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My grandmother's brother, Felice Carlini, settled in Ely, Nevada. Here is various bits and pieces of information that I have about Ely and people who lived there.
Here is a 1907/8 Business Directory.

In May of 2005, we visited Ely. See below for the report of our visit to Dorothy diIullo Carrick and the East Ely Railroad Museum. For a report of our visit to the Ely Cemetery, look at this page.

In Aug of 2007, I visited the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum. Look at its page for more.

Graphical Family Tree (Ely, NV) (900+Kb JPG File)

Throughout this page, you will see the name Lorry Labate. Lorry was one of the first "lost" cousins that I found after beginning my genealogy research. He helped me identify many photos and connected me with many more cousins from Ely. Lorry died on 4 Apr 2008 of a heart attack at his home in Carson City, NV. Everyone from SPA will miss him.

Lorry Labate, sent me this email describing Ely:

Date sent:         Mon, 26 Apr 2004 00:21:16 -0400 (EDT)
From:               Lorry Labate
Subject:            Ely, Nevada

Hi Mark..

I have a stack of E-Mails from you to respond to, but I'll start with the Ely Geography.  It is located in East central Nevada about 70 miles from the Utah border.

Ely was the Copper Mining center of Nevada from about 1906 to 1962.  It is the county seat of White Pine County.  At it's height,  the entire county only had about 10,000 residents, Ely about 7,000.  The copper was mined at Ruth , 7 miles west of Ely  where at one time it was the largest open pit mine in the world.  The ore was transported by train thru Ely to the refinery in McGill, 12 miles east of Ely.  The low grade ore was milled and smelted into copper ingots by Kennecott Copper Corporation.

East Ely was location of the Nevada Northern Railway which brought freight and passengers to Ely from Cobre a couple hundred miles north of Ely where the Nevada Northern intersected the Southern Pacific Railroad between Elko and Wendover.  My father was an Engineer with the Nevada Northern.  Most of the sampietrese worked for the railroad.  I cannot recall any who worked in the mines at Ruth or the refinery at McGill.  There were many Calabrese and Barese in Ruth and Kimberly and Reiptown.  The area was quite a cosmopolitan mining camp.  McGill had a Greek Town, and there were Serbians, Croats, Austrians, Germans.  Ely had Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Greeks, Mexicans, native Americans, and a large population of Mormons.  Ely and East Ely blend into one another.  The sampietrese immigrants lived exclusively in East Ely and central Ely which is a part of Ely.

I do not know the wards, but don't bother with anything other than Ely and East Ely.  If I were to guess, I would start with East Ely and 3rd ward, then 2nd ward, and 1st ward.  All of the other places you mentioned are outlying areas. A couple of names in East Ely to get you on track would be Ricci, Mariani, DiCianno.  Central Ely, Labate, Acquafondata, Diullo, Settefrati, Lombardi, Disanza, Rossolo.

Ely is on highway 50 (The Loneliest Road in the World).  Elko is about 190 miles north of Ely on Interstate 80.  To my knowledge, it had no sampietrese.  It was a cattle town.  The Italians you would find in Elko County would be located in Cobre which I mentioned above was the terminus of the Nevada Northern. 

There are a number of web sites for Ely.  Try
Hope this helps.


Filiberto and Rosina DiIullo

I have found that my grandfather Emiliano and grandmother Lucrezia had two very good friends in Ely. They were Filiberto diIullo and Rosina Rossi. The following describes how I went from two photos of people my mother did not remember to contacts with a large family from Ely and several new photos that our family did not have.

"Ricordo della tua comare ed compare.
Filiberto       Rosina

"Remember your godfather and godmother
Filiberto and Rosina"
Filiberto and Rosina Diullo

(Ely, NV, originally from San Pietro)

My mother did not remember who these people were. I put the photos on this web page and they were identified by Lorry Labate. See emails below.

My mother says that in Italy, the title godmother and godfather would be passed down. If they were your parents' godfather and godmother, you also would call them godfather and godmother (comare and compare). Filiberto and Rosina's parents may have been my grandmother's godparents. According to my mother they were not anybody elses godparents.

Lorry sent me a link which helped me find what is probably Filiberto's WWI Draft registration in White Pine County, NV (location of Ely)

"Di Tullo, Filiberto     16 Mar 1888 White  S. Pietro a Vellona Italy"

Dorothy and Rosina Diullo
Taken when Dorothy was in Junior High School.
East Ely, NV
Aug 27, 1937
Identified by Lorry Labate. See emails below.
1925 Filiberto diIullo and Family

I received this photo from Dorothy diIullo Carrick who still lives in Ely. We visited her in May 2005.

Rosina Rossi,   wife
Filiberto diIullo, husband
Guido, oldest son, born 1912 in SPA
Dorothy, middle daughter, born 1920 in Ely
Marion, youngest son, born 1923 in Ely

Date is a guess by Dorothy who let me scan the photo. Taken in Ely, NV. Dorothy was born in 1920 and appears to be about 5 years old in this photo.

You can see Filiberto's (Albert) and Rosina's tombstone on the Ely Cemetery web page.

The folks on the two photos above were identified by Lorry Labate. I got this series of emails from Lorry:


I stumbled on your website and was pleased to see some photos of Ely, Nevada with familiar names.  I hope you can help me as I am trying to trace my maternal roots. 

My mother was Francesca Carlini, b. 2/16/1895 in Ateleta, she and my father, Loreto Labate (from San Pietro Avellano) were childhood sweethearts.  But she was shipped to America to be married to Carmine Acquafondatat and had 6 children. To make a long story short, Carmine was killed in a railroad accident in Ely, and my father helped Mom care for the kids during the depression and later married her in 1935 and I came along in 1938.  I grew up in Ely.  I knew all of the sampietrese. But I do not recall any Carlini.

I believe my Mom's father, was Carmine Carlini.

Thank you.
Loreto Labate, Jr.

In your E-mail, awhile back, you mentioned that you were going to contact Clara Carlini.  I wonder if you had heard from her?  I am trying to verify if her grandfather Giuseppe and my grandfather Carmine were brothers.

You web site is fantastic.  I have learned a lot and it has helped me in my quest.  In your "unknown" photo section there is one of Filberto and Rosina. I believe they are Diullo's (sampietrese) who lived a few house away from my parents in Ely, Nevada.  I am trying to verify.  The writing translates to say "Remember your godfather and godmother".  The photo on the right, the person on the left, appears to be their daughter, Dorothy, who was my godmother. 

Also, I have placed a phone call to Norma Carlini, daughter of Felice who learned lives in Elko, Nevada.  I left a message on her recorder.  If I am successful, I will let you know.

