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Frazzini Graphical Trees

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About these files: The only way that I could get enough information on one piece of paper to be able to see family connections was to make these trees. They are comprised of information that I found in the SPA microfilms and that I received from other researchers. Whenever I saw a connection between the trees, I put a note in. There may be many other connections that I never noticed.

The first tree is my direct ancestors. This information is also in my family tree data base (GEDCOM). The remaining trees were initially families who were not directly related to me. Over the years that has changed as I learned more and connected more families to my family. Remember, if we go back far enough, everyone from San Pietro Avellana is related.

These trees are sized so that they can viewed on screen or printed on one sheet of paper each. The printing comes out small but it is still pretty readable. To print the tree, download to your computer and load it into your favorite graphics program - like Photoshop. Select print and setup these options (or something similar for your program):
On my very fast computer, it takes about 15 minutes to print each page due the size of the input file. The files use some color codings so a color printer will produce the best results. In the table below, I've tried to list the names of all the people who have contacted me over the years and who are descendent from the people on that tree. If I've missed you, let me know and I will fix it.
Link to Graphical Tree Ancestors of:
Graphical Family Tree (Part 1) My direct Ancestors

Mark DiVecchio
Giuliano Colajanni
Alfonso diSanza d'Alena
Giovanni "Nino" Carlini
Elsa deAmicis deDaniele
Madalyn Frazzini
Maurizio Frazzini
Sandi Turturello Davenport
Noelle diSanza Lipkowski
Laura diSanza
Concetta diCianno
Graphical Family Tree (Part 2) Other Frazzini Branches (some related)

Ron Frazzini
Cathy Madonna Youngblood
Sam Frazzini
Wendy Frazzini McFarland
Mary Frazzini
Nicole Frazzini Caylor
Branch of Lembo Family
Robin Labate Fassbinder
Lisa Labate
Daniel Carlins
Graphical Family Tree (Part 3) Other Frazzini Branches (some related)

Steven Frazzini
Cathy Frazzini McKinney
Marco Frazzini
Chris Costantino
Cathy Madonna Youngblood
Rob Carolina
Amico Mariani
Mark A. DeDioniso
Lorry Labate
Graphical Family Tree (Part 4) Other Frazzini Branches (some related)

Justine Petracci
Antonio Frazzini (Dawson, NM)
John D. Frazzini
JoAnn Richards
Gene L. Frazzini
Melodie Kerwin
Cyndy Scully
Ron Frazzini
Vienna Beeghly Wolder
Michael Bianchi
Graphical Family Tree (Part 5) Other Frazzini Branches (some related)

Bob Frazzini (Bob's Limos)
Wendy Frazzini McFarland
Rob Carolina
Robin Labate Fassbinder
Mike Hamilton
Jay Decianno (diCianno)
William 'Bill' Frazzini
Rose Miller
Labate Graphical Family Tree

Rob Carolina
Robin Labate Fassbinder
Lisa Labate Shuster
Lorry Labate
Nancy Labate Johnson
Denver CO Frazzini Brothers Graphical Family Tree

Jerri Frazzini Bottomly
Franklin E. Smith III
Wayne Frazzini
Cynthia Frazzini
Jolene Frazzini
Don Frazzini
Joan Frazzini
Pat Lauterbach
James Carlini
Joyce Lefler
Frederick Michael "Mike" Frazzini
Felica Zarlengo Robbie
Dawson NM Graphical Family Tree Part 1 (diLorenzo and Frazzini)

Fred Louis diLorenzo (Marjorie)
Jennifer Howard
Sylvester Louis DiLorenzo (Sally)
Blanche Marie Lorenzo Crichfield
Craig diLorenzo
Elaine diLorenzo Wade
Lucy Ann CatalloWines
Jason Phillips
Jan Sepich McNerney
Dawson NM Graphical Family Tree Part 2 (Carlini and Palumbo)

Marilou & Tom Moschetti
Betty Huston
Shirley Toney
Eric Stamper
Diana Lynn Hunter (Daryl Dorcy)
Robert Ricci
Lyndsie Morgan
Shari Burns
Jennifer Helen (Garcia) Ercul
Andrea Carlini
Laura Palumbo Stratton
Frank Stratton (Palumbo)
Dawson NM Graphical Family Tree Part 3 (Fraini and Iannacchione)

Nick Gonzales (Fraini)
Thalia Jo Paker (Fraini)
Toni Muñoz Lenhart (Fraini)
Lita Muñoz Hinojosa  (Fraini)
Genia Stump (Fraini)
Fred Fraini
Peter Gonzales (Fraini)
Gatti Graphical Family Tree

Gary Ferrero
Tracey Deanne Trexel
Robert Gatti
Marco Frazzini
Chris Costantino
Stephen Frazzini
Janine Frazzini
Faith Morin
Joseph V Gatti (Debbie Stokke)
Ogden UT Graphical Family Tree

Madalyn Frazzini
Robert Morrison
Camillia Flower Hart Acker
Michael DePierro
Barbara Ricci (Riche) Roberts
Ely NV Graphical Family Tree

Lorry Labate
Dennis Diullo
Hugh Rossolo
April Peterson
Clara Carlini
Charles Basso
Silvana Ricci
Dorothy diIullo Carrick
John Mariani
Jolene Gledhill
Rayna Valentine (Roppo-Valente)
Piero Ostilio Rossi
Ben Lariccia
Acquafondata Graphical Family Tree

Jolene Gledhill
Roberto Labate
John Mariani
Angela Frazzini
Tom Fondy
diTella-Colaianni Graphical Family Tree

Cris Swetye

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