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San Pietro Avellana

Pete and Sam Carlino

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Carlino is a family name from San Pietro Avellana. It is, though, a fairly common name in Italy. I was first told about Pete and Sam Carlino by Wilberta Illig. I learned more from Cathy Madonna Youngblood. We were interested in finding out if Pete and Sam came from SPA. I've done some on-line research about the brothers. I have not found them in any of the birth records from the SPA microfilms. At the bottom of this page is a summary of all the date information that I've been able to gather.

As my research progressed, I have concluded that Pete and Sam were not from SPA and are not related to my Carlino family - the WWI Draft Registrations of both men shows they were from Lucca Sicula, Agrigento, Italy  (in Sicily Region).

Everything on this page is publicly available information or was sent to me via email as shown.

To read about a new book about Pete and Sam Carlino, look at the bottom of this page.

Article with photos from The Denver Post Archive: click here.

Photos from that article:

Pete Carlino

Sam Carlino



     "In 1923, organized crime in Denver was changing from old west dominance to a different evil that was sweeping across the country. Benjamin Stapleton was elected mayor with the support of the Ku Klux Klan. Much of the Klan's appeal in the 1920s was due to its promise to restore law, order and morality to America. To repay political debts, Stapleton allowed Klansmen to be hired as police officers, including the Chief of Police, William Candlish. The new chief quickly abused his powers and intimidated political opponents and labor leaders in the city, imposing his own brand of morality.

     By April 1925, Stapleton had had enough of Candlish's performance and secretly deputized 125 members of the local American Legion to carry out a series of raids. The raiders rounded up 200 bootleggers, gamblers, and prostitutes and uncovered a network of corruption controlled by Candlish's handpicked Klan vice squad. Candlish was fired along with twelve other Klan affiliated policemen.

     The Klan problem in Colorado was statewide. Most of Colorado's 200 prohibition agents were members of the Klan. Led by R. N. Mason, the Exalted Cyclops of the Trinidad Klan, raiding parties went on random searches for bootleg stills and liquor. The majority of these raids were directed at operations run by Italians, Jews, Blacks, and other anti-Klan groups.

     Italian organized crime in the state first surfaced in southern Colorado and was headed by brothers Pete and Sam Carlino of Pueblo. Pete Carlino had earned the nickname "the Al Capone of southern Colorado." By late 1930, the brothers felt they were strong enough to expand their bootlegging empire and take control of the Denver area. Joe Roma, the boss of the city, agreed to a sit down with the brothers in an effort to head off a gang war. On January 24, 1931, Roma sponsored a meeting of 30 of Colorado's top bootleggers. The police department was informed of the meeting, which was being held in the city's Italian district, and sent a raiding party. Unfortunately the meeting was interrupted before a compromise was agreed upon, and the police, unwittingly, ignited a gang war.

     On February 18, Pete Carlino was standing on Denver sidewalk when gunmen from a passing automobile began blasting. Carlino survived. Less than three months later, Sam Carlino and James Colletti, a lieutenant, were killed at Carlino's home. In a rare instance, members of the Carlino gang spoke freely with the police and identified Bruno Mauro of Pueblo as the gunman. In yet another bizarre twist to the war, Roma posted a $5,000 bail for his rival, Pete Carlino on June 23, 1931, after Carlino had been arrested on a charge of conspiracy to commit arson.

     On September 9, Pete Carlino drove from Denver to Cañon City to visit a cousin. He was murdered on September 10 or 11, and his bullet-riddled body was stuffed beneath a bridge. Two days later, the killers returned to move the body to a place where it could be more easily discovered. Years later this murder would be the only one outside of the New York / New Jersey area that could be linked to the fictitious "Night of Sicilian Vespers" killings. The second Carlino brother's death left Roma as the organized crime leader in Colorado. Nicknamed "Little Caesar" due to his five-foot-one stature, Roma continued as crime boss until his murder on February 18, 1933."

"Pete Carlino's body was found 20 miles southwest of Pueblo on September 13, 1931. Carlino was in charge of the Pueblo underworld and was believed to have been trying to muscle in on Joe Roma in Denver."


Pueblo, CO/Denver, CO

Peter "Pete" Carlino (1923-1931) Boss-Murdered
Charles Blanda (1931-193?) Boss-Died
James "Black Jim" Colletti (193?-1969) Boss-Retired
Joseph "Scotty" Spinuzzi (1969-1975) Boss-Died


Wilberta suggested that since their first sons were both named Victor, that maybe their father was Vittorio. I looked from 1880 to 1899 and did not find any Vittorio having children. Mark's note: In Sam Carlino's 2019 book, "Colorado's Carlino Brothers", he states that the name was "Vito". In fact, at the Antenati web site, I found the 26 Dec 1853 birth record of Vito Carlino to Stefano Carlino and Francesa Masamena (sp?).

1900 Immigration

We could not find any possible hits on Ellis Island or Castle Garden. I also checked the Boston and Philadelphia manifests. We searched for Pietro Carlino and for Salvatore/Samuele/Sabatino Carlino.

The census records below show that Pete and Sam came over about 1900/1. If Sam came over about 1901, since he was born about 1893, he would only have been 7 years old so he must have come over with a relative. Pete, about 1901, would have been 12 or 13 years old.

1913 Marriage of Pete

Pietro Antonio Carlino married Giovanna (Jenny) Riggio on 14 Jun 1913 in Walsenburg, Huefano, CO (CO Marriage Record Report from He was 26y, she was 19y. See emails below from Betty Riggio Alaniz, Jenny's niece.

1916 Marriage of Sam

Sam Carlino married Josie Piscopo on 19 Feb 1916 in Pueblo (CO Marriage Record Report from He was 23y and she was 19y.

1917 WWI Draft Registration

Pete Carlino

Wilberta Illig (a more diligent researcher, than I) found the registration card for Pete Carlino. She said that it was indexed incorrectly which is why I didn't find it. Born 13 Jun 1887 in Lucca Sicula, Italy, 29y, wife and two children, self-employed farmer. Address RRD#1 Box 79, Pueblo, CO.

From the WWI Draft Reg, Pete Carlino had two children by 5 Jun 1917 - Victor born on 24 Jun 1914 and Joe born on 18 Jan 1916. The third child, Charles, was born on 25 Jan 1918 ).

Sam Carlino

I found a registration for a Sam Carlino. I'm not totally sure that it is him but pretty sure. Born 19 Oct 1892 in Lucca Sicula, Agrigento, Italy (in Sicily Region).
Pueblo, CO
Born 19 Oct 1892 in Lucca Sicula, Agrigento, Italy  (in Sicily Region).
Wife and one child (which matches up pretty well with first son Victor born about 1918 - look at the 1920 census data below).