Lorry Labate
Mark, yes, Carmine would be in the same time frame because my mother  Francesca was born 2/16/1895.  Mom had a sister Assunta b. 10/8/86, d. 6/1983, who married my dad's uncle Dominic Labate, 2nd marriage.

I did call and speak with Norma in Elko, a very sweet lady, but she could not help.  She remembers the DiVecchios though.  She told me Toddino passed away 6/1/2002,  Joseph in 1997, and Dora 6/3/1999.  Mark, let me verify the photos before you put the data on the website.  I will contact my Godmother in Ely. Maybe I can get some other photos from her.

By  the way, Norma told me that Clara lives here in Carson City, Nevada, where I live.  She gave me her address and phone number, so I will be contacting her.  I tried today, but no one answered.

Hi Mark...

I did speak with my God mother, Dorothy Diullo Carrick. She viewed the photos and verified they were her parents, Filiberto and Rosina.  The 1937 picture is of Dorothy and Rosina when Dorothy was a junior in high school.  The photo on the left is a much later photo of Rosina and Filiberto.

Dorothy did not know who the godchild was.  It is possible they were godparents in Italy, as you will note their first child, Eugene (Guido) was born there.  I am attaching a file on the Diullo line. Marion Diullo is my Godfather.

Have you heard from Clara Carlini Barredo?  She has not returned my phone call.  I did speak with Norma Carlini on the phone, but she was unable to remember.

Lorry Labate

I have since found that Rosina Vincenza Rossi is my grandmother's 2nd cousin. Lorry sent me a family tree that Dennis Diullo made up. Dennis is Dorothy's nephew. Our common ancestors are Giuseppe Frazzini and Felicia Colajanni. See the Family Tree for details.

I've emailed Dennis and he sent me several photos. Also here are a few emails that Dennis sent me.

To open our email conversation, Dennis sent me scans of photos of my grandfather, grandmother and mother who were in the Diullo family photo album started by his grandparents..

Attached is a picture of  Felix Carlini and my Grandfather, Filiberto Diullo.

Dennis Diullo
In this picture there is Dora, Norma, can't remember the name of the boy to the right and Todd in the front. 

Dennis Diullo

It is so good to hear from you and I received the two photos that you sent. I am going to send them to my mother. Felix was her uncle.

I originally received some information about you from Lorry Labate. He sent me a copy of a family tree which showed your grandmother and grandfather.

That all started when Lorry saw two photos that I had posted on my web site. They were photos that my mother had (from her mother). My mother did not remember who the people were but Lorry recognized Filiberto, Rosina and their daughter Dorothy (who was his godmother). This was later confirmed by Dorothy herself.

Did you see those photos? On my web page .

With that information, I was able to see that you and I are 4th cousins. Related through our 3G grandparents Giuseppe Giulio Frazzini and Felicia Colajanni (great grandparents of your grandmother Rosina).

I don't know how close were my grandmother and Rosina. I don't remember my grandmother speaking of her. But whatever it was, my grandmother had those two photos.

Do you have any idea when those two photos were taken?

On the photo of the Carlini children, they had two boys (Joseph and Todd) and three girls (Dora, Norma and Clara). Clara is the only one from the family that I ever met but she is not in that photo - probably not born yet.

I've copied Lorry on this email.

Attached is a picture of who I believe is Lucrezia Frazzini and her son Paul. On the bottom of the picture is written "comare 1937" on the back of the photo is written "Alla comare Rosina di Iullo" There is a stamped date of July 12, 1937.

(Mark's note: the photo he sent was taken at the same time as this photo.)
Hope these pictures are a help to you.
Dennis Diullo
Bet you are sick of me now. On your web site you had a picture of Emiliano. You said that was the youngest picture you had of him. Well I think I can top that with this one. Found it in the family album. It is a postcard picture, which was popular of the times. As you can see the postmark is Youngstown, Ohio  August 29, 1917 and he signed it. Apparently my grandparents and yours were very close in Italy. I am still looking through your family tree and there may be some mistakes in the tree I provided Lorry. 

Dennis Diullo

I can't thank you enough for sending these photos.

Ever since I started my genealogy research, I've been hoping that I would come across someone who could give me some hints about what my grandfather Emiliano did in his years in the USA before he brought my grandmother and mother over in 1926.

You have been the first person who had this kind of information.

The last photo you sent of Emiliano was fantastic. NO ONE in my family had a photo of him that early. And I never knew that he was in Youngstown, OH. This photo definitely pre-dates the photo that I have on my web site.

I am going to forward your email to my mother - she will be thrilled to see this.

I would would love to see any other photos or letters that your family might have of him or any of my relatives.

The previous photo of my grandmother Lucrezia and my uncle Paul was probably taken at his first communion. I have a similar photo, taken at the same time, with the two of them and my mother, Benilda. Your photo, though, has a year on it, something I didn't know before. The other photo is on my Aunts and Uncles page:
My mom, by the way, is also going to be 93 years old this year. My dad is going to be 88 years old.

Maybe someday in the future, I could visit you and your father to see these photos in person.

Our grandparents must have been close but I wonder what the relationship was. From my family tree data, I can see that Rosina Vincenza Rossi and Lucrezia Carlini are 2nd cousins and I don't know any relationship of Filiberto and Emiliano. So maybe it was some kind of baptism godmother/godfather relationship.

Regarding your comment that your father was Lorry's godfather, not his brother Marion - the comment in my file is directly from Lorry. I'll have to ask him about that.

If you do see anything wrong in my tree data, let me know and I'll correct it right away. As I mentioned, most of it is from a file I received via Lorry which he said he got from you.

If there is anything I can do for you, let me know.


You have really helped me out too. This is the first time I have  really been able to unlock the family history in this album. I have found more pictures of your mother and grandmother in the album. One I identified from a picture on your web site of three girls, one being your mother. Looks like it was taken in a photo booth. I have a single picture of your mom from the same booth at the same time. I was able to identify the hat she was wearing. The pictures of your mother are small portraits taken when she was very young and definitely in Italy. Apparently our grandparents were close friends in Italy. I know that Emiliano's picture was next to a portrait of my grandfathers in the album. My Dad has no recollection of your Mom or Grandmother. They were  pictures in the album that no one could identify. I think I will ask Dorothy what she knows since she was involved with the original construction of the album.
Hopefully you will be able to visit. I live in a beautiful setting, Lake Tahoe and would love to visit with you and your wife. Let me know if you  ever get an urge to come here. I have a guest room waiting for you.
 Take care.

Sorry I have not gotten back to you sooner but I have been down with the flu and trying to keep up with work at the same time.
I noticed that I have the same first communion picture of your mother as  you have on your web site. I talked to my Aunt about your family and she remembers the Frazzini name but related it to Colorado.
The one small picture of your mother has her name as I spelled it on the title on the back of the photo.
I have to spend some time titling  my personal photo album in case someone cares later on.
I may get some more pictures from my Aunt, that were taken in Italy. They may provide more clues as to the relationship of your grandparents and  mine. 

