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Ely City Cemetery, Ely NV

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In May of 2005, I had a chance to visit the cemetery in Ely, NV. East Ely was a railroad town and like many Italian immigrants, my family worked on the railroad. I never met any of these people - I got interested in genealogy a little too late in life.

The Cemetery

Cemetery entrance
Old part of cemetery
New Part of cemetery
Flagpole in the VFW section of the cemetery. My granduncle, Felix Carlini, is buried in this section
VFW Post 3547

The Carlini Family

On Monday morning at 7AM, I was at the cemetery. The groundskeeper was very helpful even though he was swamped with work getting ready for the upcoming Memorial day weekend.

I already had my list of people which I got from the Webpanda web site for the Ely City Cemetery.

My first goal was to visit the graves of my granduncle, Felix Carlini, his wife Letizia diSanza Carlini, and his brother Armando "Herman" Carlini. I found each of those. Then I searched for Diullo's, diSanza's, Labate's, and Acquafondata's.

It was a great experience. I had never met any of these people since I grew up in PA and it was quite a way to travel in those days. My mother had been to Ely once, in 1943. And Armando lived in Beaver Falls for a while. Both of my granduncles died before I was born.

Felice "Felix" Carlini

From the 30 Aug 1944 issue of the Reno Evening Gazette (minor spelling errors shown corrected in Italics):

Funeral services were held here Saturday for Felix Carlini, who died at the veterans' hospital in Salt Lake City last week. Carlini was a pioneer resident of this district and had been in ill health for the past three months.
Born February 25, 1895, in San Pietro Avellano (Avellana), Italy, he came to the United States 31 years ago. He came directly to White Pine county and had made his home here for the past 30 years. He had been employed as a car inspector for the Nevada Northern railway company.
Surviving is his widow, Mrs. Letizia Carlini, who he married in 1920; two sons, Joseph and Todd Carlini, and three daughters, Mrs. Dora Slight, Mrs. Norma Schmidt and Miss Clarra (Clara) Carlini, all of Ely. His mother in Italy and two sisters, Mrs. Lucrezia Frazzini of Beverly (Beaver) Falls, Pa., and Mrs. Elvira Isalla (Iasella) of Italy, also survive.
Pallbearers were Amadeo DiCianno, Mike Innachione, Peter DeRicco, Fred Ricci, Domnic DiSanza and Joe Coliazzi. Burial was in the Ely cemetery, where the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars fired a salute.

Uncle Felix is buried in the VFW section of the Ely City Cemetery.
Letizia diSanza Carlini
Wife of my grand uncle Felice.
Armando "Herman" Carlini

From the Reno Evening Gazette, Monday, June 24, 1940, page 9:

Funeral services were held Saturday at the Sacred Heart Catholic church for Herman Carlini, forty years old, of Ely, who died suddenly in a local hospital Wednesday night at 11:45 o'clock, following an operation. He had been ill several days prior to his death and was taken to the hospital for an operation Wednesday.
Born in Italy in 1900, he came to this country as a young man and for fifteen years was employed by the Nevada Northern Railway Company. Interment was in the Ely cemetery.
He is survived by a brother, Felix Carlini, and his family, of Ely; a sister, Mrs Lucrezia Frazzini of Pennsylvania, and his mother and a sister, residing in Italy.
Dora Slight is the daughter of Felice and Letizia Carlini.

The Acquafondata (Fondi) Family

Leonara Acquafondata was my 3rd great grandmother. I don't know yet if this family is related to me.
Carmine Agostino Acquafondata
Frist husband of Francesca Carlini.
Father of six children. He was really born in 1878 per the SPA microfilmed birth records.
He was killed in an work accident on the NNRY.
Note also that his last name is spelled incorrectly.
Read about him here.
Mike and Clara Fondi
Mike is the son of Carmine Acquafondata and Francesca Carlini.
 You can read Mike's story on the Ely.NV page.

The DiIullo (Diullo) Family

Filiberto DiIullo and Rosina Rossi
The parents of Dorothy Diullo Carrick.
Joseph Carrick, husband of Dorothy who we met on our trip.

The Rossolo (Iannacchione) Family

Frank Rossolo (Pasquale Iannacchione)
Frank worked as a Section Gang Forman on the NNRY.
father of Elvira and Mafalda
Giovannia diCianno Rossolo
wife of Frank Rossolo

John Mariani

John Mariani is a Nevada Northern Railway legend. He died 3 Aug 2008.