1920 Census

I found both Pete and Sam in Crowley, Colorado, 8th precinct, taken 3 Feb 1920.

Pete Carlino, 32y, born in Italy, immigrated in 1900, farmer
Jennie Carlino, 26y, born in Lousiana, parents born in Italy
Victor, 4y ?m, born in Colorado
Joe, 2y 11m, born in Colorado
Carl, 1y ?m, born in Colorado

Sam Carlino, 26y, born in Italy, immigrated in 1900 farmer
Josephine, 23y, born in Colorado, parents born in Italy
Victor, 2y, born in Colorado
Carrie, 3m, born in Colorado

1930 Census

I found Sam Carlino, with wife and children in 1930, Pepper Mill Street, San Bernardino CA, Terrace District, 3rd Ward. Taken 7 Apr 1930.

Sam Carlino, 37y, born in Italy, married at 23y, automobile salesman.
Josephine, 33y, born in Colorado, married at 19y, parents born in Italy.
Victor, 13y, born in Colorado
Carrie, 11y, born in Colorado
Philip, 9y, born in Colorado
Josephine, 7y, born in Colorado
Charlotte, 3y, born in Colorado

Then I found Pete Carlini in 1930, Federal Blvd, Denver, 6th ward, taken 7 Apr 1930. They owned their home and had a live-in maid!

Pete Carlino, 42y, born in Italy, immigrated in 1901, married at 26y, salesman for a fruit company
Jennie, 36y, born in Louisiana, married at 19y, parents born in Italy.
Victor, 15y, born in Colorado
Joe, 14y, born in Colorado
Charles, 11y, born in Colorado
Stephen, 8y, born in Colorado
Sammy, 5y, born in Colorado
Peter A., 1y 7m, born in Colorado
Mary Cacciatore, maid, 16y, born in Colorado

Interesting that Sam Carlino's family was in San Bernardino, CA in 1930 and he was killed at his home in Denver in 1931.


Pete and Sam Carlino
Joseph Roma
Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, CO
Joseph Roma was probably the man who ordered the murders of Pete and Sam. He, himself, was murdered in 1933.
Find A Grave :  Pete    Sam


Reading these obituaries of Peter Anthony Carlino and Sam Carlino (sons of Pete Carlino). They clearly show that the family has put past actions of Pete and Sam behind them.

San Jose Mercury News (CA) - September 1, 1996
When he told people about his life, Peter Anthony Carlino used to explain, in his words, that he had graduated from the ''School of Hard Knocks.''
And that wasn't an idle boast.
The youngest in a family of six boys, he was still in short pants when his dad and mom passed away early in the Depression - leaving his brothers to raise him in Goose Town, San Jose's enclave of Italian immigrants. He worked in grocery stores as a kid, sold newspapers on the street and learned how to box so he could protect his corner from bigger competitors.
Adulthood was no snap, either.
But through it all, thanks to an unswerving belief in self and a strong work ethic, he became a successful merchant of food and produce for many years  in the Santa Clara Valley.
''He was gung-ho - a real go-getter with a talent for recognizing business opportunities,'' said Samuel Carlino, one of the brothers who helped found Time Market on South Bascom Avenue.
Troubled by ill health, Mr. Carlino had ''cheated death'' for two decades until he died from heart failure Tuesday at 68, said a son, Peter. Mr. Carlino underwent three open-heart surgeries and a series of kidney dialysis treatments.  Within days of having a pacemaker implanted on his birthday two weeks ago, he  was working out on a fitness center treadmill to re-build his strength, said his son.
A positive thinker and serious student of master motivator Dale Carnegie, Mr. Carlino was ''full of fire and enthusiasm'' that fueled his drive for business and helped him overcome his increasing physical ailments. ''The words 'give up' were never in his vocabulary,'' said Peter Carlino.
Time Market was founded in 1950 and was almost an immediate success.
''The store was the Italian place to be,'' recalled the younger Carlino. While his father ran the fish department, each of Mr. Carlino's brothers operated his own section, from the fresh produce department to the butcher shop, where the market's popular Italian sausage was made.

Eventually, Mr. Carlino branched out on his own and started a number of other businesses, ranging from Carload Sales to Pietro's Fisherman's Wharf at  the San Jose Flea Market.
In partnership, he later opened the Round House Delicatessen in Campbell's Kirkwood Plaza.
Even though afflicted with heart problems, Mr. Carlino continued to involve himself in start-ups that included the Felton Deli in Santa Cruz County and Entrees Unlimited, one of the largest corporate caterers in the valley, which he established with his sons.
''He was a doer - a fighter all the way,'' said his brother, Samuel  Carlino.
Born: Aug. 14, 1928, Pueblo, Colo.
(box) Died: Aug. 27, 1996, San Jose.
(box) Survived by: Wife, Pauline Carlino of San Jose; sons, Peter, Patrick and Paul Carlino, all of San Jose; daughters, Pamela Atkins of Ft. Campbell,  Ky., Patricia Nixon of Cleveland and Paulette Codipilli of San Jose; brothers Samuel and Joseph Carlino of San Jose; 16 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.
(box) Services: Vigil service 7 p.m. Monday at Lima Family Santa Clara Mortuary, 466 N. Winchester Blvd., Santa Clara. Mass will be celebrated 10 a.m. Tuesday at St. Aloysius-Roman Catholic Church, 19101 Bear Creek Road, Los  Gatos.
San Jose Mercury News (CA)
Date: September 1, 1996
Edition: Morning  Final
Page: 7B
Record Number: 9609050174
Copyright (c) 1996 San Jose  Mercury News


San  Jose Mercury News (CA) - September 14, 2002
Sam Carlino
CA  United States
CARLINO, Sam -- On Friday, September 13, surrounded by family and close friends, Sam Carlino passed away peacefully. Beloved husband of 47 years of Virginia Carlino of Campbell. Loving father of Sam Carlino Jr., and his wife  Adila. Dear brother of the late Vic, Joe, Chuck, Steve and Pete. A native of  Campbell. Age 77 years.
In 1950, Sam and his four brothers founded Time Market of San Jose. During WWII, he served in the Fifth Army Air Corp as a Cryptographer and Radio Operator. In 1992, he and his son, Sam Jr., co-founded "Sam's BBQ" of San  Jose.

