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Frazzini-Carlini New York, Boston and 
Philadelphia Passenger Lists

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Gene Frazzini sent me these lists of arrivals at New York (before Ellis Island), Boston and Philadelphia. He got them from They are mostly for Frazzini's. He also sent me the lists for Carlini but I've not completed looking at these though some are here. I cross referenced each name with my notes from the birth records in the SPA microfilms. Where I could, with good confidence, make a match, I put in the birth date from the microfilms. Note that the passenger lists only have have the age so the "Estimated Birth Year" is only a subtraction from the arrival year. When this is done, the actual birth year could be that year or the year before. Under the notes, I've put who is related if I could figure it out.  The people with only initials for the first name are tough to cross reference. Unless otherwise noted, all of these people are from San Pietro Avellana.

One entry was my Grandfather, Emiliano Frazzini, and that was new information for me.

In Sep 2005, I started looking at the original manifests and I've added a lot of details to each record.

New York Arrivals (1851-1891)

Birth Year
from Record
Sex Actual Birth
Date from SPA
microfilms when I
could identify
the person
Adonzio Frazzini
15 Apr 1887 1865 M 13 May 1865
f: Sabatino
m: Maria Colarosa
1910 Census, Butler, WV
15 people from SPA on this boat.
#2768 in my GED file.
Angelantonio Carlino same 1837 M 7 Nov 1836
f: Celestino
m: Caterina Giacomo
The index says he was 30y, I believe
it to be 50y.
15 people from SPA on this boat.
Cristinziano diTella same 1844 M 2 Jul 1845
f: Emiddio
m: Addarica Colaianni
Ancestor of Betty Huston
15 people from SPA on this boat.
See Dawson Tree Part 2
Antonio Frazzini
17 Mar 1890
1870 M 17 May 1869 Prospero's Brother
Carl Frazzini
4 Apr 1888
1872 M 14 Feb 1871 Gene Frazzini's GGF
E Frazzini
13 Apr 1891
1854 M    
P Frazzini
13 Apr 1891
1870 M    
Elenario Frazzini
3 Jun 1891
1859 F   Elenaria (?), possibly
from Vastogirardi
F Frazzini
10 May 1883
1848 M    
F Frazzini
10 May 1883 1855 M    
P Frazzini
10 May 1883 ? M    
F Frazzini
19 May 1888
1859 M    
G Frazzini
19 May 1888 1886 M    
L Frazzini 19 May 1888 1887 F    10 months
M Frazzini 19 May 1888 1850 M    
Faustino Frazzini 18 Apr 1882 1856 M 8 Apr 1855 Prospero's cousin, buried in Ogden
Pasquale Frazzini 18 Apr 1882 1838 M 17 Aug 1837 Mike Hamilton's ancestor
Felicito Frazzini 18 Apr 1882 1864 M 18 Jul 1864 Prospero's Brother
Gaetano Frazzini 12 Mar 1891 1868 M Possible 1867  
Giovanni Frazzini 19 Apr 1883 1854 M    
Joseph Frazzini 4 Oct 1869 1816 M    

Boston Arrivals (1891-1943)

