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Buzzelli from Castel di Sangro

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I'm going to use this page to gather information that I have about the Buzelli family from Castel di Sangro. Many people from CdS came up the mountain and married the sons and daughters of Sampietresi.

You can read about Giuseppe Buzzelli who married my great aunt Rosa Frazzini on his own page.

Tony Buzzella is researching the very large Buzzelli family. Here is his family tree.

In the searching of the US records that I did, I found the family name spelled Buzzeli and Buzzalle.

Giuseppe Luigi Buzelli married Florina Mariani.

They moved to Elwood City, PA and raised three sons. In Feb 2007, I received a couple of emails from Patrick and Rey Kyle. They are descendant from Giuseppe and Florina's son Oriente. Florina is my 2nd cousin, 3 times removed (3C3R), Patrick and Rey are my 5th cousins through Orie Buzelli and my 6th cousins through Bertha DeSanzo. Patrick and Rey sent me almost every thing you see about Giuseppe and his family - photos and words.

Date:            Sat, 10 Feb 2007 06:13:35 -0800 (PST)
From:            PK <>
Subject:         DiSanzo DeSanzo deSanzo

Hello Mark

My name is Patrick Kyle.  I'm interested in your family tree information especially from Wilberta Illig.  She is writing about my Grandmother Bertha (DiSanzo) Buzzelli.  I am descended from her and Oriente Buzzelli.  Her daughter was my mother Gina (Buzzelli) Kyle.  My oldest brother bears Orie as his middle name.  Here is the site that I'm reading:

Looks like Dave DeSanzo might be a distant relative as well through Frank deSanzo.

I remember my great Uncle Bill, Grandmas brother William DeSanzo.  My Mother had three sisters and one brother, Yolanda, Leona, Flora and Renald.

Thanks for any future connections


PS:  We have a family portrait of Florina Mariani and Giuseppe Buzzelli with their three sons including Oriente Buzzelli as a young boy.
Date:            Tue, 13 Feb 2007 22:28:54 -0500
Subject:         Buzzelli Photos

Hi Mark,

My name is Rey Kyle. I am Pat Kyle's brother, a Buzzelli descendant. This email is in reference to the Buzzelli family photo Pat spoke of. Attached to this email, you shall find two photos. The first is a scan of an old photo of Orie and Bertha Buzzelli. The second is a scan from a negative copy of an old copy photo of Giuseppe and Florina Buzzelli and Kids. The full photo is to large for my scanner, and my aunt Leona (Buzzelli of Orie) will not let me touch the original. In the family photo, the children are Orie with the hat, John, then Leonardo. Enjoy.


Here are the photos they sent me.

Giuseppe Buzelli and Florina Mariani
The children are Oriente Nicola (Orie, the youngest) with the hat, Amico Domenico (John), then Leonardo Camillo (the oldest).
Orie was maybe 6 years old so this photo would be from about 1896. Probably taken in Italy.

Giuseppe came to the US in 1896. Florina, Orie and Leonardo in 1897 and John (along with grandmother Giuseppa Cioffi and aunt Angela Labate) in 1898.

They appear in the 1900 census in Big Beaver Township, Beaver County,  PA. Giuseppe was a Blacksmith. Giuseppe's mother Giuseppa (Josephine) Cioffi was living with them. Both Leonardo (13y) and John (10y) were working at a glass manufacturing plant. Orie was still in school.

In the 1910 census from Ellwood City, John and Rosy are living with brothers, "Orony" and "Lonney", and with grandmother Josephine Mariani.
Rey Kyle wrote about his grandparents and great-grandparents:

"My GF Orie was a tailor. He learned his trade in Italy before coming to the U.S. I spoke with my Aunt Leona (Buzzelli), his last living sibling and she gave so much interesting information. I need to go back to visit her soon and write it all down. But here is what I remember.