Friends are invited to attend Vigil Services Monday, September 16, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. at the LIMA FAMILY SANTA CLARA MORTUARY, 466 N. Winchester Blvd., Santa Clara. Private Funeral Mass Tuesday followed by a Public Committal Service at 1:00 p.m. at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery.
San Jose Mercury News (CA)
Date: September 14, 2002
Record Number:  489820
Copyright (c) 2002 San Jose Mercury  News

Sam was the last of the six sons of Pete Carlino to die (brother Joe died on 2 Jul 1998).

Newspaper Clippings

Prescott Evening Courier - dateline Pueblo, CO, May 15
15 May 1926

"Reports received here today indicate that members
of the black hand gang that killed Pete and Tony Danna here
yesterday afternoon are in the the vicinity of Aguilar, Colo.....Pete
Rocca (LaRocca) and Pete Walker are the new ones added to the
list of suspects, the others being Pete Carlino
and Sam Carlino, John Mulay and Sam Mulay.
The Carlinos are residents of Trinidad."
Prescott Evening Courier - dateline Pueblo, CO, Nov 19.
20 Nov 1926

"Carlo Mulay, the second defendant to take the stand in the
Danna murder trial, where he is charged with Pete Carlino
and Pete LaRocca with killing Pete and Tony Danna ... denied
having been in the death car as charged by Sam Danna, surviving
brother of the Danna family."
The Helena Independent - dateline Pueblo, CO, Nov 21.
22 Nov 1926

"The jury in the case of Pete LaRocca, Carlo Mulay and Pete Carlino... returned
a verdict of not guilty in the case of each of the defandants."
11 Oct 1928
The Evening Independent, St. Petersburg, Florida - dateline Pueblo, CO

"A barrage of machine gun bullets seriously wounded  Sam Danna, 50, whose three
brothers have met death from bullets of mysterious enemies."
7 May 1930
The Milwaukee (WI) Journal - dateline Pueblo, CO

"The last of the four Danna brothers was dead Wednesday and like his three brothers he died
a victim of the guns of gangland. Torn with three shotgun charges, the body of Sam Danna
was found in an alley here Tuesday night. He had been "taken for a ride," police said."

See below for some emails from a person who might be the great-grandson of Sam Danna.
The Decatur Evening Herald - dateline Denver, CO, March 17
17 Mar 1931

"A violent blast, two minutes after
midnight Tuesday demolished the
home of Pete Carlino..."
Nevada State Journal - dateline Denver, CO, May 8
9 May 1931

"Sam Carlino, 41 year old North Denver bootlegger, was
shot to death in his home and Joe Colletti, 19, of
Pueblo was seriously wounded."
Reno Evening Gazette - dateline Denver, CO, May 13
13 May 1931

"..Bruno Mauro, seventeen-year-old Aguilar, Colo., youth accused
of slaying Sam Carlino here last Friday, was hot to death Monday
in retalliation for Carlino's death.
Reno Evening Gazette - dateline Denver, CO, May 13
13 May 1931

"Dan Colletti, Joe Petrailia and Chris Merkuri,
alleged members of the Carlino liquor gang, today were
convicted of conspiracy to commit arson... in connection with
the bombing March 16 of the North Denver resident of Pete Carlino.
The Helena Daily Independent - dateline Pueblo, CO, June 18
19 Jun 1931

"Pete Carlino.. was captured tonight by a group of ten peace
officers who stuck machine guns and shot guns in his face."
The Spokesman Review - dateline Pueblo, CO, Sep 13
14 Sep 1931

"A body identified by Puelbo police as that of Pete Carlino,
one-time leader of southern Colorado liquor gangs, was found dead
on a road today 22 miles southwest of Pueblo."
Los Angeles Times - dateline San Diego, CA, Feb 27
28 Feb 1932

From the Colorado History Project:

Reno Evening Gazette - dateline San Diego, CA.
11 Feb 1977

The murder that "Frank the Bomp" Bompensiero was charged with occurred in
Los Angeles in 1938. Victor, who was the son of Sam Carlino, and who lived
in San Bernardino  (1930 Census - not far from LA) would have been about
24y in 1938. Might have been him. I've not been able to find anymore information
about the murder or the murder charge.

Bompensiero had turned FBI informant.

A trial was held in LA in 1980, where on Nov 14th, five men were convicted
on charges related to the murder but not of the murder itself..

Fact Summary

Fact Sam Carlino Josephine Piscopo Pete Carlino Jennie Riggio
Age from 1930 census (7 Apr 1930) 37y 33y 42y 36y
Approx birth based on 1930 census 1893 - Italy 1897 - Colorado 1888 - Italy 1894 - Louisiana
1st child born based on 1930 census 1917 - Colorado 1915 - Colorado
Age at first marriage from 1930 census 23y 19y 26y 19y
Year of marriage from 1930 census 1916 1916 1914 1913
Year of immigration from 1930 census ? -- 1901 --
Died 7 May 1931
6 May 1972 (SSDI) 10 Sep 1931
early 1930's (Obit of Son)
Actual Birth ? 16 Apr 1896 (CA Death Index)
4 Apr 1895 (SSDI)
? ?
Birth from WWI Draft Registration 19 Oct 1892 ? ? ?
Hometown from WWI Draft Reg Lucca Sicula, Agrigento ? ? ?
Age from 1920 census (3 Feb 1920) 26y 23y 32y 26y
Approx birth based on 1920 census 1894 - Italy 1897 - Colorado 1888 - Italy 1894 - Louisiana
Year of immigration from 1920 census 1900 -- 1900 --
1st child born based on SSDI and
CA Death Index
26 Jan 1917 24 Jun 1914

Here are some emails from other Italian researchers:

From from Cathy Youngblood   <> :

15 Sep 2005

Hi Mark and Wilberta,

    What a lot of information you have found out about Pete and Sam!! Thanks Marco! Included at the bottom of this e-mail is correspondence I had recently with Pete's grandson, Patrick Carlino. Patrick is the son of Peter A. Carlino (I have figured this out from the obits, etc. that you put up on the page) who was about 3 when his father was murdered. Patrick has an interesting theory about his grandfather's demise as you will read.

