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Oreste diCianno and Other diCianno Families

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Oreste diCianno was the executor of my grand granduncle Teridano diTella's Last Will. So my long shot is to try to find grand nieces/nephews of Oreste to see if there is any "stuff" handed down that might have information about my uncle Teridano.

This page is not very well organized - my apoligies in advance.

Some facts about Oreste's life:
This information is gatherered from SPA microfilms, Ellis Island manifests, other information that I had and the emails from Amico diCianno in Italy, Ben Larricia, Jay diCianno (, Blanche diLorenzo Crichfield, Betty Huston, Mike Hamilton, Penny Frakes and Cristina diCianno-McDonald. SPA microfilm data entry by Shirley Sinclare was also used.

Date:            Wed, 03 Jan 2007 18:23:17 -0800 (PST)
From:            Blanche Crichfield <>
Subject:         Re: so glad to hear from you!

Dear Mark,
  I hope that you had a Happy New Year. 
  My aunt, Mary Arcangelli, in Raton, would remember Oreste and could maybe answer some of your questions.  She knows alot about our family history.  One thing I can tell you about Oreste, my sister remembers clearly, from as early as she can remember.  While visiting the family in Raton over the years, and being very close to Aunt Florence, she remembers that everyone always spoke highly and with praise about the character of Oreste.  Everyone (family, friends, and acquaintances) said how kind he was, how honest he was and how helpful he was to any one and everyone.  He was the best cobbler that Dawson and Raton ever knew.  Everyone said what a sad day it was when he passed away and how much he would be missed.
  My sister and I will check with Aunt Carmen (Silver's mother) and see if she has any pictures, or knows more about Oreste.
  My sister just remembered, that Aunt Mary knew Aunt Florence's first husband (Oreste) very well.  She would probably be your best bet for knowledge about him and Dawson as well.  Aunt Mary may also have knowledge of your uncle Teridano.
  I think I forgot to say that yes, I do know Silver and Sally quite well.  Uncle Louie was one of my favorite uncles. I just found an email from my cousin Fritz.  How cool. I remember his father Statch from visits to Raton when I was very little.  I did not know my Aunt Florence well, since she passed on when I was only 9, but I remember hearing Dad's family speak highly of her first husband Oreste.
  Take care,

1924-1925 Advertisement from the Dawson News

diCianno Families in Ely, NV

There were two large diCianno families in Ely.

The Children of Pio diCianno and Filomena Colaianni.

   Pio and Filomena never came to the US as far as I know.

  1. Umberto P. (Pete) diCianno 1893-1968, buried in Ely, worked for NNRY
    Married Michelina Concetta diCianno  1894-1953, buried in Ely, children: Gerry (Girlando), Fae (Fedina)
  2. Rachela Giovannina diCianno 1880-1961, buried in Ely
    Known as "Jennie", married Pasquale Iannacchione who was known as Frank Rossolo, buried in Ely
  3. Amico diCianno, 1899-1976, buried in Ely. Here is an obituary for Amico diCianno in 1976.
    Married Carolina Mezzanotte, buried in Ely 
  4. Primiano Sabatino diCianno 1882 (came to the US but I don't know if he stayed) [5]
  5. Felice Antonio diCianno 1886 (came to the US but I don't know if he stayed) [4]

    Other children who did not come to the US, as far as I know:
  5. Maddalena Maria diCianno 1889
  6. Domenico Antonio diCianno 1894-1897
  7. Eufrasia diCianno 1897-1897
  8. Domenica Eufrasia diCianno 1878

The Children of Ludovico Pasquale diCianno (1869) and Silvia Loreta diSanza (1870).

  Pasquale came to the US but I don't know if he stayed. Silvia
  never came to the US as far as I know.

  1. Oreste diCianno 1892-1956, buried in Raton, NM 
    Married unknown
    Married Flora "Florence" diLorenzo,1908-1982, in 1926 (don't know were she is buried)
  2. Amedeo diCianno 1906-1985, buried in Ely
    Married Carmela Mendozzi, 1910-2005, buried in Ely, daughter Teresa, buried in Ely. 
    There are several letters on the SPA group written by Carmela posted by Rayna Valentine.
  3. Michelina Concetta diCianno, 1894-1953, buried in Ely (see obituary  below)
    Married Umberto diCianno, 1893-1968, buried in Ely , children Gerry (Girlando), Fae (Fedina)

  Other children who did not come to the US - as far as I know:
  4. Verino diCianno 1912-1976, buried in Italy 
     Married Carina Carlini, my 1C2R. There is a photo of their daughter Enrichetta on my Carlini page.
  5. Amico diCianno 1900-1976, buried in Italy
  6. Amedeo Domenico diCianno 1897 (he must have died young since another son was named Amedeo in 1906)
  7. Armando diCianno, 1910-1945, buried in Italy
     Married Elvira ??, daughters, Silvia and Valeria, son John. Elvira, Silvia and Valeria came to US in 1956.

