father's family Catallo, I don't know much.  His mother died young of a heart condition and my short stature and facial features are supposed to be similar according to what an old lady once told me.

    There is so much one could say about Dawson.  It was a great place to grow up.  The culture did have distinct ethnic groups but the barriers were not prominent probably because of the dangerous work.  I learned to like slavic food like stuffed cabbage, mexican food, don't remember too many Polish families but there might have been some and we even had a couple of black families.  I think you can get a flavor of the life from the book, even though some of it was not exactly accurate.  My mother was annoyed my uncle Tony said they sold liquor during the prohibition.  Many people they know did but not our family, they kept and drank all the wine and beer they made.  The grapes used to come in a box car on the railroad and families would go down and get their wooden boxes of  red and white grapes and make great "Dago" wine, some of which was very potent.  I don't remember your relative but I remember them talking about them when he was buried.  Everyone went to funerals, it was a community event, probably because of the United Mine Workers union as there really was a solidarity..  All the men had sprigs of some evergreen in their lapels and threw them in the grave as they passed by much as they do now with roses.

    I enjoyed viewing your wedding photos.  It looked like everyone had a great time.  John is my second husband.  My first husband Loyd, died in 1987.  John and I were married in Gibralter since we failed to defeat the French bureaucracy since we originally went to France to be married in a castle in Durgugone.
    Thanks again for sharing.

    And this one in Dec of 2005:

    From:            Louise Sinesio <>
    Subject:         Dawson

    Dear Mark

    I just came across your website on Dawson while I was looking up information about the reunion for 2006.  My grandfather, Peter Sinesio, lived there with his family.  They were from Pacentro, Italy in Abruzzi. Near Sulmona. My uncle, Salvatore or Sam, as they called him,  went to high school in Dawson and is in the high school year book you may have seen from 1923. He married Louise Springer, the local postmaster's daughter.

    I have been to one of the reunions and am making plans to attend again. I was thrilled with your photos and references. Thank you so much for doing that work.  It will help and inspire my research tremendously.

    Louise A. Sinesio

    Emails - Mar 2006

    Date:            Wed, 22 Mar 2006 12:55:21 -0700
    From:            Lyndsie Morgan <>
    Subject:         Question about a Carlini

    Hi, I was just recently in Italy for a study abroad trip and never got the chance to head to San Pietro Avellana where my family is also from.  I was wondering if you have come across any information on Lena Carlini ( Her mother was named Carmen di Tella and her father was Carmen Carlini).she was my great-grandmother and came to the United States in about 1909 ( she was born 1906). She was just a baby, but I just wondered if there were any birth certificates or information on her parents or her. Thanks so much!

    Lyndsie Morgan
    From: Mark DiVecchio
    Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2006 9:10 PM
    To: Lyndsie Morgan
    Subject: Re: Question about a Carlini

    Hi Lyndsie,

    I know a lot of genealogy facts about your family.

    Carmine Sabatino Carlini and Maria Carmina diTella lived much of their lives in Dawson, NM. If you look on my Dawson Graphical Family Tree Part 2, you will find their family. Web page:

    There is a photo of their gravesite in Raton, NM on this page:,%20Raton,%20NM.html

    Your great-grandmother must be Adelina or Erlina - I found her and her mother coming to the US via Ellis Island in 1907. I've always been a little confused because I found two spellings of the name - for a while, I thought it might be two people, but now I'm pretty sure it is only one person.

    I did a lot of research on people in Dawson who immigrated from San Pietro Avellana. My great grand uncle Teridano diTella (who might be related to Maria Carmina) went to Dawson about 1900 and lived there until his death in 1944. He is buried in Raton, NM, not far from Dawson. He never brought his wife and family to the US. I met his daughter and grand-children the last time I went to SPA.

    Very little is known about my great grand uncle and his time in Dawson. So I am still searching for information about him which is what made me do all the research on Dawson.

    Has anyone in your family done much research? I'd be interested to learn more about what you know about Carmine and Carmina.

    I am so surprised to see how much information you have on my family. No one else in my family has this type of information and it boogles my mind. I called my grandmother (Adelina's is Adelina not Erlina) and she was absolutely thrilled.

    Adelina married Pasquale Marchiando (I saw that you had Pasquale right, but his last name was Marchiando) and they had my grandmother named Josephine Carlena Marchiando and Albert Marchiando. My grandma was born in Dawson, NM and they later settled in Raton, NM where I guess the Marchiando's and Carlini's are very prevalent. I even have a picture of my great-grandmother holding me as a baby wearing my mother's graduation gown because she never really went to school. I also wanted to let you know that Mildred Carlini is still alive, despite having a headstone in Raton.

    We actually went to Raton for a family reunion not too many years ago, but it was mainly the Marchiando clan, although I have met Aunt Mildred, Aunt Erma, and Uncle Ernesto (He was called "Babe" and passed away a few years ago). My grandma also said she remembers Amico's children coming to their house to play all the time, especially Enola and Dorothy. Also, I was wondering when the next Dawson reunion is because my grandma and myself would love to go and also where you live now. My great-grandma has been a huge part of my life through stories from my grandma and all of our family traditions really stem from her so I am so excited to learn more about her.