     When Wilberta and I started all this back in the mid-90's (yes, it was shortly after I quit working full time and had my bookkeeping business at home that we "met" - I started the business in January of 1996), I read everything I could get my hands on about the history of some of the places. Unfortunately, too many books, not enough time! One of the books I devoured was a history of old homes and architecture in Denver. Pete Carlino's house was one of the homes mentioned. It was in a prominent part of North Denver - there are tons of Victorians there. Back in the day, Federal Boulevard was a tree lined parkway - i.e. trees lined both sides of the street as well as the center median. I don't think the street was paved then but I could be wrong. By the time I remember, Federal Blvd. was becoming more commercial but there are still some cool old homes along that street near where Pete's house would have stood. Many of them fell into disrepair during the 60's, 70's and 80's. But by the 90's, people had started fixing up the homes and the neighborhoods. Anyway...I believe (from memory - no notes - always thought I'd be able to get back to that library when I needed to) that it was Pete's home that was bombed. This would have been the house that they were living in when the census was taken in 1930 and where they had the maid (remember Prospero Frazzini. also had live-in help from the Old Country - so not really unusual). The home is no longer standing. I really wish I could still "pop" into the library and take a look at the book again - I can picture it on the shelf. But, I can't remember the author or the actual name of the book to get someone to do a lookup or something. Check out the Highland and Sloan Lake neighborhoods at

    Denver history always interested me. One of my Dad's good friends was/is a history professor at Regis College (University now), and Dennis would take us around the city and tell us all kinds of stories. This man is Irish though and so there were some things he didn't know - like the KKK stuff and the Mob stuff. But I have a feeling that much of it was common knowledge, because I know it and I always did. Dennis is a good buddy of Tom Noel, who is the ultimate Denver historian - he may teach at Regis as well but not sure. See Gosh - there are some here that I would love to read.

    All of these are stories I have heard so I can't attest to their truth (and please don't publish them to your website - I just want us to kinda understand the atmosphere) but...During the time of the Carlino brothers - the KKK had quite a presence in Denver. At the time that Pete and Sam were murdered, Ben Stapleton was mayor of Denver and I have heard that he was in the pocket of the Klan. Some of the top cops were too and they would look the other way. There weren't many black folks or many Jews in Denver back then so the KKK set their sights on the recent immigrant groups, Italians, Polish Catholics, Irish, etc. Ben Stapleton was also Mayor when Prospero Frazzini was arrested and sent to prison - I have wondered if Prospero wasn't "railroaded".

    Quite a few of the Italians were bootleggers during those prohibition times. My own Gramps and his brothers and his father worked around the liquor laws of the time. I don't know what the "Carleno's" did (their spelling of the name changed about this time) during the dry times but I would be pretty sure that Uncle John Carleno and Uncle Ben Carleno managed to keep some hooch around, probably Grampa Tony too but I don't remember him drinking (I was 11 when he died). (Could the John/Johnny Carlino who was in the CO State Pen in the 1930's be my Uncle John - no word that he actually did time but I may have to figure out where he was then - more on him later?). There was another family of Madonna's in the town of Louisville (near Boulder) who got caught "rum running" and one of their number went to prison, or so I heard. That family was from Como though - not Abruzzo. Anyway, every year during prohibition, "Old Man" Mondavi would load up a boxcar with his Napa Valley grapes and bring the grapes around throughout the Western United States. He sold grapes to my g-grandfather, Rocco Madonna in the early 1920's and he was asked to be Godfather to Rocco's youngest son, Wilbur. My Madonna Gramps and his Dad and brothers did make wine from Papa Mondavi's grapes but it's still a secret that they did <grin>. Although our family didn't continue a "relationship" with the Mondavi family - their wine is still a staple in our home <big grin>.

    I learned about the Denver Mafia guys and their hangouts from a couple of the neighborhood boys whose fathers were cops. There were no Denver mobsters who had surnames that may have originated in SPA that I know of - other than the Carlino brothers, Pete & Sam, who probably didn't come from SPA. Mark, your research mentioned Spinuzzi. I remember that name but our folks didn't mix with those types. After he was boss, the Smaldone brothers played a part (this is documentable) and I also heard that the LaRocca's were involved in the Mob, but not sure of that - could be that they were just into illegal booze during Prohibition and that reputation stuck. All of those families were Sicilian. Supposedly, the Smaldone's had an "office" above a pharmacy on 38th and Federal Blvd. - not far from where Pete had lived. And The Hilltop Lounge had a back room where there were "meetings". I can't imagine that there was room in this small bar for a back room but rumors abound! The Hilltop was by my Gram & Gramp's house from the 1950's until last time I went by there which was when we went back for Frank's graduation from Regis University in May of '01.

    Ok, so I can write a book about my memories of North Denver but I certainly can't document a lot of them and I was pretty young through much of the time. I have to say that Denver was a much more colorful city to live in than Phoenix is. There are no ethnic neighborhoods here in Phoenix and no old homes, no special architecture (like a Denver Square) but I do have a pool out in the back yard that is calling my name and it's 15 Sept. so I better get going because the pool temp. is going to get cool enough that my thin AZ blood won't be able to tolerate it (about 82 deg.)

Guys, I really got to go...TTYL

-----Original Message-----
From: Cathy Youngblood
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 5:52 PM
To: 'Patrick Carlino'
Subject: RE: Peter Carlino

Hi Patrick,

I apologize for taking so long to respond. I found out about your Grandfather, about 7 years ago when I was reading about the history of Pueblo County, CO - then, I also read about him in a book about old homes in North Denver - I was born in North Denver and lived there until I went away to college.

I was interested because the surname is common to my great-grandparents, who also lived in North Denver from about 1930 until 1972.  I have no idea if you and I are related or not but I do know that if we are, it was way, way back in the Old Country.

Your theory about Peter setting up his own death is interesting. I know that the early Italians were not treated well. The KKK was very active in Colorado and I have even heard that governors and mayors, although, not probably not members of that society, looked the other way when Italians and other minorities got themselves into "trouble". Peter would have been smart to figure out a "way out". My own great-grandfather and his sons changed their surname from Carlino to Carleno, thinking that the latter sounded more American (or at least that's how the family story went).

Unfortunately, the family stories, legends and lots of "what-ifs" are about all we have to go on in many cases. Maybe we'll find out more and discover we have common ancestors back in the Old Country.

Hope to hear from you again. Ciao,
Cathy (Madonna) Youngblood

-----Original Message-----
From: Patrick Carlino
Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2005 5:08 PM
To: Cathy Youngblood
Subject: Peter Carlino

Hi, Cathy, My name is Patrick Carlino. I was looking through the web with my oldest daughter and found what you had wrote about my Grandfather Peter Carlino.

My father was his youngest son also named Peter Carlino. I could be wrong but I always thought that my Grandfather might have set up his own death and he might have went back to the old country. the only way they were able to identify him was through his ring. also he knew he was a marked man as his brother Sam was already killed. I always thought it would be crazy to go back and move a body after he was killed. Kinda risky! If you might be related to us let me know!

