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Ferdinando Frazzini and His Siblings

Ferdinando Frazzini was a cousin of my grandfather Emiliano Frazzini. He was born on 25 Apr 1891 and died in a racing car accident on 6 Apr 1930 during the running of the Mille Miglia ("Thousand Miles"). His father was Pasquale Frazzini (brother of Ippolito) and his mother was Raffaela Perilli. They were married in 1869 (20 Jun). Pasquale's parents were Felice Frazzini and Liberata diSanza. Raffaela's parents were Ferdinando Perilli and Maria Giovanna Salvatore.

Ferdinando had seven siblings. I have his funeral booklet. It is in Italian, of course, so I can only make out a small portion of it. He was, apparently, a fairly important person.

 The booklet describes his life and seems to list all the jobs and positions he had. I'm going to need some help if I ever try to translate it from the Italian.

The Family Tree has all the brothers and sisters listed.

Cav. Ferdinando Frazzini
Ragioiere Capo nelle Intendenza di Finanza
nato in  S. Pietro Avellana addi 25 aprile 1891
morto a Sospiro (Cremona) il 6 aprile 1930
This narrative and the above map from:

Nearly 75 years ago a legendary road race, the Mille Miglia (mee-lay meel-yah) was run for the first time in Brescia, Italy. Italian for "One Thousand Miles", the Mille Miglia covered a 1,009-mile loop through the middle of Italy’s “boot” with average speeds of just 48 mph. By 1955 speeds reached almost 98 mph and Stirling Moss drove the winning Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR to victory. Deemed too dangerous for Italy’s open roads, the Mille Miglia was discontinued after its 1957 running. Today, though, the race lives on in a more reserved fashion. Collector’s cars run much the same route and follow the same historical Red Arrow that marked the first road course in an annual event that brings millions of spectators to Italy’s roadsides.

To read more about the Mille Miglia, look at Smithsonian Magazine for May 2002.
His funeral booklet Page 17 of the booklet. It shows

nato S. Pietro Avellana (Campobasso) 25-4-1891
dec. S. Salvatore di Sospiro (Cremona) 6-4-1930

1891 is one of the years missing from the LDS microfilm.

In the booklet are letters of condolences from, I imagine, friends or other important people. Some are:
    Dottore Cav. Gennaro Iannone, San Pietro Avellana
    Dall'Insegnante Sig. Giacomo Scocchera di Vinchiaturo ("From the teacher, Mr Giacomo Scocchera of Vinchiaturo" - my guess is that this is the teacher shown in all the photos that my mother had from San Pietro Avellana. The teacher was identified as "Scocchera" by my cousin, Giuliano Colajanni's mother. Click here for the photos.).

Siblings of Ferdinando Frzzini

The 1930 funeral booklet lists five fratelli (brothers and sisters): Felice (direttore didattico di Isernia - Director of Education for Isernia), Orazio, Liberata, Adelina, Marietta, though it says he is one of 8 children. I found two more brothers in the microfilmed records: Tomasino Maria and Giulio Pietro ( I later found that they both died before 1930).

Tommaso Mario Frazzini

I saw this posting on in 2003 but at the time didn't know who Thomas Frazzini could be. I replied in 2004 after I had guessed:

Re: Frazzini's from San Pietro Avellana
Author: Madalyn Frazzini Date: 2 Apr 2002 5:19 AM GMT

Hello, My paternal ancestors came from San Pietro Avellana. I visited the town a couple of times in the 1970s and 80s. My grandfather was Thomas Frazzini. He worked on the railroad in Utah and Nevada until he died from the spanish influenza in 1918.

I posted this:

Thursday, May 27, 2004 8:04 PM
Subject: Frazzini Genealogy


I saw your old posting on rootsweb about a year ago. If your GF was Tommaso Maria Frazzini b: 1 Nov 1878, we are related. I'm sending this to see if your email address still works.


Date sent:          Fri, 28 May 2004 09:52:20 -0700
From:               "Frazzini, Madalyn"
Subject:            RE: Frazzini Genealogy

Yes - My grandfather was Thomas Mario Frazzini.  Tell me more.... 