Dennis Diullo


The photos were great. I emailed them to my mother and talked to her today. She was very pleased to see them. She is trying to remember the details of when/where/why they were taken. Bits and pieces were coming back to her. I also let all of her other close relatives know about them.

Here is a good picture to fill in that space on Paul's Page. 

Dennis Diullo
You might want to contact my Aunt Dorothy in Ely. She is the one that was  in the picture with Rosie. She also has lots of pictures from Italy in the basement. I am trying to plan a trip to Ely to look over the pictures but you will beat me there. I have not been to Ely in probably  25 years. I heard that the place has really changed since I was there last. It  was always a fun time staying with my Grandmother. She spoiled me rotten. She  would make a fried bread with anise and raisins, which I enjoyed very much. She usually made them for Christmas only but when I visited there was always some for breakfast with coffee milk. Have fun and report back on your trip. 

Dennis Diullo

Dennis' grandfather Filiberto Diullo and my grand uncle Felix Carlini.

May 2005 Trip to Ely, NV

In May of 2005, Sally and I took a trip to Ely to visit with Dorothy Diullo Carrick, to visit the cemetery and to see the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum. My mother's uncles Felice Carlini and Armando Carlini lived and died in Ely and are buried in the Ely Cemetery.

Ely Cemetery

For a full report of the visit to the Ely Cemetery, look at this page.

East Ely Railroad Depot Museum

We spent just a few hours at the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum. We met Sean Pitts, the curator, and he told us about the museum and its purpose. He let us look through several old pay ledgers from the 1920's and 1930's. He also said he had many old photos. I know that I need to spend a week here but I was able to quickly look through a few of the ledgers.  Here is part of what I saw. Remember that this is just a few of the men whose names I recognized. All of these men were born in San Pietro Avellana, Italy, my mother's hometown. Here is a good link to a site about the Nevada Northern Railway and here is another Nevada Northern Railway.

1923 : Motive Power and Car Department
Name Position Pay Rate
F. Carlini Car Repairman $5.28/day
Fred Ricci Repairman 2nd Class $4.64/day
F. DiIullo Repairman 2nd Class $4.64/day
John Mariani CR Helper $4.00/day
C. Acquafondata Laborer $3.04/day
L. Labate Boilermaker Helper $4.08/day
1923 : Maintenance of Way Department - Section Gang 14 East Ely
Frank Rossolo Foreman $115/mo
Ed Disanza Labor $3.04/day
A. Carlini Labor $3.04/day

F. (Felice) Carlini and A. (Armando, later Herman) Carlini, are my granduncles. There is quite a story about C. (Carmine) Acquafondata - click here for his page.

1936 : Motive Power and Car Department
Name Position Pay Rate
Felix Carlini Car Inspector
Caesar Colaizzi
AB Repairman
A. Iannacchione Car Repairman $5.76/day
Fred Ricci Car Repairman $5.76/day
John Mariani Car Repairman 2nd Class
F. DiIullo Car Repairman 2nd Class $5.12/day
Herman Carlini Boiler washer $4.24/day
Amedeo diCianno Laborer $3.20/day
L. Labate Car Inspector  Cobre $165/mo
1936 : Maintenance of Way Department - Section Gang 10 East Ely
E. Disanza Foreman $4.80/day
D. Disanza Labor $0.38/hr
M Colaizzi Labor $0.38/hr
M.K. Disanza Labor $0.38/hr
H. Rossolo Labor $0.38/hr
1936 : Transportation Department
L. Labate Fireman $6.08/day
R. Ricci Janitor $0.50/hr
1936: Accounting
Mike Fondi Abstract Clerk $145/mo

By 1936, Armando Carlini was known as Herman. John Mariani worked for the railroad his whole life. Mike Fondi is the son of Carmine Acquafondata. L. (Loreto) Labate is Lorry Labate's father. There is a photo of Caesar Colaizzi on the Carlini web page.

1939 : Motive Power and Car Department
Name Position Pay Rate
Herman Carlini Machinist Helper $4.75/day
Felix Carlini Car Repairman Helper $4.75/day
Charles Basso Staty Fire (Stationary Fireman)
O. Dilorenzo Car Repairman Helper $4.75/day
Amedeo diCianno Boiler washer $4.64/day
John Mariani AB Repairman $6.16/day
1939 : Maintenance of Way Department - Section Gang iiibMM0 East Ely
Ed Disanza Foreman $5.20\day
1939 : B&B Department
John diFlorio Carpenter $5.76/day

In 1939, my granduncles are still working there, as is John Mariani. My granduncle Herman (Armando) died in 1940 and Felix died in 1944.

For more details from these payroll records from an Aug 2007 visit to the museum, look at my East Ely Railroad Depot Museum page.

Felice and Armando Carlini

F. (Felice) Carlini and A. (Armando) Carlini, are my granduncles. On this page, are several photos of Armando Carlini at work.

Edmondo diSanza

Ed diSanza is Edmondo, the brother of Letizia diSanza who married Felice Carlini. More on the Carlini page.Edmondo married Elvira Rossolo (name changed from Iannachione).

1920 Edmondo diSanza and Elvira Rossolo

Filiberto diIullo (Diullo)

F. (Filiberto) DiIullo is the grandfather of Dennis Diullo. Near the top of this page is a photo of Filiberto diIullo and Felice Carlini at work.

Giovanni "John" Mariani

John Mariani is a legend in Ely. Everyone we spoke with, said I should go and talk with him. John wrote up his memoirs and they are now in the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum.

John passed away in 2008.

Published August 05, 2008.  Las Vegas (NV) Review-Journal
John Mariani, 103, a retired railroader, of Las Vegas, died Aug. 3, 2008. He is survived by his son, Florindo of Las Vegas; and daughters, Vincenzina Solferino of Reno, and Anna Curtin of Las Vegas. Rosary will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 7. Mass will be celebrated at 10 a.m. Friday, Aug. 8, both at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 980 11th St. E, Ely. Burial to follow at Ely City Cemetery.

Here is John on the left. (Photo from the album of Filiberto Diullo, sent to me by his grandson, Dennis).

John Mariani on the left. Silvana Ricci thinks the man on the right is Amico "Mike" Iannacchione.

John Athayde reports that his mother remember that man in the lower center is a "Francone" and the man in the back is Jim Colaizzi.
His parents agree that the person on the right is Mike Iannacchione.

