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Dr. Rudolph Albi

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Rudolph Albi is another famous Italian from the early 1900's. We connected to Dr. Albi when we were researching the family of Prospero Frazzini in Denver. I found this Ellis Island record:
Rudolph Albi, age 47. Arrived NY on  SS Berengaria Oct 17, 1921 from Cherbourg. The person below his name is Teresa Frazzini,  age 16; handwritten notation "Niece". Both going to 1650 Vine Street, Denver, Col. Teresa is the daughter of Prospero Frazzini.
The manifest page was for US Citizens only. I searched for other "Albi" at Ellis Island and this is the only entry with Rudolph as the first name. I don't know the exact family relationship (if any) between the two. We did learn later (see below) that Dr. Albi delivered Teresa when she was born.

Doing the math, Rudolph Albi would have been born about 1874.

I found a record on : 28 Nov 1874 at Grimaldi, Cosenza, Italy. There is no contact information with this record and no other connecting information -- See record of WWI Draft Registrations below which has a different birth month but the same day and year. The Obit newspaper article below supports the February birth month but year of death was 1953.

I found this death record on (the year of birth and death are both wrong, month and day are correct):

Last Name First Name Middle Birth Date Mother Maiden Father Last Sex Birth Place Death Place Residence Death Date SSN Age
ALBI  RUDOLPH    02/28/1876    ALBI  REST (OTHER)  SANTA CLARA    10/23/1952    76 yrs 

I sent an email about this to my mailing list and I got this these replies:

Date sent:         Fri, 19 Sep 2003
From:               Pat Lauterbach
Subject:            RE: Teresa and Lina Frazzini

Well, this is interesting.  Rudolph Albi is Dr. Albi - the doctor that delivered my mother and my mother's brother.  So, if he is the uncle of Teresa Frazzini, that gives a new angle to search.

Thanks for the tip.
Date sent:         Sun, 21 Sep 2003 18:33:13 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:            Re: Dr. Albi !!!

Well, what do you know?
Dr. Rudolph Albi was the doctor who delivered none other than Geraldine Frazzini (me) to Nicholas and Gwendolyn Griffin Frazzini on July 11, 1929, at their home at 3119 Wyandotte Street in Denver Colorado.
It is utterly amazing how much we all are learning.  It continues to be a fantastically fascinating search.
Jerri Frazzini Bottomly.
Date:    Sat, 04 Oct 2003 22:02:41 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:    Re: Rudolph Albi Information

This is very interesting, Mark.  I remember my mother and father talking often of Dr. Albi.  I believe he was the only doctor they ever trusted.  As I said, he delivered me at home.  My brother Lewis was born in a hospital in Denver four years after me, so I'm not sure if Dr. Albi was the doctor assisting, but I would not be surprised if he was.

I would like to have more information on the man who brought me into the world.  He must have been a wonderful doctor, because I recall everyone in my family talking about his wonderful bedside manner and his ability as a physician. I look forward to getting the information.

Your web site is a great gift to all of us.  Thank you so much, Mark.

Jerri Bottomly
Date:            Sat, 04 Oct 2003 20:02:23 -0700
From:            Franklin Smith <>
Subject:         Re: Rudolph Albi Information

Teresa Frazzini had to go back and have a birth certifacate made up. It was signed by Albi as the doctor for her birth.

She was born in Denver above the bank, and used the bank as the place of birth. Albi signed the certificate as the attending doctor. Its a declaration made in 1941 for a lost or never made certificate. Franklin

From this search on, I found this reference to a marriage of Rudolph Albi and to marriages of a bunch of other Albi's (I've learned from the newspaper articles below that Julia Albi is Rudolph's sister.):
Colorado Marriages 1859-1939 Groom Index AKE-ALEXI, Vital Rec