Graphical Family Trees

Graphical Family Tree (Ely, NV)

Graphical Family Tree (Dawson Part 1- diLorenzo and Frazzini) 


Date:            Sat, 10 Feb 2007 12:46:29 +0000
Subject:         Re: Amedeo Dicianno

   As far as I know, most of the Dicianno's in Ely are related to each other.  The Italian community started during the Depression, I'm told, when a few immigrants found jobs with the railroad. The word spread to Youngstown, where Amedeo and his new wife, Carmela nee Mendozzi were living. I think it was Amedeo's brother, maybe brother-in-law, who told him about the job opening in Ely. Amedo's son Romolo became the postmaster of East Ely. Our family went to visit Uncle Ameddie and Aunt Carmel in 1960. My mother, sister, and I returned in 1997. My uncle died in the early 1980's.
You may not have letters, but your  website is fantastic. I'm doing a presentation on preserving family history in March and will list your site as a resource. With your permission, I'd also like to use a few of the photos in the Power Point talk that will be part of the workshop.

Ben Lariccia
Date:            Tue, 29 May 2007 11:00:25 +0000
Subject:         FW: Oreste

   Here's more detailed info from Amico.

-------------- Forwarded Message: --------------
From: Amico Di Cianno <>
Subject: Oreste
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 06:03:17 +0000
> Buongiorno Ben
> la sorella di Oreste si chiamava Michelina ed ebbe due figli: Fedina e Girlando.
> Zio Oreste invece si sposò due volte; dalla prima moglie non ebbe figli. Dalla seconda ..... ancora non lo so.
> Appena riuscirò ad avere qualche altra informazione te la comunicherò.
> Ti saluto
> Amico
Date:            Mon, 28 May 2007 16:14:32 -0400
From:            Michael Hamilton <>
Subject:         Re: Oreste diCianno

Hi Mark,
Nice to hear from you again. You are probably correct about the Silvia - Libra conflict. I reviewed my original records from SPA and I agree that it most likely is Silvia. As for the name of Oreste's father. The only record that I have shows that it was Pasquale. I have not searched the SPA records for Oreste nor his family. My only source for his connection to the Di Sanze family was a family record give to me by one of the Di Sanze decendants. His father's name is listed as Pasquale on his Ellis Island record.

Hope this helps.

Mike Hamilton
Date:            Tue, 27 Sep 2005 09:54:28 -0400
From:            Jay DeCianno <>
Subject:         Family Tree

Dear Mark,
    Great work on this website. I found it when I did a search on my last name DiCianno (the proper spelling) and found a photo of a tombstone in Ely. After further research on my end I have found that my great-grandmother was Diomira Frazzini. I was looking through your trees and was wodering if you may have come across this name. My ancestors are also from San Pietro and we grew up in Beaver Falls. Grazie.


    My great-grandmother's, on my father's side, name was Diomira Frazzini and she was married to Carlo DiCianno. Their names are on the marriage act of my grandparents. They did not come to the US. My grandfather, Salvatore DiCianno married Armandina DiMatteo on March 15, 1922 in San Pietro Avellana. My grandmother was 21 and my grandfather was 34. From the little that I have found out so far, it appears that my grandfather's family is from the Puglia region. I have been communicating, via email, with an Amico DiCianno whose family is from San Pietro Avellana. We're working on our links.

Date:            Tue, 08 Feb 2005 16:48:01 -0500 (EST)
Subject:         San Pietro Avellana

Dear Mark,

I was very impressed by your visit to San Pietro Avellana. Mark, my grandparents were born and raised in SPA. My grandmother's name was Maria Pasqua diTella. My grandfather was Carmine diCianno. They were married in SPA on October 20, 1902. They came to the US in 1903.

We do not know anything about my grandfathers family. Grandma's father was Christafor diTella and her mother was Florence Colavecchio.

Grandpa was born on April 14, 1869 and grandma was born on March 27, 1880.

My grandparents were in Segundo, CO, Trinidad, CO, Pueblo CO, Pike View, CO, and Dawson, NM (1914-1916), Wellington, CO, and then Denver after grandpa quit the coal mines.

Any information you can give me I would appreciate very much
thank you,
Betty Huston
From:    "Ben" <>
Date:    Sat, 13 Jun 2009 22:50:21 -0000
Subject:    [SanPietroAvellana] Carmela DiCianno interview available on Internet

For those of you who knew my aunt Carmela Mendozzi DiCianno, you can listen to a recorded interview with her taken about ten years ago. Born in Capracotta in 1910, she immigrated to Youngstown, Ohio, ten years later with her mother Maria Loreta DiTanna Mendozzi. Carmela married Amedeo DiCianno who had arrived in Youngstown from San Pietro Avellana via Uruguay and Mexico. If you think of illegal immigrants as only speaking Spanish, Carmela's account of her future husband's travails will enlighten you.

In this interview, she remembers her experiences growing up, getting married, and starting a family in Youngstown.

