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Fraini Family from Dawson

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Florindo Fraini immigrated to Dawson, NM. He and his wife Rosa Iannacchione had eight children. A brother, Innocente, immigrated to Boston, MA. Two other brothers, Michele and Fedele, were in the US for a time.

At the 2006 Dawson Reunion, I met two granddaughters of Florindo.

This web page traces Florindo's family from Rivisondoli to SPA to Dawson.

ca 1730, 1790, 1820

Nicola Fraino and Augenzia Barilli marry in Rivisondoli, L'Aquila, Italy. In 1736, a son, Paolo, is born. In 1790, a grandson, Michele, is born. In 1820, a great-grandson, Francesco SAVERIO is born.


Saverio marries Raffaela Ferrara in Rivisondoli.


Raffaela dies in early 1856. Saverio remarries to Emilia diGiacomo in San Pietro Avellana. The family lived in SPA. They had 6 children.


1857 The first child of Saverio and Emilia, Florinda Grazia, is born in SPA.
1860 The second child of Saverio and Emila, Enrico, is born in SPA. He died in 1862
1862 The third child of Saverio and Emila, Nicola Giuseppe Donato, is born in SPA. He died in 1883.
1864 The fourth child of Saverio and Emila, Assunta FILOMENA, is born in SPA. She married Domenico Urbano diPierro. She died in 1908. Her daughter, Elizabeth married Michele Ricci - that family lived in Ogden, UT.
1866 The fifth child of Saverio and Emila, Rachele Pia, is born in SPA. She married Amico Antonio Mariani. I don't know any more about her.

1869 Status Animarum

Lists Saverio and Emila along with four children, Florinda, Nicola, Filomena and Rachele Pia. Click here for details.


The sixth child of Saverio and Emila, Enrico Sabatino, is born in SPA. Enrico married Susanna Donatelli who was from Ateleta. Enrico and his son, Nicola, came to the US (Enrico in 1902 and Nicola in 1914) and settled in the Glastonbury, CT area.


1878 Florinda Grazia Fraino had her first child, Florindo Augostino. The father was not listed on the birth record - "uomo celibe" - "unmarried man". Florindo came to the US in 1902. He and his family lived in Dawson, NM.
1881 Florinda Grazia Fraino had her second child, Amico Antonio. Birth records are missing for 1881. Amico died at 1 month on 13 Apr 1881.
1882 Florinda Grazia Fraino had her third child, Loreta Luisa. The father was not listed on the birth record. She married Nicola Monaco.
1884 Florinda Grazia Fraino had her fourth child, Maria Grazia. The father was not listed on the birth record - "uomo celibe". Maria Grazia died at the age of 24 days on 1 Aug 1884.
1885 Florinda Grazia Fraino had her fifth child, Luisa. Birth records are missing for 1885. Luisa died in 1888.


Florinda Grazia Fraino had her sixth child, Fiorangelo INNOCENTE (he was known as Innocente). The father was not listed on the birth record - "uomo celibe". Innocente came to the US in 1903. He and his family lived in the Boston, MA area. Innocente Fraini, 16y (Fiorangelo Innocente, born 4 Jan 1888), arrived in 1903 going to brother Florindo Fraini in Segundo, CO. (Segundo is one mile south of Primero, CO). The 1930 census, places Innocente in Newton, Middlesex, MA. Per the SSDI, he died on 28 May 1986 in Boston, MA. His wife was Giovanna "Jennie" diFlorio". Read more about Innocente Fraini.


Florinda Grazia Fraino had her seventh child, Fulviano Michele. The father was not listed on the birth record - "uomo celibe". Michele "Mike" came to the US in 1909. He lived in Morli, CO and Dawson, NM. I don't know if he stayed in the US or returned to Italy. His wife was Maria Pavone.


Florinda Grazia Fraino had her eight child, Maria Luisa. Brith records are missing for 1892. Maria Luisa died on 1 Dec 1893.


Florinda Grazia Fraino had her ninth child, Fedele Francesco. The father was not listed on the birth record - "uomo celibe". Fedele came to the US in 1912. He lived in Dawson, NM for a time. He was killed during WWI fighting (Italian Army) and is listed on the Monument to the Dead in the Piazza in SPA.

So by 1894, Florinda Fraino had nine children. The father's name is not known. There is no doubt in my mind that the children all had the same father and that he was a part of the family. There was just some reason that he and Florinda could not marry.