Thanks, Patrick Carlino

Here are some emails that received from descendents of Sam and Pete.

From Karen Carlino  (email address not working anymore):

Date:            Sat, 27 Aug 2005 23:56:50 -0700 (PDT)
From:            karen carlino <>
Subject:         im a carlino

hi mark,
my name is karen carlino. i live in california and my family is from colorado, pueblo to be exact, im just looking for information to see if maybe we are related,or you know of someone im related to or any information actually, alot of my family history is unknown to me, may be you can help me, my great grandfather was killed in september 1931 in pueblo. his name, peter anthony not to good at looking up stuff on the computer, i just cant figure it out(hahaha) i got as far as, a article i found on american, which gave me sum info, but maybe you can give me more, im just courious on where i come from, i love my family,and want to know about them,wether it be good or bad. so if you coud give me sum direction on where to go or what to do it would be appreciated. thank you so much, hope to hear from you soon

karen pauline carlino
Thanks so much for your email.

The group of people that I work with doing genealogy research are aware of your great-grandfather and his brother but we have not had much luck finding out more about them.

Maybe with some clues from you, we can find more.

Genealogy is always a search for truth. I can tell you that everyone of us values truth - even if its uncomfortable. You may have read about Prospero Frazzini on my web site. He was the founder of the Italian American Bank in Denver. Because of some deals he made he ended up in jail where he died.  He is part of our heritage and his descendents are trying to piece together his history.

What do you know about Pete Carlino and his brother, Sam? Do you know when they were born or what town in Italy they came from? Do you know anything about other siblings? Or about other descendents? Any information you have might be important.

May I send your email to a couple of other people who were interested in his history?

hi mark
Thank you for your response, I forwarded it to my dad, he has some info that may help. I have a lot of newspaper articles that I will scan and send to you those will help, I'll be in touch soon thank you so much, my dad knows more than I do so I hope he can help.
Thank you again

From Paulette (Carlino) Codipilly  (email address not working anymore):

Dec 2, 2005, Paulette (Carlino) Codipilly left this post in my guestbook:

Found your site by accident. But saw my dad's family's names all listed (including my own!) He was Peter Carlino II. His dad was murdered in Pueblo, CO. LOTS of interesting history in my dad's family, as you've already discovered! What's the relationship of your family to the Carlino's?
Dear Paulette,
  Thanks for your entry in my Frazzini/Carlini guestbook.
  I've been researching my mother's family from the town of San Pietro Avellana for a couple of years. Her mother's family was Carlini - but before about 1850 or so, it was commonly spelled Carlino.
  Last year another researcher told me the story of Pete and Sam Carlino. I wondered from the start if they were from my mother's hometown.
  So I've been collecting information and searching to try to find out something about them. I never found them on Ellis Island but I did find them in the census and then I found that one family ended up in the SF Bay area and the other here in southern CA. 
  Just about a month ago, I found the WWI Draft Registration for Sam Carlino which listed his place of birth as Lucca Sicula, Italy. So Pete and Sam were not from San Pietro Avellana and therefore, most probably, not related to those of us researching that town.
  Even though they were not related, their story is a piece of Colorado history. Many, many people from San Pietro Avellana ended up working the mines and railroads of Colorado. My grandfather lived for a time in that area as he was naturalized in Trinidad, CO, not far from Pueblo.
  One of us, Cathy Youngblood, recently got a email fom Patrick Carlino (your brother??), who I've copied on this email. If there is anything you or Patrick would care to share with the world about Sam and Pete, I would be happy to add it to the web page. I would really like a photograph of each to add if you think that is ok. Same with any stories you might know.

Dear Mark,
  Yes, I do have a brother named Patrick Carlino. There are six of us. My dad Pete, married Pauline, they had Peter, Patrick, Pamela, Paulette and Paul. Interesting about the Colorado connection though. Because my dad was born in Trinidad, Ca., but raised in Pueblo, Co.
    My dad (Peter Carlino) was only 2 yrs. when his dad died of (the family affectionately refers to it as "lead Poisoning!") and his mother was left with 6 sons to raise. My dad was the baby, but there were also my uncles Victor, Chuck (Charles), Sam, Steve (who later died from coral poisoning while diving at Pearl Harbor during the war.) and my dad Peter was the baby. Their mother Ginny (Giovanna) was told that it would be in her best interest and safety, if she took the boys and got out of town. So she left immediately, fearing for her kid's safety. That's when they came to San Jose. We also have Carlino relatives in San Diego. Now the interesting and complicating thing is, that in the Carlino family, they reused the same names in several generations. I've only dug a little into the family tree. Dad was always very guarded about it. But saw several generations of Pete, Sam, Vic, Chuck and Joe's! Anyways, after Ginny brought her brood to San Jose (her maiden name was Riggio) She died of Stomach cancer 5 yrs later. So There were 6 orphaned boys who vowed to stay together. Different relatives offered to take one or two, but they didn't want to be split up. And this was during the depression, so times were very hard. The eldest two boys at 16 and 17 got jobs, one cooked, and taught the little ones prayers, and they got into plenty of mischief! Both my dad and Uncle Chuck were amateur boxers. In the 1950's the 5 remaining brothers opened up Time Market and Delicatessen. My dad and uncles were not Mafia, like their father and uncles. They stayed in the food business. But last year, I found out that about once every couple of yrs, someone would come out from Colorado and pay a visit to their market, just to keep an eye on them and make sure they weren't getting into the mob business.
    When my dad's family was in Pueblo, Co, they had a small market, I think. And also made Olive oil, as they did back in Lucca Sicula, Italy. I've seen pictures of the olive press. But I think that it was all kind of a front for their bootlegging business.
    There's so much to tell, and some of my details are sketchy. I'm not sure if they are the same Carlino's you're related to or not. The fact that your relatives also came from Lucca Sicula, and also there's the Colorado (Trinidad) connection, makes me think that maybe they are related. But I've never heard anything about the "Carlini" name being used. Also, one last tidbit. Pietro Carlino (dad's dad) didn't come through Ellis Island, he came through Lousianna.
    Well, it's all very interesting anyway! I may pass on your website to my cousin who has done more geneology searches on the family. Maybe she'll know more.
    Thanks for taking the time to write. And congratulations on your marriage!
                                                God Bless,
                                                   Paulette (Carlino) Codipilly
P.S. One last thought popped in my mind. Is it possible that the Carlini spelling could've been a typo or misspelling?? Did you only see it once, or several times?