You can access the two-part interview at the link from Youngstown State University's Steel Valley Voices Archive: Italian Heritage Collection. Just click on the blue numerals in the Audio Interviews.

From:    "
Date:    10 Dec 2014 10:02:09 -0800
Subject:    [SanPietroAvellana] Amedeo Di Cianno

Carmela Mendozzi Di Cianno, born in Capracotta in 1910, was my mother's sister. Amedeo Di Cianno, of San Pietro A., married Carmela in Youngstown, a few years after his arrival in the US via Mexico and Uruguay.

Recently, Carmela's granddaughter in Nevada published a collection of stories by and about her grandparents. You can find them here in English, Italian, and Spanish: Carmi ‘s Story of Nonna Carmela Mendozzi Di Cianno:

I was able to contact the daughter of Mary diLorenzo Arcangeli, the sister of  Florence. Elaine Arcangeli Wade wrote to me:

September 24 2007
Dear Mark
My mother, Mary, and I can't find any pictures of Terry. I found one of Oreste and myself in Dawson. We believe my Aunt Florence had pictures, but since she passed away many years ago, we have no idea where they would be. Her second husband, Joe Sepich, also passed away. Therefore, what pictures she had are gone.

Florence and Oreste did not have any children. They spoiled me rotten. I loved them both dearly and I think about them all the time. We live in their home that was moved, to Raton, from Dawson.

This is all the information that I have. Hope this will be a little helpful.
Sincerely,  Elaine.

Elaine Arcangeli Wade and Oreste diCianno
Dawson, NM

diCianno Census Information

A number/letter shown as "[NN]" is my own attempt at cross referencing these sampietresi throughout this page.

Year Name Age Year of Birth Location Year
1930 M.P. diCianno 37y 1893 East Ely, NV 1920 I believe this is Umberto diCianno. I've seen references to him being called U.P. diCianno. 22y at first marriage - 1915. Section Forman. [40] Worked for the NNRY. On the records of railroad, he was U. Pete diCianno.
1910 Tony diCianno 37y 1873 Toano, NV 1905 [3] Married 15y
1910 Pasquale diCianno 17y 1893 Toano, NV 1910  
1930 Oreste diCianno 37y 1893 Dawson, NM 1915 [12] Shoemaker, 33y at first marriage -1925
1930 Florence diCianno 22y 1908 Dawson, NM   wife of Oreste diCianno. Born in MN. 18y at first marriage (would have been 1925).
1910 Jennie Rossolo (Rachela Giovannina diCianno) 30y 1890 Toano, NV 1910 Married 7y. Living with husband, Frank Rossolo, 43y, and daughter Elvira, 6y. (Frank Rossolo was Pasquale Iannacchione. Later they lived in Ely and he worked  for the NNRY.)

Ellis Island Information

Here is what I could find about the diCianno family on Ellis Island. A number shown as  "(#NNNN)" is the person number - a cross reference to my family tree data base. A number/letter shown as "[NN]" is my own attempt at cross referencing these sampietresi throughout this page.

Year of Arrival Name Age Year of Birth Going to/Location Relative in Italy Notes
1907 Pasquale diCianno 37 1869 Baden, PA father Pio [1]
1910 Umberto diCianno   1893     [40] Buried in Ely Cemetery - 1968
1920 Umberto diCianno     sister (Rachela) Giovanna diCianno, East Ely, NV wife Michelina diCianno [40]
1905 Romaldo diCianno   1877     [2]
1897 Ronaldo diCianno 19y 1877     [2] No manifest image available.
Travelled with:
Vincenzo diCianno, 47y
Domenico Carlino, 45y
Domenico Tonti, 22y
Marcellino Ricci, 37y
Asterina Frazzini, 28y {#2767)
Ortencio Santo Gatti, 23y
1895 Pasquale diCianno 26y 1869 New York -- [1]
1895 Candido diCianno 32y 1863 New York -- [10]
1900 Filomena Onorato 38y 1862 Youngstown, OH  husband Candido diCianno [10a] Wife of Candido diCianno. Travelled with three children:
Cristanziano diCianno (16y), Aristella diCianno (12y) and Clotilde diCianno (10y).
1923 Amico diCianno 24y 1899 brother-in-law Sabatino Mezzanotte wife Carolina (Mezzanotte) [11]
1910 Giovanna diCianno 29y 1880 Ogden, UT husband Pasquale Rosollo (Iannacchione) Husband Pasquale Rossolo (Iannacchione), 
Travelled with daughter Elvira Rossolo, 5y.
1903 Cristina diCianno 29y 1874 husband Florindo Salvatore, Portland, OR   No SPA microfilm
1908 Maria diCianno 21y 1887 Father Giovanni, Baden, PA   No SPA microfilm
1911 Oreste diCianno 18y 1893 Carmine diSanza, Ogden, UT father, Pasquale [1] [12] No SPA microfilm
1911 Antonio diCianno 39y 1871 Carmine diSanza, Ogden, UT wife, Grandizia della Croce [3] Index only in the microfilm. #16. Name given as Antonio Cristinziano diCianno.
1913 Romualdo diCianno 35y 1877 brother-in-law Deo Carlini, Ely, NV wife, Concetta Carlini (#6660)
1901 Pasquale 32y 1869 Pittsburgh, PA   [1]
1900 Orazio diCianno 29y 1870 Pittsburgh, PA   [14]
1898 Antonio diCianno 27y 1871 Pittsburgh, PA   [3] Index only in the microfilm. #16. Name given as Antonio Cristinziano diCianno.
1900 Pietro diCianno 28y 1871 Pittsburgh, PA brother Domenico [15] Index only in the microfilm. #60
On the manifest he is listed as "d'Amico" or "son of Amico".
1899 Angela diCianno 21y 1878 husband Giovanni Morelli, Rochester, PA   (#2558)
1906 Primiano diCianno [5] 24y 1882 200 25th St.
Ogden, Utah
brother-in-law, Iannacchione Indexed as "diGianno"
1906 Felice diCianno [4] 18y 1886 200 25th St.
Ogden, Utah
brother-in-law, Iannacchione Indexed as "diGianno"