    I wish I would have known this information while I was in Italy (I was there for 4 months in Perugia) so I could have made travel plans to SPA. I really appreciate all your research because this is the most we have ever found out about our family. Thanks!

    From: Mark DiVecchio
    Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 5:53 PM
    To: Lyndsie Morgan
    Subject: RE: Question about a Carlini


    You have sent some good information in your emails. Maybe some other Carlini descendents might like to read it. May I use your emails on  my Dawson web page?

    Do you or anyone in your family know the parent's names of Carmina diTella? Or anything else about her?


    You can definitely use my e-mails on your web-page.

    I was with my grandmother Josephine last week and talked to her a little bit about her family, but she really doesn't know much since her mother was so young when she came to the U.S. I guess my great-grandma Lena wasn't even sure which day was her birthday. I am actually the only person that has found this much info on our family, so nobody knows much especially about Carmina diTella. I know that we have diTella relatives in Denver, so I will ask my grandmother if she could talk to any of them and see if they had more info on her parents.

    My grandma is in Arizona until the summer, but when she gets back I plan on trying to find some pictures that I can scan to you. Thanks!

    Lyndsie Morgan

    email May 2006:

    Date:            Mon, 29 May 2006 17:01:23 -0600
    From:            Jennifer Ercul <>
    Subject:         Dawson, NM

    Great website for information!  My Great Grandfather worked in the coal mine in Dawson.  I am having a hard time finding out information about that side of my family.  My Grandmother died before I was born so I didn't get to hear anything about them.  Not sure if you would be interested or not but his name was Luigi (Louie) Massaroni 1873(?) to 10/14/1944.  His wife's name was Emma ca 1877 to 1926 (trying to find date of death).  They came from Italy like everyone else it sounds like in Dawson and worked in the mine.  Being it was so long ago I doubt there are any records specifically for individuals.  In fact, I believe that they and a couple of children are buried in Fairmont Cemetery.  May be in Raton or Dawson but I am not sure how to find out or how to contact that cemetery.  I have Luigi and a very young daughter's Catherine's death certificates but I cannot find an exact date of death for Emma to obtain her Death Cert. What caught my eye was the name Carlini. I have come across what may be a son of Luigi (Louie) and Emma.  His name was Antonio.  He married Enola Carlini.  I have been given their daughter's name and address and I have written her twice but she never has responded.

    I do not want to be a pest but I thought you might have some suggestions as far as where to get more information from cemetery records/contacts or mine information I would be very appreciative for anything advice you can provide.

    Thanks again and God Bless,
    Jennifer Helen (Garcia) Ercul

    Thanks for your email. Its always a great treat to hear from someone descendent from people who lived in Dawson. When it comes to Italian genealogy, the word "pest" is not in my vocabulary.

    I think I can help just a little.

    I searched through the microfilmed records of  St. John the Baptist Church, Dawson, NM (LDS Film 16763). These microfilms were made by the Mormon church and I have a copy in my local Family History Center.

    When I went through the films, I noted all the people whose family names from my mother's hometown of San Pietro Avellana. Those names included Carlini, diLorenzo, diTella and a few more that you probably saw on my web site.

    I don't know much about Enola but since she was a Carlini, I took a few notes of records with her name. It is possible that I missed other records.

    Here is what I noted (my spelling corrections in parens):

    Anna May Lorenzo (diLorenzo)   20  Sep 1936
    born: 5 May 1926
      f: Joseph Lorenzo  (Giuseppe diLorenzo)
      m: Laura Crowe (Loretta della Croce)
      godparents: Anthony Massaroni and Enola Carlini

    David Arthur diLorenzo 30 Aug 1936
    born: 28 Jun 1936
      f: Arthur diLorenzo
      m: Lucile A. Franich
      godparents: Luis Trani and Teresa Massaroni

    Joseph Lorenzo (diLorenzo) 22 Sep 1936
    born 31 Jan 1929
      f: Joseph Lorenzo (Giuseppe diLorenzo)
      m: Laura D. Crowe (Loretta della Croce)
      godparents: Luis Trani and Teresa Massaroni

    Gladys-Mae Massaroni  11 Sep 1938
    born: 17 Dec 1937
      f: Anthony Massaroni
      m: Enola Carlini
      godparents: Ernest Colaizzi and Emma Colaizzi


    12 Aug 1933
    Anthony Massaroni, born in Dawson
      f: Luigi Massaroni
      m: Emma Fraterelli
    Enola Carlini, born in Dawson
      f: Amico Carlini
      m: Maria Ricci
      witnesses:  Joseph Colazzi and Emma Colazzi

    22 Jan 1933
    Luigi Trani
      f: Rafael Trani
      m: Pasqualina Antonelli
    Teresina Massaroni
      f: Luigi Massaroni
      m: Emma Fraterelli
      witnesses: Pietro Carlini and  Ermenia Carlini

    21 Jul 1929
    Emiddio diTella
      f: Cristinziano diTella
      m: Filomena Colovequio (Colavecchio)
    Helen Massaroni
      f: Luigi Massaroni
      m: Emma Fraterelli
      witnesses:  Amico Carlini and Mary Ricci

    I didn't note any deaths with your family name. So there is Emma's family name - Fraterelli - if you didn't have that before. Looks like there were at least two daughters - Teresa and Helen - and one son - Anthony.