Florindo Fraini and Rosa Iannacchione married in SPA.


Florindo and Rosa's first child, Elizabeth, is born in Colorado.


1909 Florindo and Rosa's second child, Eduardo, is born in Dawson, NM.
1910 Florindo and Rosa's third child, Leonardo ALBERTO, is born in Dawson.

Fraini Family in Dawson with cousins.
Photo sent to me by Lisa Hinojosa and her mother, Lita Muñoz Hinojosa, grand-daughter and daughter of  Stella C. Fraini.
(Lisa sent me high resolution scans of her photos. If you would like a copy, let me know.)
From:    Lisa Hinojosa <>
Date:    Sun, 3 Oct 2010 16:20:24 -0700

Hi Mark -
You were right.  I asked my mom about the two photos being part of one original photo and she says "Oh yeah... I think I have that!"
Here's the front, I will also send a scan of the back.

This photo was taken in 1911.  My mom received it from LeDora Frazzini Smaller.  She is the baby in the photo (4 mos old).

(for photos of  Ledora and her husband, look at this web page).
From:    Lisa Hinojosa <>
Date:    Sun, 3 Oct 2010 16:22:28 -0700

This is the back of the photo... thought you would want to see it also.  This is LeDora's handwriting.
This is an interesting photo on many levels. Since the handwriting is by Ledora Frazzini, the relationships mentioned are with respect to her. (for photos of  Ledora and her husband, look at this web page).

Identified people:

"My Brother Angelo" - This is Angelo Frazzini (1903-1927). He was shot and killed by his wife Pearl Mae Dupont.
"Stella's Mom - Rosa (Anabelle) Fraini - Lizzie's Mom" - This is Rosa Iannacchione Fraini (1885-1924). Stella is Stella Fraini (1914-1986) and Lizzie must be Elizabeth Fraini (1907-1994)
"Uncle Mike Carlini" - This is probably Ledora's uncle - Maurizio Domenico Carlini (1884-1939). He later lived in Ely, NV. Married Teresina Vacciano and had three children. In 1904, my grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini, travelled with Maurizio during his 1905 trip from Italy. Maurizio was going to his brother, Amico, in Dawson.
"Stella's Dad - Florindo Fraini - Lizzie's Dad" - Florindo Frazzini (1878-1948)
"Mom - Maria Cinea" - This is Ledora'a mother, Maria Antonia Carlini (1879-1960). After first husband Carmine Frazzini's death in 1912, she married Gennaro "Jim" Cinea (1891-1967).
"Me (LeDora)" - Ledora Frazzini Smaller
"My Dad - Pa Frazzini Carmine" - Carmine Frazzini (1881-1912). Killed in a mine accident.
"Neighbors" - Two men and a woman are not identified.

Carmine Frazzini and Maria Carlini were godparents to several Fraini children. I had found they were godparents to: 1) Eduardo Fraini, baptised 2 May 1909 (Springer, NM), 2) Leonardo Alberto Fraino, baptised 3 Oct 1910 (Springer, NM), 3) Stella Fraino, baptised 28 Feb 1914 (Maria only was godmother, as Carmine was dead, godfather was Augustino Frazzini (Agustino Girolamo "James" Frazzini husband of Esterina Quaranta "Forty").) (Springer, NM)

1912 Florindo and Rosa's fourth child, Joseph, is born in Dawson.
1914 Florindo and Rosa's fifth child, Stella, is born in Dawson.

Carmine Frazzini and Maria Carlini were godparents to several Fraini children. I had found they were godparents to:
Eduardo Fraini, baptised 2 May 1909 (Springer,NM)
Leonardo Alberto Fraino, baptised 3 Oct 1910 (Springer,NM)
Stella Fraino, baptised 28 Feb 1914 (Maria only was godmother, as Carmine was dead, godfather was Augustino Frazzini.) (Springer,NM)

1916 Florindo and Rosa's sixth child, Violet, is born in Dawson. In 2005, I received an email from the wife of the son of Violet Fraini (Nick Gonzales). She was telling me of Violet's passing.