Carmela J. Mendozzi - Janesville Gazette, The (Feb/10/2005),  Janesville, WI

Carmela J. Mendozzi DiCianno, 94, of Ely, NV passed away Friday,  January 21, 2005 at home. She was born March 19, 1910 in Capracotta,  Italy to John & Maria Mendozzi. She came to America when she was 10  years old. Her family settled in Youngstown, OH.

She married Amedeo DiCianno in April 1928. They moved to Ely in  1934, where Amedeo worked for Nevada Northern Railway.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Amedeo, a brother, Joe Mendozzi & her daughter-in-law, Billie DiCianno.

She is survived by her 3 children: Richard DiCianno & wife Beverly of  Reno, NV; Romolo DiCianno of Ely, NV; and Marie Carrick & husband,  Don of Ely, NV. 10 grandchildren: Debbie DiCianno of Reno, Carmi  Gundersen of Sparks, Currie DiCianno of Sparks, Marcie Iannacchione of Sparks, Mark DiCianno of Reno, Michael Carrick of New Jersey, Rick  Carrick of Elko, Sheila Imsdahl of Reno, Tim Carrick of Arizona & John  DiCianno of Ely; 14 great grandchildren; sisters, Frances LaRiccia &  Norma Popio; and brother, Mario Mendozzi.

A Rosary will be held Wednesday, January 26, 2005 at 7pm at Sacred  Heart Church in Ely. Funeral services will be held Thursday, Jan 27,  2005 at 10am. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to Sacred Heart  Catholic Church, Box 151026, Ely, NV 89315 or The Helping Hands  Hospice, c/o Beverly Cornutt, 1580 Murry St, Ely, NV 89301. 
Here is an obituary for Amico diCianno in 1976. This is not the Amico who is brother to Oreste and Michelina but rather he is the son of  Pio diCianno and Filomena Colaianni and wife of Carolina Mezzanotte.

Other diCianno Family Trees

Here is a diCianno family tree sent to me by Jay diCianno.
Here is a family tree of another branch of the diCianno family. This was sent to me by Betty Huston.

Other diCianno Families in SPA

I looked through the SPA microfilms from about 1866 to 1899 and noted all of the diCianno families. Doing this helped me confirm the family relationships that I showed above.  This information is still rather disjointed. A number shown as  "(#xxxx)" is the person number - a cross reference to my family tree data base. A number/letter shown as "[1]" is my own attempt at cross references these sampietresi throughout this page. I noted grandparents when I could find them. Here is what I found:

father: Giuseppe Sabatino diCianno [30]
mother: Maria Amalia Frazzino [31]
child: Pasquale Ludovico diCianno 1869 [1]

father: Antonio diCianno 1871 [3]
mother: Serafina Frazzini 1872? (possibly #1848)
child: Vincenzo Giuseppe diCianno  1894

father: Carlo diCianno 1854 [20]
mother: Diomira Frazzini 1860
child: Salvatore Antonio diCianno 1888 [40]
     Jay diCianno is descendant from this family.
     WWI Draft Registration, Beaver Falls, PA. wife Amilia diCianno

father: Salvatore diCianno 1867 [43]
    grandfather: Pietro diCianno (#4958)
    grandmother: Brigida Frazzino (#4957)
mother: Teresa diMartino
child: Emiddia Giuseppa diCianno 1895
child: Costantino diCianno 1896

father: Floriano diCianno 1883-1866
    grandfather: Angelo diCianno [c]
mother: Eufrasia Mariani  1826
    grandfather: Pasquale Mariani
child: Pasquale diCianno 1866

