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Other Frazzini Families

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On this page, I will list some of the other Frazzini Families that I have come across.

Family of Carlo Antonio Frazzini and Jeanne Laganier

Gene Frazzini's grandfather is Carlo Antonio Frazzini (b 1871) and can be found on my Frazzini Graphical Tree Part 4.

Photos and Documents from the family of Gene Frazzini. For Gene's family web site, click here: .

This photo (ca 1917) is from Gene's web site:

The Carlo Antonio Frazzini Family.
Seattle, Washington, USA approximately 1917.  

  Elizabeth (1906-1975)
  Jeanne (1881-1939)
  Carlo (1871-1956)
  Mary Louise (1912-1989)  

  Louis (1903-1992)
  James (1904-1980)
  John (1902-1964)

Gene wrote:
Carlo Antonio Frazzini was born in San Pietro Avellana in the province of Campobasso (now Isernia), Italy on February 14, 1871.  He immigrated to the United States in 1888.  He settled in Seattle, Washington where he married Victorine "Jeanne" Laganier. Some of the surnames associated with Carlo Frazzini include diCroce, Iannacchione, diGiacomo, Carlino, Gatti, Colarosa.  Variations of these names include diCross, Carlini, Gatta, and, or course, Frazzino.

Family of Giacinta Frazzini and Antonio DeDionisio 

Apr 2006 From Mark DeDionsio:

Mark: Thanks for the reply. I already tracked down some of this information on your site. My grandmother is Giacinta Frazzini born June 6, 1888 in San Pietro Avellana, who arrived at Ellis Island on May 14th, 1903 aboard the Prinzess Irene (going to Homewood, PA). I found her brothers and sisters on your site. They are Nunzio Michele, Maria Rosaria. Ernestina, Maria Emilia, twins Nunzio and Giuseppe, Anna Vincenza and several children that it appears died during childhood. I also found her parents names to be Cesare Frazzini and  Filomena Carlino. It seems that quite a few Carlinos and Frazzinis married.

She married my grandfather, Antonio DeDionisio on March 13th, 1905. They lived in Erie, PA and had eight children. Irene, Elvera, Ceil, Margaret, Violanda (Linda), Josephine, Rico, and my father, Henry. The only living child is Margaret, and she is 94 years old, as she just reminded me yesterday.

Irene married Chris DeGeorge and had a son named Chris, and a daughter named Donna. Elvera married James Perry and had no children, Ceil married Amarino Venturini and had a daughter Carol Ann and a son John. Margaret never married. Linda married Pietro Bianchi and had children Antonio, Robert, Gloria, Raymond and Peter. Josephine married Clement Krill and had children Mary Margaret and Gary. Rico married Leora, (I don't know her maiden name) had a daughter Dawn and an adopted son Edward.

Thanks so much for your help,

Mark Anthony DeDionisio
Family of Giacinta Frazzini and Antonio DeDionisio
ca. 1920
Standing in the back from left are Irene (1909-1996), Elvera (1910-2001), Linda (~1907-~1955) and Rico (1913-1989). In the front row are Margaret (1912-2008), Henry (1916-1985), Antonio (1882-1971), Josephine (1918-2005), Giacinta (1888-1963), and Celia (1915-2000) - from Carol Ann Venturini - Jun 2010
In Jun of 2010, I received this email from Carol Ann Venturini (

Hi Mark,

Let me introduce myself, I am Carol Ann Venturini, the daughter of Celia DeDionisio and Amerino Venturini.

I came across your site quite by accident, and I was very excited to find information on the Frazzini side of my family.  All these years I knew Jennie was not my grandmother's real name, but I didn't know what it really was.  Now I know it was Giacinta. I own that wonderful picture of my mother's family, and I must correct some incorrect identifications on that picture.  The woman standing in the back, on the far left is not my mother, but my Aunt Irene, next to her is my Aunt Elvera and then, my Aunt Linda, who was the oldest of all the children and the first to pass away.  I was only 5 when she died, so it was probably sometime early in 1955.  Hard to remember way back then, but she was quite young when she died, maybe mid to late 40's. My mother, Celia, is the pretty little girl sitting on the far right, in the front row, with that big white bow on her head.  She was born May 28, 1915, and died on March 4, 2000.  As you can see now, she was one of the youngest children, only my Uncle Hank and my Aunt Jo were younger. I always knew my mother's family was from the Naples area, but I didn't know the exact location, so it was exciting to find out about SPA.  I've just begun to go through your site, but you've certainly collected a lot of wonderful information.  It's all so fascinating.  I've tried to do some research on the Venturini side of my family, but I haven't been able to find as much just yet, but I'll keep working on it.

I've really enjoyed what I've seen on your site, but I just felt compelled to write to you when i saw that you had incorrectly identified my mother.  I love that picture of her and I wanted people to know that was her, and not my Aunt Linda.

Keep up the great work and thanks again,
Carol Ann Venturini
Giacinta was known as Jennie. I found this record but the birth date does not match.
Social Security Death Index Record
Name: Jennie Dedionesio
SSN: 180-44-2054
Last Residence: 16510  Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Born: 30 Aug 1892
Died: Feb 1971
State (Year) SSN issued: Pennsylvania (1968-1969 )

Family of  Antonio Labate and Viananza Frazzini

Family of  Antonio Labate and Viananza Frazzini

Info from Dave DeSanzo, Jun 2006:  I received this picture last week from my cousin Karen Bishop.  Lisa LaBate was able to identify everyone in the picture.  They are Gayle LaBate, Viananza "Nancy" Frazzini LaBate, Antonio LaBate, Ray LaBate.  Antonio was Michele LaBate's brother.

The family appears on my Labate Graphical Tree and my Frazzini Graphical Tree Part 3.

Dave DeSanzo sent me some new photos as I was helping a woman trace her Nardone family (from Koppel):

From:    "railone" <>
Subject:    RE: Nardone in Koppel
Date:    Mon, 21 May 2012 18:38:43 -0400

Hi Mark,
Glad to help if I can.  I knew all the Nardone's from Koppel.  The connection to the Labate's is Elda Nardone who married Savnavola "Ray" Labate. Ray was son of Antonio Giuseppe J Labate and Viananza "Nancy" Frazzini as you probably already know.  I attached Ray and Elda's wedding picture as well as an older picture of Elda visiting at the Di Sanzo home in Freedom, PA.

Elda Nardone Labate

Family of Giuseppe Frazzini and Rachele Carratelli

Every so often, I search on eBay for "Frazzini". Sometimes I find something interesting. I recently found these:


Who was Al Frazzini?

A search on turned up this:
Biographical Dictionary of authors, composers, songs & music, second edition - online book

Frazzini, Al, composer, author; b. Boston, Mass., June 27, 1890. ASCAP 1938. Educ.: music with private tu­tors, mandolin, violin, cornet, piano; organist Catholic Church for five years. Songs: "The Yanks Are Comin' Again"; "Colorado Moon"; "My Cabin of Dreams"; "Tell All the Girls I'm Gone"; "You Made Me Care"; "Sil­very Moon"; "I'm Just Like an Old Umbrella"; "If You See Margie"; "Moonlight Lane"; "Sunset at Sea";
Name: Frazzini, Al
Birth - Death: 1890-1963
Source Citation:
    * The ASCAP Biographical Dictionary. Third edition. New York: American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, 1966. (ASCAP 3)
    * ASCAP Biographical Dictionary. Fourth edition. Compiled for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers by Jaques Cattell Press. New York: R.R. Bowker, 1980. (ASCAP 4)

A search with a birth year of 1890 turned up this WWI Draft Registration record:

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name:     Amicus Frazzini
City:     Boston
County:     Suffolk
State:     Massachusetts
Birthplace:     Massachusetts;United States of America
Birth Date:     27 Jun 1890
Race:     Caucasian (White)

The birth date and place match exactly. Then a census search for Amicus turned up 1900, 1910 and 1920 census entries.

