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These photos, except where noted, were sent to me by Cathy Madonna Youngblood in Apr 2005. She is my 5th cousin 1 time removed. Her family is related to a lot of branches of Frazzini/Carlini/Mariani in the US. The captions under each photo are just as Cathy sent them to me so all the relative references are with respect to her. I also highlighted them in RED. At the bottom of this page are a bunch of emails that Cathy sent me. A tree for her family can be found on the Frazzini Tree Part 3.
1903 Mariani, Enrico (Henry) - Italy

1st cousin to my g-grandmother, son of Giovanni Cosmo Mariani & Maria Giacinta Colaizzi and grandson of Giuseppe Mariani and Elisabetta Frazzini.
1910 Donatangelo Antonio Carlino
Highland Cemetery, New Castle, CO

Photo from: Highland Cemetery Headstones, Garfield County
Donato is the brother of Antonio Carlino, Cathy's great grandfather.
Read more about him here.
Mariani, Enrico (Henry) and wife, Gabriella (DiLorenzo) Mariani

Both Henry and Gabriella were cousins to my great-grandmother, Lucia Mariani
1925 Lucia (Mariani) Carleno (left) and Angela (Mariani) Morelli (right)

Lucia's sister, Angela, did not live in the US, but did come to visit. I think this may have been taken in Cleveland, OH where Angela's daughter, Edvige (Morelli) Frezza lived but not sure. Probably taken around 1925. I not sure who the others are, but think the younger woman is most likely Edvige (Morelli) Frezza and the man in the white hat is Alfredo Frezza, husband of Edvige. I have other photos of them and they look about the same. I haven't a clue about the other man.

Probably about 1925 - who were Tom and Rose (no doubt from SPA) but I never knew them.
1933 Gram & Dad - Louisville

This photo is my Gram, Jean Virginia (Carleno) Madonna, and my Dad, shortly after his birth in 1933.
Taken in Louisville, CO.
1939 Giovanni Carlino

Uncle John was Giovannino Carlini/o, oldest son of Antonio Rosario Carlino and Maria Lucia Mariani. Born in SPA in 1901, d. Durango, CO 1973. In other words, he was my grandmother's oldest brother.
Zia Erminia, Edvige & Zia Angela

This photo is the sisters, Erminia (Mariani) Cetro, Angela (Mariani) Morelli and Angela's daughter, Edvige (Morelli) Frezza. Taken in SPA probably in after WWII

This photo is of my great-grandparents Tony & Lucia Carleno at their 50th wedding in February 1951. This photo was taken at their home at 4010 Clay Street in Denver, CO.
1956 Carleno - Four Generations

Antonio (Tony) Carlini (Carleno), Igina (Jean Virginia) (Carlino) Madonna, Robert Q. Madonna, Lucia (Mariani) Carleno & Cathy Madonna (baby) taken at 4010 Clay Street - I think it was Easter Sunday in 1956. Clothing would suggest early spring in Denver, so Easter is an educated guess.
1963 Elisabetta (Mariani) Carlini

My Gram talked about meeting her Zia Sabetta when she and Gramps visited SPA in 1963.
1966 Eduardo Carlini

Son of Fillipo Carlini and Maria Elisabetta (Mariani) Carlini (Zia Sabetta). To the best of my knowledge, Eduardo was living in SPA when he died in 1966. My Gram & Gramps met him when they were there in 1963.
1970 Dad, Gram & Gramps - Pine, CO

This photo is my dad, Robert Quirino Madonna (1933-1982), my Gram, Jean Virginia (Carleno) Madonna and my Gramps, Quirino Madonna taken at our fishing cabin in Pine, CO.
1979 Gramps, Me & Gram - near Colorado National Monument

This photo is my Gramps, Quirino Madonna, me - Cathy and my Gram, Jean Virginia (Carleno) Madonna - near Mud Springs above Grand Junction, CO.