father: Candido diCianno 1862 [10]
    grandfather: Giuseppe Sabatino diCianno [30]
    grandmother: Maria Amalia Frazzino [31]
mother: Filomena Onorato [10a]
child: Maria Aristella diCianno 1886
child: Clotilde Elisabetta diCianno 1890
child: Cristinziano Vincenzo diCianno 1884

father: Pietro diCianno 1843 (#4958)
    grandfather: Angelo diCianno [c]
mother: Brigida Frazzino 1843 (#4957)
    grandfather: Paolo Frazzino (#4213)
    grandmother: Maria Giancola
child: Maria Carolina diCianno 1877-1879
child: Sabatino Domenico 1886-1962
     Lived in New Galilee, PA
     WWI Draft Registration, wife Marie diCianno.
child: Maria Carmina 1873
child: Orazio Liberato 1870
child: Floriano Salvatore1867

father: unknown
mother: Maria diCianno 1841 (#4954)
    grandfather: Nicola diCianno
    grandmother: Benigna diLorenzo
child: Carmine diCianno 1869 (#4344)
      Here is his family tree. Betty Huston is descendant from this line.
child: Maria diCianno 1872
child: Amico diCianno 1884 [41]
child: Amico diCianno 1879 [42]

father: Valentino diCianno 1833 (#6671)
    grandfather: Raffaele diCianno (#6668)
mother: Rosaria diFlorio
    grandfather: Domenico diFlorio
child:Romualdo Raffaele diCianno1877 (#6660)
     Married Concetta Rosa Carlini in 1904
     WWI Draft Registration, East Ely, White Pine, NV
child: Filomena Carmina diCianno 1882
child: Anna Maria diCianno 1873

father: Amico diCianno (#4951)
mother: Maria Ciccarelli (#4952)
child: Angela Maria diCianno 1878 (#2258)
     Married Giovanni Battista Morelli 1872
child: Albina Lucia diCiano 1880-1882 (#4953)

father: Vincenzo diCianno 1849
    grandfather: Sabatino diCianno
mother: Lucia diTella
    grandfather: Angelo diTella
child: Giovanna Ernesta diCianno 1876 (#2761)
     Married Ernesto Angelo Acquafondata in 1902
child: Arduino Michele diCianno 1879
child: Emiddio Michele diCianno 1873

father: Eugenio diCianno 1828
    grandfather: Amico diCianno [41]
mother: Lucia Palumbo 1833
    grandfather: Domenico Palumbo
child: Maria Antonio diCianno 1878

father: Domenico diCianno
mother: Concetta Frazzino
child: Bettina Elisabetta diCianno 1876
     Married Carmine Ricci in 1876

father:  unknown
mother: Maria diCianno 1831
    grandfather: Amico diCianno [41]
child: Vincenzo Antonio diCianno 1868

father: Onorato diCianno 1843
    grandfather: Giovanni diCianno [d]
mother: Domenica Sozio 1846
    grandfather: Carlo Sozio
child: Antonia Domenica diCianno 1873
child: Vincenza Chiara diCianno 1867-1868

father: Francesco diCianno 1842
    grandfather: Giovanni diCianno [d]
mother: Rosa Colaianni 1846
    grandfather: Michelangelo Colaianni
child: Anna Antonia diCianno 1869

father: Sabatino diCianno 1821 (#3977)
    grandfather: Sabatino diCianno
mother: Carolina Jacovetti 1830 (#3978)
    grandfather: Antonio Jacovetti
child: Emiddio diCianno 1870
child: Maria Loquilda diCianno 1867-1871

father: Giuseppe diCianno 1825 [30]
    grandfather: Antonio diCianno1795
mother: Amalia Frazzino 1835 [31]
    grandfather: Filippangelo Frazzino
    grandmother: Gelsumina Frazzino
child: Candido diCianno 1862 [10]
child: Cristinziano Vencenzo diCianno 1867
child: Ludovico Pasquale diCianno 1869 [1]

father: Domenicantonio diCianno 1828
    grandfather: Raffaele diCianno (#6668)
mother: Concetta Frazzino 1835 (#2763)
    grandfather:  Goisue Frazzino (#1226)
child: Emiddia Antonia diCianno 1868

father: unknown
mother: Domenica diCianno 1824
    grandfather: Antonio diCianno [42]
child: Maria Filomena diCianno 1866

father: Pasquale diCianno 1821
    grandfather: Benedetto diCianno
mother: Angela Colarosa 1832
    grandfather: Amico Colarosa
child: Emiddia Serafina diCianno 1866 (possibly #1520)

In 1871, there were four diCianno children born.
In the microfilm, only the index survives.

Anna Vincenza Raffaela diCianno 1871
Antonio Cristinziano diCianno 1871 [3]
Pietro diCianno 1871 [15]
Elisabetta Adelina diCianno 1871-1871

diCianno in the Ely Cemetery

These photos are from a May 2005 visit to Ely.  For a full report of our visit to the Ely Cemetery, look at this page.

