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Mirando (Lee) Frazzini

My grandmother, Lucrezia Carlini Frazzini,  had an unidentified photo of a man with a dog sitting on a bench in her photo album. I put that photo on my Frazzini Photos from San Pietro Avellana page and Ron Frazzini wrote to identify the man. Since then, he sent me more photos and I present them all here with Ron's permission.

Not to give away any secrets before you see the photos, but Ron and I now know that my grandfather, Emilano Frazzini, was godfather to Mirando Frazzini at his baptism in SPA on 26 Mar 1906.

Here is what Ron wrote on his early emails to me:

Date:            Sun, 13 Apr 2003 23:20:21 -0500
From:            Ron Frazzini <>
Subject:         Ancestry

Mark - Ran across your data and notes on ancestry, then looked at the web site.  Some interesting links to my family.  My name is Ron Frazzini.  My grandfather, Damiano, was naturalized in Trinidad the same day as Emiliano, and other Frazzinis.  Emiliano was my father's (Mirando Leopoldo Giuseppe Frazzini) godfather, and Ippolito was my uncle's (Albino Paolo) godfather.  I found this in the church in S. Pietro Avellana from a rather grumpy, but cooperative priest.  I've visited S. Pietro twice, and prowled through the records in the municipio with the help of a very cooperative bureaucrat.  I've also been to Isernia to look for more records there, and have been relatively successful in piecing together something of a tree.

Damiano and Emiliano were both minors at naturalization, I believe, and according to the marriage records in S. Pietro, Damiano returned home very shortly after naturalization to be married to Giuseppa Colomba Morelli Dec. 31, 1904.  Mirando and Albino followed, and the family moved back to the US to Denver around 1910.  Interestingly enough, Giuseppa Morelli's mother was Lucia Carlino (or Carlini).  Do you know any other surnames?

Buona fortuna
Date:            Fri, 30 May 2003 23:51:12 -0500
From:            Ron Frazzini
Subject:         Re: Dates of Baptism for Frazzinis

Hi Mark - Here's what I have on the baptisms.  The information came from the church in San Pietro by talking with the priest, and having him go to the records of births stored in the church.  You have to know specific dates for him to do any looking at all.  Emiliano was my father Mirando's godfather at the ceremony at that church on the 26th of March, 1906.  I'm guessing he was close in age to Damiano, my grandfather, since they were both naturalized in Trinidad, Colo. the same day, Oct. 17, 1904, as minors.  I'm also guessing that they (at least Damiano) returned to Italy shortly after that since Damiano was married in San Pietro on Dec. 31, 1904.  Names of godmothers at the baptism ceremony
were either unavailable, or thought not to be important by the priest. (Mark's note: I've found that a godmother was listed for a girl and a godfather was listed for a boy.)

As for the baptism for Damiano, it also occurred in San Pietro.  He was born to Nunzio Frazzini, and Elisabetta Quaranta June 27, 1882 according to the records in Isernia.  But, here is a glitch.  He would have been over 22 years old at the time of naturalization, but the papers definitely are for a minor.

Valuable links for the family will be in the identification of the children of Damiano's and Damiano's father's brothers and sisters.  I have their names, but ran out of time to search the marriage and birth records for any children of aunts and uncles.  Damiano's father's name was Nunzio, and Nunzio's brothers and sisters were Pasquale Filippo, Domenico Damiano, Maria Luisa, and Giovanna Francesca, all born between 1844 and 1859.

Some of this info may now be available via Salt Lake, but I haven't had the time to look.


The first photo is the photo that my grandmother had in her album.
Here is the email I received from Ron:

Date sent:         Wed, 31 Dec 2003 14:12:18 -0600
From:               Ron Frazzini <>
Subject:            Re:Web Site - Italy Photos

Hi Mark - Interesting coincidence!  I was tracking through your "unknown" photos on the web site and discovered a connection.  The following photo was in my dad's album.

It of course is a cutout of the larger shot part way through your collection.  I'm 90% sure it is my dad Mirando, probably on the pier at Santa Monica, but that is a guess.  It was one of his favorite areas.  He owned a dog named Jack, but earlier pictures of the dog don't show the same markings, although they are almost identical.  This however could be a newer dog as the old shots were taken in Mirando's teens.  I'm guessing this to be the mid 20s, and he also in his mid 20s.  He and his younger brother Albino had by that time left with their father Damiano to live in California.  The rest of the shots in his book include mystery friends or cousins that are unidentifiable.  Maybe we should compare notes on these.

Have a great new year.
We now know that Damiano, Mirando's father (photo below) came to the US on the boat in 1902 (arrived in Boston) with my grandfather, Emiliano.
Photo # 2
Note from Ron Frazzini: "A picture of Damiano, Mirando (Lee), and possibly Albino, however, they were only a year apart, and close in stature.  The difference in size would therefore suggest a much younger person, maybe Michael or Raymond, names that were on the divorce record."
Photo # 3
Ron Frazzini's dad, Mirando, known as Lee with his dog Jack.

Note from Ron Frazzini: "Note on the back is from Rose Marino, his sister, who claims he had two dogs, both named Jack.  So differences in dog pictures can be explained. To me, these are pictures of the same person, the upper one being older and with a different, but similar looking dog.  The lower is at a house on 18th street in Denver."
Photo # 4
Note from Ron Frazzini: "Here is a picture of an older Lee with two friends.  They show up in other shots also and I have no idea who they are."
Photo # 5
Note from Ron Frazzini: "The last shot is another set of friends who are also found in other shots, especially the man on the left."

So those are the photos from Ron. Does anyone look familiar to you?

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