    I realized that Helen and Emiddio diTella already appeared on my Dawson Graphical Tree Part 2 - but I had her family name spelled wrong. You probably saw from that tree where Enola fits into the family tree of Amico Carlini and Maria Ricci.

    When I was in Dawson and Raton a couple of years ago, I took a bunch of photos in the cemeteries but after looking through them, I did not find one of Enola.

    On my Dawson web page, there is a list of everyone buried in the Dawson cemetery but no Fraterelli's or Massaroni's.

    I don't know of a listing of people buried at the Mt. Calvery Cemetery in Raton. There are films from St. Patrick (films 16882/16883) Catholic Church in Raton.  I had looked through those films but I did not note any Massaroni (but I wasn't looking for that name). There were many records of the family of Amico Carlini and Maria Ricci.

    I checked the Ellis Island data base for Emma Fratarelli. I found three records for her:

    Emma Frattgrelli      Jun 11, 1905, 29 years old, going to husband in Dawson  *** This entry is crossed out ***
    Emma Frattarelli      Jun 28, 1905, 29 years old, going to husband Luigi Massario, Dawson, NM  *** This entry is crossed out ***
    Emma Fratarella      Jul 03, 1905,  29 years old, going to husband Luigio Massari, in New Mexico.

    Two of the entries are crossed out so she finally sailed on 3 Jul 1905. At age 29y in 1905, she was born about 1876.

    The spellings of the last name are all different.
    --- Fratarelli gets 7 hits in the index
    --- Fratarella gets 1 hits in the index
    --- Fraterelli gets 1 hit in the index
    --- Fraterella gets 0 hits in the index
    So based on this, I'm guessing that the correct spelling is the first - Fratarelli.

    If you want to find out about the Fairmont Cemetery in Raton, contact the library there as a first try.

    Here are a few documents that I found on
    -- 1910 census sheet for Luigi and Emma and 1 child - Dawson, NM.
    -- 1920 census sheet for Luigi, Emma, and 6 children in Dawson.
    -- 1930 census sheet for Luigi and 4 children in Dawson. They lived two doors away from Domenico and Maria diLorenzo
    -- Luigi's WWI Draft Registration. Shows his date of birth as 10 Oct 1873.

    To try to get a  death certificate for your great grandmother, go to this web site:
    Fill out the form as best as you can with the estimated year of death, send it in and see what happens.

    Let me know if you want  copies of any of these censussheets. I'll email them to you.
    So there are a few pieces of info. I'll be happy to share whatever I have.

    From Jennifer Helen Ercul, Jun 2005:

    "Here is the wedding photo of my grandmother Helen Massaroni (Massarone)and her first husband Emiddio (Emmiddio) DiTella/DiTello.  The marriage license lists his birth information as born in Naples, Italy on 16 March 1891.  They were married 21 July 1929 in Colfax County. She was 20 yrs old and he is listed as 37 yrs old. I am pretty sure they lived in Portland, CO because of the Portland cement plant."

    Mark's note: I've traced the family tree for Emiddio diTella and his line and mine do not intersect back to about 1750. Emidio's father was Cristinziano (married Filomena Colavecchio), his grandfather was Emiddio (married Daria Errica Colaianni) and his great grandfather was Giuseppe (who married Rosa Frazzino). Look at my Dawson Graphical Tree Part 2  for details.
    1930 Census

    I found Emiddio, Helen and 5 children in the 1930 census (children James, Florence, Viola, Stella and Antonio). The name was spelled "Ditello". They were in Portland, CO. Emiddio was 37y and Helen was 21y. Emiddio was first married at 20y which must have been his first wife (before Helen). I don't know his first wife's name.
    Social Security Death Index:

    Name:     Emmiddio Ditello
    SSN:     523-01-0755
    Born:     16 Mar 1891
    Died:     Feb 1942
    State (Year) SSN issued:     Colorado (Before 1951 )

    From a posting in my Guestbook May 2008:

    From:    "Angelo Bergamo" <>
    Date:    Thu, 1 May 2008 13:15:04 -0600

    I received your e-mail, glad to hear from you.  My name is Angelo Bergamo.  I just read through your web site and it was very interesting to me.  I recall the names of Calorosa, Brozovich, Arcangeli, Palumbo, Carlini, Di Lorenzo, Cericola, Gatti and Beale as just a few of the names I read.  I remember Babe Carlini don't know if this was your relation, and a man called Stach Palumbo.  There was a family named DiLorenzo (Pat, Louie, Dominic, Silver and Millie) who lived next door to my aunt Helen Cherubini in number 7 camp.  I went to school with Louie I think.  We have seen Margie Brozovich who is married to Pat Di Lorenzo.  She is in real estate and sold my mother in laws house for us.  My uncle Carlo Jaterka used to go fishing a lot with one of the Cericola boys, Freddie I think (he also dated my cousin Angie Cherubini).