Umberto diCianno and Michelina diCianno

Amedeo diCianno and Carmela Mendozzi

Girlando "Gerry" diCianno

Romolo diCianno and Billie Mandeville

diCianno in the Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Raton, NM

These photos are from a May 2005 visit to Raton. Click for a full report of  my 28 Apr 2004 visit to Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Raton.

Oreste diCianno.
Son of Pasquale diCianno [1] and Silvia Loreta diSanza
(from the 1926 marriage record at St. John the Baptist Church in Dawson, NM.
He married Florena (Florence) diLorenzo, daughter of Giuseppe diLorenzo and Loreta della Croce.
Florence remaried after Oreste's death. She died in Tucson, AZ and may be buried there.

Other Stuff

1953 Newspaper article
From a family tree on and submitted by Mike Hamilton:

Entries: 1540    Updated: 2004-11-28 03:56:24 UTC (Sun)    Contact: Michael Hamilton

    2 Amedeo DI CIANNO
      + Caramel MENDOZZI
        3 Richard DI CIANNO
          + Beverly ?
            4 Mark DI CIANNO
            4 Sheila DI CIANNO
            4 Marcy DI CIANNO
            4 Debbie DI CIANNO
        3 Romolo DI CIANNO
          +  BILLIE
            4 Carrie DI CIANNO
            4 Currie DI CIANNO
            4 John DI CIANNO
        3 Marie DI CIANNO
          + Don CARRICK
            4 Michael CARRICK
            4 Ricky CARRICK
            4 Tim CARRICK
    2 Orest DI CIANNO
      +  FLORENCE
    2 Armando DI CIANNO
      +  ELVIRA
        3 Sylvia DI CIANNO
          + Lydio SALVI
            4 Joanne SALVI
            4 Louise SALVI
            4 Ed SALVI
        3 John DI CIANNO
            4 Vera DI CIANNO
            4 Armaando DI CIANNO
        3 Valaria DI CIANNO
          + Richard DI PETRO
            4 Angelo DI PETRO
            4 Patrick DI PETRO
    2 Amico DI CIANNO
      +  ASSUNTA
        3 Tony DI CIANNO
        3 Theresa DI CIANNO
        3 Ami DI CIANNO
          +  PHILAMENA
            4 Carol DI CIANNO
              + Alex ELIAS
                5 Kristen ELIAS
                5 Michael ELIAS
                5 Nichola ELIAS
            4 Anna Marie DI CIANNO
              +  DAN
            4 Elio DI CIANNO
              +  OLGA
                5 Mario DI CIANNO
                  +  SUE
                    6 Christopher DI CIANNO
                    6 Michael DI CIANNO
                    6 Robert DI CIANNO
                5 Joe DI CIANNO
  + Silvia Loretta DI SANZA b: 28 JUL 1870
  • DiTanna, Pasquale
  • b. ABT 1850 Italy - d. BEF 1928 Italy
    + Angelaccio, Mariantonia b. ABT 1850 Italy - d. AFT 1928 - Marriage: ABT 1875

    Mike Hamilton sent me these photos in September of 2007:

    Amedeo DiCianno & Orlando DiSanze

    Amico DiCianno

    Assunta and Amico DiCianno

    Ugo DiCianno
    I got an email from Jay DeCianno who told me that his cousin, Amico,
    in Italy said that this was Ugo DiCianno (not Amico as originally identified.

    Michelina Concetta DiCianno, Fedina & Girlando

    Michelina Concetta DiCianno, Fedina & Girlando

    Silvia Loreta (DiSanza) DiCianno and son, Armando
    (I'm not sure of the name Armando - sister Michelina's obituary above does not list a brother with that name.)

    Wedding of Amedeo DiCianno and Carmella Mendozzi

    Caption info from Mike Hamilton: Amedio DiCianno Wedding & Cousins DiSanze
    Standing: Orlando DiSanze, ?, ?, Amedio DiCianno, ?, ?, ?
    Seated: ?, ?, Carmella Mendozzi, Antoinette DiSanze, ?, Dora DiSanze?

    In Mar 2008, Ben Laricca sent me the same photo and added:

    Here is the wedding photo of Carmela Mendozzi (Capracotta) and Amedeo DiCianno (San Pietro A.), 1927 or 28.
    The youngest girl is my mother, Frances Mendozzi Lariccia. Aside from her and the newly weds, I can't identify any others. Are there folks from San Pietro in the photo?


    Amedeo & Carmela DiCianno
    Amedeo was a pall bearer when my great uncle Felice Carlini died in 1944 in Ely, NV.
    Amedio worked for the Nevada Northern Railway and his name appears often on my Ely, NV and East Ely Railroad Depot Museum pages.

    From: <>
    Date:    16 Dec 2008 04:45:01 -0000

    I am researching my husband's family. His great Grandmother, Michelina Concetta DiCianno and great grandfather, Umberto Pete DiCiano came to Ely, Nevada from San Pietro Avellana Italy.

