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San Pietro Avellana

1769 San Pietro Avellana Status Animarum

Status Animarum di anno 1769 - D. Joannes Salvadore Archipresbyter 

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In 1769, the priest of the church SS. Pietro e Paolo, Giovanni Salvatore, created a Status Animarum. It was a census-like document that listed all the families in SPA along with birth dates. The title above, in Latin, is from the first page of the SA.

My cousin, Giuliano Colajanni, found a copy of this document at the Archive in Naples. We have created this web page to document the families listed. Giuliano wrote:

The documents I copied in the Naples archive can not be integrally reproduced on your web-pages (as 1852 S.A.), but eventually you could use the information related (it is not permitted to publish the pictures). The info in the 1769 S.A. are less than the 1852 S.A. and more difficult to read and is necessary more attention to separate family // family.

This document adds 50 to 75 years to our family histories. We had been able to find many people born in the 1700's and now, this document will let us connect those people to their parents who were born in the 1600's..

With these files, we have the exact husband - wife - child relationships. The SA comprises 36 pages. There are two more SA available for research 17491852 and 1869.

The transcription into the spreadsheet was done with loads of help from Shirley Sinclaire, Cathy Youngblood, Cris Swetye and Wilberta diVincenzo.

Last Update:  11 Jan 2011 (corrections to the family of Ippolito diCroce from Cris Swetye)

Click here for the HTML version of the transcription (600 KB).

Click here download an Excel spreadsheet of the transcription (120 KB).

Just a quick look turned up these two Frazzino families:
Giuseppe Frazzino   21 Mar 1728   (my 5th greatgrandfather)
Costanza Mariani   second wife   20 Apr 1745
Pasquale  son 6 May 1767   (my 4th greatgrandfather)
Benedetto Antonio  son  20 Apr 1769
Domenico son of Giuseppe Frazzino and his first wife Rosa diSanza   30 Jun 1756
I had a big tree topped by Giuseppe and another big tree topped by Domenico. This record allowed me to connect them as father and son.
Saverio Frazzino   18 Apr 1728
Preziosa Gatta   18 Sep 1727
Teodora   daughter   6 Jun 1751
Pietropaolo   son   28 Jun 1758

I already had this family in my data base but I was able to add the birth dates.
There are two more SA available for research 1852 and 1869.

Some of my observations about this SA.

1. It is, at times, very hard to see the separate families. There is no definitive break between one family to the next. We separated the families as well as we could.
2. Names are a little bit different from which we are used to. For example d'Acquafondata, diRiccio (may be Ricci), diGiancola and diMartinella (may be diMartino).
3. It is partially in Latin. For example, "qd" is used - Latin "quondam" - meaning deceased.
4. We see several family names that are not common in later records - eg: diSanto, Frezza, Romito, Russo, Mascotelli, Malfino, Cafullo and Contestabile (we may even have the spelling wrong).
5. The handwritting is sometimes very hard to read. This is especially a problem on the new names.
6. It seems that many people living in SPA were born in other towns. Much more so than in later times. Towns including Miranda, BarreaForli (Forlì del Sannio), Gasta(?),  Frisano (?), Montenegro, Roccacinquemiglia (Frazioni di Castel di Sangro), Roccarosa, Panicocoli (now called Villaricca), Castel di Sangro and Pescasseroli.
7. The Quaranta family seems to all be from Barrea.
8. Many given names are abrieviated.

Since the transcription was so difficult, you should look at the original page to double check. Ask me to email you the Film Image that you want to check, then be sure to send me any corrections that you find.

We had trouble reading some of the writing on the SA. I asked both Giuliano and Alfonso diSanza d'Alena for help with some of the words. Here is what they sent me:

From Giuliano:
1) Correct is a name of original country of Nicola Russo "PANECUOCOLO" which was exactly "PANICOCOLI" up to 13/May/1871 changed name to VILLARICCA. Located close  to Napoli.
2) Cata : I think Caterina.
1) "qd" latin "quondam" as "del fu" as "dead" . Then: Luigi Antonio Ciotoli figlio del "quondam" Giovanni della "terra" (as country) di Ceccano (city) dello Stato Papale e di Concordio di Iullo di questa "terra" nata il 3 Giugno 1736
1)"COMMERCIANTE" as trader
2) Rev. is "Reverendo" as Reverend and "D" is Don as latin Dominus.Giovanni Battista Morelli was a priest.
I know by 1740 Catasto Onciario that Govanni Battista Musillo was a Doctor (MD)and "Magco" was a honorific as latin Magificum as Magnificent for all his family. From other text books " in my experience the magnificent title in the eighteenth century and in central and southern Italy was reported to people of great influence economic activity, availability of goods, lands and properties. not always, indeed rarely, was also indicative of the nobles, for whom the title was often given true (count, duke, marquis, etc.), rather it was used just to indicate who was not noble but belonged to a "caste" not exceeding only the populace but also medium to small owners. Small towns usually indicated the average person more economically 'agiata'".

