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Passport Applications - San Pietro Avellana

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An interesting source for photos are US Passport Applications. In many cases, these may be the only photos available of people from the first part of the 20th century. These aren't the best of photos - few people smiled for their passport photo and the copy/scan is not that good but they are photos to look at.

I'll try to add a comment to each photo if I know anything about the person. If you would like a scan of the passport application, let me know and I can email it to you.

1919 Domenico Colaianni, Pittsburgh, PA
1919 Giuseppina Frazzini Colaianni, Pittsburgh, PA
1919 Giuseppe Colaianni (Joe Colianni), Minneapolis, MN
1919 Lina Frazzini, Denver, CO
Daughter of Prospero Frazzini.
Wife of D. Giovanni Perilli.
1919 Mariette Colaianni (Maria Colianni), Minneapolis, MN
1919 Pasquale Colaianni, Pittsburgh, PA
1919 Prospero Frazzini, Denver, CO
1920 Antonina diIullo, Denver, CO
Sister of Carlo diIullo.
Wife of Thomas Rocco Rullo.
1920 Costanza (della Croce) Salerno, Aurora, MN
1920 Domenico Colaianni, Pittsburgh, PA
1920 Domenico Lombardi, East Ely, NV
1920 Oreste Gatti, Patterson, NJ
1920 Pasquale Carlini, Youngstown, OH
1920 Sabatino Colaizzi, New Castle, CO and Dawson, NM
1921 Adam Erminio Colaizzi, Pittsburgh, PA
1921 Amedeo Jacovetta, Florence, CO
1921 George Frazzini, Mt. Harris, CO
1921 Michele Ricci, Youngstown, OH
1921 Oreste Gatti, New Galilee, PA
1921 Orlando Piscitano, Sopria, CO
1921 Salvatore diCianno, Beaver Falls, PA
1921 Severino diLorenzo, Bear River, CO
1922 Carlo diIullo, Denver, CO
Husband of Elvira.
Worked at the Italian-American Bank in Denver.
1922 Elvira diIullo, Denver, CO
Wife and youngest son of Carlo diIullo.
1923 Giovanni Colaianni, East Youngstown, OH
1923 Luigi Colaianni, Pittsburgh, PA
1923 Maria Frazzini daughter of Cesare Frazzini, Denver, CO
1923 Pasquale Carlini, Youngstown, OH
1923 Paul Vito Colaianni, wife Assunta, Minneapolis, MN
1923 Tristano Colaizzi, Dawson, NM
1924 Giovanni Colaianni, East Youngstown, OH
1924 Pietro Gatti, Beaver Falls, PA
1924 Sabatino Colaizzi, Youngstown, OH
1924 Samuel diMartino, Latrobe, PA
1925 Amedeo Amico diLorenzo, born in Dawson, Youngstown, OH
1925 Giovanni Colaianni, wife Domenica and adopted child Lorenzo Giacomo,
East Youngstown, OH

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