Giuseppe and Florina Buzzelli came to America with their three boys Orie, John, and Leonard. One day while Giuseppe was out of town, his wife Florina was mistaken by the law for someone else and jailed. Florina was very frightened for she could not speak English and did not know if her husband would ever find her. Giuseppe soon returned to town and had his wife released from jail and the guilty woman was found. Florina never recovered from the experience. Giuseppe returned to Italy with his wife Florina and their son Orie. John and Leonard remained in the U.S. Florina not recovering for the experience in jail soon died in Italy. Orie returned to the U.S. as a young man to be with his brothers. He married Bertha deSanzo and moved to Orlando, Florida with their five children, Flora, Renald, "Tiki" Yolanda, Leona, and Gina my mother."

There is an Ellis Island record of Orie, 17 years old, returning to the US, going to brother Leonardo Amico in Hoytdale, PA, previously in the US from 1897-1901.

Orie Buzzelli and Bertha DeSanzo (Berta diSanza)
From at least 1930 on, they lived in Florida, starting with Orlando (from the 1930 census).
Orie was a tailor. In this photo, he looks to be about 35 years old so this photo would have been taken about 1925.

Rey Kyle wrote:

"The old photo of  Orie and Bertha was taken in Orlando. The water is one of many lakes in Orlando and Florida has had a lot of Spanish style architecture of square looking buildings and barrel tile roofs."

Patrick Kyle wrote:

"I remember my mother Gina (Buzzelli) Kyle telling me that her father (Orie) was a tailor downtown Orlando near the Angebuilt Hotel.  She proudly told me that he made the uniforms for the police and fire departments.  It was his business shop where he crafted tailor made clothing for the general public as well as the uniforms.  I believe that the photo that Rey sent of Grandma and Orie was taken on Lake Eola.  The tailor business was located on South Orange Avenue, downtown Orlando on the west side of the lake.  There are hundreds of lakes in and around Orlando but people gathered at Lake Eola and still do.  It is quite large with a walkway all way around and a huge fountain in the center.  Lots of changes to the Orlando area from what I remember as a boy visiting relatives there from the beach, South Patrick Shores near Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Leona and Grandma lived in Orlando.  My Aunt Flora (Buzzelli) Lambert lived on the beach in Indialantic, Florida.  Yolanda (Ticky Buzzelli) Downs in Charleston, South Carolina.  I now live near Gainesville, Florida.  Two of us sibs are in Georgia and the rest in Florida.  Seven all together.  Orlando is a crowded place since the days that I accompanied my Grandma to McCrorys downtown.  Although it still is a beautiful place spotted with lakes and places of interest.  A stop-over for people on the way to Disney World."

Patrick Kyle wrote in response to an email about the different spellings of names:

Thats interesting.  I wondered why there were so many different spellings.  Now I see the situation.  Of course there are different ways to pronounce names even different dialects besides the differences in language.  I'm glad that you would add a note for those who are familiar with certain ways a name is known.  deSanza is not something that we would pick-up-on right away. Recognition of a loved one is pleasant.  To us she was Grandma Buzzelli famous for her home made ravioli.  Traditionally we make ravioli every Christmas to this day.  Everyone making the dough, rolling the pasta, making the filling, boiling the ravioli, adding the sauce.  Don't forget to top with parmesan.  Placed on the table in a big platter with plenty of salad and white pizza the way Grandma made it, plain with olive oil, garlic powder and salt in a square pan.
Front row left to right: Mary (Carlino) Ross (Rosso), Clair (Frazzino) Carlino, Bertha (deSanzo)Buzzelli.

Top row left to right: Nora Ciarraocchi, unknown, "Eli" Elvira (Carlino) deSanzo.
Photo from Rey Kyle

Clair (Chiara Flora Frazzino1856-1937) is the mother of Mary, Nora and Eli.
Clair is sister to Florina (Florinda Immaculata Carlino 1858-1922), Bertha's mother.
Eli (Elvira D. Carlino) married William deSanzo, Bertha's brother.

Mark's note: I'm guessing that the unknown woman in the photo is either Christina Carlino (1888-1940) or Carrie Carlino (1899-1933/4) - both sisters of Mary and Eli.
Date:    Tue, 1 Jul 2014 04:58:45 -0700
From:    Pat <>
Subject:    Re: (Fwd) compare photographs

Hello Mark good to hear from you.