For 1900 in Boston:
   f: Joseph (Giuseppe) Frazzini, 44y, born Jul 1855, arr 1886, married 18y
   m: Rachael, 38y, born Jan 1862, in Italy, immigrated 1887, married 18y
   John, son, Apr 1885 born in Italy, imm 1887
   Nettie, daughter, Apr 1887 in Italy, imm 1887
   Philomena, daughter, Mar 1889 in MA
   Amico, son, June 1890 in MA
   Josie, daughter, Sept 1893 in MA

Rachael, John, and Nettie actually came over on 19 May 1888 aboard the Nubia.

1910 census, Boston, Joseph, Rachel and 5 children.

1920 census, Boston, shows the family.
  Rachel, head of household with children.
  No Giuseppe.
  John married to Bessie with son, Arthur.

1930 census,
  I found Filomena living with a neice, Victoria Grillo. I could not find any others of the family.

A search in the SPA microfilms turned up this:

SPA Matri
25 Aug 1881
Giuseppe Frazzini, 26y
 f: Antonio
 m: Bernadetta Iannacchione
Rachele Carratelli, 18y
 f: Federico  (US arrival 1903 to daughter Rachael)
 m: Letiza Iannacchione

Giuseppe Frazzini
Nati 6 Jul 1855
 f: Antonio, 32y
  gf: Luigi
 m: Bernadetta Iannacchione, 31y

Domencantonio Frazzini (in my family tree data base)
Nati 14 Sep 1823
 f: Luigi, 38y
 m: Concetta diGicomo, 30y

Luigi and Concetta appear in the upper left corner of my Frazzini Graphical Tree Part 5.

At ths point, a light went on in my head, I had read or heard about this family before. I searched through 6 years of emails and found it:

Date:            Wed, 16 Nov 2005 15:07:32 -0800 (PST)
From:            bill <>
Subject:         fraz

Hi Mark: Been on your site before but, this is first time I found reference to my grandfather Giuseppe Frazzini. My dad Amicus told me that his father arrived in 1888. And also there is Roberto DiTella arrived 1 Dec. 1904 going to Giuseppe  Frazzini Boston, Ma. Giuseppe's wife was Rachel and I know of there being three children. I believe besides my father his brother John was born in San Pietro Avellana. My father told me we were from San Pietro near Rome. His sister Filomena probably was born in Italy. My dad was born in Boston in 1890.

My father never spoke of their family life and uncle John whom I hardly knew though he lived nearby never did either. My brother Joseph is the oldest born 1922 and my sister Dorothy born 1926. I was born 1928 and Daniel 1933. A baby born between Joe and Dorothy  died in infancy. My father died 1963 and mother Rose died 2002 at 98. My father had told me that there were Frazes in Denver, Co. I never could understand why so many went to Denver and why we didn't. It seems like we were left behind.
                    William Frazzini
                    Boston, Ma.


Thanks a lot for your email and the entry in my guest book.

It is amazing how many Frazzini's went to Colorado. Maybe for two reasons, first, there was a lot of work on the railroads and in the mines, and second, Prospero Frazzini was a successful Italian in Denver and he worked hard to help immigrants get jobs.

My grandfather started out in Colorado but somehow (we don't know exactly why) ended up in Beaver Falls, PA.

I was pretty much in the same situation as you when I started my genealogy research. My mom and dad could get me back to the late 1800's. Since they were children in Italy, they didn't remember many cousins. Well they remembered enough that after a couple of years of looking, I've found a lot of people from SPA.

Thank you very much for your research. Frazzino indeed! My father Amicus {Al} died 1963 but, it was only when mother passed on in 2002 that I looked through boxes in her closet and found my father's papers of interest. During my search for Frazes online I found Cynthia Frazzini. When she wrote and told me she was from Denver  and thought she was related to Prospero it rang a bell. I had found a green bank envelope among dad's papers. It was the Prospero  Italian Bank of Denver, Co. So, dad had been in contact with the bank. As I thought Cynthia would like to have it I sent it to her. And when I logged onto your pages I found Cynthia there. But, I missed her ancestry connection. Her mother is Irish as I recently learned.

Anyway, getting back to dad's stuff: Where are the photos? Not a single photo of Giuseppe, Rachel and the kids. But, of course Uncle John could have had some which Arthur may now have. He's prob 90 now and still gets around but, we haven't spoken in years. Don't know what to say as the families were never close. John's wife Bessie was a witch. She didn't like people to visit and my mom told me Uncle John mostly had to eat out because Bessie didn't like the food odor if she had to cook. So, we never went near her in all the years she lived nearby.

I guess I'll look on Ron Frazzini page since were connected. I had to wonder why DiTella came to Giuseppe's. Were they friends in Italy or have a mutual aquaintance?

Thank you some much for the info. You missed your calling. You're really a detective. By the way Cynthia sings and has a great band. I met her this year when she played Cambridge. I'll send you two great cds if I have an address. The first one is "Row." And the second is "Crashyertown." Really great!

The Boston's North End is called that. We don't say, "Little Italy." So, there's the North, South and West Ends. Giuseppe died in 1912. I found the burial payment among dad's papers. The deferment was necessary. My father was a tough guy who would fight anyone. My aunt was cripled in a childhood accident I was told. My mom used to go to her apt. twice a week to clean house. She was living alone by then. She died 1945.

The address Location 2....15 Bennet Ave. doesn't seem to be correct. It could be an address that changed with the times.
Giuseppe turned to shoe repair after he lost a leg in construction. And his shop was on 6 Sheafe St. I believe he lived on that street if not in the same building. The North End was all tenements. Cold water flats. The entire time our family lived in the North End we had only two addresses 34 North Bennet St. and around 1933 we moved a short distance to 40 N. Bennet. I was 5 then. I haven't gone onto the Frazzino site yet as I'm still going back and forth on your notes. I don't have a printer but, I forwarded your email to Jim my son and he will send me a copy snail mail. I want verification that we are from Avellana. My dad said, St. Peter's near Rome so I assume it's Avellana.  I'm very grateful to you to learn of my ancestors although I don't want to be a Frazzino. It doesn't sound right.

Ciao,   Bill


There is no question that your Frazzini/Caratelli line is from San Pietro Avellana.

When my wife and I were in Italy last year, we drove from Roma to SPA. It was couple hour drive. We drove south from Roma on the main highway (toward Naples). We exited the autostrada at Cassino and drove on two lane country roads to SPA.

I know of Cynthia Frazzini and her music. She is decendent from Felicito Frazzini who was Prospero's brother.

And for you too, I hope you can find time to write down all of your memories of your ancestors.


Hi Mark: I'm dizzy from going over your charts. Can't seem to link my family with other frazes in other charts. I just heard from Cynthia. She's in Denver with her mom. I was so drawn to her because of music. My dad wasn't only a teacher. He played in the clubs and played on radio in the 20's. Anyway, when I met Cynthia in boston  I showed her pictures of me and my brother in the army.

I called my brother yesterday and filled him in on the Frazes. I asked him about 15 Bennet St. And he remembered that's where he went to the clinic as a boy for treatment. His name is Joseph. It's not in the North End. So, when you saw Joseph you assumed Giuseppe. Why would DiTella give Giuseppe's address as destination? If you have an idea about this let me know.
                    Thanks,    Bill
Perhaps they were friends in San Pietro.

I'm sure that Roberto diTella was a relative somehow or another of Giuseppe Frazzini. Back in SPA, everyone was related to everyone. He may have been something like a cousin by marriage.

Bill, if you send me your postal address, I will send you printed copies of the charts and point out how you fit in.

If you have any photos or other items that you would let me use on the web site, if you can email me scans, I would appreciate it. I'm always looking for new information to add.

Hi Mark:

Thank you so much for confirming my SPA ancestry. It really is overwhelming as there are and were so many branches.
So, I'm going to leave it there. Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.

                   Merry Xmas
                   Bill Frazzini
From:    Mark DiVecchio
Subject:    Carratelli and Frazzini Arrival in the US in 1888
Date sent:    Wed, 16 May 2007 10:18:08 -0700


Hope this email finds you well. We haven't communicated for some time but I continue my research into the families from San Pietro Avellana.

I have found the arrival manifest for your grandmother,  Rachele Carratelli and two of her children, Giovanni (John)  and L?? (Nettie).

They arrived on the Nubia, sailing from Naples and arriving  in New York on 19 May 1888.  