From Alfonso:

I wrote: 

We can read the common names from the 1800's like, Frazzino, Morelli, etc. We had trouble with older names that don't appear in the 1800's like Mascotelli?, Cafullo?, diCarmoselli?. And we had trouble with given names like Teela?, Desiata?, Petino?.  Can you check to see if we have the spelling of names written correctly?

Alfonso wrote:

I think, Cafullo it’s right; about Grazia Mariola, I think that Mariola is the surname and then I read diCarovilli and not diCarmoselli (in this  case, it means, she was from -di- Carovilli). I didn’t find Mascotelli but Masciselli and I think the exact name is Mascitelli.  Given names are: Teela is Tecla; Desiata is right; Petino, it’s difficult to read, probably it could be Petrino, but I’m not sure.

Pay attention to Frà. It’s incorrect: , the exact spelling is Tra, an abbreviation of Terra. Because itt’s an abbreviation you can exactly translate to 'terra' Other surnames: diVenditto (not diVendetto); Mascitelli (not Moscitelli); d’Alicandro (not d’Alicondro); SORDO it’s not a surname in img5036; the surname is Blasio (Lucia) and "sordo e muto", are for deaf and dumb;   First names: Crisostomo Fantone (not Crissamo, in img5036); Paolo Dioguardi (not Broguardi in img5037); Leonora (not Leonara); Magnifico it’s used as a title for important people (it’s not a name); Isidoro (not Isodoro).
Ceccano is the town in province of Frosinone (see:
"Stato Papale" is the "Stato Pontificio". SPA, before 1861, was in the Regno delle Due Sicilie, while Ceccano was in another State (called "Stato Papale" in the record), the Stato Pontificio. The Pope was the King of this state. The Regno delle Due Sicilie, the Stato Pontificio and other italian states (e.g. Granducato di Toscana, Ducato di Massa e Carrara, il Lombardo-Veneto, etc.) were attacched during 'Risorgimento' by the Piemontesi, who created il Regno d'Italia, today's Italian republic.

A couple of other hints:

-- the use of "Sorella di" as "sister of" when a sister appeared after a person.
-- the use of "Ftlo  di" as "brother of" -- for "Fratello".
-- the use of  "ved'o" and "ved'a" for widower and widow.

Cathy Youngblood did an analysis of surname frequency in this SA and sent me the following (comments are from Cathy):

Surnames in San Pietro Avellana in 1769

Name Number of families Notes
Morelli 18
Musillo 17
diSanza 14
Cinea 10
Frazzino 10
Colajanni 10
Tristano 10
diIullo 9
Giancola 9
Cioffi 8
Colaizzo 8
diCianno 8
diTella 7
Colarosa 7
Carlino 7
della Croce 7
Rotolo 6 Did this name die out or does someone still know if it is associated with SPA?
Iasella 6
Mariani 6
diCroce 5
Fantone 5
Contestabile 5 This is the very first time I have seen this surname in SPA - has it died out now?
diLudovico 5
D'Aquafondata 5
Riccio 5 Is this Ricci?
Angelone 5
DiLorenzo 4
Marracino 4 Did this name die out or does someone still know if it is associated with SPA?
diFlorio 4
Quaranta 4
Iannacchione 3
Vacciano 3
Mastrojanni 3
Martino 3
diGiacomo 3
Cafullo 3 Has this family died out in SPA?
Russo 3
Malfino 3 This family may have died out in SPA.
diPierro 2
diAlicondro 2
?? 2
Gatta 2 This family may have stayed in SPA and increased their numbers in further generations.
diLuca 2
Ciotoli 1
Settefrati 1
Frezza 1 One of my cousins married a Frezza - I figured he came from elsewhere but maybe there was a fragment left somewhere close.
Salvatore 1 This family may have stayed in SPA and increased their numbers in further generations.
diCapone or diCaprio 1
diMartino 1
Morgano 1
Masciotelli? 1
Tonti 1 This family may have stayed in SPA and increased their numbers in further generations.
diGiancola 1
diMannano/Mariano? 1
Sozio 1
DiSanto (diSanza?) 1
Ludovico 1
Romito 1
Capato (Caputo)? 1
diSilvestro 1
Donatone 1
diMartinella 1
Capone 1 This family may have stayed in SPA and increased their numbers in further generations.


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