Emails from Cathy Youngblood
Date:           Fri, 15 Apr 2005 16:39:55 -0700
From:          Cathy Youngblood <>
Subject:       SPA Families - Oh, What a Tangled Web They Wove

Hi Mark,

            We went back and forth a couple of times ages ago about our common surnames in San Pietro Avellano. I have recently started to  think about the genealogy again (after a sabbatical of a few years from the "dead relative" hunt) and I have been looking at your fantastic website and see that my lines are not fully represented. Although I find that you have much more information on my own ancestors than I do, I can add a few tidbits as well as some stories.

            Unfortunately, I am not the missing link that will take all of these families from SPA and put them together. I don't think that can ever be done. Over the years, I have been in communication with many of the people who have contributed to your website. The 1st person I met online was Wilberta DiVincenzo. We worked together to determine a link between her Mariani's and mine but never did find one. Actually, she did most of the work and was kind enough to help me out. She was able to make a link between me and Lorry LaBate. It also looks like I do connect with some of the others who have contributed to your data but even though we share the same surnames over and over, I don't see a connection with you, Wilberta or Gerri (Frazzini) Bottomly - who actually grew up a few blocks away from the house where I grew up. She was a bit ahead of me though.

            I do SURMISE that a possible connection may exist with the Frazzini brothers of Denver and my great-grandparents, Antonio Rosario Carlini (Tony Carleno) and Lucia (Mariani) Carlini. In the early 1920's, Grandpa Tony & Grandma Lucia sold their share of the masseria in SPA to Grandpa Tony's brother, Fillipo and his wife, Elisabetta (Mariani) Carlini - she was sister to Grandma Lucia (i.e. two brothers m. two sisters). At/around that time Tony and Lucia were living in Denver on Navajo Street. Apparently, the bank that was handling the sale of the farm failed and all of Tony & Lucia's nest egg was lost - about $800 but seemed like $1 million to them. I am pretty sure that they would have certainly taken their financial transaction to Prospero's bank, so it is possible that the bank that failed was Prospero's. Tragic for both families. Tony went back to work in the coal mines for about 10 years after they lost the money from the masseria and they were both bitter about the whole thing for the rest of their lives My mother said they claimed that they were cheated by relatives. But they did manage to buy their house in old North Denver (4010 Clay Street) by 1936. I do have to say, lucky for me that Grandpa Tony went back to work in the mines - otherwise, my own grandparents might never have met.

            By the time they moved into their home on Clay Street, their children were rapidly leaving the nest, the days of working in the coal mines were behind them and they lived close to a few relatives. Giuseppe (Joe) DiLorenzo, 1st cousin to Grandma Lucia, moved in across the street and Giuseppe's brother, Alessandro (Alex) DiLorenzo lived within a mile. But I think they were bitter people and not very happy. I don't remember them having the family over and I don't remember meeting family members outside their immediate family.  I do remember them both fondly, though. Grandpa Tony had piercing blue-green eyes and those eyes held a twinkle. He always had a 50 cent piece in his pocket for me. Grandma Lucia died when I was in high school. I wish I would have asked her questions about her life before she died but even if I would have thought to do so, she refused to speak English to anyone, and I could only pick up bits and pieces of what she was talking about. I don't remember ever eating a meal in their home - the Sunday dinner was at my Gram's house and they seldom came. I have heard that Grandma Lucia was a terrible cook and that her Polenta was like glue. Grandpa Tony died in January of 1966 - he was shoveling snow and had a heart attack.