Great to hear back. I was worried that the email address was too old. Take a look at my family genealogy web site:

My mother is Benilda Albina Vittoria Frazzini, daughter of Emiliano Frazzini and Lucrezia Carlini.
Emiliano's parents were Ippolito Frazzini and Albina Salvatore.
Ippolito's parents were Felice Amato Frazzini and Liberata diSanza. These are our common ancestors.

Ippolito had a brother, Pasquale Frazzini, born 1 Sep 1842.
Pasquale married Raffaela Perilli on 20 Jun 1869.
Tommaso Maria was one of eight children.

I have a funeral booklet for Tommaso's brother Ferdinando, look at:

The funeral booklet (1930), did not list Tommaso's name, now I know why, per your posting, he died of the Spanish Flu in 1918.

After I saw your posting and made the connection, I have since found Tommaso in the 1900 and 1910 census (Box Elder Co, UT) and in one Ellis Island record 8 Mar 1900, age 21.

So look at the web site. The Family tree has all the brothers and sisters.

Were you aware of any of this? I hope you can add details of Tommaso's descendents or other cousins.

Your cousin,  Mark

Wow.  I'm now at work, but will try to check this info out later.  Also, we are visiting Frazzini relatives in Rome in July.  They are Tomasso's nephew, nieces and grand nephews - I think I have that right.  The relatives in Rome are my father's first cousins and their children.  My father - Eugene Francis Frazzini was Tomasso's son.

This is from Madalyn's husband, Jay:


First you and I are 'about' the same age (I was born in 1946 in NJ, and Madalyn was born in 1949), and I just spotted that you were born in 1948.

Next: Tommaso Mario Frazzini had 3 children while working on the railroad: 1. Rafael [maybe Rafaella, she went by Rae](a daughter who was born two days after the 1906 earthquake or one day after) and died a bit over a year ago at 96, 2. Eugene Francis Frazzini (Madalyn's dad) who was born October 21,1909 and died of lung cancer (steel mills plus smoking) in Burbank in June 1990, and then Lawrence (who is still living at like age 90 or so) in Chicago Heights, Ill.  Rafael had 3 daughters who in turn had 5 kids who have at least 12 grandkids and of course the Frazzini name did not continue there; Madalyn is an only child but she does use her maiden name professionally and we have named our daughter 'Danielle Therese Frazzini Perrine' so the name continues with her to an extent; and Lawrence has 2 daughters and ONE son Tom (about 61 years old now)who has a daughter and a SON (out of college I believe) - that son is the only male descendent of T. Mario Frazzini who can carry on that name in America, fyi.  

Quick history update: after Tomasino died in 1918/1919 Adele took her kids to Italy since she couldn't speak English and WWI was over and she THOUGHT life would now be better in Italy.  As Madalyn's father tells it: 'we could tell it was a mistake the minute we got off the boat in Italy'.  They stayed there like 2.5 years (3 school years) and then returned to the US and went to see relatives in Chicago area (Chicago Heights - essentially south chicago but has its own zip code, etc) which is where Inland Steel was located where her dad worked (Madalyn can revise this if I am slightly off).  Chicago Heights was also where Pullman Cars was located and other fairly heavy industrial businesses that used immigrant labor.
I sent this to Jay:

Do you think that Lawrence would remember his uncle Ferdinando, since Ferdinando died in 1930. I imagine, though, that since Tommaso died in 1918, the family may have lost touch with that side of the family.

What was Adele's family name? Were they married in the US? The 1910 census shows she was born in Italy and they were married about 1905. She was 33y in 1910.

All three of their children must have been born in UT (before Tommaso's death). Then did the family end up in IL? Did Eugene work in the steel mills in Gary, IN?

I noticed that the 1910 census shows Rafaella, daughter, 4y, and Eugenia, daughter, 7mo. Typical gender mistake that I've seen in the census.

Also in the 1910 census, it shows that they had 3 children, only two of whom are still living.
Jay sent this back:

The 7 months old for Eugene would be exact for 1910 - the census is supposed to be April, correct?  By April 1910 he would have been 7 months old having been born in 1909 in October.  Yes they were married in the US, I believe Utah and they probably did have all 3 children (only Lawrence might have been born in Nevada) in Utah before the railroad moved them to Battle Mountain, Nevada where Tomasino died and is buried.