    My uncle Carlo's picture is on the cover of the Coal Town, Last Car Dumped.  He is in the second row, second from the right. The boy who got hit by lightning playing ball, I heard about from my friend (deceased) John Eskra, who played in the same game.  It was interesting reading the Dawson news on your web site.  Names such as Remigio Yob who lived just up the street, Ricardo Bergamo a distant cousin of my father, an Joe Gherardi who is the father of my aunt who lives in Eagle Nest, NM.

    I have a few of my pictures on Chuck Speed's web site.  One of my father working in the mine.  We lived directly across from the Catholic church.  There is a picture of me in my First Communion garb that Father Joseph made us wear.  The picture you were asking me about of the miner's competition is a picture I have that is small.  I do not have a high resolution picture.  Like you, I recognize several people in the photo.  My father Arcangelo Bergamo is in the back row, I believe 4th from the right., in the white shirt.  This picture is also on Chuck's web site.  I sent Chuck most of the pictures he has on the web.  Happy to hear from you.  Maybe we will connect at the Dawson picnic, which I plan to attend this year.

    Please stay in contact.  Sincerely, Angelo 
    Dear Angelo,

    Sorry that this emal is so delayed. My wife and I were in Salt Lake City visiting her daughter.

    I met two of the daughters of Remigio Yob at the last Dawson reunion. I really enjoy seeing these old photos.  I hope I can meet you at the reunion this year. I will be there along with a cousin who is travelling from Italy. What town in Italy was your family from?

    From:    "Angelo Bergamo" <>
    Date:    Wed, 14 May 2008 17:44:33 -0600

    Mark...glad to hear from you...yes I hope to meet you at the picnic.  My dad was from Nanno Italy.  You mentioned the Yobs', I went to school with Alma.  She is probably one of the girls you met.  keep in touch   angelo

    Ellis Island Notes

    Other references to people going to Dawson that I've come across while searching the Ellis Island records for my relatives (not a complete list):

    Name Date Arrived in US Age Town in Italy Notes
    Domenico Musilli
    11 Jun 1907 30y
    Brother Onorado or Onorato, Box 186
    Lucia Gioioso 17 Mar 1914 24y
    Brother Michele, mother in SPA - Domenica
    Felice Carlini
    28 Feb 1912
    Uncle Teridano, father in SPA - Giuseppe (Mark's note: my granduncle who settled in Ely, NV)
    Fulviano Fraini
    28 Feb 1912
    Brother Fiorindo, previously in US - 1908-1911, wife in SPA - Maria (There are several Fraini in the Ellis Island records from SPA. Many went to CT.) This is Fulviano Michele (born 8 May 1890). He was also known as Mike.
    Vincenzo Iannacchione
    28 Feb 1912
    Brother-in-law Gemmaro Frazzini, father in SPA - Gaetano
    Maria Colaizzi
    21 Oct 1911
    father in SPA - Amico
    Rudolfo Carlini
    15 Feb 1912
    Brother Pasquale, father in SPA - Francesco
    Pasquale Colaizzi
    31 Jan 1910
    Wife Flora Iabella in SPA. Going to cousin Domenico Frazzini at a street address in Dawson.
    Augostino Morelli
    16 May 1913
    Brother-in-law Vincenzo diLorenzo, Box 96, Dawson, NM. "dead right eye", wife in SPA - Liberta diIullo
    Giovanni Ricci 2 Mar 1913
    Brother-in-law Antonio Frazzini, 3600 Calmali (?) st. Denver, Colo, wife in SPA - Enrichetta Gatti. (I'm not sure if there is a Dawson connection here - is Giovanni related to Michele Ricci and Maria Ricci? Is this the Tony Frazzini in the 1910 census in Mesabe, MN? We also find that Tony Frazzini in the 1920 census in Denver, CO.)
    Silvino diLorenzo
    2 Dec 1920
    Godfather Urbino Capone, Box 861 (?), Dawson, NM, wife in SPA - Modesta (Mark's note: Urbino Capone was the brother of Maria Capone who married Domenico Palumbo)
    Esterina Quaranta Frazzini
    4 Nov 1911
    Mother in SPA, Serafina diCianno. Travelled with 3 children, Rosa 4y, Solino (?) 2y, and Giovanni 9m. Going to Husband, Girolamo Frazzini, Box 612, Dawson. She was known in the US as Ester Forty. Traveled with Silvino diLorenzo (he is on the previous page of the manifest). Another arrival in 1906 shows her 18y and single, traveling with sister Modestina going to Trinidad, CO.
    Silvino diLorenzo
    4 Nov 1911
    Wife in SPA, Modestina Quaranta. Going to Brother-in-law Girolamo Frazzini. Travelled with Esterina Quaranta
    Emidio Frazzini
    4 Nov 1911
    wife in SPA - Filippina Cacuto (?). Going to cousin Girolamo Frazzini. Travelled with above two families.
    Luigi Frazzini 29 Mar 1911 37y SPA wife in SPA - Flora, going to Dawson, NM, to brother-in-law Amico Gatti
    Pietro Paolo Musilli 29 Mar 1911 18y SPA Farm Laborer, father in SPA - Giovanni. going to Dawson, NM, to friend Giuliano d'Achille (Giuliano shown arriving from SPA on 8 Mar 1900, 18y going to friend Domenico Carlini, can 't read the town in Colorado. Travelled with Pietro Carlini brother of Domenico Carlini.)
    Cipriano diTella
    7 May 1907
    Married, mason, going to brother Teridano diTella, previously in the US from 1897 to 1906
    Elvira diLorenzo
    10 Apr 1913
    mother in SPA - ...ura Labate, with two children, to husband Odorino Gatti. Line was crossed out.
    Concetta Frazzini
    10 Apr 1913
    father in SPA - Vincent. To husband Ermino Gatti. Line was crossed out. Film 1448676 Nati 1894.
    Alberico Quaranta
    15 Feb 1910
    Married,  going to brother-in-law Sabatino diSanza, box 241
    Luigi Quaranta
    15 Feb 1910
    single, father in SPA - Sabatino, going to uncle Sabatino diSanza, box 241
    Carmine Caratelli
    15 Feb 1910
    single, going to friend Sabatino diSanza, box 241
    Sabatino Colaizzo 22 May 1920  46y ? married. US Citizen, naturalized 5 Jun 1900 in Colorado, address: Box 1006 Dawson