1917 Draft Registrations

Innocente Fiorangelo Fraini Netwon, Middlesex, MA WWII born 4 Jan 1888 - wife Mrs. Jennie Fraini (Giovanna diFlorio)
Nicola Fraini East Gastonbury, Hartford, CT WWI born 6 Nov 1897 - father Enrico in East Glastonbury, CT. Lists wife, Sussanna Fraina in Italy.
Michele Fraini Dawson, Colfax, NM WWI born May 8, 1890 -  supports wife and 1 child


1918 Florindo and Rosa's seventh child, Alfredo "Fred", is born in Dawson.
1919 Florindo and Rosa's eight child, Elvira, is born in Dawson.

1920 Census - Dawson

I found these interesting entries (my notes in Italics are from other sources as noted):
Sheet 165-2
Florindo  Fraini, 42y, US citizen (This census entry shows the last name as Frazzini - but the name is Fraini everywhere else.)
    Rosa Fraini, wife, 32y, US citizen (Maiden name Iannacchione from LDS microfilm #16763, buried in Dawson Cemetery)
    Elizabeth, 13y, born in CO
    Eduardo, 10y, born in NM
    Alberto, 9y, born in NM
    Joseph, 7y, born in NM
    Stella, 6y, born in NM
    Violet, 3y 2m, born in NM (29 Sep 2005 - I received an email from the wife of the son of Violet, Nick Gonzales. Violet passed away on 28 Sep 2005)
    Alfredo, 2y, 2m, born in NM (known as Fred - Mar 2008 - I received an email from Genia Fraini, the daughter of Fred.)
    Vira, 1m, born in NM (Elvira, from film #16763; b: 8 Dec 1919, Baptism 15 Aug 1920, godmother - Maria Ricci Carlini)


Buried at Dawson Cemetery: from the cemetery records:

        Iannachione, Rosa,   June 11, 1885-July 4, 1924 b. Saint Peter Avellana Italy

1924 Jul 10 Dawson News - Mrs. Fraino Dies

I now have Rosa's death certificate. It was filed under the name "Farino". She died of a multitude of diseases on 4 Jul 1924 at the age of 38y. The DC lists her parents, Giuseppe and Cristina Colavecchia (that is wrong - parents were Gaetano Berardino Iannacchione and Maria Carmina Colavecchio - from SPA birth records). At the time of her death, she lived in house #1576 in Dawson.


From L to R :   Stella Fraini Munoz, Florence Mangino, Erna Frazzini.
Photo sent to me by Lisa Hinojosa and her mother, Lita Muñoz Hinojosa, grand-daughter and daughter of  Stella C. Fraini.
From:    Lisa Hinojosa <>
Date:    Sun, 3 Oct 2010 16:34:20 -0700

Hi Mark -

This is a photo of my grandma Stella Fraini taken in 1926 in Dawson, NM.

From L to R :   Stella Fraini Munoz, Florence Mangino, Erna Frazzini.

Mark's Note: I believe that Erna is Honestena Bina Vittoria "Ernestina" Frazzini (born 1911), sister of Ledora.

From top to bottom : Erna Frazzini, Stella Fraini Munoz, Florence Mangino
Photo sent to me by Lisa Hinojosa and her mother, Lita Muñoz Hinojosa, grand-daughter and daughter of  Stella C. Fraini.
From:    Lisa Hinojosa <>
Date:    Sun, 3 Oct 2010 16:39:31 -0700

Hi Mark -

Here's another photo of my Grandma Stella.  Taken 1926, Dawson NM.

From top to bottom :  Erna Frazzini, Stella Fraini Munoz, Florence Mangino

Writing on the back says "They were called the 3 Muskateers, on a  ladder up on Captan HIll in Dawson NM. This is a water storage tank."

Mark's Note: I believe that Erna is Honestena Bina Vittoria "Ernestina" Frazzini (born 1911), sister of Ledora.

1927-1930 Mike Fraini

1927 Dawson News "Miguel Farini left Sunday for New York City, where is expect to sail for San Pietro Avellana, Italy. After visiting several months, Mr. Farini expects to return to Dawson accompanied by his wife and son."
1928 Ellis Island (or New York) arrival, 38y, shown as a US Citizen was living at 578 Strigh St, Patterson, NJ., passport # 469205 issued at Washington, DC on 28 Oct 1927.
1930 census, Bingham Canyon, UT, 40y, lodger at the home of Mary Bianco. Coal Miner, first married at 21y. Naturalized citizen. immigrated 1909, wife not shown in the census so she must not be in the US.