Birth Year
from Record
or Age
Sex Actual Birth
Date from SPA
microfilms when I
could identify
the person
Rosina Colarosa
16 Sep 1913 23y F   Going to husband, Giacinto Frazzini,
2133 15th St, Denver, CO
Father in SPA, Agostino.
Maria Grazia
diLorenzo Frazzini
11 Aug 1912 1866 F 5 Jun 1865 Wendy McFarland's
GGM. Wife of Silvestro Frazzini (her GGF).
Traveling with 4 children.
Ref: daugher in SPA: Girolama
Going to son Giovanni Frazzini in Kohler, NM (which is crossed out and Barton, NM is written in).
    Nicoletta Frazzini same 16y F 6 Nov 1896 Wendy McFarland
    Alfredo Frazzini same 12y M 29 Dec 1899 Wendy McFarland
    Blandina Frazzini same 9y F Wendy McFarland
    Santo Frazzini same 6y M Wendy McFarland's GF
Agostino Girolamo
26 Jun 1911 30y M 29 Sep 1880
f: Antonio
m: Filomena Mariani
Wife in SPA, Esterina.
Previously in US 1900-1911
Going to Dawson, NM, cousin Domenico Palumbo
Amico Frazzini 1 Jun 1902 1885 M From brother Emiddio
f: Filippo
m: Rosaria diIullo
Going to brother, Emiddio Frazzini,
Ogden, UT
9 people from SPA on this boat.
Possible WWI Draft Registration "Mike", La Plata, CO
Pasquale Frazzini 1 Jun 1902 1876 M 29 May 1876
f: Nunzio
m: Elisabetta Quaranta
Ron Frazzini
Going to Denver, CO
Previously in US 1899-1901
Wife in SPA - Maria Domencia Daniele
Carlo Frazzini 3 Mar 1902 1864 M 14 Dec 1863
f: Domenico
m: Annantonia diCianno
Ron Frazzini
Going to New York.
8 people from SPA on this boat
Giovanni Carlini 3 Mar 1902 48y Going to Pittsburgh
8 people from SPA on this boat
Degna Cioffi 3 Mar 1902 23y F 29 Nov 1875 Wife of Cesare Frazzini, but his must have been before they were married.
They were married in 1902.
Going to "my cousin, Cesare Frazzini".
8 people from SPA on this boat
Concetta Frazzini 11 Dec 1914 1895 F 5 Aug 1894 Father in SPA, Vincenzo
Travelled with son Primiano
Going to husband, Erminio Gatti, in Dawson, NM
    Primiano Frazzini same 1y M Travelled with mother - above
Domenico Frazzini 7 Feb 1902 1880 M Possibly 1879 Possibly Ron Frazzini
Going to Prospero Frazzini, 2138 15th St. Denver, CO
Emiddio Frazzini 7 Feb 1902 1880 M 14 May 1879
f: Filippo
m: Rosaria diIullo
Going to uncle Pasquale Tonti, Ogden, UT
Emiliano Frazzini 7 Feb 1902 1886 M 15 Feb 1886 My GF, going to a town which I cannot read.
Domenico Carlini 7 Feb 1902 1844, 58y M 2138 15th St. Denver, son-in-law Carlo diIullo.
He may be my 2nd cousin, 3 times removed.
Son of Giuseppe - next line
Giuseppe Carlini 7 Feb 1902 1879, 23y M 19 Sep 1878
f: Domenico
m: Concetta Carlino
2138 15th St. Denver, CO, brother-in-law Carmelo diIullo.
He may be my 3C2R.
Father of Domenico - see previous entry.
Giovannina Frazzini 13 May 1920 1896 F 11 May 1895
f: Nunzio
m: Elisabetta Quaranta
Ron Frazzini. Going to husband, Michele Carlini, Denver, CO.
SSDI 11 Jun 1960, CA
CA death records, mother Quaranta.
Teodolinda Carlini same 64y
F sister in SPA - Aderina
Going to son Michele Carlini, Denver, CO
Lina Frazzini 17 Dec 1917 19y F Born in US Daughter of  Prospero Frazzini.
Going to home 2134 15th St. Denver, born in Boston.
Previously in US from birth to 1903.
Maria Nicola
10 Dec 1920 1888 F   Traveling with two daughters. Going to Latrobe, PA.
Brother-in-law in SPA Brandisio Labate. Going to husband Nicola Frazzini. She had a blind right eye.

Wilberta had found elsewere that Maria's husband was Nicola Frazzini.

Wilberta wrote: I found these same three females on Ellis Island site - listed on a manifest for the ship Pesaro that arrived in NY 26 Oct 1920.

Maria Nicola diGiacomo, age 32,
daughter Lucia Giovanna, age 15
and daughter Maria, age  7,
Left  behind 'cousin Sabato, Brandisio,'
All going to husband/father Nicola Frazzini in Latrobe, PA, but all three lines were crossed out, so they did not  sail then. Couldn't find them taking a later ship on the Ellis Island site, but now I  know why - they came in through Boston!
    Lucia Frazzini same 1905 F   daughter of Maria Nicola
    Maria Frazzini same 1913 F   daughter of Maria Nicola
Nicola Frazzini 20 Oct 1913 1876 M 16 Feb 1876 Per information found by Wiberta: he is the husband of Maria Nicola diGiacomo.
She had found Nicola Frazzini on the Ellis Island Lists arriving in NY, in 1909, age 33, going to 'no one',
left behind wife, Nicola diGiacomo, in SPA.

She also found Nicola Frazzini in 1920 Census living  in Latrobe, PA, married, (but no family with
him  - census was taken in  January and  wife didn't arrive until December)
age 44, married, occupation: laborer of streets and highways, rooming with a Joseph Capretta family. Dominick
Morelli is also a roomer and there is a Colaianni  family a few doors away.

WWI Draft Registration, Latrobe, Westmorland, PA
Rocco Frazzini 9 Jul 1920 41y M 16 Aug 1879
"Rocco Sabatino"
f: Vincenzo
m: Rosaria Ricci
Wife in SPA - Chiara
Going to nephew Cesare Colaizzi, East Ely, NV.
Previously in US 1911 to 1916, NV.
Passage paid by Italian Government

Samuel Frazzini 6 Mar 1924
M   Probably Wendy McFarland's GF, Santo,
on his second trip to the US via Boston (see Santo Frazzini above).
Going to Ellwood City, PA
US Citizen.
Vincenzo Frazzini 17 Apr 1921 1863 M 23 Dec 1862 Wendy McFarland.
Brother of Silvestro
Frazzini (her GGF).
Roberto diTella 1 Dec 1904 1874 M Birth records for 1874
are missing.
Not in 1873 records
Indexed incorrectly as Dicella.
Going to Giuseppe Frazzini in
Boston, MA
Leonzio Carlini 12 Nov 1923 1899 M 21 Mar 1899 Leonzio Palmerino Nestor Carlini.
SSDI: Dec 1978, Pittsburgh.
My 3C2R.
Ostilio Carlini 6 Jun 1910 1891 M mother in SPA - Hortonia
Going to cousin, Labate, Pittsburgh, PA.

Philadelphia Arrivals (1883-1945)

Birth Year
from Record
Sex Actual Birth
Date from SPA
microfilms when I
could identify
the person
Pasquale Carlini 5 Mar 1911 1894 M 2 Apr 1893
(not from microfilms, but from SSAN application)
My 1st cousin
2 times removed.

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