Girlando (Gerry) and Josephine diCianno

email Feb 2008 from Christine diCianno-McDonald     <>

I know, or knew most of the headstones you took pictures of. In addition, my dad is Girlando DiCianno, my mom is Josephine, and she is still alive at the age of 85.
Filomena DeLorenzo (diLorenzo)

email Feb 2008 from Christine diCianno-McDonald     <>

My maternal grandmother is Filomena Delorenzo, married to Christy Delorenzo and he died in Youngstown, Ohio, where he was buried
Umberto and Mickelina diCianno

email Feb 2008 from Christine diCianno-McDonald     <>

My paternal grandparents are Umberto and Micheliana DiCianno.I am first generation Italian here in the USA.

Other Families

Loreto and Frances Carlini Acquafondata Labate
Parents of Lorry Labate
Frances' first husband was Carmine Acquafondata
She is the mother of Mike Fondi
Federico "Fred" Ricci and Mafalda Rossolo (Iannacchione)
Parents of Silvana Ricci
Edmondo diSanza and Elvira Rossolo (Iannacchione)
Elvira is the sister of Malfada.
Amedeo diCianno and Carmela
Amelia diSanza diFlorio
Amelia was the sister of Letizia and Edmondo diSanza.

I've had these photos and added them to this web page in Dec of 2010. These photos were all taken in May of 2005.

Ersenio and Santa Settefrati

Ana Sertic

Mike Sertic

Fredrick Ricci

Joseph Labate
Son of Domenicantonio "Domenick" Labate and Giuseppa Dorinda Labate.
Dorinda was murdered in Denver about 27 Nov 1910 but that was after Domenick divoreced her (1905).

Domenick Labate
SPA microfilms show birth was 29 Nov 1862.
He was married to Giuseppa Dorinda Labate (divorced in 1905).
Dorinda was murdered in Denver at 27 Nov 1905.
Domenick remarried to Assunta Maria Carlini on 24 Nov 1906.
They raised his two children, William and Joseph (see above tombstone photo) from his first marriage.
They had three more children, Tonita, Jimmie and Frances "BigMa" Labate.

Domenic and Mary Iannacchione

Amico (Mike) and Clotilde Iannacchione

Marion Florence Gatti

John Gatti

John diSanza
Giovanni Antonio diSanza
born in Pagliaroni, Campobasso, Italy
His granddaughter, Paulina, married Antonio Paolo Acquafondata, son of Carmine.

Colombo (John) diFlorio

Amedeo diMartino

Amico and Carolina diCianno

Amedeo diCianno and Carmela Mendozzi

Sent to me by Ben Laricca:

Carmela Mendozzi Di Cianno, born in Capracotta in 1910, was my mother's sister. Amedeo Di Cianno, of San Pietro A.,
married Carmela in Youngstown, a few years after his arrival in the US via Mexico and Uruguay.

Recently, Carmela's granddaughter in Nevada published a collection of stories by and about her grandparents. You can
find them here in English, Italian, and Spanish: Carmi ‘s Story of Nonna Carmela Mendozzi Di Cianno. Click here.

Antonio and Annie diCianno

Girlando "Gerry" diCianno

Romolo and Wilena (Billie Mandeville) diCianno

Teresa diCianno

Vince and Antimana Colaizzi
This is Vincenzo "James" Colaizzi who married Antonia Teresa Rosaria "Antimina" diMartino.
Photo of him and his brother.

Ronald Basso

There are a few sampietrese that I didn't have time to locate at the cemetery.

diCianno, Agnes L.
email Feb 2008 from Christine diCianno-McDonald     <>
This is my step grandmother, her husband was Umberto DiCianno.  This was a 2nd marriage for them both and my grandfather Umberto is buried in Ely with his wife Michelina, and Agnes is buried I believe in Reno.  Her name prior to the marriage to my grandfather was Lusetti.

Mark's note: I've since learned that this Agnes Lusetti was first married to Natale Lusetti before she married Umberto diCianno. Their son, Ricardo "Rich" Lusetti married Concetta Fortunata "Connie" Lombardi who was the daughter of Henry Lombardi, an engineer on the Nevada Northern Railroad. I don't know Agnes' maiden name.

Ricci, Joseph
diCianno, Ann
Inackione, Geno (probably Iannacchione)

 A gentle reminder, the spelling is Cemetery (there are no "a's").
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