1930 Census - Dawson

(NOTE: on, the 1930 census does not contain records for Dawson, for some reason, they are indexed under "Precinct 13, Colfax")

Sheet 150
Fraini, Florando, 47y (his wife Rosa Iannacchione died in 1924)
    Eduardo, son, 20y (from daughter, Thalia Parker, he died in the 1940's and is buried in Carlsbad, NM)
    Joe, son, 17y
    Violet, daughter, 12y (from son, Nick Gonzales, Violet passed away on September 28, 2005)
    Alfredo, son 11y (from daughter, Genia, Fred died in 1988 and is buried in Seneca Falls, NY)
    Elvira, daughter, 9y
    (1930 census has daughter Elizabeth - married to Santo Martino living in van Houten, NM - living with them are Elizabeth's siblings  Albert (SSDI 1988, Spring Valley, San Diego, CA) & Stella (CA Death Index 1986, Los Angeles, CA). 1930 was after Rosa died in 1924).

Scan of postcard sent to me by Lisa Hinojosa and her mother, Lita Muñoz Hinojosa, grand-daughter and daughter of  Stella C. Fraini
From:    Lisa Hinojosa <>
Date:    Sun, 3 Oct 2010 16:52:44 -0700

Hi Mark -
One more... this is a postcard that Mom received from LeDora. I will send the front and back.

The small writing on front says "S.Pietro Avellana (Campobasso) -  Corso S. Rocco"

Scan of back of postcard sent to me by Lisa Hinojosa and her mother, Lita Muñoz Hinojosa, grand-daughter and daughter of  Stella C. Fraini.
From:    Lisa Hinojosa <>
Date:    Sun, 3 Oct 2010 16:54:24 -0700

This is the back of the postcard. We don't know who wrote the Italian portion but the English is written by Ledora Frazzini Smaller.

Mark's note: Ledora Frazzini was the daughter of Carmine Frazzini and Maria Antonia Carlini. I think that the Cinea family referred to in this postcard are relatives of  Gennaro "Jim" Cinea who remained in Italy. Gennaro was the second husband of Maria Antonia Carlini (after Carmine Frazzini died in 1912). So Gennaro would be Ledora's step-father and the "Signora Maria Cinea" referred to in the postcard address would most likely be Ledora's mother - Maria Antonia Carlini.

ca 1942
Frederick "Freddie" Fraini
Photo sent to me by Lisa Hinojosa and her mother, Lita Muñoz Hinojosa, grand-daughter and daughter of  Stella C. Fraini.
Father of Genia Marie Fraini Stump
From:    Lisa Hinojosa <>
Date:    Sun, 3 Oct 2010 16:31:30 -0700
Cc:    Genia <>

Hi Mark & Genia -
My mom found this photo and wanted to pass it on to both of you. This is Frederick (Freddie) Fraini, son of Florindo & Rosa. Taken in the 1940's.  My mom received this photo from my Grandma Stella (Freddie's sister).

Lisa Hinojosa

1942 Geraldine Ann Fraini, daughter of Fred Fraini and Lucile Janssen

Salt Lake City Cemetery

No grave marker at L 43 56 4 E 

born 27 Feb 1942 Salt Lake City
died 4 Apr 1942 Salt Lake City
buried 7 Apr 1942 Salt Lake City Cemetery
died of Bacillary Dysentary, at 1m 7d
see Death Certificate for more details

1948 Death of Florindo Fraini

1948 Death Certificate, 71y 6m 6d, widowed, parents unknown, wife Rose, died in Miner's Hospital in Raton,, Usual residence given as 700 Western Ave, Trinidad, CO. Buried in Raton (cemetery name not listed). DOB given as 1 Dec 1877. Reported by Joe Fraini of Dawson.

From:            Lisa Hinojosa-Smith <>
Subject:         Re: Hello
Date:            Fri, 12 Sep 2008 11:22:16 -0700

Hi Mark -
My name is Lisa Hinojosa - my mom is Lita Hinojosa daughter of Stella Fraini. I'm here in California visiting with her. We just looked at your Dawson 2008 pictures and both of us enjoyed them very much. It was great to see photos of my mom's cousins Pete Gonzalez & AngeloMuñoz.

My mom believes that Florindo is buried in one of the two Raton cemeteries but knows that he never had a headstone or marker. I appreciate you sharing all of this with me.  It is SO interesting!


1986 Death of Innocente Fraini

Innocente Fraini dies in Boston, MA. Read more about Innocente Fraini.

