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Frazzini (my mother's side) Great-Grandparents

Here is a PDF view as created by PAF Companion.In the lists below, the yellow background shows my grandfather's ancestors and the blue background shows my grandmother's ancestors.

Great Grandparents

Ippolito Vincenzo Frazzini
Maria Albina Salvatore
Giuseppe Carlino
Doristella Michela diTella

2G Grandparents

Felice Amato Giuseppe Achille Frazzini
Maria Liberata diSanza
Domenico Antonio Nunzio Pasquale Salvatore
Maria Maddalena Frazzini
Felice Carlino
Maria Luisa Colaianni
Sabatino Eliseo diTella
Lucrezia Carmina Frazzini

3G Grandparents

Ipolito Frazzini
Maria diFlorio
Amicangiolo diSanza
Rosa Maria Buzzelli
Giacinto Salvatore
Lucia Iasella
Ippolito Frazzino
Maria diFlorio
Giuseppe Carlino
Leonara Acquafondata
Emiddio Colajanni
Antonia Maria diIullo
Luigi Antonio Emido diTella
Maria Rosaria Angelica
Giusepppe Giulio Frazzini
Felicia Colajanni

In Feb of 2007, Alfonso diSanza d'Alena sent me copies of the marriage record of Giuseppe Frazzino and Felicia Colajanni. I asked him a few questions about it:

caro Alfonso,

Today, I have received the records that you mailed. Thank you very much. The marriage record of Giuseppe Frazzino and Felicia Colajanni had much new information for me. Can you translate for me the "professione" from the marriage record:

Have I spelled the words correctly?

grazie e ciao.
Dear Mark,
  bracciale (right italian bracciante) = farm labourer
  campiere = this word has two meanings: a) man that oversee the work in the fields; b) field worker;
  ferraro = blacksmith

  (see also this link: )
  Anyway if you read the atto di morte of Lucrezia Frazzini, you can see that the social condition of Giuseppe and Felicia is totally different: they are indicated as possidenti = landowner, and so is indicated Lucrezia. In the atto di morte of Eliseo di Tella you can read proprietario that is the equivalent of possidente (landowner).  It wasn't usual to be indicated as possidente or proprietario, because this "style" was used only for people respected in their town. For example noble families are often indicated with proprietari or possidente and their title; for noble woman is often used the style gentildonna.
  In that time more than noble families there were also families that lived more nobilium (as nobles) that didn't need to work.
  Please note that Vincislao di Tella (he was an engeneer) married a di Tella of Capracotta: this family in Capracotta was very important and in that time the marriage were made only between people of the same status. Di Tella's family of Capracotta had relationship with Conti's family of Capracotta, some of what married people of d'Alena's family.


4G Grandparents

Pasquale Frazzino
Beata Fantone
Matteo diFlorio Margherita Colarosa
Antonio diSanza Vincenza Iannacchione
? ?
? ?
Giovanni Antonio Iasella Venanzia diNuzio diPesco
Pasquale Frazzino Beata Fantone
Matteo diFlorio Margherita Colarosa
Michelangelo Carlino
Rosa Vincenza Morelli
Giuseppe Acquafondata
Annamaria diGiacomo
Domenico Colajanni
Annangelica della Croce
Carmelo diIullo
Domenica Rotoli
Cipriano diTella
Mara Antonia Carlino
Eduardo d'Achille
Lucia Settifrati
Giusto Frazzino
Sabina Marracino
Ippolito Colajanni
Gioconda Musillo

5G Grandparents

Giuseppe Frazzino
Costanza Mariani
Donato Fantone Rosa Colajanni
Nicola diFlorio Maria diIullo
? ?
? ?
? ?
? ?
? ?
? ?
? ?
? ?
? ?
Alfonso Colajanni Abbondanza Mariani
? ?
Allesio diIullo Apollonia Fantone
Francesco Rotoli Carmina deAngelis
Tommaso diTella Cecilia Tristano
Michelangelo Carlino Rosa Vincenza Morelli
? ?
? ?
Cesare Frazzino ?
? ?
? ?
Giovanni Nicola Colajanni Loreta Rotoli
Donato Musillo Lucia diTella

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