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Mountain View Cemetery, Rock Springs, WY

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This page started on 29 Jun 2010.

Mountain View Cemetery in Rock Springs, WY is a genealogist's dream. They have a complete directory with maps publicly available in a self-service kiosk. I looked up as many SPA surnames as I had time for. You can read about the famlies on the Rock Springs, WY web page.

Unless otherwise noted, all of these photos were taken by me in Jun of 2010.

I've learned that this cemetery is now called the Rock Springs Muncipal Cemetery. Its a merging of several cemeteries, one of which was the Mountain View Cemetery.

Here are the photos that took in Jun of 2010. When I took these, I didn't know much about any of these people.

Ermino Gatti and Concetta Frazzini
(Section Park 125_4_4)

Fred Gatti and Cecelia Korfanta
(Section Nelson 127_1_3)

Frazzini Family Plot

Oreste Frazzini
(Section Kendal A_28_3)

Stella Giacinta Mariani
(Section Kendal A_28_3)

Vincenzo Frazzini
(Section Kendal A_28_4)

Joseph Gatti and Josephine
Joseph was the son of Ermino Gatti and Concetta Frazzini
(Section Nelson 20_5_2)

William Gatti
son of Joseph Gatti
(Section Nelson 20_5_1)

John Gatti and Marie
Son of Ermino Gatti and Concetta Frazzini
(Section Odonne 92_2_3)

Primo Gatti and Elizabeth Griffiths
Primo was the son of Ermino Gatti and Concetta Frazzini
(Section Muir 422_22_3 and 422_22_2)

By 2014, I've learned a lot more about these people from SPA. You can read about them on the Rock Springs, WY web page.

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