Immigration Summary

Ellis Island Arrivals

1902 Enrico Fraini East Gastonbury, CT 28 years old, going to brother-in-law, E. Carlino
1902 Florindo Fraini Trinidad, CO never before in the US, going to "Parent  Rossorelli M*, S. Maria F142". I can't figure out what that means.
1905 Enrico Fraini Gastonbury, CT 31 years old, going to brother-in-law, Enrico Carlino.
1906 Rosa Iannacchione Segundo, CO  
19 Jan 1909 Fulviano Michele Fraini Morli, CO going to brother Innocente. Lists father, Donato, in SPA. This is the ONLY reference anywhere to the father of Flora's children.
1912 Fedele Fraini Dawson, NM going to brother, Fiorindo
28 Feb 1912 Fulviano Fraini Dawson, NM going to brother, Fiorindo, previously in US - 1908-1911, wife in SPA - Maria (Pavone). Travelled with my great uncle Felice Carlini.
1914 Nicola Fraini Glastonbury, CT going to father Enrico
1915 Fulviano Michele "Mike" Fraini Dawson, NM going to brother Innocente
1925 Enrico Fraini Glastonbury, CT  
1928 Enrico Fraini Glastonbury, CT  

Boston Arrivals

1903 Innocente Fraini Segundo, CO Innocente Fraini, 16y (Fiorangelo Innocente, born 4 Jan 1888), arrived in 1903 going to brother Florindo Fraini in Segundo, CO. (Segundo is one mile south of Primero, CO). The 1930 census, places Innocente in Newton, Middlesex, MA.  Read more about Innocente Fraini.
1920 Giovanna diFlorio and son Adolfo Fraini Boston, MA references "mother-in-law Flora in SPA"
1928 Michele Fraini Patterson, NJ  

Census Summary

1910 Florindo Fraini Dawson, NM  
1910 Mike Fraino Dawson, NM Living with Florindo and Rosie Fraini.
1920 Florindo Fraini Dawson, NM  
1920 Ralph Fraini Dawson, NM  
1930 Albert and Stella Fraini van Houten, NM  
1930 Elizabeth Fraini and Santo Martino van Houten, NM  
1930 Florindo Fraini Dawson, NM  
1930 Frank Fraini (46y) Aliquippa, PA Oldest two children, Guy (21y) and Laura (18y) born in Italy. Next two children, a son, Guido (16y), and daughter, Lina (13y), born in New Mexico. Remaining five children born in PA. I don't know who this Frank is. I grew up in Aliquippa but I don't remember any Fraini. They lived on Beaver Ave. in West Aliquippa.

They should be in the 1920 census from PA but I can't find them.
1930 Innocente Fraini Newton, MA  
1930 Michele "Mike" Fraini Bingham Canyon, UT  

Other Info

I'm in contact with these descendants of Florindo Fraini and Rosa Iannacchione:

Toni Muñoz Lenhart and Lita Muñoz Hinojosa, daughters of Stella. Toni and Lita both live in California. You can find out more about that family on the Dawson web page.
Lisa Hinojosa, daughter of Lita Muñoz Hinojosa, granddaughter of Stella.
Genia Fraini Stump daughter of Fred (Alfredo).
Nick Gonzales and Peter Gonzales, sons of Violet.
Thalia Jo Parker, daughter of Edward, born in Winkler, TX.
John Garcia, grandson of Violet.


Thalia, Elaine & Nick, Lisa, Paul and Genia,

I just received this email from John Garcia and I thought that I would forward it to the other Fraini that I know. John is the son of John who is the son of Ernestine Gonzales who is the daughter of Violet Fraini Gonzales.

John told me of the death of Pete Gonzales. My condolences to the family.

Date:    Sun, 25 Oct 2009 12:42:07 -0700 (PDT)
From:    j g <>
Subject:    Fw: dawson NM SPA italy desendents

Hello My name is John D Garcia II

My father was  Dr. John D Garcia  (Passed 1979) and my mother is  Ernestine L  Garcia (Gonzales) both from Dawson  She is now married to Bill Valentine (Valentini) also from Dawson.

On my mothers side was Violet Gonzales- Fraini, my grandmother.

My  Gonzales uncles are Pat (in Colorado), Pete (2009), Joe  (deceased) , & Nick. Aunts are: Lenore, Irene.

