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Frazzini Photos from San Pietro Avellana

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In Dec 2003, I found these photos that my grandmother, Lucrezia Carlini Frazzini had. Nonna Lucrezia died in 1973. I'm guessing that she had these photos from the 1930's, 40's and 50's. My mother, Benilda Frazzini, remembered some of the people who were in the photos but not everyone. Below each photo I have written anything we know about it. If there is anything written on the front or back of the photos, I typed that in italics. It is now Nov 2004 and I've been able to identify many of these people with help from others all over the world.

If you know more information or can identify the people, please send me an email :

For more photos of Unknown people, check this page.

This first group are all unknown to us. In cases where a note in Italian was written on the back of the photo, I have tried to type in that note as accurately as I could. Sometimes the hand-writting is very hard to read.

I believe these people are descendents of either
1. brothers and sisters of Doristella diTella, or
2. of Elvira Carlini (married to Luigi Iasella), or
3. who knows!!

With the help of Alfonso diSanza and his mother Laura diTella, they have identified many of the cousins shown here.

Photo #1 Bruno Labate (son of Nella & Tonino, nephew of Elvira Carlini who was Lucrezia Carlini's sister).
Nelda Iasella and Antonio Labate.
Identified by Alfonso diSanza's mother.
Photo #2 Teresa Labate (Bruno's sister, daughter of Nella & Tonino, nephew of Elvira Carlini who was Lucrezia Carlini's sister).
Nelda Iasella and Antonio Labate
Identified by Alfonso diSanza's mother.
Unknown Photo #3
  Taken in Beaver Falls PA rather than SPA. Benilda Frazzini lived near the railroad station there. On the back of the photo is the mark of the shop that developed the photo "Reynolds" - his mark is on the back of other photos definitely from Beaver Falls. Also the shirt worn by the older boy, has an American football on it.
Unknown Photo #4
Dated 10 Oct 1945 from the town of  Carovilli
Photo #5
To "Zia Lucrezia". Photo back is signed "Venustina".
Alfonso diSanza tells me this is Venustina Frazzini, born 1926. Daughter of Modestino Frazzini.
It is addressed to Lucrezia Carlini, my grandmother, wife of Emilano Frazzini.
The next image is the back side of the photo.
Dated 10 Oct 1945
Back of Photo #5
To "Zia Lucrezia".  Signed "Venustina".
Translated with help from Rayna Valentine, Aug 2005
"to Aunt Lucrezia and ("my"-I think,
or possibly just "the") little cousins, I offer you with affection this
photo of me."
Lucrezia is Lucrezia Carlini Frazzini, my grandmother.

"firenze di 31/1/46"
Photo #6
Firenze, May 1946
Photo #7
Photo #8
Teresa and Bruno Labate, children of Nelda Iasella and Antonio Labate
Photo #9
Alfonso diSanza tells me this is Franco Carlini, son of Maria Mariani and Novino Carlini
(son of Maria Angelica Enrichetta di Tella and Giovanni Carlini)
Unknown Photo #10
I got this email:

Date sent:          Wed, 31 Dec 2003 14:12:18 -0600
From:               Ron Frazzini <>
Subject:            Re:Web Site - Italy Photos

Hi Mark - Interesting coincidence!  I was tracking through your "unknown" photos on the web site and discovered a connection.  The following photo was in my dad's album.

It of course is a cutout of the larger shot part way through your collection.  I'm 90% sure it is my dad Mirando, probably on the pier at Santa Monica, but that is a guess.  It was one of his favorite areas.  He owned a dog named Jack, but earlier pictures of the dog don't show the same markings, although they are almost identical.  This however could be a newer dog as the old shots were taken in Mirando's teens.  I'm guessing this to be the mid 20s, and he also in his mid 20s.  He and his younger brother Albino had by that time left with their father Damiano to live in California.  The rest of the shots in his book include mystery friends or cousins that are unidentifiable.  Maybe we should compare notes on these.

Have a great new year.  Ron

For more photos of Mirando, he now has his own page.