On this manifest, the adults from SPA are listed on page 12  and the children from SPA on page 17.

The manifest has a few mistakes, including listing Rachele  as a male. The manifest only uses first name initials. But with  "R" Caratelli at 25y, "G" Frazzini at 2y and "L" Frazzini at 10m,  this can only be the correct family.

Do you know Nettie's name in Italy? She is on the manifest  as "L"? I've attached the manifest scans.

Thanks for the update.

I know practically nothing about  my father's family life. John and Nettie were born in Italy. Filomena and Amicus {my father} were born here. I knew uncle John but, Nettie and her husband named Grillo died young before I was born. They had a daughter Victoria. Vicky was raised by Aunt Filomena. Filomena died 1945. Vicky was married to Joe Musto. Uncle John was married to Bessie and their son Arthur still lives in Boston. He must be 90yrs old. Believe it or not I may have heard the name Nettie spoken in conversation once or twice. I knew she was my father's sister but, that's all. My father would not allow any friends visitng. So, we couldn't entertain. Mother had to go visiting which she did. Uncle John would come occasionally but, dad would say hello then go to his room. Mother's sister and brother would come once a week. Dad didn't like it but, he allowed it. He'd say hello and vanish to his room.

I don't ever remember father eating with us. He always ate in his room. Talk about dysfunctional!

By the way, what did you make of the name Frazzini  with the zz engraved backwards on the memorial. I just noticed it when I logged on to your page. This was for Vincenzo and these men were being honored for their WW11 sacrifices. It had to be done deliberately and an insult as well.


Your story is very interesting. Most Italians usually go to the other extreme - having family visits all the time and feeding them - a lot.

I read a little about your father on the Internet - he had some success in the music business.

I never noticed the backward "ZZ" on the memorial in SPA. There are other "Z" on the memorial that are written the right way around. I don't know what to make of it.

I will continue my searching about people from SPA and let you know if I ever find anything.


I continue plugging away at genealogy and recently, I found the date and ship that your grandfather arrived in the US on.

It was 7 Sep 1886 and the ship was the Polcevera.

I found the record on the Castle Garden web site (Castle Garden, NY was the immigration port before 1892 when Ellis Island opened). The record has very little information but it gives his age as 31 years and his occupation as "laborer".

I'm still trying to determine if he came over with anyone else from SPA.

I've also found him the Boston Naturalization records index.

Just few bits of information.

Date sent:    Sat, 29 May 2010 19:58:11 -0700 (PDT)
From:    bill <pop2dad>
Subject:    Re: Your grandfather Giuseppe Frazzini
To:    Mark DiVecchio

Thanks for the update.

Dad told me that his father worked construction mostly pick and shovel. Had something fall on his leg. Amputated. Fitted with a wooden leg which a small  model about six inches was made and we had for years. Don't know what became of it. Grandfather eventually became a shoemaker and had a shop on the ground floor of the tenement in which the family lived. I'm almost certain the address was #6 Sheafe St. in the North End of Boston. A block away from where I grew up.

I only knew the site as a variety store coffee shop. And I frequented the store for years without knowing it was once grandfather's shop.

Don't know why dad never talked about his prior family life before marrying mother. And uncle John and aunt Fily never did either. And none of us kids to my knowledge ever asked. Very strange indeed thinking about it now.


I had not heard from Bill in many years when in 2019, I learned that he died in Jan 2018.

In August of 2019, I had this discussion with Rex Strother:

From:    Rex Strother <>
Copies to:   <>
Subject:    Amicus (Al) Frazzini - Composer, My Cabin of Dreams
Date sent:    Sun, 25 Aug 2019 01:43:33 +0000

I was going through some belongings I inherited from singer Eileen Barton and found one that included a photograph with Al Frazzini.

Well - it took some sleuthing, but I found your Frazzini genealogical information online.

And an exchange where William (Bill) Frazzini - Al's son had written in back in 2005.

SO - I thought I should send the photo along to you all and learn more about Al Frazzini myself!

It's an older thread - so I hope someone is still around to receive this email.

Yours, Rex Strother

1937 Singing "My Cabin of Dreams" written by Al Frazzini and Nat Madison

Yes, I'm still here and still working on the Frazzini family genenalogy. My mother was a Frazzini and was born in the same town as Al Frazzini's parents.

I was in touch with Bill Frazzini, Al's son, but the last time that heard from him was 2012.

I'm happy that you could find out more about Al Frazzini. I've seen a lot of music sheets on eBay of his songs. Of course, I had never heard of those songs.

Al was a 4th cousin, twice removed to me. (I tell people that everyone from the Frazzini hometown in Italy is related one way or another.)

That is really quite a photo. Some searching on Google for "Jolly Gillette" turns up connections to Eileen Barton. Oh, I see now that they are the same person.

I'd like to use the photo and your emails on my web page if that is OK with you.

Hi Mark:

I am a bit concerned that William may have passed.  He mentioned being born in 1928 and being of Boston, MA, and I found this obituary from 2018 online, which (without further data) may be him.

It would be wonderful to find some family photos or more information about Al (and his wife ... Rose?)  from any surviving children/grandchildren).
It would seem Eileen Barton (who played the "sponsor's daughter, Jolly Gillette" - Gillette Razor Blades as the 1936 show's sponsor), met Al Frazzini (and co-writer Nat Madison) on the "Gillette Sings"  program, in which she appeared with Milton Berle.  She would have been 12 at the time (born in 1924,  although they downplayed her age by a numbr of years).  You can just make out in that photo that the sheet music is titled MY CABIN OF DREAMS (cowritten by Al and Nat).

You are of course welcome to use the photo and these email.  While I'm not always a fan of people writing on a photograph, I'm glad there was sufficient room to put these details on this particular photo othewise the two musicians would have been an utter mystery!


WILLIAM FRAZZINI Obituary - Boston, MA

I met Eileen later in life - a couple years before she died.  I interviewed her for a CD of her songs that was being released and we become "phone friends".  When she passed, she had no children, and no current husband (it seems most of them were dicey gentleman - scammers and schemers).  And only distant family - so a nephew said "You want this stuff?" after they'd picked out a few items they wanted (I believe they kept mostly clothes and jewelry).  I ended up with boxes of memorabilia.  And few notes to go with them.  I got private letters and tax returns and old Western Union telegrams wishing her luck at various engagements.  Also - some show business photos autographed to her or her father (Jerry Lewis, Danny Kaye, Frank Sinatra, etc.)

I've been scanning the photos and building a page for her on Facebook.  And did some of her family genealogy on the FamilySearch website (using some of the nice photos of her and her parents).


Thanks for the info. If you send me the links to the pages and genealogy trees you created, I will link to them from my web page.

I actually did something similar to what you are doing.

When a friend of my wife passed away about 10 years ago, she had no children or close relatives. In going through her stuff, we found photos, etc. of her first husband. A husband of just a few years untill he was killed in an airplane accident in Hawaii during WWII. We didn't know he existed until we found the stuff and knew nothing about his family or if he had any living relatives.

I collected all of his stuff and made a web page. I researched his life and documented it on the page. After 6 or 7 years, I was able to  connect to her husband's first cousin - and his only first cousin.

I met that man and gave him all of the photos and memorabilia. I keep the we page page up to honor the husband.

FB Page:
On FamilySearch: (you can follow this line back and see images and data I've added for her parents - which I am still adding to).
It appears you started a John Ledbetter Taylor page - with some data - at FamilySearch - I began adding on to that with other data from your page (if you don't mind).  I can of course credit you for the photos.

Family of Florina Frazzini and Carl James Bianchi

This photo was sent to me by Michael Bianchi ( Florina was the daughter of  Fabiano Lorenzo Frazzini and Fioralba diGiacamo. Fabiano was the brother of Carlo Antonio Frazzini whose family has their own web site. These families lived in the Seattle, WA area. This Frazzini family appears on my Frazzini Graphical Tree Part 4.