            My Gram, who we called Little Luch (after her mother, of course), was the 1st in her family born in the US and she arrived exactly 9 months after her mother's arrival in the US. She was born Igina Carlino (from the naturalization papers) in New Castle, Garfield, CO. Her name like those of her parents and siblings was Americanized and she was Jean Virginia Carleno. Gram didn't have much memory for the New Castle days. She was b. in 1911 and lived there until about 1920/21. She didn't speak any English until she went to school in New Castle. I have often thought that if she would have tried to remember about New Castle in Italian that her memories would have come flooding back. New Castle was a company town pretty much and the Italians were on the bottom wrung of the ladder - they worked in the old Vulcan mine, which was notorious for massive explosions, killing many, many miners. To this day, when you drive through New Castle, you can see the scar on the mountain on the other side of the Colorado River, where the Vulcan is still burning underground. Periodically, there is talk about trying to put out the underground fire, and start Her up again but I don't think anyone would ever really do it! My Gram's time in New Castle was during WWI - do doubt a big topic of conversation as her brothers were teenagers by 1917. Gram remembered that she was often afraid that Kaiser Bill (Kaiser Wilhelm) would come to get her. She was also bullied by a little girl named Bettina - no doubt someone a step higher on the ladder. There was also the turmoil concerning the unions. Since so many of them came to work in the coal mines, I am pretty sure the story was the same among many of the families. Tony Carleno was not a union man but eventually had his own mine with a couple of other men, rather than work in the dangerous Vulcan. The family did have some fun though. I heard stories about fishing trips and hunting trips up in the high mountains. New Castle is so similar to SPA that I am sure that is why they went there.

Gram met my grandfather, Quirino Madonna, when she was working as a mine clerk in Louisville, CO. Her parents were living a few miles away in Columbine, CO - her father worked at the Columbine mine. Gram & Gramps ran off and got married by the J.P. in Golden, CO in 1930. Of course, they went quietly and meekly home to their respective houses and eventually screwed up the courage to tell their parents that they had married. My Gram said that he father, Grandpa Tony, bellowed and struck his fist on the table, when she announced that she was married. He said "You are not married, until Rocco Madonna (my grandfather's father) comes to my house and we say that you are married." Well, I guess that happened because I am here to relate the story, although it's pretty sorry compared to the tales that my Gram would weave for me when I'd ask her to "tell me about when you were a little girl".

I am sending you some information in attached e-mails, as well as some photos - consequently, I'm going to send you quite a bit over the next little while. If you need me to format differently or print and mail to you, I'll be happy to do so. I apologize for taking so long to participate in your great project. Hope to hear from you when you get a chance.

Best regards,
Cathy (Madonna) Youngblood
Date:            Fri, 15 Apr 2005 16:55:22 -0700
From:            Cathy Youngblood <>
Subject:         SPA Families


My husband is just now coming in the door and it is Friday as well, so I will be quick with this. I have taken the liberty of adding some of your information to fill things out, but have tried to denote where I have "stolen" your data. I will fill in with notes as soon as possible - hopefully, this weekend yet. If we both have the info, I haven't marked anything. My additions to your data are noted with * (please note that I haven't marked all the children with * - it would have taken me forever) and "stolen" information with **. As you can see, I have pieced together the scant information I had on the DiLorenzo's and managed to match some stuff up with what you have. I will send you some other notes, research and mysteries, etc. that I don't see that you have with in the next few days. It's almost prepared - I just have to explain some of my wanderings and organize it so that you can maybe put it all together.

Cathy (Madonna) Youngblood

Here are Cathy's Trees in PDF format.
Dear Cathy,

Great to hear from you. I remember emailing you a couple of years ago when I was just starting my genealogy research.

I was sorry to loose touch. Over that time, I've found a couple of people on-line who are related to you. But, as you noted, you and I are not yet related.

Almost all of the info I have on unrelated branches is on my Graphicial Trees. Have you looked at all of those? Sometimes, when I found cousins of cousins (so, actually, unrelated to me), I still put them in my GED file so you might want to download that as well.

You are, of course, welcome to "share" any information that I have. Sharing is really what genealogy is all about.

It will take me a couple of days to go through your emails. I will also gather up the email addresses of your cousins and get them into an email to you.

I especially appreciated the photos. Seeing those is the real connection to the past.