    From the Boston Manifests:

    Name Date Arrived in US Age Town in Italy Notes
    Agostino Girolamo
    26 Jun 1911 30y
    29 Sep 1880
    Wife in SPA, Esterina.
    Previously in US 1900-1911
    Going to Dawson, NM, cousin Domenico Palumbo
    Concetta Frazzini 11 Dec 1914 19y SPA Father in SPA, Vincenzo
    Traveled with son Primiano, 1y.
    Going to husband, Erminio Gatti, in Dawson, NM
    Oliveta Iannacchione / son Rinaldo diMartino 23 Dec 1919 24y / 4y SPA going to husband/father Filomeno diMartino in Dawson. Brother in SPA: Silvestro Iannacchione

    Some other Ellis Island Information

    Carmine Carlino, age 23, married, arrived 18 May 1905, previously in Tercio, CO (then written over as Jerico, CO) from 1901-1902, going to brother-in-law Carmine diGiacomo in Tercio/Jerico, CO. Wilberta Illig tells me that there is a town by the name of Tercio in Las Animas County, Colorado.

    Carmine Carlino,  20y, married, arrived  30 Apr 1902, going to Trinidad then Denver written over it, CO, to friend, Nicola Colaizzi. Traveling  with Carlo Morelli, age 36, married, to same place. Both from 'S. Pietro'. They departed on 19 Apr 1902 from Hamburg via Boulogne and Southampton.

    Census Notes

    In the 1920 census for Precinct #13, the census taker, in many cases, wrote down the name of the town in where the person was born. It was only done for people born outside of the US. Usually this wasn't done at all - only the country was listed. It was later crossed out but you can still read "San Pietro" as the town in many places. This is very valuable information because it solidifies the link from Dawson back to SPA.

    Here are just some of the families that I've found:
    These were listed as from Campobasso. That was the province that SPA was located in at the time.

    I've not done a complete job of searching for other entries.


    Erminio Gatti and wife Concetta Frazzini

    Date:    Sun, 14 Dec 2008 18:07:54 -0800 (PST)
    From:    Debbie Stokke <>
    Subject:    Re: Gatti

    I have found alot of info on that site and I am currently going thru the 1852 and 1869 SPA records and have alot of stuff, I see not much has been done on the Gatti family and have found some errors on the tree, for example it has Carmina Filomena Vacciano as the daughter of Raffaele, but according to the 1852 record, she is the daughter of Emiddio Vacciano and Mary Rosa Cioffi, I will try to create a web page for my direct Gatti line, I'm enclosing a picture for you of Erminio Vincenzo Gatti and Concetta Frazzini and their children.

    From left to right:
    Top row -  Erminio Gatti, and Wife Concetta Frazzini and Primiano (Primo) Gatti

    Bottom row -  Fredinando (Fred), John, Vincenzo (James, Jimmy) , Joseph P,  Gaitano (Guy) - nicknamed Shadow. and Mary Eva.