Date:    Sun, 20 Jan 2008 21:18:07 -0600

Michael Bianchi wrote:

Florine Frazzini (picture) was 26 years old when she died giving child birth to twins (both lived) My father is the young boy (Angelo) in the photo... here's what I have:

My Great Grandfather's name was Angelo Bianchi (1871-1915)
My Grandfather's name was Carl James Bianchi (1896-1966)
My Grandmother's name was Florine Frazzini (1900-1926)
My Great Grandfather was Lorenzo Frazzini (1868-1945)
My Great Grandmother was Fioralba Frazzini (1872-1923)  
My Father's name was Angelo Lorenzo Bianchi (1920-1992)

Family of Nunzio Colaianni (Joe Colian) and Antonietta Frazzini

From Cris Swetye, Feb 2008


I was going through my grandmother's photos again and came across this photo of Nunzio Colaianni (Joe Colian) and Antonietta Frazzini and their children. Thought you might like to see this.  I have no idea what ever became of Mary, Viola and Stella. I have no idea who the extra little boy is.  Stella (with the big bow) was born abt 1918 and Jennie (rear) died in 1925.

I do know that in 1910 the family lived in Baden, PA.
In 1920 they were in Salem, Ohio where the girls were born
in 1930 they were in Ambridge, PA where Joe and Annie died, but they are buried in Salem with Earl.


Family of Amico "Mike" Frazzini and wife Mary

 I've learned more about Mike Frazzini. I was contacted by Franco "Frank" Frazzini, Mike's grandnephew.. Mike was the son of Filippo Frazzino and Rosa diIullo. Mike was born in SPA on 3 Nov 1885. The birth records are missing for 1885 but I've confirmed his birth date from his WWI Draft Registration and his death certificate.

Mike first arrived in the US in 1902. He and his family appear in the 1910 census from Dolores, CO (with two daughters). In 1918, he was in Herfano, CO. In 1920, Dolores, CO. In 1930, Durango, CO. In the 1940's and 1950's he and his family were in East Ely, NV where he became a Foreman on the Nevada Northern Railway.

Mike died on 26 Jun 1961 in El Paso, TX. On his death certificate, his occupation is listed as retired foreman on the Nevada Northern.

Mike's wife, Mary, died on 9 Feb 1961, also in El Paso. Both are buried at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in El Paso. They had 3 daughters and a son.

I received this email from Mike's grandson:

From:    "Martin Frazzini" <>
Subject:    Frazzini ties
Date:    Wed, 5 Aug 2009 10:20:50 -0600

Hello Mark,

I was looking at your site and found the area where you had some information on Amico "Mike" Frazzini and his family. Mike was my grandfather. I know very little about the family history, etc. but I will gladly share what little I have.

Mike's wife Mary's maiden name was Picolli, (sp?) and she came out from somewhere in PA when they were wed. His four children were my aunts, Nellie, Joe, and Rose. His one son was Albert Phillip "Fritz" Frazzini, my dad. Dad was born in Dawson, NM on June 28th, 1915. He was married several times and had three children. My half brother Alvin Mason Frazzini, Born June 30, 1935 or 36, died in May of 93 I think. You can find the record of his death in Safford AZ. Mason had four sons, John, Jerry, Jim and Joe Fritz. My half sister, Susan (Frazzini) Wood, resides in Farmington NM. Sue has one son, Caleb Lee Wood.

Then there is me, Martin Anthony "Hoss" Frazzini, born <*>1967 in Las Cruces NM. I am married to Karoline Ann (Davidson) Frazzini, of Cleveland OH. We have one daughter, Frances Allyson Frazzini "Frankie", Born <*>, 1989, in Mt. Vernon, WA.

We currently reside in St. Ignatius, MT.  Feel free to contact me, and I thank you for putting together your site, it is great to see the history of our family!

Martin "Hoss" Frazzini

Thanks again for your email.

I had some information about your grandfather but you have helped to add more.

I checked with my data base and I find that you and I are 5th cousins.

From what I can tell, your grandfather's father, Filippo Carmine, was among the earliest people from SPA to emigrate to the USA. He arrived here on 10 May 1883 onboard the Grecian Monarch at the age of 28y.

Your grandfather apparently moved around a lot. I have census or other records that show:

 1885 San Pietro Avellana, Italy where he was born
 1902 Ogden, UT
 1910 Ely, NV working for the NNRY
 1910 Dolores, CO
 1915 Dawson, NM (son born)
 1918 Draft Registration in Herfano, CO
 1920 Upper Dolores, CO
 1930 Durango, CO
 1943-1955 Ely, NV working for the NNRY
 1961 El Paso, TX where he died

 (not a complete list - just what I've found)

May I use your email on my "Other Frazzini Families" web page? I'll delete the actual birth dates for security reasons and, if you like, I'll use a home email address rather than your work address.

Do you have any photos that you can share. I'd especially like to see photos from Dawson or Ely.

From:            "Martin Frazzini" <>
Subject:         RE: Frazzini ties
Date:            Mon, 10 Aug 2009 10:59:28 -0600

Well Cuz, nice to meet you. Thank you again for the information on the family. I never had much information, since the grandparents were already gone before I came along.

I don't have too many pictures, but let me dig around and call some of the other family members and see what they have. I have a couple of Mike and Mary from Ely, and a few of Dad from WWII.

My private e-mail address is, feel free to post it on your site.

Keep me posted on any future gatherings you might be having, and if possible, the wife and I would love to try and attend.

Martin "Hoss" Frazzini

Family of Loreta Frazzini Bartolomeo and Genievece Bartolomeo

Loreta Frazzini was the daughter of Domenicantonio Frazzini and Maria Carmella diMartino.

From:    Steph Dellachiara <>
Subject:    Loreta Frazzini
Date:    Mon, 1 Dec 2008 09:30:44 -0800

Fantastic, Hi Mark,
Yes, I would love to have anything you have for Loreta Frazzini.  She was my favorite person in my husband's family.  She still only spoke "broken" English, but, I listened and she told stories of her days on the farm and how she broke her hip and how the doctors did not help and she walked in pain the rest of her life. She loved her great-grandchildren and crocheted a dress for my daughter that must have weighed 3 pounds.  My daughter could just stand in it, I can only imagine what went through her mind with this heavy dress, but it became great-grandma dress and she asked to wear it every time we went there.  Grandma was a wonderful lady.


Good to hear from you. I had responded to your email through about a month ago but I figured that you did not get it so I tried again. I also saw the posting that you put on the message boards.

What I know about Loreta Frazzini was derived from birth/marriage/death records from San Pietro. I also added the information from the family tree that you put on

I've attached a couple of files printed from my data base.

I'll be happy to share anything I have with you. If you have any photos of Loreta or her parents, I'd love to add them to my web page.

Thanks Mark, this is great.
So in Italy Loreta is a Frazzino not Frazzini?

When the family would gather for some occasion, we used to always pay respects to  Tia (aunt) Lena, I believe her father was Nunzio Frazzini, lived in Chicago in 1930.  She was the oldest family member?  Do you recognize her name or her dad's I did not see
any mention unless I missed it. Just wondering.

In the oldest records from the 1700's, the family name was always spelled Frazzino. During the middle part of the 1800's, the name slowly started to change to Frazzini. By about 1900, Frazzini was the common spelling.

This was not unusal, there were many family names whose final vowel changed over the centuries.

I've found Nunzio and daughter Lena in the 1930 census from Chicago. Her full name was Pasqualina. She was born about 1905/6. She was the oldest child. Nunzio was born about 1857. 

I'm in touch with some descendants of Nunzio.

So far, I've not found a relationship between Loreta and Nunzio. Do you know of a relationship?

How is your husband related to either Loreta or Nunzio?

I have some scans of other census and other documents that I can email you if you want.

Hi Mark,
Thanks I will include that information in my "book".

Tia Lina was always treated with great respect whenever she came to an event.  Then to, it may be a different Lena, maybe on the Della Chiara side.  Not doing well tracing them.

My husband (Romeo Anthony Della Chiara) was son of Stella Bartolomeo Della Chiara, daughter of Loreta Frazzini Bartolomeo.

Yes 1930 census, that is where I found Lena Frazzini also.  Was wondering if same person.  Can't ask Romeo, he can't remember who was who, does not even know his dad's mother's name. Yikes.  I am glad I listened when Grandma Loreta told her stories.