In 1987, John Mariani appeared in a train video, "Ghost Train". He was interviewed along with several other former employees of the Nevada Northern Railway.
Published on Friday, October 15, 2004
Ely Times- October is 'Giovanni Mariani' month in White Pine County
October is "Giovanni Mariani" month in White Pine County. Chairman of the County Commission Paul Johnson, read the proclamation, Wednesday Oct. 13.

The proclamation was to honor Mariani's 100 birthday, long time residence in White Pine County and the many contributions that he and his family have made to the area. A bell made near Mariani's home town in San Pietro Avellana, Italy was presented to the city by the Mayor Antonio Di Ludovico, in a ceremony last week in honor of the connection between the two cities. The bell was then displayed for the public to see. A display case is planed to be made for the bell so it can be displayed in various places around White Pine County.
Published on Friday, June 23, 2006
John Mariani and George Muscato named July 4 Parade co-marshals
Two people share this year's July 4 Parade Grand Marshall Honor.

Giovanni “John” Mariani and George Muscato have been selected by the Great Basin Service Club.

Mariani was born in San Pietro Avellana, Italy, in 1904. He landed in New York in 1921, having come over by ship. At that time he could not speak a word of English. It took him 4 days and 5 nights to arrive in Ogden, Utah. In May 1922 he took the train to Ely where he worked for the Nevada Northern Railway.

He was called back to Italy and served in the Italian Army in 1924. On June 21, 1925, he married Rosina DiFlorio. In 1926 he returned to Ely and later made several trips to Italy to visit his family, before his wife and two children joined him in Ely in 1935. Two children later were born to the couple in the U.S.

Mariani obtained his United States citizenship on Sept. 19, 1931.

He worked for the Nevada Northern Railway for 47 years, retiring in 1969. After he retired he worked as a hobby for his son, who managed the Central Theatre. He even worked occasionally when the new owners took over, leaving this hobby to become the permanent caregiver for his ailing wife (Mark's note: Rosina diFlorio Mariani died in 1998). Mariani has many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but only one great grandson lives in Ely, Roman Mariani.

Muscato was born in Dunkirk, N.Y., in 1913. He came to the Ely area in 1937 with the Civil Conservation Corp and worked in the Steptoe Valley area. In 1939 he married Louise Kogan and they made their home in Ely. Their union produced five children: two girls and 3 boys. All their children were raised and educated in Ely. Muscato worked for the Grazing Service for a short time and then went to work for the transportation department, now known as the Nevada Department of Transportation. He retired in 1996 after working for the NDOT for 37 years. His hobbies include gardening, fishing and his grandchildren. He has nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Only one grandchild lives in Ely, Thomas Ashworth.

Join the Great Basin Service Club in honoring these two long-term residents of the community.

To read John's life story, look at my East Ely Railroad Depot Museum web page.

Loreto Labate

L. (Loreto) Labate is Lorry Labate's father. He eventually became an Engineer on the NNRY. Photos from Lorry Labate, his son.

About 1939 Loreto Labate, wife Francesca Carlini
and son Lorry

Engineer Loreto Labate on the  No. 40 of the Nevada Northern Railway.
This photo (undated) is probably from a railfan trip. See the book "Images of Rail - Nevada Northern Railway" by Mark and Joan Bassett (page 113) for more photos.

The No. 40 is still at the Nevada Northern Railroad Museum in Ely
and operating after a boiler rebuild completed in Feb 2005.

"Locomotive No. 40 is called the "Ghost Train" and was used for passenger service.
It was called the "Ghost Train" because it was hidden by railroad workers to keep it from being sold for scrap."
Source: White Pine Public Museum Historic Marker

According to the book, "Images of Rail - Nevada Northern Railway" by Mark and Joan Bassett (page 112),
Loreto was the engineer for #40 at the 29 Sep 1956 celebration of the 50th anniversary of the railroad. He was known as Jumbo Labate.
According to the book, "Images of Rail - Nevada Northern Railway" by Mark and Joan Bassett (page 109),
Loreto was the fireman on the last passenger train on the NNRY on 31 Jul 1941.

Visit with Dorothy DiIullo Carrick

In the afternoon, we visited with Dorothy Carrick. Dorothy is the daughter of Filiberto diIullo and Rosina Rossi (photos at the top of this page). She is the aunt of Dennis Diullo and the godmother of Lorry Labate (both names should be familiar). She was wonderful to us. She told us about her family and let us look at the old photos she had. As it turned out, the very first photo on the top of the stack, was of my grandmother Lucrezia Carlini, the sister of Felix and Armando. Dorothy did not know who the photo was of. The note on the back references the "comare" relationship again. That was the only photo of a relative of mine that she had. She had many more photos of Diullo's in Italy. I could not help her in identifying those.

I scanned the photo of my grandmother, a DiIullo family photo from about 1925, and two old postcards from SPA.

Jolene Gardner visited for about an hour. Jolene is the granddaughter of Carmine Acquafondata. I showed her my computer family tree and we talked about how the Francesca Carlini branch did not seem to be related to the Felix Carlini branch of  Carlini's.

Dorothy also showed us the house that Felix and Letizia lived in. It was on Fay Ave. We met the woman who lived there (Dorothy knew her) and she remembered buying the house from Felix and Letizia's granddaughter Marva Slight.

Dorothy was very helpful. I was very happy that Dorothy agreed to meet with Sally and me.

Looking south from route 93 just north of Ely.
May 2005
Mark DiVecchio and Dorothy diIullo Carrick
Taken in front of Dorothy's home in Ely, NV
Ancestral home of Felice Carlini and Letizia diSanza.
260 Fay Ave
We met the woman who bought and still lives in this house.
She bought it in 1947 from Marva Slight, the granddaughter of Felice and Letizia.

Later that day, we went to the Cemetery one more time to search for a couple more grave sites.

It was a short visit - but not bad for a start.

June 2005 Trip to Reno and Carson City, NV

In June of 2005, Sally and I took a trip to Reno and Carson City, NV

Reno, NV

Sally was in a CPA seminar and I went to visit Dennis Diullo. Dennis lives in Incline Village, NV and is the grandson of Filiberto and Rosina Diullo. Dennis had the photo album that had the fantastic photos of my mother and grandparents. Dennis and I looked though the album and I was able to scan many of the photos in it. The two of us then drove down to Reno to visit with his parents, Gene and Lena Diullo. Gene (originally Guido) was the son of Filiberto and Rosina. He is 92 years old (the same as my mother). We talked about Ely and about the people in the photo album. They were very welcoming and Gene told us a lot about growing up in Ely. The very best part was that he gave me the original photos of my grandparents and mother that he had in the album. I appreciated this so much since my family did not have copies of those photos any more.  Here is a photo of Lena and Gene Diullo and son Dennis. Sadly, Gene passed away in Feb 2007.