Albi, Charles; Helen Harker 09 May 1938
Albi, Frank; Escolastica Montoya 30 Jul 1924 La Plata 726
Albi, Frank S.; Della Lotito 31 Dec 1939 Arapahoe 23376
Albi, Fred A.; Ruth Sturgeon 16 Aug 1926
Albi, Fred P.; Milly Carbone 05 Aug 1939 Denver 16657
Albi, Frederico; Milchelina M. Cortese 16 Nov 1921 Denver 90355
Albi, John J.; Grayce Bendler 20 oct 1938 Denver
Albi, John Jack; Sadie M. Welsch 03 Aug 1923 Weld 8692
Albi, Louis; Emma Kjellgren 25 Aug 1930 Denver 76873
Albi, Michael Charles; Grace Marie Aiello 26 Jun 1924 Las Animas
Albi, Pasquale; Rosina Brindise 17 Nov 1894 Denver 17331
Albi, Raffaeli; Teresa Palese 22 Jan 1925 Denver 98128
Albi, Raffaeli; Therresa Palaze 22 Jan 1925 Denver 98128
Albi, Rudolph; Rose Bortolein 12 Jan 1902 Denver 28697
Albi, Salvatore; Mina Marie Albo 08 Jun 1930 Pueblo 24987
Albi, Vincenzo; Julia Albi 13 Jun 1907 Denver
Albi, Vincenzo; Giovanina Diegidio 26 Sep 1896 Denver 19867

From, this pegs his birth date:

WWI Civilian Draft Registrations

Albi, Rudolph
  Birth Date: 28 Feb 1874 Ethnicity: W
  Birth Place: physician; naturalized citizen City/County: Denver# 5
  State: CO

This advertisement is from the book Colorado, and the Italians in Colorado, by Giovanni Perilli published in 1922.

I found this at the web site which is a transcription of the book "Who's Who for Denver and Colorado, A Reference Work TRIENNIAL EDITION, 1940-1941-1942:

ALBI, DR. RUDOLPH  Physician, surgeon; former health commissioner; b. Grimaldi, Italy, Feb 28, 1874; educ, Cosenza pub sch; Turin Univ, MD; m Rosina Bortolin, Denver, 1902; ch. Dr. Piero A, Dr Roger A, Mrs Piero Deluise, Mrs Eugene Cirese; taught in univ, Turin, 1898-1902; prac of med, Denver, 1902-; for yrs mem staffs of Denver General and St Anthony's Hosps; mem state bd of medical examiners; ex-mem state board of Health; former Commissioner of health, denver; pres Ital. Red Cross of Colo; Commander, Order of Crown of Italy; Fellow A M A; mem numerous med and frat organizations; Catholic; home, 1650 Vine; office, 1653 Lawrence.
I found a photo at the Denver Public Library of Dr. Albi. I spoke with one of the curators there (Ms. Coi Drummond-Gehrig) and she said the photo is available to order. Here is a summary of several newspaper articles she sent me:
Date & Newspaper
Summary ("quotes" are from the article, other comments are mine)
Mrs. Rudolph Albi Dies After Illness
19 Feb 1935
Rocky Mountain News
"Mrs. Rosina Albi, wife of Dr. Rudolph Albi of 1650 Vine St ...died at St. Anthony's Hospital at 11:35 PM last night.

Mrs. Albi was 58. Besides her husband, she is survived by three children, Dr. Peter Albi of San Francisco; Dr. Marie Louise Albi and Wanda Albi of Denver."

Her maiden name is Rosina Bartolin. I believe that "Dr. Marie Louise Albi" is Mrs. Pietro DeLuise. She is Marie, daughter of Rudolph & Rosina.
Mrs. Rosina Albi, Wife of Well Known Physician is Dead
19 Feb 1935
Denver Post
"Mrs. Albi was born in Italy and had been a resident of Denver thirty-four years.

Besides her husband, she is survived by four children. The four are Mrs. Piero DeLuise, Wanda Albi and Roger, all of Denver, and Dr. Peter Albi of San Francisco."

The article is accompanied by a photo of Mrs. Albi by Morganti Studio. Mrs. Piero DeLuise is daughter, Marie.
Denver Physician Given High Honor
by Native Italy

7 Mar 1940
Denver Post
"For thirty-eight years, nineteen of them as an American citizen, Dr. Rudolph Albi worked for the scientific and social progress of his adopted country...

Thursday, the eminent physician received notification that pleases the king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III, with the approval of Il Duce Benito Mussolini, to bestow upon him the award of the grande ufficiale of the crown of Italy.

Dr. Albi came to the United States thirty-eight years ago...

He has assisted at the births of hundreds of babies.