Loreta Frazzini Bartolomeo and Genievece Bartolomeo
Photo from Steph Dellachiara
From Steph : probably taken about 1950-1960

Loreta Frazzini Bartolomeo and with her kids (circa 1976)
left to right: Renaldo, Loreta, Stella, Louise
Photo from Steph Dellachiara

I have not been able to find any information for Bartolomeo, I guess that will but a search for the next few months.

Family of Vincenzo "James Cino" Cinea and Nicoletta Frazzini

In Nov of 2009, I was contacted by Mark Voss. Mark's mother, Annie Cinea, was one of 11 or 12 children of Vincenzo and Nicoletta. Nicoletta is also the great aunt of Wendy Frazzini McFarland.

Mark Voss posted a message on our SPA group on Yahoo!:

Hello everyone,
I am a new member to SPA. Let me start by introducing myself.
My name is Mark Voss. I am a descendent of Vincenzo Cinea. His last daughter born "Annie" is my biological mother. She put me up for adoption shortly after I was born. I know there were personal circumstances at the time warranted her putting me up for adoption. I did meet her in the mid 80's. She held a HUGE family get together so I could meet as many people in the family as possible. She still lives in Denver , CO. Her name now is Ann Holland .
That's a quick introduction. Does anyone out there know Ann?
I look forward to hearing from anyone that wants to share any info about the Cinea family.
Mark  (Voss)
Response by Gene Cinea:

Hi Mark,

My name is Gene Cinea and I am researching the Cinea Family genealogy. There was a Vincenzo James Cino (Cinea) who was born in SPA on 18 Dec, 1890 and died in Denver in Nov, 1967. He was married to Nicholetta Frazzini. They had 12 children and I show the youngest living daughter as "Mary Cino (Cinea). I show the youngest daughter as Rhoda, who died 27 Feb 2006. Could these possibly be your ancestors?

Note that I am not 100% certain of this info because these are transcribed records
Hi Gene,

Yes, they are my ancestors! I'm almost positive though that the youngest daughter is Annie (born in Jun of 1931). Mary died in 2000...she was born in 1928. Everything else though matches what I know/have.

How are you related? Do you know Ann or know someone online that might know her?
Let me know.

Mark (Voss)
Response by Wendy McFarland

Hello Mark!

By marriage, I am related to Vincenzo Cinea "Cino", he married my great-aunt Nicoletta Frazzini.  I have met via email a man named William "Bill" Mathews whose wife Irene was Nicoletta & Vincenzo's grand-daughter.  Bill provided me with a wealth of information about the Cinea's in Denver.  I have Ann as being born in 1933.  In his notes to me he writes "Of the 11 children (from Nicoletta and Vincenzo) only 3 had children themself.  Ann had a daughter, Chris Ann and a son she gave up for adoption at birth." My grandfather and Nicoletta were siblings.  My father once visited Nicoletta and her family in Denver.  I would love to share more!

~Wendy Frazzini McFarland
More from Wendy:

Here is the information I have about Nicoletta & Vincenzo.  I also have a copy of her marriage certificate, ship manifest and some photographs.  Let me know if you would like these as well.

~Wendy Frazzini McFarland

Nicoletta Frazzini is the daughter of Silvestro Ludovico Frazzini and Maria Grazia DiLorenzo. (Maria Grazia DiLorenzo was born Grazia Ludovica diLorenzo)
  Siblings: Giovanni (1883-1915), Enrico (1888-1960), Giroloma (1891-1960), Amedio (1894-?, did not immigrate to USA, may have died as an infant), Alfredo (1899-1972), Blandia "Ann" (1903-1921), Santo (1906-1982)
  Birth: November 6, 1896
  Where: San Pietro, Avellana, Italy
  Died: December 13, 1965
  Where: Denver CO
  Burried: Mt Olivet
  Married: Vincenzo Cinea (18 Dec 1890 - 1967). Father Berardino, Mother Emiddia Morelli (this information from LDS micofilm provided to me from Mark DiVecchio) Later, in the 1920 US Census he is listed as Jim Cino, 1930 Census as James Cino.
  Children: Benjamin (b1913), Emielia (b1914), James (b1915), Jenny (b1918), Ida (b1919), Sylvester (b1920), Joseph (b1921), Rosie (b1927), Mary (b1928), Rhoda (b1929), Ruth (b1930), Ann (b1933)
Nicoletta immigrated to the US on August 11, 1912 on the ship SS Canopic, into the port of Boston MA. She traveled with Maria Grazia DeLorenzo her mother, along with her siblings Alfredo, Ann and Santo.
The manifest states that the last relative they stayed with was Giroloma in San Pietro. That would be Nicoletta’s sister. They were going to visit Enrico in Koehler New Mexico. Later that year on November 12, 1912 Nicoletta married Vincenzo Cinea "Cino". Enrico was present to give witness to the marriage certificate as well as her mother. But her mother could not write so she signed with an "X". I have been told that her eldest brother Giovanni as well lived in NM.

The following is a 2002 letter from Bill Mathews, from Lakewood CO, from a letter to Nazerine Frazzini. Bill is married to Nicoletta’s granddaughter Irene.

"Attached is a family unit chart, showing how Nicoletta and Vincenzo "Jim" Cino propagated. And propagate they did. As you can see, they had 11 children that survived childhood. Nicoletta had a few that were stillborn. Of the 11 children only 3 had children themself. Ann had a daughter, Chris Ann and a son she gave up for adoption at birth. Mary had a daughter, Diane and Ida had a daughter Irene. Of Nicoletta’s 11 children, only 3 are still surviving. Sylvester (Chic), Ruth and Ann. All of their children were born in either Van Hauten, Koehler, or Gardner New Mexico. Except Ruth and Ann who were born after they moved to Denver in 1929. None of the towns in New Mexico exist any longer. The National Rifle Association bought 200,000 acres for a rifle range. The NRA has done a good job preserving the old town site as historic areas. All of these little towns were 1-2 miles apart. In the summer each town would field a baseball team and on weekends have ball games. This area is about 15 miles west of Raton NM. Which was the hub city then and now. Each of these little towns had a population of 500 to 1000 miners. The towns were divided into areas were each ethnic group were housed. Van Hauten had an area for Italians (behind the post office according to Chic Cino), Mexicans across the road from the Post office, blacks on the outskirts and the Irish and other Gringos, I don’t know where they lived. Yesterday I had lunch with Uncle Chic. He was 9 years old when they moved from NM to CO. He said the reason they moved is that Nicoletta and Jim/Vincenzo did not want their son’s to work in the mines and that was the only work available in NM. When they moved, they owed quite a bit of money to the bank, so they left the eldest daughter, Emielia (Millie, she was 15 yrs old) with the bank president for one year to work off the debt. The banker entertained a lot so Millie cooked and cleaned house for him until the debt was paid. It must have been tough for a young girl, but she ended up being a fantastic cook. Chic said the one big thing he can remember is Jim making vino, dumping the mesh in the creek above the local dairy farm. The cow’s all got drunk and every one complained about the bad tasting milk. They sent the sheriff out, but he always bought his vino from Jim, so he just told him not to dump mash in the creek anymore............ Nicoletta wanted all of her kids to marry Italians. Out of 11 kid’s 2 did. The others married Germans, Russians, Greeks, Jews, Poles, etc. But of the three grand children, none married Italians. I know Nicoletta was not happy when Irene and I married, but by that time she was numb. But on the other hand, my father was so mad that I would marry a catholic Italian, he did not come to our wedding."
I had a phone conversation with Bill Mathews he remembers the family being poor. And at any given time 5-10 people living in Nicoletta’s home. He has sent me many photos, one of which is a photo of Nicoletta and her brother Sam at Pikes Peak after a water battle, and Nicoletta, Vincenzo, Bill & Irene at their wedding.  

Leonard Frazzini, my father, can remember visiting Nicoletta in Denver when he was in 9th grade (approx 1953). Leonard, Sam his father, and Orie, went to Denver CO. He remembers Nicoletta living on Shoshone Ave. Leonard said that Nicoletta’s husband like to put salt in his beer. So Leonard tried to put salt in his 7up. The soda fizzled out of the glass onto Nicoletta’s carpet. He also remembers going on a tour of the Armor Meat packing plant. Bill confirmed that many of the children including Chic worked at the plant. Leonard saw a photo of Chic, remembered him and said he was the one who gave them the tour. Leonard also remembers some of the Denver folks visiting Ellwood City at one time.