Carson City, NV

The next morning, Sally and I visited Clara Carlini Barredo and her husband Albert. Clara is a first cousin of my mother, the daughter of Felice and Letizia Carlini. I met Clara once when I was, maybe, 5 years old. I remember her so clearly. She had taken the train from Ely to Beaver Falls, PA to visit her aunt, my grandmother, Lucrezia Carlini Frazzini. Back in those days, I used to spend a week every summer at my grandmother's house. It was the same time that Clara was there. I remember that I called her Clarabell the Clown from the "The Howdy Doody Show." Don't ask me to explain, I was just 5 years old! Here is a photo from that visit. Taken about 1954 - Lucrezia Carlini Frazzini and Clara Carlini (before she was married).

I scanned a bunch of photos from the photo album and we  talked with her and her husband for a couple of hours. Here is a photo of Albert and Clara and me.

Later that day, Sally and I visited with Lorry and Laverne Labate. I'm mentioned Lorry many times on these pages. Lorry was the first to identify Filiberto Diullo which led me on this quest to meet cousins in Ely. Lorry let me scan several photos of his family (quite a few of  his father, Loreto) and he had two photos of Carmine Acquafondata. You saw them earlier on this page. We went out to a great restaurant that evening - Italian of  course. Here is a photo of me with Lorry.

Lorry passed away on 4 Apr 2008 of a heart attack.

Loreto ”Lorry” Labate, 70, of Carson City, NV passed away Friday, April 4, 2008. Lorry was born January 2, 1938 in Ely, NV to Loreto and Francesca (Carlini Acquafondata) Labate. He worked for the State of Nevada until his retirement in 1994. He was an avid hunter and fisherman. In 1990, Lorry married Laverne Hembree and they enjoyed many years of gardening, golfing, travel and precious time with their family and friends.

Lorry is preceded in death by his son, Mark Labate. He is survived by his daughter Laurie (Lee) Van Epps; son, John (Kim) Labate; daughter-in-law, Laura Labate; step-son Gary (Charlene) Hembree; step- daughter, Gayle (Bill) Rankin; eleven grandchildren, 1 great grandson and many other relatives and friends whom will miss him dearly.

Services are scheduled for Friday, April 11, 2008 at 10:30 a.m. at St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church, 3000 North Lompa Ln., Carson, City, NV 89706.

From Reno Gazette Journal 9 Apr 2008

Maurizio Domenico Carlino

Maurizio traveled with my grandfather on their 11 Nov 1905 entry into the US via Ellis Island. He was 21y and his final destination was the home of Prospero Frazzini in Denver, CO. He is the son of  Raffaele Carlini and Elisabetta Settefrati and the brother of Amico and Carmine and sister of Maria Antonia who all settled in Dawson, New Mexico.

I beleive that I have a photo of Maruizio, as Mike Carlini, on the Fraini web page.

From Film 1448676, I found this birth record:

Nati 14 Dec 1884
Maurizio Domenico Carlino
    f: Raffaele 33y
    m: Elisabetta Settefrati

He is listed in the WWI Draft Registration below.

Information from Daryl Dorcy:
    Maurizio died in 1939
    Married Teresina Vacciano who died in 1962
    Three children : Maria who died in 1963, Elodia who was born in Roma, and Giovanni.

All the WWI Draft Registrations for men from San Pietro Avellana in White Pine County, NV

Calaizzi, Cesare 7 Nov 1895 W S. Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Calaizzi, Oreste 31 Dec 1893 W S. Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Calaronni, Periggio 10 Oct 1878 W rel. lives S. Pietro Avell. Italy White Pine NV
Carlini, Domenico Maurizio 13 Dec 1884 W rel. lives S. Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Carlini, Felice 26 Feb 1895 W S. Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Colaianni, Amico 28 Jan 1881 W wife lives S.Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Colaizzi, Cesare 7 Nov 1895 W S. Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Colaizzi, Vincenzo 27 Aug 1888 W S. Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Della Croce, Libario 26 Jul 1874 W rel. lives S. Pietro Arellona Italy White Pine NV
Di Florio, Michele 8 May 1880 W bro.lives S. Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Record shows brother Erensto diFlorio in SPA
Di Sanza, Edmondo 21 Oct 1898 W rel. lives S.Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Sanza, Edmondo di 21 Oct 1898 W rel.lives S. Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Di Sanza, Ortenzio 15 Aug 1875 W wife lives S.Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Di Tullo, Filiberto 16 Mar 1888 W S. Pietro a Vellona Italy White Pine NV
Dicianno, Romoaldo 10 Aug 1877 W rel.lives S.Pietro D Vellano Italy White Pine NV
Ditanza, Ortenzio 15 Aug 1875 W wife lives S.Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Mariani, Incoronato 21 Apr 1875 W rel. in S. Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV
Settefrati, Ersenio 15 Apr 1892 W S. Pietro Avellana Italy White Pine NV

The spelling of the names is as I found them. Several are spelled wrong. Edmondo diSanza is listed twice.

Eliodoro Frazzini

Eliodoro "E.D." Frazzini owned a furniture store in Reno. From Wilberta:

> Looked thru Ellis Island for a Frazzini starting with an E the other evening.  Found an Eliodoro Frazzini and wondered if E.D. could be an americanization of Eliodoro.  Went to and searched under the word Eliodoro.

> Reno Evening Gazette of July 6, 1909 (don't know the exact page) lists the intended marriage of Eliodoro Frazzini from Blair, NV and Vienna Ferretti who arrived direct from Monte Porzio, Italy to marry him!  Still doesn't say WHERE he was born in Italy though -- he must have become a citizen by then.

From Ellis Island:

The SS Manilla arrived in NY on April 6, 1900.  On it were Errico Frazzini,  age 55 and LUCA Frazzini, age 23.  Both stated they were married and from San Pietro Avellana.  Errico stated he was going to see his son, Aliadoro Frazzini in Ogden, Utah and Luca stated he was going to see his brother, Aliadoro Frazzini in Ogden, Utah.

From SPA birth records: Luca Frazzini born 1877, father Errico.

Ellis Island Notes

Other references to people on this page or people going to Ely or Elko that I've come across while searching the Ellis Island records for my relatives:

Date Arrived in US
Town in Italy
Romualdo diCianno
16 May 1913
brother-in-law Deo Carlini, 41 East, Ely, NV, wife in SPA - Concetta Carlini
Filiberto diTullo
3 May 1912
going to New Jersey, can't read the town name. Traveled with Amico della Croce, previously in US 1904-8, Ogden, Utah, wife in SPA - Rosina Rossi (both his line and Amico's line in the manifest were lined through).
Filiberto diTullo
25 May 1904
going to cousin Mariano diTullo, Stubenville (?) OH.