He has four children, Mrs. Piero de Luise, Mrs. Wanda Cerese of Chicago, Dr. Roger Albi of Santa Fe, NM and Piero Albi of San Francisco.

Dr. R. Albi Honored By Italian Government for His Achievements
20 Apr 1940
Denver Democrat
"He is regarded as one of  Denver's finest surgeons ...."

Italy Honors Dr. Rudolph Albi
23 Oct 1949
Rocky Mountain News
"The highest cultural honor of the Italian people -- membership to the Academia Cosentino founded by the philosopher Telesio in the 16th century -- has been bestowed on Dr. Rudolph Albi, Denver physician.

The doctor came to Denver in 1902 to begin medical practice. In the past 46 years he has delivered two generations of Denverites and is especially beloved by the state's residents of Italian heritage
Regular Vets Assn. Honors Doctor Albi
9 Aug 1952
Rocky Mountain News
"The national commander of the Regular Veterans Assn. yesterday presented a citation for distinguished civic service to Dr. Rudolph Albi, 670 Columbine St...."
Dr, Albi Dies in California
Friday 23 Oct 1953
Denver Post
"Dr. Rudolph Albi, 77, of 670 Columbine Street, died early Thursday in San  Jose, Calif, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Eugene Cerese...

He was born Feb. 28, 1874 at Grimaldi, Italy .... He was married in 1902 in Denver to Rosina Bartolin, who died here in 1935.

He is survived by two sons, Dr. Piero Albi and Dr. Roger Albi, both of Denver; two daughters, Mrs. Piero DeLuise of Denver and Mrs. Cerese of San Jose; a sister, Mrs. Julia Albi, and a brother, Dr. Alexander Albi of Biella, Italy; eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild

So the death date would be the day before or Thursday Oct 22, 1953.
Dr. Rudolph Albi
no cites
Same obituary as the previous article.

Some Census records:





Some SS death records:

Roger ALBI 
  Birth Date: 29 Nov 1907 
  Death Date: Jan 1983 
  Social Security Number:  523-62-6416 
  State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:  Colorado

Death Residence Localities

  ZIP Code: 80219 

  Localities:  Denver, Denver, Colorado

Piero ALBI 
  Birth Date: 10 Apr 1903 
  Death Date: Feb 1986 
  Social Security Number:  558-01-0343 
  State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:  California

Death Residence Localities

  ZIP Code: 80206 

  Localities:  Denver, Denver, Colorado

    Birth Date: 29 Mar 1897 
    Death Date: Mar 1979 
    Social Security Number:  522-42-6749 
    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:  Colorado
  Death Residence Localities
    ZIP Code: 80222 
    Localities:  Denver, Denver, Colorado
  Glendale, Denver, Colorado

I received these emails from other Albi's:

Date:            Tue, 30 Dec 2003 21:44:31 -0500
From:            "Frank J. Albi" <>
Subject:         Info on website

I came across this page on the Internet. Rudolph Albi was my great uncle. His sister, my Zia Julia, more or less raised my father Frank S. Albi from the time he immigrated in 1915 at the age of 16. I remember Zia Julia from visiting her almost every Sunday with my father where she lived with Piero Albi and his wife Evelyn at 711 Elizabeth in Denver.
I found the following on your Web page
      Albi, Frank; Escolastica Montoya 30 Jul 1924 La Plata 726
      Albi, Frank S.; Della Lotito 31 Dec 1939 Arapahoe 23376

Frank S. and Della are my parents. The mystery is - could the Frank Albi who married in 1924 also be my father. If so, this was a previous marriage of which I has no knowledge. Is there any further identifying information about that first Frank Albi?
Frank J. Albi

Good to hear from an Albi. I've copied this email to all the people on my Prospero Frazzini list. That includes Jerri, who was delivered by your great uncle and Pat, whose mother and uncle he delivered.

As you might have noted from the web site, we came across Rudolph's name as we were researching Prospero, and  in his case, it was the Ellis Island manifest where he was travelling with Teresa Frazzini, Prospero's daughter.

Would it be ok if I put your email on the web page?

I don't know about the first marriage entry. That information was sent to me by Pat and I'm pretty sure it is just from civil records, not from any personal account. I don't know if La Plata and Arapahoe counties are close together or far apart. Do you know if he ever lived in La Plata county?