It would be worth trying to see if Lawrence remembers Ferdinando since he went back to Italy (but I believe stayed in Castel de Sangro where Adele was from - next town up the hill from SPA) for those 2.5 years. Madalyn calls him from time to time and it would be fun to ask.  I would suspect that he had contact with his cousins and Uncles, but do not know to what extent as those seemed to have been tough times.  I never actually remember during the visit in 1978 when we were there in SPA with Eugene and the Frazzini cousins how much contact he had with them when they were younger (my impression was that they were sort of the same age, but that is now fuzzy since I was about 30 and they were all older and serving a lot of wine...).  Madalyn's dad was born in 1909 as we have reviewed, and Madalyn not until 1949 (40 years later) and the son of the cousin we have contact with (Maurizio) is younger than us (but maybe not by much?) and he has two brothers, one a doctor and one a judge but we barely met them and I think they are older than Maurizio (sp?) but not sure - as I recall we were eating at a restaurant and they came by to say hello and were gone in a few minutes and that was it. Where I am going is that their dad might have been younger and either NOT YET born back in 1919 or so young as to make no relationship in terms of playing together, etc.  I am pretty sure that they all told me how RARE a name Frazzini is even in Italy, and they did NOT know the origin of the name (you seem to have more on that!).

I found this WWI Draft Registration for Tommaso from Lander, NV:

                       Lander Military Draft World War I
        Contributed for use by the USGenWeb Project Archives
    ( and by the NVGenWeb Project Archives

                 BY Raymond H. Banks - 2/18/1998

Frazzini, Tommaso Mario      1 Nov 1878 W naturalized citizen     Lander             NV      

From BYU Idaho, Western States Historical Marriage Record Index
Complete Marital Information for
Tommaso M. FRAZZINI and Adele GASBARRO:
ID Number   379575
Grooms First Name   Tommaso M.
Grooms Last Name   FRAZZINI
Grooms Residence   Kelton, Box Elder, Utah
Brides First Name   Adele
Brides Last Name   GASBARRO
Brides Residence   Ogden, Weber, Utah
County of Record   Weber Co., Utah

In Feb of 2005, Carol Frazzini Elliott (daughter of Lawrence Frazzini) posted a message in my guestbook:

My first cousin, Madalyn Frazzini Perrine, has been communicating with Mark DiVecchio regarding the Frazzini genealogy. My father is Lawrence Frazzini. His father was Tommaso Mario Frazzini, born 1 Nov 1878. Mark had questions regarding Ferdinando Frazzini, my father's uncle. Mark was wondering if my father Lawrence remembers his uncle Ferdinando. He does remember him.. My father was 10 years old when he came back to the USA fom Italy. He remembers Ferdinando from his early childhood. Uncle Ferdinando would take him (Lawrence)and his sister Raphaela and brother Eugenio to the plaza in Castelo di Sangro (the town where my father's mother Adele was from) to hear concerts. Mark also had questions about Adele's family name. Adele's family name was Gasbarro. Adele and Tomasso were married in Utah. Raphaella and Eugenio were born in Utah in 1906 and 1909. Tomasso was working for the Southern Pacific Railroad. He was the foreman. The railroad progressed into Nevada, which is where Lawrence was born. Tomasso died in 1918 of the Spanish influenza when my father Lawrence was only 5 years old. My father's maternal grandparents, Maria and Lorenzo Gasbarro, were living with them in the USA. After Tomasso passed away, the family moved back to Castelo di Sangro, Italy for almost 3 years. Then they decided to move back to the USA. They settled in Illinois because Adele's sister Virginia and husband, Joseph Petrarca, lived there.
I wrote back:


Thanks for your entry my Frazzini Guestbook. Its really interesting to hear about other Frazzini's who immigrated to this country.

It was a very difficult life both physicaly and in terms of discrimination against Italians. But our grandparents didn't give up and we have them to thank for what we have today.

Did Madalyn tell you about the burial record I found at the Ogden City Cemetery in Ogden, UT?

Here is a summary of the information:
    Ogden City Cemetery Database
    "Baby Frazzino, Father: T. Frazzino, Mother: Adela Pasbano."
    Location: Annex 6-5-1E2. Headstone missing.

His is certainly a child of Tommaso and Adele, notwithstanding the spelling errors. This would be your aunt/uncle.

