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Pasquale Carlini and wife, Filomena Labella

My mother, Benilda Frazzini, wrote about her trip to the US in 1926:

"We took a carriage (la carrozza) to the train station in some nearby town but I don't remember which town. We took the train to Napoli and then a boat to New York. I entered the US as a citizen since my father got his US citizenship in 1904.

I was sick on the boat for the whole trip (mal di mare). We were in third class. My zio Pasquale Carlini was in second class and he took me up there to see if I would feel better."

I found out a little about his first of many trips to the US. This manifest is from the ship Taormina which sailed from Naples on 19 Feb 1911 and arrived at the port of Philadelphia on 5 Mar 1911.

Pasquale was 17 years old. His occupation was Stonecutter. He left his father Eliodoro in SPA. He was going to the home of his brother-in-law, Luigi Silvestri in Monessen, PA. He had not been in the US before.

Pasquale travelled with Equio Silvestri from Roccaraso. Equio left his wife Loreta in Italy. Equio was 29 years old and he was going to the home of his brother Luigi in Monessen, PA. Equio's occupation was Shoemaker. Equio had previously been in PA from 1902 to 1907. Loreta was Pasquale's sister. I don't know if she ever joined her husband here in the US or if Equio returned to Italy.

Pasquale's wife, Filomena Labella and their daughter, Linda, joined him about 1928 and his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio. Pasquale was a stonemason. He died of cancer. He had one son, Elio, and three daughters, Bernardina, Linda and Louise.

My mother remembered visiting them many times in 1930's and 1940's. She remembered Elio and Linda. She didn't remember Louise. Bernardina died before the family came to the US. Elio and Louise were both born here. Pasquale was the first cousin of my grandmother, Lucrezia Carlini, so by Italian custom, my mother called him zio.

In January of 2006, I met Louise Carlini Brian for the first time. She and her husband live in Rocky River, OH, near Cleveland. I drove up when I was in Aliquippa visiting my parents.

We spent several hours talking about her family and my family. We looked at her photo albums. She let me scan several of her family photos. Here are three:

1909 Photograph probably taken in San Pietro Avellana.

Reverse side of the photo reads:
Studio Fotografico
Vincenzo Gentile
9 Mar 1909
Castel di Sangro

1. ?? He has a uniform on with a shoulder patch - of a bicycle.
2. ??
3. ??
4. ?? Anselmo Carlino - he was the third youngest brother (b. 1886-1941)
5. Bernardina Carlino (b. 1854) - mother of this family. She was the daughter of Felice Carlino and Maria Aloisia Colajanni
6. ??
7. Eliodoro Sabatino Carlino (b. 1844) - father of this family. He was the son of Marco Fililppo Antonio Carlino and Rosa Vincenza Serafina Carlino
8. Antonio Ernesto Carlino (b. 1889)
9. Pasquale "Pat" Carlini (b. 1893-1966)
10. ??

Look at the index numbers from the index drawing. Click here for index drawing.

From this photo, there are 8 young people - are they all children?. From the SPA records, I have found 7 children. In addition to the three I name above, there are:
Orantina Maria (b 1877)
Eleonora Maria (b 1879-1960)
Carmina LORETA (b. 1882)
Rosa Maria (b. 1884)

Louise was sure of her father, #9, her uncle Antonio, #8, and her grandparents, #5 and #7. I'm guessing that the third youngest son, Anselmo, is #4. My mother knew Anselmo but could not identify him in this photo. My mother received a postcard from Anselmo and his wife, Emma, about 1935. That photo is on my mother's web page.

So there must be two more sons that I don't have names for and the fourth sister is not in the photo. UNLESS some of these people are husbands/wives. Looking at the way the people are posed in the photo, the couple on the left and the couple in the back could be husband and wife.
In Jan of 2014, I got this email about the man in the military uniform:

From:    "Steve Steve"
Date:    Thu, 30 Jan 2014 11:41:33 -0800
Subject:    Your 1909 San Pietro Avellana photograph

Re your...1909 Photograph probably taken in San Pietro Avellana

The guy in uniform is a soldier in the Bersglieri Regiment ( light infantry ), they never walk or march anywhere, whether on or off parade, they always jog everywhere. The feathers on his hat are black capercaillie feathers, very iconic.

Fantastic, when it comes to doing things with style, nobody can beat the Italians. If he has a badge of a bicycle on his arm, then he's almost certainly a member of one of the Bersaglieri bicycle battalions. The Bersaglieri had bicycle units during WW1, and from well before WW1.

If you have any pictures showing a hat like this, that's Bersaglieri too, it's their undress cap, the Bersaglieri fez.

Regards. Steve

About 1918, Pasquale Carlini in his US Army WWI Uniform.
He received the Purple Heart.
Louise told me that he was buried with the Purple Heart ribbon.

1947 Carlini Family
Linda - Pasquale "Pat" - Elio "Al"
Filomena - Louise

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