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The microfilmed records from San Pietro Avellana (via the LDS Church) have been a gold mine of information about the four families that were my grandfather's mother (Salvatore) and father (Frazzini) and my grandmother's mother (diTella) and father (Carlini). There certainly were big families back in the 1800's.  Here is what I have so far, I will continue to update this as I go through the records. Look at the family tree for complete details like dates of births, deaths and marriages.

Emiliano Frazzini's Brothers and Sisters (my great aunts and uncles)
Maria Maddalena

Photo taken about 1940 in Italy
Information from Bina Frazzini Bozzi, Apr 2005: "Maria Maddalena (aunt Mariuccia) never married. In 1943, during the war, S.Pietro Avellana was destroyed and all the people went to Puglia. After the war she went back to Carovilli (near S.Pietro) and later went to Campobasso in order to stay in a religious institute. She died perhaps in 1952. I hadn't the chance of seeing her because I have been living in Roma."
Beata Paolina
Information from Bina Frazzini Bozzi, Apr 2005:  "Died very Young (I didn't know her)"
Rosa Eufrosina
Born in 1882 and died in 1888.
Camilla Giuseppa
Born about 1893, died in 1899, 5 years old
Modestino Arduino
Nataio, lived in San Pietro Avellana. He has his own web page. Click here.
Born in 1884. I don't know anything more about her.
"Rosina" married Giuseppe (Joseph) Buzzelli.  I have an old address for Buzzeli on E 105th Street in Cleveland, OH. Based on the birth of siblings, I would guess she was born about 1891. (There are no birth records available for 1891 to 1893.) She died of tuberculous. Year of death, 1940, a guess by Benilda Frazzini.

Cleveland Public Library Archive: Cleveland Necrology File
Id#: 0045826
Name: Buzzelli, Rosina Farazzinl
Date: ?
Source: Source unknown;  Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #012.
Notes: Buzzelli: Rosina Farazzinl, beloved wife of Joseph, mother of Angelina and Helen, passed away Nov. 22. Funeral from P. Coreno Funeral Home, 10514 Kinsman rd. Services from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, 10 a. m. Tuesday.

Information from Bina Frazzini Bozzi, Apr 2005: "I knew Rosina and her daughter Pierina before they went to America."

For more about Rosa and her family, look at my Giuseppe Buzzelli page.

Lucrezia Carlini's Brothers and Sisters (my great aunts and uncles) - sons and daughters of Doristella Michela diTella and Giuseppe Carlino.
From Ellis Island: 25 Nov 1922, 22 yrs, single, Stonemason, to: brother-in-law Luigi Iasella, 202 11th Street, Beaver Falls, PA, father Giuseppe. Armando never married and died at age 35.
Ersenio Giacinto
Died 1899, 2 years old
Elvira married Luigi Iasella.
Felice Amato
From Ellis Island: 15 Feb 1912, 17 yrs, single, to: Uncle: Teridano diTella, Dawson, NM, father: Giuseppe

Maria Albina Salvatore's Brothers and Sisters (my great-great aunts and uncles) - sons and daughters of  Domenico Antonio Salvatore and Maddalena Frazzini.

Giovanni Antonio
Married  Pasqua Iacovitti. I've found seven children.
Chiara Sabatina

Giuliana Berenice
Married Achille Buzzelli

Tony Buzzella is researching the Buzzelli family. Here is his family tree.
Maria Lucia Rachele

Donato Antonio

Maria Euginia

Nunzio Ippolito

Colomba Berenice

Giuseppe Carlini's Brothers and Sisters (my great-great aunts and uncles) - sons and daughters of Felice Carlino and Luisa Colaianni.


Married Ferdinando Roserio Rossi
Married Camillo Carlino

Ippolito Frazzini's Brothers and Sisters (my great-great aunts and uncles) - sons and daughters of Felice Amato Frazzini and Liberata diSanza.
Errico Guglielmo
Married Girolama Cristina Colaianni. I found one daughter.
Father of Ferdinando Frazzini
Amita Anselmo
Married Anna Vincenza diSanza
Emiliano Pietro Paulo

Sabatino Antonio
My mother remembers that he became a priest. Click here for his web page.
Beata Domenica

Maria Filomena

Dorastella diTella's Brothers and Sisters (my great-great aunts and uncles) - sons and daughters of Sabatino Eliseo diTella and Lucrezia Carmina Frazzini.

Tommaso Cipriano
Click here to go to Tommaso's page.
Maria Angelica Enrichetta
Mother of Gina and Eboline Carlini. Click here for Carlini page.
Maria Filippa
Married Vincenzo Antonio DiCapita
Severina Dominica

Vincislao Amico
Married Raffaela diTella
Arsenio Giuseppe

Teridano Emidio
Click here to go to Teridano's page.
Giuseppe Antonio Cipriano

Sabatino Eliseo di Tella's Brothers and Sisters (my great-great-great aunts and uncles) - sons and daughters of Emidio diTella and Maria Angelica D'Achille.

Fiora Dea

Valentino Persio

Maria Salome
Married Michelangelo Carlino. I've found two children.
Giuseppe Nicosio

Maria Michela

Persio Nicosio
Married Cristina diGianno. I've found 1 child.
Tomaso Cipriano

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