    Debbie Gatti

    WWI Draft Registrations

    This list was sent to me by Wilberta Illig. It is a list of people, living in Dawson, who filled out WWI Draft Registration Cards. Here is what she said:

    "Here is a list of men I found in Dawson, NM.  Maybe you'll want to add  it to your Dawson webpage.  Each of these stated they were born in SPA on their registrations.  I saw a lot more, by searching under 'Colfax  Co, NM' and 'born in Italy,' (lots of misspellings in the indexes) but didn't get a chance to copy them all before time ran out. - TTYL, Wilberta"
    All Coal Miners for PHELPS DODGE CORP. - Dawson, Colfax Co, New Mexico:
    Leonardo Piscitano, b. June 3, 1892 - supports wife.
    Gennaro Cinea, b. January 11, 1891 - supports wife and four children.
    Louis Musilli,  b. March 20, 1890 - supports parents & wife.
    Nicola Mariani, b. October  8, 1886 - supports parents, wife and 3 children.
    Amico Carlini, b. October 8,  1890 - supports wife and 3 children.
    Michele Fraini, b. May 8, 1890 -  supports wife and 1 child. (This is Fulviano Michele "Mike" Fraini)
    Carmine diLorenzo, b. July 21, 1878 - nearest  relative is Christina diLorenzo in Dawson.
    Oreste diCianno, b. December 21,  1892 - single - supports noone.
    Employer is DAWSON FUEL CO.(no job position given) - Dawson, Colfax Co, New Mexico:
    Agostino Musilli, b. August 20, 1897 - nearest relative is brother, Louis, in Dawson. (1930 census, August, wife: Elena Carlino, 2 sons) (brother of Luigi)

    Postings on

    Ricci Family
      Author: Daryl B. Dorcy
    Date: 26 Jun 2000 12:00 PM GMT
      Surnames: Ricci, Carlini, Frazzini, Colaizzi, Settefrate
      Classification: Query
      In Reply to: Family in Campobasso  by:  Ronda Rossi
    My wife's grandmother, Maria Ricci (b. Aug 24, 1890 in San Pietro Avellana,Campobasso, Italy. Married Amico Carlini from same place, both immigrated to New York (1913) then to Dawson, NM. Amico Carlini, son of Raffaele Calrini (no dates) and Elizabetta Seetefrate (no dates). Maria Ricci has daugther, Maria Carlini who marries a Carmen Frazzini (again no dates, but all families from San Pietro Avellana. Parents of Maria Ricci, Gaetano Ricci and wife Rosanna Colaizzi (no dates). Would be happy to share detailed descendants chart. Would like information on possible connecting families and dates.
    Daryl Dorcy

    Re: Ricci Family
      Author: Eric Stamper
    Date: 12 May 2002 9:59 AM GMT
      Surnames: Ricci
      Classification: Query
      In Reply to: Ricci Family  by:  Daryl B. Dorcy
    My grandfather was John Alvin Ricci, born and raised in Lorain, Ohio. His father was Amico Floro Ricci, s/o Gaetano Ricci. John's sister, my aunt Natalie Blaine (Ricci) told me we have relatives in New Mexico. I'm trying to find a map online that shows San Pietro Avellana but can't find one. I'd also like to try and find our relatives in Italy. Hope to hear from you!
    Eric Stamper

    Re: Ricci Family
      Author: Eric Stamper
    Date: 31 May 2004 6:18 AM GMT
      Surnames: Ricci, Gallio, Marino, Lattanza
      Classification: Query
      In Reply to: Re: Ricci Family  by:  Mark DiVecchio
    Gaetano Ricci is my g-g-grandfather. I saw the connection in the Dorcy GEDCOM and it is the same family. Amico is my g-grandfather. I was raised in Lorain, Ohio. His wife was Lucy Gallio, originally from Freedom, Pennsylvania. I knew we had Ricci relatives in New Mexico, my aunt keeps in touch with them still, I think. I really like your Dawson site. Any questions or comments please email me. I am always looking for info and history on the Ricci's and related families.Hope to hear from you. Thanks.
    P.S. I think my mother even has a picture of Gaetano and Rosanna. I will find out.

    As Yet Unrelated Information

  • ID: I2500
  • Name: Joseph LORENZO
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 31 Jan 1929 in Dawson, N.M.
  • Death: 24 Apr 1991

    Marriage 1 Virginia Doris COOK b: 9 Mar 1938 in Hope, Idaho
    • Married: 25 Nov 1959 in San Rafael, New Mexico
    1.  Living LORENZO
    2.  Living LORENZO
    3.  Living LORENZO
    4.  Living LORENZO
    5.  Living LORENZO

    Obituary Daily Times:

        HUNTER, Dorothy Carlini "Dot" ( ); 75; Los Alamos NM; Albuquerque J; 1999-5-25; retftrdoc
    I received this email in Jan of 2006

    Date:            Mon, 09 Jan 2006 08:38:59 -0600
    From:            Walt and Rosann <>
    Subject:         Dawson NM

    Because of the recent coal mine explosion in Pa. I was called to mind the mine explosion in Dawson, NM in 1923. My grandfather was killed in that disaster his name was Joseph Maracchini husband to Clara Maracchini. There were 11 children 3 died when they were either born or soon after. Nine who I call to mind are Maria Lemoncelli later married a Fiori, Rose who married Alipio Panichi, Peirina who married Joseph Scipioni, Angelo Maracchini, Vera who married Alex Knudsen, Joseph Maracchini, and Louise who married Andrew Selvo.  Louise is still alive and living in Hibbing, Mn.