Was your grandfather or grandmother, then, Rudolph's sibling? Did he/she ever come to the US? Were they from San Pietro Avellana?

We would be interested in learning more about Dr. Albi. If you have any photos or information that you could share, I would like to add that my web site.

Of course, for us, the question is why were Rudolph and Teresa Frazzini traveling together on that trip from Italy?

Thanks again for contacting us and Happy New Year.

Date:            Tue, 14 Dec 2004 19:33:51 -0800
From:            "Ms. Gina Albi" <>
Subject:         albi

Found some old photos of Dr. Michael Albi and Grace Aiello my grandparents, and thought I would search for more info on family history. Found your data on Dr. R. Albi... and trying to fit it together.

Thanks for your email. Let me know what you find out. We don't know very much about Rudolph Albi. Just a small connection to the Frazzini family in Denver.

Date:            Mon, 22 Aug 2005 22:05:31 -0700
From:            John Albi <>
Subject:         Dr. Albi

Hello Mark,

My name is John Albi. I recently randomly ran across your name  and it appears we may have some relationship in bloodlines or historic friendship.  One of my ancestors was Dr. Albi who resided in Denver.  He might be my grand uncle, but I am not sure of that.  I heard my father speak of him many times, but he was gone before my birth. 

I have also learned that many of my ancestors came from Grimaldi Italy as did Dr. Albi.  Even as a young child, I noticed the respect that some of my older relations expressed when speaking about Dr. Albi.  I grew up in Los Angeles , but am now retired and live near Sandpoint, Idaho and running a small business.  Coincidentally I found a small branch of the Albi living here; The most famous (?) being Joe Albi (my dad knew him) who has a sports stadium named after him in nearby Spokane Washington.

This genealogy stuff is fascinating.

John Albi
Sanpoint, Idaho

Thanks for you email.

I've heard from a couple of Albi's since I put up this web page. I've copied them on this email. They are Frank Albi and Gina Albi. Dr. Albi was Frank's great uncle. I don't recall if we ever found out how Gina was related.

Date:            Tue, 23 Aug 2005 14:41:26 -0400
From:            "Frank J. Albi" <>
Subject:         FW: Dr. Albi

John, FYI, my dad emigrated from Grimaldi in 1915. He was the Denver "Dr. Albi" who was the dentist. Another dentist was Dr. John Albi of Spokane. He was the brother of Evelyn Albi who was married to Dr. Piero Albi, the son of Dr. Rudolph Albi.

Another Pacific-Northwest branch of the family is Todd Albi who now lives in Eugene.

Frank J. Albi

Thanks for the info on all the "Dr. Albi's".  I was able to confirm my grandparents name from the search from that Mark showed in his email; They are Pasquale Albi and Rosina Brindise who were married in Denver in 1894.  I have a picture of my grandfather in his Italian military uniform, but was not sure of his first name.

John M. Albi (Jr.)
Date:            Mon, 17 Sep 2007 11:00:44 -0600
From:            Susan Aiello <>

Hi, Mark -
My name is Susan Aiello. I am the daughter of the late Dr. Serge and Ione Aiello of Denver. I found this site and just wanted to contact you and say hello. We've probably met. My father, Serge, was a cousin of Piero, Evelyn and Roger Albi.
Best Wishes,
Date:            Fri, 30 Dec 2005 20:21:16 -0600
From:            ginmaree <>
Subject:         Albi Family Connection

My grandfather was Guiseppi Albi who came to USA on May 22, 1902 on the ship "Pennsylvania".  The manifest shows he was from Grimaldi.  He was 18 at the time.  I am also aware that he had a brother Michael that went west.  My grandfather lived in Brooklyn, New York most of his life.  I did find him and his brother on the draft role for WWI before his brother left. In his old age he lived in Dover, New Jersey. I do have some pictures of him and he actually looks like the picture of Rudolph Albi on your site, just without the mostache. I am searching my heritage and found your site.

Virginia Hansen

Thanks for your email.  Your grandfather is no doubt related somehow to the Albi's in the west.  I've copied several other Albi descendants who have contacted me over the years.