Lots of cousins on the Gonzales side.

My dad's grand father on his fathers side was Leandro Garcia from Spain. My  dad's grandfather on his mothers side was Delfino Romero.  Both are buried in Cimarron,
NM .

My fathers family also lived and worked in Dawson  then like so many others moved to Raton when Dawson closed. John Delfino (father), Garcia uncles and aunts, Louis Joe II, Elizabeth (Betty)  (CA)  Lives near Frazzini relatives in bay area, Alice (Colorado)

Lots of cousins as well on the Garcia and Romero side I have family from both sides buried in Dawson cemetery as well as from Cimmaron to Trinidad

All lived in Dawson.

I just happened to run into your web site and thought it was great .  I have not been to Dawson since the very early sixties when the coke ovens were still in place as well as quite a few of  the buildings.  The last time was to visit family graves in the Dawson cemetery  in the late 60's. My mom and 2nd cousins (the  Munoz side) were at a Dawson picnic a few years ago and at a Valentine family reunion last year in Raton.

I am very happy to include this email on your web site as well as any other genealogy I might be able to provide .. I spoke to my mother and she will also help fill in by contacting the Munoz  side as well as some of the Frazzini relatives and friends that they are still acquainted with.

Thanks for a great site keep it up I hope I can help.

John D Garcia  II
Dallas, Texas area

Feel free to email me  I may head to SPA next year to look up old kin. Your site definitely helped.

Thank you for your email.

I am sorry to hear that Pete passed away. I only got to meet him once and that was on the clean-up day at the 2008 reunion in Dawson. He was a hard worker that day cleaning up the cemtery to get ready for the reunion.

The group of us doing research determined that, going back far enough, the Fraini family was from Rivisondoli, province L'Aquila. (About 8 miles (straight line) to SPA, maybe 15 miles driving.) You might want to consider visiting there as well.

Here is what we know about the Fraini:
  I had some difficultly tracing back from Florinda (Flora) Fraini but I finally figured it out. Flora was the mother of Fiorindo Fraini who married Rosa Iannacchione.

  Well Flora never married but had at least 9 children. They were probably all with the same man but we don't know who that man is.

  At least four of the children came to the US:

  Four other children died in childhood.

  There were not very many Fraini in San Pietro Avellana (SPA) and I found out why.

  Flora's parents were Saverio Fraino and Emilia diGiacomo. Emilia's family was from SPA. She is how you and I are related.

  Saverio's family was born in Rivisondoli, province of L'Aquila. This town is about 8 miles northwest of SPA between Roccaraso and Pescocostanzo. He probably moved to SPA when he married Emilia.  (You should also visit Pescocostanzo because its just a nice tourist town.)

  I am still working on tracing Rosa Iannacchione's family. The 1924 death certificate of Rosa lists her father as Giuseppe and her mother as Cristina Colavecchio. I cannot find that family in the SPA records so its possible that the information is wrong. (Rosa was born in 1885, a year with all the birth records missing. So I can't just look her up.)

  In the records, there is a family:
    Gaetano Iannacchione
    Maria Carmina Colavecchio
  They were married in 1882. Its possble that this is the family.

I've forward your email to a bunch of your Fraini cousins. I included you on the email so that you could get their email addresses.

I've attached a printout from my data base that shows the descendants of Paolo Fraino. I believe the information to be correct but I've been known to make mistakes....

Thank you again for the email and I see that you joined our SPA group on Yahoo.

From Lisa Hinojosa

John - not sure if you remember me.  I'm sure we only met once if  that. My mother & your mother are first cousins.  My mom (Lita Munoz) still keeps in contact with your mom (Tina) on a very regular basis. I heard that she is now married and very happy. That is great news.

I am living in Seattle, my mom is in Southern California and my brother Mike is in Florida. My dad (Simon) passed away in 1992.

Hope all is well with you & your family.

Just wanted to say hello.

Date:    Mon, 26 Oct 2009 05:52:49 -0700 (PDT)
From:    j g <>
Subject:    Re: Fraini Genealogy
To:    Lisa Hinojosa <>

Hello  Lisa;
Sorry to hear of your Dads passing.
Yes I remember  both you, your mom and your brother.
I remember in particular a visit in Albuquerque many years ago and Yes I knew that Cousin Lita  and my mom have been pretty good at staying in touch .  Yes Your mom  and  Toni are my second cousins  I remember them both.  Grammy ( Violet) spent quite a few Christmas's and Thanksgivings with both Me and Joe as well as my mom at our houses.
I was pretty torn up over her passing.
Nice to hear from  you,  say  Hello to your mom and Toni , We need to get together sometime . 