In your message, you mentioned Virgina Gasbarro and Giuseppe Petrarca. I did some checking on the Ellis Island web site:
Virginia Gasbarro's first trip to the US:
Ellis Island, arriving 20 Jan 1921:

Gasbarro, Virginia      Female 38y Married    C. Sangro, Italy
Mother Maria in Castel di Sangro.
Going to husband Giuseppe Gasbarro (that's not correct per your note) 186 22nd St, Chicago, IL

Travelled with her children:
    Gasbarro, Lorenzo      M      9y      S      Italy-Italian S.      C. Sangro, Italy
    Gasbarro, Francesco     M     8y     S     Italy-Italian S.     C. Sangro, Italy
    (these last names are not correct per your note, should be Petrarca. This was a common type of mistake often made in Ellis Island recording keeping since in Italy, married women keep their maiden names.)

And with
    Di Menna, Laura     M     13y     S     Italy-Italian S.     C. Sangro, Italy
    going to her father Loreto, 1750 W Polk St, Chicago, IL

Now I stumbled on something really interesting. I searched Ellis Island for Adele Gasbarro which I had not done before. I found her and her mother Maria Catullo coming to the US in 1904 - travelling with Giuseppe Petrarca! Arrived 8 Jun 1904.

      Petrarca, Giuseppe      M      32y      M      Italy Italian      Castel di Sangro
    notation: son-in-law, going to father-in-law Lorenzo Gasbarro,  c/o Bank, Prospero 
    Frazzini, 200-260 25th Street Ogden, UT

      Catullo, Maria         F     44y     M     Italy Italian     Castel di Sangro
    notation: mother-in-law, going to husband Lorenzo Gasbarro,  c/o Bank, Prospero 
    Frazzini, 200-260 25th Street Ogden, UT

     Gasbarro, Adele     F     17y     S     Italy Italian     Castel di Sangro
    notation: daughter

Now this all ties to another grave I found at the Ogden City Cemetery. Lorenzo Gasbarro, born 11 May 1907, died 7 Jun 1910. The mother is listed as Maria "Calullo" - but certainly that is Maria Catullo and Lorenzo was a son born in Ogden, and a brother to Adele Gasbarro Frazzini, wife of Tommaso.


Then checking for Lorenzo Gasbarro, there is an Ellis Island record for him and Maria arriving on 8 Sep 1922.
     0029.   Gasbarro, Lorenzo      M      65y      M      Italian S.      C. Sangro, Italy
    0030.      Catullo, Maria         F     62y     M     Italian S.     C. Sangro, Italy


Carol, I'm sorry this email ended up so complicated. Its just that each time I hear from someone, connections get made between the people I've found from San Pietro Avellana.

Hi Mark,
We attempted to work on the family tree, but not with much success,  yet! We haven't given up.  Hopefully your email will inspire my  Dad to continue working on it.
My sister, brother and I are taking my Dad out to Battle Mountain, Nevada  in two weeks.  Dad was born there, and he wants to visit his father's grave one more time before he dies. Dad will be 92 on Monday, July 18th.  I'm  sure that will spark some memories.
I'll keep in touch,

In Aug 2005, Carol and her family took a trip to visit the gravesite of her grandfather. Here are a couple of the photos she sent me

Dear Mark,
Here are the photos from our trip to Battle Mountain, Nevada when we  visited my grandfather, Thomas Frazzini's gravesite.  I am forwarding  them all to you.  You can choose the ones that you want for your  website. You can see that on the tombstone, my  grandfather's name is spelled "Thommas". 
Please keep in touch!
Carol Elliott
Aug 2005 Lawrence Frazzini at the gravesite of his father Tommaso Maria Frazzini who died in 1918 during the Spanish Flu outbreak.

Carol sent news that her father, Lawrence, died in June of 2006.