Boston Notes

Other references to Ely or Elk from the Boston Arrivals:

Date Arrived in US
Town in Italy
Tomasso diTella 15 Feb 1921 35 SPA wife in SPA: Ernestina diFlorio. Previous in Ely from 1905 to 1911. Going to brother-in-law Ersenio Settefrati in Ely, NV. Could not find him in 1886, may have been born in 1885, a year which the records are missing. I do not know if he is related to me since I don't know his parents.
(Ersenio Settefrati is listed in the WWI Draft Registration listing above)

SSDI Notes

DOMENICK DISANZA 24 Jan 1898 Jun 1974 89301 (Ely, White Pine, NV) (none specified) 700-05-5383 Long-time or retired railroad workers
EDWARD DISANZA 27 May 1921 26 Jan 2000 (P) (72) (none specified) 712-01-3941 Long-time or retired railroad workers

Other Ely Trivia

Ely was the "Town or Burg of the Week" on the 6 Aug 2005 Micheal Feldman's What'd Ya Know? show.

Ghost Train, town's greatest attraction
Established in the 1870's
Copper Mining restarted in early 1990's but closed in 1997

Unrelated people born in Ely

Thelma Catherine Ryan, AKA Pat Nixon, US first lady (1969–74).

From BYU Idaho, Western States Historical Marriage Record Index
Complete Marital Information for Federico RICCI and Mafalta IANNACCHIONI:
ID Number   308573
Grooms First Name   Federico
Grooms Last Name   RICCI
Brides First Name   Mafalta
Brides Last Name   IANNACCHIONI
County of Record   White Pine Co., Nevada
Place of Marriage   Ely
Date of Marriage   10 Jan 1928
Volume   80
Page   357

Complete Marital Information for Dominick PICCININ and Tanita LABATE:
ID Number   307644
Grooms First Name   Dominick
Grooms Last Name   PICCININ
Brides First Name   Tanita
Brides Last Name   LABATE
County of Record   White Pine Co., Nevada
Place of Marriage   Ely
Date of Marriage   11 Jun 1923
Volume   80
Page   155

Photo sent to me by great-granddaughter Michele Kastanes, July 2020

1923 Antonetta 'Tonita' Labate and Dominick Piccinini, wedding phtoto, Ely, White Pine, NY

Michele Kastanas <> wrote orginally in June of 2020:

I have found your website extremely helpful. I am trying to find pictures of some of my ancestors. Here is a quick list of them:
Antonetta "Tonita" La Bate of Ely, NV is my great grandmother.
My grandmother is Violet Marie Piccinini (daughter of Tonita and Dominic Piccinini).

I am looking for pictures of Domenico LaBate, Biagio LaBate, Annantonia Frazzini, Pietroangelo Frazzini, Assunta Maria Carlino, Carmine Carlino,etc.

Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

I got these emails from Rayna Valentine:

Date:            Tue, 02 Aug 2005 17:07:12 -0600
From:            Valentine, Rayna
Subject:         San Pietro connection

Hello from a shirt-tail relative!  I was checking the internet for some information about the current state of the "ancestral village" of San Pietro and saw a link to the Ely Cemetery website you created.  It was great to take a walk down memory lane to see your pictures of the headstones.  My family traveled to Ely several times when I was younger and I spent many hours at Aunt Rosie's (Uncle Al was dead) eating huge meals and visiting with Dorothy's 2 kids and with Marion Diullo and his wife Zelda.  Domenic LaBate's sister is still alive--her last name is Kusmeric--and she has moved from Nevada after a hideous accident which cost her both legs.
My grandmother Dorantina Rossi Colaianni was the sister of Rosina Rossi Diullo, wife of Albert.  Grandma and her fiancé, Adelmo Colaianni left San Pietro, traveled to Denver to visit a cousin, (Cinea family), went to Pike's Peak where grandpa worked in the mines, then finally came to Pocatello, Idaho, to work in the Star Grocery owned by his father and his brother Antonio Colaianni.  Antonio and Adelmo's sister Josephine stayed in Youngstown and married a LaBate. My mother's oldest sister, Mary, has done some genealogical research and has a "minimalist" family tree for Grandma (Rossi) Colaianni's side.  I'll try to get a decent digital photo of it and email it to you if you're interested.  She also has photo albums with some fun old pix of the older Italian relatives--and one of the ones from Shirley that you show looks familiar to me.

Must get a couple of things finished before I leave work.  Send me a reply if you'd like to have the photo of the family tree (doesn't show kids, just husbands and wives).

Rayna Valentine
From: Mark DiVecchio
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 11:10 AM
To: Valentine, Rayna
Subject: Re: San Pietro connection

Dear Rayna,

Thanks for your email.

As you may have read, Filiberto (Albert) and Rosina were somehow very good friends with my grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini. I had a chance to look at Filiberto's photo album (in the possession right now of their grandson Dennis Diullo). In that album were photos of my family from 1917 to 1945. Photos that members of my family either never saw or don't remember. I have many of those photos of my family on the web site. Rosina is related to me.

And here, you are related to Rosina. Do you know Dennis? He would be a cousin of some sort. When my wife and I were in Reno a month ago, we met Marion and Dorothy's brother, Gene and in Ely a couple of months ago, we met Dorothy. I believe that Marion now lives in Las Vegas.

I am always interested in any information about the countrymen from San Pietro Avellana.

For the web site, I'd be interested in any photos that you think might be of interest to others.

A quick look at the 1920 census shows Antonio Colaianni, Dorantina, 5 children, brother Tini(?) and father Emidio. I can email you this census sheet if you haven't seen it.

If you have time, I'd love to hear more about your family.

Date:            Wed, 03 Aug 2005 12:15:30 -0600
From:            "Valentine, Rayna"
Subject:         RE: San Pietro connection

Dear Mark,

I do know Dennis, his 2 brothers, and his father Gene and mother Lena.  They visited my folks and we visited them many years ago, also.  I haven't talked to Lena for about a year. The woman I call "Aunt Rosie" was my mother's aunt because she was the sister of Mom's mother Dorantina, so she's a direct relative of mine, while Uncle Albert was an "in-law."  Rosie's younger son, Mom's cousin Marion, lives in Overton, Nevada, just a bit outside of Las Vegas.  Uncle Dean, another of my grandmother Dorantina's children, lived in Las Vegas until April when he died.  He actually lived with Uncle Albert and Aunt Rosie in Ely for his high school years so was very closely connected to Gene and Marion and Dorothy. 

I forgot to tell you that there's one piece of info on the children of Daniele and Maria Rossi that needs to be altered:  the name of the one child is a male, Domenico, not Domenica, and he was the father of Rina, Licia, and Mimo Rossi, all of whom, except great-uncle Dom, are still alive and living in Rome or Campobasso.  I can provide you with some birth dates of Dorantina and Adelmo's children, too, to round out your info.