    Florence diLorenzo

    Florence was a big mystery for a while. I've seen her name also as Flora and Florena. I found a family tree on which listed her - at least I am pretty sure that this is her:

    It shows that she remarried after Oreste's death in 1956. Here are some details from that tree:

    # ID: I546046446
    # Name: Florence DILORENZO
    # Given Name: Florence
    # Surname: DiLorenzo
    # Sex: F
    # Birth: 8 Jan 1908 in Hebbing, MN
    # Death: : Jun 1982 in Tucson, Az

    Marriage 1 Joseph SEPICH b: 05 Sep 1927 in Dillon, NM

        * Married: Sept 1960 in in Carlsbad, NM
    # ID: I545676237
    # Name: Joseph SEPICH
    # Given Name: Joseph
    # Surname: Sepich
    # Sex: M
    # Birth: 05 Sep 1927 in Dillon, NM
    # Death: 22 Oct 2002 (V) in 85629 (Sahuarita, Pima, AZ)
    # Event: 525-38-8614 Social Security Number
    # Event: 2 wives Florence DiLorenzo and Elzbieta Solarz Number of Marriages
    # Note: Joe served in the US Army, worked in the coal mines at Brilliant, NM and Reliance Wyo., Sawmills in South Fork Colorado, Potash mines in Carlsbad NM, and the Duval copper mines in Arizona.

    Father: Vinko (AKA Vincent) SEPICH (AKA SEPIC) b: 22 Feb 1891 in Sroki, St. Matteo Croatia Austria (in or near Rijeka
    Mother: Victorija LUCIC b: 12 Dec 1893 in Rijeka, Croatia, Austria (Yugoslavia)

    Marriage 1 Florence DILORENZO b: 8 Jan 1908 in Hebbing, MN

        * Married: Sept 1960 in in Carlsbad, NM

    Marriage 2 Living SOLARZ

         (Nevada Marriage Index shows Joe Sepich's second marriage was on 26 Sep 1990 in Clark, County, NV)

    The tree was posted by Shawna Shields "Sepich, Ercolani, Scroggins and Thompson Family Tree" . The email address associated with the posting is no good any more.

    Vinko Sepich appeared in records from St. John the Baptist Church in Dawson, NM.

    I then found a couple of SSDI entries:

    Social Security Death Index
    Name:     Florence Sepich
    SSN:     525-64-5053
    Last Residence:     85629  Sahuarita, Pima, Arizona, United States of America
    Born:     8 Jan 1908
    Last Benefit:     85629  Sahuarita, Pima, Arizona, United States of America
    Died:     Aug 1982
    State (Year) SSN issued:     New Mexico (Before 1951 )

    Social Security Death Index
    Name:     Joseph Sepich
    SSN:     525-38-8614
    Last Residence:     85629  Sahuarita, Pima, Arizona, United States of America
    Born:     5 Sep 1927
    Died:     22 Oct 2002
    State (Year) SSN issued:     New Mexico (Before 1951 )

    You can read a little about her early years in Minnesota on this page.

    Christy and Filomena diCianno

    This family lived in Youngstown with children who lived in Ely. I got these emails:

    From:    Penny Frates <>
    To:    <>
    Subject:    Ely Photos
    Date:    Tue, 19 Feb 2008 17:30:20 -0700

    Hi Mark,
    I just noticed your website. I am related to the Di Cianno's. Could you post the photo of Girlando Di Cianno? Are you related?

    Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 10:14:08 -0800
    Subject: Re: Ely Photos


    Thanks for your email.

    I do have two photos of Girlando diCianno on the diCianno web page. Is there another one that I referenced? I'll be happy to send you the photos if you can remind me which they are. (I have so many photos I can't keep track of them...)

    Also, consider joining our SPA group on Yahoo at:
    Join the group and post a message there about your parents, grandparents, etc. You might find more cousins!

    From:    Penny Frates <>
    To:    Mark DiVecchio <>
    Subject:    RE: Ely Photos
    Date:    Thu, 21 Feb 2008 08:46:52 -0700

    Hi Mark,

    I had not even seen the Di Cianno page - I just found your Ely page when I googled my grandmother. I just checked it out and it's great!  To fill in another piece of the puzzle (if you haven't already) my grandparents were/are Girlando and Josephine DiCianno, so my great grandmother is Michelina DiCianno (Grandma Micki). My mom, Chris, may have sent you an email as well. I don't remember Micki, she died before I was born. Amadeo and Carmela were my great aunt and uncle.

    Josephine's side is DeLorenzo - I saw a similiar name on the website (different spelling) her parents were Christy and Philomena DeLorenzo. My mom will know most of the Italians in Ely, we were a tight knit group and all of us are related! Your website is great, I am going to join the yahoo group and tell my mom to do the same.
    Thanks again!

