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Naturalization Records in Beaver County

From Wilberta Illig:

Hi Mark,
Found a website you'll be interested in -- Naturalizations for Beaver County, PA. Looks like they only go up to 1906 -- I think that's when the  Federal government took over.  Quite a few names from SPA there.  One  is Ruggerio Frazzini.  Have you seen him before?  He is in the 1920  Census as Roger Frazzini in Freedom, PA.  I have a few obits of his  children from the Beaver County Times newspaper.  He had 11 or 12  children.  He says he arrived in 1901 or 1902, but I just can't find him in  the Ellis Island Lists.  You won't find him in the SPA films either -- his  Naturalization papers say he was born in 1874 and I know the Nati records are  missing for that year -- that's the year my grandfather was born.  His wife  was Virginia diTanna -- she's in Ellis Island as Virginia Tanna leaving  "Opracotta" in 1903 with her two children - Gio'sue, age 2 years  and  Prosperina, age 2 months.  You've probably seen the kids names.   Wonder who Prosperina was named for? Here's the site - look on the left  side for Naturalizations and follow it - the first time you use it, it asks you  to accept a certificate.  When I found it a few months ago, the  certificate was expired and not much was online.  I kept checking back and  it seems to be up and running okay now. Oh, you can do a wildcard search, too,  using an asterisk.  I searched on just last name or just first  name.  The names are sometimes reversed and the spellings are inaccurate,  so I tried Frazz* in the last name or Dom* in the first name and it works that  way. - Wilberta

Cara Wilberta,

Thanks for that link about the Beaver County Naturalizations web site. I went and took a look, found a couple Carlini's as well.

I don't know Ruggerio. Should I?

One of the other Frazzini's, Innocenzo, is a cousin of Wendy Frazzini McFarland. The Carlini's weren't related to me.

I made this summary:
Beaver County Naturalizations

Gaudenzio Carlini 1893 - born 1855, immigrated 1887
    Gaudenzio Stefano Carlino  10 Jul 1855
    f: Gervasio, 33y
        gf: Nicola
    m: Letizia diLettoso (?), 28y

Gaudenzio originally arrived on the Ferdinand de Lesseps in 1882.

Lorenzio Carlino 1888 - born 1862, immigrated 1882
    (record shows Florence - but signed Leonzio)
    Leonzio Antonio Carlino 13 Oct 1862
    f: Domenico, 45y
    m: Pacifica Frazzini, 40y

Ruggiero Frazzini 1906 - born 1874 - SPA records missing, immigrated 1902

Giovanni Frazzini 1905 - born 1877 - can't find in SPA records, immigrated 1899

Innocenzo Frazzini 1898 - born 1860, immigrated 1891
    Innocenzo Ludovico Frazzini  28 Feb 1860
    f: Francesco, 40y
    m: Generosa Morelli, 33y
    related to Wendy Frazzini McFarland

Nicola Antonio Colaianni 1903 - born 22 Apr 1867 , immigrated 24 May 1882
    Rochester, PA
    witness: Ludovico Labate

Ludovico Labate 1900 - born 1876, immigrated 1893
    Witness: William Mariani

Giuseppe Mariani 1903 - born 22 Jun 1877, immigrated Nov 1899
    Homewood, PA
    witnesses: Francesco Lombardi and Luigi Pucci

From Wilberta:

Mark and Wendy,
Was going thru my notes and had jotted this down while at Carnegie Library -- there's a set of books titled something like Cemeteries of Beaver  County, Lawrence County, etc., where someone had walked thru and recorded the  info on all the tombstones in various cemeteries.  Had found this one  reading:
Little Beaver Cemetery, Little Beaver Twp., Lawrence Co., PA
Domenico Frazzini
nato 1867 morto 1903
Riposa in pace
Mark, thanks for the connections from the Naturalizations.  I can give  you further info on one of them...
Nicola Antonio Colaianni
  b. circa 1867 in SPA; d. 1947 Pittsburgh, PA
  m. circa 1890
Christina Labate (daughter of Nicolangelo Labate and Domenica  Iacovetta)
  b. circa 1866, d. 1935 Pittsburgh, PA
They lived in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh.  My grand-uncle, Belisario (or William) Mariani married Angela Maria Labate, who was born Sept. 23, 1875 in  SPA, Film 1448675, Nati No. 69-1875, to Nicolangelo Labate and  Domenica Iacovetta.  I see you recently put Nicolangelo Labate in your  database.
There are a few more SPA names in the Beaver Naturalizations - Felice dellaCroce, Vincenzo Annacchione, Amico Colianni (only one a), I recall a Mastroianni, too, but don't have any further info on them.  I don't  think the Giuseppe Mariani is mine - there was another Mariani family in Beaver  County who came from Lucca, Italy. - Wilberta

I checked my notes and I could not find a Domenico Frazzini born in 1867.