Madalyn told me about her cousins in Italy and I received this email from a great-nephew of Ferdinando:
Date sent:          Thu, 03 Jun 2004 19:08:55 +0200
From:               maurizio frazzini <>
Subject:            Albero Genealogico della Famiglia Frazzini

> Buon giorno, mi chiamo Maurizio Frazzini ho 53 anni  e sono un cugino di Maddalena, preferisco scrivere in Italiano perchè  ho una conoscenza della lingua inglese non suffiiciente.
> Desidero darle alcune informazioni di cui sono certo, in particolare quelle riguardanti i discendenti del mio bis nonno Pasquale, per altre informazioni non sono sicuro al 100%. Desidero inoltre informarla che attualmente a San Pietro Avellana (IS) non abbiamo più parenti vicini, perchè purtroppo sono tutti morti e nessuno di noi vive lì.
> Nonno Paquale  e nonna Raffaella hanno avuto i seguenti figli
> Felice Amato (nato nel 1870 e morto nella sua casa di S.Pietro nel 1966), Orazio (mio nonno nato nel 1881 e morto nel 1969), Tommaso che emigro' negli USA, nonno di Maddalena,   Lorenzo (credo sia morto giovane con un calcio di un cavallo), Ferdinando, il più giovane che morì a Cremona durante le prove di un corsa automobilistica chiamata " mille miglia" e poi le donne Maria, Liberata,Adelina.
> Nonno Orazio ha sempre vissuto in S. Pietro Avellana con il fratello Felice Amato, chiamato affettuosamente Zizì, ha avuto 5 figli Pasquale, Sabatino (mio padre), Romanino, Bice e Vittoria, ora tutti morti. Gli unici discendenti maschi siamo io e i miei due fratelli Orazio e Francesco. Mio padre portava il nome dello zio  prete Don Sabatino, fratello del bisnonno Pasquale.
> Negli Usa vivea Chicago, Lorenzo Frazzini, zio di Mddalena,  figlio di Tommaso; i suoi fratelli Eugenio, padre di Maddalena e Raffaella sono morti
> Credo, ma non sono sicuro, che altri fratelli di Emiiliano, fossero Modesto, Maria Enrico, Aminta. Modesto  ha avuto i seguenti figli: Venustina, Corrado, Eugenio, Rina e Bina.
> Il paese di San Pietro Avellana fu distrutto durante la seconda guerra mondiale nel 1944 dai Tedeschi. Le case furono rase al suolo  ed i miei nonni perdettero tutto
> Spero che le informazioni che le ho dato possano esserle utili.
> Distinti saluti, Maurizio
Here is a rough translation:
Date sent:          Thu, 03 Jun 2004 19:08:55 +0200
From:               maurizio frazzini <>
Subject:         Genealogical tree of the Family Frazzini
> Good morning, my name is Maurizio Frazzini. I am 53 years old and I am a cousin of Maddalena, I prefer to write in Italian because my knowledge of the English language is not good. 
> I'd like to give you some information of which I am certain, particularly that regarding the descendents of my great grandfather Pasquale, for other information I am not 100% sure of. I would like to also tell you that currently in St. Pietro Avellana (IS) we don't have near relatives anymore, because unfortunately they are all dead and none of us lives there. 
> Grandfather Paquale and grandmother Raffaella had the following children; Felice Amato (born in 1870 and died in his house in S.Pietro in 1966), Orazio (my grandfather born in 1881 and died in 1969), Tommaso that emigrated to the USA, grandfather of Maddalena, Lorenzo (who I believe died young by a kick of a horse), Ferdinando, the youngest that died in Cremona during the trials of an auto race called "Thousand Miles" and then the women; Maria, Liberata, Adelina. 
> Grandfather Orazio has always lived in S. Pietro Avellana with his brother Felice Amato, called, affectionately, Zizì, had 5 children; Pasquale, Sabatino (my father), Romanino , Bice and Vittoria, now all dead. The only male descendants were me and my two brothers, Orazio and Francesco. My father bore the name of his uncle Priest Don Sabatino, brother of his great-grandfather Pasquale. 
> In the USA, living in Chicago are Lorenzo Frazzini, uncle of Maddalena, Tommaso's child; his brother, Eugenio, father of Maddalena and Raffaella, is dead 
> I believe, but I am not sure, that other brothers of Emiliano, were Modesto, Maria, Enrico, and Aminta. Modesto has had the following children: Venustina, Corrado, Eugenio, Rina and Bina.  
> The country of St. Pietro Avellana was destroyed during the second world war in 1944 by the German. The houses were razed to the ground and my grandparents lost everything 
> I hope that the information that I have given you is useful. 
> Yours Sincerely, Maurizio

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