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Archimede arriving at the Port of New York, 3 May 1883

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(Work on this page started on 20 Sep 2008 when I found a note that I had made about the arrival of Giocondo diLorenzo.)

The manifest for the 3 May arrival shows the Archimede sailed from Messina, Sicily and Palermo, Italy. 

I tried to find each of these people in the SPA birth records. I'm still looking. In the ship's manifest, most of these people were listed as from Campobasso. In general, the handwritting is difficult to read and the spelling of some given names is odd. The more I look at the manifest, the more apparent the names are. In the entire 11 pages of the manifest, there are about 100-200 people from Campobasso. These are people with surnames that I recognize as good SPA family names. It is interesting to see the low average age of these people.

  From the Ship's Manifest From the SPA Birth Records
Sheet Name Age Occupation Est Birth Year Name Date of Birth Father Mother Notes
1 Giancola, Vinasio 36 Laborer  1847 not found       He is not listed in the 1869 SPA Status Animarum.
1 Ricci, Domenico 35 Laborer 1848  Domenico Rosario Ricci 3 Oct 1847  Felice Antonia Colaizzi  Possible.
He is listed in the 1852 SPA Status Animarum and the 1869 SPA Status Animarum. He was married to Maria Giacinta Ricci. Brother of Marcellino Ricci who also arrived on this ship.
1 diSanza, Amico 47 Laborer 1836 Amico Fiorangelo diSanza 13 Jan 1835 padre ignato Rachela diSanza  
1 Iannacchione, Vino 16 Laborer 1867 Vincenzo Iannacchione 1867 Carmine Costantina diSanza Traveled with father-in-law Sabatino Acquafondata, see below.
Traveled with brother Incoronato, see below.
2 Mariani, Bellisario 12 Laborer 1871 Carmine Bellisario Mariani 1868 Giacomo Giuseppina Raffaela Cioffi In the manifest the name is written "Bellisario Mariani" rather than "Mariani Bellisario". Age of 12y would make birth year 1871.
Mentioned in 1898 arrival of wife Angela Maria Labate and mother Giuseppa Cioffi at Ellis Island.
2 Vacciano, Raffaele 31 Stone Cutter 1852 Raffaele Pasquale Vacciano 24 Aug 1852 Emiddio Maria Rosa Cioffi  
2 diLorenzo, Carmine 46 Laborer 1837 Carmelo Antonio diLorenzo 1836 Giacomo/Iacopo Giovanna Colajanni  
2 Iannacchione, Incoronato 22 Laborer 1861 Domenico Incoronato Iannacchione 27 Apr 1861 Carmine Costantina diSanza Traveled with brother Vincenzo, see above.
2 Colajanni, Cosimo 21 Farmer 1862 not found       He is not listed in the 1869 SPA Status Animarum.
2 Carlino, Vincenzo 23 Farmer 1860 Vincenzo Romito Carlino 2 Jul 1862 Ippolito Nicola Costanza Maria Carlino Probable. Traveled with brother Achille, see below.
1891 NY arrival on the Victoria, 30y, travelled with brother Achille. Listed on Castle Garden.
2 Tonti, Salvatore 31 Farmer 1852 Nicola Salvatore Tonti 10 Aug 1851 Vincenzo Mariangela Colajanni He is listed in the 1869 SPA Status Animarum.
2 diLudovico, Roberto 22 Farmer 1861 Norbeto Pasquale diLudovico 31 Jan 1861 Giuseppe Elisabetta diMartino The given name is not clear to me but this is the same person in any case.
He is listed in the 1869 SPA Status Animarum.
2 Quaranta, Giovanni 22 Laborer 1861 Giovanni Sabatino Quaranta 22 Jun 1860 Vito Marta Ciotoli Two Possibilities. This Giovanni IS NOT listed in the 1869 SPA Status Animarum.
  ----- ----- ----- ----- Giovanni Benedetta Quaranta 5 Apr 1861 Pietro Cesaria diSanza Two Possibilities. This Giovanni IS listed in the 1869 SPA Status Animarum.
2 Colarosa, Agostino 22 Laborer 1861 Antonio Agostino Colarosa 12 Jan 1858 Angelo Bambina Quaranta Possible
2 Iannacchione, Pasquale 16 Laborer 1867 Pasquale Antonio Iannacchione 1867 Marte Antonia diMartino Note from Shirley Sinclaire: per 1869 church census.  Possible Ellis Island - brothers Emanuele and Pasquale in April 14, 1901 went to brother Antonio in Boston, Massachusetts (Also listed in May 2, 1892, vessel Brittannia - Emmanule at EI - listed on this manifest is Carlino and Pasquale Calajanni age 47)
2 Colaizzi, Silvini 22 Farmer 1861 Silvino Colaizzi 19 Jun 1860 Emiddio Liberata Morelli 1910 census, Shafter, Elko, NV. Married Elonora Benilda Carlino in 1882.
2 Mariani, Amico 22 Farmer 1861 Amicantonio Mariani 28 May 1860 Emiddio Emiddia Morelli My 3C2R.
2 Mariani, Pietro 16 Farmer 1867 Pietro Orenzio Mariani 1866 Emiddio Emiddia Morelli My 3C2R.
2 Lalli, Domenico 22 Farmer 1861 not found       A branch of the Lalli family, originally from Castiglione Messer Marino lived in SPA for a time. One branch moved to Isernia.
2 Lalli, Cresenzo 26 Farmer 1857 not found       see note above.
2 Gatto, Domenico 28 Farmer 1855 Domenico Antonio Gatta 28 Oct 1855 padre ignato Anna Teresa Gatta  
2 diGiacomo, Pio 35 Stone Cutter 1848 Pio Maria diGiacomo 7 Apr 1848 Giorgio Bambina Colajanni 1869 SPA Status Animarum.
In my GEDCOM file as RIN 2863. Married Teresa Giuseppa Carlino in 1871.

