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Sant'Eufemia a Maiella
When Sally and I were in Sant'Eufemia a Maiella during August of 2004, I spent several hours visiting the cimitero. Here are some photos of the cemetery and of the relatives that I found buried there.

The most interesting thing was how few relatives I could find. I did not find any DiVecchia's or diGiovine's. This a marked difference to the cemetery in my mother's hometown of San Pietro Avellana. There, I found dozens of relative.

Almost all of the inground burials have been removed and replaced by above ground crypts.
The cimitero was south of the town on the main road to Passeo Leonardo.
S. Giacomo is a small hamlet just on the far side of the cemetery.
This is the cemetery gate. I was told that this end of the cemetery is new along with the new chapel just in side the gate.
The signs say:
"Quello che siamo, sarete, preghiamo per voi"
"What we are, you will be, we pray for you""
This is the foundation of the old chapel of the cemetery. There is a new chapel now in a newer area of the cemetery. The locked metal lid in the center of what was the floor is where bones are placed. In the past, in ground burial was the custom. Since the cemetery was small, it was constantly recycled. Every few  years, an older section would be dug up to be reused. All bones found were put into the basement of the chapel. (The tombstones were discarded, apparently.) Today only a few in ground burial sites remain. They are all being replaced with above ground crypts. Now, I've been told, the town officials keep track of which in ground graves are dug up. This was not done in the past so there is very little historical information to be found here.
The oldest in ground grave that I found is from the 1940's and there were very, very few of them..
The only cousins I could find in the cemetery.
These are the parents of Pasquale Pantalone who married my aunt Eufemia.
Through a different path, they are my 2nd cousins 3 times removed.
Domenico Pantalone is my 2nd cousin 2 times removed. He is the grandfather of Enzo Pantalone who lives in Australia.
Luca Pantalone is Enzo's father. He, though, is actually buried in Australia.

So that is it. Very little information for my family here, no direct aunts, uncles or grandparents.

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