More about Innocente Fraini

Subject:    Innocent Fraini
Date:    Tue, 7 Apr 2009 14:59:30 -0400
From:    "DePasquale, Pat" <Pat.DePasqualeGTC-BIO.COM>

You don't know me but I lived next door to Innocent Fraini in Newton, MA from my birth (1948) until the age of 13 or so.  I Googled up Mr. Fraini's name today on a whim and came across your genealogical site. It would please me to share memories and information about Mr. Fraini if you would be interested.  He was a fine man about whom I often think. Thanks for your attention,

Pat DePasquale
Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2009 4:57 PM
To: pdepasquale
Subject: Re: Innocent Fraini

Dear Pat,

Thank you very much for your email.

As you probably read on my web page, the Fraini framily was from the same town in Italy as my mother. I've been doing research on all the families from that town.

I've met several Fraini descendents of the brother of Innocente, Florindo. Those people completely lost track of the other branch. I actually spoke on the phone with Fred Fraini, Innocente's son. Fred was not in good health and we were not able to communicate very well so not much information was shared.

I would be happy to hear any of your memories. I will share them on my web page and I will send them to the Fraini descendents that I am in touch with.

From:            "pat depasquale"
Subject:         RE: Innocent Fraini
Date:            Tue, 7 Apr 2009 20:17:25 -0400


Mr. Fraini was both a real gentleman and a gentle man.  He planted beautiful annual flowers, mostly zinnias, in weed free perimeter beds on his lot. He kept his own seeds, and had size and color to show for decades of selection.  He made wine, kept a flawless lawn, and grew his own vegetables - tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, swiss chard, cucumbers, cocozelle squash, zucchini, some sweet basil (basinicola in our neighborhood), parsley.  I don't remember any other crops.  Maybe the occasional eggplant.  He fed the birds with stale bread most mornings.  His garage was spotless. All his yard tools hung on pegs, every piece with its own place.  He used to control Japanese beetles by knocking them off his plants into a coffee can holding about an inch of oil (kerosene? diesel fuel? coal oil?  it smelled of petroleum).  He always wore work gloves when he worked.  He sat in the back yard most afternoons in the summer and read the newspaper.  He sat on Adirondack chairs he'd made himself.  I seem to remember he made two sets, years apart; even with a good paint job they don't last forever here; it's too humid and buggy in the summer. 

When I knew him he was with his second wife, Rafaela LoPerchio (Lopercio? Lo Perccio?   phonetic: low - perch - ee - oh) from Worcester, MA.  Rafaela had no children.  Never met or saw his first wife, the mother of his three sons; I'm quite sure she had passed away.  His son Bing (nee Adolph/Adolfo) lived with them.  He worked at the Rose-Derry mattress company about two blocks away.  Mr. Fraini's son Fred (Alfred?  Alfredo?  Frederico?) was a police officer in Newton.  In the 50s and 60s Newton PD had a crackerjack pistol competition team - Joe Greeley, Frank Lovely, and Fred Fraini were the stars, if not the whole team. 

My memory is that on his small basement workbench  Mr. Fraini had a photograph of his brother, who was killed in WW1 while in the Italian army. I, being very young, asked him if it made him sad, and he said not really, it was a long time ago.  Also there a service bar with two battle stars on it that he, Mr. Fraini, had earned with the American army in France.  I believe he told me he had been in the Italian army previously, and had seen palm trees bending to the ground in wind storms in Africa during his Italian service time.  He had been president of the local American Legion, something in which he took great pride, and had, I was told, led the local Legion band to some prize competition in Washington (?) which they won (?).  I was told he played the clarinet.  When I was very small he was still working for the City of Newton, by then as a street sweeper, to which job he faithfully wore a tie and hat.  He retired when I was likewise very small, so I have a single very distant memory of him waving to my mother and I as he went about the City's business.  Despite his garage, he did not drive.  Bing had a car, as did the upstairs tenant.  Mr. Fraini lived on the first floor of a two family house which he owned.

Mr. Fraini liked sweets but wanted to be buried in his US Army uniform, which he tried on annually. If it was hard getting into it, he cut back eating until it fit fine.  He was, in fact, buried in it.  I saw him in the casket at his wake, and he looked good in military wool.  