Another brother, Italo Rossi died in 1973, but his 2 daughters Daniela and Luciana are still alive and living in Rome.  We just reconnected with them.  I email them fairly often and am planning a trip to visit them in San Pietro where they spend every August)next August if all goes well--which is why I was on the internet looking up SPA and found your Ely Cemetery site.  They still have an apartment in SPA, but it's tiny and we'll have to stay elsewhere.  Did you find a hotel nearby?  Did you know that the town fountain was built by some Colaianni relatives of mine (and therefore your shirtail relatives through Rosina, too?)

The Mary Lacy referred to in your charts is the oldest child of Dorantina Rossi and Adelmo Colaianni, and is my mother's sister.  Mary is still alive at 92, but is in early stages of senile dementia so her memory is very unreliable but I have her photograph albums.  Aren't those old photos awesome!

My grandmother Dorantina and her husband Adelmo lived in Pocatello, Idaho, on North 12th with Adelmo's brother, Antonio (who was always called Tony and is probably mis-listed as "Tini") and Adelmo's father, my great-grandfather Emidio Colaianni, and their children. In 1920, the kids would have been Gene, Mary, Dean, Viola (my mother) and Albert.  Ray and Virginia, the last 2 children were born after 1920.  All but Mary and Ray are deceased.  I'd love to see the census sheet!  I know next to nothing about tracing family history, how to interpret family trees, etc., but I've become really interested in family history lately--a bit late since my aunts and uncles have died or have failing memories, and was very excited to see what you've done. 

One thing that has me puzzled is that there seems to be a record of "Colaianni" being spelled with a "j"--there's no "j" in the Italian alphabet, so it's likely that the "j" is a misreading of someone's handwriting, don't you think?  My mother, for instance, was actually named ElsaIola but the Americans couldn't read Grandma's continental letters so was called Elsie Viola, much to her chagrin because Borden's milk used to have advertisements featuring Elsie the contented cow!

I'd love to hear how you got to SPA, etc. and share some more info with you.  Also, I discovered last night that I can take the family tree paperwork that Aunt Mary did out of its frame fairly easily, so can scan it and send it to you.  It will be interesting to see if spellings match up, etc.

Thanks for replying so quickly.


Great information.

I entered your data into my family tree program and according to the program: "Rayna Valentine and Mark Camillo DiVecchio are 4th cousins. Their common ancestors are Giuseppe Giulio Frazzino and Felicia Colajanni"

Not that shirt-tail after all. Take a look at the simplified ancestor chart, attached.

Interesting to hear about Mary Lacy. Do you know Ellie Ferrero? I don't remember right off how they are related.

Attached is the census sheet. I understand that "A. Colaianni" is really Adelmo, not Antonio as I mentioned in my last email. I'm sure the 'Tini' is Tony.

Your mother's name is written in the census pretty much like a short version of her Italian name.

As for the 'j', it was really a 'j'. In the records from SPA, the 'j' was the common spelling through the late 1800's. Then over a period of time, it changed to 'i'. Even today, both are used. I have a cousin in Roma and his last name uses the 'j' yet his brother uses the 'i'. He told me that when their births were registered, one person wrote down 'j' and another person wrote down 'i'.

Spelling is something that does not exist in Italian. My father told me that they didn't teach spelling when he went to school. In Italian, you pronounce every letter (almost always) exactly as its spelled. This led to some odd variations of names and other words. If the person hearing your name, mis-heard it slightly, it got written down wrong.

So I've learned to ignore spelling of names. 'i' and 'j' are interchangeable. Vowels on the ends of names changed all the time, in my case Frazzino became Frazzini and Carlino became Carlini.

But for sure, the hand writing is VERY VERY hard to read. On the links page on my web site, there is a link to a page that someone did showing examples of each letter of the alphabet written by an Italian hand.

In SPA, there is one hotel.

You could also stay in Castel di Sangro which is a larger town about 4 miles away.

We rented a car and drove from Roma to SPA. About a 3 hour drive. Driving in Italy is not as bad as they say. Driving in Roma IS pretty bad. We rented a car and picked it up at the Roma train station a 9AM on Sunday morning and then drove to the hotel, got our bags and drove directly OUT of town. On the autostrata and country roads around SPA, driving is a pleasure.

Coming back to Roma, we planned on arriving about 2PM in the middle of the 'resting' time so the streets were pretty empty.

There is train service to SPA but I don't know anything about it.

Did you see my trip report from our trip last summer:

Please do send the scan of the tree if you can. If possible scan it at 300dpi and save it as a GIF or TIF file. That would be best
for for written text.

If you have any photos of SPA or even people from SPA, I would really like those as well. If its ok with you, I might use them on the web site. If you can scan those at 300dpi and save them as JPG files. (Boy, I am really a pain, aren't I?).

On my web page there is a "hints" page about what to do if you want to do more research.

Date:            Tue, 16 Aug 2005 22:44:47 -0600
Subject:         1914 photo taken in San Pietro

Buona sera, Mark & Shirley,

Here's a wedding photo I found with, wonder of wonders, a listing of the people on the back as well as the date of the photo.  From left, Advenza Mariani, her daughter Marietta and her groom, John DiSanza, and my great aunt by marriage, Lucietta Rossi (I think she was John's sister) who was the wife of Ostillio Rossi, who was the brother of Rosina, one of Mark's direct ancestors.

The photo was given to my Aunt Mary [Mark's note: Mary Lacy, daughter of  Adelmo Colaianni and Dorantina Rossi and Rayna's mother's sister] by her cousin Elsie LaBate, the daughter of Ercole LaBate, who, if I'm not mistaken, was married to Josephine, my grandfather Adelmo Colaiani's sister.  The photo was dated May 27, 1914 and taken in San Pietro.

Harold (my husband) and I are going to San P in August (2006) to meet Ostillio's granddaughters.  His family stayed in Italy and he went to work in America.  I think he died in Pennsylvania.


 "Advenza Mariani, daughter Marietta, John DiSanza, and his sister Lucia"

"Ricordi e saluti dal tuo cugino, John" followed by an
undecipherable initial, followed by "S.Pietro Avellana 27-5-1914.

A printed note regarding the photographer:
"Promiato studio fotografico
Vencenzo Gentile
Castel di Sangro (acquila)"

Mark's note: between Dave, Rayna and I, we are coming to the conclusion that this
is not Advenza Mariani. The photo may have been annotated wrong. From Ellis Island
records and SPA microfilms, we believe that the parents of Marietta (born Maria
Beatrice Carlini in 1894) are Cosmo Damiano Carlini and Maria Domenica Labate.
Mark's Note: in Dec of 2006, I got an email from Dave DiSanzo. Dave ( ) told me that this John diSanza is the brother of his grandfather, Luigi diSanza, and they are the sons of Giuseppe diSanza and Santa Labate. For more on this diSanza family, click here.