Date:            Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:38:47 -0700
From:            Cathy Youngblood <>
Subject:         RE: SPA Families - Oh, What a Tangled Web They Wove

Hi Mark,
    Glad you enjoyed the emails and photos. I have lots of other photos somewhere - I am not very organized. But when I come across something I will send it on to you. I have enjoyed looking at the photos on your website and have tried to decide if there is a resemblance to my own relatives. If there is, I really can't see it.
   Sorry about the formatting. I cut & pasted the first time, not even thinking that the formatting would be lost. All my very disorganized notes are at the end of the trees and I wanted to have a chance to "clean" the notes up so you wouldn't throw your hands up in despair when you saw them. I will keep working on them for you.
    Part of the reason that I am so incredibly disorganized is that I have been doing this off and on since I was about 16 years old (I'll be 50 in June). What started off as a project in a H.S. History class has turned into a life long passion. Unfortunately, after I managed to pull together notes from my Gram and her cousin, Onelia (Carlini) Settefrati, and write the original paper, I have discovered that while I am good at being a hunter/gatherer, I'm really lousy at the production angle and there is no finished product. I have high hopes though.
    I am glad you found that our lines do actually tie in way back. I'm not so very surprised though. I know from research done on my mother's side (they were early arrivals in New England) that I am my own cousin numerous times over. My Mom's father was a cousin to my Mom's mother's cousin and my Mom's mother's cousin was very distant kin to my husband. These connections take place in the colonies prior to our own Revolutionary War. Can you imagine the links between the families of a small town like SPA which goes back to Medieval times? It's mind-boggling!
    I am delighted that your trees and data have helped me to clear up my relation to the DiLorenzo's of North Denver. I knew that they were first cousins to my g-grandmother, Lucia (Mariani) Carlini and I figured that the connection was through her mother, Maria Bernardina DiLorenzo, but I didn't have everything to make the exact links. So, it is one of my mysteries solved. Joe DiLorenzo lived across the street from Tony & Lucia Carleno. His son, Elio, apparently inherited or bought the home from him. I went to H.S. and played tennis with one of Elio's daughters as well. I knew that we were cousins but didn't know how.
    I think that my great-grandfather's brothers, Donato (Donatangelo) and Tommaso may have come to the US as early as 1881 (from the 1910 Garfield County, CO Census) but more likely about 1886. Donato has always been one of my greatest mysteries, but all that is in my notes, so I will send it along later. (Mark's note: Read about it here.)
    BTW, I was looking at the photo you have on your website of the SPA Militia and looking at your list of the men. I believe that #15, Augusto, Adelco Morelli, is the son of Angela Mariani (sister to my g-g'ma, Lucia) and her husband, Ruggerio Morelli. Augusto was "lost" in the war. 
    I need to get some stuff done today but will have a look through some photos, etc., and get to work on my "notes". So more later!
Best regards,

That was a very interesting batch of emails. I especially liked the photos.

I did have some trouble with the text version of your trees. They seem to have lost the formating so I can't tell who is a child of whom. I looks like you used indenting but the indenting was lost when I received it and everying is lined up.

Can you try sending it again or maybe send in a different format?

I took what I was able to figure out and I put it on my Frazzini Tree Part 3. I also had to split that page so I moved some of what was on it and made a Frazzini Tree Part 5.

You are related to many of the trees that I've found. You are also related to me. Filippo Frazzino is my 3rd great granduncle. Here is what my genealogy computer program says:

"Cathy Madonna and Mark Camillo DiVecchio are 5th cousins 1 time removed.  Their common ancestors are Giusto Frazzino and Sabina Marracino."

I'm still working on understanding it all.

Date:            Wed, 20 Apr 2005 12:57:39 -0700
From:           Cathy Youngblood <>
Subject:        BTW


Just a by-the-way, I was completely blown away to see that my g-grandfather, Antonio Rosario Carlini, had a sister, Cristina Antonia. I wonder what happened to her. I had only heard about the 4 brothers - which seemed unusual since I haven't seen any Italian families of their era who didn't have at least 7 children and usually more. Maybe Cristina died young. My Grams 1st cousin, Onelia (Carlini) Settefrati, is the one who supplied the names of that generation and if she had an aunt living, I'm sure she would have included her. Onelia was from SPA - in fact, the post card you have on one of your pages is from Onelia to Grandma Lucia. I do have the original of the postcard.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention that!