Maybe they can give you more information.
Happy New Year,

Date:            Tue, 06 Dec 2005 13:06:45 -0700
From:            Amy Albo <>
Subject:         Question

Hi there,
I came across your website while trying to research some of my ancestry and wondered if you had any info. My grandfather, Dominic Albo and his brother, Vincenzo, were from Grimaldi, Italy. Born in the 1880s. They settled in Helper, Utah and apparently Vincenzo changed his name to Albi. He married and then was drafted and killed in World War I. In fact he was the first casualty for the state of Utah. His wife, upon hearing of his death and pregnant with her second child, died tragically while trying to give herself an abortion. So we've lost track of their then 2-year-old daughter or any of her progeny, if she had any. It's rumored that she went to Denver, and my dad thinks her name was Francesca. I'm wondering if the Vincenzo Albo that they have recorded as a Denver resident and a WW I casualty is actually the same man or someone different. Any ideas on where I might pursue this information? Thanks for your time.

Thanks for your email.

I've seen many family names from Italy change the last letter from "o" to "i". In my family's case: Frazzino->Frazzini and Carlino->Carlini. But it happened in Italy before the immigrants arrived here.

I think in any case, all the Albi's and Albo's that you find are the same family. I noticed that the Rudolph Albi on my web site is from Grimaldi as are your Albi's.

On the web page, there are three other Albi decendents who have contacted me over the years. I've copied them on this email.

I did some quick checking on

In the 1910 census, there were five Alb*. Three are in Helper Precinct, Carbon, UT.

Antonio Albo     Helper Pct, Carbon, UT         abt 1853           White     Male
Frank Albo     Helper Pct, Carbon, UT         abt 1885           White     Male
James Albo     Wellington Pct, Carbon, UT     abt 1891           White     Male
Pasquale Albo     Helper Pct, Carbon, UT         abt 1871           White     Male
Frank Alby     2-Wd Salt Lake city, Salt Lake, UT     abt 1870           White     Male

No Vincenzo or Domenico though.

This must be the WWI death that you mentioned:
WWI, WWII, and Korean War Casualty Listings
Name:     Vincenzo Albi
State Registered:     Utah
Death Date:     4 Oct 1918
Cemetery:     Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery
Cemetery Burial Plot:     Plot B Row 18 Grave 35
Cemetery City:     Romagne
Cemetery Country:     France
War:     World War I
Title:     Private, U.S. Army
Rank:     Private
Service:     U.S. Army
Division:     109th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division
Data Source:     World War I Honor Roll

Here is what might be his WWI Draft Registration.
WWI Civilian Draft Registrations
Name:     Albi, Vincenzo
Birth Date:     10 May 1891
Birth Place:     Grimaldi Italy
City/County:     Helper, Carbon
State:     UT
Ethnicity:     W

Also one for Francesco Albo, Helper, Carbon, UT
WWI Civilian Draft Registrations
Name:     Albo, Francesco
Birth Date:     15 Jan 1885
Birth Place:     rel. lives Grimaldi Cosenza It
City/County:     Carbon
State:     UT
Ethnicity:     W

Also one for Sam Albo, Castle Gate, Carbon, UT
WWI Civilian Draft Registrations
Name:     Albo, Sam
Birth Date:     9 Jul 1876
Birth Place:     naturalized citizen
City/County:     Carbon
State:     UT
Ethnicity:     W

And a Domenic Joe Albo:
WWI Civilian Draft Registrations
Name:     Albo, Domenic Joe
Birth Date:     16 Oct 1899
Birth Place:     citizen of Italy
City/County:     Carbon
State:     UT
Ethnicity:     W

A couple census listings for Domenic Albo:

Domenic Albo, 40y, with wife Mary, children James and Frances in the 1930 Census, Helper, Carbon, UT. Occupation: Hostler for the Steam Railroad.

Domeinc Albo, 26y, single, in 1920 census, Helper, Carbon, UT. Occupation, Hostler for the Roundhouse.

Is this your GF?

I'm not sure how much of this you have seen. Have you seen the WWI Draft Registration form for Vincenzo? If not, I can email the scan that I got from

So it looks like all of these Albi's/Albo's are from Grimaldi and many lived in Carbon County, UT.

You can possibly get a lot more info on Vincenzo Albi to see if he is your greatuncle. Look at where you can send in requests for military records.

