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Acquafondata Family

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 This page started on 3 Jul 2012. It will be under construction for a while.

The Acquafondata family was a large family from San Pietro Avellana. They immigrated to the US and ended up all over the country. Some name varations that I've found include Fondata, Fondi, Fondie, and Fondy. They are all, of course, our cousins, one way or another.

Acquafondata Graphical Family Tree

Here is a graphical representation of the Acquafondata family tree as I know it. This is a LARGE file meant to be viewed on screen or printed. When printed, the printing is small but still readable. Check the Graphical Trees page for hints about printing these files.

Acquafondata Graphical Family Tree  (2.0+Mb JPG File)

Here is a page with links to all the San Pietro Avellana Graphical Trees.

East Ely Branch

Carmine Acquafondata and his family lived in East Ely, NV. He has his own page on this site, Click Here.

Pittsburgh Branch

Amico Angelo Acquafondata (1855) and Maria Cristina Colaianni immgrated first to Aurora, St. Louis, MN. Several of their children ended up in Pittsburgh, PA.

Amico's nephew, Aminta Allessandro Acquafondata and wife, Maria Scorza, also lived in Pittsburgh.

This is what started me on this page. Google has, on-line, many newspapers from Western PA in their Newspaper Archives. When I have nothing better to do (which is most of the time), I just randomly grab an issue and look at it. In this case, I was looking at the 4 Jan 1900 issue of the Pittsburgh (PA) Press. A headline caught my eye: "Italians Charged with Murder". The names were familiar - Amico Acquafondata (known as Nick Fondi) and Alessandro Acquafondati (known as Sam Fondi) and Emilio Florio. Here are the articles, the first from 4 Jan 1900 and second from 6 Jan 1900:

Being that I just stumbled on these articles, its not likely that will be able to find out what happened after the conviction. Doing a search on the Google Newspaper archive site does not generate any more hits.

These names are familiar. "Florio" might be a shorten version of diFlorio. There were many marriages between diFlorio's and Acquafondata's. The last paragraph of the second article talks about a wife and child of Alessandro. I know that Alessandro married Maria Scorza in Pittsburgh on 28 Nov 1897 and by the time of this trial, they had one child, Vincent, born (most likely) in 1899. I can't figure out who the Amico Acquafondata is. Anyone have more information?

I found Alessandro in the 1900 census taken on 8 Jun. He was an inmate at the Western (PA) Penitentiary.
I found a 1904 Petition for Naturalization for Alessandro in Pittsburgh, PA. If this is really him, he did not serve much time for the manslaughter conviction. He also registered for the WWI draft and appears in the 1920 and 1930 census from Pittsburgh.
Alessandro's cousin, Sabatino Emiddio Acquafondata married Severina Iannacchione. I was contacted by their grandson, Tom Fondy. Tom created a memorial site to his two grand-aunts who died in 1911 and 1912 and are buried in Pittsburgh.

Tom  wrote in Oct of 2006:

I am especially proud of the verses about Maria Sophia and Violanda because they bring these simple unknown little immigrant girls back to life after 90 years. I have been to the hillside in Calvary Cemetery in Pittsburgh that is mentioned in the poem. You can see photos of that hillside in another poem on my web site called "Baby of a Single Day".

The web page is at

Here are photos of Emiddio and Severina, sent to me by Tom.

Other Acquafondata families:

Olimbia Acquafondata (~1735-1822) married Nicola Colajanni. Her parents were Giovanni and Caterina Palumbo. I've not searched the Colajanni line for children.

Giuseppe Acquafondata (~1756-1819) married Rosa Vincenza Morelli. I can't find info about his parents and I found no children.

Benedetto Acquafondata (~1790) married Antonia Ciotoli (~1789). They had three children, Sabatino Gaetano (1808-1812), Gaetano Sabatino (1814-1817) and Maria Giuseppe (1817-1817). Note that two of their children died during the famine/plague of 1817, the oldest child had died earlier. I could not find any more children.

Vincenzo Acquafondata (~1779) married Benedetta diTella and had two children, Domenico Antonio (1809) and Carmine Maria Angela (1811). I have not found out any more information about the children.

I spent some time searching the microfilmed records at the FHC and here is what I found:

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