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Britannia arriving at the Port of New York, 2 May 1892

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The manifest for the 2 May 1892 arrival shows the Britannia sailed from Naples, Italy via Marseilles, France.

This ship also appears on the Ellis Island web site so Ellis Island was operational by this time.

I tried to find each of these people in the SPA birth records. I'm still looking.

From the Ship's Manifest From the SPA Birth Records
Name Age Occupation Est Birth Year Final Destination Name Date of Birth Father Mother Notes
Addolorata Palumbo 33y peasant  1859 New York not found       Female
Antonio diMartino 52y peasant  1840 New York not found         
Valenti diBianni 58y peasant  1834 New York not found        
Nicola Morelli 21y peasant 1871 New York Nicolantonio Morelli 1871 #46 Possible
Pietro Ricci 24y peasant 1868 New York not found
Emmanuele Colaizzi 16y peasant 1876 New York not found
Felice Ricci 16y peasant 1876 Cambridge not found
Achille diMartino 22y peasant 1870 New York Achille diMartino 1869 Biase/Biagio Anna Antonia Carlino see 1869 SPA Status Animarum.
Agostino Carlino 24y peasant 1868 New York Augostino Carlino 5 Jul 1868 Giovanni Antonio Carlino Angela della Croce 1883 arrival on the Archimede.
1910 Census, Pittsburgh, PA as "August Carlins", 41y. Married Palmira Frazzino and had 8 children.
Domenico Frazzini 23y peasant 1869 New York
Carlo Frazzini 21y peasant 1871 Montrêal Carlo Antonio Frazzini 14 Feb 1871 Giovanni Antonio Frazzini Carmina Susanna Gatti Probable great grandfather of Gene Frazzini
Desiderio Colajanni 33y peasant 1859 New York not found
Pasquale Colajanni 47y peasant 1845 New York Pasquale Colajanni 4 Feb 1845 Amico Giuseppa Falicone Notes from Shirley:

Traveled to Ellis Island arriving May 29, 1899, married, blacksmith ($37), can read and write, going to son Donato 3198 (160---) 3 Ave, NY, NY. Traveling with his son Vincenzo 14, blacksmith.  per 1869 SPA Status Animarum, Pasquale (son of Antonio and Rosa Colaizzo) lives with Amico Colaianni (1811) with siblings Costanzo, Gennaro, Rosaria
Giuseppe 40 (Quaranta) 31y peasant 1861 New York Giuseppe Sabatino Quaranta 18 Mar 1861 Carmine Angela diIullo 1869 SPA Status Animarum

About the Britannia

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