    Rose was my mother born in 1904 and died in 2002.  I recall her telling me of a man that lived with her and her aunt Rose Viora in Hibbing, mn. they called him uncle Tom and I think his last name was Cellini. She said that one day he just left here and no one every heard from him again.  He traveled here from Dawson. Rose and her family would travel to Dawson in the winter to work in the coal mines and then would come to Hibbing to work in the Iron mines in the summer. The Maracchini has a boarding house in Dawson. 

    I thought you would like to know about the Thomas Cellini and I was also wondering if you know of him. I would like to go to the Dawson reunion this year.
    Thank you,  Roseann Rutar

    Entries: 464    Updated: Sat Aug 25 20:16:09 2001   Contact: John Bailey

  • ID: I029
  • Name: Esther FORTY
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: in Abruzzio, Italy

    Marriage 1 James FRAZZINI b: in Abruzzio, Italy Children
    1.  John FRAZZINI b: 11 JAN in Dawson, NM
    2.  Tony FRAZZINI
    3.  Rose FRAZZINI
    4.  Soletta FRAZZINI
    5.  Mary FRAZZINI
    6.  Jimmy FRAZZINI
    7.  Frankie FRAZZINI

  • Ester Forty is Esterina Quaranta. James Frazzini is Giacomo Frazzini. The family appears on my Graphical Tree Part 4.

    Information from the church records of S. Pietro e Paolo in SPA.

    This information was sent to me by my cousin, Giuliano Colajanni. The links are to copies of the marriage records of these families who lived in Dawson. The records are in Latin. (Remember about the civil records from SPA - they were microfilmed by the LDS church only up to 1899.)

    1900 matrimonio Carmine Antonio Frazzini and Maria Antonia Carlini
    1904 matrimonio Domenicantonio diLorenzo and Maria Colaianni
    1905 matrimonio Giuseppe diLorenzo and Loreta della Croce
    1905 matrimonio Carmen Carlini and Carmina diTella

    The 1900 marriage was by my great great granduncle arcipriete Don Giovanni Frazzini (he died in 1903). The remaining three were by my great granduncle arcipriete Don Sabatino Frazzini.

    Death Certificate Information

    This information is from copies of death certificates (DC) received from  The NMDI (New Mexico Death Index) Project .

    Carmine Carlini, 54y, 1m and 19d. Died of Internal Hemorrage and multiple broken bones after being hit in the chest while riding in a mine car. The accident occured on 28 May 1935 and he died on 29 May. He was living in house #1874 in Dawson. The DC listed wife, Carmina diTella Carlini and parents, Raffaele Carlini and Elisabetta Settefrati. He had lived in the US for 31y and in Colfax County for 24y. Buried in Dawson Cemetery. The Informat was was Alfonso Carlini who lived in house #1846 in Dawson.

    Domenick Gatti, 7m and 8d. Died of pneumonia. He was born on 10 Jun 1922 and died on 17 Jan 1923 at the miner's hospital in Raton, NM. He lived in house #15, Koehler, NM. His parents were Dominick Gatti and Dominica Rea. He was buried in Raton on 18 Jan 1923. Informant was Lizzie Gatti from Koehler. I've learned that this family was from Arpino, not SPA.

    Domenica Rea Gatti, 38y, born in 1884. Died of hemorrage while giving birth on 10 Jun 1922 in Koehler, NM (to son Domenick).  The DC listed husband, Dominick Gatti, and parents, Costandino Rea and Rosaria Grego. She lived in the US and in Koehler for 15 years. She was buried in Raton on 12 Jun 1922. Informant was Louis Martino from Koehler. I've learned that this family was from Arpino, not SPA.

    Emma diLorenzo, 5y, 5m and 10d. Died of appendicitis. She was born in Gardener on 12 Feb 1917 and died on 17 Jul 1922 at the Dawson Hospital. She lived in house #1492. The DC lists parents Dominick adn mary Colaian (Colaianni). She was buried in Dawson Cemetery (Lot 114 Block 1) on 17 Jul 1922. Informant was her father, Dominick diLorenzo.