Date:            Wed, 20 Apr 2005 15:48:34 -0700
From:            Cathy Youngblood <>
Subject:         Various information from my "notes"

Dear Mark,

I think some of this stuff is stuff that you do not have, so will start with it. Hopefully, it will be a contribution that will be of use. Please note my comments are in red. I hope that formatting works. If not, it's really a waste to use MS Word as my e-mail default.

First thing is the Carlini's who were in prison in CO. None of them are mine but I have heard about Pete Carlino and read about him. When we lived in Denver, I was a regular at the library looking for any history about Denver. Pete Carlino is one of the characters who I learned about but don't know if or how he might fit into the SPA story. Pete and his brother, Sam, were gangsters who started out in Pueblo, CO. They eventually moved their operation to North Denver, where Pete and his family owned a pretty impressive home. Unfortunately, the home was bombed. In 1931, Sam was murdered in Denver and shortly after, Pete was also murdered near the State Pen in Cañon City, CO. He had gone there to visit someone. Pete Carlino had been dubbed the "Al Capone of Southern Colorado" and he was pretty much the boss in Denver for a short time. These Carlino brothers were bootleggers. Their history is tied to Pueblo and Trinidad, CO, which is just across the border from Dawson, NM. I have no clue if they do belong to the SPA immigrant bunch but it's interesting anyway. It is possible that part of the reason these brothers turned to a life of crime was that the Klan was very active in CO during those times. Not a valid reason to engage in crime but those types of emotional issues don't always seem to need good reasons.

In the 1920's, the Klan supported Benjamin Stapleton in his bid to become mayor of Denver. In "gratitude" for the support of the Klansmen, newly elected Mayor Stapleton, appointed many of them to positions in City Government, including the police department. Quite a few, if not most of the Prohibition Agents in Colorado were also Klansmen. I wonder if the influence of these Klansmen was part of the reason that the authorities moved so quickly on Prospero Frazzini and the Italian American Bank. The following website has some of this information but I have heard it from other sources as well, that the Klan in Colorado had it out for Italians and that it sometimes made life difficult for our people. (for more information about these Carlini brothers).

I don't know who John/Johnny Carlini was - although, he could have been my grandmother's older brother. Somehow, I think it probably would have slipped if he had been in jail.

Denver Public Library Website - on-line database
Colorado State Archives Rm. 13-20, 1313 Sherman St., 80203
Colorado State Reformatory Prisoner Records, 1887-1929

Prison at Buena Vista, usually 16-25 years of age, usually convicted of crimes other than murder and voluntary manslaughter.

1.    Carlini, John, #8974, Prison Record Volume #20 (1935-1937)
2.    Carlini, Johnny, #8974, Prison Record Volume #19 (1935-1937)
3.    Carlino, Pete, #5124, Prison Record Volume #11 (1920-1922)
4.    Carlino, Stefano C., #3973, Prison Record Volume #9 (1915-1918)

[Mark's note: Aug 2005, I've searched through the SPA birth records for about when Pete and Sam would have been born but I have not found them.]

I'm terrible because I still read the obits in the Denver Post on-line once or twice a week. Keeps me up with what goes on in Denver.                2/24/02

Horan & McConaty - FRAZZINI - Mary Frazzini, 97, daughter of the late Cesare and Degna Frazzini, co-founder of Empire State Bank and benefactor of many Catholic charities died February 21, 2002. She is survived by the families of Bob, Lewis, Richard and Connie Frazzini, Jerry Bottomly, Phyllis LaGuardia, Norma Krasovich, Lucille Wilson, Betty Horan, Felicia Robbie and Vincent Zarlengo. Rosary, Monday, 7:00 p.m., Horan & McConaty Family Chapel, 3020 Federal Blvd. Funeral Mass, Tuesday, 10:00 am, St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, 4200 Federal Blvd. Interment, Crown Hill Cemetery. Location: CO.

