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Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Raton, New Mexico

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On 28 Apr 2004, I visited the Mt. Calvary Cemetery at Raton. It was my first trip there. I tried to find as many of the people whose names I recognized. Here are  photos of those tombstones. For a full report of the trip that Sally and I took to Santa Fe, Raton and Dawson, click here. For the Dawson Cemetery visit, click here.

In Aug of 2008 during the Dawson Reunion, I had a second chance to visit the cemetery. I've added photos from that trip.

The cemetery is well maintained and fenced. It is still in active use.

Find a Grave listings for Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Raton

The photos here have all been cropped and reduced in size. If you would like a CD with all the photos full size, let me know.

My great great uncle Teridano diTella.
Teridano's descendents live in Italy. I am in contact with his grandson, Giuliano Colajanni.
A photo of me at my great great uncle's grave.
In a row right next to Teridano are buried members of the diLorenzo family.
From left to right:
Josephine diLorenzo
Giuseppe diLorenzo and Loretta della Croce
Teridano diTella
Domenico diLorenzo
Maria Colaianni
Josephine diLorenzo
Daughter of Giuseppe diLorenzo and Loretta della Croce
She died on 5 Feb 1944 just a few days before Teridano. Notice that the lettering and the boxes on the tombstone are identical to Teridano's.
Joseph (Giuseppe) diLorenzo and Loreta della Croce (also known as Crow or deCrow)
Giuseppe was the brother of  Domenico, Angela, Cristina, Carmine and Loreta.
My grandfther, Emiliano Frazzini, when to the home of Carmine diLorenzo in Aurora, MN on his arrival in 1905.
More on the Dawson Page.
Domenico diLorenzo
Brother of Giuseppe diLorenzo
More on the Dawson Page.
Maria Colaianni
Wife of Domenico diLorenzo
More on the Dawson Page.
Then there was a row of Carlini graves along side of the entrance road.
Carmine Carlini (1881-1935) and Carmina diTella (1885-1965)
According to a report by the Phelps-Dodge Co., Carmine was listed
as a "Fatality at Dawson Mine 23 May 1935".
Mike Carlini
Son of Carmine Carlini and Carmela diTella
I found an entry in the St.Patrick's Catholic Church death records:
"Michael Carlini - Killed in France, buried there 8/20/44, born in Dawson, buried 9/18/44 #38124719, died of wounds 8/17/44, Staff Sgt."
Ernest Carlini and Lizzie (Elisabetta) Carlini
Children of Carmine Carlini and Carmina diTella
Records from Dawson show Ernesto, born 10 Apr 1918 and died 28 Jun 1918, 4m, buried in Dawson Cemetery
Ralph R. Carlini
Reusedo Raffaele Carlini
Son of Carmine and Carmina diTella
Born in Dawson, baptised in Trinidad, CO 1912.
Married Flora Mae Kukuk 23 Dec 1949 (from records of St.John the Baptist Church).
The records at St. John the Baptist Church in Dawson only go back to 1917.
Mary A. Carlini, daughter of Amico Carlini (brother-in-law of Carmine Frazzini) and Mary Ricci
Died 25 Dec 1942
I have a copy of her 1942 death certificate. Mary died at the Dawson Hospital. She was born 18 Jan 1920. She worked as a stenographer at the chain grocery office in Dawson. Death reported by Danny R Carlini, her brother. She lived in house #1205 in Dawson.
Alfonso Carlini and Ermina Carlini (daughter of Carmine Carlini and Carmela diTella).
I don't know if or how Alfonso Carlini is related to other Carlini's families other than through this marriage.
The marriage record from 19 Sep 1931 lists Alfonso's parents as Pietro Carlini and Filomena Colaizzi. Alfonso was born in San Pietro Avellana.
Ernesto Carlini
Son of Carmine Carlini and Maria Carmina diTella
Mildred Carlini, daughter of Carmine Carlini and Carmina diTella
There is no date of death on her tombstone so I don't know if she is buried here.
Mildred Carlini Ghiglieri died on 12 Sep 2009 and is now buried next to her husband. You can read her obituary in my family tree data base.
Carmine diLorenzo
I don't know how this Carmine fits in.
I don't think he is the Carmine diLorenzo that my grandfather went to live with in Aurora, MN in 1905.
 I did find him in the records from SPA:
Carmine Antonio diLorenzo; born 1 Aug 1878
    f: Giuseppe, 35y           m: Maria Domenica Carlino
Ellis Island has a 1909 record for Carmine diLorenzo, 30y, going to Pueblo CO.
(would have been born about 1879) Wife in SPA, Maddalena diCossi (?)
The 1920 census shows a 33y old Carmino Lorenzo, wife Elisabetta and daughter Antonetta (born in Minnesota) in Routt CO (Carmino would have been born about 1887). This is the Carmine diLorenzo that my grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini, went to live with when he come over to Aurora, MN in 1905.
The 1920 census shows a Carmine diLorenzo 29y, single, in Dawson (would have been born in 1891).
I have found that Carmine Antonio diLorenzo and I are 3rd cousins 2 times removed.  Our common ancestors are Michelangelo Carlino and Rosa Vincenza Morelli. Look at the family tree for details.