I suppose things aren't always what they seem.  I can't imagine the Mr. Fraini of the zinnias and neckties slaying Somalis or Germans, but when I was a kid playing with a wooden sword he took it from me and showed me the right way to stand, where to put my left hand, how to hold the weapon.   You  never know....

Best regards,


PS:  Anyhow, that's what I remember.  For how much is correct I cannot vouch. If I had known I'd want to remember all this in detail, I'd have paid more attention and asked more questions.  A lot of the above is hearsay testimony, inevitably liable to distortion or error.  Virtually all of the above is coming back through a forty or fifty year filter.

PSS:  Writing to you, I realized I know darned little about Mr. Fraini's life before 1950 or so.  He had a career, of course his first wife, and friends and associates about whom I can't even speculate.  The man I did know was a great guy.

1915 ca Photo of Innocente Fraini

1915 ca
Innocente Fraini
Sent to me in April 2021 by Marilou Moschetti, wife of Thomas Moschetti, grandson of Carmine Frazzini and Maria Antonia Carlini.
The family identified him as a cousin of Carmine and I've found that he and Carmine were 4th cousins.

Back of photo.
Handwriting (hard to read but) shows name as Innocente Fraini.
Note probably written by Tom's mother, Ernestina Frazzini Moschetti.

1938 Photo of Innocente Fraini and his family.

ca 1938
Florindo Fraini with Innocente Fraini and his family (Boston).
Photo sent to me by Lisa Hinojosa and her mother, Lita Muñoz Hinojosa, grand-daughter and daughter of  Stella C. Fraini.
From:    Lisa Hinojosa <>
Subject:    Re: Frederick Fraini 1921-2010
Date:    Tue, 28 Sep 2010 15:13:03 -0700

Hi Mark -

Top row, left to right -  Florindo Fraini,  Adolph Fraini (son of  Innocente & Giovanna "Jennie"), Innocente Fraini
Bottom row, left to right - Frederick Fraini, (son of Innocente & Giovanna "Jennie"), Giovanna "Jennie" Fraini, Anthony "Tony" Fraini (son of Innocente & Giovanna "Jennie")

My mom's brother received this photo from Tony in August 1999.  Tony was 11 yrs old in the photo and he was born in 1927.  So this was taken in 1938??

Innocente died in 1986.
Frederick died 20 Sep 2010.

Frederick D. "Fred" Fraini Sr. of East Falmouth, formerly of West Newton, 89, passed away peacefully at the J.M.L. Care Center on Monday, September 20, 2010. He was the beloved husband of the late Elizabeth Jean (Hyland) Fraini for 33 years.

Born and raised in Newton, the son of the late Innocenti and Giovanna (DeFlorio) Fraini. Fred graduated from Newton North High, an accomplished athlete, receiving an athletic scholarship to Babson College.

He served in the U.S. Marine Corp. during WWII, 1st Marine Division, Guadalcanal and Sgt., Paris Island.

He was a Newton Police Officer for 36 years. Fred was a multimedalist marksman and instructor for 34 years. He also helped develop the SWAT team of the Newton Police Department and he was a canine unit trainer.

Fred was a member of the Rod & Gun Club, the BPOE, Ashumet Valley Association, the Falmouth Airpark and a lifetime member of the Elks of Falmouth and Newton. He was an aviation enthusiast, owning a Cessna 172.

He is survived by four children: Fred Fraini, Jr. and wife Carol of Auburn, Kathleen Fraini and her partner Cheryle Giberson of Falmouth, Paula Lennon and husband Michael of Holiday, Fla. and Linda Fraini and husband Tony Jackson of Fairbanks, Alaska; grandchildren, Fr. Fred D. Fraini II and Jamie G. Lennon; brother Anthony Fraini of Needham and nieces and nephews, Pamela Taylor, Leslie Taylor Greco, Gregory Taylor, Michael Fraini and the Cunninghams and the Proudmans.

Visiting Hours will be Wednesday, September 22, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at Chapman, Cole & Gleason Funeral Home, 475 Main St. (Rte. 28), Falmouth Center. A Funeral Mass will follow at 11 a.m. at St. Patrick's Church, 511 Main St., Falmouth. Burial will follow at 2 p.m. at Newton Cemetery, Newton, MA.

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