From Pauline Carlino <>  (email address not working anymore):

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 13:53:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Pauline Carlino

Hello Mark,
My name is Pauline, the widow of Peter Carlino II. I am learing to use the computer and found your website. From everything I have seen so far it looks very accurate. I notice you have email from some of my children. If you ever want to contact me feel free to send me an email. Thank you for all your hard work.
Sincerely Pauline Carlino
Dear Pauline,

Thanks for your email.

I found the story of Pete and Sam Carlino really interesting. When I first starting reading about them, I thought they might be from my mother's hometown of San Pietro Avellana. My mother's mother was a Carlini.

Well, after some research, I found that they were not from that town.

I still kept the information up on my web site. I'm real sensitive about the page because of the subject of the Italian organized crime. As an Italian, though, I look at it much more from the history perspective.

I did receive one email from a descendent of Pete Carlino who asked me to remove any mention of him from the page. I did that.

So I make the same offer to you. If you see anything on the page that you think should be deleted or added or clarified, please let me know and I will be happy to take care of it.

If you have any more you would like to share, I will add that as well.


From Kim Carlino   <> :

From:            kimberly carlino <>
Subject:         Carlino
Date:            Tue, 11 Dec 2007 22:19:09 -0800

Hi Mark-
My husband, Sam Carlino jr. and his father Sam Carlino, were looking through the net to day and found a lot of interesting information that they really didn't know.  In fact, my father-in-law had a lot of questions about things that had happened in his family when he was a child but never really had answers until today.  Thanks for all of the info.
Kim Carlino
San Diego, CA
Dear Kim,

Thanks for your email.

Learning about Pete and Sam Carlino was very intesting for me. I was sorry that they weren't from my mother's home town.

We don't think about the Klu Klux Klan and their attacks on Italians but that was a big part of their actions in Colorado a hundred years ago. One of my distant cousins, Prospero Frazzini, was jailed in the 1920's on embezzlement charges that some people think were trumped up by KKK leaning government officials.

I hope that I've been able to show a little bit of how things were back then.

If you would like scans of the documents that I found about your family let me know and I'll email them to you.


From Sam Carlino  -- :

Sam Carlino
Family from Agrigento, Sicily
Jan 2008

I was recently speaking to my cousin Sammy. We were interested in finding out more about our rarely spoken about past. He mentioned he typed in our name on google and found what appears to be our relatives. I thoroughly have enjoyed reading the information, and hope to find out more in the future

Thanks for your entry in my Frazzini guest book.

I'm glad you enjoyed my web page on Sam and Pete Carlino. I have many ancestors with that name and when we first heard about Sam and Pete, we thought they might be related.

After doing more research, we realized that they were not but their story tells a lot about the lives of Italian Immigrants in  the early 1900's.

I hope that you can find out more about the past that is "rarely spoken" of. No matter what, it happened and its important to know about it.


email from Janine Porrazzo  

Date:    Sun, 27 Feb 2011 02:46:36 -0800 (PST)
From:    Janine Porrazzo <>
Subject:    Pete and Sam Carlino

Hi Mark-
Stumbled on your site. I was very intrigued to read all about the Carlino's.  I worked for Joe Carlino at Time Deli back in the 80's .  I think I left in 82.  I was just a kid then (17- 18), but remember so much about the deli- Joe and his gun kept tucked near his seat that he made sure was always facing the front door.  I knew he had a nervousness about who came in, but wasn't sure what it was all about until I read your site.  My family is Italian, too, and followed a very similar path to the Carlino's, Lanardi's, Cosentino's, Zanotto's,etc.   Started with Vegetable stands and grocery stores, and evolved into much bigger.  My family had mafia connections in SF.....came in through Elis Island- From Luccia Sicula and Palermo. 
My grandparents used to come in and swap war stories with Joe about the old days- Bootleggin' and hussling.  Like Sam and Pete, murder was a common thing back in the day. 

What I remember the most was the all out war Joe had going on with Pete and Sam (his brothers, not uncles).  I remember because the same nonsense went on in my family.  5 Brothers at war.........
Anyway- I noticed Paulette Codipilly responded to your site. I think she's married  to the brother of a guy that I used to work with, Brendon Codipilly, who I believe went on to buy Time Deli after Joe retired (passed away??).   Anyway- Just saw your site and was intrigued.  Thought I'd write a quick just brought back memories of a long time ago. 
Thanks for posting this interesting information.

Thanks for your email.

It was really interesting learning about the Carlinos. I've been doing genealogy for about 10 years and I've only bumped into the Mafia a few times.

I grew up near Pittsburgh in the 1950's but I don't remember ever noticing any Mafia connections. But I was just a kid.

I'm glad that I was able to help you connect with the history of the Carlinos.


Guestbook posting from JoAnn Carlino --

April 18th 2011

I am a Carlino I just read about Pete and Sam Carlino I know I am related to them It was a real surprise to me to know that about my family.

Thanks for your entry in my Guestbook.

I'm glad you were able to learn more about your family. If there are any questions let me know.


emails from Betty Riggio Alaniz

From:    "Vicky Grant" <>
Subject:    Daniel Carusso Riggio
Date:    Mon, 9 Apr 2012 11:53:08 -0700

Dear Mark,

I am a friend of Betty Riggio Alaniz. She is helping me write this email to you right now.  Her Father was Daniel C. Riggio. He is related to all the people on your Website. His Father (Giuseppe Riggio) who used the alias name of Riggio because he was escaping from Italy and the Mob there and came here through Louisianna with his brother who took the alias name of Danna or Dana, she is not sure, and she also only called him "Uncle" so is not sure of his first name. They separated when they got to California and Giuseppe settled in San Jose, CA and Uncle settled in Oakland and San Francisco area. 

When she was a child she was told the following story by her father, Daniel, her mother, her grandmother, her aunt Katherine Mulay from Pueblo, Co.;

A man who wanted to get her Father (who was a Professional fighter who went by the name of Sailor Danny Burns or Kid Burns)  into a gang in Walsenburg, Co.  He slid a gun across the table to her Father. They wanted him to make a hit on someone and become one of the gang.  He refused - he did not want any part of being in a gang or Mafia. Her Father slid the gun back across the table, turned the table up on it's side and got out of there. He went home, packed and left Walsenburg, CO. She doesn't know where he went from there but he was not a criminal. He married her mother in Flagstaff, AZ. 