I brought your quest (Mark's note: see email from Wendy McFarland below) to my Aunt Leona (Buzzelli) Law. She is the last surviving family on my Mothers side, her sister.  This is her reply about the photo with the woman in question in the front center.  My Grandmother Bertha (DeSanso) Buzzelli Aunt, Leona's Mother, is front-right:

"No because the elderly lady in black is my Mother's Aunt.  She is from a different generation. She is my Grandmother's sister (Mark's note: Leona's GM is Florina Frazzini).  I think she is a Carlini.  Mary next to her in white dress is my Mother's cousin.  In back row is Nora Ciarrocchi (Mark's note: Nora diGiacomo, daughter of Asterina Frazzini who died in 1903) who was raised by my Grandmother so we call her Aunt Nora.  Her Mother died who was my Grandmother's sister. Next to Nora is Mary's sister (I forgot her name).  Next is Allie who married Uncle Bill.  She is also the sister of Mary."

In other words Mary, Allie and the person whose name I forgot are all sisters.  The elderly Lady in black is their Mother.


Lorenzo Buzzelli and Filomena Buzzelli

This family lived in Summit and Cleveland, OH. Lorenzo was a 1st cousin to my family. The Buzzelli were from Castel di Sangro. Wendy McFarland sent me this:

From:    "W McFarland" <>
Subject:    compare photographs
Date:    Thu, 26 Jun 2014 13:00:34 -0400

Hello Mark!

How are you and Sally?  It seems as if it has been a long time since we have touched base.  All is well here.  I am still searching for ancestors!

I was looking over the Buzzelli info on your web page and came across the photo below from Rye Kyle. (Mark's note: really the photo above from Rey Kyle.)

The lady in the front middle in Rey's photo, who is named Clair (Frazzino) Carlino, looks very much like the lady in the back row labeled "unknown" in my Labor Day, Ellwood City photo!

(Mark's note: after some back and forth, we decided that is not the same person.)

Thank you!

Wendy's web pages at

Ellwood City, PA
Labor Day  5 Sep 1932

Front Row:

Mary Buzzelli  married Dante "Andy" Biordi. Mary is the daughter of Lorenzo & Filomena Buzzelli. (Mary is a 2nd cousin to my family). Andy is a son of Giovanni & Concetta d'Amico Biordi.

Manuella Antinossi Frazzini is Wendy's grandmother.

Back Row:

Lizzie Biordi - daughter of Giovanni & Concetta d'Amico Biordi. Married Francesco Biordi.

Emma Mariani married Mike d'Amico.


Concetta d'Amico married Giovanni Biordi - 1940 census Ellwood City, Lawrence, PA, widowed 60y living next door to Andy and Mary Buzzelli Biordi. Probably Andrew's mother.
The Frazzini's were from SPA.
The Buzzelli's & d'Amico's were from Castel di Sangro and the Biordi's  were from Bariscano, L'Aquila, Italy.
I'm not sure about the Mariani's. Its a good SPA surname but it might be the CdS branch.

Leonardo Buzzelli

Wendy McFarland sent me these photos in Feb of 2009

From:    "kwrjmcfarland" <>
Subject:    Pictures of Leonardo Buzzelli
Date:    Wed, 18 Feb 2009 20:00:50 -0500

Hi Mark,
I have attached a few pictures of Leonardo Camillo Buzzelli, son of Giuseppe Buzelli and Florina Mariani. He was my grandmothers (Manuella Antinossi Frazzini) step-father.  I didn't know if you would want them for the web site.

(comments below photos are Wendy's)

Manuella's wedding picture November 26, 1932.
In the wedding photo is (L-R):
Andy Biordi, Yolanda Biordi Prosperini, Leonardo Buzzelli, Manuella Antinossi Frazzini, Santo (Sam) Frazzini.
I still have my grandmothers wedding dress!
A cropped verison of Leonardo from Manuella's wedding. 
This picture is Leonardo and his second wife Emilia D'Amico Antinossi Buzzelli.  I am not sure when this was taken but Leonardo died in 1956.  I would think this picture would be close to that date.  I remember my g-grandmother looking just like she does in this picture.  She died in 1966.  This picture was taken in their home in Ellwood City, PA.  I remember the home well.

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