Possible later arrival 1891 aboard the Letimbro.
2 deTella, Prospero 26 Laborer 1857 Prospero diTella 26 Jun 1957 Luigi Anna Antonia Gatti Info from Cris Swetye, Aug 2007: "Prospero and Bambina DiTella lived in Freedom, PA. until they moved to Ohio."
1928 Ohio Death Certificate, 70y 10m 17d
3 Giancola, Pasquale 35 Laborer 1848 Pasquale Giancola 14 Feb 1845 Carlo Concetta Morgano  
3 Giancola, Nicola 39 Laborer 1844 not found       He is not listed in the 1869 SPA Status Animarum.
3 Colaizzi, Luigi 16 Laborer 1867 Antonio Luigi Colaizzi 1867 Domenico Concetta Settefrati  
3 Achille, Gaetano 44 Laborer 1839 not found       He is not in the 1869 SPA Status Animarum.
6 DiCroce, Tommasino 30 Laborer 1853 not found       1869 SPA Status Animarum shows a Domenico diCroce born in 1853.
6 Morelli, Clemente 32 Laborer 1851 Clemente Andrea Morelli 15 Jul 1851 Giacomo Maddalena Carlino  
6 Carlino, Achille 27 Laborer 1856 Achille Giuseppe Carlino 16 Sep 1856 Ippolito Nicola Costanza Maria Carlino Traveled with probable brother, Vincenzo, see above.
1891 NY arrival on the Victoria, 34y, travelled with brother, Vincenzo Carlino and others. Listed on Castle Garden.
6 Mariani, Vincenzo 33 Laborer 1850 Vincenzo Mariani 1849 Domenico Angela Vacciano  
8 diLorenzo, Giocondo  25  Laborer  1858  Giocondo Silvestro diLorenzo
1 Jan 1857
Angela Labate
Married Sabina Carlino. Lived in Aurora, MN. Descendents in Dawson, NM.
First arrival was on the Ferdinand de Lesseps in 1882.
8 Acquafondata, Sabato 42 Laborer 1841 Sabatino Acquafondata 6 Aug 1842 Beniamino PAOLANTONIO Lucia Colaizzi Ellis Island 14 Sep 1905, 63y, going to son-in-law Vincenzo Iannacchione, Chicago, IL. Married Costanza Carlino.
Traveled with son-in-law Vincenzo Iannacchione, see above.
8 Gatto, Sabatino 27 Laborer 1855 not found       He is not listed in the 1869 SPA Status Animarum.
8 Carlino, Agostino 14 Laborer 1869 Agostino Carlino 5 Jul 1868 Giovanni Antonio Angela della Croce 1892 arrival on the Britannia.
1910 Census, Pittsburgh, PA as "August Carlins", 41y.
Married Palmira Frazzino and had 8 children.
Listed on Castle Garden.
More at:
8 Riccio, Marcellino 23 Laborer 1860 Marcellino Ricci 1 Jan 1860 Felice Antonia Colaizzi Returned to US 14 Apr 1897 and 5 Mar 1907. Lived in Stubenville, OH. May have lived in Pittsburgh. Brother of Domenico Rosario who also arrived on this ship. Son Sabatino was killed during WWI service.

About Archimede:

From Immigrant Ship Information :

The ARCHIMEDE, built by A Stephen & Sons, Glasgow; laid down for the Florio Line, but launched on 22 November 1881 for the successor firm of Navigazione Generale Italiana (NGI). 2,839 tons; 106,70 x 12,19 meters (350.1 x 40 feet; length x beam); clipper bow, 1 funnel, 3 masts; iron construction, screw propulsion, service speed 12 knots; accommodation for 20 1st-, 56 2nd-,and 550 3rd-class passengers. 7 February 1882, maiden voyage, Catania-Palermo-New York. 18 June 1887, last coyage, Palermo-Naples-New York. 7 February 1888, first voyage, Naples-Cadiz-Montevideo-Buenos Aires. 3 March 1899, first voyage, Genoa-Naples-New York. 14 March 1903, last voyage, Genoa-Naples-New York (40 roundtrip voyages). 1903, transferred to the Italy-Alexandria service and renamed CAIRO. 5 March 1905, wrecked near Alexandria [Noel Reginald Pixell Bonsor, North Atlantic Seaway; An Illustrated History of the Passenger Services Linking the Old World with the New (2nd ed.; Jersey, Channel Islands: Brookside Publications), vol. 3 (1979), p. 1111; Bonsor, South Atlantic Seaway; An illustrated history of the passenger lines and liners from Europe to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina (Jersey, Channel Islands: Brookside Publications, 1983), p. 301].[Posted to the Emigration-Ships Mailing List by Michael Palmer - 24 September 1997]

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