Betty has lots of stories and would like to share them with you. I will be the go between, you can ask questions if you like and Betty will answer them. There is only her brother Joseph Burton Riggio son of Daniel C. Riggio aged 89 living in Discovery Bay, CA, her cousin Eleanor who is 100 years old and living in San Jose, CA. and that besides herself aged 83 is the last of the Riggio's except for two first cousins. One was the daughter of the youngest son, Joseph Riggio, her name is Vivian who is still alive and 71, and lives in San Jose, CA and then there is the daughter Rose Riggio Carnova, daughter of Giuseppe, who lived and died in San Jose, CA. Her daughter still living is Karen Burnett and Betty believes she lives in Washington State now.

Lots of things happened in San Jose, and Betty may have links that can help you do the Genealogy. 

Vicky Grant - Betty's friend

Thanks for your email and the forwaded information from Bitty.

I'm not familiar with the family name Riggio. Can you help me understand where Betty found that name on my web pages?

My web pages cover people from my mother's hometown of San Pietro Avellana and my father's hometown of Sant'Eufemia a Maiella.


Hi Mark,

I have not had a chance to review this completely with Betty. However, I believe she is related to you all. When her people came from Italy they changed their names and separated to avoid the Sicilian mob. They were fleeing. But I believe she is directly related to Pete and Sam. We will get more precise information for you when Betty can come over here and dictate for me so I don't make an error.

I don't want to mispeak for Betty so better to wait for her to get exact information. it is all pretty complicated for me a non relative!

Vicky Grant, Betty's friend

Ahhh, Pete & Sam Carlino!  I know how complicated this can get. Here is the story from my end.

My parents were both born in Italy. My mother was from the town of San Pietro Avellana which is near Rome, up in the mountains. In her hometown, Carlino was a pretty common name. Many Carlino (later Carlini) moved from that town to Denver, CO. My grandmother was a Carlino.

I spent years researching the people from San Pietro who moved to Colorado. Since Carlino was a very familar name, I always looked into any Carlno that I found.

When I found Pete and Sam Carlino and learned about their time in Denver, I thought they might have been from my mother's hometown. After much research, I realized that they were not and were, in fact, from Lucca Sicula, Agrigento, Italy (in Sicily Region).

I was somewhat saddened that such an interesting family was not related to me. So the people mentioned on my Pete and Sam Carlino page may indeed be related to Betty.

As a genealogist, I believe that we have to document both the good and bad parts of the past. I would be very interested to learn what Betty would like to share.

Over the years, several actual descendents of Pete and Sam have contacted me. I would like to attempt to connect you with them. I'm sure that they would have a lot of interest in learning from Betty.

Hi Mark,

This is Vicky and Betty is here and I am typing what she is saying.

Any questions you would like to ask her she would be happy to answer for you or whoever wants to know. She says she is older so knows more than the younger ones looking into this. She is very interested in looking into the Riggio line. You wanted to know where the Riggio came from and you will find that Pete Carlino married Jenny Riggio and they had 6 sons and that is Betty's aunt and when uncle Pete was killed, Jenny and her 6 kids came to San Jose, California and lived next door to her Grandparents who were the Riggio's. The Riggio's like the Carlino's came into the USA through Louisianna and settled in CO. Betty's dad, Daniel Riggio was born in Louisianna. She thinks all of his father's 10 children were born in Louisianna and uncle Mike was the only one born in Italy so aunt Katherine was the first born in Pueblo, CO. She married Carlo Mulay. Betty doesn't know how many kids they had but Katherine stayed in Pueblo until she died. She had a few kids. Betty visited her there in Pueblo when she was a kid.

Please send any questions you have to my email and we will answer you or anyone related who has.

Best, Vicky
Vicky and Betty,

Thank you for the informative email. Give me a few days to try to contact the other descendants of Pete and Sam. I will try to get a good converstion going.


emails from a possible great-grandson of Sam Danna

Sam Danna's brothers were alleged to have been killed by Pete Carlino and Carlo Mulay around 1926 (see articles above). Pete was aquitted.

Date:    Thu, 10 Apr 2014 17:07:09 -0700 (PDT)
From:    Tj Anselmo <>
Subject:    Carlino-michelli


I came across your page while researching some of my family history which has proven to be very difficult. My great grandfather Salvatore Miceli or known as Sam Miceli, Sam Michelli or Mitchell with the nickname "black goats" was shot down in Pueblo in 1930 and in looking at all the newspaper clippings about him, Pete and Sam Carlino and Soldano's kept popping up. Authorities could never pin point Salvatore's origin though I know he was from Lucca Sicula originally. After he was killed the Mafia actually bought his widow and children a home on "goat hill" on 2nd St. in Pueblo that is still in my family. The newspapers referred to him as one of the most notorious and secluded of the bootleggers. The name Sam Danna came up and I thought it was another alias for my great grandfather but have not been able to prove. I know there is some connection here lol.

In your research, did the name Salvatore Miceli, Michelli, Mitchell or even Sam come up? His widow was Josephine (I believe maiden name was Musso)

Thank you

Tino (TJ) Anselmo

I assume that you saw my page on Pete and Sam Carlino. You probably noticed that they were from Lucca Sicula also.

I've not come across the Miceli name (or Americanized versions).

A quick search on turned up Sam and Josephine Mitchell in Salt Lake City in 1920 and in Pueblo in 1930, probably right before he was killed. Then Josephine was in the 1940 census, widowed, with four sons and it is noted that she owns her home as you mentioned.

Nothing shows up on Ellis Island.

I suggest that you join the Pueblo genealogy mailing list and post a question there. Look here:

Good luck,
Thank you Mark!
That is definitely them listed in 1920 as my great uncles, William and Louie, were born in Utah. The really interesting aspect behind Salvatore Miceli is in one of the newspaper articles they referred to him not as Salvatore but rather Sam Danna who ironically was very closely connected with the Carlino brothers. I've heard stories about Denver FBI looking for Louie here in Pueblo but from what I know he disappeared in the 70's. The police mentioned how shrouded in mystery Salvatore was and how not much was known. In their words "Police have long looked upon Black Goats Michelli as one of the most forboding spectres of the Pueblo underworld moving like a shrouded phantom in all of his dealings.  I guess my great grandfather wanted things kept secret and while my grandfather Nino Miceli was alive he never would speak of anything.

I don't know if you have heard of "Goat Hill" here in Pueblo? This is an old Italian neighborhood where
they mostly ended up. The name "Goats" for my great grandfather was a mystery to the authorities yet I cannot help but wonder, was he indeed Sam Danna as they mentioned and was goat hill named after him....

It has been very fun looking
into this family history and soon I hope to visit with my cousin Nick Runco (87 yrs old) as he informed me that the old timers from Goat Hill still get together once a month to chat.