Thanks for the info about Nicolangelo Labate. I was tracing that line for a friend of my cousin Nino Carlini who I "found" last year here in California. The friend is Roberto Labate who would be the great grandson of Nicolangelo Labate.


Copying Wendy on this, too -- I've been going through my old notes on genealogy.  Looking for info on Florina Frazzini and Frank DeSanzo, in  April 1996, I had jotted down this info from a book (didn't write down the  title) at Carnegie Library with a listing of burials in St. Mary's Roman  Catholic Church Cemetery, Beaver Falls, PA: (spellings as listed in the  book)

DeSanzo, Ambrose, d. 1964, age 70
DeSanzo, Bert, d. 1957, age 58
DeSanzo, Dorothy, d. 1921, age 23
DeSanzo, Edna, d. 1970, age 81
DeSanzo, Frank, d. 1945, age 89
DeZanzo, Florina, d. 1922, age 62
DeZenso, Florence, d. 1924, age 8
Frazzini, Emilio, d. 1942, age 56
Frazzini, Mrs. Lucrezia, d. 1973, age 82

Isn't that something!  - Wilberta


The Emilio and Lucrezia are my grandparents. You can see my GM outlived my GF by 31 years. He died before I was born.
I'll ask my mother if she remembers DeSanzo from Beaver Falls.

From Wilberta:
Wilberta here.....  I had found a couple of death notices with the  name Frazzini in the Beaver County (PA) Times and saved them just because I  thought  they might fit in the SPA tree someday. I also have the 1910, 1920  and 1930 PA  Census with Roger Frazzini.  If you need  copies, let me  know and I'll email them.  Here's the obit of one of their daughters, that  gives the names of all her parents and all her brothers and sisters:
"Melianos, Elsie Frazzini
Elsie Frazzini Melianos, 92, formerly of Monaca, died Thursday, Feb. 22,  2001, in the Beaver Valley Geriatric Center, Brighton Township. Born Oct. 8,  1908, in Freedom, a daughter of the late Roger and Virginia DeTanna Frazzini,  she was a retired owner of the former Conway's Corner Restaurant in Rochester  and Elsie's Luncheonette in Monaca. She was a member of St. John the Baptist  Roman Catholic Church, Monaca. She was preceded in death by her husband, George  Melianos, in 1979; three brothers, Joseph, Orlando and Theodore Frazzini, and  five sisters, Flora Mateo, Mary Spataro, Mildred David, Katherine Litchette and  Esther Cercone. Surviving are a sister, Viola Cucinelli, Naples, Fla.; two  brothers, Anthony Frazzini, Rochester, and Domenic Frazzini, Canton, Ohio; a  sister-in-law, Ellen Frazzini Winters, Monaca; a beloved niece, Elsie J. Nicol,  Monaca, and numerous other nieces, nephews, and great-nieces and nephews.  Friends will be received today from 7 to 9 p.m. in the WILLIAM MURPHY FUNERAL  HOME INC., 349 Adams St., Rochester. A Mass of Christian burial will be  celebrated Saturday at 10 a.m. in St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Monaca,  with Father Frank Kurimsky officiating. Entombment will follow in Woodlawn  Mausoleum, Aliquippa. A wake service will be held today at 8 p.m. in the funeral  home. The family wishes memorial contributions be made, if desired, to the  McGuire Home, Mercer Road, New Brighton, Pa. 15066.
Friday, February 23, 2001
Beaver County Times Online
(c)Copyright 2001 Beaver Newspapers, Inc."  

For more on these Frazzini families in Beaver County, click here.

The Beaver County Genealogical and History Center

Date:    Tue, 30 Jul 2013 22:39:00 +0000 (UTC)
Subject:    Beaver County Tidbit

For all you locals that remain in the Beaver County vicinity and outlying areas a little bit of info that may or may not interest you.

The Beaver County Genealogical and History Center (BCG&HC) had recently moved from the Beaver Falls Carnegie Library and are now located at the old train station in Beaver.

They are holding an open house on 03 Aug 2012 10:00AM - 3:00PM. This would be a great time to just drop in, say hello, dig deep into your pocket's and leave a nice donation ( I know you Aliq/W. Aliq guy's are loaded :^)   )  This is also a great time to have a chat with Ms. Alice Kern about becoming a member.

Long distance former B.C. residents are also welcome to become members.

While I'm at it lets not forget the Vicary Mansion on 3rd Ave Freedom (Beaver Co. Hist. Research ands Landmarks Foundation). A very interesting building with quite a history  and artifacts, drop in for a tour.
Always looking for new member's.
Hours: Mon-Fri 10;00am - 2:pm.
You can't take it with you, leave some behind for future generations

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