About Francesca Albi, I found a particularly interesting 1930 census sheet from Denver. It shows the following family:
    John J. Albi, 24y, head of household
    Sadie M. Albi, 23y wife
    Cora Lee Albi, 5y, daughter
    Paetar (?) Albi, 77y, father
    Adeline Albi, 50y, mother
    Francis M. Albi, 15y, boarder (female, born in UT)

This sure looks to me like it might be Francesca, a boarder (so not related directly to John).

As I look at the 1920 census from Denver, there is another  interesting family:
    Peter Albi, 65y, head of household
    Adeline Albi, 46y, wife
    Miller L. Albi, 21y, son
    Fred Albi, 19y, son
    Frederico Albi, 15y, son
    John Albi, 13y, son
    Josephine Albi, 12y, daughter
    Edward Albi, 10y, son
    Frances Albi, 5y, niece (says born in CO)

So I think this really must be her. Peter must be a brother of Vincenzo. Do you know if that is true? Looks like after the death of her parents, she went to live with her uncle Peter Albi and his family in Denver.

(Also I think some of those Albi's are on the list of marriages on my Rudolph Albi web page.)

Amy, there you are - a few more clues....

I can email you these census scans if you want them.

Ciao e Buon Fortuna.
Date:            Wed, 07 Dec 2005 10:48:25 -0700
From:            Amy Albo <>
Subject:         Re: Vincenzo Albi Genealogy UT->CO

This is amazing!! Mille Grazie. I spent several hours trying to find information on the web, but couldn't really come up with much. Obviously, I didn't know where or how to look. Francis Albi must be my dad's 1st cousin who went to live with relatives in Denver. I am going to forward this all to my dad and try to sort it out. I think he will be very interested and happy to have the information. Dominic is my paternal grandfather. I thought my great uncle's name was James, but I could only find a Vincenzo that was a WWI fatality. So I think James Albi is my grandfather's brother, and Francis Albi is his daughter. I'll keep looking into this. I actually went to Grimaldi and stayed with some relatives there. Have you ever been there? It's a completely different Italy from Florence, where I  was studying, but everyone was very warm and welcoming.

Thanks again. I really appreciate your help.
Tanti Auguri,
From:            Mark DiVecchio <>
To:              Amy Albo <>
Subject:         Re: Vincenzo Albi Genealogy UT->CO
Date:            Wed, 07 Dec 2005 20:29:37 -0800


May I use your email on my web page? Maybe someone else will see it - like maybe someone who knew Frances.

The 1930 census is the last one that is publically available. Its more difficult to find factual information for events after 1930 BUT there are many people still alive from that period so the trick now is to find Albi's in Denver and find out if they knew Frances. There are a lot of Albi's in Colorado. One thing that I've done, with some success, is to get names of addresses and just send out letters to all the Albi's you can find. I call these my "Are you my cousin?" letters.

Let me know what else you find. I'd be interested if you ever find a relationship to Rudolph Albi.

To:              Amy Albo <>
Subject:         Re: Vincenzo Albi Genealogy UT->CO
Date:            Thu, 08 Dec 2005 09:09:19 -0800


A little more searching turned up these possible records:

(possible son of Peter and Adeline)

Social Security Death Index
Name:     John J. Albi
SSN:     521-03-1069
Last Residence:     80220  Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States of America
Born:     17 Apr 1906
Died:     23 May 1988
State (Year) SSN issued:     Colorado (Before 1951 )
(possible son of Peter and Adeline)

Social Security Death Index
Name:     Fred Albi  
SSN:     523-05-1512
Last Residence:     80222  Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States of America
Born:     16 Jul 1900
Died:     Jun 1984
State (Year) SSN issued:     Colorado (Before 1951 )
(possible son of Peter and Adeline)

California Death Index, 1940-1997
Name:     ALBI, EDWARD 
Social Security #:     0
Sex:     MALE
Birth Date:     31 Jan 1910
Birthplace:     COLORADO
Death Date:     1 Dec 1957
Death Place:     LOS ANGELES
Mother's Maiden Name:     MOSCHARI
Father's Surname:     ALBI

--> must mean Adeline's maiden name was Moschari.