Ellis Island Passenger Record Vincenzo Cinea
Place of Residence: Campobasso, Pietro Avellana
Date of Arrival:May 11, 1908
Ship: Duca Degli Abruzzi
Age on Arrival:17
He was going to visit his father Berardino Box 85
Final Destination: Trindad CO
Last stayed with mother Emiddia Morelli

Hi Mark,
Here a photo that I sent to Mark Voss.

The photo was taken at Pikes Peak CO approx 1953.  In the photo are siblings Nicoletta Frazzini Cinea "Cino" (b 1896 SPA - d 1965 Denver CO) and her brother Santo "Sam" Frazzini (b 1906 SPA- d 1982 Ellwood City, PA).  Sam, my father Leonard and Orie Buzzelli visited Nicoletta and her family in Denver.  This photo was taken after a water battle they had during a picnic.  You can see that my grandfather looks wet!  My father remembers Nicoletta living on Soshone Ave.  Leonard said that Nicoletta's husband liked to put salt in his beer.  So Leonard tried to put salt in his 7-Up.  The soda fizzled out of the glass onto Nicoletta's carpet.  He also remembers going on a tour of the Armor Meat packing plant where one of Nicoletta's son's worked Chic.  He also remembered Nicoletta's daughter Ann taking him to the movies.  Ann is the mother of Mark Voss.  Leonard can also remember the Denver Family visiting Ellwood City, PA.

The original photo is owned by William & Irene Mathews.

Wendy Frazzini McFarland

The photo has been cropped.  It is a photo of Vincenzo Cinea "Jim Cino" and Nicoletta at the wedding of Nicoletta's granddaughter Irene to William Mathews in 1958. The original photo is owned by William & Irene Mathews.

Wendy Frazzini McFarland

Family of Silvestro Frazzini and Maria Grazia diLorenzo

Nicolette, whose family is documented above, is one of  eight children of Silvestro and Grazia.

I received this from great-granddaughter Wendy Frazzini McFarland:

Hi Mark,

This is a story I heard at a family reunion some years ago.  To set the timeline a bit, Giovanni Frazzini was the eldest son of Maria Grazia diLorenzo and Silvestro Frazzini.  The only record I have of him coming to the US could be this one that I found: Ellis Island Records shows a Giovanni Frazzrini, S. Pietro Avellano, Italy. Arrival date April 24, 1899. Age 14y, gender, M, martial status, S. Ship name Sempione. His final destination is Pittsburgh. He is able to read and write. Also on the ship is Pietro Carlino, age 19.   This MIGHT be him.  I show two possible birth years for him.  One on LDS film that you provided me 22 June 1884 and one on his death certificate Sept 15 1883.  This ellis island record would give him a birth year of 1885. 

Then, the next eldest son would be Enrico.  And here is his ellis island information.

Ellis Island Records of Enrico Frazzini (Giovanni's brother), Oct 28, 1903, vessel the Lahn.  Enrico lists his final destination as Homewood Pa, going to visit his brother Giovanni in Homewood. On this same ship is Peitro DiLorenzo, final destination Homewood, visiting his nephew Giovanni Frazzini, Box 22 Homewood Pa.  Peitro DiLorenzo is his mothers brother.  I know this for a fact.

Nazarene Frazzini (son of Enrico) tells this story:

When Enrico went to New Mexico he found his brother Giovanni Frazzini living in the caves. Enrico said 'this is bull crap!'. (naz didn't use the word crap)  Since Enrico could read and write he kept the books for the local boarding house in return for room. And he would also translate and write letters for other Italians to correspond back to Italy for food money.

Not sure why Giovanni was living in a cave, no money?  no job?  Who knows.  We are lead to believe that he never married.  Death certificate lists him as single.  My father NEVER KNEW that his father, Sam, had a brother named Giovanni, until I proved it to him and Nazarene confirmed the information.


Family of Rosa Frazzini and Paulino Rozas

Rosa was the daughter of  Girolamo "James" Frazzini and Esterina Quaranta "Forty".

Date:    Tue, 10 Nov 2009 00:42:40 -0800 (PST)
From:    Pam Birmingham <>
Subject:    Frazzini

I have stumbled upon your wonderful website while doing family research. Here is a photo of Rosa (Rosie) Frazzini Rozas taken in about 1973, she has the white sweater on. This was taken in either New Jersey, Delaware or Maryland. Also attached is a photo of her son Michael (Micael) Rozas taken in 1973. I think she is the daughter of Girolamo Frazzini but the 1910 census lists a different mother's name.

The New York Passenger lists 1820-1957 show her and six children returning from Europe in 1937. Four of her children were born in the US and two in Bilbao, Spain.


1973 Rosa Frazzini Rozas

1973 Michael Rozas holding his granddaughter, Tamara Eileen Lane

ID of little girl from family tree of pelican27

Thanks for your email. I'm really happy to hear from you and to see the photo of Rosa and her son.

I've had a difficult time placing the family in my family tree because I don't know very much about them. I did see the 1937 arrival manifest and the 1910 census from Dawson. I'm sure that you are related to me through the Frazzini branch and maybe together, we can figure out how. You said that the 1910 census shows a different mother's name - what name do you have?

I've looked through the microfilmed birth records from SPA and this is the only possibility that I could find for Girolamo, do you know if it is him?

1880 birth record from film 1448675 index #72
29 Sep 1880
Agostino Girolamo Frazzini
f: Antonio, 25y old
m: Filomena Mariani

I've not identified his father, Antonio, yet but I have a guess. Looking forward to hearing from you.
The 1910 census says that Rosa's mother is Escama. But your Ellis Island records says:
Caterina Quaranta Frazzini
            4 Nov 1911
            Mother in SPA, Serifina diCianno.
Travelled with 3 children, Rosa 4y, Solino (?) 2y, and Giovanni 9m. Going to Husband, Girolamo Frazzini, Box 612, Dawson. Traveled with Silvillo diLorenzo. Another arrival in 1906 shows her 18y and single, traveling with sister Modestina going to Trinidad, CO.

That is why I am confused.
Cheers, Pam

OK, it was confusing for a while. The handwritting on these documents is sometimes very hard to read. In this case, I was looking at this family many years ago (2004) when I just started doing research.

My 'eye' has gotten better over the years.

I read the 1910 census as Esterina. (By the way, her sister Modestina is living next door with husband Silvino diLorenzo.)

The Ellis Island record was originally Caterina which is what I read because its clearer. I now see that someone wrote Esterina over top of the name. Also on the Ellis Island web site, she is in the index as "Caterina Iuaranta".

I've also confirmed her name as I have the information from her birth record in SPA which says Esterina Lauretta Quaranta. That record shows her mother as Serafina diCianno which matches the Ellis Island record. (I also had Serafina spelled wrong!)

The other name I had spelled wrong was the husband of Modestina Quaranta, it got misspelled in many places but I think it is 'Silvino'. But I've also seen 'Severino'.

Did you know that in the US, Esterina used the surname "Forty" which is "quaranta" (40) in Italian?

Thanks for pointing out this inconsistency on my web pages. I've fixed the pages to show Esterina's information correctly.

Are you related to Esterina?


Yes, it has been confusing. I am relatively new at Ancestry and have been amazed at how people just copy info from other trees that is obviously flawed, ie a mother with a birth day younger than her son. When you see things like the discrepancy in Esterina's name how do you make a decision as to what is correct. I want to continue to fill out the tree but accuracy is more important to me.

Thank you for explaining that, you are fortunate to have visited SPA. No, I am not related but my children are. My ex-husband was Rosa's grandson. His parents were divorced and there was no contact for many years but fortunately we made contact with his dad, Michael Rozas when we lived in Philadelphia in the 1970s. That is when those photos were taken. My memory of Rosa is vague, we only met once for about an hour. I seemed to recall that she didn't speak much English which seems odd since she was born in the US. My two children have a much more olive skin tone than the fairness in my side of the family, now I know where its from. Since we are spending most of our money going home to the States for Christmas I am making family history books for my children and grandchildren as their gifts. The teenagers won't appreciate it now, but hopefully they will someday. Thanks for your wonderful website, very organized and well researched.