    From:    <>
    To:    <>
    Subject:    your website
    Date:    Wed, 20 Feb 2008 21:39:08 -0500

    Hi, my daughter sent me your website, and you have hit on some very near and dear memories of my life.  I am sure we are related somewhere along the line.  I know, or knew most of the headstones you took pictures of. In addition, my dad is Girlando DiCianno, my mom is Josephine, and she is still alive at the age of 85 but is in a nursing home in Ely.  My maternal grandmother is Filomena Delorenzo, married to Christy Delorenzo and he died in Youngstown, Ohio, where he was buried.  My paternal grandparents are Umberto and Micheliana DiCianno. I am first generation Italian here in the USA.

    You have definitely caught my interest. if you want to chat more, you have my email address.

    Here is some information about the missing headstones:

    1.   DiCianno, Agnes L.
    This is my step grandmother, her husband was Umberto DiCianno.  This was a 2nd marriage for them both and my grandfather Umberto is buried in Ely with his wife Michelina, and Agnes is buried I believe in Reno.  Her name prior to the marriage to my grandfather was Lusetti.

    3.   DiCianno, Ann DiCianno
    I do not know "Ann" though my maiden name is DiCianno, so I need to think about this one for a bit to see if I recognize her.
    With sincere regards,

    Christine DiCianno-McDonald
    Charlotte, NC
    From: Mark DiVecchio []
    Sent: Friday, February 22, 2008 12:27 AM
    Subject: diCianno Genealogy

    Dear Christine and Penny,

    Thanks for your email and information.

    I've learned a lot about the diCianno family and their time in Dawson and Ely.

    When I started my genealogy research several years ago, I focused on my immediate family. As I moved forward, I realized that everyone from SPA is related to everyone else. That sure makes a lot of work for me!

    My direct interest in the diCianno family was Oreste.

    My great granduncle, Teridano diTella, lived in Dawson and is buried in Raton. His family never came to the US. He had four children. I visited several of his grandchildren in Italy a few years ago.

    When I was first contacted by Teridano's grandson, Giuliano Colajanni, we knew almost nothing about Teridano's life here. Over the years we searched for information.

    When Teridano died, the executor of his will was Oreste diCianno. I talk about that on Teridano's web page at:

    So I was hoping that I could find out more about Teridano if I found out more about Oreste. That let me to the research that I did on your family and to this web page that you saw:

    Many people have helped me out along the way. Mike Hamilton <> sent me the photos of Girlando that I have. You can look at the web page and see all the help that I received.

    From you, I would be interested in anything that you would like to share about the diCianno's.

    I'd especially like to hear if you know anything about Oreste, his first wife, Flora (Florence) diLorenzo or his second wife (whose name I'm not sure of).

    I'd also like to add some photos of your diCianno ancestors to the web site.

    Some comments: spelling changed all over. You can generally ignore spellings. DeLorenzo = diLorenzo = Lorenzo. In Italy the spelling was diLorenzo so that is the one I tend to use.

    The Christy DeLorenzo that died in Youngstown, do you know his first name in Italian?

    From:            <>
    To:              "'Mark DiVecchio'" <>,
    Subject:         RE: diCianno Genealogy
    Date:            Fri, 22 Feb 2008 14:55:07 -0500

    Hi Mark!  Thanks for all of the info!  Wow, it was so special to see pics of my dad and aunt when they were little tykes.  For some reason, many of the pics of my parents childhood did not make it to us, their children... I only have pics of ELY on, and my dad moved there when he was in high school.  :-)

    As far as Christy Delorenzo, that is the only name I remember as he died before I was born.  He was married to my grandmother Filomena Delorenzo.  In addition, my mom Josephine DiCianno (married to Girlando) was Josephine DeLorenzo, daughter of Christy and Filomena, and sister of Lena and Anthony, who are both deceased.  My mom is the oldest child of that family.  Christy Delorenzo also had a sister named Christina, one of the many Chris/Christina's in the family that I was named after! :-) My grandmother spoke of Christina often in a most loving way, telling me how much she loved that I was named after her.  I will talk to my cousins and other family members to see if I can find anything more around Delorenzo in case that leads us to your Flora.

    I look forward to continue reading your website, sharing with you whatever I can, and maybe one day meeting you.  I was in Italy this past summer for a couple of weeks and plan on moving to southern France (Provence) within the next 12 months.  By getting that close, one of my first adventures will be to Italy to SPA, if I do not get there any sooner than that.   

    How fun this all is!  Thank you again for all of the information you are sharing with us!  I have two 'DiCianno' cousins in Reno also doing some genealogy (children of Richard DiCianno & grandchildren of Amedeo and Carmela DiCianno).  I will ask my brother or sister (they both live in Reno) to get with the cousins to see what they have found.
    Thanks again!
    Do you know Filomena DeLorenzo's maiden name or the names of her parents? Was her family from SPA?
    On 27 Feb 2008, Christine DiCianno-McDonald <> wrote:
    My brother is thinking her last name was something close to "DiPietro".  I recall the same but have sent a note to my older sister to confirm.

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