Date: 2/24/2002. Source: Post-News

I think I saw that you had some Frazzini's in Louisville or Boulder, CO on your site.  I have seen these Louisville Frazzini's elsewhere and I think the wife was a DiLorenzo.  I have Madonna relatives buried in this cemetery - also called South Boulder Cemetery

Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Graveyard, Boulder, CO - South east of Boulder, CO, established in 1873, Cemetery walked 3 March 1999 by Sue (Gann) Splady and surveyed by Reagan Splady

1.    Cassio, H. Frazzini, d. 5/27/1907, age 2 years

I think you have these on Prospero's page but will send them along as well.

Colorado Divorce Detail

Petitioner: Frazzini, Felicito
Respondent: Frazzini, Dorinda
Docket # 029098
County: Denver
Date: 04/20/1899
Decree Type: Divorce

Petitioner: Frazzini, Josephine
Respondent: Frazzini, Daniano
Docket #064835
County: Denver
Date: 06/16/1924
Decree Type: Divorce

This is definitely a family from SPA - just curious. I am always looking for the missing link

Who was the Marianna Carline (or was it Carlini/o) who m. Pasquale Mariani and had a whole bunch of children in SLC??? I found them in the IGI

More later.
Dear Cathy,

May I use the photos and stories you send on my web site? Since your family seems to be "well connected" relative-wise, there may be a lot of people out there who would like to  read about them. I'll leave out anything you don't want to me to use. I always leave out the birth day and month of anyone still living. I don't use email addresses unless I'm given permission.

Speaking of email addresses, there are some people who I've contacted over the past few years, like Wilberta, who might like to know that you are on-line again. May I send them your email address?

I found Donato Angelo Carlino in: US Census 1900 Colorado - T623 R128 P290. I can send you the scan if you like.

Filippo full name, per the microfilms, was "Domenico Filippo".

I think I had the following data wrong - here is the correct info:

    Domenicantonio Carlini b. 1794  m. Marta diLodovico  b. 1808
        son Beniamino Antonio b. 12 May 1828
        9 other children

Lot of relatives are buried in Ogden - you can see them  in green on the Trees.

Floriana Raffaela Carlino mother of Domenico disanza who married Lydia Malan and must have converted to Morman. The Malan family was from around Turino in Piedmonte and her father and grandfather were part of the Morman Pioneer families. There are a couple links to other web sites on my Ogden page.

I noticed another connection in Frazzini Tree Part 5: Domenico Carlino and Marta diLudovico are common ancestors to Bob Frazzini of Bob's Limo's in Roma. I've emailed Bob a few times. He lives in Roma


Date:            Wed, 20 Apr 2005 12:47:37 -0700
From:            Cathy Youngblood <>
Subject:         RE: SPA Families - Oh, What a Tangled Web They Wove

Please use everything I have sent you so far. I have looked through and although some of the "stories" include some surmise on my part, I don't see anything that I think would be offensive and I am certainly open to hearing different interpretations or corrections. In fact, I think that's how some of our mysteries get solved and we get to know the people so much better. I do appreciate your sensitivity to living people and not compromising their privacy. I am not sure about the status of some of the cousins in Italy (i.e. descendants of Domenico Fillipo Carlini and Maria Elisabetta Mariani - the last I heard about some of them was 1970. Although, Attilo diSanza updated me on a couple of them). I don't have birthdates for most of them anyway and maybe we'll get lucky and they will google their own names and we'll find new cousins too!!

As for the photos, they are all of dead people and I think it's actually a good way to memorialize them. The originals of all these photos are in my possession as well and they do belong to me - so no problem that I can think of. Same with e-mail addresses - please feel free to send it on. On our website, we do require that people register or know the override - mostly because we are "overly protective" of the children. Our son, Ben, is currently revamping the whole site, so there isn't anything there.

YES, YES, I would love to have the 1900 census scan of Donato. I hadn't found him in the 1900 census, although I do have him in 1910 about 2 months before he died. The 1900 census might just answer a few questions. It is so disappointing that the 1890 census was destroyed as it would have answered a lot of questions about some of the early ones. I am putting together my notes about Donato and will send them separately. (Mark's note: Read about it here.)