Martha Thayer  sent me this First World War Registration in Jul 2005:

Carmine Dilorenzo 21 Jul 1878  White, Colfax County, NM
Roll:    1711858 

Transcription of card:
Registration Card: #2521
Draft Card D
Name: Carmine di Lorenzo
Permanent Home Address: PO Box 862 Dawson, Colfax County, New Mexico
Age: 40 Born: July 21, 1878
Race: White US Citizen: NO
Alien: non-declared
If not a citizen of the United States which country are you a citizen or subject: Italy
Present occupation: Miner
Company: Phelps Dodge Corp. Colfax County, New Mexico
Nearest relative: Christina di Lorenzo
Address: Colfax County, New Mexico
I affirm that I have verified above answers and they are correct.
Carmine di Lorenzo X his mark

Page 2
Height: short
Build: stout
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Signature of registrar: Leon Davis
Dated: September 12, 1918
Local Board:
State of New Mexico
Raton, New Mexico

Everni Arcangeli who married Mary diLorenzo, daughter of Giuseppe and Loreta della Croce.
Oreste diCianno
Son of Pasquale diCianno and Silvia Loreta diSanza
(from the 1926 marriage record at St. John the Baptist Church in Dawson, NM).
He married Florena (Florence?) diLorenzo, daughter of Giuseppe diLorenzo and Loreta della Croce.
He was the executor of the estate of my great granduncle Teridano diTella.
His wife remarried after his death and is buried in TX.
Vincenzo "Jay" Cericola, first husband of Sabina diLorenzo, daughter of Domenico and Maria Colaianni.
More on the Dawson Page.
The Brandolino's were a big family in Dawson. They were not from San Pietro Avellana. I am pretty sure that they were from the town of Caramanico.
Sam Carlini (son of Carmine Carlini and Maria Carmina diTella) and Pearl diLorenzo (daughter of Domenico diLorenzo and Maria Antonia Colaianni). I never had a chance to meet them. At the 2008 Dawson Reunion, I met their three children, Gene, Janet and Richard.


Born Amico Luigi Musilli in SPA 20 Mar 1890.  Wife Iola Giovanna "Ida" Carlini, born 5 Sep 1899 in SPA. Ida is my 4C2R. She was the daughter of Donatangelo Antonio Carlino and Maria Cristina diMartino.

Panorama View of Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery.
Click on the image for a large (600Kb) version.
Teridano diTella is buried under the large pine trees at the far right.
The Carlini's are buried straight ahead just past the entrance on the left side of the road.
View of Raton, New Mexico from the Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery.
Teridano diTella's grave is located on this end of the cemetery this is the view from his grave site.

 A gentle reminder, the spelling is Cemetery (there are no "a's").
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