(possible wife of Peter, mother of John)

Social Security Death Index
Name:     Adele Albi
SSN:     523-66-1051
Last Residence:     80220  Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States of America
Born:     23 Dec 1879
Died:     Dec 1969
State (Year) SSN issued:     Colorado (1963 )

So we have a good ZIP code pattern here: 80220 and 80222 in Denver

Good luck to you and your father in your search. Let me know when you find your cousins.

Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 08:47:28 -0500
From: "Frank J. Albi" <>
To: Amy Albo <>
Subject: Francesca Albi

I got copied on your email to Mark DiVecchio.

I am one of the Denver Albis. My father was Frank S. Albi from Grimaldi. We visited our Albo cousins there this past June. I will email you some pictures.

One of the Denver kin was a "cousin" named Francis Root (her married name). What year was Francesca born?

Frank J. Albi
Date:            Thu, 08 Dec 2005 11:04:39 -0700
From:            Amy Albo <>
Subject:         Francis Albi Root


Thank you for the updates. It looks like that must be Peter Albi's family. I looked on the LDS geneology website and found out some additional connections. Maybe. I also received this from Frank Albi about Francis Albi Root, her married name. So it looks like we're on the right track, thanks to your help. I'm hoping he can provide more info. Re: emails, I'd be happy for you to put it on your website. Let me just check with my dad and Aunt Lydia and get the story straightened out a bit, so that it's more accurate.  Then I'll send you another email. I'm pretty sure my great uncle's name must have been Vincenzo, which he changed to James.

Thanks so much,

That is interesting news. I searched on Frances Root and I found the following entry in the Social Security Death Index. It would be sad if this were your Dad's cousin.

Social Security Death Index
Name:     Frances M. Root
SSN:     524-07-9205
Last Residence:     80206  Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States
of America
Born:     21 Mar 1915
Died:     10 Jan 2002
State (Year) SSN issued:     Colorado (Before 1951 )

Subject:    RE: Vincenzo Albi Genealogy UT->CO
Date:    Tue, 18 Aug 2009 12:45:00 -0400
From:    "Frank J. Albi" <>
To:    "Mark DiVecchio" <>,     "Amy Albo" <>
Cc:    <>,     <>

I learned from my elderly and distant cousins JJ and Gordie Albi of Eugene, OR that they once lived at 1740 Gaylord in Denver.
Can anyone tell me if any of the census data below ties to that address?

Frank J. Albi
From: Mark DiVecchio []
Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 1:20 PM
To: Frank J. Albi
Cc:;; Amy Albo
Subject: RE: Vincenzo Albi Genealogy UT->CO


In the 1920 census, Peter and Adeline Albi were at  2051 Delgany Street. They are also in the 1900 census at the same address.

In the 1930 census, John and Sadie Albi were at 1119 Cook Street. Living with them are his father and mother, Peter and Adeline.

In the 1930 census, Louis and Emma Albi were at 1037 Detroit Street.

I can see on census sheets before and after the sheets that these people appear on that there are listings for Gaylord Street. I can't find 1740 but these streets were all in the same general area of Denver.

Subject:    RE: Vincenzo Albi Genealogy UT->CO
Date:    Tue, 18 Aug 2009 13:37:20 -0400
From:    "Frank J. Albi" <>


     Thank you so much for your prompt response.

     I am working with a couple of my cousins to put together some information about the descendants of Dr. Rudolph Albi. No surprise to you I am sure, the first names (Frank, John, Joseph, etc.) keep repeating and it is hard to keep straight who's who.

     I am really interested in trying to find out if the missing two-year old from Utah is the woman I knew growing up as Francis Root. Francis was the second wife of the man I knew as "Penny" Root. Living with them was an elderly woman I understood to be Francis' mother, who I know as "Zia Adalina".

     Do you want me to let you know what I find out about all these people?

Frank J. Albi
Frank, Amy, et al,

It had been several years since I searched on for the Albi/Albo name.

There were some new finds which I will send you but in particular was this Naturalization record for Vincenzo Albi which mentions that his wife is dead and he has one daughter, Frances. (So, in fact, his wife died before he did, not after.)

It was taken at Camp Kearny (which was about 5 miles from where I now live in San Diego).

About Frances, it says that she was born March 20, 1915 at Helper, UT and now resides at Denver, CO.