Thanks for the update about Fillipo (Domenico Fillipo) as well as Domenicantonio Carlini & Marta diLudovico (I had her as Maria and he as just Domenico, I think).

I am pretty sure that the descendants of Emilio Mariani (b. 1884), son of Giovanni Cosmo Mariani and Maria Giacinta Colaizzi, also became Mormon. I corresponded for a short time with his g-granddaughter, Sherry Mariani Arthur, who lived in one of the SLC burbs, if I remember right. She was just starting out and must not have continued because I never heard from her again. Of course, she could have been like me and taken a sabbatical. I found that genealogy was being too important and taking up too much of my time for awhile, so I just boxed it all up, even though I knew that someday I would open that Pandora's box again. Have you ever heard from Sherry? I don't see that you have any representation of her line, so maybe not.

I have been studying your trees and I'm surprised to find so many ties. You surely have done a lot of work to make it all come together and tie all the threads. I am also surprised that so many records actually did survive the War. I remember the home movies that my Gram & Gramps brought home from SPA in 1963. It was almost 20 years after the war was over and there was still rubble everywhere. Wish I knew what had happened to those movies!!

One of the granddaughters of Domenico Fillipo Carlini was born at the masseria on the night when the Americans liberated the town from the Germans according to the family stories. I guess it was very frightening for them but happy too that the Americans had come.

More later,
Take care!
Cara Cathy,

Boy, you really got me thinking again about my grandfather's time in Colorado.

I looked again at his Naturalization, which was 17 Oct 1904 in Trinidad, CO. One of the witnesses was a "Donato Danio Carlino".

Well Danio is not an Italian name or an Americanization so I was wondering if it is a mis-transcription of Antonio?

For what its worth, the other witness was Andrea Putaturo.

I just did a check of Ellis Island and there are two records for him, 1899 and 1904. His first name is written Donatangelo each time BUT for the 1904 entry, the name Antonio is written above the "angelo" part of the name. By 1899, he was a US citizen and had been in the US from 1881 to 1898. In 1904, he was going to Denver, CO.

I guess that squares things. He was born Donatangelo but here in the US, he was known as Donato Antonio.

What do you think? Had you already figured this out?

Ciao, Marco
Good morning, Mark!

So, you have decided to climb onto Uncle Donato's Wild Ride too. This man is actually a total mystery to me and I think there was a cover-up about him among the family. Here's the story - moving backwards throughout his life:

 Click here for the story.

Apr 2006 - Cathy sent me a few more photos and other scans. Some of these people she knows but some she does not.

1934 Manfredo Carlini - memorial card from SPA (son of Domenico Fillipo Carlino & Maria Elisabetta Mariani)
1971 Enrichetta DiLorenzo (dates only from memorial card - probably spouse of one of the sons of Eliseo Antonio diLorenzo and Filomena Ricci)
1979 Plat Jacovette was a friend of my Gramps, so he may not be an SPA person - he had a sister who married a Marinelli and there were Marinelli's from Taranta Peligna where the Madonna's came from. This man would have actually been in school in Louisville, CO at the same time as my Gramps, so would have definitely have had more association with Gramps than with Gram.
1977 Sam and Caroline (Iacovetto) Iannacito lived a couple blocks away from my g-grandparents. My Mom & Dad rented a basement apartment from them from the time they were married in June 1954 until I was about 18 months old (December 1956). I remember hearing about Sam 'n' Carolyn often - Caroline's name was always given the Italian pronunciation.  But I have no idea if she was from SPA or not.

She was a friend of my g-grandmother.
1963 The memorial card for Cosima Lombardi was in Gram's things but I have no idea who she was - the Lombardi name does appear in connection with SPA people, although fleetingly, in your database, I see. I wonder if this Cosima Lombardi is a relation of Pasqua Elena Lombardi who married Amico Giusto Morelli (they seem to be Denver people). Anyway, that's why I am throwing it in.

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