That is a great gift and you are right, they may only appreciate it when they get older.

In doing genealogy research, sometimes it is difficult to be absolutely correct because we are working with old, hard to read documents, written by peole who could not write very well. In the case of the census takers, they probably could not understand the heavy Italian accents.

I am certain about Esternia's name. In this case, the birth records in San Pietro Avellana are very clear. I also know from another researcher, that she has a granddaughter named Ester. (This is a granddaughter of Rosa's brother, John.)

I try to be as correct as I can be but I learn more as time goes on. The most useful thing that occurs, though, is that we find more documents with the same person's name written on them. Then we start to understand the true name. This is what happened for Esterina.

That said, I've attached a couple of printouts from my data base of what I know about the ancestors of Esterina Quaranta. These are as accurate as I can be at the present time. If you don't have copies of the census sheets or Ellis Island manifests, I can email those to you.


Wow, those are fantastic! Thank you SO much. Yes, I would love copies of the Ellis Island manifest and census. I am still learning how to use Ancestry and have found some records but not those.

Any hints on how we can find out who the Rozas was that she married? He isn't arriving with her in 1937 and yet she has a young child along on the voyage. Wonder if he stayed in Spain or never made the journey and stayed in Dawson to work while she was away? My children's father had been told he was of Spanish ancestry and since the two babies were born in Spain I am thinking that Mr. Rozas was indeed Spanish.

The manifest says the Grand Hotel Cafe was in Trinidad, CA. Do you really think they meant Trinidad, CO? I happen to have a New Mexico map here in New Zealand with me so I found out how close Dawson and Trinidad are.

Thanks again for your help. When I get back to the States I will see if my records, like ex-husband's birth certificate have any more hints. I know Rosa's son Michael lived in Philadelphia in the 1970s. We moved from Californina back there to live with him for a while. He was secretly living in a condemed building and I remember we had to sneak in at night and keep heavy blankets on the windows so no one knew we were there. That lasted about a month until my husband got a job and his first paycheck, then we rented a row house. Ah, young love. Michael fathered five children with my husband's mother (Ella Pasqual Clarke Rozas):  Michael, Linda, Ella Patricia, Robert Louis and Susan. I have not found record of their marriage. She left him in the middle of the night and moved to another state. At some point she became the partner of another man and changed her children's names to his last name. My husband was an adult before he learned that the last name he grew up with was really nothing to do with him, his mother never married that man and he never adopted the five children. Michael Rozas fathered three more children to a much younger woman. When we were there in the early 1970s we met them and it seems they were born in the mid to late 1960s. I can only remember one name: Bernice Rozas. When I get home I will look through my photo albums and see if my pictures of them are labeled with their names.


Wow, that is an interesting story. I will do some searching and see what I can find.

Trindad is in Colorado, just a mistake on the manifest. Since Rosa had two children when she was in Spain, her husband must have been there with her. Daughter, Ester, was born about 1934 so the family must have been in Spain from before 1934 till they returned in 1937.

So Mr. Rozas could only have returned to the US after Robert was concieved and that would be about late 1935 or early 1936.

More if I find it and I'll email the documents to you.


Attached is a very preliminary and unverified hand drawn family tree for a branch of the family of Girolomo Frazzini and Esterina Quaranta.

I received this from another researcher who drew it up while talking on the phone with descendants of John Frazzini and Rosa Garramone. Those descendants never maintained contact with us and we never were able to learn more about their branch.

I did just email them and ask if they are interested in learning about your family. I have not heard back yet.

Here is the original email that I received from the researcher who first contacted them. This is all from about 2004.


Good evening all,

I found some information that is not related to my branch. This is a Denver/Dawson group.

I contacted a John D Frazzini in Olympia, Washington (b:1944); he has two sisters Esther L (Frazzini) Bailey in Houston and Donna Frazzini (divorced from an Armstrong) in Denver.

John's father was also a John Frazzini.  He was born in Dawson and died in the early 70's in Denver.  His wife, Rose (Garramone) Frazzini was born in Denver on 11/18/1909 and is still alive in Olympia. (mark's note: she died 21 Mar 2005)

The older John had six siblings (Frankie, Jimmy, Mary, Soletta, Rose, Tony) and they are the children of James Frazzini & Esther (Forty) Frazzini who were both born in Abruzzio, Italy.

Rose Garramone had nine siblings (John, Angie, Lucy, Clyde, Mary, Annie, Louie, Tony, George) and they are the children of  Rocco Garramone & Gerada (Pace) Garramone, both of Italy. Interestingly, John's sister Mary is married to Rose's brother Louie.  I also have a little information on the newer generations and a couple email address contacts.

If anyone would like to follow up on this, I'll pass on all I know to you.  John (the living one, of course) seems very interested in his ancestry and would like to contact someone who may know something about his Denver/Dawson connection.

ALL this information is VERBAL & UNCONFIRMED.

Take Care,
Gene L Frazzini

I don't know if you have seen this but here is a link to where James Frazzini and Ester Forty appear in four family tree data bases.
ciao. Mark

I posted information about your quest on our Yahoo! group which deals with San Pietro Avellana and another researcher, Wilberta, sent me some information that she found. It tells a lot about the Rozas family and what happened to them in 1937!

From Wilberta:

Associated Press does have a website with a photo archive:

Someone mentioned this site in a genealogy forum not long ago, but it looks like it just has general, popular topics in it right now.  There is info on their website about ordering photos.

I didn't know who Rosa was...  Back when the Godfrey Library carried the Proquest newspapers (New York, Boston, Chicago and the fourth was Phila, I think) I searched on all the SPA surnames and saved articles with familiar names.  I think I just connected her to her parents in the last year.

Rosa and the children were lucky to get out when they did.  I was just searching Google News Archive the other day for Santander and 1937 (to see if I could find another picture) and read that Santander 'fell to the rebels' during August, shortly after Rosa arrived back in the U. S.  I was thinking the same thing -- Paulino may not have made it out of Spain alive. 

I don't subscribe to any databases now.  Have you checked Ancestry's Passports? The one article says the four older children were born in the U.S. - youngest of those was 4 yrs - born circa 1933 - so they went to Spain sometime between 1933 and 1937.  Would they have needed passports at that time to travel to Spain?

- Wilberta
In the above article, Rosa's brother, John, references a photo in an Associated Press dispatch. I searched on for the name Rozas in the newspapers in Aug of 1937 and I found the following photo:

This is from the Meriden (CT) Record from 9 Aug 1937.
Of course, they aren't really Spanish refugees but they are all American citizens.
From the New York Times of 6 Aug 1937, I've found these bits of information:

18 REFUGEES ARRIVE FROM SPANISH FRONT; One Family of Seven Forced to Leave Husband and Father Awaiting Call to Arms
New York Times - Aug 6, 1937

Eighteen victims of Spain's civil war arrived here yesterday on the United States liner Manhattan as refugees. Among them was a family of seven, separated from father and husband -who had to remain in Santander to await a call to arms, and three sisters who have a distant relative in Bridgeport, Conn., who may, or may. not be city.

The father, Paulino Rozas, 41, is a fisherman in a small village near Santander . " My father, Jim Frazzina, lives in Colorado, and I wrote to him many times after the war started in Spain, but he never replied," Mrs. Rozas said. ...

The mother of six children, Mrs. Rose Rozas, sat on the hot upper deck of the liner clutching her youngest child, who had been dying of malnutrition when ...

The children are Paul, 11; Virginia, 9; Michael, 6; Rose, 4; Esther, 2 and Robert 8 months. The four elder children were born in the United States.

41 BILBAO CHILDREN GO WILD IN GENEVA; At Sight of Priests and Red and Gold Flags They Get Idea They Are in Rebel Hands
- New York Times - Aug 6, 1937
Page 2

Forty-one refugee children from Spain who are to find homes with families in various parts of Switzerland arrived in Geneva last night.

