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Colaianni - Unknown

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These photos (all except one) are from Shirley Sinclaire. She believes they are all Colaianni's. She does not know who they are or if they are related to her. You can contact Shirley at . You will notice that over the years, we have identifed some of the people. I'm going to have these photos on this site until Shirley gets her web site up and running. She and I have many common surnames in our ancestry but we are not related yet.

She is researching:
Grandfather, San Pietro Avellana, Isernia, Molise, Italy: 
Colaianni/Colianni, DiGiacomo, Rotoli, Musillo, Morelli, DiSanza, Ricci, Nicola.
Some other names on certificates received not verified yet - Carlini, Frazzino, Frazzini, DiLorenzo, Labate, DiCianno, DiTullo, DiTella, Petrano, Mastroianni, Donatone, Salvatore, DiLudovico, Tonti.

Grandmother, Caltabellotta, Agrigento, Sicily: Truncali, Soldano, Tornambe, Grisafi, Guarino, Traficante, Ricci, Castrogiovanni, Piazza, Romagnolo,  Trapani, Farina, Colletti, Amato, Leo, Mule', Toma, Carlino, Colorosa, Vetrano.

Cousins: Rusciano, Donatelli, Graziano

#1 Postcard to Lucia Carlini, Denver, CO
From Onelia Carlini
28 Nov 1938
Note the upper right insert - Giuseppe Colaianni's Children's Nursery
#2 Lucia Colaianni
Clipping dated 16 Oct 1997
Denver, CO
#3 Undated
Domenic Peter Colianni Funeral Notice
Minneapolis, MN

#4 The Colaianni family in San Pietro Avellana, Isernia, Molise, Italy.  They are
in order: Pietro Berardino Colaianni, Domenic Antonio Colaianni,
Maria Domenica Colaianni and Sabatino Serafino Colaianni.
(Shirley believes this was taken sometime
before 1911 when Pietro emigrated.)

#5 Ercole Amedeo Colaianni
1943 Chicago
This photo is from Mark DiVecchio. The woman, second from left, is Benilda "Betty" Frazzini, his mother.  She was on her way to visit her Uncles Felice and Armando Carlini in Ely, NV. She was travelling with a compare from San Pietro Avellana, Ercole A. Colaianni (1898-1993) - on the right in this photo.  My mother remembered that Ercole had an uncle and nephew in Ely.

From a 1947 copy of the Beaver Falls Pennsylvania Resident Directory published by the Mullin-Kille Company, I found that Ercole "Coloanni" lived at 1015 10th St., Beaver Falls, PA with his wife Martha M. (Marfissa Ricci) and their 3 children. He worked as a warehouseman for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

He may have been the godfather to Paul Frazzini, Betty's brother. Betty's great-grandmother was Luisa Colaianni. I found Ercole's birth registration - 23 Nov 1898, father Daniele and mother Filomena diCianno (LDS Film 1448626 #67). Ercole died on 11 Mar 1993.

Don't know who the other two women are.

I got this email on 7 Mar 2004:
From : Regina Sariochek (Colaianni) <>
> My father, Ercole Colaianni, is pictured in Chicago as a "compare" to Benilda Frazzini on her way to Ely, Nevada. I received this website information from Ronald Ricci who was the brother of Martha Colaianni, Ercole's spouse.

A second email:
> Mark -- I remember your mother very well.  The woman pictured with my father in Chicago is my cousin Florence Settefratti, who is now deceased. Thank you very much for responding, I do still live in Beaver Falls.
> Thank you again, Regina

In May of 2006, Rayna Colaianni Valentine and I put together some pieces of the puzzle to realize that Ercole had at least one brother in Chicago, Fiorillo. This may be who they visted there and some of the people in the photo may be children of Fiorillo.

Information from Eva Colaianni Carney (, another daughter of Ercole, identified the woman next to Ercole as Florence Colaianni Settefrati, a daughter of Fiorillo "Frank" Colaianni.
#6 Pietro Berardino Colaianni and Giuseppa Truncali
1913 Oct 15
Wedding Photo
#7 Imprinted Hollyworrd Studio
826 Hennepin Ave
#8 Imprinted Capitol
5670 W. Madison St.
Chicago, Ill

#9 Imprinted Lowrey Studio

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