Email from John Athayde, Jun 2008:

From:    John Athayde <>
Subject:    Ely, NV
Date:    Mon, 9 Jun 2008 17:04:41 -0700

Mark -

My grandparents (Gabriel Perry and Ida Lombardi) were married in Ely and my grandfather was a brakeman on the Northern Nevada Railway (he started in 1942 before going into the service). His father-in-law (great-grandfather for me) was an Engineer (Henry Lombardi) and married to Giovanna diIullo. I was doing research on San Pietro Avellana (where my grandmother's ancestors are from - Musco and Lombardi) and your site hit pretty high up on google.

When I showed them they were quite excited and started pointing out people. She knows that the surname of the guy in the lower center was "Francone" (phonetic guess on my part). The man in the back is Jim Colaizzi. But they remember a lot of the people in the photographs you've posted. They also agree that the person on the right is Mike Iannacchione.

I'm starting to put stuff together from them and was looking to travel to SPA and try to do some research there. I travelled for 7 weeks in Italy during Architecture school but it was only major cities. Any recommendations from your recent travels over there?


Thanks for your emails.

I've seen Henry Lombardi's name a lot in the Ely records from the railroad. He, along with Loreto Labate, were the two locomotive 
engineers from SPA. I'd be interested in any other details that your parents might remember.

May I use your emails on the web page?

My notes show that the Lombardi family originally came from Forli del Sannio (about 7 miles from SPA) but I haven't been able to trace Henry directly back to that original family.

Can you tell me more about your ancestors. I'd like to see if maybe we are related somewhere.

Do you know if Henry's name in Italy was Enrico? When was he born and who were his parents?

I've done some research also on the Musco family. Did you see my web page about Sant'Amico, the patron saint of SPA? There is a story about the Musco family who ended up in Lousiana.

Its difficult to do research in Italy. Do you speak Italian?  There are records in the SPA Church going back to 1612. Have you seen the microfilmed records available from the Morman church (

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

From:            John Athayde
Subject:         Re: Ely, NV
Date:            Wed, 11 Jun 2008 15:42:25 -0700

Mark -

You may use the emails on the web page.

Thanks on that info about Forli del Sannio. I've just started to dig back on my mom's side (my great aunt on my dad's side has 2500 names in her records, but no italians). I have a bunch of stuff back home that I will be able to dig out from last year.

I know the Perry side is from Colosumi. I also know my grandfather's uncle Gasper Gigliotti served in the US Army in WWI, also on the railroad in France. He was born in Ogden, Utah and my extended cousins still live around there (all Perrys).

On the Lombardi side, I know we have a bunch of stuff sketched out, but it's back home. I need to start putting it all into the computer. I'll do some digging and send it over when I have more.

I don't speak Italian well (I can get myself into trouble and order food), but it looks like I need to get back into it. And I'll check the microfilm records out. I have not done much but am hoping to do a lot more in the next few years while all my grandparents are alive (they are all in their mid 80s).

I did interview my grandparents last year and have that at home and that has a lot of extended information. I'm here with them for the next few days and will be trying to get more information written down.

Also, I just found my great grandfather's ellis island manifest entry. Line 15 in the attached pages. It says he was going to visit his brother-in-law, which looks like Cesare Frazzini in Ogden, Utah. I know your site has a lot of Frazzinis. My Greatgrandfather's wife's last name was Gigliotti. When they were in Ogden, they changed the spelling from Perri to Perry.

John Athayde

I enjoyed the photos and info you sent about Bruno Perri.

The Ellis Island manifest is really interesting. Its the first time that I've seen the surname Perri connected in any way to someone from SPA. My mother's surname was Frazzini and almost all the Frazzini's that I've ever found were from SPA.

Cesare Frazzini was the Vice Italian Counsel in Ogden around 1910. The address, 200 25th Street, was a tavern owned by the Frazzini Brothers. There is a photo of it on my Ogden web page.,%20UT.html I've found dozens of Italians who used that address on their arrival manifest. The Frazzini Brothers also owned a big store and bank in Denver.

I don't know how they could be brothers-in-law. I think that I have Cesare's family pretty well worked out - but you never know.

I notice that the manifest also says that Bruno was previously in the US from 1896 to 1908 - in Colorado. I've found that manifest on Ellis Island as well. If you like, I can email it to you.

Is the town in Italy, Colosimi? I've found a town with that name in the province of Cosenza. The town is pretty far away from SPA. I couldn't imagine that the Perri's knew the Frazzini's from Italy. Any connection must be from the US.

Its been fun doing some digging along your family line. Its producing more connections for me in SPA.

From:            John Athayde
Subject:         Re: Ely, NV
Date:            Wed, 11 Jun 2008 20:35:00 -0700

In line with the Cesare reference on Bruno Perri's Ellis Island entry, I noticed his entry on your site. Gabriella DiIullo was my great Grandmother's sister (Giovanna Crucifixa DiIullo, wife of Henry Lombardi, child of Daniel DiIullo and Fortunato Mosca).

From:            John Athayde
Subject:         Re: Ely, NV
Date:            Wed, 11 Jun 2008 22:46:36 -0700


That's correct. The Perri side is from Colosimi, and he (Bruno) married a Gigliotti. It's not until his youngest son that the Di Iullo/Mosca marriage line comes in (my grandparents). My grandfather doesn't think they were actually brothers-in-law, but It was an interesting 
connection for sure to see that name pop up.

From the  Di Iullos (Daniel DiIullo and Fortunato Mosca - Great Great Grandparents on Mothers' Mother's side) they had eight children. Three boys and Five daughters. Giovanna was my great grandmother. Gabriella was her sister (who parried Paul Anthony Mastroianni). The Marjorie Perry in that article is my mother. The photos were all of Gabriel and Ida (my grandparents) and my mom and down to us over the years. The walls here have a lot of older photos I'm going to start scanning.

John and I have worked out a lot of his Lombardi, diIullo and Mosca ancestors. The info can be found in my Family Tree data base.

Fallon, NV

Nothing to do with Ely but I wanted to put this info somewhere for future reference.

In this article from the Lahontan Valley News, Fallon, NV, there was a Frazzini reference:

Hazel's Fashionz, anchoring the historic Frazzini Building at 270 S. Maine St., recently celebrated its second anniversary and is weathering the difficult economic conditions. Owner Hazel Halbert, 25, said her sales have been up and down but overall are steady thanks to her loyal customers.

I need to find out about the "Frazzini Building".

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