    Killo Gatti, DC #341, died on 22 Oct 1913 at Dawson as a result of an accident (mine explosion). Native of Italy. No other information. I don't know if Killo was from San Pietro Avellana. But I am fairly certain that he was not.  The following email cleared up the mystery:

    From:    "Gina Norstedt" <>
    Subject:    Dawson NM Web Page
    Date:    Tue, 28 Jun 2011 22:30:27 -0400

    Dear Mark,

    While doing some research on my great grandfather's death, I came across your wonderful website. You have him listed as Killo Gatti. His name should be Gotti & we are certain that Killo was a nickname, but we have no idea what his given name was.

    My grandmother never remembered her father, her parents divorced when she was young. While going through some papers that she kept, we saw a reference to the mine explosion that killed him in Dawson, NM. My mother & I are certain that he is the same person listed on your site. The only other thing we know about him is that after his death, his 2 children received an insurance payment & their mother purchased a house for them in Kansas where they were living. I don't believe he was buried in the cemetery at Dawson as my grandmother always said that they never recovered his body from the mine. He was from Bergamo, Italy and is probably not related to the Gattis in your family tree. I'm fairly new to genealogical research & haven't looked for any records of him in Italy yet. 
    Thanks for posting this so I know I'm on the right track. Trying to find anything about this man or his family is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    Gina Wiley Norstedt

    PS I smiled when I saw that you are living in Fallbrook, CA. This same grandmother had a small avocado farm in Fallbrook all my life. I have very fond memories of the area & all the avocados I could eat. It is a small world! J

    Carmine Frazzini, died 18 Feb 1912 at Dawson at the age of 31. Native of Italy. No other information.

    Rosa Iannacchione Fraini, 38y. She died of a multitude of diseases on 4 Jul 1924. The DC lists her parents, Giuseppe Iannacchione and Cristina Colavecchia (Mark's note: The names of the parents on the DC are incorrect.). At the time of her death, she lived in house #1576 in Dawson. She was buried in Dawson Cemetery on 6 Jul 1924. The death was reported by her husband, Florindo Fraini.

    Angelo Frazzini, 25y, 8m and 22d. He was born 20 Mar 1902 and he died on 12 Dec 1927 from "Gunshot wound - Abdomen. Probably accidental". An autopsy was performed. He lived in house #1260 in Dawson. He was the postmaster. The DC lists his wife Pearl Frazzini (maiden name Pearl Dupont) and parents Carmine and Mary Frazzini. He was buried in Dawson Cemetery on 14 Dec 1927. The death was reported by Gennaro Cinea (step-father) who lived in house #1470.

    Domenico Antonio diLudovico, Date of death:  10 Sep 1924, Age at death:  58 years, 10 months, 4 days, Date of birth: 6 Nov 1865. Lived in Dawson for 1 year, 9 months, wife: Maria, father: Valentino Ludovico, mother: Maria (? surname), occupation: Miner for Phelps-Dodge Corporation., cause of death: Fall of rock in mine accident, Buried at Dawson on 11 Sep 1924. The death certificate was reported by Emiddio diTella. My cousin, Giuliano Colajanni, has confirmed that the age at death and date of birth are in error. He has confirmed with Antonio diLudovico (grandson of this person) that the name of the father is correct. The name of his mother is Maria Musilli and the name of his wife is Maria Carlini.

    Colfax County Resources

    Arthur Johnson Memorial Public Library, 244 Cook Ave., Raton, New Mexico, 87740. Phone: 505-445-9711.
    Cimarron Historical Society, Les Davis, Cimarron, New Mexico, 87714.
    Raton Family History Center, 2136 La Mesa Drive, Raton, New Mexico, 87740. Phone 505-445-9226.
    Genealogical Club of Angel Fire, Fran Pallesen , P.O. Box 503, Angel Fire, New Mexico, 87710.
    Raton Museum, Roger Sanchez, 218 S. First, Raton, New Mexico, 87740. Phone 505-445-8979.
    Santa Fe Trail Museum, Mike Taylor, 606 Maxwell Ave., Springer, New Mexico, 87747. Phone: 505-483-5554 or 505-483-0474.

    Other Info about Dawson Families

    Every once in a while I get an email from someone not related (or even Italian). I try to help when I can. Here are a few of those emails.

    Date:            Sat, 27 Jun 2009 11:45:26 -0500
    From:            Virginia Crilley <>
    Subject:         Dawson NM

    Thanks so much for your wonderful Dawson NM pages.

    The family of my husband's stepmother lived there and were miners.  One son was killed by the militia in 1927 and another son was injured in an accident.

    Injured (Nov 11, 1920) in Dawson Coal Mine - broken back. Never able to move around or walk again.  Buried in Dawson. Dec 14, 1926 Dawson.

    I'm trying to locate information about the militia and the mine strike in 1927 ---

    I don't know if there were tombstones for either of them.

    One of my problems is that they were Hungarians, and went by several names: Istenes, Eastenes, Estenes and even some changed their name to Smith / Schmidt.

    Thanks to your work, I can have a visual feeling of what the area looks like today.   You've inspired me to try to find out more details in the public records.

    Virginia Crilley

    Dawson News 16 Dec 1926

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