That birth date matches (almost) the birth date shown in the Social Security Death Index for Frances M. Root (it lists the day as the 21st).

Since she is listed in the SSDI, you can get a copy of her application for Social Security number (SS-5). That application will list both of her parents names.

If you go to and search for her, you will find her SSDI record. With that information is a link where you can get a copy of a letter to send to the government (with $27) to get a copy of the SS-5.


Date:    Sun, 15 Jan 2006 15:49:43 -0800 (PST)
From:    Robt F Whittaker <>
Subject:    Albi Genealogy


 I recently came across your website.  I think it is wonderful!  I have been searching for years the connection between Dr. Albi and my great grandfather.  (Although I never new him)  There are not any decendants that I am aware of....His name was John Burgozano.  I found him listed in the Ellis Island manifest..  If you will search under J.M. Burgozano you will find him listed as a cousin of Dr. Albi in Denver Co.  It is my understanding that he took a trip each year back to Italy.  From what I could tell it was to help family members and others in Italy to make their way to the United States.  I was wondering if in any of your research you might have heard of any family links or connections to him or his family?
Jackie Whittaker
Beaumont, Texas  

Thanks for your email.

I can't help you with John Burgozano. I've not heard that name before. I checked and but couldn't add anything to what you know.

I have copied several other Albi descendants on this email. Maybe one of them can help.


Date:    Fri, 28 May 2010 00:53:01 -0700 (PDT)
From:    Christopher Albi <>
Subject:    Albi family

Hi Mark,
I came across your interesting genealogy page for Dr. Rudolph Albi. No mention of the big branch of the Albi family from Grimaldi that ended up in Western Canada, especially in Winnipeg and Edmonton. My grandfather, Frank Albi (Francesco Albo), left Grimaldi in the early 1900s as a young boy with his father Napoleone Garibaldi Albo. They went to Pueblo, Colorado where my great grandfather and other paesan were working in coal mines. My grandfather came to Winnipeg, Canada around 1914, still a teenager, and remained until his death in 1988. He was a friend of Ralph Welch (Raffaele Veltri) who ran a company that supplied labor for railway construction in Western Canada. He operated grocery stores, a downtown restaurant called the Columbus Lunch, and then worked as a chef until he was 80. My father is Dr. Wilfred Napoleon Peter Albi and my uncle is Dr. Frank J. Albi, both retired GPs who served the small but close-knit Italian community in Winnipeg. Back in the 1950s, my father and grandfather drove from Winnipeg to Denver to see relatives though I don't know exactly who. Now there aren't too many Albis left in Winnipeg but we were one of the original Italian families there.

By the way, one of my great uncles, Joe Amantea, used to say that back in Calabria, in olden days, the Albis were somehow involved in importing white horses from Muslim North Africa. Probably just a myth but it could explain the origin of the name Albo/Albi, derived from white (albus in Latin) or from Arabic (albi means my heart).

I include an interesting link by another Albi in Edmonton, who refers to my grandfather and other families from Grimaldi.

Christopher Albi
From: Mark DiVecchio
To: Christopher Albi
Cc: Ms. Gina Albi ; Virginia Hansen ; Amy Albo ; John & Valerie Albi ; Frank J. Albi ; Frank J. Albi
Sent: Friday, May 28, 2010 10:27 AM
Subject: Re: Albi family


Thanks for your email.

I've copied all the Albi on this email who have contacted me in the past.

Its great to learn about the branch of the Albi's who lived in Canada. Maybe from these Albi, you can learn who your father and grandfather visited in Denver.

From: Frank J. Albi
Sent: Friday, May 28, 2010 2:06 PM
To: ''
Subject: FW: Albi family

I am thrilled to make your acquaintance.

I am the Frank J. Albi who now lives in Cincinnati but was born in Denver. My father was Francesco Salvatore Albo born March 13, 1899, in Grimaldi.

I have been wondering about the "northern" branch of our family. I am in touch with family now living in Spokane, Washington and Eugene, Oregon. I will send you a link to a family tree I have posed on

I look forward to communicating with you about our ancestors. However, I will be traveling practically the entire month of June. Have a look at the tree I am sending you and let's communicate again later.

Frank J. Albi

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