Thank your help!   Tino

 email from Chuck Danna:

From:    "Charles Danna"  <>
Subject:    Carlino's
Date:    Thu, 19 Feb 2015 11:02:08 -0700

Mark, it has always amazed me that the Carlinos and Dannas were from the same town in Sicily. I also think the Smaldones were from that town also. When I was young my father would always stop at their restaurant and have lunch.  Salvatore Danna, the youngest brother, was my grandfather.

Charles Danna

Thanks for your email about the Carlino's and Danna's.

I find the whole story about them very interesting. For many, it wasn't to be talked about. But we are all products of our times. These men were the same.

I've been contacted by many descendants of Pete and Sam Carlino who thanked me for giving them some information about their ancestors.

I assume you saw the email on the web page from Tino Anselmo. He and I never did figure out if Sam Miceli and Sam Danna were the same person.

May I use your email on the web page?

Mark, you can use my post.

As far as I know my grandfather Salvatore never used another name. He was the youngest of four brothers and the last to be killed. The Anselmos I believe were from Alia in Sicily.

Chuck Danna

Email from Michael O'Haire

From:    "Michael O'Haire" <>
Subject:    Colorado Blackhand History
Date:    Sat, 24 Oct 2015 09:13:16 -0400

I found your site regarding Sam and Pete Carlino while doing research on my family history, and a possible book.  My ancestors were the Lopresti family.  They started coming here in the late 1890's, and ended up in Aguilar, Walsenburg, and Pryor, Colorado.  The family had a Hotel and Saloon in Aguilar, "Antonio Lopresti Hotel and Saloon".  My grandfather Giuseppe "Joe" Lopresto lived in Pryor till about 8 yeas old with his father Mariano Lopresti.  Needless to say, the entire family fled to NY, CT, MO to escape the blackhand / coal mining / strikes / etc, just before 1920, like many others.

In my research, I came across 100+ pages of early FBI files, circa 1918-1919. They tell the story of the early blackhand.  Included are the Lopresti family and Viola/Scaglia/Riggio/Pistone/Mulay/Danna. The Danna members mentioned are "Paulo and Gaetano Danna", not sure if related to Sam and Pete.  Paulo left Colorado in 1920 to NYC with Josephine Pistone, Dominick Pistone's wife.

The Danna part is a mystery to me.

I would love to hear your comments.  Please get back to me if you are interested.

Michael O'Haire

My Family Tree:

1. Mariano Lopresto & Giaochino Giordano (Great Grandparents.  Mariano lived in Pryor and was Antonio's brother.  4 other Lopresti families lived in Pryor, Walsenburg, or Aguilar.)
               2. Giuseppe "Joseph" Lopresto & Josephone Balon (My grandfather, he died in 2009, and was very close to me.  He lived in Pryor when he was between the ages of 3 and 8.)
                                3. Evelyn Lopresto & Daniel Sumberg (My mother and father.  My dad died in 1965, My step father is Hugh O'Haire)
                                                4. Michael O'Haire & Michele Salemi  (Me and my wife)

Thanks for your email and the information.

The Danna's are also a mystery to me. I can't say that I spent much time researching them, though. Same goes for the Mulay family. Both families had some connection to the Carlinos.

Several people who have contacted me have implied that Danna was just an alias. But I don't know. If you can make some connection to Carlino, the readers of my web page would probably be interested.

Thanks for the reply,  I have put over 9 months into my research.  I am now building family trees for my family, as well as Danna/Carlino/Riggio/etc. For my family, I found 2 additional Lopresti families living in Pryor, Colorado.  Anyway, when I have the family trees completed, I will share them with you and others.  (For instance Charles Mulay married Katherine Riggio. Pete Carlino of course also married a Riggio, namely Jennie Riggio).

Also, I have enclosed a copy of the FBI files 1918-1919 which has been transcribed by me.  Other less important documents are in process, and I can forward when I get to them.

Thanks again, and look forward to your comments.
Mike O'Haire

That is really quite a document!

Would it be ok to devote a small section of my Carlino web page to host your emails and that Blackhand document? Having that on-line might attract other relatives. What do you think?

Also, there is a pretty active Pueblo County Genealogy mailing list. Do you know of them? The people on that list might be interested in what you have found.

Also this pages lists some sources for counties around Pueblo:


It would be great to post it as you suggested.  I also have other documents I am still working on, as well as several I just found 2 days ago...  At this point, they are not as interesting, but they seem to offer more info on relationships between people...

I do not have an ancestry account at this time.  Budget problems...  Anyway, I hope to have family trees for all families mentioned in the next month or so...  You might want them as well..

Michael O'Haire
December 14, 1918
November 21, 1919
Casefile: 23623
Transcribed by: Michael O'Haire

Update from FamilySearch

Maria Carlino sent me this information about the search for the brothers

Michael O'Haire on familysearch solved the mistery about Sam and Pete Carlino, Denver crime family. I don't want to steal his job. Pete is GM4T-6H7 Sam is GMHQ-PHP. Ancestors from Lucca Siccula and Caltabellotta.

Colorado’s Carlino Brothers: A Bootlegging Empire




Sam Carlino, the grandson of Pete Carlino, wrote a book about his grandfather and his granduncle, Sam.

Sam's web page at  describes the book and how to order a copy.

A description from that web page: 

"Pete and Sam Carlino controlled the flow of alcohol from Southern Colorado to Denver from 1922 to 1931 during prohibition. Their liquor empire did not come without a cost. The Carlino brother’s would battle their own kin in the Danna family to secure Southern Colorado’s bootleg liquor territory. Dozens would perish on their rise to power. Mafia boss Nicola Gentile would be called upon to settle a dispute involving the Carlino Brother’s associates."

"Author Sam Carlino is Pete Carlino’s grandson and gives new insight and information in his investigation into this well chronicled story. Newly uncovered confirmation that Pete Carlino met with Salvatore Maranzano in New York and that the death of both men on September 10, 1931 may not have been a coincidence. Intimate photos and brand-new revelations are revealed about the Carlino brothers and their associates during their ten year rise to power and their gruesome bloody demise."

About the author:

Sam Carlino is the grandson of Pete Carlino. Born and raised in Campbell, California, Sam has been working since the age of twelve. His father, Sam Sr., instilled in him a hard work ethic, love of family and country and the importance of following through on every task at hand. Sam has been a journeyman butcher, restaurant owner, realtor, TV food show producer, director and host, avid outdoorsman and amateur Mafia historian. Married for more than twenty-five years, Sam lives in San Jose, California, with his wife and two teenage daughters.










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