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Angelo Frazzini

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 Angelo Frazzini is the son of Carmine Frazzini and Maria Antonia Carlini.

As I was doing research several years ago for this family, I came accross a notation in the database of Daryl Dorcy. Daryl's wife, Diana, is descendent from Amico Carlini, the brother of  Maria Antonia Carlini. The notation was in the record for Angelo. Click Here. It lists "Death: of Murder, by wife".

Angelo became the postmaster in Dawson, NM

Angelo married Pearl Dupont. Click here for more about Pearl.

Photo sent to me:

Fraini and Frazzini Families in Dawson
Photo sent to me by Lisa Hinojosa and her mother, Lita Muñoz Hinojosa, grand-daughter and daughter of  Stella C. Fraini.
For more about the Fraini Family, click here.
From:    Lisa Hinojosa <>
Date:    Sun, 3 Oct 2010 16:20:24 -0700

This photo was taken in 1911.  My mom received it from LeDora Frazzini Smaller.  She is the baby in the photo (4 mos old).

This is an interesting photo on many levels. On the back of the photo there is handwritten indentification of most of the people. Since the handwriting is by Ledora Frazzini, the relationships mentioned are with respect to her. (for photos of  Ledora and her husband, look at this web page).

Identified people:

"My Brother Angelo" - This is Angelo Frazzini (1903-1927). He is the subject of this web page.
"Stella's Mom - Rosa (Anabelle) Fraini - Lizzie's Mom" - This is Rosa Iannacchione Fraini (1885-1924). Stella is Stella Fraini (1914-1986) and Lizzie must be Elizabeth Fraini (1907-1994)
"Uncle Mike Carlini" - This is probably Ledora's uncle - Maurizio Domenico Carlini (1884-1939). He later lived in Ely, NV. Married Teresina Vacciano and had three children. In 1904, my grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini, travelled with Maurizio during his 1905 trip from Italy. Maurizio was going to his brother, Amico, in Dawson.
"Stella's Dad - Florindo Fraini - Lizzie's Dad" - Florindo Frazzini (1878-1948)
"Mom - Maria Cinea" - This is Ledora'a mother, Maria Antonia Carlini (1879-1960). After first husband Carmine Frazzini's death in 1912, she married Gennaro "Jim" Cinea (1891-1967).
"Me (LeDora)" - Ledora Frazzini Smaller
"My Dad - Pa Frazzini Carmine" - Carmine Frazzini (1881-1912). Killed in a mine accident.
"Neighbors" - Two men and a woman are not identified.

I asked Marylou Moschetti about Angelo:


Does anyone know what happened when Angelo was shot? Did it make the papers?

Hello Again Mark:

What we know is there was a brief headliner in the Trinidad, CO paper and nothing after. Because the coal camp supervisor was Angelo's father-in-law, he had tremendous influence on what happened after the "accident".  There was a court hearing, and LeDora's husband Bill Smaller, LeDora, Nick, Maria and Jim Cinea (Maria's 2nd husband) all went. Nick remembers how terribly upset his mother was after the hearing. It was in judges chambers, and naturally they were poor and couldn't afford an attorney at the time. Angelo was about 26 years old, had served in the Army, and was appointed "postmaster" of the coal camp at the time of the shooting. Probably it turned out to be a "he said, she said" matter.
The Frazzini-Cinea family and Bill Smaller were literally drummed out of town over the next 18 months. Jim Cinea was given a "demotion" in his position in the mines, and given the most horrific job, which he refused to take, thus leaving him unemployable in Dawson. The DuPont family wanted to keep Pearl from serving a jail sentence, and their hearsay evidence must have turned against Angelo, although the Frazzini-Cinea family says it wasn't "self-defense". The gossip at the time was the possibility of a "love triangle" where Pearl's mother had a little crush on Angelo. He was quite gregarious and a happy go lucky type. We'll never know exactly what happened, as those black moments are lost to history now.

We did get more details about the family being "drummed out" of Dawson, and that Pearl DuPont Frazzini was never charged for any crime after shooting Angelo. Aunt Dora was 14 years old when they left Dawson, and remembers actually going to Trinidad, NM and waiting in the court house while Maria Carlini and Jim Cinea argued with lawyers about the case. They were too poor to afford their own attorney. The hearing had all the makings of a fraud case, because DuPonts were holding all the power over the uneducated Frazzini/Cinea group. After the shooting, Jim Cinea was given jobs that were not only more dangerous, but the children were also separated out at school. Maria Carlini got so ill from the incident, LeDora had to quit school and stay home to take care of her, her sister Erna (my mother-in-law), age 12, Dominic Cinea age 8, and Lucile Cinea age 4. Shortly after they moved to Cañon City, CO
Pinpointing the date of Angelo's death would probably make it easier for a search in the papers. I haven't got that far, but plan on continuing with my search.

That is quite a story. In my notes, I have Angelo's death as 12 Dec 1927. I found the date in the New Mexico Death Index which is available on the Internet.

From:    marilou moschetti <>
Subject:    Re: Angelo Frazzini Tombstone
Date:    Mon, 04 Oct 2004 21:21:31 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Mark:
I'm out of town right now, but would be happy to send you Angelo's tomb picture snail mail on my return. His tomb is way over on the right hand side of the cemetery and is a huge reddish marble/granite flat piece, one of the fanciest in the cemetery. Because his death was an accident, and the superintendent was his father-in-law, and the fact that Pearl was never indicted. for the murder, the lettering is small, and flat. No marker standing up. All the little white crosses from the explosion in 1923 are behind his. It took us about 1/2 hour to find it as we were expecting a small little marker. We were stunned to see such a "fancy" marker. At the time of his death, he was the "postmaster" of Dawson.
More after my return. 

Here are some clippings from the Dawson News. I got a CD with entire run of that paper when I was at the 2006 Dawson Reunion.
24 Aug 1924 Dawson News
19 Mar 1925 Dawson News
16 Oct 1925 Dawson News - Scott Dupont was the Underground Mine Superintendent for Phelps-Dodge.
29 Oct 1925 Dawson News
13 Oct 1927 Dawson News
15 Dec 1927 Dawson News
I have received a copy of the death certificate of Angelo. He died on 12 Dec 1927 from "Gunshot wound - abdomen. Probably accidental". An autopsy was performed. He lived in house 1260 in Dawson with wife Pearl Frazzini. He was the postmaster. The death was reported by Gennaro Cinea who lived in house 1470. He was born 20 Mar 1902 and was 25y, 8m and 22d old.
1 Mar 1928 Dawson News

Dawson Cemetery - photo taken 3 Sep 2006
13 Dec 1928 Dawson News

Pearl Dupont

Her family also left Dawson a few years after Angelo's death. She was born 10 Jun 1910 so she was 17 when Angelo died.

I've found her in the 7 Apr 1930 census in Los Angeles, CA. She is listed as 20 years old and single. Her name is listed as Dupont, not Frazzini. Her father Scott (born 1877) is listed as a Superintendent at a Coal Mine. Her mother, also named Pearl, is listed along with brothers, Henry and Edgar, and sister Mildred.

The older children, Earl, Raymond and Marie, were not listed.

I also found her in a family tree at She was called "Little Pearl" since her mother's name was also Pearl (her mother was born 1879).

That tree shows that she married Harold Armstrong about 1930. He was also born (1902) in Dawson. She died Jan 1978 in El Paso, TX. They had at least one child and 4 grandchildren per that family tree..

Harold Armstrong died Jan 1975 in Tucumcari, NM. Both he and Pearl are buried in El Paso, TX.

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