Photo #11
  Alfonso diSanza tells me this is Enrichetta di Cianno daughter of Carina Carlini & Verino di Cianno

Date:            Fri, 06 Jul 2007 13:48:10 +0200
From:            rosaria <>
Subject:         Re: diCianno Information

Hi!, I saw and read your e-mail, I can tell you that Enrichetta Di Cianno lives in Roma and works in a religion institute as a  lay sister. Her brother Pasqualino Di Cianno lives near Milano; He has got two children, whose names are Patrizio and Enrico. Patrizio was married some years ago and lives in Milano, his brother I don't know. Maybe Patrizio is 43 years old I don't see him from long time, from many years.................Aunt Enrichetta and ancle Pasquale both they I don't see them from years.My brother Amico read your letter like me and send you his greetings to you.
Bye, Rosaria
I apologize for my mistakes. and I see you another time

Gina Maria Carmina Carlino and Rinaldo deAmicis

"Con affectto,
Photo #13

This is Rinaldo deAmicis, son of Severina diTella and Antonio deAmicis. He married Gina Maria Carmina Carlino (see photo below). My cousin, Alfonso diSanza, helped me get the spelling of the last name correct, he confirmed the identity with his mother Laura diTella. I also found Antonio and Severina's marriage record in the microfilms:  Film 1448676 Matri: 1894 #16. Here is his birth record:

Film 1448767 Nati #76
27 Oct 1895
Rinaldo deAmicis
f: Antonio, 31y
m: Severina diTella

Gina was my mother's baptism Godmother.

This photo was cut from a larger photo. Written in pencil on the back is the date 1952.

He came to US at least twice. I found these Ellis Island records:

De Anncoz, Rtualdo
Italy, Italian South
S. Pietro, Italy
February 28, 1912
Naples, Campania, Italy

His name was really transcribed wrong in the Ellis Island index but the name is very readable if you look at it. I found this entry by accident. He was actually 16y. Carpenter. Mother in SPA - Severina. Going to East Liberty, Pittsburgh, PA. Going to father, Antonio, at a street address in Pittsburgh.

De Amicis, Rinaldo
Italian Italy South
S. Pietro, Avellana
October 04, 1920
Naples, Campania, Italy

Previously in the US from 1912 to 1914, in NV. Occupation: carpenter.Going to the home of his uncle, Teridano diTella, Box 199, East Ely, NV. Wife in SPA, Gina Carlini. Travelled with Luigi diIullo.

My mother remembers when he was here in the States (working?), he brought them back (to Italy) a coffee pot that perked. (A big deal back then!)

Nino Carlini (son of Eliseo Carlini) related that Rinaldo's father was a woodworker in Pittsburgh. Rinaldo went to Pittsburgh at about age 13 but returned to Italy before WWI.
Gina Carlini, daughter of (Maria Angelica) Enrichetta diTella and Giovanni Carlino.
Photo #17
Enrichetta was my mother's great aunt (sister of her grandmother Doristella diTella). Gina Carlini husband was Rinaldo deAmicis. Gina was my mother, Benilda Frazzini's, baptism Godmother. Here is an photo of Gina when she was younger.
Con molte offet tuosita Allo cara cugino
Elsa - Clara - Tina  tuia
Photo #14

Alfonso diSanza and his mother say that the three girls are Rinaldo deAmicis and Gina's daughters. He also said that Elsa moved to the US but we don't know any more information. Alfonso said that Rinaldo's children live in Teramo (Abruzzo).

Left to right, this is Nunziatina (Tina), Clara, and Elsa.

I have found Elsa! Their family moved to Teramo from SPA when Elsa was 3 years old. She now lives in the Wilmington, DE with her son, Rinaldo. She has another son Anthony in Dallas, TX. I sent Elsa a copy of this photo and she tells me the three girls are her and her two sisters, Clara (d: ~2001) and Tina (d: 1984). Elsa (b:1925) married Vincenzo DiDaniele in Sep 1955 and moved to the US the same year. The man in the photo was Elsa's boyfriend at the time (not Vincenzo). Elsa has two nieces still in Italy, the daughters of her sister Clara. Elsa told me she was 18 years old when this photo was taken which would date it to 1943.

2003 Elsa DiDaniele and grand-daughter Nicole:

"Alla Cara zia da nipotina, Caterina DiPaolantonio"
Photo #12
I believe this is the daughter of Clara deAmicis and Alfonso diPaolantonio. Probably taken in Teramo.
(Clara is the daughter of Rinaldo deAmicis and Gina Carlini)

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