... SPAIN Mrs. Rosa Rozas and her family as they arrived in New York yesterday. ...

She is holding her 8-month-old son Robert. The others in the picture are, left to right, Rose, Michael, Virginia, Paul and Esther.

Well that was a great find. Here we have a family from SPA caught up in world history during the Spanish Civil War. It will be interesting to find out if Paulino survived the war.

Ancestry's passport applications only go up to 1925 and, as you noted, they probably went to Spain the 1930's.


What wonderful articles and photo. I will thank Wilberta (SP?) later when I have more internet time. I got a quick peek at each and downloaded to my laptop but must sign off now running out of internet time. THANK YOU so very exciting, feel like I won the lottery!!!

Here is a photo of John Frazzini looking at the AP wirephoto seen in the newspaper above. I found this photo on eBay.

Denver, Aug 7 -- WIREPHOTO FINDS HIS SISTER-- "It's her sure enough," said John Frazzini, Denver, seeing WIREPHOTO picture of his sister, Mrs. Paulino Rojas, and her six children, refugees from the Spanish war front. Frazzini said he had had NO news of his sister since she eloped from their Trinidad, Colo., home eight years ago. (WE7173ORCG)

Mark's note: if you look very closely at the wirephoto that John is holding in his hand, you can see that it is a different photo than the one above in the 9 Aug 1937 newspaper.

 Email from Granddaughter of Rosa Frazzini

Date:    Mon, 28 Nov 2011 20:46:13 -0500 (EST)
Subject:    g frazzini

I'm the grand daughter of Rosa Frazzini. My name is Bernice Panas [Rozas]. My father is Miguel [Micheal] Rozas in the photo. I would like to find out more about my family. Miguel has eleven children and I believe his sister, Virginia, lives in New Jeresy. I'm in Philadelphia. Thank you.

Family of Ruggerio Frazzini and Virginia diTanna

1935 ca - Roger & Virginia DiTanna Frazzini
Date:    Wed, 30 Apr 2014 04:11:03 -0700 (PDT)
From:    Anthony Spataro <>
Subject:    Hi Mark - Photo of Roger Frazzini

Hi Mark,
Attached is a photo of my GGM and GGF (Roger & Virginia Frazzini).  Don't know the date of the photo but I would guess early to mid 1930s.  Photo taken in Freedom, PA.  Roger had red hair, red mustache, and blue eyes and his nickname at the Pennsylvania Railroad was "Irish".  A second cousin had the photo.

Tony Spataro
From Dave DeSanzo, May 2006:
"The only person identified in this wedding is Antoinette Di Sanzo. Antoinette is the little girl on the left with the curly hair."

From Anthony Spataro, Jul 2010:
"I was looking at your website and I saw my grandparents wedding picture.  You don't have their names listed under the picture.  The picture does have Antoinette Di Sanzo listed as the little girl with the curly hair.  I attached the picture to this email.  I don't know who the man is that is standing behind my grandfather.  I'll ask my aunt to see if she knows.

Anyway, the picture is my grandfather (Bruno Spataro) and my grandmother (Mary Frazzini).  Hope this information helps."

From Anthony Spataro, Mar 2012:
"I was searching the Beaver County Times and Beaver Valley Times and I found the announcement for my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary.  I told you some time ago who was in one of the old wedding photos you had online (my grandparents Bruno & Mary Spataro) but I didn't know who the other people were in the photo.  This article identifies the adult male that is standing behind my grandfather.  It is Anthony Callarosa of Ambridge, PA."

Mark's note: I believe Anthony Callarosa is Antonio Colarosa, son of Pasquale Sabatino Colarosa and Maria diMartino. I've found evidence that he was in Freedom and Ambridge, PA. The article went on to identify the girl as Mrs. Anthony Fiorucci of Freedom. The article was published in 1969, making the wedding 1919.

Virginia DiTanna Frazzini
Date:    Thu, 29 Jul 2010 07:30:53 -0700 (PDT)
From:    Anthony Spataro <>
Subject:    Frazzini Information

Hi Mark,
I have attached two pictures that I thought you may be interested in.  The first one is a photo of my great grandmother (Virginia DiTanna Frazzini).  The second is of my grandparents (Mary Frazzini Spataro and Bruno Spataro) with their children (in order from your left - Mary Jane Spataro Hallisey (Dolly), Antoinette Spataro Vrancich (Nunny), my grandfather Bruno Spataro, Virginia Spataro Hutchinson (Jean), my grandmother Mary Frazzini Spataro, and my father Anthony Francis Spataro (Tony)).  This picture was taken on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Anthony "Tony" Spataro

Mary Frazzini Spataro and Bruno Spataro with their children

Subject: Frazzini tree
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 17:55:27 -0500
From: <>

Hello Mark,

My name is Gordon Owens ; residing in Canton, Ohio. My friend Dom Frazzini passed away Sept 19, 2008 @ age 97.

I believe he was a member of your maternal branch ; his father, Rugerio(Roger), died in the late 1930's, mother in the 1960's. One sister survives. I found your site while checking around for him a few years ago. His dad emigrated first , leaving Ma and the small kids in Italy. She arrived later and can be found in the immigration records. Before she joined Roger, one of the kids became deathly ill and, lacking most forms of medical treatment, she prayed to St. Amico. The child survived, and in gratitude (my) Dominic's actual birth name was Amico. He said that it was misstated as Dom sometime during his early schooling and that name stuck.

I met him at the facility where we both worked out. He was a lot of fun and touched everyone who knew him. Dom was returned to Pennsylvania for burial.

I've attached a photo of Dom & me at the 95th birthday observance we held for him over at the gym.

Regards, G.P. Owens

In Feb of 2012, I got a set of email from Ray Frazzini. Ray is the son of Orlando Frazzini and grandson of Ruggerio Frazzini. He sent me some photos.

Date:            Mon, 27 Feb 2012 21:03:08 -0500
Subject:         My dad

My parents, Ellen La'Rosa Frazzini & Orlando Frazzini.
Not sure who the child is, it could be any one of the five of us.

This is a photo of Mildred Frazzini David (left center) & Violia Cucinelli Frazzini (right center). Behind them is Ritchy David. Mildred & Ritchy are from Aliquippa. Violia the only one out of the 12 still living in Naples, Florida.

Hi Mark, 

Just wanted to send you a photo of me & my mother & sisters & brother.  Front row, left, is mother, Ellen La'rosa Frazzini Winters. Next to her, my sister Elsie Frazzini Nicol.  Rear row left to right, brother Roger Frazzini, sister Virginia Frazzini Mayberry, me; Ray & sister, Maryellen Frazzini Klup. This was a birthday party for our mother at the rest home in Zelienople in Beaver Co. 2004. My dad died in 83, mother in 2005.


Florina Frazzini Magnolo in Minneapolis, MN

From:    Shirley Sinclaire <>
Subject:    Frazzini in Minneapolis
Date sent:    Sat, 3 Sep 2016 03:33:39 +0000

In checking out some family info/photos, I stumbled on a Florina Frazzini (1893-1973; her father is Francesco Savino Frazzini 1863-?) married to a Salvatore Magnolo (abt 1888-1964) who lived a few blocks from us as I was growing up. They were married in SPA and also were friends of my grandparents. I remember visiting with them with my grandmother several times when I was young. Is this Florina related to you? I may have a photo of them also, not sure... I have not been able to positively identify a couple people, we know Sam Magnolo, yet just found out about Florina's surname.

Back Row: Maria Vetrano (my grandmothers sister); unknown; Sam Magnolo

Front Row: Giuseppa Colianni (my grandmother); Rose Totino (of Totino's restaurant and pizza); unknown

We are not sure which one of the unknowns is Florina; the other would be Rose Totino's mother (Crusciani).

Let me know what you think.  Take care!

Nice photo.
Florina is my 4th cousin, once removed.
The Frazzini Nose! She has to be the person in the middle of the back row.
That would mean that Rose is seated next to her mother.
I would say 90% sure.
I'll add that photo and your identifications to one of my Frazzini web pages.

I thought it might have been Florina, but I was not sure. The unidentified one in the front looks like Rose, so I was gathering it was her mother.

Bit by bit we chisel away at history...


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